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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36955

Chapter 36955 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kaushik, D.; Karnes, R.Jeffrey.; Eisenberg, M.S.; Rangel, L.J.; Carlson, R.E.; Bergstralh, E.J., 2014:
Effect of metformin on prostate cancer outcomes after radical prostatectomy

Mei, M.L.; Ito, L.; Cao, Y.; Li, Q.L.; Lo, E.C.M.; Chu, C.H., 2015:
Inhibitory effect of silver diamine fluoride on dentine demineralisation and collagen degradation

Anonymous, 2013:
Quantitative Sensorische Testung im Gesichtsbereich a eine obersicht

Anonymous, 2013:
Erfassung der Schmerzintensit t mit eindimensionalen Skalen

Addis Alene, K.; Nega, A.; Wasie Taye, B., 2014:
Incidence and predictors of tuberculosis among adult people living with human immunodeficiency virus at the University of Gondar Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia

Chang, M.; Xian, S.; Rubin, J.; Moore, T., 2014:
Latency of chromatic information in area V4

Yun, S-Mi.; Jung, J.Hoon.; Jeong, S-Jin.; Sohn, E.Jung.; Kim, B.; Kim, S-Hoon., 2014:
Tanshinone IIA induces autophagic cell death via activation of AMPK and ERK and inhibition of mTOR and p70 S6K in KBM-5 leukemia cells

Marshall, E.; Esposito, M.J.; Graver, L.Michael., 2014:
Intracaval resection of a partially obstructing intravascular hemangioma using deep hypothermic circulatory arrest

Iftene, F.; Bowie, C.; Milev, R.; Hawken, E.; Talikowska-Szymczak, E.; Potopsingh, D.; Hanna, S.; Mulroy, J.; Groll, D.; Millson, R., 2015:
Identification of primary polydipsia in a severe and persistent mental illness outpatient population: a prospective observational study

Cunill, R.; Huerta-Ramos, E.; Castells, X., 2014:
The effect of obsessive-compulsive symptomatology on executive functions in schizophrenia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Zakharov, S.; Navratil, T.; Pelclova, D., 2014:
Suicide attempts by deliberate self-poisoning in children and adolescents

Anonymous, 2013:
Experimental Method for Characterizing VOC Removal from Fractured Clays during Boiling

Kim, J-Woo.; Baik, M-Hoon.; Jung, H.; Jeong, J-Tae., 2014:
Reactive transport of uranium with bacteria in fractured rock: model development and sensitivity analysis

Kerebel, A.; Cassidy, R.; Jordan, P.; Holden, N.M., 2013:
Farmer perception of suitable conditions for slurry application compared with decision support system recommendations

Domagalska, Młgorzata.; Szopa, A.; Syczewska, Młgorzata.; Pietraszek, Sław.; Kidoń, Z.; Onik, G., 2014:
The relationship between clinical measurements and gait analysis data in children with cerebral palsy

Zein, C.O., 2013:
Primary sclerosing cholangitis

Shi, H.; Tan, B.; Ji, G.; Lu, L.; Cao, A.; Shi, S.; Xie, J., 2013:
Zedoary oil (Ezhu You) inhibits proliferation of AGS cells

Fogli, S.; Stefanelli, F.; Martelli, A.; Daniele, S.; Testai, L.; Calderone, V.; Trincavelli, M.Letizia.; Martini, C.; Breschi, M.Cristina., 2014:
Protective effect of high-dose montelukast on salbutamol-induced homologous desensitisation in airway smooth muscle

Ennan, A.A.; Kiro, S.A.; Oprya, M.V.; Vishnyakov, V.I., 2013:
Particle size distribution of welding fume and its dependency on conditions of shielded metal arc welding

Watanabe, T.; Kojima, H.; Takano, Y.; Fukui, M., 2014:
Diversity of sulfur-cycle prokaryotes in freshwater lake sediments investigated using aprA as the functional marker gene

Voruganti, S.; Lacroix, J.C.; Rogers, C.N.; Rogers, J.; Matts, R.L.; Hartson, S.D., 2014:
The anticancer drug AUY922 generates a proteomics fingerprint that is highly conserved among structurally diverse Hsp90 inhibitors

Di Tucci, C.; Pecorella, I.; Palaia, I.; Benedetti Panici, P., 2014:
Endometrial marginal zone B-cell MALT-type lymphoma: case report and literature review

Anonymous, 2013:
A Review on End-of-life Vehicle Design Process and Management

Anonymous, 2013:
Rehabilitation of Steel-concrete Composite Beams Using FRP

Anonymous, 2013:
Diffusion and Statistical Analysis of STITCH-256

Anonymous, 2013:
A Multi-agents Coordination Mechanism to Improving Real-time Strategy on Tower Defense Game

Anonymous, 2013:
A Research on the Determination of the Ecological Effects of Road Networks The Example of Hendek, Turkey

Anonymous, 2013:
An Optimization Model for the Interconnection among Peers of the P2P Network

Anonymous, 2013:
Research of Regional Emergency Logistics Support Capability Evaluation A Case of Typhoon Disaster in Zhejiang Province

Anonymous, 2013:
CFD Simulation of the Flow in Jet-swirl Nozzle for Preparing Nano-drug During a SEDS Process

Anonymous, 2013:
Satureja khuzestanica Extract Elicits Antinociceptive Activity in Several Model of Pain in Rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Integrating Technology Acceptance Model and Task-technology Fit into Blended E-learning System

Anonymous, 2013:
Cu Accumulation in the Rhizosphere of Lindenbergia philippensis Cham Benth Growing in the Contaminated Sediment

Anonymous, 2013:
Vibrational Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates on Elastic Foundations

Anonymous, 2013:
Relationships among Critical Success Factors of Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance

Li, X.; Zhang, L.; Song, H.; Chou, L., 2013:
Colloidal Heterostructured Nanocrystals for Solar Energy Conversion Applications

Kapoor, M.; Srivastava, P.; Kapoor, I.P.S.; Singh, G.; Fröhlich, R., 2013:
X-Ray Crystallography and Thermolysis of Halide Salts of 2,4,6-Trimethylaniline, Part 90

