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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36889

Chapter 36889 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Luz, R.Adalberto.; Padoveze, M.Clara.; Falabella, P.; Morais, L.de.Castro.; Ghirelli, W.; Cvintal, T., 2014:
Risk factors for postoperative endophthalmitis caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa: possible role of environment

Scheithauer, S.; Rosarius, A.; Rex, S.; Post, P.; Heisel, H.; Krizanovic, V.; Schulze-Röbbecke, R.; Rossaint, R.; Lemmen, S.W., 2014:
Improving hand hygiene compliance in the anesthesia working room work area: More than just more hand rubs

Saw, A.; Kim, J.; Lim, J.; Powell, C.; Tong, E.K., 2014:
Smoking cessation counseling for Asian immigrants with serious mental illness: using RE-AIM to understand challenges and lessons learned in primary care-behavioral health integration

Li, S.; Kwon, S.C.; Weerasinghe, I.; Rey, M.J.; Trinh-Shevrin, C., 2014:
Smoking among Asian Americans: acculturation and gender in the context of tobacco control policies in New York City

Chang, E.; Fung, L-Chun.; Li, C-Shang.; Lin, T-Chun.; Tam, L.; Tang, C.; Tong, E.K., 2014:
Offering acupuncture as an adjunct for tobacco cessation: a community clinic experience

Palmer, P.Healani.; Lee, C.; Sablan-Santos, L.; Lepule, J.Tana.; Pang, V.Kaiwi.; Tui'one, V.; Schmidt-Vaivao, D.; Sabado, M.Dee.; Sur, R.; Tanjasiri, S.P., 2014:
Eliminating tobacco disparities among native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders through policy change: the role of community-based organizations

Kilpeläinen, M.; Olivers, C.N.L.; Theeuwes, J., 2013:
The eyes like their targets on a stable background

Anonymous, 2013:
Intracoronary Injection of Drugs to Treat No - Reflow Phenomenon and Microcirculatory Dysfunction

Anonymous, 2013:
Low - Molecular Weight Heparins and Unfractionated Heparins during Primary Coronary Intervention

Anonymous, 2013:
P2Y12 Inhibitors Pharmacologic Mechanism and Clinical Relevance

Anonymous, 2013:
Pharmacological Adjuvant Therapies in Primary Coronary Interventions Bivalirudin

Anonymous, 2013:
Rosuvastatin and Diabetes When the Evidences Talk

Anonymous, 2013:
Hypoxia-inducible Factor HIF in Hormone Signaling During Health and Disease

Anonymous, 2013:
Combined Antiplatelet Therapy Still a Sweeping Combination in Cardiology

Motiwala, S.R.; Szymonifka, J.; Belcher, A.; Weiner, R.B.; Baggish, A.L.; Sluss, P.; Gaggin, H.K.; Bhardwaj, A.; Januzzi, J.L., 2014:
Serial measurement of galectin-3 in patients with chronic heart failure: results from the ProBNP Outpatient Tailored Chronic Heart Failure Therapy (PROTECT) study

Girotto, E.; Ceretta, C.A.; Rossato, L.V.; Farias, J.G.; Tiecher, T.L.; De Conti, L.; Schmatz, R.; Brunetto, G.; Schetinger, M.R.C.; Nicoloso, F.T., 2014:
Triggered antioxidant defense mechanism in maize grown in soil with accumulation of Cu and Zn due to intensive application of pig slurry

Ehrlich, K.B.; Cassidy, J.; Lejuez, C.W.; Daughters, S.B., 2014:
Discrepancies About Adolescent Relationships as a Function of Informant Attachment and Depressive Symptoms

Light, J.M.; Rusby, J.C.; Nies, K.M.; Snijders, T.A.B., 2014:
Antisocial Behavior Trajectories and Social Victimization Within and Between School Years in Early Adolescence

Shan, X.; Sun, P.; Jin, X.; Li, X.; Dai, F., 2013:
Long-Term Changes in Fish Assemblage Structure in the Yellow River Estuary Ecosystem, China

Dutton, G.N., 2014:
The spectrum of cerebral visual impairment as a sequel to premature birth: an overview

Groarke, J.D.; Nguyen, P.L.; Nohria, A.; Ferrari, R.; Cheng, S.; Moslehi, J., 2014:
Cardiovascular complications of radiation therapy for thoracic malignancies: the role for non-invasive imaging for detection of cardiovascular disease

Bagnoud-Velásquez, M.; Spangenberg, J.E.; Poiré, D.G.; Peral, L.E.G.³mez, 2013:
Stable isotope S, C chemostratigraphy and hydrocarbon biomarkers in the Ediacaran upper section of Sierras Bayas Group, Argentina

Biasutto, L.; Chiechi, A.; Couch, R.; Liotta, L.A.; Espina, V., 2013:
Retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) exosomes contain signaling phosphoproteins affected by oxidative stress

Hamaguchi, S.; Kinugawa, S.; Tsuchihashi-Makaya, M.; Goto, D.; Yamada, S.; Yokoshiki, H.; Tsutsui, H., 2014:
Characteristics, management, and outcomes for patients during hospitalization due to worsening heart failure-A report from the Japanese Cardiac Registry of Heart Failure in Cardiology (JCARE-CARD)

Kurogi, K.; Sugiyama, S.; Sakamoto, K.; Tayama, S.; Nakamura, S.; Biwa, T.; Matsui, K.; Ogawa, H.; Sakaino, N.; Nakamura, S.; Fuchigami, S.; Kajiwara, I.; Matsukawa, S.; Shimomura, H.; Hanaoka, Y.; Oka, H.; Toyama, K.; Hirota, S.; Ogata, Y.; Hokamaki, J.; Oshima, S.; Nakamura, S.; Morikami, Y.; Hokamura, Y.; Hirai, N.; Matsumura, T.; Ogawa, H.; Sugiyama, S.; Sakamoto, K.; Maruyama, H.; Hirose, T.; Nishida, K.; Yamamoto, N.; Fujimoto, K.; Nakao, K.; Oe, Y.; Nakamura, N.; Kikuta, K.; Watanabe, K.;, 2014:
Comparison of pitavastatin with atorvastatin in increasing HDL-cholesterol and adiponectin in patients with dyslipidemia and coronary artery disease: the COMPACT-CAD study

Helsen, F.; Nuyens, D.; De Meester, P.; Rega, F.; Budts, W., 2013:
Left atrial appendage occlusion: single center experience with PLAATO LAA Occlusion System(®) and AMPLATZER™ Cardiac Plug

Nagaya, M.; Kawasaki, M.; Tanaka, R.; Onishi, N.; Sato, N.; Ono, K.; Watanabe, T.; Minatoguchi, S.; Miwa, H.; Goto, Y.; Hirose, T.; Arai, M.; Noda, T.; Watanabe, S.; Minatoguchi, S., 2014:
Quantitative validation of left atrial structure and function by two-dimensional and three-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography: a comparative study with three-dimensional computed tomography

Wang, C.; Bao, Y.; Wang, Q.; Zhang, H., 2014:
Introduction of the rice CYP714D1 gene into Populus inhibits expression of its homologous genes and promotes growth, biomass production and xylem fibre length in transgenic trees

Seedat, N.; Dinsdale, A.; Ong, E.Kok.; Gendall, A.Richard., 2014:
Acceleration of flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana by Cape Verde Islands alleles of FLOWERING H is dependent on the floral promoter FD

Dunn, G., 2016:
Pragmatic trials of complex psychosocial interventions: methodological challenges

Ruggeri, M.; Lasalvia, A.; Bonetto, C., 2016:
A new generation of pragmatic trials of psychosocial interventions is needed

Turner, D.; Griffiths, A.M.; Veerman, G.; Johanns, J.; Damaraju, L.; Blank, M.; Hyams, J., 2013:
Endoscopic and Clinical Variables that Predict Sustained Remission in Children with Ulcerative Colitis Treated With Infliximab

Veasey, R.C.; Gonzalez, J.T.; Kennedy, D.O.; Haskell, C.F.; Stevenson, E.J., 2013:
Breakfast consumption and exercise interact to affect cognitive performance and mood later in the day. A randomized controlled trial

Ouedraogo, M.; Zagre M'bi, B.; Liu, F.; Ortiz, R.; Jørgensen, Søren Thorndal, 2013:
Timing of mounding for bambara groundnut affects crop development and yield in a rainfed tropical environment

Poellabauer, E-Maria.; Pavlova, B.G.; Fritsch, S.; Singer, J.; Neubauer, C.; Doralt, J.; Valenta-Singer, B.; Ehrlich, H.J., 2014:
Single priming dose of meningococcal group C conjugate vaccine (NeisVac-C®) in infants

Santarpino, G.; Pfeiffer, S.; Concistré, G.; Grossmann, I.; Hinzmann, M.; Fischlein, T., 2013:
The Perceval S aortic valve has the potential of shortening surgical time: does it also result in improved outcome?

