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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36877

Chapter 36877 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Green, C.; Guest, J.; Ngu, W., 2013:
Long-term follow-up of women with genital lichen sclerosus

S.M.F.ank; C.Z.egler; M.K.kot-kierepa; R.M.amari; R.E.N.ppi, 2013:
Vaginal Health Insights, Views Attitudes VIVA survey - Canadian cohort

Hogervorst, E., 2013:
Estrogen and the brain does estrogen treatment improve cognitive function?

Sekar, H.; Singhal, T.; Holloway, D.; Rymer, J., 2013:
The use of hormone therapy and its alternatives in women with a history of hormone dependent cancer

Amour, F.édéric; Mutti, M.; Christ, N.; Immenhauser, A.; Benson, G.S.; Agar, S.M.; Tomás, S.; Kabiri, L., 2013:
Outcrop analog for an oolitic carbonate ramp reservoir A scale-dependent geologic modeling approach based on stratigraphic hierarchy

Shanmugam, G., 2013:
Modern internal waves and internal tides along oceanic pycnoclines Challenges and implications for ancient deep-marine baroclinic sands

Egawa, K.; Furukawa, T.; Saeki, T.; Suzuki, K.; Narita, H., 2013:
Three-dimensional paleomorphologic reconstruction and turbidite distribution prediction revealing a Pleistocene confined basin system in the northeast Nankai Trough area

Paul, D.; Mitra, S., 2013:
Experimental models of transfer zones in rift systems

Ciftci, N.B.zkurt; Giger, S.B.; Clennell, M.B., 2013:
Three-dimensional structure of experimentally produced clay smears Implications for fault seal analysis

Giger, S.B.; Clennell, M.B.; �iftçi, N.B.zkurt; Harbers, C.; Clark, P.; Ricchetti, M., 2013:
Fault transmissibility in clastic-argillaceous sequences controlled by clay smear evolution

Liao, Y-Chih.; Hargrove, W.; Weeks, B.L., 2013:
Effect of humidity and hydrophobicity on the tribological properties of self-assembled monolayers

Oprişan, A.; Popescu, B.O., 2013:
Intracranial cysts: an imagery diagnostic challenge

Anonymous, 2013:
An insight Photodyanmic therapy

Anonymous, 2013:
Cyberknief in malignancy A litearature review

Anonymous, 2013:
Splinting the right way

Anonymous, 2013:
Evolution of human dentition -A review

Anonymous, 2013:
Tools to measure periodontal risk- A mini review

Anonymous, 2013:
Randomised controlled trial assessing the effect of simvastatin in primary biliary cirrhosis

Anonymous, 2013 :
HGF and SDF-1 mediated mobilization of CD133+ BMSC for hepatic regeneration following extensive liver resection

Philip Rees, Ray Hudson, 2013:
The Impacts of Demographic Change on the Functional Economies of the North of England

Czernin, J.; Allen-Auerbach, M.; Nathanson, D.; Herrmann, K., 2013:
PET/CT in Oncology: Current Status and Perspectives

Tappe, S.; Graham Pearson, D.; Kjarsgaard, B.A.; Nowell, G.; Dowall, D., 2013:
Mantle transition zone input to kimberlite magmatism near a subduction zone Origin of anomalous Nd–Hf isotope systematics at Lac de Gras, Canada

Khan, H.; Flint, S.H.; Yu, P.-Lam, 2013:
Determination of mode of action of enterolysin A, produced by Enterococcus faecalis B9510

Andivia, E.; Vázquez-Piqué, J.; Fernández, M.; Alejano, R., 2013:
Litter production in Holm oak trees subjected to different pruning intensities in Mediterranean dehesas

Zhang, H.; Kuai, X.; Ji, Z.; Li, Z.; Shi, R., 2014:
Over-expression of small ubiquitin-related modifier-1 and sumoylated p53 in colon cancer

J.C.L.pez-linares; I.R.mero; C.C.ra; E.R.iz; E.C.stro; M.M.ya, 2013:
Experimental study on ethanol production from hydrothermal pretreated rapeseed straw by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation

Zou, J.; Ma, J.; Zhang, Y.; Huang, L.; Wan, Q., 2014:
A Hydroquinone Sensor Based on a New Nanocrystals Modified Electrode

Dong, X.; Zhang, Y.; Zhou, J.; Li, H.; Wang, X.; Chen, M., 2014:
Evaluation of simultaneous reduction of FeIIEDTA-NO and FeIIIEDTA by a bacterial pure culture

Carrara, N.ás; Badano, J.; Bertero, N.ás; Torres, G.; Betti, C.; Martínez-Bovier, L.; Quiroga, Mónica; Vera, C., 2013:
Kinetics of the liquid phase selective hydrogenation of 2,3-butanedione over new composite supported Pd catalysts

Urbano, B.F.; Rivas, B.é L., 2014:
Sorption properties of chelating polymer-clay nano-composite resin based on iminodiacetic acid and montmorillonite water absorbency, metal ion uptake, selectivity, and kinetics

Nowicki, J.; MuszyÅ?ski, M.; Gryglewicz, S.Å?aw, 2013:
Novel basic ionic liquids from cyclic guanidines and amidines - new catalysts for transesterification of oleochemicals

French, A.N.; Ashby, R.S.; Morgan, I.G.; Rose, K.A., 2013:
Time outdoors and the prevention of myopia

Kee, C-su., 2013:
Astigmatism and its role in emmetropization

Lyvers, M.; Makin, C.; Toms, E.; Thorberg, F.A.ne; Samios, C., 2013:
Trait Mindfulness in Relation to Emotional Self-Regulation and Executive Function

Dariusz, L.Szlachetko, Marta Kolanowska, 2013:
Three new species of Ponthieva Orchidaceae, Spiranthoideae from Colombia and Venezuela

Elaine Santiago Brilhante de Albuquerque…, 2013:
Morphological characterisation of silica phytoliths in Neotropical Marantaceae leaves

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluating myometrial and cervical invasion in women with endometrial cancer - comparing subjective assessment to objective measurement techniques

Anonymous, 2013:
Distortion Of The Interhemispheric Fissure Associated With Impacted Medial Borders Of The Frontal Lobes Significance And Implications For Prenatal Diagnosis

Anonymous, 2013:
Intrafetal Laser Treatment For Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion Sequence A Cohort Study And Meta-Analysis

Zhang, D.; Gu, R.; Wu, T.; Broster, L.S.; Luo, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Luo, Y-jia., 2014:
An electrophysiological index of changes in risk decision-making strategies

Lee, K-Uk.; Jung, N.Young.; Rauch, S.A.M.; Chae, J.Ho.; Lee, H-Kook.; Kweon, Y-Sil.; Lee, C.Tai., 2014:
Psychometric properties of the Korean version of the Interpersonal Sensitivity Measure (IPSM-K)

Dalrymple, K.; Martinez, J.; Tepe, E.; Young, D.; Chelminski, I.; Morgan, T.; Zimmerman, M., 2014:
A clinically useful social anxiety disorder outcome scale

de Haan, H.A.; Joosten, E.A.G.; de Haan, L.; Schellekens, A.F.A.; Buitelaar, J.K.; van der Palen, J.; De Jong, C.A.J., 2014:
A family history of alcoholism relates to alexithymia in substance use disorder patients

Martinotti, G.; Di Nicola, M.; Tedeschi, D.; Callea, A.; Di Giannantonio, M.; Janiri, L., 2014:
Craving Typology Questionnaire (CTQ): a scale for alcohol craving in normal controls and alcoholics

Goomaral, A.; Undarmaa, J.; Matsumoto, T.; Yamato, M., 2013:
Effect of plant species on communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the Mongolian steppe

M.A.L.zo-vélez; V.A.G.tiérrez-díaz; A.R.mírez-medrano; S.O.S.rna-saldívar, 2013:
Effect of sodium selenite addition and sponge dough fermentation on selenomethionine generation during production of yeast-leavened breads

Anonymous, 2013:
Polyphenol oxidase, alpha-amylase and beta-amylase activities of T monococcum, T turgidum and T aestivum a two-year study

Tsai, A.C.; Savostyanov, A.N.; Wu, A.; Evans, J.P.; Chien, V.S.C.; Yang, H.-Hsuan; Yang, D.-Yu; Liou, M., 2013:
Recognizing syntactic errors in Chinese and English sentences Brain electrical activity in Aspergers syndrome

Duey, R.E.; Burkhart, S.S., 2013:
Arthroscopic treatment of a reverse hill-sachs lesion

Thompson, S.R.; Zabtia, N.; Weening, B.; Zalzal, P., 2013:
Arthroscopic and computer-assisted high tibial osteotomy using standard total knee arthroplasty navigation software

Stein, K.; Hensen, I., 2013:
The reproductive biology of two understory plants in the Atlantic rain forest, Brazil