Xia, H.; Wang, Y.; Lu, L., 2013:
Nanostructured LiNi05Mn15O4 Thin Films Prepared by Low-Temperature Pulsed Laser Deposition for Microbatteries

Wang, J.; Liu, J.; Xu, H.; Ji, S.; Wang, J.; Tian, X., 2013:
Hierarchical m-BiVO4 Microdendrites Hydrothermal Template-Free Crystallization and Their Primary Visible-Light Photocatalyst Application

Sophia, P.J.ice; Arivuoli, D.; Attolini, G.; Bosi, M.; Buffagni, E.; Ferrari, C.; Rossi, F., 2013:
Nanoindentation Studies of Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy Grown Ge/Si Heterostructures

Anonymous, 2013:
Airway burn

Kampman, K.M.; Pettinati, H.M.; Lynch, K.G.; Spratt, K.; Wierzbicki, M.R.; O'Brien, C.P., 2014:
A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of topiramate for the treatment of comorbid cocaine and alcohol dependence

Abreu-Villaça, Y.; Cavina, C.C.; Ribeiro-Carvalho, A.; Correa-Santos, M.; Naiff, V.F.; Filgueiras, C.C.; Manhães, A.C., 2014:
Combined exposure to tobacco smoke and ethanol during adolescence leads to short- and long-term modulation of anxiety-like behavior

Alsharari, S.D.; Freitas, K.; Damaj, M.Imad., 2013:
Functional role of alpha7 nicotinic receptor in chronic neuropathic and inflammatory pain: studies in transgenic mice

Ratcliff, W.C.; Hoverman, M.; Travisano, M.; Denison, R.Ford., 2014:
Disentangling direct and indirect fitness effects of microbial dormancy

Williams, P.David.; Hastings, A., 2014:
Stochastic dispersal and population persistence in marine organisms

Sumayao, R.; McEvoy, B.; Martin-Martin, N.; McMorrow, T.; Newsholme, P., 2014:
Cystine dimethylester loading promotes oxidative stress and a reduction in ATP independent of lysosomal cystine accumulation in a human proximal tubular epithelial cell line

Horai, R.; Silver, P.B.; Chen, J.; Agarwal, R.K.; Chong, W.Po.; Jittayasothorn, Y.; Mattapallil, M.J.; Nguyen, S.; Natarajan, K.; Villasmil, R.; Wang, P.; Karabekian, Z.; Lytton, S.D.; Chan, C-Chao.; Caspi, R.R., 2014:
Breakdown of immune privilege and spontaneous autoimmunity in mice expressing a transgenic T cell receptor specific for a retinal autoantigen

Lichtman, A.H., 2014:
The heart of the matter: protection of the myocardium from T cells

Lee, T., 2013:
Comparison of Breast Cancer Screening Results in Korean Middle-Aged Women: A Hospital-based Prospective Cohort Study

Rapoport, H.F.; Pérez-López, D.; Hammami, S.B.M.; Agüera, J.; Moriana, A., 2013:
Fruit pit hardening physical measurement during olive fruit growth

Dillenburg, D.Ruttke.; Mostarda, C.; Moraes-Silva, I.Cinthya.; Ferreira, D.; Bós, D.da.Silva.Gonçalves.; Duarte, A.Amélia.Machado.; Irigoyen, M.Cláudia.; Rigatto, K., 2014:
Resveratrol and grape juice differentially ameliorate cardiovascular autonomic modulation in L-NAME-treated rats

Waris, M.; Österback, R.; Lahti, E.; Vuorinen, T.; Ruuskanen, O.; Peltola, V., 2014:
Comparison of sampling methods for the detection of human rhinovirus RNA

Anonymous, 2013:
Different drug-resistant influenza AH3N2 variants in two immunocompromised patients treated with oseltamivir during the 2011a 2012 influenza season in Italy

Haasbach, E.; Reiling, S.Julia.; Ehrhardt, C.; Droebner, K.; Rückle, A.; Hrincius, E.R.; Leban, J.; Strobl, S.; Vitt, D.; Ludwig, S.; Planz, O., 2014:
The NF-kappaB inhibitor SC75741 protects mice against highly pathogenic avian influenza A virus

Harder, H.; Ballinger, R.; Langridge, C.; Ring, A.; Fallowfield, L.J., 2014:
Adjuvant chemotherapy in elderly women with breast cancer: patients' perspectives on information giving and decision making

Primeggia, J.; Matsumoto, C.S.; Fishbein, T.M.; Karacki, P.S.; Fredette, T.M.; Timpone, J.G., 2015:
Infection among adult small bowel and multivisceral transplant recipients in the 30-day postoperative period

Dumitrescu, L.; Carty, C.L.; Franceschini, N.; Hindorff, L.A.; Cole, S.A.; Bůžková, P.; Schumacher, F.R.; Eaton, C.B.; Goodloe, R.J.; Duggan, D.J.; Haessler, J.; Cochran, B.; Henderson, B.E.; Cheng, I.; Johnson, K.C.; Carlson, C.S.; Love, S-Ann.; Brown-Gentry, K.; Nato, A.Q.; Quibrera, M.; Anderson, G.; Shohet, R.V.; Ambite, Jé.Luis.; Wilkens, L.R.; Marchand, Lïc.Le.; Haiman, C.A.; Buyske, S.; Kooperberg, C.; North, K.E.; Fornage, M.; Crawford, D.C., 2014:
Post-genome-wide association study challenges for lipid traits: describing age as a modifier of gene-lipid associations in the Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) study

Kurkalang, S.; Banerjee, A.; Ghoshal, N.; Dkhar, H.; Chatterjee, A., 2013:
Induction of chromosome instability and stomach cancer by altering the expression pattern of mitotic checkpoint genes in mice exposed to areca-nut

Chavez, S.J.; Huntington, G.B., 2013:
Intake in cattle of a ground switchgrass and alfalfa hay mixture blended with various levels of sucrose or citric acid

Leemans, C.R.; Tijink, B.M.; Langendijk, J.A.; Andry, G.; Hamoir, M.; Lefebvre, J.L., 2013:
Quality assurance in head and neck surgical oncology: EORTC 24954 trial on larynx preservation