Freeman, R.K.; Ascioti, A.J.; Mahidhara, R.S., 2013:
A propensity-matched comparison of pleurodesis or tunneled pleural catheter in patients undergoing diagnostic thoracoscopy for malignancy

Ranucci, M.; Baryshnikova, E.; Castelvecchio, S.; Pelissero, G., 2013:
Major bleeding, transfusions, and anemia: the deadly triad of cardiac surgery

Hoashi, T.; Kagisaki, K.; Kurosaki, K.; Shiraishi, I.; Yagihara, T.; Ichikawa, H., 2013:
Late left ventricular function after successful Ross-Konno operation

Guzzetta, N.A.; Foster, G.S.; Mruthinti, N.; Kilgore, P.D.; Miller, B.E.; Kanter, K.R., 2013:
In-hospital shunt occlusion in infants undergoing a modified blalock-taussig shunt

Takahashi, H.; Arif, R.; Kallenbach, K.; Tochtermann, U.; Karck, M.; Ruhparwar, A., 2013:
Surgical treatment of aortic valve endocarditis with left ventricular-aortic discontinuity

Cho, S.; Song, I.Hag.; Yang, H.Chul.; Kim, K.; Jheon, S., 2013:
Predictive factors for node metastasis in patients with clinical stage I non-small cell lung cancer

Turek, J.W.; Hanfland, R.A.; Davenport, T.L.; Torres, J.E.; Duffey, D.A.; Patel, S.S.; Reinking, B.E.; Poston, P.M.; Davis, J.E., 2013:
Norwood reconstruction using continuous coronary perfusion: a safe and translatable technique

Eichhorn, F.; Storz, K.; Hoffmann, H.; Muley, T.; Dienemann, H., 2013:
Sleeve pneumonectomy for central non-small cell lung cancer: indications, complications, and survival

Mehta, R.H.; Castelvecchio, S.; Ballotta, A.; Frigiola, A.; Bossone, E.; Ranucci, M., 2013:
Association of gender and lowest hematocrit on cardiopulmonary bypass with acute kidney injury and operative mortality in patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Silberman, S.; Bitran, D.; Fink, D.; Tauber, R.; Merin, O., 2013:
Very prolonged stay in the intensive care unit after cardiac operations: early results and late survival

Hormoz, S., 2013:
Stem cell population asymmetry can reduce rate of replicative aging

Bredeweg, S.W.; Buist, I.; Kluitenberg, B., 2014:
Differences in kinetic asymmetry between injured and noninjured novice runners: a prospective cohort study

Gerlach, K.D.; Dornblaser, D.W.; Schacter, D.L., 2014:
Adaptive constructive processes and memory accuracy: consequences of counterfactual simulations in young and older adults

Cronin, M.A.; MacNeil, M.D.; Vu, N.; Leesburg, V.; Blackburn, H.D.; Derr, J.N., 2013:
Genetic variation and differentiation of bison (Bison bison) subspecies and cattle (Bos taurus) breeds and subspecies

Meyers, M.; Porter, J.W.; Wares, J.P., 2013:
Genetic diversity of fluorescent proteins in Caribbean agariciid corals

Fullerton, T.M.; White, K.C.; Doyle Smith, W.; Walke, A.G., 2013:
An empirical analysis of Halifax municipal water consumption

Baird, J.M.; Summers, R.; Plummer, R., 2013:
Cisterns and safe drinking water in Canada

Ma, J.; Hipel, K.W.; McLachlan, S.éphane M., 2013:
Cross-border conflict resolution sediment contamination dispute in Lake Roosevelt

Swanke, J.R.e; Flowers, C., 2013:
Employment Among Methamphetamine-Involved Clients

Li, J.; Tao, T.; Li, X.-bin; Wang, L.-min; Zheng, H., 2013:
Effect of anaerobic time on biological nitrogen removal in a modified SBR

Ma, Q.; Shen, F.; Lu, X.; Bao, W.; Ma, H., 2013:
Studies on the adsorption behavior of methyl orange from dye wastewater onto activated clay

Li, B.; Han, Z.F.; Cao, G.P.; Shen, J.; Guo, L.W., 2013:
Enrichment of Citrus reticulata Blanco essential oil from oily wastewater by ultrafiltration membranes

Liu, X.; Cao, G.; Shen, S.; Gu, M.; Li, C., 2013:
The research on thermal and economic performance of solar desalination system with salinity-gradient solar pond

Din, M.I.ran; Hussain, Z.; Mirza, M.L.tif; Athar, M.M.kshoof; Madni, A.; Ahmad, S., 2013:
Biosorption of toxic congo red dye from aqueous solution by eco-friendly biosorbent Saccharum bengalense kinetics and thermodynamics

Theivarasu, C.; Chandra, S., 2013:
Adsorption performance of activated carbon prepared from elephant Elephas maximus dung for the removal of Reactive Yellow 15 from aqueous solution

Faghihian, H.; Nourmoradi, H.; Shokouhi, M., 2014:
Removal of copper II and nickel II from aqueous media using silica aerogel modified with amino propyl triethoxysilane as an adsorbent equilibrium, kinetic, and isotherms study

Zawierucha, I.; Kozlowska, J.; Kozlowski, C.; Trochimczuk, A., 2014:
Sorption of PbII, CdII and ZnII performed with the use of carboxyphenylresorcinarene-impregnated Amberlite XAD-4 resin

Duan, F.; Li, Y.; Cao, H.; Xie, Y.; Zhang, Y., 2013:
Capacitive deionization by ordered mesoporous carbon electrosorption isotherm, kinetics, and the effect of modification

R.Q.u; F.C.eng; R.G.o; J.L., 2013:
Ammonia nitrogen removal from micro-polluted river by permeable reactive barriers lab-scale study with steel slag and fly ash brick in combination as reactive media

Ozdes, D.; Duran, C.; Senturk, H.B.sri; Avan, H.; Bicer, B., 2013:
Kinetics, thermodynamics, and equilibrium evaluation of adsorptive removal of methylene blue onto natural illitic clay mineral

Hadriche, A.; Pezard, L.; Nandrino, J-Louis.; Ghariani, H.; Kachouri, A.; Jirsa, V.K., 2014:
Mapping the dynamic repertoire of the resting brain

van Pelt, S.; Fries, P., 2014:
Visual stimulus eccentricity affects human gamma peak frequency

Lee, M.R.; Chatterjee, S.; Woo, S.H., 2013:
Preparation of micro- and nano-emulsions of soybean oil and removal of sorbed phenanthrene from sandy soil

Li, Z.; Gao, B.; Yue, Q., 2013:
Study and application of biological-aerated filter BAF in soybean protein advanced wastewater treatment

Zhen-gong, T.; Cai-xia, K., 2013:
Optimization of coagulant for raw water in Ganjiang River in winter

Homayoonfal, M.; Mehrnia, M.R.za; Mojtahedi, Y.M.hades; Ismail, A.F.uzi, 2013:
Effect of metal and metal oxide nanoparticle impregnation route on structure and liquid filtration performance of polymeric nanocomposite membranes a comprehensive review

Lou, I.; Gong, S.; Huang, X.; Liu, Y.; Mok, K.M.ng, 2013:
Coagulation optimization using ferric and aluminum salts for treating high algae and high alkalinity source water in a typical North-China plant

Wang, Y.-Chih; Li, W.-Chun; Kao, H.-Kai; Yang, W.-E.C.ang, C.-Hsieh, 2013:
Deformities of proximal femur in spastic hip displacement A reconstructed three-dimensional computed tomography model approach

Tseng, C.-Chou; Wu, C.-Da; Cheng, S.-Chien; Lin, W.-Ting; Chan, H.-Tee; Chen, P.-Yih, 2013:
Septic arthritis caused by Aeromonas hydrophila

Kao, F.-Chun; Chen, L.-Huei; Lai, P.-Liang; Fu, T.-Sheng; Tsai, T.-Ting; Yu, C.-Wei; Chen, W.-Chien; Lu, M.-Ling; Hsieh, M.-Kai; Niu, C.-Chien, 2013:
Clinical and radiographic outcome of pillow reduction prior to vertebroplasty on patients with vertebral compression fracture

Tseng, C.-Chou; Wu, C.-Da; Lin, W.-Ting; Chan, H.-Tee; Chen, P.-Yih, 2013:
Acute septic arthritis caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae

Chang, T.-Kuo; Huang, C.-Hung; Liu, Y.-Ching; Chen, W.-Chuan; McClean, C.J.; Lai, Y.-Shu; Cheng, C.-Kung, 2013:
Biomechanical evaluation and comparison of polyetheretherketone rod system to traditional titanium rod fixation on adjacent levels

Yu, C.-Chun; Chen, C.-Wen; Chiu, H.-Min, 2013:
Isolated medial ray dislocation at the naviculocuneiform joint with intra-articular navicular and secondary metatarsal head fractures

Ouldmoumna, A.; Reinert, L.; Benderdouche, N.; Bestani, B.; Duclaux, L., 2013:
Characterization and application of three novel biosorbents “Eucalyptus globulus, Cynara cardunculus, and Prunus cerasefera to dye removal

Kelly, E.G.; Collins, A.M.; Imran, F.H.; Cronin, K.J., 2014:
Double trouble: rugby associated simultaneous rupture of flexor digitorum profundus tendon in zones I and III

Leaffer, E.B.; Hinton, V.J.; Hesdorffer, D.C., 2014:
Longitudinal assessment of skill development in children with first febrile seizure

Andersson-Roswall, L.; Engman, E.; Samuelsson, H.; Malmgren, K., 2013:
Psychosocial status 10years after temporal lobe resection for epilepsy, a longitudinal controlled study

Suksompong, S.; Pongpayuha, P.; Lertpaitoonpan, W.; von Bormann, B.; Phanchaipetch, T.; Sanansilp, V., 2013:
Low-dose spinal morphine for post-thoracotomy pain: a prospective randomized study

Gebhardt, R.; Mehran, R.John.; Soliz, J.; Cata, J.P.; Smallwood, A.K.; Feeley, T.W., 2013:
Epidural versus ON-Q local anesthetic-infiltrating catheter for post-thoracotomy pain control