Sales, K.U.; Giudice, F.S.; Castilho, R.M.; Salles, F.T.; Squarize, C.H.; Abrahao, A.C.; Pinto, D.S., 2015:
Cyclin D1-induced proliferation is independent of beta-catenin in head and neck cancer

Fernandez, B.; Tsimring, L.S., 2015:
Typical trajectories of coupled degrade-and-fire oscillators: from dispersed populations to massive clustering

Gim, G.Ho.; Kim, J.Kon.; Kim, H.Seok.; Kathiravan, M.Nadarajan.; Yang, H.; Jeong, S-Hwa.; Kim, S.Wouk., 2014:
Comparison of biomass production and total lipid content of freshwater green microalgae cultivated under various culture conditions

Pramod Kumar Mishra, Sundeep Singh Saluja, Mohammed Nayeem…, 2013:
Bile Duct Injury—from Injury to Repair an Analysis of Management and Outcome

Martial Haeffelin, Jean-Charles Dupont, Neda Boyouk…, 2013:
A Comparative Study of Radiation Fog and Quasi-Fog Formation Processes During the ParisFog Field Experiment 2007

A.E.El-Haddad, A M.El-Akraby, I.S.Ismail…, 2014:
Investigation of groundwater potentiality in the eastern part of Qena, central Eastern Desert, Egypt, using 2D homogeneous function method

Cook, D.A.; Zendejas, B.; Hamstra, S.J.; Hatala, R.; Brydges, R., 2015:
What counts as validity evidence? Examples and prevalence in a systematic review of simulation-based assessment

Anonymous, 2013:
Loss of color by afterimage masking Kohske Takahashi, Shun’ya Yamada, Fuminori Ono, Katsumi Watanabe

Ernst, L.M.; Minturn, L.; Huang, M.H.; Curry, E.; Su, E.J., 2014:
Gross patterns of umbilical cord coiling: correlations with placental histology and stillbirth

Lee, J-Oh.; Kim, J-Yun.; Rhee, D-Kwon.; Pyo, S., 2014:
Streptococcus pneumoniae ClpP protease induces apoptosis via caspase-independent pathway in human neuroblastoma cells: cytoplasmic relocalization of p53

Schiller, C.; Winters, M.; Hanson, H.M.; Ashe, M.C., 2014:
A framework for stakeholder identification in concept mapping and health research: a novel process and its application to older adult mobility and the built environment

Protopopoff, N.; Matowo, J.; Malima, R.; Kavishe, R.; Kaaya, R.; Wright, A.; West, P.A.; Kleinschmidt, I.; Kisinza, W.; Mosha, F.W.; Rowland, M., 2013:
High level of resistance in the mosquito Anopheles gambiae to pyrethroid insecticides and reduced susceptibility to bendiocarb in north-western Tanzania

Dr. U.Illgner, M.D., V.Krenn, N.Osada, L.Bause, 2013:
Histopathologie und Mikrobiologie bei Gelenkinfekten

Reitelseder, Søren.; Agergaard, J.; Doessing, S.; Helmark, I.C.; Schjerling, P.; van Hall, G.; Kjaer, M.; Holm, L., 2014:
Positive muscle protein net balance and differential regulation of atrogene expression after resistance exercise and milk protein supplementation

Ren, B.; Mulder, Hët.W.; Haak, A.; van Stralen, M.; Szili-Torok, T.; Pluim, J.P.W.; Geleijnse, M.L.; Bosch, J.G., 2014:
A transoesophageal echocardiographic image acquisition protocol for wide-view fusion of three-dimensional datasets to support atrial fibrillation catheter ablation

Thompson, L.M.; Armfield, N.R.; Slater, A.; Mattke, C.; Foster, M.; Smith, A.C., 2013:
The availability, spatial accessibility, service utilisation and retrieval cost of paediatric intensive care services for children in rural, regional and remote Queensland: study protocol

Bashashati, M.; Vasfi Marandi, M.; Sabouri, F., 2013:
Genetic diversity of early (1998) and recent (2010) avian influenza H9N2 virus strains isolated from poultry in Iran

Lopes, A.M.; Gavier-Widén, D.; Le Gall-Reculé, G.; Esteves, P.J.; Abrantes, J., 2013:
Complete coding sequences of European brown hare syndrome virus (EBHSV) strains isolated in 1982 in Sweden

de Moura, R.L.ão; Secchin, Nélio Augusto; Amado-Filho, G.M.nezes; Francini-Filho, R.B.stos; Freitas, M.O.iveira; Minte-Vera, C.V.viana; Teixeira, J.ão Batista; Thompson, F.L.pes; Dutra, G.F.aga; Sumida, P.Y.kio Gomes; Guth, A.Z.gliatti; Lopes, R.M.ndes; Bastos, A.C.rdoso, 2013:
Spatial patterns of benthic megahabitats and conservation planning in the Abrolhos Bank

Anonymous, 2013:
Localized treatments using commercial dust and liquid formulations of fipronil against Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki Isoptera Rhinotermitidae in the laboratory

Khoo, C.C.H.; Venard, C.M.P.; Fu, Y.; Mercer, D.R.; Dobson, S.L., 2013:
Infection, growth and maintenance of Wolbachia pipientis in clonal and non-clonal Aedes albopictus cell cultures

Endersby, N.M.; Hoffmann, A.A., 2013:
Effect of Wolbachia on insecticide susceptibility in lines of Aedes aegypti

Rivi, M.; Monti, V.; Mazzoni, E.; Cassanelli, S.; Panini, M.; Anaclerio, M.; Cigolini, M.; Corradetti, B.; Bizzaro, D.; Mandrioli, M.; Manicardi, G.Carlo., 2013:
A1-3 chromosomal translocations in Italian populations of the peach potato aphid Myzus persicae (Sulzer) not linked to esterase-based insecticide resistance

Bansal, R.; Mian, M.A.Rouf.; Mittapalli, O.; Michel, A.P., 2013:
Molecular characterization and expression analysis of soluble trehalase gene in Aphis glycines, a migratory pest of soybean

Abraham, S.; Liendo, M.C.; Devescovi, F.; Peralta, P.A.; Yusef, V.; Ruiz, J.; Cladera, J.L.; Vera, M.T.; Segura, D.F., 2013:
Remating behavior in Anastrepha fraterculus (Diptera: Tephritidae) females is affected by male juvenile hormone analog treatment but not by male sterilization

Pérez, J.; Rojas, J.C.; Montoya, P.; Liedo, P.; Castillo, A., 2013:
Anastrepha egg deposition induces volatiles in fruits that attract the parasitoid Fopius arisanus

Crespo-Pérez, Vónica.; Dangles, O.; Régnière, J.; Chuine, I., 2013:
Modeling temperature-dependent survival with small datasets: insights from tropical mountain agricultural pests

Sun, D-Bing.; Liu, Y-Quan.; Qin, L.; Xu, J.; Li, F-Fang.; Liu, S-Sheng., 2013:
Competitive displacement between two invasive whiteflies: insecticide application and host plant effects

Germain, J-François.; Chatot, C.; Meusnier, I.; Artige, E.; Rasplus, J-Yves.; Cruaud, A., 2013:
Molecular identification of Epitrix potato flea beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in Europe and North America

Jiang, F.; Li, Z.H.; Deng, Y.L.; Wu, J.J.; Liu, R.S.; Buahom, N., 2013 :
Rapid diagnosis of the economically important fruit fly, Bactrocera correcta (Diptera: Tephritidae) based on a species-specific barcoding cytochrome oxidase I marker

Anonymous, 2013:
A Climatology of Tropical Congests Using Cloud Sat

Zhou, Q.; Chen, W.; Zhou, W., 2013:
Solar Cycle Modulation of the ENSO Impact on the Winter Climate of East Asia

Prasad, A.A.tesh; Davies, R., 2013:
An assessment of cirrus heights from MISR oblique stereo using ground-based radar and lidar at the Tropical Western Pacific ARM sites

Anonymous, 2013:
Human alpha- and beta-NRXN1 isoforms rescue behavioral impairments of C elegans neurexin-deficient mutants

A.V.Shapiro, A.I.Shapiro, M.Dominique, I.E.Dammasch, C.Wehrli…, 2013:
Detection of Solar Rotational Variability in the Large Yield RAdiometer LYRA 190?–?222 nm Spectral Band

Anonymous, 2013:
Dynamics of Coronal Bright Points as Seen by Sun Watcher Using Active Pixel System Detector and Image Processing SWAP, Atmospheric Imaging Assembly AIA, and Helioseismic

V.Slemzin, L.Harra, A.Urnov, S.Kuzin, F.Goryaev, D.Berghmans, 2013:
Signatures of Slow Solar Wind Streams from Active Regions in the Inner Corona