Zhang, P.P.; Sun, J.W.; Wang, X.Y.; Liu, X.M.; Li, K., 2013:
Preoperative plasma D-dimer levels predict survival in patients with operable non-small cell lung cancer independently of venous thromboembolism

Qi, W-Xiang.; Tang, L-Na.; He, A-Na.; Yao, Y.; Shen, Z., 2014:
Incidence and risk of treatment-related mortality in cancer patients treated with EGFR-TKIs: a meta-analysis of 22 phase III randomized controlled trials

García-Cárdenas, V.; Sabater-Hernández, D.; Kenny, P.; Martínez-Martínez, F.; Faus, Mía.José.; Benrimoj, S.I., 2014:
Effect of a pharmacist intervention on asthma control. A cluster randomised trial

Altenburg, W.A.; Bossenbroek, L.; de Greef, M.H.G.; Kerstjens, H.A.M.; ten Hacken, N.H.T.; Wempe, J.B., 2014:
Functional and psychological variables both affect daily physical activity in COPD: a structural equations model

Urata, R.A.; Toon, O.B., 2013:
A new general circulation model for Mars based on the NCAR Community Atmosphere Model

Anonymous, 2013:
Geochemistry, Water balance, and Stable isotopeS of A a oCleana Pit Lake At an Abandoned Tungsten Mine, Montana, USA

Anonymous, 2013:
High correlation between in vivo 123I -CIT SPECT/CT imaging and post-mortem immunohistochemical findings in the evaluation of lesions induced by 6-OHDA in rats

Mensikova, M.; Stepanova, H.; Faldyna, M., 2014:
Interleukin-17 in veterinary animal species and its role in various diseases: a review

Anonymous, 2013:
Effects of Different Dosages of Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein 1a 34 on the Bone Metabolism of the Ovariectomized Rat Model of Osteoporosis

Colli, L.; Fichtner, A.; Bunge, H.-Peter, 2013:
Full waveform tomography of the upper mantle in the South Atlantic region imaging a westward fluxing shallow asthenosphere?

Anonymous, 2013:
The proportion of youthsa physical inactivity attributable to neighbourhood built environment features

Punet, X.; Mauchauffé, R.; Giannotti, M.I.; Rodríguez-Cabello, Jé.C.; Sanz, F.; Engel, E.; Mateos-Timoneda, M.A.; Planell, J.A., 2014:
Enhanced cell-material interactions through the biofunctionalization of polymeric surfaces with engineered peptides

Mangiapia, G.; Vitiello, G.; Irace, C.; Santamaria, R.; Colonna, A.; Angelico, R.; Radulescu, A.; D'Errico, G.; Montesarchio, D.; Paduano, L., 2014:
Anticancer cationic ruthenium nanovectors: from rational molecular design to cellular uptake and bioactivity

Bedrossian, N.; Rahmo, A.; Karam, W.; Hamze, M., 2013:
Mycobacterium tuberculosis spoligotypes circulating in the Syrian population: A retrospective study

Mercuri, A.M.; Bandini Mazzanti, M.; Florenzano, A.; Montecchi, M.C.; Rattighieri, E., 2013:
Olea, Juglans and Castanea The OJC group as pollen evidence of the development of human-induced environments in the Italian peninsula

Colonese, A.C.; Zanchetta, G.; Fallick, A.E.; Manganelli, G.; Saña, M.; Alcade, G.; Nebot, J., 2013:
Holocene snail shell isotopic record of millennial-scale hydrological conditions in western Mediterranean Data from Bauma del Serrat del Pont NE Iberian Peninsula

Masi, A.; Sadori, L.; Zanchetta, G.; Baneschi, I.; Giardini, M., 2013:
Climatic interpretation of carbon isotope content of mid-Holocene archaeological charcoals from eastern Anatolia

Pepe, C.; Giardini, M.; Giraudi, C.; Masi, A.; Mazzini, I.; Sadori, L., 2013:
Plant landscape and environmental changes recorded in marginal marine environments The ancient Roman harbour of Portus Rome, Italy

Anonymous, 2013:
The field system of Gricignano dAversa Southern Italy and the agrarian impact in the Piana Campana, ca 3900A cal BP

D.V.to, M.A.; Castaldo, N.; de Vita, S.; Bishop, J.; Vecchio, G., 2013:
Human colonization and volcanic activity in the eastern Campania Plain Italy between the Eneolithic and Late Roman periods

de Vita, S.; D.V.to, M.A.tonio; Gialanella, C.; Sansivero, F., 2013:
The impact of the Ischia Porto Tephra eruption Italy on the Greek colony of Pithekoussai

Sevink, J.; van der Plicht, J.; Feiken, H.; van Leusen, P.M.; Bakels, C.C., 2013:
The Holocene of the Agro Pontino graben Recent advances in its palaeogeography, palaeoecology, and tephrostratigraphy

Daniel, R.M.; Danson, M.J., 2013:
Temperature and the catalytic activity of enzymes: a fresh understanding

Ricci, L.; Summers, C.H.; Larson, E.T.; O'Malley, D.; Melloni, R.H., 2013:
Development of aggressive phenotypes in zebrafish interactions of age, experience and social status

R?k, Pawe?, 2013:
Corncrake males learn new signal meanings during aggressive interactions

Ugolini, A.; Galanti, G.; Mercatelli, L., 2013:
Do sandhoppers use the skylight polarization as a compass cue?