Umuroglu, T.; Bostancı, K.; Thomas, D.Terence.; Yuksel, M.; Gogus, F.Yilmaz., 2013:
Perioperative anesthetic and surgical complications of the Nuss procedure

Moon, Y.Eun.; Kim, J.Eun.; Park, H.Joo., 2013:
Comparison of respiratory mechanics in adult patients undergoing minimally invasive repair of the pectus excavatum and removal of a pectus bar

Monaco, F.; Biselli, C.; Landoni, G.; De Luca, M.; Lembo, R.; Covello, R.Daniel.; Zangrillo, A., 2013:
Thoracic epidural anesthesia improves early outcome in patients undergoing cardiac surgery for mitral regurgitation: a propensity-matched study

Rozé, H.; Thumerel, M.; Barandon, L.; Dromer, C.; Perrier, V.; Jougon, J.; Velly, J-François.; Ouattara, A., 2013:
Cardiopulmonary bypass during a second-lung implantation improves postoperative oxygenation after sequential double-lung transplantation

Deschamps, A.; Denault, Aé.; Rochon, A.; Cogan, J.; Pagé, P.; D'Antono, B., 2013:
Evaluation of autonomic reserves in cardiac surgery patients

Li, W.; Zheng, B.; Xu, H.; Deng, Y.; Wang, S.; Wang, X.; Su, D., 2013:
Isoflurane prevents neurocognitive dysfunction after cardiopulmonary bypass in rats

DiLisio, R.P.; Mazzeffi, M.A.; Bodian, C.A.; Fischer, G.W., 2013:
Vocal cord paralysis after aortic surgery

Vegas, A.; Meineri, M.; Jerath, A.; Corrin, M.; Silversides, C.; Tait, G., 2013:
Impact of online transesophageal echocardiographic simulation on learning to navigate the 20 standard views

Patel, P.A.; Lane, B.; Augoustides, J.G.T., 2013:
Progress in platelet blockers: the target is the P2Y12 receptor

Luo, C.; Tang, H.; Cheng, W.; Yan, L.; Zhang, D.; Ju, H.; Ding, S., 2014:
A sensitive electrochemical DNA biosensor for specific detection of Enterobacteriaceae bacteria by Exonuclease III-assisted signal amplification

Schwartzberg, R.S.; Reuss, B.L.; Rust, R., 2014:
Efficacy of continuous subacromial bupivacaine infusion for pain control after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

Hosein, Y.K.; King, G.J.W.; Dunning, C.E., 2014:
The effect of stem surface treatment and material on pistoning of ulnar components in linked cemented elbow prostheses

Picard, A.; Tsilika, K.; Long-Mira, E.; Hofman, P.; Passeron, T.; Lacour, J.-P.; Bahadoran, P., 2013:
Interest of High Definition Optical Coherent Tomography HD-OCT for imaging of melanoma

Anonymous, 2013:
Factors associated with the relapse of infantile hemangiomas in children treated with oral propranolol

Boussofara, L.; Gammoudi, R.; Ghariani, N.; Aounallah, A.; Sriha, B.; Denguezli, M.; Belajouza, C.; Nouira, R., 2014:
Familial pyoderma gangrenosum in association with common variable immunodeficiency

Tong, P.L.; Qin, J.; Cooper, C.L.; Lowe, P.M.; Murrell, D.F.; Kossard, S.; Ng, L.G.; Roediger, B.; Weninger, W.; Haass, N.K., 2014:
A quantitative approach to histopathological dissection of elastin-related disorders using multiphoton microscopy

Anonymous, 2013:
The CD133+ cell content correlates with tumor growth in melanomas from skin with chronic sun-induced damage

Anonymous, 2013:
The novel CTSC homozygous nonsense mutation pLys106X in a patient with Papillon–Lefevre syndrome with all permanent teeth remaining at over 40 years of age

Lade-Keller, J.; Riber-Hansen, R.; Guldberg, P.; Schmidt, H.; Hamilton-Dutoit, S.J.; Steiniche, T., 2013:
E- to N-cadherin switch in melanoma is associated with decreased expression of PTEN and cancer progression

Tynes, B.M.; Mitchell, K.J., 2014:
Black Youth Beyond the Digital Divide Age and Gender Differences in Internet Use, Communication Patterns, and Victimization Experiences

Bradlee, M.L.; Singer, M.R.; Moore, L.L., 2014:
Lean red meat consumption and lipid profiles in adolescent girls

Baker, S.D.; Cotugna, N., 2014:
Students entering internship show readiness in the nutrition care process

Greatwood, H.C.; Daly-Smith, A.; McGregor, S.; McKenna, J., 2014:
Year 7 dietary intake: a comparison of two schools with middle-high socio-economic status

Foster, E.; Hawkins, A.; Delve, J.; Adamson, A.J., 2014:
Reducing the cost of dietary assessment: self-completed recall and analysis of nutrition for use with children (SCRAN24)

Martins, I.; de Vries, M.G.; Teixeira-Pinto, A.; Fadel, J.; Wilson, S.P.; Westerink, B.H.C.; Tavares, I., 2014:
Noradrenaline increases pain facilitation from the brain during inflammatory pain

Gibbs, M.T.; Thébaud, O.; Lorenz, D., 2013:
A risk model to describe the behaviours of actors in the houses falling into the sea problem

Kabalah-Amitai, L.; Mayzel, B.; Zaslansky, P.; Kauffmann, Y.; Clotens, P.; Pokroy, B., 2014:
Unique crystallographic pattern in the macro to atomic structure of Herdmania momus vateritic spicules

Falini, G.; Reggi, M.; Fermani, S.; Sparla, F.; Goffredo, S.; Dubinsky, Z.; Levi, O.; Dauphin, Y.; Cuif, J-Pierre., 2014:
Control of aragonite deposition in colonial corals by intra-skeletal macromolecules

Fang, H.; Yu, D.; Hong, Y.; Zhou, X.; Li, C.; Sun, B., 2014:
The LuxR family regulator Rv0195 modulates Mycobacterium tuberculosis dormancy and virulence

Khirani, S.; Colella, M.; Caldarelli, V.; Aubertin, G.; Boulé, Mèle.; Forin, Véronique.; Ramirez, A.; Fauroux, B., 2014 :
Longitudinal course of lung function and respiratory muscle strength in spinal muscular atrophy type 2 and 3

Holman, L.; Lanfear, R.; d'Ettorre, P., 2014:
The evolution of queen pheromones in the ant genus Lasius

Debban, C.L.; Dyer, K.A., 2014:
No evidence for behavioural adaptations to nematode parasitism by the fly Drosophila putrida

Delhey, K.; Smith, J.; Peters, A., 2014:
Colour-variable birds have broader ranges, wider niches and are less likely to be threatened

Schimpf, N.G.; Matthews, P.G.D.; White, C.R., 2014:
Discontinuous gas exchange exhibition is a heritable trait in speckled cockroaches Nauphoeta cinerea

Cayetano, L.; Vorburger, C., 2014:
Genotype-by-genotype specificity remains robust to average temperature variation in an aphid/endosymbiont/parasitoid system

Jezkova, T.; Leal, M.; Rodríguez-Robles, J.A., 2014:
Genetic drift or natural selection? Hybridization and asymmetric mitochondrial introgression in two Caribbean lizards (Anolis pulchellus and Anolis krugi)

Galindo, J.; Martínez-Fernández, M.; Rodríguez-Ramilo, S.T.; Rolán-Alvarez, E., 2014:
The role of local ecology during hybridization at the initial stages of ecological speciation in a marine snail

Fabre, A-C.; Cornette, R.; Slater, G.; Argot, C.; Peigné, S.; Goswami, A.; Pouydebat, E., 2014:
Getting a grip on the evolution of grasping in musteloid carnivorans: a three-dimensional analysis of forelimb shape

Long, A.R.; O'Brien, C.C.; Malhotra, K.; Schwall, C.T.; Albert, A.D.; Watts, A.; Alder, N.N., 2014:
A detergent-free strategy for the reconstitution of active enzyme complexes from native biological membranes into nanoscale discs

Paradowski, P.T.; Lohmander, L.S.; Englund, M., 2014:
The association between metacarpal ratio, radiographic hand and knee osteoarthritis and its progression after meniscectomy

Speirs, A.D.; Beaulé, P.E.; Rakhra, K.S.; Schweitzer, M.E.; Frei, H., 2014:
Bone density is higher in cam-type femoroacetabular impingement deformities compared to normal subchondral bone

Sharma, P.K.mar; Takashi, I.; Kato, K.; Ietsugu, H.; Tomita, K.; Nagasawa, T., 2013:
Effects of load fluctuations on treatment potential of a hybrid sub-surface flow constructed wetland treating milking parlor waste water

Anonymous, 2013:
Tumor carcinoide bronquial analisis de 60 pacientes

Finkelstein, M.W.; Hellstein, J.W.; Lake, K.S.; Vincent, S.D., 2014:
Keratocystic odontogenic tumor: a retrospective analysis of genetic, immunohistochemical and therapeutic features. Proposal of a multicenter clinical survey tool

Lopes Barreto, D.; Krediet, R.T., 2013:
Current status and practical use of effluent biomarkers in peritoneal dialysis patients

Sakhuja, A.; Schold, J.D.; Kumar, G.; Dall, A.; Sood, P.; Navaneethan, S.D., 2013:
Outcomes of patients receiving maintenance dialysis admitted over weekends