J.-P.Halain, D.Berghmans, D.B.Seaton, B.Nicula, A.D.Groof…, 2013:
The SWAP EUV Imaging Telescope Part II In-flight Performance and Calibration

C.Bazin, S.Koutchmy, E.Tavabi, 2013:
Prominence Cavity Regions Observed Using SWAP 174 Å Filtergrams and Simultaneous Eclipse Flash Spectra

Elizabeth, A.Jensen, Mario, M.Bisi, Andrew, R.Breen, Carl Heiles…, 2013:
Measurements of Faraday Rotation Through the Solar Corona During the 2009 Solar Minimum with the MESSENGER Spacecraft

Anonymous, 2013:
Wavenumber broadening of the quasi-two-day planetary wave in the ionosphere

Au, J.; Marsh, K.J.; Wallis, I.R.; Foley, W.J., 2014:
Whole-body protein turnover reveals the cost of detoxification of secondary metabolites in a vertebrate browser

Jarrett, C.; Lekic, M.; Smith, C.L.; Pusec, C.M.; Sweazea, K.L., 2014:
Mechanisms of acetylcholine-mediated vasodilation in systemic arteries from mourning doves (Zenaida macroura)

Miloš Ivkovi?, Washington Gapare, Harry Wu, Sergio Espinoza…, 2013:
Influence of cambial age and climate on ring width and wood density in Pinus radiata families

Cardoso, Gonçalo C., 2013:
Using frequency ratios to study vocal communication

Geipel, I.; Kalko, E.K.V.; Wallmeyer, K.; Knörnschild, M., 2013:
Postweaning maternal food provisioning in a bat with a complex hunting strategy

Scott, M.L.; Whiting, M.J.; Webb, J.K.; Shine, R., 2013:
Chemosensory discrimination of social cues mediates space use in snakes, Cryptophis nigrescens Elapidae

Grüter, C.; Segers, F.H.I.D.; Ratnieks, F.L.W., 2013:
Social learning strategies in honeybee foragers do the costs of using private information affect the use of social information?

Mutzel, A.; Blom, M.P.K.; Spagopoulou, F.; Wright, J.; Dingemanse, N.J.; Kempenaers, B., 2013:
Temporal trade-offs between nestling provisioning and defence against nest predators in blue tits

Gottlieb, D.; Phillips, B.B.; Sendova-Franks, A.B.; Franks, N.R., 2013:
Individual and social information gathering are fine-tuned to the internal state of the group

Sun, Z.; Lawson, S.; Langenhorst, R.; McCormick, K.L.; Brunick, C.; Opriessnig, T.; Baker, R.; Yoon, K-Jin.; Zhang, W.; Huber, V.C.; Fang, Y., 2014:
Construction and immunogenicity evaluation of an epitope-based antigen against swine influenza A virus using Escherichia coli heat-labile toxin B subunit as a carrier-adjuvant

Bertolotti, L.; Rosamilia, A.; Profiti, M.; Brocchi, E.; Masoero, L.; Franceschi, V.; Tempesta, M.; Donofrio, G.; Rosati, S., 2014:
Characterization of caprine herpesvirus 1 (CpHV1) glycoprotein E and glycoprotein I ectodomains expressed in mammalian cells

Xu, X.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, Q.; Huang, Y.; Dong, J.; Liang, Y.; Liu, H-Jen.; Tong, D., 2014:
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus N protein prolongs S-phase cell cycle, induces endoplasmic reticulum stress, and up-regulates interleukin-8 expression

Sanogo, M.; Abatih, E.; Thys, E.; Fretin, D.; Berkvens, D.; Saegerman, C., 2014:
Importance of identification and typing of Brucellae from West African cattle: a review

Anonymous, 2013:
Detection of a porcine boca-like virus in combination with porcine circovirus type 2 genotypes and torque teno sus virus in pigs from postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome PMWS-affected and non-PMWS-affected farms in archival samples from Great Bri

Roth, S.J.; Tischer, B.Karsten.; Kovacs, K.M.; Lydersen, C.; Osterrieder, N.; Tryland, M., 2014:
Phocine herpesvirus 1 (PhHV-1) in harbor seals from Svalbard, Norway

Ma, H.; Zhao, S.; Ma, Y.; Guo, X.; Han, D.; Jia, Y.; Zhang, W.; Teng, K., 2014:
Susceptibility of chicken Kupffer cells to Chinese virulent infectious bursal disease virus

Cao, J.; Grauwet, K.; Vermeulen, B.; Devriendt, B.; Jiang, P.; Favoreel, H.; Nauwynck, H., 2014:
Suppression of NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity against PRRSV-infected porcine alveolar macrophages in vitro

Zhang, L.; Bai, J.; Liu, J.; Wang, X.; Li, Y.; Jiang, P., 2014:
Toll-like receptor ligands enhance the protective effects of vaccination against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in swine

Carmona-Vicente, N.; Buesa, J.; Brown, P.A.; Merga, J.Y.; Darby, A.C.; Stavisky, J.; Sadler, L.; Gaskell, R.M.; Dawson, S.; Radford, A.D., 2014:
Phylogeny and prevalence of kobuviruses in dogs and cats in the UK

Hu, J.; Wang, B.; Fang, X.; Means, W.J.; McCormick, R.J.; Gomelsky, M.; Zhu, M-Jun., 2014:
c-di-GMP signaling regulates E. coli O157:H7 adhesion to colonic epithelium

Pridgeon, J.W.; Klesius, P.H.; Song, L.; Zhang, D.; Kojima, K.; Mobley, J.A., 2014:
Identification, virulence, and mass spectrometry of toxic ECP fractions of West Alabama isolates of Aeromonas hydrophila obtained from a 2010 disease outbreak

Fekete, P.Z.; Mateo, K.S.; Zhang, W.; Moxley, R.A.; Kaushik, R.S.; Francis, D.H., 2014:
Both enzymatic and non-enzymatic properties of heat-labile enterotoxin are responsible for LT-enhanced adherence of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli to porcine IPEC-J2 cells

de Oliveira, M.Nagem.Valério.; Jewell, K.A.; Freitas, F.S.; Benjamin, Lércio.A.; Tótola, M.R.; Borges, A.C.; Moraes, Célia.A.; Suen, G., 2014:
Characterizing the microbiota across the gastrointestinal tract of a Brazilian Nelore steer

Aguiar, D.M.; Zhang, X.; Melo, A.L.T.; Pacheco, T.A.; Meneses, A.M.C.; Zanutto, M.S.; Horta, M.C.; Santarém, V.A.; Camargo, L.M.A.; McBride, J.W.; Labruna, M.B., 2014:
Genetic diversity of Ehrlichia canis in Brazil

Spergser, J.; Macher, K.; Kargl, M.; Lysnyansky, I.; Rosengarten, R., 2014:
Emergence, re-emergence, spread and host species crossing of Mycoplasma bovis in the Austrian Alps caused by a single endemic strain

Aboubaker, M.Houmed.; Sabrié, J.; Huet, M.; Koken, M., 2014:
Establishment of stable GFP-tagged Vibrio aestuarianus strains for the analysis of bacterial infection-dynamics in the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas

Olvera, A.; Martínez-Moliner, Vónica.; Pina-Pedrero, S.; Pérez-Simó, M.; Galofré-Milà, N.; Costa-Hurtado, M.; Aragon, V.; Bensaid, A., 2014:
Serum cross-reaction among virulence-associated trimeric autotransporters (VtaA) of Haemophilus parasuis

Sorge, U.Silvia.; Kurnick, S.; Sreevatsan, S., 2014:
Detection of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in the saliva of dairy cows: a pilot study

Rola, J.; Socha, W.; Zmudzinski, J.F., 2014:
Sequence analysis of ORFs 5, 6 and 7 of equine arteritis virus during persistent infection of the stallion--a 7-year study

Almeida, A.; Albuquerque, P.; Araujo, R.; Ribeiro, N.; Tavares, F., 2014:
Detection and discrimination of common bovine mastitis-causing streptococci

Aklilu, E.; Zunita, Z.; Hassan, L.; Cheng, C.Hui., 2014:
Molecular epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) among veterinary students and personnel at a veterinary hospital in Malaysia

Da Silva, A.S.; Munhoz, T.D.; Faria, J.L.M.; Vargas-Hérnandez, G.; Machado, R.Z.; Almeida, Tís.C.; Moresco, R.N.; Stefani, L.M.; Tinucci-Costa, M., 2014:
Increase nitric oxide and oxidative stress in dogs experimentally infected by Ehrlichia canis: effect on the pathogenesis of the disease

Krekeler, N.; Marenda, M.S.; Browning, G.F.; Holden, K.M.; Charles, J.A.; Wright, P.J., 2014 :
The role of Type 1, P and S fimbriae in binding of Escherichia coli to the canine endometrium

Steve, H.Yoon, Sarah Lee O’Brien, Mike Tran, 2013:
Ultrasound Guided Spine Injections Advancement Over Fluoroscopic Guidance?