Wang, S.; Cao, G.; Wei, B.; Yin, Y.; Yang, G.; Li, C., 2013:
Hierarchical level features based trainable segmentation for electron microscopy images

Anonymous, 2013:
Agricoltura europea e trasferimento del rischio alcune riflessioni sulle esperienze nord americane

Anonymous, 2013:
Strumenti e politiche di gestione del rischio qual la vera domanda? Limiti della attuale sistema di sostegno pubblico alla gestione del rischio in agricoltura

Anonymous, 2013:
La stabilizzazione del reddito delle imprese agricole italiane analisi del nuovo strumento di gestione del rischio e prime simulazioni da impatto

Anonymous, 2013:
Gli strumenti INEA a supporto delle aziende agricole per la gestione delle crisi in agricoltura

Anonymous, 2013:
Fondo mutualistico per la stabilizzazione del reddito e gestione del rischio questioni da implementazione e di prospettiva nella proposta di riforma della PAC

Anonymous, 2013:
Rischio di mercato e Income Stabilization Tool

Anonymous, 2013:
Lo strumento di stabilizzazione del reddito nella futura gestione del rischio in agricoltura una analisi a livello italiano

Anonymous, 2013:
Il reddito delle famiglie agricole italiane stima e analisi

Fan, P.; Manoli, D.S.; Ahmed, O.M.; Chen, Y.; Agarwal, N.; Kwong, S.; Cai, A.G.; Neitz, J.; Renslo, A.; Baker, B.S.; Shah, N.M., 2013:
Genetic and neural mechanisms that inhibit Drosophila from mating with other species

Guttman, M.; Russell, P.; Ingolia, N.T.; Weissman, J.S.; Lander, E.S., 2013:
Ribosome profiling provides evidence that large noncoding RNAs do not encode proteins

Maleszka, R.; Paszkowska-Szczur, K.; Soczawa, E.; Boer, M.; Różewicka-Czabańska, M.; Wiśniewska, J.; Mirecka, A.; Krysztoforska, L.; Adamski, Z.; Lubinski, J.; Dębniak, T., 2013:
Psoriasis vulgaris and familial cancer risk- a population-based study

Takiuchi, D.; Eguchi, H.; Nagano, H.; Iwagami, Y.; Tomimaru, Y.; Wada, H.; Kawamoto, K.; Kobayashi, S.; Marubashi, S.; Tanemura, M.; Mori, M.; Doki, Y., 2014:
Involvement of microRNA-181b in the gemcitabine resistance of pancreatic cancer cells

Mao, Y.; Mohan, R.; Zhang, S.; Tang, X., 2014:
MicroRNAs as pharmacological targets in diabetes

Cavanagh, K.; Strauss, C.; Cicconi, F.; Griffiths, N.; Wyper, A.; Jones, F., 2014:
A randomised controlled trial of a brief online mindfulness-based intervention

Özge Erdohan, Z.; Çam, B.; Turhan, K.N.zan, 2013:
Characterization of antimicrobial polylactic acid based films

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of chitosan-based solutions applied as edible coatings and water glazing on frozen salmon preservation a A pilot-scale study

Ishiwatari, N.; Fukuoka, M.; Hamada-Sato, N.; Sakai, N., 2013:
Decomposition kinetics of umami component during meat cooking

Wang, Q.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Xiao, W., 2013:
The role of uPAR in epithelial-mesenchymal transition in small airway epithelium of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Crabbe, J.C.; Spence, S.E.; Huang, L.C.; Cameron, A.J.; Schlumbohm, J.P.; Barkley-Levenson, A.M.; Metten, P., 2014:
Ethanol drinking in withdrawal seizure-prone and -resistant selected mouse lines

Shen, L.; Ai, H.; Liang, Y.; Ren, X.; Anthony, C.Bruce.; Goodlett, C.R.; Ward, R.; Zhou, F.C., 2014:
Effect of prenatal alcohol exposure on bony craniofacial development: a mouse MicroCT study

Anonymous, 2013:
Attitudinal, normative, and control beliefs underlying peoplea s curbside household waste recycling decisions

Anonymous, 2013:
Enhancing strength-based therapy by focusing on clienta s talents and concepts of learning

Guigue, J.; Mathieu, O.; Lévêque, J.; Denimal, S.; Steinmann, M.; Milloux, M-Jeanne.; Grisey, Hé., 2014:
Dynamics of copper and zinc sedimentation in a lagooning system receiving landfill leachate

De Greef, J.; Villani, K.; Goethals, J.; Van Belle, H.; Van Caneghem, J.; Vandecasteele, C., 2014:
Optimising energy recovery and use of chemicals, resources and materials in modern waste-to-energy plants

Anonymous, 2013:
Fosinoprilat Alleviates Lipopolysaccharide LPS-Induced Inflammation by Inhibiting TLR4/NF- B Signaling in Monocytes

Kim, H-Young.; Byun, J-Won.; Roh, I-Soon.; Bae, Y-Chan.; Lee, M-Heon.; Kim, B.; Songer, J.Glenn.; Jung, B.Yeal., 2013:
First isolation of Clostridium perfringens type E from a goat with diarrhea

Katayama, S.; Ishibashi, K.; Gotoh, K.; Nakamura, D., 2014:
Mode of binding of RNA polymerase α subunit to the phased A-tracts upstream of the phospholipase C gene promoter of Clostridium perfringens

Shakhsi-Niaei, M.; Drögemüller, M.; Jagannathan, V.; Gerber, V.; Leeb, T., 2014:
IL26 gene inactivation in Equidae

Sandhu, S.K.; Schelman, W.R.; Wilding, G.; Moreno, V.; Baird, R.D.; Miranda, S.; Hylands, L.; Riisnaes, R.; Forster, M.; Omlin, A.; Kreischer, N.; Thway, K.; Gevensleben, H.; Sun, L.; Loughney, J.; Chatterjee, M.; Toniatti, C.; Carpenter, C.L.; Iannone, R.; Kaye, S.B.; de Bono, J.S.; Wenham, R.M., 2013:
The poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor niraparib (MK4827) in BRCA mutation carriers and patients with sporadic cancer: a phase 1 dose-escalation trial

Anonymous, 2013:
HER2 status in gastric cancer a comparison of two novel in situ hybridization methods IQ FISH and dual colour SISH and two immunohistochemistry methods A0485 and HercepTesta

Zhang, X.; He, C.; He, C.; Chen, B.; Liu, Y.; Kong, M.; Wang, C.; Lin, L.; Dong, Y.; Sheng, H., 2014:
Nuclear PKM2 expression predicts poor prognosis in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Bongers, P.; Jansen, A.; Houben, K.; Roefs, A., 2014:
Happy eating: the single target implicit association test predicts overeating after positive emotions

Anonymous, 2013:
R flexions sur la place des m decins sp cialistes en m decine nucl aire dans le dispositif da annonce en canc rologie

