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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36943

Chapter 36943 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A role for aeration and intake depth in managing toxic Cylindrospermopsis A comparison between off-stream and riverine environments in the Fitzroy Basin, Australia
, Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management 18(2): 179-196 (2013)

Spatial distribution and habitat characterization of schistosomiasis host snails in lake and land habitats of western Kenya
, Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management 18(2): 197-215 (2013)

Haemoglobin dynamics in Papuan and non-Papuan adults in northeast Papua, Indonesia, with acute, uncomplicated vivax or falciparum malaria
, Malaria Journal 12: 209 (2013)

The Survival of Transplants of Rare Ligularia sibirica is Enhanced by Neighbouring Plants
, Folia Geobotanica 49(2): 163-173 (2014)

Role of Urodynamic Study in Nocturnal Enuresis: Urodynamic Findings and Treatment Outcome Correlation in Children with Pharmacotherapy-resistant Monosymptomatic Nocturnal Enuresis or Severe Non-monosymptomatic Nocturnal Enuresis
, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms 6(2): 88-93 (2014)

Hyperprolactinemia impairs object recognition without altering spatial learning in male rats
, Behavioural Brain Research 252: 32-39 (2013)

Environmental enrichment effects on the neurobehavioral profile of selective outbred trait anxiety rats
, Behavioural Brain Research 252: 49-57 (2013)

GABAA-receptor activation in the subthalamic nucleus compensates behavioral asymmetries in the hemiparkinsonian rat
, Behavioural Brain Research 252: 58-67 (2013)

Pair housing differentially affects motivation to self-administer cocaine in male and female rats
, Behavioural Brain Research 252: 68-71 (2013)

Regulation of the osterix (Osx, Sp7) promoter by osterix and its inhibition by parathyroid hormone
, Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 51(1): 99-108 (2013)

Fluorescent activated cell sorting (FACS) combined with gene expression microarrays for transcription enrichment profiling of zebrafish lateral line cells
, Methods 62(3): 226-231 (2013)

Guide surgery osteotomy system (GSOS) a new device for treatment in orthognathic surgery
, Journal of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery 42(3): 234-238 (2014)

Osteotomy in the vertical ramus outside the mandibular foramen for tumours in the parapharyngeal space
, JournalofCranio-Maxillo-FacialSurgery42(3):E29 (2014)

Acute hypoglycemia impairs executive cognitive function in adults with and without type 1 diabetes
, Diabetes Care 36(10): 3240-3246 (2013)

Association Between Remission of Macroalbuminuria and Preservation of Renal Function in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus With Overt Proteinuria
, Unknown (2013)

Race/ethnicity disparities in dysglycemia among U.S. women of childbearing age found mainly in the nonoverweight/nonobese
, Diabetes Care 36(10): 3033-3039 (2013)

Long-Term Fine Particulate Matter Exposure and Mortality From Diabetes Mellitus in Canada
, Unknown (2013)

Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Cardiac Sympathetic Innervation in Patients With Heart Failure A 123I meta-iodobenzylguanidine 123I MIBG scintigraphic study
, Unknown (2013)

Early progression of diabetic nephropathy correlates with methylglyoxal-derived advanced glycation end products
, Diabetes Care 36(10): 3234-3239 (2013)

Youth initiated mentoring: investigating a new approach to working with vulnerable adolescents
, American Journal of Community Psychology 52(1-2): 155-169 (2013)

Sequencing and validation of housekeeping genes for quantitative real-time PCR during the gonadotrophic cycle of Diploptera punctata
, Bmc Research Notes 6: 237 (2013)

Evaluation of 18F-FDG PET/CT as a diagnostic imaging and staging tool for feline oral squamous cell carcinoma
, Veterinary and Comparative Oncology 14(1): 28-38 (2016)

Intracranial EEG evaluation of relationship within a resting state network
, Clinical Neurophysiology 124(10): 1943-1951 (2013)