Lan Wang, Yaping Wang, Wenzhao Zhang, Chunxue Xu, Ziyi An, 2014:
Multivariate statistical techniques for evaluating and identifying the environmental significance of heavy metal contamination in sediments of the Yangtze River, China

S.B.Bai, J.Wang, B.Thiebes, C.Cheng, Z.Y.Chang, 2014:
Susceptibility assessments of the Wenchuan earthquake-triggered landslides in Longnan using logistic regression

Anonymous, 2013:
An approach for estimating MODIS reflectance at top-of-atmosphere at 667 and 678 nm from reflectance at 645 nm in turbid waters

Y.Srinivas, D.Muthuraj, D.Hudson Oliver, A.Stanley Raj…, 2013:
Environmental applications of geophysical and geochemical methods to map groundwater quality at Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India

Jingtao Zhao, Bangqi Hu, Jun Li, John Yang, Fenglong Bai…, 2014:
One hundred-year sedimentary record of heavy metal accumulation in the southeastern Liaodong Bay of China

G.Montana, L.Randazzo, S.Sabbadini, 2014:
Geomaterials in green building practices comparative characterization of commercially available clay-based plasters

Zhang, X-Xiang.; Sun, Z.; Guo, J.; Wang, Z.; Wu, C.; Niu, G.; Ma, Y.; Kiesewetter, D.O.; Chen, X., 2014:
Comparison of (18)F-labeled CXCR4 antagonist peptides for PET imaging of CXCR4 expression

Wang, Z.; Xiang, C., 2013:
Genetic mapping of QTLs for horticulture traits in a F2-3 population of bitter gourd Momordica charantia L

Tiwari, R.S.arma; Picchioni, G.A.; Steiner, R.L.; Jones, D.C.; Hughs, S.E.; Zhang, J., 2013:
Genetic variation in salt tolerance at the seedling stage in an interspecific backcross inbred line population of cultivated tetraploid cotton

Pandey, N.; Sachan, A.; Chen, Q.; Ruebling-Jass, K.; Bhalla, R.; Panguluri, K.Kumar.; Rouviere, P.E.; Cheng, Q., 2013:
Screening and identification of genetic loci involved in producing more/denser inclusion bodies in Escherichia coli

Buchs, N.C.; Pugin, Fçois.; Volonté, F.; Morel, P., 2015:
Learning tools and simulation in robotic surgery: state of the art

Savage, P.; Sebire, N.; Dalton, T.; Carby, A.; Seckl, M.J.; Fisher, R.A., 2014:
Partial molar pregnancy after intracytoplasmic sperm injection occurring as a result of diploid sperm usage

Anonymous, 2013:
The significance of serum anti-Mullerian hormone AMH levels in patients over age 40 in first IVF treatment

Zhao, C.; Hobbs, B.E.; Ord, A., 2013:
Analytical Solutions of Nonaqueous-Phase-Liquid Dissolution Problems Associated with Radial Flow in Fluid-Saturated Porous Media

Nath, B.G.; Pathak, P.K.; Ngachan, S.V.; Tripathi, A.K.; Mohanty, A.K., 2014:
Characterization of smallholder pig production system: productive and reproductive performances of local and crossbred pigs in Sikkim Himalayan region

Suzuki, R.; Matsumoto, H.; Teshima, T.; Koyama, H., 2013:
Influence of heart rate on myocardial function using two-dimensional speckle-tracking echocardiography in healthy dogs

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Does the Stock Market Value the Inclusion in a Sustainability Stock Index? An Event Study Analysis for German Firms

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The Use of Size Distributions of Spheroidal Carbonaceous Particles in Swimming Pool Deposits for Evaluating Atmospheric Particle Behaviour

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Endocrine Disruption in the European Eel, Anguilla anguilla, Exposed to an Environmental Cocaine Concentration

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Controlled delivery of naltrexone by an intraoral devi In vivo study on human subjects

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Variability of central US April–May tornado day likelihood by phase of the Madden-Julian Oscillation

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Remotely induced warming of Antarctic Bottom Water in the eastern Weddell gyre

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The 2011 M = 90 Tohoku oki earthquake more than doubled the probability of large shocks beneath Tokyo

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Challenges in pharmacogenetics

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Ventricular Arrhythmias and ICD therapy in Patients with Continuous Flow Left Ventricular Assist Devices Need for Primary Prevention?

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Developmental therapeutics in acute myelogenous leukemia: are there any new effective cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agents out there?

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Increase in antimicrobial resistance in bacteria isolated from stranded marine mammals of the Northwest Atlantic

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Sonographische Darstellung der lumbalen Facettengelenke

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Modeling Runoff from an Agricultural Watershed of Western Catchment of Chilika Lake Through ArcSWAT

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Creative music therapy with premature infants An analysis of video footage

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Music therapy students reflections on their participation in a music therapy group

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Regional and seasonal characteristics of epipelagic mesozooplanton in the Mediterranean Sea based on an artificial neural network analysis

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Psychotraumatology in the Netherlands

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Comparing Bird Community Composition Among Boreal Wetlands Is Wetland Classification a Missing Piece of the Habitat Puzzle?

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Small scale farmers’ vulnerability to climatic changes in southern Benin the importance of farmers’ perceptions of existing institutions

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Interactions between the predatory mite Typhlodromalus aripo and the entomopathogenic fungus Neozygites tanajoae and consequences for the suppression of their shared prey/host em class=a-plus-plu

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Certain Curvature Properties of Generalized Sasakian-Space-Forms

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Les 100 medicaments essentiels Une approche de medecine interne

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The role of hypothalamic H1 receptor antagonism in antipsychotic-induced weight gain

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Magnesium lithospermate B protects neurons from N-methyl-D-aspartic acid injury and attenuates kainic acid-induced neurodegeration in FVB mice

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Tool-use reshapes the boundaries of body and peripersonal space representations

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Cancer. Silencing a metabolic oncogene

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Environmental science. Tracking marine pollution

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Engineering. Recombinatorial logic

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Astrophysics. Seeing gravitational waves

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Biochemistry. As good as chocolate

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Controlled flight of a biologically inspired, insect-scale robot

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Effect of human urine on the tensile strength of sutures used for hypospadias surgery

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Sweet's syndrome mimicking alkali burn: a clinical conundrum

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A new approach in the repair of a myelomeningocele using amnion and a sensate perforator flap

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T-lymphoblastic proliferation and florid multifocal follicular dendritic cell proliferation occurring in hyaline-vascular Castleman disease in a patient with a possible familial predisposition

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Quantification and localization of erythropoietin-receptor-expressing cells in the liver of Xenopus laevis

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Regulation and effects of GDF-15 in the retina following optic nerve crush

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Recombinant murine calreticulin fragment 39-272 expands CD1d(hi)CD5+ IL-10-secreting B cells that modulate experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in C57BL/6 mice

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Carp head kidney leukocytes display different patterns of oxygen radical production after stimulation with PAMPs and DAMPs

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Antigenic peptide trimming by ER aminopeptidases--insights from structural studies

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Lymphocyte-derived microparticles induce bronchial epithelial cells' pro-inflammatory cytokine production and apoptosis

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A polymorphism in IL4 may associate with sensory neuropathy in African HIV patients

Anonymous, 2013:
Influenza virus in pigs

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Effect of IFN-α on KC and LIX expression: role of STAT1 and its effect on neutrophil recruitment to the spleen after lipopolysaccharide stimulation

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Antibody repertoire development in fetal and neonatal piglets. XII. Three IGLV genes comprise 70% of the pre-immune repertoire and there is little junctional diversity

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The Ras GTPase-activating protein neurofibromin 1 promotes the positive selection of thymocytes

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Molecular identification and expression of Lyn tyrosine kinase isoforms in marsupials

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Egr2-dependent gene expression profiling and ChIP-Seq reveal novel biologic targets in T cell anergy

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Regulation of natural killer enhancing factor (NKEF) genes in teleost fish, gilthead seabream and European sea bass

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Structural and functional mosaic nature of MHC class I molecules in their peptide-free form

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Structural basis for the differential classification of HLA-A*6802 and HLA-A*6801 into the A2 and A3 supertypes

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Asparagine-linked glycans determine the cytotoxic capacity of eosinophil cationic protein (ECP)

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Microscopic colitis patients demonstrate a mixed Th17/Tc17 and Th1/Tc1 mucosal cytokine profile

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Stereo-selective binding of monoclonal antibodies to the poly-gamma-d-glutamic acid capsular antigen of Bacillus anthracis

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Antibody repertoire development in fetal and neonatal piglets. XIV. Highly restricted IGKV gene usage parallels the pattern seen with IGLV and IGHV

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The MHC2TA 1614 C>G gene polymorphism is associated with risk of developing acute coronary syndrome

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Human follicular dendritic cells promote germinal center B cell survival by providing prostaglandins

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Nuclear receptor expression patterns in murine plasmacytoid and conventional dendritic cells

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Construction and characterization of recombinant human C9 or C7 linked to single chain Fv directed to CD25

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A rapid facilitation of acid-sensing ion channels current by corticosterone in cultured hippocampal neurons

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Glia maturation factor expression in hippocampus of human Alzheimer's disease

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Lyophilized brain tumor specimens can be used for histologic, nucleic acid, and protein analyses after 1 year of room temperature storage

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Indoor allergen assessment quantified by a thin-layer electrochemical cell and magnetic beads

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High-throughput single-cell analysis of low copy number β-galactosidase by a laboratory-built high-sensitivity flow cytometer

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Intensification of coffee systems can increase the effectiveness of REDD mechanisms

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Could millisecond timing errors in commonly used equipment be a cause of replication failure in some neuroscience studies?