Melo, M.A.S.; Guedes, S.F.F.; Xu, H.H.K.; Rodrigues, L.K.A., 2014:
Nanotechnology-based restorative materials for dental caries management

Kukkonen, J.P., 2014:
Lipid signaling cascades of orexin/hypocretin receptors

Longo, A.; Librizzi, M.; Naselli, F.; Caradonna, F.; Tobiasch, E.; Luparello, C., 2014:
PTHrP in differentiating human mesenchymal stem cells: transcript isoform expression, promoter methylation, and protein accumulation

Silsirivanit, A.; Araki, N.; Wongkham, C.; Vaeteewoottacharn, K.; Pairojkul, C.; Kuwahara, K.; Narimatsu, Y.; Sawaki, H.; Narimatsu, H.; Okada, S.; Sakaguchi, N.; Wongkham, S., 2013:
CA-S27: a novel Lewis a associated carbohydrate epitope is diagnostic and prognostic for cholangiocarcinoma

Anonymous, 2013:
Dike propagation driven by melt accumulation at the lithospherea asthenosphere boundary

Bunger, A.P.; Menand, T.; Cruden, A.; Zhang, X.; Halls, H., 2013:
Analytical predictions for a natural spacing within dyke swarms

Weiss, Y.; Griffin, W.L.; Navon, O., 2013:
Diamond-forming fluids in fibrous diamonds The trace-element perspective

Miyamoto, Hideaki, 2014:
Unconsolidated boulders on the surface of Itokawa

Jänchen, J.; Bauermeister, A.; Feyh, N.; de Vera, J.-P.; Rettberg, P.; Flemming, H.-C.; Szewzyk, U., 2013:
Water retention of selected microorganisms and Martian soil simulants under close to Martian environmental conditions

Krasnopolsky, Vladimir A., 2013:
Night and Day Airglow of Oxygen at 127 m on Mars

Williams, D.A.; O'Brien, D.P.; Schenk, P.M.; Denevi, B.W.; Carsenty, U.; Marchi, S.; Scully, J.E.C.; Jaumann, R.; D.S.nctis, M.C.istina; Palomba, E.; Ammannito, E.; Longobardo, A.; Magni, G.; Frigeri, A.; Russell, C.T.; Raymond, C.A.; Davison, T.M., 2014:
Lobate and Flow-like Features on Asteroid Vesta

Schröder, S.E.; Mottola, S.; Keller, H.U.; Raymond, C.A.; Russell, C.T., 2013:
Resolved photometry of vesta reveals physical properties of Crater Regolith

Ferreira, D.; Nobre, A.; Silva, M.Luisa.; Faria-Oliveira, Fábio.; Tulha, J.; Ferreira, Célia.; Lucas, Cândida., 2014:
XYLH encodes a xylose/H+ symporter from the highly related yeast species Debaryomyces fabryi and Debaryomyces hansenii

Vigentini, I.; Joseph, C.M.Lucy.; Picozzi, C.; Foschino, R.; Bisson, L.F., 2014:
Assessment of the Brettanomyces bruxellensis metabolome during sulphur dioxide exposure

Loram, L.C.; Taylor, F.R.; Strand, K.A.; Harrison, J.A.; Rzasalynn, R.; Sholar, P.; Rieger, J.; Maier, S.F.; Watkins, L.R., 2014:
Intrathecal injection of adenosine 2A receptor agonists reversed neuropathic allodynia through protein kinase (PK)A/PKC signaling

Chamorro, C.; Almarza, D.; Duarte, B.; Llames, S.G.; Murillas, R.; García, M.; Cigudosa, J.C.; Espinosa-Hevia, L.; Escámez, M.José.; Mencía, A.; Meana, A.; García-Escudero, Rón.; Moro, R.; Conti, C.J.; Del Río, M.; Larcher, F., 2014:
Keratinocyte cell lines derived from severe generalized recessive epidermolysis bullosa patients carrying a highly recurrent COL7A1 homozygous mutation: models to assess cell and gene therapies in vitro and in vivo

Taïeb, A.; Seneschal, J., 2014:
Targeting iHSP 70 in vitiligo: a critical step for cure?

Lappegård, K.Tore.; Pop-Purceleanu, M.; van Heerde, W.; Sexton, J.; Tendolkar, I.; Pop, G., 2013:
Improved neurocognitive functions correlate with reduced inflammatory burden in atrial fibrillation patients treated with intensive cholesterol lowering therapy

Kurian, M.; Megevand, C.; De Haller, R.; Merlini, L.; Boex, C.; Truffert, A.; Kaelin, A.; Burglen, L.; Korff, C.M., 2014:
Early-onset or rapidly progressive scoliosis in children: check the eyes!

Dos Santos, D.Cristina.Marques.; Cupertino, M.do.Carmo.; Novaes, Rômulo.Dias.; Soares, Ítalo.Augusto.da.Costa.; Fonseca, Cáudio.César.; da Matta, Sérgio.Luis.Pinto.; Sartori, S.Souza.Rodrigues., 2014:
Morphologic characterization and distribution of endocrine cells in the large intestine of the opossum Didelphis aurita (Wied-Neuwied, 1826)

Anonymous, 2013:
Diurnal variation in stored energy flux in s o paulo city, brazil

Hilker, T.; Hall, F.G.; Coops, N.C.; Collatz, J.G.; Black, T.A.drew; Tucker, C.J.; Sellers, P.J.; Grant, N., 2013:
Remote sensing of transpiration and heat fluxes using multi-angle observations

Heinonen, E.; Lindfors, O.; Härkänen, T.; Virtala, E.; Jääskeläinen, T.; Knekt, P., 2015:
Therapists' professional and personal characteristics as predictors of working alliance in short-term and long-term psychotherapies

Tsimba, R.; Edmeades, G.O.; Millner, J.P.; Kemp, P.D., 2013:
The effect of planting date on maize Phenology, thermal time durations and growth rates in a cool temperate climate

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Evaluation of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Control Using Fault Tree Analysis

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Self-reported severity among patients with multiple sclerosis in the U.S. and its association with health outcomes