Projected climate-driven faunal movement routes
, Ecology Letters 16(8): 1014-1022 (2013)

Evolution of mate choice and the so-called magic traits in ecological speciation
, Ecology Letters 16(8): 1004-1013 (2013)

Oral desmopressin lyophilisate (MELT) for monosymptomatic enuresis: structured versus abrupt withdrawal
, Journal of Pediatric Urology 10(1): 52-55 (2014)

Willingness to pay and benefita cost analysis of modern contraceptives in Nigeria
, Unknown (2013)

The use of nitazoxanide against the pathogens Ichthyophthirius multii liis and Aeromonas hydrophila in silver catfish Rhamdia quelen
, Unknown (2013)

The osseointegration stimulatory effect of macrogeometry-modified implants: a study in the rabbit
, Clinical Oral Implants Research 25(9): 1051-1055 (2014)

Impact of proangiogenic factors on organization and biodegradation of a collagen matrix. An immunohistochemical study in rats
, Clinical Oral Implants Research 25(4): 530-538 (2014)

Impact of implanta abutment connection and positioning of the machined collar/microgap on crestal bone level changes a systematic review
, Unknown (2013)

Apixaban as an alternate oral anticoagulant for the management of patients with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
, Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis 19(5): 482-487 (2013)

Testa Retest reliability of Oral Health Impact Profile OHIP-49 in adults with systemic sclerosis
, Unknown (2013)

Addressing the oral healthcare needs of special needs children pediatric nursesa self-perceived effectiveness
, Unknown (2013)

A qualitative study of the dimensions of patientsa perceptions of facial disfigurement after head and neck cancer surgery
, Unknown (2013)

Reconstructing past atmospheric pollution levels using gravestone erosion rates
, Area 45(3): 321-329 (2013)

Barriers and motivators to exercise for older adults: a focus on those living in rural and remote areas of Australia
, Australian Journal of Rural Health 21(3): 141-149 (2013)

Is clinical oral health poorer in regional areas compared with major city areas?
, Australian Journal of Rural Health 21(3): 150-157 (2013)

Simple cost analysis of a rural dental training facility in Australia
, Australian Journal of Rural Health 21(3): 158-162 (2013)

Splenic injury admitted to a rural Level 3 trauma centre: a 10-year audit
, Australian Journal of Rural Health 21(3): 163-169 (2013)

Embracing autism in Canadian rural communities
, Australian Journal of Rural Health 21(3): 178-182 (2013)

Effectiveness of cognitive behavioural coaching in improving the well-being and retention of rural general practitioners
, Australian Journal of Rural Health 21(3): 183-189 (2013)

Migration background and juvenile mental health a descriptive retrospective analysis of diagnostic rates of psychiatric disorders in young people
, Global Health Action 6 (2013)

New measures for assessing model equilibrium and prediction mismatch in species distribution models
, Diversity and Distributions (2013)

The use of habitat suitability models and speciesa area relationships to predict extinction debts in coastal forests, South Africa
, Unknown (2013)

Integrating ensemble species distribution modelling and statistical phylogeography to inform projections of climate change impacts on species distributions
, Diversity and Distributions (2013)

Speciesa people correlations and the need to account for survey effort in biodiversity analyses
, Unknown (2013)

Do protected areas represent species optimal climatic conditions? A test using Iberian water beetles
, Diversity and Distributions (2013)

Informing conservation units barriers to dispersal for the yellow anaconda
, Diversity and Distributions (2013)

Reliability and minimal detectable change of gait variables in community-dwelling and hospitalized older fallers
, Gait and Posture 38(4): 1010-1014 (2013)

An alternative technical marker set for the pelvis is more repeatable than the standard pelvic marker set
, Gait and Posture 38(4): 1032-1037 (2013)

Early biomarkers related to secondary primary cancer risk in radiotherapy treated prostate cancer patients: IMRT versus IMAT
, RadioTherapy and Oncology 107(3): 377-381 (2013)

