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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 36921

Chapter 36921 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Loznikov, V.M.; Erokhin, N.S.; Mikhailovskaya, L.A., 2013:
An explanation of variable peculiarities in spectra of electrons and positrons of cosmic rays

Paz, E.A.; LaFleur, B.; Gerner, E.W., 2014:
Polyamines are oncometabolites that regulate the LIN28/let-7 pathway in colorectal cancer cells

Chan, E.Ching.; Bai, Y.; Bandara, G.; Simakova, O.; Brittain, E.; Scott, L.; Dyer, K.D.; Klion, A.D.; Maric, I.; Gilfillan, A.M.; Metcalfe, D.D.; Wilson, T.M., 2013:
KIT GNNK splice variants: expression in systemic mastocytosis and influence on the activating potential of the D816V mutation in mast cells

Asante, K.Ansong.; Takahashi, S.; Itai, T.; Isobe, T.; Devanathan, G.; Muto, M.; Agyakwah, S.Koranteng.; Adu-Kumi, S.; Subramanian, A.; Tanabe, S., 2013:
Occurrence of halogenated contaminants in inland and coastal fish from Ghana: levels, dietary exposure assessment and human health implications

Galvanin, F.; Ballan, C.C.; Barolo, M.; Bezzo, F., 2014:
A general model-based design of experiments approach to achieve practical identifiability of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models

Kandasamy, S.; Jain, A.; Baviskar, P.; Kumar, R.; Joshi, P.; Agarwal, S.K.; Mitra, A., 2014:
Molecular characterization and expression profile of ghrelin gene during different reproductive phases in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Nishida, Y.; Tsukushi, S.; Urakawa, H.; Sugiura, H.; Nakashima, H.; Yamada, Y.; Ishiguro, N., 2015:
High incidence of regional and in-transit lymph node metastasis in patients with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma

Moten, A.; Obirieze, A.; Wilson, L.L., 2014:
Characterizing lobular carcinoma of the male breast using the SEER database

Satterly, S.A.; Martin, M.; Wingerd, M.; Hempel, J.; Hoffer, Z.; Stallings, J.D., 2013:
Flutamide fails to reduce resuscitation requirements in a porcine ischemia-reperfusion model

Rentea, R.M.; Somers, K.K.; Cassidy, L.; Enters, J.; Arca, M.J., 2013:
Negative pressure wound therapy in infants and children: a single-institution experience

Thompson, J.R.; Swanson, S.A.; Casale, G.P.; Johanning, J.M.; Papoutsi, E.; Koutakis, P.; Miserlis, D.; Zhu, Z.; Pipinos, I.I., 2013:
Gastrocnemius mitochondrial respiration: are there any differences between men and women?

Yi, G.; Youn, Y-Nam.; Joo, H-Chel.; Hong, S.; Yoo, K-Jong., 2013:
Association of incomplete revascularization with long-term survival after off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting

Anonymous, 2013:
Implante percutaneo de la valvula autoexpandible CoreValve® en pacientes con estenosis aortica grave y aorta de porcelana seguimiento a medio plazo

Kawaguchi, M.; Okabe, T.; Okudaira, S.; Nishimasu, H.; Ishitani, R.; Kojima, H.; Nureki, O.; Aoki, J.; Nagano, T., 2014:
Screening and X-ray crystal structure-based optimization of autotaxin (ENPP2) inhibitors, using a newly developed fluorescence probe

Baik, S.Kug.; Kim, Y-Woo.; Lee, S.Weon.; Choi, C.Hwa.; Park, J., 2015:
A treatment option for nontraumatic adult-type dural arteriovenous fistulas: transarterial venous coil embolization

L.D.costa; J.K.richeva; N.S.raw; M.S.S.mmonds, 2013:
Oviposition patterns and larval damage by the invasive horse-chestnut leaf miner Cameraria ohridella on different species of Aesculus

Anonymous, 2013:
Dispersal and dormancy strategies among insect species competing for a pulsed resource

Watts, Geoff, 2013:
Jacquelin Perry

Perry, D., 2013:
Might doctors follow lawyers in plain English campaign?

Mearkle, R.; Cheney, H.; Mindlin, M., 2013:
Do trusts ensure their workers are immune to measles, mumps, and rubella?

Peacock, H.A., 2013:
Family and friends tests may not give us the answers we're looking for

King, A.J.; Eyre, T.; Bruce, D., 2013:
Family and friends test is inappropriate for patients with cancer

Menkes, D.B., 2013:
Let the patient evolution continue

Rudland, S.; Macey, N., 2013:
Value of a well organised team approach in primary care in managing patients with multimorbidity

Lumsden, M.Ann.; Gebbie, A.; Holland, C., 2013:
Managing unscheduled bleeding in non-pregnant premenopausal women

Greig, J.R.; Batchelor, D.; Wallis, M., 2013:
Positive predictive value is poor in low risk populations seen in universal screening for HIV infection

Broughton, C.; Rigby, J.; Satchithananda, D., 2013:
What does article on investigating suspected heart failure add to current practice?

Harrison, M., 2013:
Scotland's geographical disadvantage in the devolved NHS systems

de Oliveira, J.Mario.Franco., 2013:
Where is the evidence based on hard endpoints for the safety and effectiveness of sitagliptin in type 2 diabetes?

Thornton, H., 2013:
Empowerment is inappropriate for equal citizens

Davie, A., 2013:
For whom was article on investigating suspected heart failure intended?

Torjesen, I., 2013:
Architect of DSM-5 rejects claims it will lead to labelling of more people as mentally ill

Iacobucci, G., 2013:
Nearly 40% of hospitals missed emergency department waiting time target in last quarter, show figures

Drife, J.Owen., 2013:
Contraception in Copenhagen

Wise, J., 2013:
Study finds small association between statin use and musculoskeletal conditions

McCarthy, M., 2013:
Patient participation in decision making may raise cost of care, study shows

Capone, C.; Cervelli, M.; Angelucci, E.; Colasanti, M.; Macone, A.; Mariottini, P.; Persichini, T., 2013:
A role for spermine oxidase as a mediator of reactive oxygen species production in HIV-Tat-induced neuronal toxicity

Maitra, D.; Shaeib, F.; Abdulhamid, I.; Abdulridha, R.M.; Saed, G.M.; Diamond, M.P.; Pennathur, S.; Abu-Soud, H.M., 2013:
Myeloperoxidase acts as a source of free iron during steady-state catalysis by a feedback inhibitory pathway

Davies, R.S.M.; Rashid, S.H.; Adair, W.; Bolia, A.; Fishwick, G.; McCarthy, M.J.; Sayers, R.D., 2014:
Isolated percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of the profunda femoris artery for limb ischemia

Anonymous, 2013:
Transporte de secrecoes mucoides de indivíduos saudaveis e pacientes com doenca pulmonar obstrutiva cronica e bronquiectasias

Zagar, R.John.; Grove, W.M.; Busch, K.G., 2014:
Delinquency best treatments: how to divert youths from violence while saving lives and detention costs

Yamaguchi, M.; Tsuruda, T.; Watanabe, Y.; Onitsuka, H.; Furukawa, K.; Ideguchi, T.; Kawagoe, J.; Ishikawa, T.; Kato, J.; Takenaga, M.; Kitamura, K., 2015:
Reduced fractional shortening of right ventricular outflow tract is associated with adverse outcomes in patients with left ventricular dysfunction

de Gorter, H.; Drabik, D.; Just, D.R.; Kliauga, E.M., 2013:
The impact of OECD biofuels policies on developing countries

Nagasawa, Y.; Shimizu, T.; Sonoda, H.; Chou, H.; Mekata, E.; Tani, T., 2015:
Is catheter rupture rare after totally implantable access port implantation via the right internal jugular vein? Report of a case

Hirai, T.; Matsumoto, H.; Kubota, H.; Yamaguchi, Y., 2014:
Regulating surgical oncotaxis to improve the outcomes in cancer patients

Kuwabara, J.; Watanabe, Y.; Kameoka, K.; Horiuchi, A.; Sato, K.; Yukumi, S.; Yoshida, M.; Yamamoto, Y.; Sugishita, H., 2014:
Usefulness of laparoscopic subtotal cholecystectomy with operative cholangiography for severe cholecystitis

Turel, O.; Kavuncuoglu, S.; Hosaf, E.; Ozbek, S.; Aldemir, E.; Uygur, T.; Hatipoglu, N.; Siraneci, R., 2014:
Bacteremia due to Achromobacter xylosoxidans in neonates: clinical features and outcome

Rushdy, A.Ahmed.; Mabrouk, M.Ibrahim.; Abu-Sef, F.Abdel-Hamid.; Kheiralla, Z.Hassan.; Mohamed Abdel-All, S.; Saleh, N.Mohamed., 2014:
Contribution of different mechanisms to the resistance to fluoroquinolones in clinical isolates of Salmonella enterica

Barata, A.; Malouf, J.; Gutierrez, M.; Mateo, G.María.; Sambeat, M.Antònia.; Gich, I.; Cadafalch, J.; Wulff, J.; Domingo, P., 2014:
Psychopathology and psychosocial adjustment in patients with HIV-associated lipodystrophy

Park, G.C.; Lee, M.; Roh, J-L.; Choi, S-H.; Nam, S.Y.; Kim, S.Y.; Cho, K-J., 2014:
Phospho-Rb (Ser780) as a biomarker in patients with cervical lymph node metastases from an unknown primary tumour: a retrospective cohort study

Al-Mamgani, A.; van Rooij, P.H.; Woutersen, D.P.; Mehilal, R.; Tans, L.; Monserez, D.; Baatenburg de Jong, R.J., 2014:
Radiotherapy for T1-2N0 glottic cancer: a multivariate analysis of predictive factors for the long-term outcome in 1050 patients and a prospective assessment of quality of life and voice handicap index in a subset of 233 patients

Anonymous, 2013:
Chemoradiotherapy for N2 head and neck squamous cell carcinoma - outcomes without a planned neck dissection in two hundred and seven patients

Anonymous, 2013:
A modified uvulopalatal flap with lateral pharyngoplasty for treatment in ninety two adults with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

Lou, Z.-C.; Wang, Y.-B.-Z., 2013:
Healing outcomes of large 50% traumatic membrane perforations with inverted edges following no intervention, edge approximation and fibroblast growth factor application; a sequential allocation, three-armed trial

Mohapatra, D.P.; Friji, M.T.; Chittoria, R.K.; Kumar, S.Dinesh., 2014:
Algorithm based on eighteen patients with acquired traumatic earlobe defects not associated with jewellery

M.E.lis; N.F.den; C.H.n; R.A.meyda, 2013:
Improved visualisation of blood while wearing KTP laser protective eyewear using digital manipulation of endoscopic images