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Challenges and lessons learned from implementing a risk-based approach to school advice and closure during the containment phase of the 2009 influenza pandemic in the West Midlands, England

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Impact of subcarinal dissection on short-term outcome and survival following esophagectomy

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Comparison of breast magnetic resonance imaging clinical tumor size with pathologic tumor size in patients status post-neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Anonymous, 2013:
Development and Nutritional Impact of Ready to Serve RTS Juice from Selected Edible Resources Including Indigenous Fruits and Vegetables of Indian Origin

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of Fungal Infection on Fatty Acid Contents of the Stored Green Coffee Beans

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of Iron-fortified Gari, Cassava Meal on Serum Iron, Hemoglobin Concentration and Total Iron-binding Capacity in Albino Wistar Rats

Archie, E.A., 2017:
Wound healing in the wild: stress, sociality and energetic costs affect wound healing in natural populations

Anonymous, 2013:
Beyond a land sparing versus land sharinga environmental heterogeneity, globalization and the balance between agricultural production and nature conservation

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Choroideremia: towards a therapy

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Diagnostic precision of retinal nerve fiber layer and macular thickness asymmetry parameters for identifying early primary open-angle glaucoma

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Choroidal thickness changes after intravitreal ranibizumab and photodynamic therapy in recurrent polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy

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Confidence and Accuracy of Lineup Selections and Rejections Postdicting Rejection Accuracy with Confidence

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Mining the brain metabolome to understand behavioural disruptions induced in mouse fed Hypochoeris radicata (L.), a neurotoxic plant for horse

Anonymous, 2013:
Students Teaching Students Evaluation of a a oNear-Peera Teaching Experience

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Epileptic monocular nystagmus and ictal diplopia as cortical and subcortical dysfunction

Buse, C., 2014:
Intersectoral action for health equity as it relates to climate change in Canada: contributions from critical systems heuristics

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Entropy and compression: two measures of complexity

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Hospital charitable lotteries: taking a gamble on systems thinking

Anonymous, 2013:
Plasticidad sin ptica estructural en el hipocampo inducida por la experiencia espacial y sus implicaciones en el procesamiento de informaci n

Anonymous, 2013:
Trastornos del sue o no respiratorios en relaci n con ictus

Anonymous, 2013:
Collaboration objectives and the location of the university partner Evidence from the Piedmont region in Italy

Anonymous, 2013:
Merit-based college tuition assistance and the conditional probability of in-state work

Anonymous , 2013:
Hallazgos de la PET-TC con 18F-FDG en un angiosarcoma card aco complicado con una rotura card aca

Anonymous, 2013:
Intrinsically unstructured proteins by designa electrostatic interactions can control binding, folding, and function of a helix-loop-helix heterodimer

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Metastable high-pressure transformations of orthoferrosilite Fs82

Anonymous, 2013:
Sh nishin und KiSS-Syndrom a Neue Wege in der Akupunkturbehandlung asymmetrischer Babys

Anonymous, 2013:
Neuraltherapie a die Therapie mit Lokalan sthetika Der aktuelle Stand des Wissens Teil 1 Definition, wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse, Indikationen

Gleditsch, J., 2013:
Jahre Erfahrung mit der Very-Point-Punktlokalisation

Anonymous, 2013:
Glosse Niedriger Lohn erh ht den Blutdruck

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The brain effects of laser acupuncture in depressed individuals an fMRI investigation

Anonymous, 2013:
Leib und Empowerment Zur Ph nomenologie der NADA-Ohrakupunktur

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Roles of Shelf Slope and Wind on Upwelling A Case Study off East and West Coasts of the US

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Late Quaternary paleoenvironmental changes revealed by multi-proxy records from the Chukchi Abyssal Plain, western Arctic Ocean

Anonymous, 2013:
Sea level variations in the tropical Pacific Ocean during recent two types of El Ni o events

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Anonymous, 2013:
A brief review of shape, form, and allometry in geometric morphometrics, with applications to human facial morphology

Anonymous, 2013:
Improving data and knowledge management to better integrate healthcare and research

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A fair method for the calculation of the external costs of road traffic noise according to the Eurovignette Directive

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Assessing the diagnostic accuracy of the Questionnaire for Sasang Constitutional Classification II QSCC II A systematic review

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Ski protein levels increase during in vitro progression of HPV16-immortalized human keratinocytes and in cervical cancer

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Adult hemangioma of the pancreas: difficult diagnosis of a rare disease

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Limberg skin flap for treatment of necrosis and bleeding at haemodialysis arteriovenous angioaccess puncture sites

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Chromatin, non-coding RNAs, and the expression of HIV

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Cardosin A contains two vacuolar sorting signals using different vacuolar routes in tobacco epidermal cells

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Does the addition of magnesium to bupivacaine improve postoperative analgesia of ultrasound-guided thoracic paravertebral block in patients undergoing thoracic surgery?

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Chest radiography after endotracheal tube placement: is it necessary or not?

Anonymous, 2013:
Measuring self-efficacy to use vaginal microbicides the Microbicide Use Self-Efficacy instrument

Anonymous, 2013:
The potential impact of new generation molecular point-of-care tests on gonorrhoea and chlamydia in a setting of high endemic prevalence

Anonymous, 2013:
Council-supported condom vending machines are they acceptable to rural communities?