The role of MRI in the evaluation of muscle diseases
, The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine 44(3): 607-615 (2013)

Low-frequency intermediate penetrance variants in the ROCK1 gene predispose to Tetralogy of Fallot
, Bmc Genetics 14: 57 (2013)

Happy Tweets Christians Are Happier, More Socially Connected, and Less Analytical Than Atheists on Twitter
, Social Psychological and Personality Science 5(2): 243-249 (2013)

The Moral Compass of Insecurity Anxious and Avoidant Attachment Predict Moral Judgment
, Social Psychological and Personality Science (2013)

Nicotine Alters Fooda Cue Reactivity via Networks Extending From the Hypothalamus
, Unknown (2013)

Scope for introducing payments for ecosystem services as a strategy to reduce deforestation in the Kilombero wetlands catchment area
, Forest Policy and Economics 38: 81-89 (2014)

Avian frugivore assemblages on Celtis gomphophylla, Baker, in Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda
, African Journal of Ecology 52(1): 97-102 (2014)

Fractal variogram-based timea space of aftershock sequences analysisa case study the May 21, 2003 Boumerdesa Algeria earthquake, Mwa =a 68
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of strain rate on strength properties of low-calcium fly-ash-based geopolymer mortar under dry condition
, Arabian Journal of Geosciences 6(7): 2383-2389 (2013)

Detection and identification of red cell alloantibodies in multiply transfused thalassemia major patients: a prospective study
, Indian Journal of Hematology and Blood Transfusion 30(4): 291-296 (2014)

Pure Motor Axonal Neuropathy, Organomegaly, Impaired Glucose Tolerance, M Protein, Skin Changes, Multiple Plasmacytomas amp; Acute Interstitial Nephritis in Osteolytic Myeloma Beyond POEMS
, Unknown (2013)

Acute Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction in a Patient with Bombay Phenotype: Implications for ABO Grouping
, Indian Journal of Hematology and Blood Transfusion 30(Suppl 1): 108-110 (2014)

Computational Prospecting for Druga Transporter Interactions
, Unknown (2013)

A transgenic zebrafish model of a human cardiac sodium channel mutation exhibits bradycardia, conduction-system abnormalities and early death
, Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 61: 123-132 (2013)

Basin compartmentalization and drainage evolution during rift inversion evidence from the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia
, Geological Society London Special Publications (2013)

Shortening, structural relief and drainage evolution in inverted rifts insights from the Atlas Mountains, the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia and the Pyrenees
, Geological Society London Special Publications (2013)

Anatectic reworking and differentiation of continental crust along the active margin of Gondwana a zircon Hf-O perspective from West Antarctica
, Geological Society, London, Special Publications 383(1): 169-210 (2013)

Nyamulagiras magma plumbing system inferred from 15 years of InSAR
, Geological Society, London, Special Publications 380(1): 39-65 (2013)

Changes in weight over the school year and summer vacation: results of a 5-year longitudinal study
, Journal of School Health 83(7): 473-477 (2013)

Understanding students' perceptions of a high school course designed to enhance school connectedness
, Journal of School Health 83(7): 478-484 (2013)

Game-based learning as a vehicle to teach first aid content: a randomized experiment
, Journal of School Health 83(7): 493-499 (2013)

Nurses and teachers: partnerships for green health promotion
, Journal of School Health 83(7): 508-513 (2013)

Who should answer the question a oCan I drive with this plaster cast?
, Unknown (2013)

A red tide off the Myanmar coast Morphological and genetic identification of the dinoflagellate composition
, Harmful Algae 27: S1568988313000838-158 (2013)

Facies heterogeneity and depositional models of a Ladinian Middle Triassic microbial-dominated carbonate ramp system Catalan Coastal Ranges, NE Spain
, Marine and Petroleum Geology 46: 107-128 (2013)