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Dietary zinc intake and the risk of depression in middle-aged men: a 20-year prospective follow-up study

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Clinical services for children with Diabetes Mellitus

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The epidemiology of childhood diabetes

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Diagnosis and management of hypoglycaemia beyond the neonatal period

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Type 2 diabetes mellitus incidence, management and prognosis

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Improving the long-term outlook for children with diabetes mellitus

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Transition in diabetes young people move on – we should too

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Obesity and critical care in children

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Left ventricular function improvement after prophylactic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator implantation in patients with non-ischaemic dilated cardiomyopathy

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Timescales of texture development in a cooling lava dome

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An evaluation of the observer effect on treatment integrity in a day treatment center for children

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Elemental Composition of Mnemiopsis leidyi A Agassiz 1865 and Its Implications for Nutrient Recycling in a Long Island Estuary

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Impacts of Coastal Development on the Ecology of Tidal Creek Ecosystems of the US Southeast Including Consequences to Humans

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Impact of point-of-sale tobacco display bans: findings from the International Tobacco Control Four Country Survey

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Attitudes towards SMS text message smoking cessation support: a qualitative study of pregnant smokers

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The VNTR polymorphism of the CLEC4M gene and susceptibility to HIV-1 infection in Han Chinese population

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Varieties of metamorphosis andrew marvells the nymph complaining for the death of her fawn

Anonymous, 2013:
Les soins ordonnes par la Justice en France  principes des procedures et place du medecin

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Biodiversity of Aspergillus section Nigri populations in Argentinian vineyards and ochratoxin A contamination

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The role of the environment in the development of pediatric inflammatory bowel disease

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Transdifferentiation of mesenchymal stem cells-derived adipogenic-differentiated cells into osteogenic- or chondrogenic-differentiated cells proceeds via dedifferentiation and have a correlation with cell cycle arresting and driving genes

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Honey bees and bumble bees respond differently to inter- and intra-specific encounters

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Origin of the vasculature supporting growth of primary patient tumor xenografts

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Prospective multi-center study for quantification of chemotherapies and CTX-related direct medication costs avoided by use of biomarkers uPA and PAI-1 in primary breast cancer

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Nutritional factors, physical activity, and breast cancer by hormonal receptor status

Galimberti, V.; Monti, S.; Mastropasqua, M.G.useppe, 2013:
DCIS and LCIS are confusing and outdated terms They should be abandoned in favor of ductal intraepithelial neoplasia DIN and lobular intraepithelial neoplasia LIN

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Potential impact of the 70-gene signature in the choice of adjuvant systemic treatment for ER positive, HER2 negative tumors: a single institution experience

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HER-2 overexpression is not associated with increased ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence in DCIS treated with breast-conserving surgery followed by radiotherapy

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Valuing Options in Water Markets A Laboratory Investigation

Anonymous, 2013:
Estudio cuantitativo del flujo de líquido cefalorraquídeo mediante resonancia magnetica en contraste de fase metodo para identificar a los pacientes con hidrocefalia a presion normal

Anonymous, 2013:
Documento del Grupo de Consenso de la Sociedad Española de Neurología sobre el uso de medicamentos en esclerosis multiple

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Os acromiale, a cause of shoulder pain, not to be overlooked

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Survival analysis of total knee arthroplasty at a minimum 10 years' follow-up: a multicenter French nationwide study including 846 cases

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Thermal and compositional evolution of the martian mantle Effects of water

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Prognose des polytraumatisierten Patienten

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Soil Treatment with Organic Non-traditional Additives for the Reduction of Environmental Impact of Earthworks

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The acetylation degree of alginates in Azotobacter vinelandii ATCC9046 is determined by dissolved oxygen and specific growth rate: studies in glucose-limited chemostat cultivations

Anonymous, 2013:
Role of Misoprostol 600 mcg Oral in Active Management of Third Stage of Labor A Comparative Study with Oxytocin 10 IU im

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Comparative study of efficacy and safety of oral versus vaginal misoprostol for induction or labour

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The impact of mechanical circulatory support on outcomes in paediatric heart transplantation

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Psychosocial correlates of physical and sedentary activities of early adolescent youth

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Evolution of physician-hospital alignment models: a case study of comanagement

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Total knee arthroplasty in the elderly: does age affect pain, function or complications?

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Surgical technique: Computer-generated custom jigs improve accuracy of wide resection of bone tumors

Anonymous, 2013:
Painless Chronic Liner Dissociation of a Total Hip Arthroplasty

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Outcomes after volar plate fixation of low-grade open and closed distal radius fractures are similar

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The classic: A study in hospital efficiency: as demonstrated by the case report of first five years of private hospital

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Removal of phenolic compounds in olive mill wastewater by silica–alginate–fungi biocomposites

Anonymous, 2013:
Planificacion anticipada de decisiones en las enfermedades cronicas avanzadas

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Association of personality, neighbourhood, and civic participation with the level of perceived social support: the HUNT study, a cross-sectional survey

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Comparative evaluations on bio-treatment of hexavalent chromate by resting cells of Pseudochrobactrum sp. and Proteus sp. in wastewater

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Impact of system management on vegetative treatment system effluent concentrations

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Spatial UTA (S-UTA) - a new approach for raster-based GIS multicriteria suitability analysis and its use in implementing natural systems for wastewater treatment

Anonymous, 2013:
Facies development and sequence stratigraphy of the Ludfordian Upper Silurian deposits in the Zbruch River Valley, Podolia, western Ukraine local facies overprint on the ?13Ccarb record of a

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Palynofacies and TOC analysis of marine and non-marine sediments across the Middle–Upper Jurassic boundary in the central-northern Lusitanian Basin Portugal

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Radiographic findings of juvenile osteochondral conditions detected in 392 foals using a field radiographic protocol

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Probiotics and prebiotics in infants and children

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How Accurately Can We Date the Duration of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Events in Porphyry Systems?--An Invited Paper

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Hydrothermal Fluid Processes and Evolution of the Giant Serra Norte Jaspilite-Hosted Iron Ore Deposits, Carajas Mineral Province, Brazil

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The Characteristics and Origin of the Big Lake Mafic-Ultramafic-Hosted Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Occurrence, Marathon, Ontario, Canada

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Post-Orogenic Extension and Hydrothermal Ore Formation High-Precision Geochronology of the Central Rhodopian Metamorphic Core Complex Bulgaria-Greece

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Source Plutons Driving Porphyry Copper Ore Formation Combining Geomagnetic Data, Thermal Constraints, and Chemical Mass Balance to Quantify the Magma Chamber Beneath the Bingham Canyon Deposit

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Age of the bird river sill, southeastern manitoba, canada, with implications for the secular variation of layered intrusion-hosted stratiform chromite mineralization

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Direct re-os dating of chalcopyrite from the lala iocg deposit in the kangdian copper belt, china

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Ore Genesis and Hydrothermal Evolution of the Baiyinnuoer Zinc-Lead Skarn Deposit, Northeast China Evidence from Isotopes S, Pb and Fluid Inclusions

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Quantitative Mineralogical Characterization of Karst Bauxite Deposits in the Southern Apennines, Italy

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A spatial analysis of community disadvantage and access to healthcare services in the U.S

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Contextual factors and weight change over time: a comparison between U.S. Hispanics and other population sub-groups

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Assessment of the spine with CT and MRI prior to interspinous/interlaminar spinal procedures: a pictorial review

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The development and validation of a decision-analytic model representing the full disease course of acute myeloid leukemia

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Effects of copper-exchanged montmorillonite, as alternative to antibiotic, on diarrhea, intestinal permeability and proinflammatory cytokine of weanling pigs

Anonymous, 2013:
La hernie discale lombaire paralysante  une urgence chirurgicale ? Reflexion a propos d’une serie de 24 patients et des donnees de la litterature

Anonymous, 2013 :
Kystes colloides familiaux du troisieme ventricule  cas clinique et revue de la litterature

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Assessment of association of ACTN3 genetic polymorphism with Korean elite athletic performance

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How do different concentrations of Clostridium perfringens affect the quality of extended boar spermatozoa?