Anonymous, 2013:
Documento de consenso sobre la asistencia en el ambito sanitario a las mujeres con infeccion por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana

Jones, M.J.; Buchanan, A.S.; Neal, C.P.; Dennison, A.R.; Metcalfe, M.S.; Garcea, G., 2014:
Imaging of indeterminate pancreatic cystic lesions: a systematic review

Brennan, S.L.; Williams, L.J.; Berk, M.; Pasco, J.A., 2014:
Socioeconomic status and quality of life in population-based Australian men: data from the Geelong Osteoporosis Study

Costilla, R.; Tobias, M.; Blakely, T., 2014:
The burden of cancer in New Zealand: a comparison of incidence and DALY metrics and its relevance for ethnic disparities

Gunasekara, F.Imlach.; Carter, K.; McKenzie, S., 2014:
Income-related health inequalities in working age men and women in Australia and New Zealand

Mogasale, V.; Vos, T., 2014:
Cost-effectiveness of asthma clinic approach in the management of chronic asthma in Australia

Martin, K.L.; Hanigan, I.C.; Morgan, G.G.; Henderson, S.B.; Johnston, F.H., 2014:
Air pollution from bushfires and their association with hospital admissions in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, Australia 1994-2007

Chapman, S.; S.G.orge, A., 2014:
How the factoid of wind turbines causing 'vibroacoustic disease' came to be 'irrefutably demonstrated'

Grant, J.; Parry, Y.; Guerin, P., 2014:
An investigation of culturally competent terminology in healthcare policy finds ambiguity and lack of definition

Carter, K.N.; Gunasekara, F.Imlach.; Blakely, T.; Richardson, K., 2014:
Health shocks adversely impact participation in the labour force in a working age population: a longitudinal analysis

Broad, J.B.; Ashton, T.; Lumley, T.; Connolly, M.J., 2014:
Reports of the proportion of older people living in long-term care: a cautionary tale from New Zealand

Brown, J.; Keay, L.; Hunter, K.; Bilston, L.E.; Simpson, J.M.; Ivers, R., 2014:
Increase in best practice child car restraint use for children aged 2-5 years in low socioeconomic areas after introduction of mandatory child restraint laws

Rosentreter, S.C.; Eyles, H.; N.M.urchu, C., 2014:
Traffic lights and health claims: a comparative analysis of the nutrient profile of packaged foods available for sale in New Zealand supermarkets

Petzold, G.; Aguilera, J.M., 2013:
Centrifugal freeze concentration

Cadario, F.; Savastio, S.; Pozzi, E.; Capelli, A.; Dondi, E.; Gatto, M.; Zaffaroni, M.; Bona, G., 2014:
Vitamin D status in cord blood and newborns: ethnic differences

Pons, C.; Rémy-Néris, O.; Médée, Béatrice.; Brochard, S., 2014:
Validity and reliability of radiological methods to assess proximal hip geometry in children with cerebral palsy: a systematic review

Rangel, E.B.; Gomes, S.A.; Dulce, R.A.; Premer, C.; Rodrigues, C.O.; Kanashiro-Takeuchi, R.M.; Oskouei, B.; Carvalho, D.A.; Ruiz, P.; Reiser, J.; Hare, J.M., 2014:
C-kit(+) cells isolated from developing kidneys are a novel population of stem cells with regenerative potential

Hsu, S-Han.; Chen, C-Tsun.; Wei, Y-Huei., 2015:
Inhibitory effects of hypoxia on metabolic switch and osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells

Artus, Jérôme.; Kang, M.; Cohen-Tannoudji, M.; Hadjantonakis, A-Katerina., 2014:
PDGF signaling is required for primitive endoderm cell survival in the inner cell mass of the mouse blastocyst

Anonymous, 2013:
A Role for DEK in Stem/Progenitor Cell Biology

Phillips, L.K.; Gould, E.A.; Babu, H.; Krams, S.M.; Palmer, T.D.; Martinez, O.M., 2014:
Natural killer cell-activating receptor NKG2D mediates innate immune targeting of allogeneic neural progenitor cell grafts

Corrigan, D.M.; Walker, M.P.; Liu, Y.; Mitchell, T.Villalpando., 2016:
Factors influencing patients seeking oral health care in the oncology dental support clinic at an urban university dental school setting

Abanto, J.; Ortega, A.Oliveira.; Raggio, D.Prócida.; Bönecker, M.; Mendes, F.Medeiros.; Ciamponi, A.Lídia., 2016:
Impact of oral diseases and disorders on oral-health-related quality of life of children with cerebral palsy

Ames, N.J.; Peng, C.; Powers, J.H.; Leidy, N.Kline.; Miller-Davis, C.; Rosenberg, A.; VanRaden, M.; Wallen, G.R., 2014:
Beyond intuition: patient fever symptom experience

Lynch, M.E.; Cesar-Rittenberg, P.; Hohmann, A.G., 2016:
A double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover pilot trial with extension using an oral mucosal cannabinoid extract for treatment of chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain

Ballard, J.O., 2014:
Living with the dying: an early AIDS experience

Escher, M.; Perneger, T.V.; Rudaz, S.; Dayer, P.; Perrier, A., 2016:
Impact of advance directives and a health care proxy on doctors' decisions: a randomized trial

Simon, S.T.; Köskeroglu, P.; Gaertner, J.; Voltz, R., 2014:
Fentanyl for the relief of refractory breathlessness: a systematic review

ten Have, H.; Welie, J.V.M., 2016:
Palliative sedation versus euthanasia: an ethical assessment

Vlachostergios, P.J.; Voutsadakis, I.A.; Papandreou, C.N., 2014:
Mechanisms of proteasome inhibitor-induced cytotoxicity in malignant glioma

Park, S.; Jung, Y-Taek.; Yoon, J-Hoon., 2013:
Algibacter miyuki sp. nov., a member of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from leachate of a brown algae reservoir

Park, S.; Yoon, J-Hoon., 2013:
Tenacibaculum caenipelagi sp. nov., a member of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from tidal flat sediment

Banikalyan Swain, Madhubanti Basu, Mrinal Samanta, 2013:
NOD1 and NOD2 receptors in mrigal Cirrhinus mrigala Inductive expression and downstream signalling in ligand stimulation and bacterial infections

Dearani, J.A.; Said, S.M.; Burkhart, H.M.; Pike, R.B.; O'Leary, P.W.; Cetta, F., 2013:
Strategies for tricuspid re-repair in Ebstein malformation using the cone technique

Hoashi, T.; Kagisaki, K.; Miyazaki, A.; Kurosaki, K.; Shiraishi, I.; Yagihara, T.; Ichikawa, H., 2013:
Anatomic repair for corrected transposition with left ventricular outflow tract obstruction

Lapidus, L.J.; Ponzer, S.; Pettersson, H.; de Bri, E., 2015:
Symptomatic venous thromboembolism and mortality in orthopaedic surgery - an observational study of 45 968 consecutive procedures

Chen, Y.-Cheng; Liaw, Y.-Fan, 2013:
The Role of HBsAg Quantification in the Natural Course of HBV Infection in Asia

Volpe, D.; Signorini, M.; Marchetto, A.; Lynch, T.; Morris, M.E., 2014:
A comparison of Irish set dancing and exercises for people with Parkinson's disease: a phase II feasibility study

C.Z.rrilla; R.W.ight; O.O.iyemi; S.Y.sin; B.B.ugh; K.B.own; B.C.ate; P.V.rboven;; R.F.lcon; T.K.kuda, 2013:
Total and unbound darunavir pharmacokinetics in pregnant women infected with HIV-1 results of a study of darunavir/ritonavir 600/100?mg administered twice daily

Li, X.; Rong, M.; Liu, T.; Zhou, L., 2013:
Research of thermal sensor allocation and placement based on dual clustering for microprocessors

Marshall, J.Natha, P.Ul.G.Odman, J.Mes, 2013:
Disordering network theory an introduction

I.Vanni, 2013:
Second Italy distance education in a Second-Life international studies project

Goodman, James, 2013:
Humanitarian collective security restoring order?

D.Rimini, Francesca, 2013:
The tangled hydra developments in transglobal peer-to-peer culture

Sang, Y.; Millwood, R.J.; Neal Stewart, C., 2014:
Gene use restriction technologies for transgenic plant bioconfinement

Butt, Z.; Jadoon, N.A.; Salaria, O.N.; Mushtaq, K.; Riaz, I.B.; Shahzad, A.; Hashmi, A.M.; Sarwar, S., 2014:
Diabetes mellitus and decompensated cirrhosis: risk of hepatic encephalopathy in different age groups

Mukonzo, J.K.; Okwera, A.; Nakasujja, N.; Luzze, H.; Sebuwufu, D.; Ogwal-Okeng, J.; Waako, P.; Gustafsson, L.L.; Aklillu, E., 2014:
Influence of efavirenz pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics on neuropsychological disorders in Ugandan HIV-positive patients with or without tuberculosis: a prospective cohort study

Kelley, M.R.; Lemke, R.J., 2013:
Decision-making Under Uncertainty in the Cash Cab

Mitchell, M.M.; Bradshaw, C.P., 2014:
Examining classroom influences on student perceptions of school climate: the role of classroom management and exclusionary discipline strategies

Mirzahosseini, A.; Dalmadi, Bázs.; Csutora, Péter., 2013:
Histamine receptor H4 regulates mast cell degranulation and IgE induced FcεRI upregulation in murine bone marrow-derived mast cells

Amin, N.H.; Old, A.B.; Tabb, L.P.; Garg, R.; Toossi, N.; Cerynik, D.L., 2013:
Performance outcomes after repair of complete achilles tendon ruptures in national basketball association players

Kreuz, P.C.; Peterson, L.; van der Werf-Grohmann, N.; Vohrer, M.; Schwering, L., 2014:
Clinical and electromyographic results of proximal and distal realignment procedures in young patients with recurrent patellar dislocations

Anonymous, 2013:
Two recombinant ?-like scorpion toxins from Mesobuthus eupeus with differential affinity towards insect and mammalian Na+ channels

Kang, Z.; Jiang, W.; Luan, H.; Zhao, F.; Zhang, S., 2014:
Cornin induces angiogenesis through PI3K-Akt-eNOS-VEGF signaling pathway

Zheng, L.; Wang, X.; Luo, W.; Zhan, Y.; Zhang, Y., 2014:
Brucine, an effective natural compound derived from nux-vomica, induces G1 phase arrest and apoptosis in LoVo cells

Shakya, A.Kumar.; Holmdahl, R.; Nandakumar, K.Selva.; Kumar, A., 2014:
Characterization of chemically defined poly-N-isopropylacrylamide based copolymeric adjuvants

Brandler, S.; Ruffié, C.; Combredet, C.; Brault, J-Baptiste.; Najburg, Vérie.; Prevost, M-Christine.; Habel, Aé.; Tauber, E.; Desprès, P.; Tangy, Fédéric., 2014:
A recombinant measles vaccine expressing chikungunya virus-like particles is strongly immunogenic and protects mice from lethal challenge with chikungunya virus

Fuentes, S.; Crim, R.L.; Beeler, J.; Teng, M.N.; Golding, H.; Khurana, S., 2014:
Development of a simple, rapid, sensitive, high-throughput luciferase reporter based microneutralization test for measurement of virus neutralizing antibodies following Respiratory Syncytial Virus vaccination and infection

Stahl, J.; Nakano, Y.; Kim, S-Oh.; Gibson, C.W.; Le, T.; DenBesten, P., 2014:
Leucine rich amelogenin peptide alters ameloblast differentiation in vivo

Wang, L.; Xin, S.J.; Song, Z.; Zhang, J., 2013:
Left renal vein division during open surgery of abdominal aortic disease: a propensity score-matched case-control study

Nieuwland, M.S.; Martin, A.E.; Carreiras, M., 2013:
Event-related brain potential evidence for animacy processing asymmetries during sentence comprehension

Bullock-Rest, N.; Cerny, A.; Sweeney, C.; Palumbo, C.; Kurowski, K.; Blumstein, S.E., 2013:
Neural systems underlying the influence of sound shape properties of the lexicon on spoken word production: do fMRI findings predict effects of lesions in aphasia?