Results of a French multicentre retrospective experience with four hundred and eighteen failed unicondylar knee arthroplasties
, International Orthopaedics 37(7): 1273-1278 (2013)

Two-stage procedure in anterior cruciate ligament revision surgery: a five-year follow-up prospective study
, International Orthopaedics 37(7): 1369-1374 (2013)

Integrating Management Techniques to Restore Sites Invaded by Mile-a-Minute Weed, Persicaria perfoliata
, Restoration Ecology (2013)

Are haemoglobin levels adequate in patients with chronic kidney disease ckd stage 2a 4?
, Unknown (2013)

Observer effects occur when estimating alert but not flight-initiation distances
, Wildlife Research 40(4): 289 (2013)

Proteomic analysis of rat tibialis anterior muscles at different stages of experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis
, Journal of Neuroimmunology 261(1-2): 141-145 (2013)

Modulation of IL-8 boosted by Mycoplasma pneumoniae lysate in human airway epithelial cells
, Journal of Clinical Immunology 33(6): 1117-1125 (2013)

7-Ketocholesterol induces P-glycoprotein through PI3K/mTOR signaling in hepatoma cells
, Biochemical Pharmacology 86(4): 548-560 (2013)

Effects of dietary vitamin E on muscle vitamin E and fatty acid content in Aohan fine-wool sheep
, Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology 4(1): 21 (2013 )

Automatic extraction of building roofs using LIDAR data and multispectral imagery
, ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 83: 1-18 (2013)

Examining attitudes, beliefs, and intentions regarding the use of exercise as punishment in physical education and sport an application of the theory of reasoned action
, Journal of Applied Social Psychology 43(7): 1436-1445 (2013)

The a unskilled and unawarea effect is linear in a real-world setting
, Unknown (2013)

Traitement des brides de la maladie de Dupuytren par la collag nase injectable
, Unknown (2013)

Robotic Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
, Unknown (2013)

Radial artery spasm associated with transradial cardiovascular procedures: results from the RAS registry
, Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 83(1): E32 (2014)

Comparison of near-infrared spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography for detection of lipid
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 61(10): E1796 (2013)

Acute limb ischemia due to abdominal compartment syndrome
, Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 83(1): 141-143 (2014)

Maxillofacial injuries and traumatic brain injury a a pilot study
, Unknown (2013)

Patients' and family members' views on patient-centered communication during cancer care
, Psycho-Oncology 22(11): 2487-2495 (2013)

Cross-sectional observational study of 208 patients with non-classical urea cycle disorders
, Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease 37(1): 21-30 (2014)

The critical roles of localization and physiology for understanding parietal contributions to memory retrieval
, Neuroscientist 19(6): 578-591 (2013)

Methamphetamine use and HIV in relation to social cognition
, Journal of Health Psychology 18(7): 900-910 (2013)

Understanding how mothers of adolescent girls obtain information about the human papillomavirus vaccine: associations between mothers' health beliefs, information seeking, and vaccination intentions in an ethnically diverse sample
, Journal of Health Psychology 18(7): 926-938 (2013)

The role of gap junction proteins in the development of neural network functional topology
, Insect Molecular Biology 22(5): 457-472 (2013)

3D- microanatomy of the semiterrestrial slug Gascoignella aprica Jensen, 1985a a basal plakobranchacean sacoglossan Gastropoda, Panpulmonata
, Unknown (2013)

Expansion of recipient-derived antiviral T cells may influence donor chimerism after allogeneic stem cell transplantation
, Transplant Infectious Disease 15(6): 627-633 (2013)

Importance of closed landfills as green space in urbanized areas ecological assessment using carabid beetles
, Landscape and Ecological Engineering 10(2): 277-284 (2014)

Therapeutic effect of prolonged treatment with topical dorzolamide for cystoid macular oedema in patients with retinitis pigmentosa
, British Journal of Ophthalmology 97(9): 1187-1191 (2013)