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Antimicrobial Activities of Leaf and Stem Bark Extracts of Blighia sapida

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Selection never dominates drift nor vice versa

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Can white matter changes occur in disorders of peripheral nerve hyperexcitability?

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Stereoselectivity in the cytochrome P450-dependent N-demethylation and flavin monooxygenase-dependent N-oxidation of N,N-dimethylamphetamine

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Serum biochemical assessment of hepatic and renal functions of rats during oral exposure to glyphosate with zinc

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A new framework to accurately quantify soil bacterial community diversity from DGGE

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Contribution of endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ regulatory mechanisms to the inflammation-induced increase in the evoked Ca2+ transient in rat cutaneous dorsal root ganglion neurons

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Drug free REmission/low disease activity after cessation of tocilizumab Actemra Monotherapy DREAM study

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Synthetic pathway to 22,23-dioxocholestanic chain derivatives and their usefulness for obtaining brassinosteroid analogues

Anonymous, 2013:
Methods for Detection and Analysis of Apoptosis Signalling in the C elegans Germline

Anonymous, 2013:
Cognition, fatigue, etats d’humeur chez la sage-femme et sa patiente… Quels liens avec l’hydratation ?

Anonymous, 2013:
Luxation laterale convergente du gros et du cinquieme orteil associee a une fracture des autres orteils homolateraux a propos d’une association lesionnelle rare

Anonymous, 2013:
Metastase calcaneenne d’un carcinome renal a propos d’un cas et revue de la litterature

Anonymous, 2013:
Les tumeurs glomiques de l’orteil a propos d’un cas de tumeur glomique de l’hallux

Anonymous, 2013:
Diagnostic et prise en charge des hemorragies coliques diverticulaires

Chen, F.; Zhang, F.; Li, H.; Morris, C.F.; Cao, Y.; Shang, X.; Cui, D., 2013:
Allelic variation and distribution independence of Puroindoline b-B2 variants and their association with grain texture in wheat

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What the clock tells the eye: lessons from an ancient arthropod

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Sponge hybridomas: applications and implications

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Endoscopist specialty is associated with colonoscopy quality

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Studying geoengineering with natural and anthropogenic analogs

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ENSEMBLES-based assessment of regional climate effects in Luxembourg and their impact on vegetation

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Early sleep apnea screening on a stroke unit is feasible in patients with acute cerebral ischemia

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The p.Ala510Val mutation in the SPG7 (paraplegin) gene is the most common mutation causing adult onset neurogenetic disease in patients of British ancestry

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Hypoalbuminemia in early onset dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy due to leakage of albumin in multiple organs

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Anti-hypertrophic and anti-oxidant effect of beta3-adrenergic stimulation in myocytes requires differential neuronal NOS phosphorylation

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Oxidative stress in atrial fibrillation: an emerging role of NADPH oxidase

Anonymous, 2013:
A Double White-Dwarf Cooling Sequence in omega Centauri

Anonymous, 2013:
Tests of Lorentz Invariance Violation with Gamma Rays to probe Quantum Gravity

Anonymous, 2013:
On-sky characterisation of the VISTA NB118 narrow-band filters at 119 micron

Anonymous, 2013:
Effective theory for Vainshtein mechanism from Horndeski action

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MARVELS-1 A face-on double-lined binary star masquerading as a resonant planetary system; and consideration of rare false positives in radial velocity planet searches

Hoang, T.; Lazarian, A.; Martin, P.G., 2013:
Constraint on the Polarization of Electric Dipole Emission from Spinning Dust

Anonymous, 2013:
SINFONI/VLT 3D spectroscopy of massive galaxies Strong rotational support at z~14

Anonymous, 2013:
High velocity HI is not associated with TeV supernova remnant W51C

Anonymous, 2013:
Search for Dark Matter Subhalos in the High-Energy Gamma-ray Band with Fermi and the Cherenkov Telescope Array

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Primordial Non-Gaussianity Estimation using 21 cm Tomography from the Epoch of Reionization

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Cosmological growth and feedback from supermassive black holes

Anonymous, 2013:
Prospects for Indirect Detection of Dark Matter with CTA

Anonymous, 2013:
Role of magnetic field strength and numerical resolution in simulations of the heat-flux driven buoyancy instability

Anonymous, 2013:
The r-process in proto-neutron-star wind revisited

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Detection of galaxy assembly bias

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Magnetically Confined Interstellar Hot Plasma in the Nuclear Bulge of our Galaxy

Anonymous, 2013:
Origin of Macrospicule and Jet in Polar Corona by A Small-scale Kinked Flux-Tube

Cornish, N.J.S.sana, A, 2013:
Pulsar Timing Array Analysis for Black Hole Backgrounds

Anonymous, 2013:
Ionospheric dispersion compensation using a novel microwave de-dispersion filter

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Non-Baryonic Dark Matter in Cosmology

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The supergiant Be star LHA 115-S 18 - binary and/or luminous blue variable?

Anonymous, 2013:
TNOs are Cool A survey of the trans-Neptunian region VIII Combined Herschel PACS and SPIRE observations of 9 bright targets at 70--500 micron

Drave, S.P.; Bird, A.J.; Sidoli, L.; Sguera, V.; McBride, V.A.; Hill, A.B.; Bazzano, A.; Goossens, M.E., 2013:
INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton observations of IGR J16418-4532 evidence of accretion regime transitions in a supergiant fast X-ray transient

Anonymous, 2013 :
em Herschel-ATLAS/GAMA The Environmental Density of Far-Infrared Bright Galaxies at $z leq 05$

Anonymous, 2013:
The Propagation of Photons in the Dilute Ionized Gas

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A convergent blind deconvolution method for post-adaptive-optics astronomical imaging

Zimbres, M.; Alves Batista, R.; Kemp, E., 2014:
Using spherical wavelets to search for magnetically-induced alignment in the arrival directions of ultra-high energy cosmic rays

Anonymous, 2013:
Can dark energy be gravitational waves?

Anonymous, 2013:
Can Stellar Mixing Explain the Lack of Type Ib Supernovae in Long-Duration GRBs?

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Modeling rotating stars in two dimensions

Angrick, C., 2014:
Ellipticity and prolaticity of the initial gravitational-shear field at the position of density maxima

Otalora, G, 2013:
Scaling attractors in interacting teleparallel dark energy

Anonymous, 2013:
Testing Cosmic Homogeneity Using Galaxy Clusters

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On the Remote Detection of Suprathermal Ions in the Solar Corona and their Role as Seeds for Solar Energetic Particle Production

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Observed properties of extrasolar planets

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Numerical modelling of post-seismic rupture propagation after the Sumatra 26122004 earthquake constrained by GRACE gravity data

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Seismic heterogeneity and anisotropy of the southern Kuril arc insight into megathrust earthquakes

Shinohara, Y.; Tsuruta, K.; Ogura, A.; Noto, F.; Komatsu, H.; Otsuki, K.; Maruyama, T., 2013:
Azimuthal and radial variations in sap flux density and effects on stand-scale transpiration estimates in a Japanese cedar forest

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Variants at chromosome 10q26 locus and the expression of HTRA1 in the retina

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Prevalence of andropausal symptoms among Kuwaiti males

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Sequential shift of energy production pathways at the fetal stage and during lifetime

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Is hyponatremia mistreated? Challenging the current paradigm

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Is primary hyperparathyroidism a pathogenic factor in some conditions mediated by B lymphocytes hyperactivity?