Kritselis, I.; Tzanetakou, V.; Adamis, G.; Anthopoulos, G.; Antoniadou, E.; Bristianou, M.; Kotanidou, A.; Lignos, M.; Polyzos, K.; Retsas, T.; Sassopoulou, P.; Papaioannou, A.I.; Sinapidis, D.; Sereti, K.; Vittoros, V.; Ghanas, P.; Gogos, C.; Giamarellos-Bourboulis, E.J., 2014:
The level of endotoxemia in sepsis varies in relation to the underlying infection: Impact on final outcome

Mazefsky, C.A.; Herrington, J.; Siegel, M.; Scarpa, A.; Maddox, B.B.; Scahill, L.; White, S.W., 2014:
The role of emotion regulation in autism spectrum disorder

Sveen, T.Hamre.; Berg-Nielsen, T.Suzanne.; Lydersen, S.; Wichstrøm, L., 2014:
Detecting psychiatric disorders in preschoolers: screening with the strengths and difficulties questionnaire

Hisata, S.; Moriyama, H.; Tazawa, R.; Ohkouchi, S.; Ichinose, M.; Ebina, M., 2014:
Development of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis following exposure to dust after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Arbon, P.; Ranse, J.; Cusack, L.; Considine, J.; Shaban, R.Z.; Woodman, R.J.; Bahnisch, L.; Kako, M.; Hammad, K.; Mitchell, B., 2013:
Australasian emergency nurses' willingness to attend work in a disaster: a survey

K.L.S.dransk; J.M.gregor; J.M.tchell; G.D.M.ggridge, 2013:
Towards Tailored Porous Polymers Using Solvent Effects in Catalytic Degradation

Bennett, J.M.; Cunningham, S.C.; Connelly, C.A.; Clarke, R.H.; Thomson, J.R.; Mac Nally, R., 2013:
The interaction between a drying climate and land use affects forest structure and above-ground carbon storage

Vanderwel, M.C.; Lyutsarev, V.S.; Purves, D.W., 2013:
Climate-related variation in mortality and recruitment determine regional forest-type distributions

Azevedo, L.B.; van Zelm, R.; Elshout, P.M.F.; Hendriks, A.J.n; Leuven, R.S.E.W.; Struijs, J.; de Zwart, D.; Huijbregts, M.A.J., 2013:
Species richness–phosphorus relationships for lakes and streams worldwide

Rueda, M.; Hawkins, B.A.; Morales-Castilla, I.; Vidanes, R.M.; Ferrero, M.; Rodríguez, M. Á., 2013:
Does fragmentation increase extinction thresholds? A European-wide test with seven forest birds

Boyles, J.G.; Thompson, A.B.; McKechnie, A.E.; Malan, E.; Humphries, M.M.; Careau, V., 2013:
A global heterothermic continuum in mammals

Wasof, S.; Lenoir, J.; Gallet-Moron, E.; Jamoneau, A.élien; Brunet, Jörg; Cousins, S.A.O.; D.F.enne, P.; Diekmann, M.; Hermy, M.; Kolb, A.; Liira, J.; Verheyen, K.; Wulf, M.; Decocq, G., 2013:
Ecological niche shifts of understorey plants along a latitudinal gradient of temperate forests in north-western Europe

Olds, A.D.; Albert, S.; Maxwell, P.S.; Pitt, K.A.; Connolly, R.M., 2013:
Mangrove-reef connectivity promotes the effectiveness of marine reserves across the western Pacific

Acevedo-Trejos, E.; Brandt, G.; Merico, A.; Smith, S.L.n, 2013:
Biogeographical patterns of phytoplankton community size structure in the oceans

Maksakova, I.A.; Thompson, P.J.; Goyal, P.; Jones, S.Jm.; Singh, P.B.; Karimi, M.M.; Lorincz, M.C., 2013:
Distinct roles of KAP1, HP1 and G9a/GLP in silencing of the two-cell-specific retrotransposon MERVL in mouse ES cells

Philippe, F.X.; Laitat, M.; Wavreille, J.; Nicks, B.; Cabaraux, J.F., 2013:
Influence of permanent use of feeding stalls as living area on ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions for group-housed gestating sows kept on straw deep-litter

Pandey, N.K.; Singh, R.P.; Saxena, V.K.; Shit, N.; Singh, R.; Sharma, R.K.; Sastry, K.V.H., 2013:
Effect of IGF1 gene polymorphism and expression levels on growth factors in Indian colored broilers

Anonymous, 2013:
Papel de la histeroscopia diagnostica en la infertilidad

Anonymous, 2013:
Aspectos inmunologicos de la gestacion

Anonymous, 2013:
Biopsias percutaneas de mama

Anonymous, 2013:
Tecnica del vaciamiento ganglionar inguinal para los canceres de vulva

Anonymous, 2013:
Fisiología del inicio espontaneo del trabajo de parto

Anonymous, 2013:
A 10Be-based reconstruction of the last deglaciation in southern Sweden

B.P.n;; H.G.o;; F.L.u; Z.L.; H.S., 2013:
The origin and sources of loess-like sediment in the Jinsha River Valley, SW China

Bertran, P.; Andrieux, E.; Antoine, P.; Coutard, S.; Deschodt, L.; Gardère, P.; Hernandez, M.; Legentil, C.; Lenoble, A.; Liard, M.; Mercier, N.; Moine, O.; Sitzia, L.; Van Vliet-Lanoë, B., 2014:
Distribution and chronology of Pleistocene permafrost features in France Database and first results

Hill, E.M.; Turner, E.L.; Martin, R.M.; Donovan, J.L., 2013:
"Let's get the best quality research we can": public awareness and acceptance of consent to use existing data in health research: a systematic review and qualitative study

Costa, B.; Grillone, A.Francesca.; Salvetti, A.; Rocchiccioli, S.; Iacopetti, P.; Daniele, S.; D.P.zzo, E.; Campiglia, P.; Novellino, E.; Martini, C.; Rossi, L., 2014:
An antibody-free strategy for screening putative HDM2 inhibitors using crude bacterial lysates expressing GST-HDM2 recombinant protein

Anonymous, 2013:
Detection of myo-inositol tris pyrophosphate ITPP in equine following an administration of ITPP

Kriegel, D.; Mayer, C.; Hagg, W.; Vorogushyn, S.; Duethmann, D.; Gafurov, A.; Farinotti, D., 2013:
Changes in glacierisation, climate and runoff in the second half of the 20th century in the Naryn basin, Central Asia

D.R.B.eininger; E.D.S.olen; G.M.C.rter; D.M.O.dy; S.A.L.gare, 2013:
Quantifying how territory quality and sociobiology affect recruitment to inform fire management

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In situ electron microscopy studies of calcium carbonate precipitation from aqueous solution with and without organic additives

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Do continence management strategies reduce falls? a systematic review

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Characterization of IBS-like symptoms in patients with ulcerative colitis in clinical remission

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Multiple synergistic effects of emotion and memory on proactive processes leading to scene recognition

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Metabolic syndrome profiles, obesity measures and intake of dietary fatty acids in adults: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study

Anonymous, 2013:
Kinetic studies of the effect of a 17 nucleotide difference in the 03 kb region containing the R-U5-5 leader sequence of Friend murine leukemia virus on viral gene expression

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Expression analysis of Foxp3 in T-cells from bovine leukemia virus infected cattle

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Estuarine and lagoon biodiversity and their natural goods and services

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Sweating under pressure: skin conductance level reactivity moderates the association between peer victimization and externalizing behavior

Anonymous, 2013:
Research The role of cytokines in depression in adolescents a systematic review

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Anesthetic Management in Mucopolysaccharidoses

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Plant traits as indicators loss or gain of information?

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Influence of chemical and physical properties of activated carbon powders on oxygen reduction and microbial fuel cell performance

Anonymous, 2013:
13C/12C and 15N/14N Isotope Analysis To Characterize Degradation of Atrazine Evidence from Parent and Daughter Compound Values

Hirai, S.; Yokoyama, E.; Yamamoto, T., 2014:
Linkage disequilibrium of the IS629 insertion among different clades of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7/H-strains

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Relation between HLA genes, human skin volatiles and attractiveness of humans to malaria mosquitoes

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Regular treatments of praziquantel do not impact on the genetic make-up of Schistosoma mansoni in Northern Senegal

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Non-linear partial least square regression increases the estimation accuracy of grass nitrogen and phosphorus using in situ hyperspectral and environmental data

Anonymous, 2013:
Silence is Golden Effect of Encouragement in Motivating the Weak Link in an Online Exercise Video Game

Chen, Y.; Zhu, J., 2013:
Anti-HBV effect of individual traditional Chinese herbal medicine in vitro and in vivo: an analytic review

Anonymous, 2013:
Mise au point sur la sterilisation des dialyseurs  un des criteres de choix a prendre en compte en 2012

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NOTCH1 mutations influence survival in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients

Anonymous, 2013:
First reports of Pseudo-nitzschia micropora and P hasleana Bacillariaceae from the Southern Hemisphere Morphological, molecular and toxicological characterization

Anonymous, 2013:
Histamine in the neurogenic inflammation

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The evolving small-molecule fluorescent-conjugate toolbox for Class A GPCRs

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Identification of well-differentiated gene expressions between Han Chinese and Japanese using genome-wide microarray data analysis