Long-term outcome of surgical treatment of chronic postoperative groin pain: a word of caution
, Hernia 19(4): 587-594 (2015)

An in vitro study assessing the effect of mesh morphology and suture fixation on bacterial adherence
, Hernia 17(6): 779-789 (2013)

Effect of lycopene application in rats with experimental diabetes using lipoprotein, paraoxonase and cytokines
, Journal of Membrane Biology 246(8): 621-626 (2013)

On the electroporation thresholds of lipid bilayers: molecular dynamics simulation investigations
, Journal of Membrane Biology 246(11): 843-850 (2013)

Planning of electroporation-based treatments using Web-based treatment-planning software
, Journal of Membrane Biology 246(11): 833-842 (2013)

Improving PMTCT uptake in rural South Africa
, Journal of the International Association of Providers of Aids Care 13(3): 269-276 (2014)

A common mode of variability of African and Indian monsoon rainfall at decadal timescale
, Climate Dynamics 41(2): 243-254 (2013)

Determination of toxic elements (mercury, cadmium, lead, tin and arsenic) in fish and shellfish samples. Risk assessment for the consumers
, Environment International 59: 63-72 (2013)

An adaptive-design dose-ranging study of PD 0348292, an oral factor Xa inhibitor, for thromboprophylaxis after total knee replacement surgery
, Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 11(8): 1503-1510 (2013)

Developmental changes in human megakaryopoiesis
, Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 11(9): 1730-1741 (2013)

Embolic burden of incidental pulmonary embolism diagnosed on routinely performed contrast-enhanced CT-imaging in cancer patients
, Unknown (2013)

The imbalanced expression of adenosine receptors in an epilepsy model corrected using targeted mesenchymal stem cell transplantation
, Molecular Neurobiology 48(3): 921-930 (2013)

Reviving brain death: a functionalist view
, Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 10(3): 383-392 (2013)

Conceptualising a Child-Centric Paradigm
, Unknown (2013)

Novel antidepressant-like activity of propolis extract mediated by enhanced glucocorticoid receptor function in the hippocampus
, Evidence-BasedComplementaryandAlternativeMedicine2013:217853 (2013)

Pediatric cardiovascular interventional devices: effect on CMR images at 1.5 and 3 Tesla
, Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 15: 54 (2013)

Mechanotherapy: revisiting physical therapy and recruiting mechanobiology for a new era in medicine
, Trends in Molecular Medicine 19(9): 555-564 (2013)

Ephrin-A1/EphA4-mediated adhesion of monocytes to endothelial cells
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1833(10): 2201-2211 (2013)

Nucleoid localization of Hsp40 Mdj1 is important for its function in maintenance of mitochondrial DNA
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1833(10): 2233-2243 (2013)

Coastal Marsh Vegetation Assemblages of Galveston Bay Insights for the East Texas Chenier Plain
, Wetlands 33(5): 861-870 (2013)

A novel 3D integrated platform for the high-resolution study of cell migration plasticity
, Macromolecular Bioscience 13(8): 973-983 (2013)

Examining nervios among immigrant male farmworkers in the MICASA Study: sociodemographics, housing conditions and psychosocial factors
, Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health 17(1): 198-207 (2013)

Hyaluronan fragments induce IFNβ via a novel TLR4-TRIF-TBK1-IRF3-dependent pathway
, Journal of Inflammation 10(1): 23 (2013)

Mitochondrial function is impaired in yeast and human cellular models of Shwachman Diamond syndrome
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 437(1): 29-34 (2013)

Real-time amplification of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene for quality control of leukopoor platelets
, Transfusion 54(2): 445-450 (2014)

Nitroprusside inhibits calcium-induced impairment of red blood cell deformability
, Transfusion 54(2): 434-444 (2014)

Factors affecting successful mobilization with plerixafor: an Italian prospective survey in 215 patients with multiple myeloma and lymphoma
, Transfusion 54(2): 331-339 (2014)