Lepeule, J.; Robert, Céline.; Bareille, N.; Valette, J-Paul.; Jacquet, S.; Seegers, H.; Denoix, J-Marie., 2014:
A reliable severity scoring system for radiographic findings in the limbs of young horses

Bao, Z-Shi.; Zhang, C-Bao.; Wang, H-Jun.; Yan, W.; Liu, Y-Wei.; Li, M-Yang.; Zhang, W., 2014:
Whole-genome mRNA expression profiling identifies functional and prognostic signatures in patients with mesenchymal glioblastoma multiforme

Shang, H.; Fu, J.; Zhang, X-Mei.; Song, R-Rong.; Wang, W-Zhi., 2014:
Association between EXOC3L2 rs597668 polymorphism and Alzheimer's disease

Alamer, A.H.ssein; Hoffmann, K.H.bert, 2014:
Endocrine aspects of ovary growth and gestation in the Argentinian cockroach, Blaptica dubia Dictyoptera, Blaberidae

Tiecher, M.ía J.; Burela, S.; Martín, P.R., 2013:
Mating behavior, egg laying, and embryonic development in the South American apple snail Asolene pulchella Ampullariidae, Caenogastropoda

Thorne, B.V.; Byrne, M., 2013:
Survivorship of post-split fission products of Holothuria atra Holothuroidea Aspidochirotida on the southern Great Barrier Reef

Sharma, R.; Agarwal, A.; Mohanty, G.; Jesudasan, R.; Gopalan, B.; Willard, B.; Yadav, S.P.; Sabanegh, E., 2013:
Functional proteomic analysis of seminal plasma proteins in men with various semen parameters

Eveillard, M.; Kempf, M.; Belmonte, O.; Pailhoriès, Hélène.; Joly-Guillou, M-Laure., 2014:
Reservoirs of Acinetobacter baumannii outside the hospital and potential involvement in emerging human community-acquired infections

Eagles, D.; Walker, P.J.; Zalucki, M.P.; Durr, P.A., 2013:
Modelling spatio-temporal patterns of long-distance Culicoides dispersal into northern Australia

Lucas, G.; Porcelijn, L.; Fung, Y.L.; Green, F.; Reil, A.; Hopkins, M.; Schuller, R.; Green, A.; de Haas, M.; Bux, J., 2014:
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Fabry disease is there a role for enzyme-replacement therapy?

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Micro-distribution and fixation of a rosin-based micronized-copper preservative in poplar wood

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Extra-renal Roles of the WNKs

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Increased transcription of RPL40A and RPL40B is important for the improvement of RNA production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Estrogen receptor GPR30 exerts anxiolytic effects by maintaining the balance between GABAergic and glutamatergic transmission in the basolateral amygdala of ovariectomized mice after stress

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Renal abnormalities among HIV-infected, antiretroviral naive children, Harare, Zimbabwe: a cross-sectional study

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Validez y fiabilidad del cuestionario de Cultura De Calidad en Servicios de Salud en Mexico

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Filtering Risk Away Global Finance Capital, Transcalar Territorial Networks and the UnMaking of City-Regions An Analysis of Business Property Development in Bangalore, India

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A DNA-binding protein encoded by ORF008L of Singapore grouper iridovirus

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No Time to Waste Restricting Life-Span Temporal Horizons Decreases the Sunk-Cost Fallacy

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A survey of airborne algae and cyanobacteria within the indoor environment of an office building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Thermodynamic models of phase transformation and failure waves

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Trapped modes in a two-layer fluid of finite depth bounded above by a rigid lid

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Probing insect odorant receptors with their cognate ligands: insights into structural features

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New ridge parameters for ridge regression

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The Extracellular Matrix Metalloproteinase Inducer (EMMPRIN, CD147) - a potential novel target in atherothrombosis prevention?

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Assessment of everyday functioning in schizophrenia: implications for treatments aimed at negative symptoms

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Talking about Hillsborough ‘Panic’ as discourse in survivors accounts of the 1989 football stadium disaster

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Does visual working memory work as a few fixed slots?

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Optimization of lipid nanoparticle formation for beverage applications Influence of oil type, cosolvents, and cosurfactants on nanoemulsion properties

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Characterization of co-crystallized sucrose entrapped with cardamom oleoresin

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Stability of active components of cardamom oleoresin in co-crystallized sugar cube during storage

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Insulin allergy

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Viral/plasmid captures in Crenarchaea

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A communication network within the cytoplasmic domain of toll-like receptors has remained conserved during evolution

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Residue level description of in vivo self-association of Plasmodium falciparum P2

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Sequence and conformation effects on ionization potential and charge distribution of homo-nucleobase stacks using M06-2X hybrid density functional theory calculations

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Modelling the Krebs cycle and oxidative phosphorylation

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Differential effects of genetic susceptibility factors in males and females with multiple sclerosis

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Low-grade and anaplastic oligodendrogliomas: differences in tumour microvascular permeability evaluated with dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

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On the use of socioeconomic typologies for improved integrated management of data-poor regions explorations from the Australian north

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A comparison between attitudes to climate change in Australia and the United States

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Ethical consumption in Brazil and Chile Institutional contexts and development trajectories

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Clinical results of triple Descemets stripping and automated endothelial keratoplasty DSAEK

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Role of the N-terminal signal peptide in the membrane insertion of Aquifex aeolicus F1FO ATP synthase c-subunit

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Characterizing rapid, activity-linked conformational transitions in proteins via sub-second hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry

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Heterogeneity of atmospheric ammonia at the landscape scale and consequences for environmental impact assessment

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Heart failure: what does ejection fraction have to do with it?

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Tune to immobilize lipases on Polymer Membranes Techniques, Factors and Prospects

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Interaction between density and Cu toxicity for Enchytraeus crypticus – Comparing first and second generation effects

Anonymous, 2013:
Decription of a novel viral tool to identify and quantify ovine faecal pollution in the environment

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Modelling the fishing costs of French commercial vessels in the Bay of Biscay

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Passive anti-amyloid immunotherapy in Alzheimer's disease: What are the most promising targets?

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Increasing rates of low-risk human papillomavirus infections in patients with oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma: association with clinical outcomes

Anonymous, 2013:
Differential colonization with Segmented Filamentous Bacteria and Lactobacillus murinus do not drive divergent development of diet-induced obesity in C57BL/6 mice Microbiome variation and diet-induced obesity

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Two surgeons, one patient: the impact of surgeon-surgeon familiarity on patient outcomes following mastectomy with immediate reconstruction

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Radioactive seed localisation (RSL) in the treatment of non-palpable breast cancers: systematic review and meta-analysis

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Arabidopsis FRS4/CPD25 and FHY3/CPD45 work cooperatively to promote the expression of the chloroplast division gene ARC5 and chloroplast division

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Treatment of traumatized refugees with sertraline versus venlafaxine in combination with psychotherapy - study protocol for a randomized clinical trial

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Intravenous immune globulin therapy for Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis complicated by hemolysis leading to pigment nephropathy and hemodialysis

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Colorectal neoplasia in longstanding ulcerative colitis - a prospective study from a low prevalence area

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Biomechanical study of the efficacy of a new design of wrist guard

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Blockade of the negative co-stimulatory molecules PD-1 and CTLA-4 improves survival in primary and secondary fungal sepsis

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Mobilizing citizens for a low and clean energy future

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Methysergide attenuates systemic burn edema in rats

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The lack of correlation between flat slabs and bathymetric impactors in South America

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Event Structure Influences Language Production: Evidence from Structural Priming in Motion Event Description

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparison of cyclic RGD peptides for alphavbeta3 integrin detection in a rat model of myocardial infarction

Anonymous, 2013:
Correlation Analysis of Shiga Toxin Producing Escherichia coli Shedding and Fecal Bacterial Composition in Beef Cattle

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Potential of fibrous adsorbents for the binding and characterization of Porphyridium purpureum bioactive polysaccharides

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Molecular analysis of the dystrophin gene in 407 Chinese patients with Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy by the combination of multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification and Sanger sequencing

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The "anchor shape" technique for long head of the biceps tenotomy to avoid the popeye deformity

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All-inside arthroscopic meniscal repair with meniscal cinch

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Vector control and foliar nutrition to maintain economic sustainability of bearing citrus in Florida groves affected by huanglongbing

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Evaluation of pharmacological activities, cytotoxicity and phenolic composition of four Maytenus species used in southern African traditional medicine to treat intestinal infections and diarrhoeal diseases

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Birth weight correlates with size but not shape of the normal human placenta

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The power of human gaze on infant learning

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Evolved navigation theory and the plateau illusion

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Spatial and temporal distribution of pathogenic Wolbachia strain wMelPop in Drosophila melanogaster central nervous system under different temperature conditions

Anonymous, 2013:
Arthroaspis n, gen, a common element of the Sirius Passet Lagerstatte Cambrian, North Greenland, sheds light on trilobite ancestry

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Examining health promotion interventions for patients with chronic conditions using a novel patient-centered complexity model: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Does administering probiotic treatment to infants under 1500 g, decrease the incidence of necrotising enterocolitis? A systematic literature review

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Pregnant womens management of activity restriction during hospitalisation – A question of yielding and not feeling deprived of a sense of control

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In-vitro study of isoflavones and isoflavans as potent inhibitors of human 12- and 15-lipoxygenases

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Neural mirroring during the observation of live and video actions in infants

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Signaling networks of Rho GTPases in cell motility

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mTOR complex 2 mediates Akt phosphorylation that requires PKCε in adult cardiac muscle cells