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Ursolic acid promotes cancer cell death by inducing Atg5-dependent autophagy

Anonymous, 2013:
Variations in the mRNA expression of polyADP-ribose polymerases, polyADP-ribose glycohydrolase and ADP-ribosylhydrolase 3 in breast tumours and impact on clinical outcome

Yu, F.; Shi, Y.; Wang, J.; Li, J.; Fan, D.; Ai, W., 2013:
Deficiency of Kruppel-like factor KLF4 in mammary tumor cells inhibits tumor growth and pulmonary metastasis and is accompanied by compromised recruitment of myeloid-derived suppressor cells

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Prevalence and risk factors associated with resistance-associated mutations to etravirine in a cohort of perinatally HIV-infected children

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Glycidol Induces Axonopathy by Adult-Stage Exposure and Aberration of Hippocampal Neurogenesis Affecting Late-Stage Differentiation by Developmental Exposure in Rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Embryonic catalase protects against ethanol-initiated DNA oxidation and teratogenesis in acatalasemic and transgenic human catalase-expressing micea

Anonymous, 2013:
The fate of beta-hexabromocyclododecane in female C57BL/6 mice

Romero-Munguía, M.Ángel., 2013:
Theory of Mind Deficit versus Faulty Procedural Memory in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Vascular adhesion protein 1 in the eye

Pastor, M.V.; Palter, J.B.; Pelegrí, J.L.; Dunne, J.P., 2013:
Physical drivers of interannual chlorophyll variability in the eastern subtropical North Atlantic

Anonymous, 2013:
Insights into brine dynamics and sea-ice desalination from a 1D model study of gravity drainage

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Enhancing the comprehension of mixed layer depth control on the mediterranean phytoplankton phenology

Anonymous, 2013:
Longitudinal variability of size-fractionated N2 fixation and DON release rates along 245ºN in the subtropical North Atlantic

Anonymous, 2013:
Sea ice thickness retrieval algorithms based on in-situ surface elevation and thickness values for application to altimetry

Anonymous, 2013:
Seasonal mixed layer dynamics in an eddy-resolving ocean Circulation Model

Parkash, R.; Ranga, P., 2013:
Divergence for tolerance to thermal-stress related traits in two Drosophila species of immigrans group

Anonymous, 2013:
Very low levels of surface CD45 reflect CLL cell fragility, are inversely correlated with trisomy 12 and are associated with increased treatment free survival

Lasho, T.; Johnson, S.H.; Smith, D.I.; Crispino, J.D.; Pardanani, A.; Vasmatzis, G.; Tefferi, A., 2013:
Identification of submicroscopic genetic changes and precise breakpoint mapping in myelofibrosis using high resolution mate-pair sequencing

Aukst Margetić, B.; Kukulj, S.; Šantić, Ž.; Jakšić, N.; Jakovljević, M., 2014:
Predicting depression with temperament and character in lung cancer patients

Chatwin, J.; Sanders, C., 2014:
The influence of social factors on help-seeking for people with lung cancer

Anonymous, 2013:
Of Guinea pigs and gratitude the difficult discourse of clinical trials from the cancer patient perspective

Quinn, B., 2014:
Efficacy of a supersaturated calcium phosphate oral rinse for the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis in patients receiving high-dose cancer therapy: a review of current data

Egestad, H., 2014:
How does the radiation therapist affect the cancer patients' experience of the radiation treatment?

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Feeling like me again: a grounded theory of the role of breast reconstruction surgery in self-image

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Clinical application of total parenteral nutrition in patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis

Maree, J.E.; Mosalo, A.; Wright, S.C.D., 2013:
'It depends on how the relationship was before you became ill': black South African women's experiences of life partner support through the trajectory of cervical cancer

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ALS/FTLD-linked TDP-43 regulates neurite morphology and cell survival in differentiated neurons

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Cardiomyocyte FGF signaling is required for Cx43 phosphorylation and cardiac gap junction maintenance

D.S.orme, N.; Geelen, D., 2014:
The impact of environmental stress on male reproductive development in plants: biological processes and molecular mechanisms

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How do trees die? A test of the hydraulic failure and carbon starvation hypotheses

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Adapting to an initial self-regulatory task cancels the ego depletion effect

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A metabolite of daidzein, 6,7,4'-trihydroxyisoflavone, suppresses adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes via ATP-competitive inhibition of PI3K

Orkibi, H., 2015:
The applicability of a seminal professional development theory to creative arts therapies students

Kellett, S.; Hardy, G., 2015:
Treatment of paranoid personality disorder with cognitive analytic therapy: a mixed methods single case experimental design

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Sensitive detection of methylated DNA using the short linear quencher-fluorophore probe and two-stage isothermal amplification assay

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Identification and characterisation of the putative phage-related endolysins through full genome sequence analysis in Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC 17978

Anonymous, 2013:
Normativa sobre el diagnostico y tratamiento de la fibrosis pulmonar idiopatica

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Land subsidence of natural transitional environments by satellite radar interferometry on artificial reflectors

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Using Critical Systems Heuristics to Guide Second-Order Critique of Systemic Practice Exploring the Environmental Impact of Mining Operations in Southern Peru

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Systems Theory and the Role of Synergy in the Evolution of Living Systems

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Geographical patterns of congruence and incongruence between correlative species distribution models and a process-based ecophysiological growth model

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Obesity-related metabolomic analysis of human subjects in black soybean peptide intervention study by ultraperformance liquid chromatography and quadrupole-time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Anonymous, 2013:
FAO urges end of malnutrition as priority

Casas, A.; Llombart, A.; Martín, M., 2014:
Denosumab for the treatment of bone metastases in advanced breast cancer

Anonymous, 2013:
Pengaruh dosis sperma yang diencerkan dengan nacl fisiologis terhadap fertilitas telur pada inseminasi buatan ayam kampung

Anonymous, 2013:
Kontribusi ekskresi basal purin terhadap total ekskresi derivat purin dalam urin kambing bligon dan kejobong

Anonymous, 2013:
Efek pengurangan dan pemenuhan kembali jumlah pakan terhadap konsumsi dan kecernaan bahan pakan pada kambing kacang dan peranakan etawah

Anonymous, 2013:
Pengaruh penggunaan enceng gondok eichornia crassipes terfermentasi dalam ransum terhadap persentase karkas, non-karkas, dan lemak abdominal itik lokal jantan umur delapan minggu

Anonymous, 2013:
Efek lama stimulasi dan tegangan listrik terhadap komposisi kimia, kualitas fisik, dan sensori daging ayam petelur afkir

Anonymous, 2013:
Pengaruh metode pengeringan dan konsentrasi bumbu serta lama perendaman dalam larutan bumbu terhadap kualitas fisik dan sensori dendeng babi

Anonymous, 2013:
Pengaruh penggunaan binder alami pada proses finishing kulit cakar ayam tersamak terhadap kekuatan sobek dan ketahanan gosok cat

Anonymous, 2013:
Pemasaran ternak sapi potong di kabupaten ogan komering ilir, sumatera selatan

Anonymous, 2013:
Dinamika pengembangan klaster industri persusuan di kabupaten semarang, jawa tengah

Anonymous, 2013:
CHO cell line specific prediction and control of recombinant monoclonal antibody N-glycosylation

Yamamoto, S.; Suda, M.; Niimi, S.; Inui, M.; Yukawa, H., 2014:
Strain optimization for efficient isobutanol production using Corynebacterium glutamicum under oxygen deprivation

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Semi-rational engineering of cytochrome P450sca-2 in a hybrid system for enhanced catalytic activity: insights into the important role of electron transfer

Kim, J-Yeon.; Lee, Y-A.; Wittmann, C.; Park, J-Byung., 2014:
Production of non-proteinogenic amino acids from α-keto acid precursors with recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum

Yang, D.; Moran-Mirabal, J.M.; Parlange, J-Yves.; Walker, L.P., 2014:
Investigation of the porous structure of cellulosic substrates through confocal laser scanning microscopy

Anonymous, 2013:
Common and 2010 rare DISC1 locus variants identified in 1542 subjects analysis for association with psychiatric disorder and cognitive traits

Zhang, X.; Kain, W.; Wang, P., 2014:
Sequence variation and differential splicing of the midgut cadherin gene in Trichoplusia ni

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A tailored, supportive care intervention using systematic assessment designed for people with inoperable lung cancer: a randomised controlled trial

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Determinants of patient satisfaction with care in a Spanish oncology day hospital and its relationship with quality of life

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The relationship between informal caregiving and mortality: an analysis using the ONS Longitudinal Study of England and Wales

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A Central Mass in a Stationary Vacuum without Spherical or Axial Symmetry

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Personality and basal metabolic rate in a wild bird population

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Fear in the dark? Community-level effects of non-lethal predators change with light regime

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Adaptive transgenerational plasticity in the perennial Plantago lanceolata

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Predicting novel herbivore–plant interactions

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Increased temperature alters feeding behavior of a generalist herbivore

Anonymous, 2013:
Using functional traits to investigate the determinants of crustacean zooplankton community structure

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The form of direct interspecific competition modifies secondary extinction patterns in multi-trophic food webs

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Evaluating the role of biotic interactions in structuring communities using a gradient analysis of multiple interacting guilds

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Timing of motor milestones achievement and development of overweight in childhood: a study within the Danish National Birth Cohort

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Age-related CXC chemokine receptor-4-deficiency impairs osteogenic differentiation potency of mouse bone marrow mesenchymal stromal stem cells

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Targeting long non-coding RNAs in cancers: progress and prospects

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Hepatocellular carcinoma: transcriptome diversity regulated by RNA editing

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A laboratory and in situ postexposure feeding assay with a freshwater snail

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Can protective factors moderate the detrimental effects of child maltreatment on personality functioning?