Development of Eimeria nieschulzi (Coccidia, Apicomplexa) Gamonts and Oocysts in Primary Fetal Rat Cells
, Journal of Parasitology Research 2013: 591520 (2013)

Radiotherapy plus nimotuzumab or placebo in the treatment of high grade glioma patients: results from a randomized, double blind trial
, Bmc Cancer 13: 299 (2013)

Secular trends of salted fish consumption and nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a multi-jurisdiction ecological study in 8 regions from 3 continents
, Bmc Cancer 13: 298 (2013)

Co-inhibition of epidermal growth factor receptor and insulin-like growth factor receptor 1 enhances radiosensitivity in human breast cancer cells
, Bmc Cancer 13: 297 (2013)

Antibodies to Trichomonas vaginalis surface glycolipid
, Sexually Transmitted Infections 89(6): 467-472 (2013)

Evaluation of Low Pressure Fogging System for Improving Crop Yield of Tomato Lycopersicon esculentum Mill Grown under Heat Stress Conditions
, Agronomy 3(2): 497-507 (2013)

Orbit classification in the meridional plane of a disk galaxy model with a spherical nucleus
, Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy 116(4): 417-438 (2013)

Prespeech vocalizations and the emergence of speech: a study of 1005 Spanish children
, Spanish Journal of Psychology 16: E32 (2013)

Performance of light-emitting diode fluorescence microscope for diagnosis of tuberculosis
, International Journal of Mycobacteriology 2(3): 174-178 (2013)

Cancer de vessie inhabituel carcinome neuroendocrine petites cellules pur de la vessie propos da une observation et revue de la litt rature
, Unknown (2013)

Globalizing knowledge how technological openness affects output, spatial inequality, and welfare levels
, Journal of Regional Science (2013)

Peripheral androgen receptors sustain the acrobatics and fine motor skill of elaborate male courtship
, Endocrinology 154(9): 3168-3177 (2013)

Leptin action in the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus is sufficient, but not necessary, to normalize diabetic hyperglycemia
, Endocrinology 154(9): 3067-3076 (2013)

White, brown, beige/brite: different adipose cells for different functions?
, Endocrinology 154(9): 2992-3000 (2013)

Investigations of transforming growth factor beta TGF-beta signalling in preantral follicles of female mice reveal differential roles for bone morphogenetic protein 15 BMP15
, Unknown (2013)

Mammary-Specific Ablation of the Calcium Sensing Receptor during Lactation alters Maternal Calcium Metabolism, Milk Calcium Transport and Neonatal Calcium Accrual
, Endocrinology (2013)

Growth Hormone potentiates 17beta-estradiol-dependent breast cancer cell proliferation independently of IGF-I receptor signaling
, Unknown (2013)

Occurrence, virulence genes and antibiotic resistance of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) from twelve bovine farms in the north-east of Ireland
, Zoonoses and Public Health 61(2): 149-156 (2014)

Incidence of sentinel lymph node involvement in a modern, large series of desmoplastic melanoma
, Journal of the American College of Surgeons 217(1): 37 (2013)

Living donor kidney transplantation using laparoscopically procured multiple renal artery kidneys and right kidneys
, Journal of the American College of Surgeons 217(1): 144 (2013)

Safety evaluation of Whole Algalin Protein (WAP) from Chlorella protothecoides
, Food and Chemical Toxicology 59: 34-45 (2013)

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in commercial squids from different geographical origins: levels and risks for human consumption
, Food and Chemical Toxicology 59: 46-54 (2013)

The pleotropic role of statins: Could it be the imminent host modulation agent in periodontics?
, Dental Research Journal 10(2): 143-148 (2013)

Stem cells: Boon to dentistry and medicine
, Dental Research Journal 10(2): 149-154 (2013)

Length and anatomic routes of the greater palatine canal as observedby cone beam computed tomography
, Unknown (2013)