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BMP4 is a novel transcriptional target and mediator of mammary cell migration downstream of the Hippo pathway component TAZ

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Framing the tiger — A biodiversity concern in national and international media reporting

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The Alternative Test in forestry

Anonymous, 2013:
The IMF dependence of the magnetopause from global MHD simulations

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Using a deterministic population model to evaluate population stability and the effects of fruit harvesting and livestock on baobab Adansonia digitata L populations in five land-use types

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The effect of cigarette smoke exposure on vitamin D level and biochemical parameters of mothers and neonates

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Determination of Deformation Modulus for Lower Sands in Nakdong River Delta

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Application of the CARLIT index along a biogeographical gradient in the Alboran Sea (European Coast)

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Sources, fluxes and risk of organic micropollutants to the Cantabrian Sea (Spain)

Anonymous, 2013:
Using stochastic frontier models to mitigate omitted variable bias in hedonic pricing models A case study for air quality in Bogota, Colombia

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Predicting successful outcomes of wrist and finger Ganglia

Anonymous, 2013:
A conservation and floristic assessment of poorly known species rich quartz–silcrete outcrops within Ruens Shale Renosterveld Overberg, Western Cape, with taxonomic descriptions of five new species

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Improved patient awareness and satisfaction using procedure specific consent forms in carpal tunnel decompression surgery

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Risk factors for re-recurrent carpal tunnel syndrome in patients undergoing long-term hemodialysis

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Evaluation of the first metacarpal proximal facet inclination as a prognostic predictor following arthroplasty for osteoarthritis of the thumb carpometacarpal joint

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Finger flexion contracture due to muscular involvement of sarcoidosis

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Intraoperative findings of necrotizing fasciitis of the hand caused by Staphylococcus aureus infection

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Non-surgical management of an avulsion fracture injury of extensor carpi radialis brevis

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Correlation of liking and disliking measurements in consumer acceptance tests

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Can selection of mechanical ventilation mode prevent increased intra-abdominal pressure in patients admitted to the intensive care unit?

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Association of proteinuria with various clinical findings and morphologic variables of oxford classification in immunoglobulin a nephropathy patients

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Evaluation of the effect of noise on the rate of errors and speed of work by the ergonomic test of two-hand co-ordination

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Effect of a Probiotic and Metformin on Liver Aminotransferases in Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis: A Double Blind Randomized Clinical Trial

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Underweight, overweight and obesity among zaboli adolescents: a comparison between international and iranians' national criteria

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Association of polymorphism of ser311cys paraoxonase-2 gene with type 2 diabetes mellitus in iran

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Durability of effect of massage therapy on blood pressure

Anonymous, 2013:
Antibiotics for the Treatment of Leptosprosis Systematic Review and Meta?analysis of Controlled Trials

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Risk of Contamination of Different Areas of Dentist's Face During Dental Practices

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Bird Fancier's Disease Due to Exposure to Birds Via a Desert Cooler

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Comparing the outcomes of physiologic delivery with non-physiologic delivery group

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Poor dental hygiene in pregnancy leading to submandibular cellulitis and intrauterine fetal demise: case report and literature review

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Clinical risk assessment in intensive care unit

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Vitamin d3 concentration correlates with the severity of multiple sclerosis

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The Combating Obesity in Māori and Pasifika Adolescent School-Children Study: COMPASS Methodology and Study Protocol

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Cigarette smoking, knowledge, attitude and prediction of smoking between male students, teachers and clergymen in tehran, iran, 2009

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Induction of apoptosis in HT-29 cells by quercetin through mitochondria-mediated apoptotic pathway

Anonymous, 2013:
Retinal vein and artery occlusionsa risk factor for stroke in atrial fibrillation

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Human three prime exonuclease TREX1 is induced by genotoxic stress and involved in protection of glioma and melanoma cells to anticancer drugs

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Ultrastructural characterisation of Bacillus subtilis TatA complexes suggests they are too small to form homooligomeric translocation pores

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The type II cGMP dependent protein kinase regulates GluA1 levels at the plasma membrane of developing cerebellar granule cells

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Discarded leukoreduction filters: a new source of stem cells for research, cell engineering and therapy?

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Downregulation of miR-497 promotes tumor growth and angiogenesis by targeting HDGF in non-small cell lung cancer

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Cancer cachexia decreases specific force and accelerates fatigue in limb muscle

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Interleukin-1beta stimulates platelet-activating factor production in U-937 cells modulating both its biosynthetic and catabolic enzymes

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Association between hepatic steatosis and hepatic expression of genes involved in innate immunity in patients with chronic hepatitis C

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Association study in Romanians confirms IL23A gene haplotype block rs2066808/rs11171806 as conferring risk to psoriatic arthritis

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Low dose LPS does not increase TLR4 expression on monocytes in a human in vivo model

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Continuous theta burst stimulation of the supplementary motor area: effect upon perception and somatosensory and motor evoked potentials

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Histone induced platelet aggregation is inhibited by normal albumin

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Full-endoscopic interlaminar discectomy for herniation at L3–4 and L4–5 Technical note

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Application of the Multicenter Automatic Defibrillator Implantation Trial II risk score in a nontrial setting

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Procedural outcomes of revascularization of chronic total occlusion of native coronary arteries (from a multicenter United States registry)

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Oncolytic immunotherapeutic virus in HCC: can it compete with molecular therapies?

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Reversal of cirrhosis: an achievable goal of hepatitis B antiviral therapy

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Reaching to proprioceptively defined targets in Parkinson's disease: effects of deep brain stimulation therapy

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Nutritional and ecological evaluation of dairy farming systems based on concentrate feeding regimes in semi-arid environments of Jordan

Anonymous, 2013:
Donor Vdelta1+ gammadelta T cells expand after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and show reactivity against CMV-infected cells but not against progressing B-CLL

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Pressure-temperature and deformational evolution of high-pressure metapelites from Variscan NE Sardinia, Italy

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Biomechanical comparison of locked plating and spiral blade retrograde nailing of supracondylar femur fractures

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Evaluation of bio-pesticides against legume pod borer, Maruca vitrata Fabricius Lepidoptera Pyralidae, in laboratory and field conditions in Thailand

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Bio-organic and anti-barnacle studies of fluorescence-labeled probe compounds against cyprids of barnacles

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Performing fish counts with a wide-angle camera, a promising approach reducing divers limitations

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Discapacidad acumulada en el transcurso vital la cicatriz de la psoriasis en la vida del paciente

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Personalized medicine: myth or reality? The position of Russian clinical pharmacologists

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Adenosine A(2A) receptors promote collagen production by a Fli1- and CTGF-mediated mechanism

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Interfacing cellular networks of S. cerevisiae and E. coli: connecting dynamic and genetic information

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A gene expression restriction network mediated by sense and antisense Alu sequences located on protein-coding messenger RNAs

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Primary epiphyseal arteriopathy in a mouse model of steroid-induced osteonecrosis

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Interleukin-6 mediates the platelet abnormalities and thrombogenesis associated with experimental colitis

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Intelligence assessments for children with cerebral palsy: a systematic review

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Validation of PREDICCS using LRO/CRaTER observations during three major solar events in 2012

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Direct behavior rating as a school-based behavior screener for elementary and middle grades

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Usability assessment of an electronic health record in a comprehensive dental clinic

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Genetic association between selected cytokine genes and glioblastoma in the Han Chinese population

Anonymous, 2013:
Towards an emancipatory practi Incorporating feminist pedagogy in the creative arts therapies

Anonymous, 2013:
ST9 MRSA strains carrying a variant of type IX SCCmec identified in the Thai community

Park, S-Pa., 2014:
Depression in patients with newly diagnosed epilepsy predicts lamotrigine-induced rash: a short-term observational study

Yang, Z-Xue.; Chen, B-An.; Wang, H.; Xia, G-Hua.; Cheng, J.; Pei, X-Ping.; Wang, F.; Bao, W., 2014:
Handy, rapid and multiplex detection of tumor markers based on encoded silica-hydrogel hybrid beads array chip

Lard, M.; Ten Siethoff, L.; Kumar, S.; Persson, M.; Te Kronnie, G.; Linke, H.; Månsson, A., 2014:
Ultrafast molecular motor driven nanoseparation and biosensing

Wiebe, J.P.; Zhang, G.; Welch, I.; Cadieux-Pitre, H-Anne.T., 2015:
Progesterone metabolites regulate induction, growth, and suppression of estrogen- and progesterone receptor-negative human breast cell tumors

Nielsen, B.; Harder, N., 2013:
Causes of Student Anxiety during Simulation What the Literature Says

Takayanagi, H.; Asami, R.; Abe, O.; Miyajima, T.; Kitagawa, H.; Sasaki, K.; Iryu, Y., 2013:
Intraspecific variations in carbon-isotope and oxygen-isotope compositions of a brachiopod Basiliola lucida collected off Okinawa-jima, southwestern Japan

Nielsen, L.C.; D.Y.reo, J.J.; DePaolo, D.J., 2013:
General model for calcite growth kinetics in the presence of impurity ions

Zhang, Y.-Qing; Radha, A.V.; Navrotsky, A., 2013:
Thermochemistry of two calcium silicate carbonate minerals scawtite, Ca7Si6O18CO3·2H2O, and spurrite, Ca5SiO42CO3

Jiang, D-Liang.; Gong, W-Jie.; Li, R-Cheng.; Liu, G-Hua.; Hu, Y-Fei.; Ge, M.; Wang, S-Qin.; Yu, X-Long.; Tu, C., 2014:
Phylogenetic analysis using E2 gene of classical swine fever virus reveals a new subgenotype in China

Venturini, E.; Chiappini, E.; Fonda, C.; Galli, L.; de Martino, M., 2014:
Herpes simplex encephalitis with occipital localization in an infant: a different route of entry in the brain system?