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Establishment of monoclonal antibodies against the extracellular domain that block binding of NMO-IgG to AQP4

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Assessment and clinical course of hypocalcemia in critical illness

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Differences in recognition of wild-type and lipoprotein-deficient strains of oral Streptococci in vitro and in vivo

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Leaf extract of Azadirachta indica (neem): a potential antibiofilm agent for Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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CTLA-4 blockade and the renaissance of cancer immunotherapy

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Peculiarities of enhancing resistant starch in ruminants using chemical methods: opportunities and challenges

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Cardiovascular risk estimation in women with a history of hypertensive pregnancy disorders at term: a longitudinal follow-up study

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Determination of oxymatrine and its active metabolite matrine in human plasma after administration of oxymatrine oral solution by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry

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Paradigms, New and Old, for Ultrahigh-Pressure Tectonism

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Quantification of the microstructural evolution of polycrystalline fabrics using FAME application to in situ deformation of ice

Jones, M.R.; Rose, A.M.; Baillie, D.L., 2013:
The ortholog of the human proto-oncogene ROS1 is required for epithelial development in C. elegans

Anonymous, 2013:
Tourist perceptions of beach cleanliness in Barbados Implications for return visitation

Anonymous, 2013:
Tourisme, sports de nature et developpement durable aux Seychelles

Anonymous, 2013:
Tourism in Trinidad and Tobago The Evolving Attitudes and Behaviors and its Implications in an Era of HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Anonymous, 2013:
 Regional Development Through Religious Tourism

Anonymous, 2013:
Le tourisme dans les environnements littoraux et insulaires  permanences, limites et perspectives

Anonymous, 2013:
Tourists’ Weather Perceptions and Weather Related behavior

Anonymous, 2013:
Geographie de la segregation ethnique et geopolitique des drogues illicites

Anonymous, 2013:
Tourism Incognita Experiencing the Liminal Edge of Destination Places

Anonymous, 2013:
Towards a new tourism policy in the French West Indies the end of mass touristic resorts and a new policy for sustainable tourism and ecotourism

Kirman, Aı.; Yildirim Sari, H., 2013:
Health status of hearing-impaired children and adolescents

Rodwell, J.; Demir, D.; Steane, P., 2013:
Psychological and organizational impact of bullying over and above negative affectivity: a survey of two nursing contexts

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The effect of reflexology applied on haemodialysis patients with fatigue, pain and cramps

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Social support: the most important need of young Iranian single-parent widows on their path to widowhood

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Construct validity and reliability of the Single Checking Administration of Medications Scale

Al-Gamal, E., 2013:
Quality of life and anticipatory grieving among parents living with a child with cerebral palsy

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Comparison of health-related quality of life and emotional distress among Chinese cancer survivors

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The nature and course of illness perception following cardiac pacemaker implantation: a self-regulatory approach

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Patients' satisfaction with the care offered by advanced practice nurses: a new role in Swedish primary care

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Korean nurses' perceived facilitators and barriers in provision of end-of-life care

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Community nurses' perceptions of providing bereavement care

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CD169-positive macrophages in regional lymph nodes are associated with a favorable prognosis in patients with colorectal carcinoma

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Integration of physics and biology: synergistic undergraduate education for the 21st century

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Competency-based reforms of the undergraduate biology curriculum: integrating the physical and biological sciences

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How can we improve problem solving in undergraduate biology? Applying lessons from 30 years of physics education research

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Using assessments to investigate and compare the nature of learning in undergraduate science courses

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From F = ma to flying squirrels: curricular change in an introductory physics course

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Advantages and challenges of using physics curricula as a model for reforming an undergraduate biology course

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Toward university modeling instruction--biology: adapting curricular frameworks from physics to biology

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A framework for analyzing interdisciplinary tasks: implications for student learning and curricular design

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Biology and physics competencies for pre-health and other life sciences students

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The trouble with chemical energy: why understanding bond energies requires an interdisciplinary systems approach

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The effects of the SUN project on teacher knowledge and self-efficacy regarding biological energy transfer are significant and long-lasting: results of a randomized controlled trial

Watkins, J.; Elby, A., 2014:
Context dependence of students' views about the role of equations in understanding biology

Limeres, J.; Martínez, F.; Feijoo, J.F.; Ramos, I.; Liñares, A.; Diz, P., 2015:
A new indicator of the oral hygiene habits of disabled persons: relevance of the carer's personal appearance and interest in oral health

Lod, S.; Johansson, T.; Abrahamsson, K.H.; Larsson, L., 2014:
The influence of epigenetics in relation to oral health

MacIntyre, N.J.; Busse, J.W.; Bhandari, M., 2013:
Physical therapists in primary care are interested in high quality evidence regarding efficacy of therapeutic ultrasound for knee osteoarthritis: a provincial survey

Xu, F-gang.; Yang, X-guo.; Zhou, J-wen.; Hao, M-hui., 2013:
Experimental research on the dam-break mechanisms of the Jiadanwan landslide dam triggered by the Wenchuan earthquake in China

E.B.rhoumi, M.; Scaps, P.; Zghal, F., 2013:
Reproductive cycle of Marphysa sanguinea (Montagu, 1815) (Polychaeta: Eunicidae) in the Lagoon of Tunis

Meri, S., 2014:
Complement activation in diseases presenting with thrombotic microangiopathy

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The rise of the diptera-microbial mat interactions during the Cenozoic Consequences for the sedimentary record of saline lakes

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Tufa and travertines of southern Italy deep-seated, fault-related CO2 as the key control in precipitation

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How to approach endocrine assessment in severe obesity?

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Interferon gamma ELISPOT detecting reactivity of T cells to TSH receptor peptides in Graves’ disease

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The noncircadian function of the circadian Clock gene in the regulation of male fertility

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Fibroblast PER2 circadian rhythmicity depends on cell density

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Loop-mediated isothermal amplification for the rapid detection ofChrysanthemum chloroticmottle viroid CChMVd

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Total nasal reconstruction using composite radial forearm free flap and forehead flap as a one-stage procedure with minor revision

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QBO dependent relation between electron precipitation and winter time surface temperature

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Nitrogen, Aerosol Composition and Halogens on a Tall Tower NACHTT Overview of a wintertime air chemistry field study in the Front Range urban corridor of Colorado

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Current understanding of the role and targeting of tumor suppressor p53 in glioblastoma multiforme

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Multilocus microsatellite signature and identification of specific molecular markers for Leishmania aethiopica

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Latin American Democracy What to Do with the Leaders?

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Complex span and n-back measures of working memory: a meta-analysis

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Introducing a streamlined life cycle assessment approach for evaluating sustainability in defense acquisitions

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Promoter Analysis for Three Types of EUL-Related Rice Lectins in Transgenic Arabidopsis

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Smoking and alcohol consumption patterns among elderly Canadians with mobility disabilities

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Allergy management in primary care across European countries -- actual status

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Anonymous, 2013:
Interet d’une evaluation multicriteres systematique de la seance de dialyse

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A prospective study on the association between caregiver psychological symptomatology and symptom clusters of pediatric posttraumatic stress disorder

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Knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) survey on water, sanitation and hygiene in selected schools in Vhembe District, Limpopo, South Africa

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SSR504734 enhances basal expression of prepulse inhibition but exacerbates the disruption of prepulse inhibition by apomorphine

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tRNA binding, positioning, and modification by the pseudouridine synthase Pus10

Anonymous, 2013:
CRISPR-Cas – das Immunsystem der Bakterien

Krause, Kirsten, 2013:
Geruchssinn bei Schmarotzerpflanzen?

Anonymous, 2013:
Gib der Blute Zucker

Anonymous, 2013:
Universitare Biologielehrerausbildung auf dem Prufstand

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Wie Fliegen an die Decke gehen

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Wie Mollusken die Bergwelt erobern

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Anonymous, 2013:
Mehr Flexibilitat – fur Wissenschaft und Kind

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3D-Zellkultur und komplexe Zellsysteme

Anonymous, 2013:
Gluhwurmchen, Taubenschwanzchen und Ameisenjungfern Von der Warme beflugelt

Anonymous, 2013:
Bio- und Geotop Einhornhohle

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Curcumin und Multiple Sklerose

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Plant cell gravisensitivity and adaptation to microgravity

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Coordinated action of β-galactosidases in the cell wall of embryonic axes during chickpea germination and seedling growth

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New candidates for mechano-sensitive channels potentially involved in gravity sensing in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Performance of laying hens and economic viability of different climatization systems

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The efficacy of Ezetimibe added to ongoing Fibrate-Statin therapy on postprandial lipid profile in the patients with type 2 Diabetes mellitus

Anonymous, 2013:
Tetrahydrobiopterin therapy vs phenylalanine-restricted diet Impact on growth in phenylketonuric patients

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Estimating the transmissibility of H5N1 and the effect of vaccination in Indonesia

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The collateral circulation of the heart

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Candida peritonitis in dogs: report of 5 cases

Anonymous, 2013:
Identification, cloning and functional characterization of a novel phospholipase-D dermonecrotic toxin from brown spider Loxosceles intermedia venom containing a conservative mutation D233E in the catalytic site

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L-cysteine and hydrogen sulfide increase PIP3 and AMPK/PPARγ expression and decrease ROS and vascular inflammation markers in high glucose treated human U937 monocytes

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Exercise training upregulates nitric oxide synthases in the kidney of rats with chronic heart failure

Anonymous, 2013:
Beneficial effect of TNF-alpha inhibition on diabetic peripheral neuropathy

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Transitional B cell subsets in human bone marrow

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The mild encephalitis concept for psychiatric disorders revisited in the light of current psychoneuroimmunological findings

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IL-33 promotes airway remodeling in pediatric patients with severe steroid-resistant asthma

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Age and gender difference in non-drafting ultra-endurance cycling performance - the 'Swiss Cycling Marathon'

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Spatial and temporal genetic structure of Symbiodinium populations within a common reef-building coral on the Great Barrier Reef

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A simple genetic basis for complex social behaviour mediates widespread gene expression differences

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Phylogeny and assemblage composition of Frankia in Alnus tenuifolia nodules across a primary successional sere in interior Alaska

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How diverse is Mitopus morio? Integrative taxonomy detects cryptic species in a small-scale sample of a widespread harvestman

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Global but not gonadotrope-specific disruption of Bmal1 abolishes the luteinizing hormone surge without affecting ovulation

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Redundancy in Kiss1 expression safeguards reproduction in the mouse

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A novel remote center of motion mechanism for the force-reflective master robot of haptic tele-surgery systems

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Reliable extraction of the circulation component in the thoracic impedance measured by defibrillation pads

Anonymous, 2013:
FullA Standardized Assessment of Thyroid Nodules in Children Confirms Higher Cancer Prevalence than in Adults

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Subclinical hypothyroidism and indices for metabolic syndrome in Japanese women One year follow-up study

Anonymous, 2013:
Endoscopic versus microsurgical transsphenoidal surgery for acromegaly outcomes in a concurrent series of patients using modern criteria for remission

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A randomized trial of increasing patching for amblyopia

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Marine dispersion assessment of 137Cs released from the Fukushima nuclear accident

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Can the combination of decreased pH and increased temperature values induce oxidative stress in the clam Chamelea gallina and the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis?

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Evaluation of equivalence between different methods for enumeration of fecal indicator bacteria before and after adoption of the new Bathing Water Directive and risk assessment of pollution

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A pyrolysis and stable isotopic approach to investigate the origin of methyltrimethyltridecylchromans MTTCs

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Congenital aortopulmonary window; an unusual cause of breathlessness

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The efficiency of cardiovascular risk assessment: do the right patients get statin treatment?