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Agreement of self-reported hormone receptor status with cancer registry data in young breast cancer patients

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The finite element approximation in parabolic quasi-variational inequalities related to impulse control problem with mixed boundary conditions

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Selective Potentiometric Method for Determination of Flucloxacillin Antibiotic

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New types of functions by M-open sets

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A modular, computer-controlled system for olfactory stimulation in the MRI environment

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Fixed- and random-effects meta-analytic structural equation modeling: examples and analyses in R

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Molecular and functional characterizations of a Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor FcKuSPI of the shrimp Fenneropenaeus chinensis

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The major fimbrial subunit protein of Edwardsiella tarda: vaccine potential, adjuvant effect, and involvement in host infection

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Targeted gene delivery by new folate-polycationic amphiphilic cyclodextrin-DNA nanocomplexes in vitro and in vivo

Anonymous, 2013:
Stage of Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma Predicts Recurrence of Biliary Obstruction in Patients with Metal Stents

Anonymous, 2013:
Hepatitis B and C in African Americans Current Status and Continued Challenges

Anonymous, 2013:
Perianal Papillomatous Crohn Disease in a Male Adolescent

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Factors that affect life expectancy of patients with gastric adenocarcinoma

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Advanced endoscopic imaging: a review of commercially available technologies

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Elemental fingerprinting in otoliths reveals natal homing of anadromous Baltic Sea pike Esox lucius L

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Cichlids respond to conspecific sounds but females exhibit no phonotaxis without the presence of live males

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Investigation of the homogeneity of methacrylate allergens in commercially available patch test preparations

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Carriers of filaggrin gene (FLG) mutations avoid professional exposure to irritants in adulthood

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Standardized dirts for testing the efficacy of workplace cleaning products: validation of their workplace relevance

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Influence of periodontal disease, Porphyromonas gingivalis and cigarette smoking on systemic anti-citrullinated peptide antibody titres

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Reliability of direct and indirect clinical attachment level measurements

Anonymous, 2013:
Influence of titanium on in vitro fibroblast-Porphyromonas gingivalis interaction in peri-implantitis

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Urban Climatology Applied to Urban Planning A Postwar Knowledge Circulation Failure

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Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 upregulates GABA-induced current: evidence of modified GABAA subunit composition in cortical neurons from the G93A mouse model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

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A novel, potent, oral active and safe antinociceptive pyrazole targeting kappa opioid receptors

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Living where others dare not Microhabitat distribution in Chorizanthe rigida, a serotinous desert annual

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A tosyl-activated magnetic bead cellulose as solid support for sensitive protein detection

Anonymous, 2013:
Aperfei oamento da T cnica de Embalsamento de Cad veres A Inova o da T cnica e os Resultados Luz da Microscopia ptica e Electr nica de Varrimento

Anonymous, 2013:
Identifica o e Preserva o de Gl ndulas Paratir ides em Pe as de Cad ver

Anonymous, 2013:
Localiza o e Distribui o da Mucosa Olfactiva Humana nas Fossas Nasais

Anonymous, 2013:
Divis o Alta do Nervo Isqui tico Duas Variantes Anat micas Distintas

Anonymous, 2013:
Anatomia Aplicada Cl nica Antropometria na Avalia o Nutricional de 367 Adultos Submetidos a Gastrostomia Endosc pica

Anonymous, 2013:
Anatomia Radiol gica da Disfun o Er til Arteriog nica Uma Abordagem Sistematizada

Anonymous, 2013:
M trica Vertebral a Aplica o de uma Nova Tecnologia na An lise da Coluna Vertebral

Anonymous, 2013:
Osteotomia a Baixa Rota o sem Irriga o Versus Alta Rota o com Irriga o Estudo Experimental

Anonymous, 2013:
Efeitos do Ru do de Baixa Frequ ncia de Alta Amplitude no Tecido Conjuntivo Perivasculo-Ductal da Gl ndula Par tida

Anonymous, 2013:
Morfologia e Vasculariza o do Plexo Braquial no Rato Wistar

Anonymous, 2013:
O Ensino de Anatomia Humana na Licenciatura em Ci ncias da Sa de da Universidade de Lisboa Cinco Anos de Uma Nova Experi ncia Pedag gica

Anonymous, 2013:
Atividade F sica e Fun o Respirat ria An lise da Composi o Corporal e dos Valores Espirom tricos

Anonymous, 2013:
Acesso dos Pacientes aos seus Processos Cl nicos

Anonymous, 2013:
Varia o Anat mica da AICA Condicionando Fal ncia do Tratamento Cir rgico de Doente com Espasmo Hemi-Facial

Anonymous, 2013:
Variantes Anat micas dos M sculos Extensores dos Dedos da M o

Anonymous, 2013:
Variante Anat mica dos M sculos Extensores dos Dedos Um Achado Invulgar Suscitando Coment rio sobre Tendinopatias

Anonymous, 2013:
Varia o Anat mica Rara de Aus ncia do Nervo Ci tico Completamente Substitu do Pelos Nervos Tibial e Fibular Comum

Anonymous, 2013:
A Rel quia nos Pain is de S o Vicente de Fora

Kanazawa, S., 2015:
Why is intelligence associated with stability of happiness?

Anonymous, 2013:
Characterization of GFR -1-Positive and GFR -1-Negative Spermatogonia in Neonatal Pig Testis

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Effect of semen collection methods on the quality of pre- and post-thawed Bali cattle (Bos javanicus) spermatozoa

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Cooled storage of canine semen: in vitro effects of different concentrations of an antibiotic combination on growth of mollicutes

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The ultimate intra-/extra-dimensional attentional set-shifting task for mice

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Brain circuitry mediating arousal from obstructive sleep apnea

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Size before numbers: conceptual size primes numerical value

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Do bone loss and reconstruction procedures differ at revision of cemented unicompartmental knee prostheses according to the use of metal-back or all-polyethylene tibial component?

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Clinical significance in COPD patients followed in a real practice

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Subglottal pressure oscillations accompanying phonation

Alipour, F.; Finnegan, E.M.; Jaiswal, S., 2014:
Phonatory characteristics of the excised human larynx in comparison to other species

Anonymous, 2013:
InA Vivo Measurement of Pediatric Vocal Fold Motion Using Structured Light Laser Projection

Ghio, A.; Révis, J.; Merienne, S.; Giovanni, A., 2014:
Top-down mechanisms in dysphonia perception: the need for blind tests

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Acoustic, aerodynamic, and perceptual analyses of the voice of cochlear-implanted children

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The scaffold protein Atg11 recruits fission machinery to drive selective mitochondria degradation by autophagy

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Ornithine cyclodeaminase-based proline production by Corynebacterium glutamicum

Anonymous, 2013:
Patient-controlled analgesia with inhaled methoxyflurane versus conventional endoscopist-provided sedation for colonoscopy aA randomized multicenter trial

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Endoscopic needle-knife therapy for ileal pouch sinus: a novel approach for the surgical adverse event (with video)