Chugani, H.T.; Kumar, A.; Muzik, O., 2014:
GABA(A) receptor imaging with positron emission tomography in the human newborn: a unique binding pattern

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The maintenance of wakefulness test in pediatric narcolepsy

Nikkhah, K.; Shoeibi, A.; Hasanpour, M., 2014:
A proposed new method for electroencephalography trace recording in children younger than two years: an observational study

Thome-Souza, S.; Valente, K.D., 2014:
Valproate and lamotrigine in pediatric patients with refractory epilepsy: after the first year

Del Brutto, O.H., 2014:
Neurocysticercosis in infants and toddlers: report of seven cases and review of published patients

Tal, G.; Tirosh, E., 2014:
Rehabilitation of children with traumatic brain injury: a critical review

Ramos, A.Antuña.; Vega, M.Antonio.Alvarez.; Valencia, H.Sandoval.; García, J.Campos.; Perez, V.Calatayud., 2014:
Intraparenchymal schwannoma involving the brainstem in a young woman

Borkenhagen, J.F.; Connor, E.L.; Stafstrom, C.E., 2014:
Neonatal hypocalcemic seizures due to excessive maternal calcium ingestion

Rolnitsky, A.; Merlob, P.; Klinger, G., 2014:
In utero oxcarbazepine and a withdrawal syndrome, anomalies, and hyponatremia

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Comparative analysis of cancer vaccine settings for the selection of an effective protocol in mice

Okubo, M.; Ishikawa, K.; Kobayashi, A., 2014:
No trust on the left side: hemifacial asymmetries for trustworthiness and emotional expressions

Lv, X.-Cong; Huang, X.-Lan; Zhang, W.; Rao, P.-Fan; Ni, L., 2013:
Yeast diversity of traditional alcohol fermentation starters for Hong Qu glutinous rice wine brewing, revealed by culture-dependent and culture-independent methods

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Salmonella and Campylobacter prevalence and concentration on pasture-raised broilers processed on-farm, in a Mobile Processing Unit, and at small USDA-inspected facilities

Anonymous, 2013:
Primary characterization of bacteriocin paracin C – A novel bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillusparacasei

Pizarro, C.; Esteban-Díez, I.; Rodríguez-Tecedor, S.; González-Sáiz, J.M., 2013:
Determination of the peroxide value in extra virgin olive oils through the application of the stepwise orthogonalisation of predictors to mid-infrared spectra

Anonymous, 2013:
The Phenophysiology Of Germination and Growth Of Duku Seedling Lansium Domesticum Corr

Anonymous, 2013:
Callii Proliferation and Somatic Embryogenesis of Physic Nut Jatropha curcas L Various Combination with PGR’s and Amino Acids

Anonymous, 2013:
The Effect of Urea, Solid and Liquid Organic Fertilizer from Chicken Manure to Soil Properties and The Yield of Lettuce Lactuca sativa L on Inceptisol

Anonymous, 2013:
Isolation, Identification and Purification of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi AMF from Coal Post Mining Soil

Anonymous, 2013:
Potency of Endophytic Fungi and Yeast as Biological Control to Pepper Anthracnose Colletotorichum acutatum L

Anonymous, 2013:
The Exploration of Endophytic Fungi from Oryza sativa as Plant Growth Promoting Agents

Anonymous, 2013:
Substitution Potassium With Ash Of Oil Palm Elaeis Guinensis Jacq Stalk at Oil Palm Seedlings In Main Nursery

Anonymous, 2013:
The Effect of Chiken Manure on Growth and Yield of Cucumber Cucumis sativus L at Ultisols

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Continuous on-line glucose measurement by microdialysis in a central vein. A pilot study

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Modified superior pharyngeal flap for the treatment of velopharyngeal insufficiency in children

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Estimating the causal effect of alcohol consumption on well-being for a cross-section of 9 former Soviet Union countries

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Preservation of dinosaur tracks induced by microbial mats in the Sousa Basin Lower Cretaceous, Brazil

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Non-marine selachians from the basal Cretaceous of Charente, SW France

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Ambient noise tomography across the Central Andes

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The “All Inside Arthroscopic Brostrom Procedure A Prospective Study of 40 Consecutive Patients

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Lateral meniscal cyst causing irreversible peroneal nerve palsy

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Positive and negative regulation of developmental signaling by the endocytic pathway

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Antibacterial, antidiarrhoeal, and cytotoxic activities of methanol extract and its fractions of Caesalpinia bonducella (L.) Roxb leaves

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Teleseismic magnetic effects TMDs of 2011 Tohoku earthquake

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A glimpse into past, present, and future DNA sequencing

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The S2 star as a probe of the accretion disc of Sgr A

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Herbivore-induced phenylacetonitrile is biosynthesized from de novo-synthesized L-phenylalanine in the giant knotweed, Fallopia sachalinensis

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Stopover optimization in a long-distance migrant: the role of fuel load and nocturnal take-off time in Alaskan northern wheatears (Oenanthe oenanthe)

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Comparison of the fecundity rate of Caligus rogercresseyi infesting Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L on farms in two regions of Chile

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Spawning, larval development and juvenile growth of the sea cucumber Stichopus horrens

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The behavior of spokes in Saturn’s B ring

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Modelling the continuum of river channel patterns

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Channel-floodplain connectivity during an extreme flood event implications for sediment erosion, deposition, and delivery

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Decadal and seasonal development of embryo dunes on an accreting macrotidal beach North Lincolnshire, UK

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Hyperscale terrain modelling of braided rivers fusing mobile terrestrial laser scanning and optical bathymetric mapping

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Sensitivity of interfacial hydraulics to the microtopographic roughness of water-lain gravels

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Migration of channel heads following wildfire in the Colorado Front Range, USA

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Characterization of the fluxes and stores of water within newly formed Sphagnum moss cushions and their environment

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Effects of southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus on the development and fecundity of its vector, Sogatella furcifera

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A comprehensive behavioral evaluation in the lithium-pilocarpine model in rats: effects of carisbamate administration during status epilepticus

Anonymous, 2013:
Comprehensive evaluation of the psychosocial parameters of epilepsy—A representative population-based study in Prey Veng Cambodia

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Calibration errors unleashed effects on cosmological parameters and requirements for large-scale structure surveys

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Halpha to FUV ratios in resolved star-forming region populations of nearby spiral galaxies

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Cyclodextrin-based supramolecular systems for drug delivery: recent progress and future perspective

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Geochemical evolution of the Tertiary succession of the NW shelf, Bengal basin, Bangladesh Implications for provenance, paleoweathering and Himalayan erosion

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Preservation potential of seasonal laminated deposits as a useful tool for environmental analysis in mesotrophic Lake Kizaki, central Japan

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Physiological stressors and invasive plant infections alter the small RNA transcriptome of the rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae

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Vasopressin inhibits the endotoxin-induced upregulation of inflammatory mediators in activated macrophages

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The impact of gender on outcomes in patients with metastatic urothelial carcinoma

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Bilateral pre-expanded free TFL flaps for reconstruction of severe thoracic scar contractures in an 8-year-old girl

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Effects of long-term feeding of crude glycerine on performance, carcass traits, meat quality, and blood and rumen metabolites of finishing bulls

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Evaluation of aeolian desertification from 1975 to 2010 and its causes in northwest Shanxi Province, China

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Practical aspects of genetic counseling in breast cancer: lights and shadows

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An unexpected role of neuroligin-2 in regulating KCC2 and GABA functional switch

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Developing a diagnostic checklist of traditional Chinese medicine symptoms and signs for psoriasis: a Delphi study

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Multi-sensor esophageal temperature probe used during radiofrequency ablation for atrial fibrillation is associated with increased intraluminal temperature detection and increased risk of esophageal injury compared to single-sensor probe

Anonymous, 2013:
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi amf and glomalin related soil protein grsp as potential indicators of soil quality in a recuperation gradient of the atlantic forest in brazil

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γ-Amino-butyric acid (GABA) receptor subunit and transporter expression in the gonad and liver of the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas)

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Effect of short-term decrease in water temperature on body temperature and involvement of testosterone in steelhead and rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss

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Novel regulation of cardiac Na pump via phospholemman

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Predicting performance on the Raven's Matrices: The roles of associative learning and retrieval efficiency

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Interactions by 2D Gel Electrophoresis Overlap (iGEO): a novel high fidelity approach to identify constituents of protein complexes

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Cloning-independent plasmid construction for genetic studies in streptococci

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Behavioral characterization of non-copulating male mice

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Morphosyntactic comprehension in agrammatic aphasia Evidence from Greek

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Phytoliths of Southeastern Vancouver Island, Canada, and their potential use to reconstruct shifting boundaries between Douglas-fir forest and oak savannah

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Declining moisture availability on the Antarctic Peninsula during the Late Eocene

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A review of most relevant complications of transcatheter aortic valve implantation

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Factor XII-independent activation of the bradykinin-forming cascade: Implications for the pathogenesis of hereditary angioedema types I and II

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Risk factors for incident myopia in Australian schoolchildren: the Sydney adolescent vascular and eye study

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Randomized trial on silicone intubation in endoscopic mechanical dacryocystorhinostomy (SEND) for primary nasolacrimal duct obstruction