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Progressive rise in red cell distribution width is associated with poor outcome after transcatheter aortic valve implantation

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A new transventricular aproach for pulmonary valve implantation in a patient with severe valve disease after tetralogy-of-Fallot repair

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Comparing the decline in coronary heart disease and stroke mortality in neighbouring countries with different healthcare systems

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Drug use and treatment success among gang and non-gang members in El Salvador: a prospective cohort study

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Fracture resistance of single-tooth implant-supported zirconia-based indirect composite-layered molar restorations

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Prognosis of implants and abutment teeth under combined tooth-implant-supported and solely implant-supported double-crown-retained removable dental prostheses

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Genetic mapping of agenesis of the third molars in mice

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TiO2/T-PVA Composites Immobilized on Cordierite Structure and Photocatalytic Activity for Degrading RhB Under Visible Light

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Conversion of twice-daily tacrolimus to once-daily tacrolimus formulation in stable pediatric kidney transplant recipients: pharmacokinetics and efficacy

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Shape-induced gravitational sorting of Saharan dust during transatlantic voyage Evidence from CALIOP lidar depolarization measurements

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High-precision location and yield of North Koreas 2013 nuclear test

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Importance of mechanochemical effects on fault slip behavior during earthquakes

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Multiyear predictability of the North Atlantic subpolar gyre

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Enhanced future variability during Indias rainy season

Anonymous, 2013:
Coseismic offsets due to the April 11, 2012 Indian Ocean earthquakes Mw 86 and 82 derived from GPS measurements

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Robustness and sensitivities of central US summer convection in the super–parameterized CAM multi–model intercomparison with a new regional EOF index

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Sildenafil in the treatment of pressure ulcer: a randomised clinical trial

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Does pure robotic partial nephrectomy provide similar perioperative outcomes when compared to the combined laparoscopic-robotic approach?

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Corticosteroids and wound healing: clinical considerations in the perioperative period

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Risk factors for venous thromboembolism in critically ill nontrauma surgical patients who cannot receive chemical prophylaxis

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Capture-mark-recapture to estimate the number of missed articles for systematic reviews in surgery

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Implementing a fast-track protocol for patients undergoing bowel resection: not so fast

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Mechanisms of increased right and left ventricular oxygen uptake during inotropic stimulation

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Anticancer Effect of dl-Glyceraldehyde and 2-Deoxyglucose in Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma Bearing Mice and Their Effect on Liver, Kidney and Haematological Parameters

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The ascl1a and dlx genes have a regulatory role in the development of GABAergic interneurons in the zebrafish diencephalon

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Insulinoma-associated 1a (Insm1a) is required for photoreceptor differentiation in the zebrafish retina

Brown, Mark, 2013:
A Methodology for Mapping Meanings in Text-Based Sustainability Communication

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Multiplex PCR followed by restriction length polymorphism analysis for the subtyping of bovine herpesvirus 5 isolates

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Altered Ca2+ homeostasis and endoplasmic reticulum stress in myotonic dystrophy type 1 muscle cells

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Platelet-activating factor receptor knockout mice are protected from MPTP-induced dopaminergic degeneration

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Pulmonary hamartomas: CT pixel analysis for fat attenuation using radiologic-pathologic correlation

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Painful pelvic recurrence of rectal cancer: percutaneous radiofrequency ablation treatment

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Detection of body packing by magnetic resonance imaging: a new diagnostic tool?

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Hepatic veins in presurgical planning of hepatic resection: what a radiologist should know

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Pucker sign in proximal humeral fractures: implications on management

Anonymous, 2013:
Situacion actual de la enseñanza de la Patología General en España

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Unilateral Intraparotid Swelling: A Case Report of Kimura's Disease and Review of Differential Diagnosis

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Dose-intense etoposide-cyclophosphamide without stem cell transplantation for patients with intermediate and high cytogenetic risk primary refractory and relapsed acute myeloid leukemia

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Association between cigarette smoking and dyslipidemia

Anonymous, 2013:
Maladie de Fabry  aspects clinique, biologique et therapeutique

Anonymous, 2013:
Les beta-lactamases a spectre elargi ou etendu BLSE

Anonymous, 2013:
Les anticorps anti-spermatozoides chez l’homme  de la physiopathologie a la therapeutique

Anonymous, 2013:
Apport du laboratoire d’analyses de biologie medicale a l’exploration des hyperleucocytoses

Anonymous, 2013:
Les thrombopenies fotales et neonatales alloimmunes

Anonymous, 2013:
Les examens biologiques au cours des fievres prolongees et recurrentes

Anonymous, 2013:
The influence of weather on daily symptoms of pain and fatigue in female patients with fibromyalgia A multilevel regression analysis

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Biotechnology and Conservation of Plant Biodiversity

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Poor catch-up growth in late adolescent boys with eating disorders, weight loss and stunting of growth

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Psychotropic drug treatment in anorexia nervosa. Search for differences in efficacy/tolerability between adolescent and mixed-age population

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Penalty analysis based on CATA questions to identify drivers of liking and directions for product reformulation

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Quality of life in head and neck cancer patients after tumor therapy and subsequent rehabilitation: an exploratory study

Anonymous, 2013:
Endoscopic closure of experimental iatrogenic gastric fundus perforation using over-the-scope clips OTSC in a surviving canine model

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Epidemiological Survey and Risk Factors Analysis of Fatty Liver Disease of Adult Residents, Beijing, China

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Impact of impaired renal function on the pharmacokinetics of the antiepileptic drug lacosamide

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Struggles of being and becoming: a dialogical narrative analysis of the life stories of Sami elderly

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Drug-coated balloon angioplasty after directional atherectomy improves outcome in restenotic femoropopliteal arteries

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Zinc finger protein 191 deficiency attenuates vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation, migration, and intimal hyperplasia after endovascular arterial injury

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A conserved tyrosine in ferritin is a molecular capacitor

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The red clover necrotic mosaic virus capsid protein N-terminal amino acids possess specific RNA binding activity and are required for stable virion assembly

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Diagnostic accuracy of intravascular ultrasound derived minimal lumen area compared to fractional flow reserve – meta-analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Long term efficacy and safety of zotarolimus eluting stent in patients with diabetes mellitus Pooled 5-year results from the ENDEAVOR III and IV trials

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Technique optimization of orbital atherectomy in calcified peripheral lesions of the lower extremities The CONFIRM series, a prospective multicenter registry

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Delays in Service for Non-Emergent Patients Due to Arrival of Emergent Patients in the Emergency Department A Case Study in Hong Kong

Anonymous, 2013:
Questions about atmospheric life study

Anonymous, 2013:
The transition in southern Iberia

Anonymous, 2013:
Predictive model of intersubject variability

Anonymous, 2013:
Chasing an infectious disease culprit

Anonymous, 2013:
Nuclear entry of Moloney murine leukemia virus DNA

Anonymous, 2013:
OPDA signaling revealed

Anonymous, 2013:
Ten million tonnes of impact spherules at 128 ka

Anonymous, 2013:
Energy efficiency and politics

Anonymous, 2013:
Broader perspective on ecosystem sustainability

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Miniature curved artificial compound eyes

Anonymous, 2013:
Computation of reaction-diffusion on point clouds

Anonymous, 2013:
Plasmonic nanoclusters enhance four-wave mixing

Anonymous, 2013:
Construction of Tregs by targeting IL-2 and CTLA-4

Anonymous, 2013:
Diet affects susceptibility to E coli O157H7

Anonymous, 2013:
Diversity of receptors in an olfactory circuit

Anonymous, 2013:
Circadian clock and hair cycle

Anonymous, 2013:
Grainyheadlike 2 and airway epithelium

Anonymous, 2013:
Measuring microbubble viscosity using FLIM

Anonymous, 2013:
Nematic boojums on colloidal handlebodies

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Heat transport in bubbling turbulent convection

Anonymous, 2013:
Membrane protein dynamics in fliposomes

Anonymous, 2013:
Polysaccharides regulate CaCO3 nucleation kinetics

Anonymous, 2013:
Mesoamerican monsoon 22,000-y history

Anonymous, 2013:
Assessment of multidrug resistance using SECM

Anonymous, 2013:
Intracellular pH imaging with bioluminescence

Anonymous, 2013:
Origin of protein biochemical function

Anonymous, 2013:
Analysis of endoreplication parameters in mouse

Anonymous, 2013:
Ninj1 modulates the p53 pathway

Anonymous, 2013:
Observing tautomerization with transient 2D IR

Anonymous, 2013:
Rapid speciation in Hawaiian cave planthoppers

Anonymous, 2013:
Evolution of flightlessness in diving birds

Anonymous, 2013:
Chytrid evolutionary genomics

Anonymous, 2013:
Rise and fall of competitiveness

Anonymous, 2013:
Good cholesterol mimicking nanoparticle

Anonymous, 2013:
Surviving climate change in the deep sea

Anonymous, 2013:
Late Quaternary space-for-time substitution

Anonymous, 2013:
Deubiquitination in T cell regulation

Anonymous, 2013:
C3aR inhibits neutrophil mobilization and gut IR

Anonymous, 2013:
IL-6 mRNA stabilization by Arid5a

Anonymous, 2013:
Macrophages required for regeneration

Anonymous, 2013:
Fratricide of NK cell by NKG2D trogocytosis

Anonymous, 2013:
Wasp venom SERCA inhibits fly immunity

Anonymous, 2013:
Insecticide resistance and malaria control

Anonymous, 2013:
Genetic screens to identify pathogenic variants

Anonymous, 2013:
Activation of HypT by methionine oxidation

Anonymous, 2013:
Deliberate reduction of HA and NA for live vaccine

Anonymous, 2013:
Viral DNA tethers rescue mutant p12 MuLV

Anonymous, 2013:
Diversity of human tauopathies transmission

Anonymous, 2013:
LPS regulator PmrA limits Salmonella virulence

Anonymous, 2013:
Cryoelectron tomography of HCV

Anonymous, 2013:
Histone modifications in striatal neurons

Anonymous, 2013:
B vitamins reduce Alzheimers-related atrophy

Anonymous, 2013:
Entropy-driven crystal formation

Anonymous, 2013:
PIP2 binds to and modulates TRPV4 channel activity

Anonymous, 2013:
Superconductivity and magnetism in Fe1-xPdxTe

Anonymous, 2013:
Superconductivity in CaC2

Anonymous, 2013:
Nematic droplets with handles

Anonymous, 2013:
Cortical microstructure in the preterm human brain

Anonymous, 2013:
Circadian mCry1 expression in SCN

Anonymous, 2013:
Graphene-layered steps in 4D electron microscopy

Anonymous, 2013:
Plant immunity during HR to hemibiotrophs

Anonymous, 2013:
Pertussis epidemiology in Thailand

Anonymous, 2013:
Evolution of an ancient plant bHLH network

Anonymous, 2013:
Blast resistance of Pb1 is mediated by WRKY45

Anonymous, 2013:
Peroxisome dividing-machinery identified

Anonymous, 2013:
CYP20-3 executes OPDA signal in stress acclimation

Anonymous, 2013:
Glutaredoxin contains GIY-YIG endonuclease motif

Anonymous, 2013:
Ecosystem services in the Panama Canal watershed

Anonymous, 2013:
Hydropower energy generation dependence on forests

Anonymous, 2013:
Regulatory disease-associated variants

Hilborn, R., 2013:
Environmental cost of conservation victories

Anonymous, 2013:
Reconsolidation in human declarative memory

Anonymous, 2013:
Political ideology and energy efficiency

Anonymous, 2013:
Community-based adaptation community relocations

Ornes, S., 2013:
Whole-climate experiments for peatlands

van der Pas, R.; de Herder, W.W.; Hofland, L.J.; Feelders, R.A., 2014:
Recent developments in drug therapy for Cushing's disease

Anonymous, 2013:
Lack of strong effect modification by NFE2L2/CYP3A5/ABO of the risk of venous thrombosis associated with oral hormone therapy

Khuituan, P.; Wongdee, K.; Jantarajit, W.; Suntornsaratoon, P.; Krishnamra, N.; Charoenphandhu, N., 2013:
Fibroblast growth factor-23 negates 1,25(OH)2D3-induced intestinal calcium transport by reducing the transcellular and paracellular calcium fluxes

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Do mudskippers and lungfishes elucidate the early evolution of four-limbed vertebrates?