Demographic distribution of odontogenic cysts in Isfahan Iran overa 23a year period 1988a 2010
, Unknown (2013)

A retrospective comparative study on clinicoa pathologic features oforal lichen planus and oral lichenoid lesions
, Unknown (2013)

Assessing the sedative effect of oral vs submucosal meperidine inpediatric dental patients
, Unknown (2013)

Immunohistochemical comparison of cyclin D1 and P16 in odontogenic keratocyst and unicystic ameloblastoma
, Dental Research Journal 10(2): 180-183 (2013)

Evaluation of hardness and wear resistance of interim restorativematerials
, Unknown (2013)

Comparison of osteogenic medium and uniaxial strain on differentiation of endometrial stem cells
, Dental Research Journal 10(2): 190-196 (2013)

The accuracy of single emulsion radiographic film in linear measurement of spiral tomography
, Dental Research Journal 10(2): 197-201 (2013)

The effect of joint surface contours and glass fiber reinforcement onthe transverse strength of repaired acrylic resin An in vitro study
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation of a bioresorbable collagen membrane of fish origin in the treatment of periodontal intrabony defects: A prospective clinical study
, Dental Research Journal 10(2): 225-231 (2013)

Debris and smear layer removal efficacy and changes in morphologyof dentinal tubules after using citric acid, tetracyclinea hydrochlorideand mixture of tetracycline and acid and detergent
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation of the effect of allograft with doxycycline versus the allograftalone in the treatment of infrabony defects A controlled clinical andradiographical study
, Unknown (2013)

The influence of sleep deprivation on expression of apoptosisregulatory proteins p53, bcla 2 and bax following rat tonguecarcinogenesis induced by 4a nitroquinoline 1a oxide
, Unknown (2013)

Laterally positioned flapa revised technique along with platelet richfibrin in the management of Miller class II gingival recession
, Unknown (2013)

Adenoid cystic carcinoma of palate A case report and review ofliterature
, Unknown (2013)

Optimizing human factors in dentistry
, Dental Research Journal 10(2): 254-259 (2013)

Reprint of a oOrganizational restructuring in British Columbias forest industries 1980a 2010 The survival of a dinosaur
, Unknown (2013)

Stability and saturation of soil organic carbon in rice fields evidence from a long-term fertilization experiment in subtropical China
, Journal of Soils and Sediments 13(8): 1327-1334 (2013)

Plasma klotho levels decrease in both anorexia nervosa and obesity
, Nutrition 29(9): 1106-1109 (2013)

Posttraumatic stress disorders in the Nanai after pollution of the Amur River: ethnocultural analysis
, Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine 18(6): 485-493 (2013)

Rapid progression of a splenic aneurysm due to segmental arterial mediolysis: a rare cause of acute pancreatitis
, Pancreatology 13(5): 553-556 (2013)

Removal of intensive agriculture from the landscape improves aquatic ecosystem health
, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 176: 1-8 (2013)

Growth and metabolic activity of conventional and non-conventional yeasts immobilized in foamed alginate
, Enzyme and Microbial Technology 53(4): 229-234 (2013)

Identification of fluvial wood using google earth
, River Research and Applications 30(7): 857-864 (2014)

Estimating annual riverbank erosion ratesa a dendrogeomorphic method
, Unknown (2013)

Paired streama air temperature measurements reveal fine-scale thermal heterogeneity within headwater brook trout stream networks
, Unknown (2013)

Secondary primary cancer in patients with head and neck carcinoma: the differences among hypopharyngeal, laryngeal, and other sites of head and neck cancer
, European Journal of Cancer Care 23(1): 36-42 (2014)

Nocturnal CPAP improves walking capacity in COPD patients with obstructive sleep apnoea
, Respiratory Research 14: 66 (2013)

Human Merkel cell polyomavirus: virological background and clinical implications
, Apmis 121(8): 755-769 (2013)

The human JC polyomavirus (JCPyV): virological background and clinical implications
, Apmis 121(8): 685-727 (2013)