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Different chemical reaction times between normal and solid cancer cells

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The effect of biogas sparging on cow manure characteristics and its subsequent anaerobic biodegradation

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Comparative Evaluation of Marginal and Internal Gap of Co-Cr Copings Fabricated from Conventional Wax Pattern, 3D Printed Resin Pattern and DMLS Tech: An In Vitro Study

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Electrophysiological correlates of visual adaptation and sensory competition

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Pretreatment outcome indicators in an eating disorder outpatient group: the effects of self-esteem, personality disorders and dissociation

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The Norwegian Junior Temperament and Character Inventory (JTCI): an assessment of its psychometric properties

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Inter-island variation in femoral secretions of the Balearic lizard, Podarcis lilfordi Lacertidae

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Effect of birth asphyxia on p wave dispersion

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A national survey of price and affordability of key essential medicines for children in Sri Lanka

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Risk factors for incomplete immunization in children with HIV infection

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Trainee performance at robotic console and benchmark operative times

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Design and development of a novel intra-vaginal pressure sensor

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Managing up, down, and across the nursing home: roles and responsibilities of directors of nursing

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Two-dimensional phase plane structure and the stability of the orbital motion for space debris in the geosynchronous ring

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Modeling and observations of the north-south ionospheric asymmetry at low latitudes at long deep solar minimum

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Applications of the Admissible Region to Space-Based Observations

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Sedimentary controls on the sequence stratigraphic architecture in intra-cratonic basins An example from the Lower Permian Shanxi Formation, Ordos Basin, northern China

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Organic matter–apatite–pyrite relationships in the Botneheia Formation Middle Triassic of eastern Svalbard relevance to the formation of petroleum source rocks in the NW Barents Sea shelf

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Contributions of Social Desirability to Self-Reported Ageism

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Relationship of dog- and cat-specific IgE and IgG4 levels to allergic symptoms on pet exposure

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Seismic Vp and Vp/Vs structure of the geothermal area around Tarutung North Sumatra, Indonesia derived from local earthquake tomography

Anonymous, 2013:
Volcano clustering determination Bivariate Gaussain vs Fisher kernels

Leaf, A., 2013:
Introducing enteral feeds in the high-risk preterm infant

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Effects of dexamethasone on human trabecular meshwork cells in vitro

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Evaluation of the new CE-IVD marked BD MAX Cdiff Assay for the detection of toxigenic Clostridium difficile harboring the tcdB gene from clinical stool samples

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Targeting the PI3K/AKT/mTOR and Raf/MEK/ERK pathways in the treatment of breast cancer

Anonymous, 2013:
Linfadenectomía lumboaortica laparoscopica en tumor residual posquimioterapia en el cancer testicular

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Catalase and superoxide dismutase activities and the total protein content of protocorm-like bodies of Dendrobium sonia-28 subjected to vitrification

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Rhamnolipids production by multi-metal-resistant and plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria

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Chestnut shell as unexploited source of fermentable sugars: effect of different pretreatment methods on enzymatic saccharification

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Two-staged temperature and agitation strategy for the production of transglutaminase from a Streptomyces sp. isolated from Brazilian soils

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Sulfide-oxidizing autotrophic denitrification: an evaluation for nitrogen removal from anaerobically pretreated domestic sewage

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Avian host defense peptides

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Innate and adaptive immune mechanisms are effectively induced in ileal Peyer's patches of Salmonella typhimurium infected pigs

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Conidial acquisition and survivorship of adult Asian longhorned beetles exposed to flat versus shaggy agar fungal bands

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Development of Duplex-Immunocapture Duplex-IC RT-PCR for the Detection of Sugarcane streak mosaic virus and Sugarcane mosaic virus in Sugarcane

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Enhancing drug delivery for boron neutron capture therapy of brain tumors with focused ultrasound

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Bifocal intracranial tumors of nongerminomatous germ cell etiology: diagnostic and therapeutic implications

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Coexistence of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis and allergic aspergillus sinusitis in a patient without clinical asthma

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Haemophilus influenzae type f meningitis in a previously healthy boy

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Neuropsychiatric side effects of cyclobenzaprine

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Eosinophilic pneumonia associated with concomitant cigarette and marijuana smoking

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Sepsis caused by Mycobacterium terrae complex in a patient with sickle cell disease

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Another reason for abdominal pain: mesenteric panniculitis

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Use of heparin in aortic dissection: beware the misdiagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism

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Temporomandibular joint involvement in ankylosing spondylitis

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Palatal tremor in relation to brainstem tumour involvement

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A rheumatoid nodule in an unusual location: mediastinal lymph node

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A rare case of open bicondylar Hoffa fracture with extensor mechanism disruption

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An intracerebral mass: tuberculosis or sarcoidosis?

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Mucormycosis: an atrocious mate of patients with diabetes

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IgG4-related multiorgan disease: report of the first autopsy case

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The use of rituximab and bendamustine in treating chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) in end-stage renal disease (ESRD)

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Mononeuritis multiplex and painful ulcers as the initial manifestation of hepatitis B infection

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Postoperative pulmonary calcification in a child with truncus arteriosus

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T-cell prolymphocytic leukaemia (T-PLL): a rare disease with a grave prognosis

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Irreducible lateral dislocation of patella

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Severe rheumatoid arthritis hand deformity

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Cyclin O regulates germinal vesicle breakdown in mouse oocytes

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Comparative importance of fatty acid beta-oxidation to nuclear maturation, gene expression, and glucose metabolism in mouse, bovine, and porcine cumulus oocyte complexes

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Transgenerational effects of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate on testicular germ cell associations and spermatogonial stem cells in mice

Kim, J.; Song, G.; Wu, G.; Gao, H.; Johnson, G.A.; Bazer, F.W., 2013:
Arginine, leucine, and glutamine stimulate proliferation of porcine trophectoderm cells through the MTOR-RPS6K-RPS6-EIF4EBP1 signal transduction pathway

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Separating forest continuity from tree age effects on plant diversity in the ground and epiphyte vegetation of a Central European mountain spruce forest

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Potential advantages of using synchrotron X-ray based techniques in pediatric research

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Raman spectroscopy and imaging: promising optical diagnostic tools in pediatrics

de Marco, A., 2013:
Perspectives offered by single-domain antibodies in clinical diagnostic of pediatric tumors

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Luminescent silica nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis

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Potential use of polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier

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MDM2 non-genotoxic inhibitors as innovative therapeutic approaches for the treatment of pediatric malignancies

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Pharmacogenomic approaches for tailored anti-leukemic therapy in children

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TRAIL-based therapeutic approaches for the treatment of pediatric malignancies

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Isolated abducens nerve palsy due to cerebrospinal fluid leakage following lumbar discectomy: a rare clinical entity

Juerg Hodler, Norbert Boos, Martin Schubert, 2013:
Must we discontinue selective cervical nerve root blocks?

Simal Julián, J.Antonio.; Miranda Lloret, P.; López González, A.; Evangelista Zamora, Río.; Botella Asunción, C., 2013:
Indocyanine green videoangiography "in negative": definition and usefulness in spinal dural arteriovenous fistulae

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The effects of antihistamines with varying anticholinergic properties on voluntary and involuntary movement

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Seizure prediction in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy using EEG measures of state similarity

de Freitas, P.B.; Lima, K.C.A., 2013:
Grip force control during simple manipulation tasks in non-neuropathic diabetic individuals

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Myopathic EMG findings and type II muscle fiber atrophy in patients with Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome

Ono, T.; Kimura, A.; Ushiba, J., 2013:
Daily training with realistic visual feedback improves reproducibility of event-related desynchronisation following hand motor imagery

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Supraclavicular metastases from distant primaries: what is the role of the head and neck surgeon?

Ferretti, C.; Rikhotso, E.; Muthray, E.; Reyneke, J., 2013:
Interim reconstruction and space maintenance of mandibular continuity defects preceding definitive osseous reconstruction

Won, H-Ryun.; Park, J.Hong.; Kim, K.Soo., 2013:
Simultaneous actinomycosis with aspergillosis in maxillary sinus

Nicole Lindenblatt, Pietro Giovanoli, 2013:
Compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve by a fibrous sartorius strand in a professional female soccer player

Sykora, P.; Wilson, D.M.; Bohr, V.A., 2014:
Base excision repair in the mammalian brain: implication for age related neurodegeneration

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Meta-analysis of olfactory function in schizophrenia, first-degree family members, and youths at-risk for psychosis

Gomes, Henrique, 2014:
A Birkhoff theorem for Shape Dynamics

Dapor, A.; Kami?ski, W.; Lewandowski, J.; ?wie?ewski, J?drzej, 2013:
Relational Evolution of Observables for Hamiltonian-Constrained Systems

Anonymous, 2013:
Free Fermions on causal sets

Anonymous, 2013:
On the astrophysical scales set by the Cosmological Constant

Sirivella, S.; Gielchinsky, I., 2014:
Treatment outcomes in 23 thoracic primitive neuroectodermal tumours: a retrospective study

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Influence of alternative lifestyles on self-reported body weight and health characteristics in women

Rosa Lori Teubner-Guerra, 2013:
Bindung und Heimat

Malik, D.J.; Patel, K.V.; Clokie, M.R.J.; Shama, G., 2013:
On the difficulties of isolating Clostridium difficile from hospital environments

Anonymous, 2013:
Types de logements dans les zones residentielles de la ville de Boto?ani

Anonymous, 2013:
Les dynamiques de l’internationalisation economique – entre le deficit d’attractivite locale et l’evolution contrastee des activites

Anonymous, 2013:
Accessibilite et repulsion de l’espace rural au nord-est de la Roumanie

Anonymous, 2013:
The inventory and typology of the wetlands and deep waters from the Moldavian Plateau Romania