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Effect of phenol-induced changes in lipid composition on conformation of OmpF-like porin of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis

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Recognition of intermolecular G-quadruplexes by full length nucleophosmin. Effect of a leukaemia-associated mutation

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MicroRNA-7 downregulates XIAP expression to suppress cell growth and promote apoptosis in cervical cancer cells

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The influence of forefoot varus on eccentric hip torque in adolescents

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Class specific peptide inhibitors for secretory phospholipases A2

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Cytoplasmic proteasomes are not indispensable for cell growth in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Influenza virus utilizes N-linked sialoglycans as receptors in A549 cells

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Integrated analysis of genomics and proteomics reveals that CKIP-1 is a novel macrophage migration regulator

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Non-toxic conformer of amyloid β may suppress amyloid β-induced toxicity in rat primary neurons: implications for a novel therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer's disease

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Activation of type 2 cannabinoid receptors (CB2R) promotes fatty acid oxidation through the SIRT1/PGC-1α pathway

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Proton versus photon radiation therapy for patients with high-risk neuroblastoma: the need for a customized approach

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Incidence and outcomes of patients with late recurrence of Wilms' tumor

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Resolving bony abnormality evolves to diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

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A report on the high prevalence of Anaplasma sp. in buffaloes from two provinces in Pakistan

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Factors Influencing Survival in Stage IV Colorectal Cancer: The Influence of DNA Ploidy

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Developmental strategy and life history traits of Meteorus ictericus, a successful resident parasitoid of the exotic Light Brown Apple Moth in California

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Layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte-polyester hybrid microcapsules for encapsulation and delivery of hydrophobic drugs

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Integration of adeno-associated virus-derived peptides into nonviral vectors to synergistically enhance cellular transfection

Costa, R.R.; Castro, E.; Arias, F.Javier.; Rodríguez-Cabello, J.Carlos.; Mano, Jão.F., 2014:
Multifunctional compartmentalized capsules with a hierarchical organization from the nano to the macro scales

Zhong, Y.; Wang, C.; Cheng, L.; Meng, F.; Zhong, Z.; Liu, Z., 2014:
Gold nanorod-cored biodegradable micelles as a robust and remotely controllable doxorubicin release system for potent inhibition of drug-sensitive and -resistant cancer cells

R.Zhong, Z.H.Zhu, 2013:
Libration dynamics and stability of electrodynamic tethers in satellite deorbit

L.Iorio, 2013:
Perspectives on effectively constraining the location of a massive trans-Plutonian object with the New Horizons spacecraft a sensitivity analysis

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Genetic Structure of a Loblolly Pine Breeding Population at Brazil

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Isolation and characterization of 8 microsatellites and for the Kea Nestor notabilis

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Development and characterisation of microsatellite loci for Murina gracilis Vespertilionidae and cross-species amplification in two other congeneric species

Anonymous, 2013 :
Patholology and diagnosis of corona virus infection in bovine

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathology of classical swine fever in slaughtered pigs

Anonymous, 2013:
Haemato-biochemical and histopathological changes following sub-acute exposure to acetamiprid in male Wistar rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Neuroimmunotoxicity of Bisphenol A in rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathology of ?-cyhalothrin toxicity and its amelioration in rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathomorphological changes induced by Datura stramonium seed toxicity in rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of ?- tocopherol on pathological alteration induced by acute exposure of chlorpyrifos with E coli infection in albino rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Clinicopathological studies on spontaneous Trichosomoidiasis in rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Sero-prevalance and pathology of classical swine fever CSF in pigs in certain districts of Assam

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathology of parvovirus infection in dogs

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathological and molecular diagnosis of naturally occurring inclusion body hepatitis-hydropericardium syndrome in broiler chickens

Anonymous, 2013:
Causes of mortality in leopards Panthera pardus in Himachal Pradesh

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathological alterations in the liver of Swiss albino mice induced by different degree of gamma radiation and cadmium

Anonymous, 2013:
Metastatic behavior of human tumour xenografts in immuno-compromised mouse model

Anonymous, 2013:
Haemato-biochemical and pathological studies of alpha-hexyl cinnamic aldehyde toxicity in Wistar rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Achyranthes aspera Linn accelerates cutaneous wound healing in immunocompromised rats by modulating endogenous antioxidants

Anonymous, 2013:
A report on cerebral microfilariasis and its concurrence with rabies in canines

Anonymous, 2013:
Hepatoid adenocarcinoma of anal region in a dog

Anonymous, 2013:
Diagnosis of group A rotavirus infection in piglets by polymerase chain reaction targeting gene segment 6

Anonymous, 2013:
Spirocercosis in stray dogs

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathological changes caused by highly pathogenic Escherichia coli infection in pigs

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathology of naturally occurring paratuberculosis in caprine

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathomorphological changes induced by cypermethrin toxicity in broilers and its amelioration with vitamin E

Anonymous, 2013:
Unusual occurrence of haemorrhagic anaemia syndrome in broilers

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathology of epidermoid cyst in the spinal cord of swiss albino mice

Anonymous, 2013:
Spontaneous occurrence of luteoma and uterine adenocarcinoma in the reproductive tract of a rabbit

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of chemical industry effluent on macrophage functions of mice

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparison of TaqMan real time PCR with immunofluorescence for diagnosis of rabies

Anonymous, 2013:
Testicular hydrops in Wistar rat - A case rerort

Anonymous, 2013:
Clinicopathological assessment of cutaneous multicentric lymphoma in a dog

Anonymous, 2013:
Intestinal coccidiosis in a Nilgai calf Boselaphus tragocamelus

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathomorphological changes induced by chlorpyrifos in broilers and their amelioration with selenium

Anonymous, 2013:
Inclusion body hepatitis-hydropericardium syndrome in commercial broiler chickens

Anonymous, 2013:
Pathology of spontaneous cases of early chick mortality in Odisha

Chelouche, A.; Djouadi, D.; Aksas, A., 2014:
Structural characterization of SiO2/Zn2SiO4Ce nanocomposite obtained by sol gel method

Liew, G.M.; Foulk, M.S.; Gerbi, S.A., 2014:
The ecdysone receptor (ScEcR-A) binds DNA puffs at the start of DNA amplification in Sciara coprophila

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Acute psychosis associated with recreational use of benzofuran 6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran (6-APB) and cannabis

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Antibiotic resistance, population structure and spread of Staphylococcus aureus in nursing homes in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine

Anonymous, 2013:
Late life rapamycin treatment reverses age-related heart dysfunction

Shemesh, N.; Shai, N.; Ben-Zvi, A., 2014:
Germline stem cell arrest inhibits the collapse of somatic proteostasis early in Caenorhabditis elegans adulthood

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The human ΔNp53 isoform triggers metabolic and gene expression changes that activate mTOR and alter mitochondrial function

Dubas, E.; Janowiak, F.; Krzewska, M.; Hura, T.; Żur, I., 2014:
Endogenous ABA concentration and cytoplasmic membrane fluidity in microspores of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) genotypes differing in responsiveness to androgenesis induction

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A meta-analysis of mortality and major adverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events following transcatheter aortic valve implantation versus surgical aortic valve replacement for severe aortic stenosis

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Comparison of twelve-lead electrocardiogram using a glove-based recording system with standard methodology

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Incomplete revascularization is associated with greater risk of long-term mortality after stenting in the era of first generation drug-eluting stents

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Fragment-based ligand design of novel potent inhibitors of tankyrases

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Identification of cinnamic acid derivatives as novel antagonists of the prokaryotic proton-gated ion channel GLIC

Hiller, C.; Kühhorn, J.; Gmeiner, P., 2013:
Class A G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) dimers and bivalent ligands

Kostova, M.B.; Rosen, D.Marc.; Chen, Y.; Mease, R.C.; Denmeade, S.R., 2013:
Structural optimization, biological evaluation, and application of peptidomimetic prostate specific antigen inhibitors

Anonymous, 2013:
Efficacite du rituximab dans un cas de syndrome de Lambert-Eaton non paraneoplasique seronegatif

Anonymous, 2013:
Sarcoidose mediastinale dans un contexte oncologique  apport de la ponction aspiration guidee par echoendoscopie

Nebsen, M.; Elsayed, G.M.; AbdelKawy, M.; ELkhateeb, S.Z., 2013:
Determination of Ofloxacin and Dexamethasone in Dexaflox eye drops through different ratio spectra manipulating methods

Belal, T.S.; Abdel-Hay, M.H.; Sabry, S.M.; Mahgoub, A.A., 2013:
HPLC-DAD stability indicating determination of nizatidine in bulk and capsules dosage form

Mesquita, Jão.Rodrigo.; Costantini, Vónica.P.; Cannon, J.L.; Lin, S-ching.; Nascimento, M.São.José.; Vinjé, J., 2014:
Presence of antibodies against genogroup VI norovirus in humans

Gastón, A.; García-Viñas, J.I., 2013:
Evaluating the predictive performance of stacked species distribution models applied to plant species selection in ecological restoration

Li, F.; Li, F.; Zhao, T.; Mao, G.; Zou, Y.; Zheng, D.; Takase, M.; Feng, W.; Wu, X.; Yang, L., 2013:
Solid-state fermentation of industrial solid wastes from the fruits of milk thistle Silybum marianum for feed quality improvement