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Canadian Geophysical Union – Hydrology Section

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Influence of waste management policy on the characteristics of beach litter in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Anonymous, 2013:
Normal cognition in transgenic BRI2-Abeta mice

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China: facing a long-term care challenge on an unprecedented scale

Anonymous, 2013:
In vivo protection of activated Tyr22-DHFR gene-modified canine T lymphocytes from methotrexate

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Approaches to the conservation of patriarchal sigillia on parchment from the General State Archives of Greece

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Reduced functional connectivity and asymmetry of the planum temporale in patients with schizophrenia and first-degree relatives

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Sedimentation and flow patterns induced by regular and modified groynes on the River Elbe, Germany

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of the complex breathing exercises with massage gymnastics on physical readiness of children with cns

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Constraints to effective adoption of innovative livestock production technologies in the Rift Valley Kenya

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Wyoming big sagebrush screens ultraviolet radiation more effectively at higher elevations

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Effect of honokiol on erythrocytes

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The role of SIRT1/AKT/ERK pathway in ultraviolet B induced damage on human retinal pigment epithelial cells

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Subjective experience of early imprisonment

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Tolerogenic dendritic cells as a therapy for treating lupus

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Formulation approach for the development of a stable, lyophilized formaldehyde-containing vaccine

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New allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation method: hematopoietic stem cell transplantation plus thymus transplantation for intractable diseases

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α -Synuclein Modification in an ALS Animal Model

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The anatomical and functional relation between gluteus maximus and fascia lata

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Assessment of social interaction and anxiety-like behavior in senescence-accelerated-prone and -resistant mice

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Concomitant docosahexaenoic acid administration ameliorates stress-induced cognitive impairment in rats

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Comparison of cough reflex test against instrumental assessment of aspiration

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Effect of skipping breakfast on subsequent energy intake

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A Cognitive Attachment Model of prolonged grief: integrating attachments, memory, and identity

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A 'toothache tree' alkylamide inhibits Aδ mechanonociceptors to alleviate mechanical pain

Anonymous, 2013:
Comprendre les comportements face a un risque modere dinondation Etude de cas dans le periurbain toulousain Sud-Ouest de la France

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Impact of climate change on streamflow in selected river basins in Ghana

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Hungry in hospital, well-fed in prison? A comparative analysis of food service systems

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4-Hydroxyhexenal- and 4-Hydroxynonenal-Modified Proteins in Pterygia

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Validation of autism spectrum quotient adult version in an Australian sample

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Global detection and identification of developmental stage specific transcripts in mouse brain using subtractive cross-screening algorithm

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Complexities of water access in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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The space/time behaviour of dwelling burglars Finding near repeat patterns in serial offender data

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Optimization of the ligature-induced periodontitis model in mice

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Ocular safety of fluticasone furoate nasal spray in patients with perennial allergic rhinitis: a 2-year study

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Atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, and inflammation: the significant role of polyunsaturated Fatty acids

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Effect of water in depleted mantle on post-spinel transition and implication for 660km seismic discontinuity

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Chlorine isotope composition of volcanic gases and rocks at Mount Etna Italy and inferences on the local mantle source

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Coping style and ecstasy use motives as predictors of current mood symptoms in ecstasy users

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Depleting NFAT1 expression inhibits the ability of invasion and migration of human lung cancer cells

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Macroarthropod-microorganism interactions during the decomposition of Mediterranean shrub litter at different moisture levels

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Nematode indicators as integrative measures of soil condition in organic cropping systems

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Extraradical arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal hyphae in an organic tropical montane forest soil

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Exploring relationships between enzyme activities and leaf litter decomposition in a wet tropical forest

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Long-term treatment outcome after only popliteal lymph node dissection for nodal metastasis in malignant melanoma of the heel: the only "interval node" dissection can be an adequate surgical treatment

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Long-term intensive management effects on soil organic carbon pools and chemical composition in Moso bamboo Phyllostachys pubescens forests in subtropical China

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An uncommon cause of gastrointestinal bleeding in an 84-year-old female

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MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound as a New Method of Drug Delivery

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Unusual complications of quinalphos poisoning

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Teeth and ganoid scales in Polypterus and Lepisosteus, the basic actinopterygian fish An approach to understand the origin of the tooth enamel

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Determination of pesticide residues in cannabis smoke

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Electroacupuncture and Brain Protection against Cerebral Ischemia: Specific Effects of Acupoints

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Effect of formononetin on mechanical properties and chemical composition of bones in rats with ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis

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Fucoidan inhibits the growth of hepatocellular carcinoma independent of angiogenesis

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A network pharmacology approach to evaluating the efficacy of chinese medicine using genome-wide transcriptional expression data

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Implant prosthetic rehabilitation with bone regenerative techniques after fracture of the upper central incisors

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Time course of the development of nonalcoholic Fatty liver disease in the Otsuka long-evans Tokushima Fatty rat

Anonymous, 2013:
Electronic Properties of Nanoparticles Films and the Effect on Apatite-Forming Ability

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Orbital Prosthetic Rehabilitation in "ADAM Complex" Multiple Orofacial-Cleft Disruption Syndrome

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Sleep, impulse control, and sensation-seeking predict delinquent behavior in adolescents, emerging adults, and adults

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Sleep disorders in children with traumatic brain injury: a case of serious neglect

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Seasonal changes in ice sheet motion due to melt water lubrication

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The recent history of the Galapagos triple junction preserved on the Pacific plate

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Lexical stress, frequency, and stress neighbourhood effects in the early stages of Italian reading development

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Quantifying the effects of anagenetic and cladogenetic evolution

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Reconciling power laws in microscopic and macroscopic neural recordings

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The new science of metagenomics and the challenges of its use in both developed and developing countries

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Investigating the effect of deforming temperature on the oil-binding capacity of palm oil based shortening

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Physical properties of egg whites and whole eggs relevant to microwave pasteurization

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Effect of chitosan/nano-silica coating on the physicochemical characteristics of longan fruit under ambient temperature

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Evaluation and validation of the core lower urinary tract symptom score as an outcome assessment tool for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia: effects of the α1-adrenoreceptor antagonist silodosin

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Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery and Kommerells Diverticulum An Original Surgical Treatment with Dual-purpose Shunt

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Underwater sound emission as part of an antipredator mechanism in Ceratophrys cranwelli tadpoles

Anonymous, 2013:
Cystas fibrosisban szenved? betegek eletmin?segenek felmerese Magyarorszagon

Anonymous, 2013:
Elixír-e a testedzes?

Anonymous, 2013:
A gestatios diabetes sz?resere ajanlott ket nemzetkozi eljaras hatekonysaganak osszehasonlítasa

Anonymous, 2013:
A gyomor polypoid kepleteinek gyakorisaga egy endoszkopos centrumban

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Quantifying the scale of gravel-bed clusters with spatial statistics

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Alternaria mycotoxins in wheat – A 10 years survey in the Northeast of Germany

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FIR line emission from high redshift galaxies

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The most luminous quasars do not live in the most massive dark matter haloes at any redshift

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A Change of Solar He II EUV Global Network Structure of the Transition Region as an Indicator of Geo-Effectiveness of Solar Minima

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X-ray spectral variability of seven LINER nuclei with XMM-Newton and Chandra data

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BG Gem - a Poorly-Studied Binary with a Possible Black Hole Component

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SDSS J00055590-1002135 a hot, magnetic carbon-atmosphere WD rotating with a 21 day period

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STIS Coronagraphic Imaging of Fomalhaut Main Belt Structure and the Orbit of Fomalhaut b

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In Situ Measurements of the Size and Density of Titan Aerosol Analogues

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Freezing Out Early Dark Energy

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Radio seismology of the outer solar corona

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Bimodality of Galaxy Disk Central Surface Brightness Distribution in the Spitzer 36 micron band

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Nonlinear Development of the R Mode Instability and the Maximum Rotation Rate of Neutron Stars

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Late time acceleration in a slow moving galileon field

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Two barium stars in the Galactic bulge

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Effects of spacetime anisotropy on the galaxy rotation curves

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Dependence of low redshift Type Ia Supernovae luminosities on host galaxies

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Quantum Calculation of Inelastic CO Collisions with H I rotational quenching of low-lying rotational levels

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The IRAM-30m line survey of the Horsehead PDR III High abundance of complex iso-nitrile molecules in UV-illuminated gas

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Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays Results and Prospects

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Hubble Space Telescope spectra of the type Ia supernova SN 2011fe A low-energy delayed detonation of a white dwarf with ZZ_solar

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Generation of Arbitrarily Non-Gaussian Fields with a Set Correlation Structure

Anonymous, 2013:
The interstellar medium and the massive stellar content toward the SNR G181-01 and neighboring HII regions

Anonymous, 2013:
Ultra-faint Ultraviolet Galaxies at z~2 Behind the Lensing Cluster Abell 1689 the Luminosity Function, Dust Extinction and Star Formation Rate Density

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A Detailed Comparison Between The Observed and Synthesized Properties of a Simulated Type ii Spicule

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Regulation of Intestinal Barrier Function by Dietary Polyphenols

Anonymous, 2013:
Effects of Short Chain Fatty Acids on the Intestinal Barrier

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Protection and Restitution of Gut Barrier by Probiotics: Nutritional and Clinical Implications

Anonymous, 2013:
High Fat Diet and Gut Barrier Function

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Processed Foods, Dysbiosis, Systemic Inflammation, and Poor Health