Anonymous, 2013:
Quantifier la secheresse Duree, intensite, frequence

Anonymous, 2013:
Complexite de la dynamique atmospherique de la region euro-atlantique Aspects inedits

Yamazaki, S.; Shima, M.; Yoda, Y.; Oka, K.; Kurosaka, F.; Shimizu, S.; Takahashi, H.; Nakatani, Y.; Nishikawa, J.; Fujiwara, K.; Mizumori, Y.; Mogami, A.; Yamada, T.; Yamamoto, N., 2014:
Association of ambient air pollution and meteorological factors with primary care visits at night due to asthma attack

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Contemporary drug treatment of infective endocarditis

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Toxic effect of cooking oil fumes in primary fetal pulmonary type II-like epithelial cells

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The effect of air pollutants on the microecology of the respiratory tract of rats

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Therapeutic advances in the management of Pompe disease and other metabolic myopathies

Hauptman, A.; Carchedi, L., 2014:
A case of possible HIV prophylaxis-induced anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder

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Advancing the adoption, integration and testing of technological advancements within existing care systems

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Common two-dimensional echocardiographic estimates of aortic linear dimensions are interchangeable

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Integrated Approach of In Vivo and In Vitro for Evaluation of the Involvement of Hepatic Uptake Organic Anion Transporters in the Drug Disposition in Rats Using Rifampicin as an Inhibitor

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Three ubiquitination sites of organic anion transporter-1 synergistically mediate protein kinase C-dependent endocytosis of the transporter

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Ntric Oxide Synthase Knockout Modulates Ca2+-Sensing Receptor Expression and Signaling in Mouse Mesnteric Arteries

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Effect of length of molecular recognition moiety on enzymatic activity switching

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Effect of the nanostructure of porous alumina on growth behavior of MG63 osteoblast-like cells

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Nanoneedle insertion into the cell nucleus does not induce double-strand breaks in chromosomal DNA

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Vertebrate biostratigraphy and biochronology of the upper Paleozoic Dunkard Group, Pennsylvania-West Virginia-Ohio, USA

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Defining What Evidence is, Linking It to Patient Outcomes, and Making It Relevant to Practi Insight from Clinical Nurses

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Immature stages of five species of Gerridae Heteroptera Gerromorpha from the Eastern Tropical Pacific

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Dynamics of the invasive Bemisia tabaci Homoptera Aleyrodidae Mediterranean MED species in two West African countries

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Seasonal dynamics and spatial distribution of Eutetranychus orientalis Acarina Tetranychidae on Albizia lebbeck Fabaceae in parks in Ahwaz, southwest Iran

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Predatory performance of aphidophagous ladybirds a measure of prey suitability?

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Phytochemical screening of Dracaena arborea Asparagaceae for insecticidal activity in the control of Sitophilus zeamais Coleoptera Curculionidae and Callosobruchus maculatus Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

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Cost collection and analysis for health economic evaluation

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Factors that affect action possibility judgments: the assumed abilities of other people

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Pathologies ischemiques de l’epiploon importance de l’imagerie

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The precautionary principle, uncertainty and the Noahs Ark problem

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Genetic profile of dingoes Canis lupus dingo and free-roaming domestic dogs C l familiaris in the Tanami Desert, Australia

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Combined effects of cadmium and copper on the expression of antioxidant enzyme — coding genes in the polychaete, Perinereis nuntia

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Effect of Deltamethrin and Ridomil on sperm parameters and reproductive hormones of male albino rats

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Triptolide inhibits inducible nitric oxide synthase expression induced by toll-like receptor agonists

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Change in the interferential current therapy — induced sensory threshold on the bodies of elderly people

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Glucocorticoid receptor changes are associated with age in the hippocampus of Zucker diabetic fatty rats

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The role of glutathione in dichloromethane toxicity to Lemna paucicostata

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APP2: automatic tracing of 3D neuron morphology based on hierarchical pruning of a gray-weighted image distance-tree

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Self-interaction of transmembrane helices representing pre-clusters from the human single-span membrane proteins

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Variation and evolution of herkogamy in Exochaenium (Gentianaceae): implications for the evolution of distyly

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Local and traditional knowledge regarding the Bering Sea ecosystem selected results from five indigenous communities

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T-Wave Alternans and ST Depression Assessment Identifies Low Risk Individuals with Ischemic Cardiomyopathy in the Absence of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

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Gene-specific effect of beta-adrenergic blockade on corrected QT interval in the long QT syndrome

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Role of bisoprolol in patients with long QT syndrome

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Are all of the human exons alternatively spliced?

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Anonymous, 2013:
PCDD/F and Dioxin-Like PCB Determinations in Mtoni Estuarine Sediments Tanzania Using the Chemically Activated Luciferase Gene Expression CALUX Bioassay

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Continuity, commitment and context: adult siblings of people with autism plus learning disability

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A randomised controlled study to explore the effect of life story review on depression in older Chinese in Singapore

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'She's usually quicker than the calculator': financial management and decision-making in couples living with dementia

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Assessment without action; a randomised evaluation of the interRAI home care compared to a national assessment tool on identification of needs and service provision for older people in New Zealand

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Translation and validation of the wound-specific quality of life instrument Cardiff Wound Impact Schedule in a Swedish population

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Enviromental impact of the hospital waste incineration plant in Krakow Poland

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Targeting mitochondria for cardiac protection

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Shear strength of sediments approaching subduction in the nankai trough, Japan as constraints on forearc mechanics

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Dynamics of outer rise faulting in oceanic-continental subduction systems

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Pharmacogenetic testing: Current Evidence of Clinical Utility

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Anonymous, 2013:
Adjuvant host-directed therapy with type 3 and 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors, but not type 4, shortens the duration of tuberculosis treatment

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Retinotopic maps in the pulvinar of bush baby (Otolemur garnettii)

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Organization of multisynaptic circuits within and between the medial and central extended amygdala

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Four-dimensional analysis of nucleogenesis of the pontine nucleus in the hindbrain

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Morphology of the olivocerebellar projection of the chick: an axonal reconstruction study

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Monosynaptic convergence of chorda tympani and glossopharyngeal afferents onto ascending relay neurons in the nucleus of the solitary tract: a high-resolution confocal and correlative electron microscopy approach

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The average absorption properties of broad absorption line quasars at lambdarest 3000 A, and the underlying physical parameters

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Constraining thawing dark energy using galaxy cluster number counts

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Ripple effects and oscillations in the broad Fe Kalpha line as a probe of massive black hole mergers

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The roles of neuropeptides in Caenorhabditis elegans including their importance in the regulation of feeding and metabolism

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Invertebrate FMRFamide related peptides

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Neuropeptides and epitheliopeptides: structural and functional diversity in an ancestral metazoan Hydra

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Role of cation-π interactions in the structural stability of bacterial adhesins

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Autophagy in pancreatic acinar cells in caerulein-treated mice: immunolocalization of related proteins and their potential as markers of pancreatitis

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An efficient chemical analysis of phenolic acids and flavonoids in raw propolis by microwave-assisted extraction combined with high-performance liquid chromatography using the fused-core technology

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Reproducibility of the anti-Factor Xa and anti-Factor IIa assays applied to enoxaparin solution

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Immunomagnetic molecular probe with UHPLC-MS/MS: a promising way for reliable bronchial asthma diagnostics based on quantification of cysteinyl leukotrienes

Anonymous, 2013:
Tolerance et efficacite de la radiotherapie preoperatoire chez les patients ages atteints d’un cancer du rectum

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Odor representation in the olfactory bulb under different brain states revealed by intrinsic optical signals imaging

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EMG and tibial shock upon the first attempt at barefoot running

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Independence and control of the fingers depend on direction and contraction mode

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Endogenous morphogens and fibrin bioscaffolds for stem cell therapeutics

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An analysis of the influence of growth periods on physical appearance, and acemannan and elemental distribution of Aloe vera L gel

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Preoperative evaluation and perioperative management of right ventricular failure after left ventricular assist device implantation

Anonymous, 2013:
Is bigger better? A retrospective analysis of native renal biopsies with 16 Gauge vs 18 Gauge automatic needles

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Hydraulic geometry and longitudinal patterns of habitat quantity and quality for rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss

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Systematic review of instruments measuring homophobia and related constructs

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The drinker and the nurturer College students perceptions of men and fathers

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Rape, money, and the psychology of taboo

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The impact of the opinions of others on variety-seeking behavior

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Social context and depression severity and duration in Canadian men and women exploring the influence of social support and sense of community belongingness

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Sustainable and eco-friendly management of root rot of soybean caused by Rhizoctonia solani and Fusarium solani

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Compatibility of certain fungicides with spinosad against fruit rot and pod borer in chilli

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Culprit behind massive shrimp die-offs in Asia unmasked

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