Chen, Y-Fei.; Chao, H.; Zhou, N-Yi., 2014:
The catabolism of 2,4-xylenol and p-cresol share the enzymes for the oxidation of para-methyl group in Pseudomonas putida NCIMB 9866

Turner, A.S.; Faure, Sébastien.; Zhang, Y.; Laurie, D.A., 2014:
The effect of day-neutral mutations in barley and wheat on the interaction between photoperiod and vernalization

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QTL mapping of stalk bending strength in a recombinant inbred line maize population

Ito, N.; Barnes, G.R.; Fukushima, J.; Fukushima, K.; Warabi, T., 2014:
Cue-dependent memory-based smooth-pursuit in normal human subjects: importance of extra-retinal mechanisms for initial pursuit

Arpinar-Avsar, P.; Park, J.; Zatsiorsky, V.M.; Latash, M.L., 2014:
Effects of muscle vibration on multi-finger interaction and coordination

Leonel Mendoza, Raquel Vilela, 2013:
The Mammalian Pathogenic Oomycetes

Anonymous, 2013:
Reconstruction tridimensionnelle informatisee du segment retrohepatique de la veine cave inferieure d’un embryon humain de 20mm

Weng, H-lei.; Feng, D-chun.; Radaeva, S.; Kong, X-ni.; Wang, L.; Liu, Y.; Li, Q.; Shen, H.; Gao, Y-peng.; Müllenbach, R.; Munker, S.; Huang, T.; Chen, J-lin.; Zimmer, V.; Lammert, F.; Mertens, P.R.; Cai, W-min.; Dooley, S.; Gao, B., 2014:
IFN-γ inhibits liver progenitor cell proliferation in HBV-infected patients and in 3,5-diethoxycarbonyl-1,4-dihydrocollidine diet-fed mice

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Impaired pulmonary nitric oxide bioavailability in pulmonary tuberculosis: association with disease severity and delayed mycobacterial clearance with treatment

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Risk stratification of hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis B virus e antigen-negative carriers by combining viral biomarkers

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Immunological characterization of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in patients with acute pulmonary coccidioidomycosis

Anonymous, 2013:
B anthracis Cell Wall Peptidoglycan but not Lethal or Edema Toxins Produces Changes Consistent with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation in a Rat Model

Hanneke J.Nijland, Noelle M.C.Aarts…, 2013:
Frames and Ambivalence in Context An Analysis of Hands-On Experts’ Perception of the Welfare of Animals in Traveling Circuses in The Netherlands

Toshinaga Miura, Yusuke Kozai, Ryota Kawamata, Hiromi Wakao…, 2014:
Inhibitory effect of a fermented soy product from lactic acid bacteria PS-B1 on deterioration of bone mass and quality in ovariectomized mice

Brasky, T.M.; Li, Y.; Jaworowicz, D.J.; Potischman, N.; Ambrosone, C.B.; Hutson, A.D.; Nie, J.; Shields, P.G.; Trevisan, M.; Rudra, C.B.; Edge, S.B.; Freudenheim, J.L., 2014:
Pregnancy-related characteristics and breast cancer risk

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Biobambam tools for read pair collation based algorithms on BAM files

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Invisible stimuli, implicit thresholds Why not-seen judgments cannot be interpreted in isolation

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Populations in statistical genetic modelling and inference

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Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging findings for primary middle-ear carcinoma

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Modified nasal dermoplasty technique for treatment of recurrent polyposis: preliminary results

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Two cases of nasopharyngeal branchial cleft cyst treated by powered instrument assisted marsupialisation

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Management of sarcomatoid salivary duct carcinoma of the submandibular gland duct with coexisting seropositive human immunodeficiency virus

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Diverse deep-sea fungi from the South China Sea and their antimicrobial activity

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Evidence of the involvement of the monoaminergic systems in the antidepressant-like effect of Aloysia gratissima

Anonymous, 2013:
World Health Agency Gets a Grip on Its Budget

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Filtration of dermal fibroblast-conditioned culture media is required for the reliable quantitation of cleaved carboxy-terminal peptide of collagen type I (CICP) by ELISA

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Regional distribution and metabolic effect of PCSK9 insLEU and R46L gene mutations and apoE genotype

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Investigation of curd grains in Swiss-type cheese using light and confocal laser scanning microscopy

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Novel method for quantification of individual free fatty acids in milk using an in-solution derivatisation approach and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Perampanel a guide to its use in partial-onset seizures

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Assessment of adverse effects of antiepileptic drugs The patients view

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Is valproate contraindicated in young women with epilepsy? No

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Pharmacological treatment strategies Mechanisms of antiepileptic drugs

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Pharmacoresistant epilepsy Definition and explanation

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The treatment gap in epilepsy A global perspective

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How clinically useful are regulatory trials with new antiepileptic drugs?

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When and how to stop antiepileptic drugs

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Treatment of first seizure in adults A comprehensive approach integrating 10 key principles

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The effect of complementary and alternative medicine on the quality of life of cancer survivors: a systematic review and meta-analyses

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The ~10 hour modulation of the relativistic electron spectrum as a result of the periodic motion of the Jovian outer magnetosphere layer Ulysses observations

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An iterative method for obtaining a nonlinear solution for the temperature distribution of a rotating spherical body revolving in a circular orbit around a star

Anonymous, 2013:
Geometric Morphometric Approaches to Acoustic Signal Analysis in Mammalian Biology

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Aktueller Stand der Tubenfunktionsdiagnostik

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A live birth from vitrified-warmed oocytes in a Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoid leukemia patient 5 years following allogenic bone marrow transplantation and after a magnitude 90 earthquake in Japan

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Bucket structure in carbonate accumulations of the Maldive, Chagos and Laccadive archipelagos

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Soft-sediment deformation structures in NW Germany caused by Late Pleistocene seismicity

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Capture success higher near roads for san clemente island foxes

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Social network analysis of wild chimpanzees provides insights for predicting infectious disease risk

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Acute panmyelosis with myelofibrosis - a rare subtype of acute myeloid leukemia

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Vegetation controls methane emissions in a coastal brackish fen

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Ellipticine binds to a human telomere sequence: an additional mode of action as a putative anticancer agent?

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Does a single nucleotide polymorphism in the FGFR explain the connection between diabetes and cancer?

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Germline energetics, aging, and female infertility

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Diet1 functions in the FGF15/19 enterohepatic signaling axis to modulate bile acid and lipid levels

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Pathways in microbe-induced obesity

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The Mitochondrial Chaperone TRAP1 Promotes Neoplastic Growth by Inhibiting Succinate Dehydrogenase

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MICU1 Controls Both the Threshold and Cooperative Activation of the Mitochondrial Ca2+ Uniporter

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Mitochondrial Ca2+ Uptake Induces Cyclic AMP Generation in the Matrix and Modulates Organelle ATP Levels

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Epigenetic silencing mediates mitochondria stress-induced longevity

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Randomised trial of blood transfusion versus a restrictive transfusion policy after hip fracture surgery

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Modulation of SAP dependent T:B cell interactions as a strategy to improve vaccination

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γ-Herpesvirus-encoded miRNAs and their roles in viral biology and pathogenesis

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Historical Review about Research on "Bonghan System" in China

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ATP release from mast cells by physical stimulation: a putative early step in activation of acupuncture points

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Total Phenolics and Total Flavonoids Contents and Hypnotic Effect in Mice of Ziziphus mauritiana Lam. Seed Extract

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Statin diabetogenicity: guidance for clinicians

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Statins in cardiometabolic disease: what makes pitavastatin different?

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Development of psoriasis in a patient with chronic myelogenous leukaemia during nilotinib treatment

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NK expansion, HLA-E expression and CD14+ CD56+ monocytes in a Myelodysplastic Syndrome Patient

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A case series of CAEBV of children and young adults treated with reduced intensity conditioning and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation; a single center study

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Mesenchymal stem cells generate a CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ regulatory T cell population during the differentiation process of Th1 and Th17 cells

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Fludarabine treatment favors the retention of miR-485-3p by prostate cancer cells: implications for survival

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Comparison of self-processing of foot-and-mouth disease virus leader proteinase and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus leader proteinase nsp1α

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Randomized prospective crossover study of interstim lead wire placement with curved versus straight stylet

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Donor management and lung preservation for lung transplantation

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WS-SNPs&GO: a web server for predicting the deleterious effect of human protein variants using functional annotation

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Assessment of computational methods for predicting the effects of missense mutations in human cancers

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The SAAP pipeline and database: tools to analyze the impact and predict the pathogenicity of mutations

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Revealing selection in cancer using the predicted functional impact of cancer mutations. Application to nomination of cancer drivers

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μFEA successfully exhibits higher stresses and strains in microdamaged regions of whole vertebrae

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Adduction moment increases with age in healthy obese individuals

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Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-type 2 (rhBMP-2) enhances local bone formation in the lumbar spine of osteoporotic sheep

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Gene-environment contributions to energy and macronutrient intakes in 9-year-old children: results from the Quebec Newborn Twin Study

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Sunitinib as an anti-endometriotic agent

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Multilayer laminar co-extrudate as a novel controlled release dosage form

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Soil organic carbon and nutrients along an alpine grassland transect across northern Tibet

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Expression of the genes coding for plastidic acetyl-CoA carboxylase subunits is regulated by a location-sensitive transcription factor binding site

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Risk factors for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in patients with community-onset and hospital-onset pneumonia

Anonymous, 2013:
Integrating the Hyogo Framework into Mongolias disaster DRR policy

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Characteristics of landslides in western Colorado, USA

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Dynamic cervical plate versus static cervical plate in the anterior cervical discectomy and fusion: a systematic review

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Source parameters of earthquakes in the reservoir-triggered seismic RTS zone of Koyna–Warna, Western India

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Arsenic speciation in the blood of arsenite-treated F344 rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Replication past the Butadiene Diepoxide-Derived DNA Adduct S-4-N6-Deoxyadenosinyl-2,3-dihydroxybutylglutathione by DNA Polymerases

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Structure and thermodynamic insights on acetylaminofluorene-modified deletion DNA duplexes as models for frameshift mutagenesis

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Value of diffusion-weighted MR imaging performed with quantitative apparent diffusion coefficient values for cervical lymphadenopathy

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Observer-rated pain assessment instruments improve both the detection of pain and the evaluation of pain intensity in people with dementia

Kubota, K.; Mizukoshi, T.; Miyano, H., 2014:
A new approach for quantitative analysis of L-phenylalanine using a novel semi-sandwich immunometric assay

Lee, H.Y.; Choi, J.-K.; Park, J.H., 2014:
The primary care physician and cancer literacy Reducing health disparities in an immigrant population

Christopher J.Crnich, 2013:
Impact and Management of MRSA in the Long-Term Care Setting

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