Anonymous, 2013:
Physico-Chemical Changes and Stability of Nutraceutical in Rice Bran Oil During Simulated Domestic Frying

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Activating Christian religious concepts increases intolerance of ambiguity and judgment certainty

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Autoantibodies to low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 4 that is essential for the neuromuscular junction formation

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Patients' preconceptions of acupuncture: a qualitative study exploring the decisions patients make when seeking acupuncture

Anonymous, 2013:
Applications in Clinical Microbiology

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A systematic review of suicide prevention interventions targeting indigenous peoples in Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand

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Altered Consistencies of Liquid in the Treatment of Children With Dysphagia

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Decentralization is Dead, Long Live Decentralization Capital City Reform and Political Rights in Kampala, Uganda

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Long-term functional outcomes of resected tarsal coalitions

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Rotational malreduction of the syndesmosis: reliability and accuracy of computed tomography measurement methods

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Bouncing Loop Quantum Cosmology from $FT$ gravity

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Gravity induced from quantum spacetime

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Awake video-thoracoscopic surgery for intractable pneumothorax in pregnancy by using a single portal plus puncture

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Anonymous, 2013:
Pulmonary Function Tests in European Birth Cohorts

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The Diagnosis of Large Airway Pathology and the Role of Rigid Bronchoscopy

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Fibrocytes in the Pathogenesis of Chronic Fibrotic Lung Disease

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Characteristics of Aspergillus niger xylanases produced on rice husk and wheat bran in submerged culture and solid-state fermentation for an applicability proposal

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Calmodulin in a heartbeat

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IL-6 myokine signaling in skeletal muscle a double-edged sword?

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Tumor Metronomics Timing and Dose Level Dynamics

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Vascular Normalization to Boost Immunotherapy

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AMPK Regulates Cancer Metabolism

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Role of KDM4/JMJD2 Proteins in Cancer

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Proteasome Activity and PTEN Mutation

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Inhibition of JMJD1A Improves Antiangiogenesis

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Adipocytes Cause Leukemia L-Asparaginase Resistance

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Pancreatic Cancer Stellate Cells and MDSC Differentiation

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Immunotherapy for Spontaneous Canine Meningioma

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CTC Analysis by Array-CGH and Next-Generation Sequencing

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ALCAM Shedding in Colorectal Cancer

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TRPA1 Mediates Early Chemotherapeutics Hypersensitivity

Anonymous, 2013:
Role of Hsp27 in EMT and Prostate Cancer Metastasis

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RXRalpha Represses NRF2-Mediated Transcription

Anonymous, 2013:
Tivantinib ARQ 197 Inhibits Tubulin Polymerization

Anonymous, 2013:
IL-15 Superagonist Efficacy against Murine Myeloma

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HSP90 Inhibition in Olig2-Expressing Glioma Cells

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HMGA2-IGF2BP2 Regulates NRAS in Rhabdomyosarcoma

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Stem Cells and Acquired Resistance to EGFR Inhibitors

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Beta-Catenin/POU5F1/SOX2 Complex in Lung Cancer Stem Cells

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NEDD9 Stabilizes AURKA

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Beta1 Integrin Association with Trop-2

Anonymous, 2013:
Beta1 Integrin Drives Antiangiogenic Therapy Resistance

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Tankyrase Inhibitor Suppresses Colorectal Tumor Growth

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Trafficking of molecules between parasitic plants and their hosts

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Tile-Level Annotation of Satellite Images Using Multi-Level Max-Margin Discriminative Random Field

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NIHSeniorHealth: a free tool for online health information for older adults

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Body size varies with abundance, not climate, in an amphibian population

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Evaluation of MicroScan WalkAway and Vitek 2 for determination of the susceptibility of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates to cefepime, cefotaxime and ceftazidime

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Murder must memorise

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Cranial integration and modularity insights into evolution and development from morphometric data

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Benchmarken in de GGZ leren van betekenisvol vergelijken

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Hannie van Genderen ‘Schematherapie is geent op het humanisme’

Anonymous, 2013:
Over het hoofd van de client

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Noknok, klop eens bij ons aan

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Inkoopbeleid zorgverzekeraars leidt tot duurdere en minder doelmatige GGZ

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Een specifieke therapievorm voor chronische depressie Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy

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Werken met een innerlijk bureaublad

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Karin Roelofs ‘We moeten meer kijken naar onderliggende mechanismen van psychopathologie’

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Interpreting physical performance in professional soccer match-play: should we be more pragmatic in our approach?

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Plasticity in offspring contaminant tolerance traits: developmental cadmium exposure trumps parental effects

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Monotonicity formulae and holomorphicity of harmonic maps between Kahler manifolds

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Modular ventilation with twin air curtains for reducing dispersed pollution

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Application of the pressure grouting in the hydraulic tunnels

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Lipoma endobronquial una causa poco frecuente de obstruccion bronquial

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High Relaxivities and Strong Vascular Signal Enhancement for NaGdF4 Nanoparticles Designed for Dual MR/Optical Imaging

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Natural Resources, Institutional Quality, and Economic Growth in China

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Noxious Facilities, Environmental Damages, and Efficient Randomized Siting

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Multiple tubulins: evolutionary aspects and biological implications

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A tandem Kunitz protease inhibitor KPI106 – serine carboxypeptidase SCP1 controls mycorrhiza establishment and arbuscule development in Medicago truncatula

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Timely expression of the Arabidopsis stoma-fate master regulator MUTE is required for specification of other epidermal cell types

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The relationship between obsessive-compulsive personality disorder traits, obsessive-compulsive disorder and excessive exercise in patients with anorexia nervosa: a systematic review

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Pollen feeding, resource allocation and the evolution of chemical defence in passion vine butterflies

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Speciation in ninespine stickleback: reproductive isolation and phenotypic divergence among cryptic species of Japanese ninespine stickleback

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Why care? Inferring the evolution of complex social behaviour

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Natural selection. VII. History and interpretation of kin selection theory

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Dynamic social behaviour in a bacterium: pseudomonas aeruginosa partially compensates for siderophore loss to cheats

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Cloacal malformation variants in male

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Valuing US climate amenities for Americans using an hedonic pricing framework

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Attitudes towards environmental responsibility within Australia and India a comparative study

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Use of morphological features and amarogentin content for characterization of wild yellow gentian Gentiana lutea L populations in north-east Italy

Anonymous, 2013:
La lente emergence du concept de meiose de 1882 a 1909

Anonymous, 2013:
Analyse de la dynamique de deforestation par teledetection couplee aux modeles d’equations structurales exemple de la foret nepheliphile du mont Oku Cameroun

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American rural women's exercise self-efficacy and awareness of exercise benefits and safety during pregnancy

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La verifica dell’apprendimento scolastico

Anonymous, 2013:
Maestri e allievi

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"Struggling with daily life and enduring pain": a qualitative study of the experiences of pregnant women living with pelvic girdle pain

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The oncogenic role of PTK7 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

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Rapid Fluorimetric Quantitation of Ibandronate by Coupling Quantum Dots and Multicommutated Flow Injection Analysis

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Analytical Study of Irradiated Cellulose Derivatives

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Electroanalytical Characterization of Levodropropizine and its Voltammetric Determination in Pharmaceuticals

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Development and Validation of a Simple and Sensitive Spectrometric Method for Estimation of Azithromycin Dihydrate in Tablet Dosage Forms Application to Dissolution Studies

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Factorial Approach for the Development of Stability Indicating HPLC Assay of Recombinant Human Insulin Application to its Stability Study

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Oncolytic Virotherapy Trials

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Communication between Tumor and Immune Cells

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ERBB2 Mutations in Lobular Breast Cancer

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BAF57 Is a Marker of Metastasis in Prostate Cancer

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Evaluation of Audit Methodologies

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Phase II/III Trials Using Models between OS and PFS

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Imaging and Progression-Free Survival

Anonymous, 2013:
Overview of Progression-Free Survival Endpoint

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Sorafenib + Gemcitabine or Capecitabine in Advanced Breast Cancer

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Immunological Data in Oncolytic Adenovirus Patients

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Prognosis-Relevant Subgroups in Chemoresistant TNBC

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Small Molecules Promoting ATF2 Mitochondrial Localization

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Molecular Mechanisms of Myelotoxicity

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Treatment of BRAFV600E Colorectal Cancer

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TG02 in Multiple Myeloma

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Phase I Study of IPI-926

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Citron kinase mediates transition from constriction to abscission through its coiled-coil domain

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Phosphorylation of the adaptor protein SH2B1beta regulates its ability to enhance growth hormone-dependent macrophage motility

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Doa4 function in ILV budding is restricted through its interaction with the Vps20 subunit of ESCRT-III

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Downregulation of Dickkopf-3 disrupts prostate acinar morphogenesis through TGF-beta/Smad signalling

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Musculoskeletal Load Assessment in Hospital Nurses with Patient Transfer Activity

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Psychosocial and Occupational Risk Factors of Musculoskeletal Pains among Computer Users Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study in Iran

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Primary cell culture from the nose of a marine organism, the banded houndshark, Triakis scyllium

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Environment-related adaptive changes of gut commensal microbiota do not alter colonic toll-like receptors but modulate the local expression of sensory-related systems in rats

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Solutions of Dirac Equation in the Presence of Modified Tietz and Modified Poschl-Teller Potentials Plus a Coulomb-Like Tensor Interaction Using SUSYQM

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Nonrelativistic ?-State Solutions for Schioberg Molecular Potential in Hyperspherical Coordinates

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Nonsymmetrized Hyperspherical Harmonics with Realistic NN Potentials