The human polyomavirus BK (BKPyV): virological background and clinical implications
, Apmis 121(8): 728-745 (2013)

The human polyomaviruses: from orphans and mutants to patchwork family
, Apmis 121(8): 681-684 (2013)

The human polyomaviruses KI and WU: virological background and clinical implications
, Apmis 121(8): 746-754 (2013)

Effect of Age, Body Weight and Multiple Mating on Copitarsia decolora Lepidoptera Noctuidae Reproductive Potential and Longevity
, Journal of Insect Behavior 26(6): 860-872 (2013)

Depositional age, provenance, tectonic and palaeoclimatic settings of the late Mesoproterozoic - middle Neoproterozoic Mbuji-Mayi Supergroup, Democratic Republic of Congo
, Unknown (2013)

Tumor microenvironment profoundly modifies functional status of macrophages: peritoneal and tumor-associated macrophages are two very different subpopulations
, Cellular Immunology 283(1-2): 51-60 (2013)

CD11b+cells in donor-specific transfusion prolonged allogenic skin graft survival through indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase
, Cellular Immunology (2013)

KLF6 and iNOS regulates apoptosis during respiratory syncytial virus infection
, Cellular Immunology 283(1-2): 1-7 (2013 )

Comparison of survival and tumor recurrence rates in patients undergoing liver transplantation for hepatitis B-related hepatocellular carcinoma using Milan, Shanghai Fudan and Hangzhou criteria
, Journal of Digestive Diseases 14(10): 552-558 (2013)

Pomegranate biology and biotechnology A review
, Scientia Horticulturae 160: 85-107 (2013)

The effect of temperature during inflorescence development to flowering and inflorescence length on yield of a Yu Her Paua litchi
, Unknown (2013)

Mini-Midvastus Versus Mini-Medial Parapatellar Approach for Minimally Invasive Total Knee Arthroplasty Outcomes Pendulum Is at Equilibrium
, Unknown (2013)

Detection and quantitation of Escherichia coli O157 in raw milk by direct qPCR
, International Dairy Journal 32(2): 53-60 (2013)

Screening of microbes for lipases specific for saturated medium and long-chain fatty acids of milk fat
, International Dairy Journal 32(2): 61-67 (2013)

Innovative application of confocal Raman microscopy to investigate the interaction between trans-2-hexenal and bovine milk fat globules
, International Dairy Journal 32(2): 68-70 (2013)

Sequential optimisation of yield and sensory quality of semi-hard cheese manufactured from a mixture of ultrafiltered ewes and cows milk
, International Dairy Journal 32(2): 89-98 (2013)

Milk fat globule membrane glycoproteins prevent adhesion of the colonic microbiota and result in increased bacterial butyrate production
, International Dairy Journal 32(2): 99-109 (2013)

Effect of the environmental stimuli upon the human body in winter outdoor thermal environment
, Journal of Environmental and Public Health 2013: 418742 (2013)

Predictors of sustainable work participation of young adults with developmental disorders
, Research in Developmental Disabilities 34(9): 2753-2763 (2013)

Impaired theory of mind and symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder in children with Pradera Willi syndrome
, Unknown (2013)

The Relationship of Patient and Spouse Personality to Cardiac Patientsa Health Two Observational Studies of Mediation and Moderation
, Unknown (2013)

Citrus fertigation a a technology of water and fertilizers saving
, Unknown (2013)

L1CAM in early-stage type I endometrial cancer: results of a large multicenter evaluation
, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 105(15): 1142-1150 (2013)

Imaging diagnosisa celiacomesenteric trunk and portal vein hypoplasia in a pit bull terrier
, Unknown (2013)

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Ex-utero-intrapartum-treatment-Man ver
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Lesbarkeit von medizinischen Texten im Internetangebot deutscher HNO-Universit tskliniken
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Patients we don't like
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Beware of climate change skeptic films
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