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Human baroreflex rhythms persist during handgrip and muscle ischaemia

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Options for managing chrysomelid leaf beetles in Australian eucalypt plantations reducing the chemical footprint

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Alcohol drinking among college students: college responsibility for personal troubles

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Changes in some blood parameters and production performance of old laying hens due to growth hormone and testosterone injection

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Role of suction in sandy beach habitats and the distributions of three amphipod and isopod species

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A volcanic activity alert-level system for aviation review of its development and application in Alaska

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The RoadMAP Relapse Prevention Group Counseling Toolkita counselor adherence and competence outcomes

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Degree of intervality of food webs: from body-size data to models

Anonymous, 2013:
La logique ternaire de St phane Lupasco et le raisonnement g ocartographiqueA bioculturel da Homo geographicus

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Proximate, mineral, fibre, phytatea phosphate, vitamin E, amino acid and fatty acid composition of Terminalia sericea

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Comparison of High-Resolution Melting Analysis, TaqManA Allelic Discrimination Assay, and Sanger Sequencing forA Clopidogrel Efficacy Genotyping in Routine Molecular Diagnostics

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Anonymous, 2013:
Similarities of Molecular Genetic Changes in Synchronous and Metachronous Colorectal Cancers Are Limited and Related to the Cancersa Proximities to Each Other

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Mortality reporting in interventional radiology: experience of a pilot audit with the Scottish Audit of Surgical Mortality

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Reductions in intestinal Clostridiales precede the development of nosocomial Clostridium difficile infection

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A Comparison of Methods for RNA-Seq Differential Expression Analysis and a New Empirical Bayes Approach

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Climate change and epidemiology of human parasitosis in Egypt

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Role of glutamate receptors and nitric oxide on the effects of glufosinate ammonium, an organophosphate pesticide, on in vivo dopamine release in rat striatum

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Discount rates and the education gradient in mammography in the UK

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Bioprediction of body weight and carcass parameters from morphometric measurements in livestock and poultry

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An Inventory of VHA Emergency Departmentsa Resources and Processes for Caring for Women

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What is Patient-Centered Care? A Typology of Models and Missions

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Psychologie des faux aveuxA donn es classiques et contemporaines

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The Effects of the Different Drying Conditions and the Amounts of Maltodextrin Addition during Spray Drying of Sumac Extract

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Stability and Broad-Sense Heritability of Mineral Content in Potato Potassium and Phosphorus

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Quantitative hydraulic analysis of pre-drillings and inflows to the Gotthard Base Tunnel Sedrun Lot, Switzerland

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Dose-dependent effects of nectar alkaloids in a montane plant-pollinator community

Anonymous, 2013:
Providing a get-away bunksa and other enrichments to primiparous adult female mink improves their reproductive productivity

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Modulation of immune function by polyphenols: possible contribution of epigenetic factors

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The influence of muscle strength on the gait profile score (GPS) across different patients

Anonymous, 2013:
Livestock management at northern latitudes Potential economic effects of climate change in sheep farming

Anonymous, 2013:
Enseignement des situations critiques en obst trique sur une plateforme de simulationA la embolie amniotique

Anonymous, 2013:
Identification, molecular characterization and evolution of group I introns at the expansion segment D11 of 28S rDNA in Rhizoctonia species

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Starting from scratch: Evolution of the lichen thallus in the basidiolichen Dictyonema (Agaricales: Hygrophoraceae)

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Alveolar soft-part sarcoma of the masseter and mandibular ramus Report of a case and review ofA theA literature

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Rats with metabolic syndrome resist the protective effects of N-acetyl l-cystein against impaired spermatogenesis induced by high-phosphorus/zinc-free diet

Anonymous, 2013:
Investigation et gestion da un foyer de saturnisme infantile dans un quartier de la commune du Port, le de la R union

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Impaired nerve fiber regeneration in axotomized peripheral nerves in streptozotocin-diabetic rats

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Degradation of aflatoxin B1 during the fermentation of alcoholic beverages

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Demand for enhanced forest amenities in private lands The case of the Ruka-Kuusamo tourism area, Finland

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A Versatile Tool for Stable Inhibition of microRNA Activity

Anonymous, 2013:
Mixed pyogenic and tuberculous liver abscess clinical suspicion is what matters

Anonymous, 2013:
Idiopathic intracranial hypertension and transverse sinus stenoses

Arora, A., 2013:
Hypoglycaemia begets hypoglycaemia

Anonymous, 2013:
Surgical intervention for adnexal masses during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2013:
Mycotic aneurysm a rare and dreaded complication of infective endocarditis

Anonymous, 2013:
Aggressive fibromatosis desmoid tumour of the head and neck a benign neoplasm with high recurrence

Anonymous, 2013:
Acrodermatitis enteropathica-like skin lesions in a neonate

Anonymous, 2013:
Dancing vegetations Kocuria rosea endocarditis

Anonymous, 2013:
Chorea gravidarum a rarity in West still haunts pregnant women in the East

Anonymous, 2013:
Post-traumatic delayed onset pectoralis myospasm secondary to alpha-gamma dysfunction

Anonymous, 2013:
Recurrent venous thrombosis in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type III an atypical manifestation

Anonymous, 2013:
Streptococcus agalactiae endogenous endophthalmitis

Anonymous, 2013:
Diffuse perforated necrotising amoebic colitis with histoplasmosis in an immunocompetent individual presenting as an acute abdomen

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Dentin dysplasia type I

Anonymous, 2013:
Management of refractory irritable bowel syndrome and comorbid mental ill-health challenges, reflections and patients perspective of life on the body-mind divide

Anonymous, 2013:
A clinically hidden but severely destructive entity

Anonymous, 2013:
Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis mimicking septic shock after the initiation of chemotherapy for squamous cell sarcinoma of the neck

Anonymous, 2013:
Tubercular thyroid abscess

Anonymous, 2013:
An asymptomatic orthodontic bracket in the mandibular alveolar bone region

Anonymous, 2013:
Brugada syndrome with elevated cardiac biomarkers

Anonymous, 2013:
Spermatic cord liposarcoma organ-sparing surgery

Anonymous, 2013:
Femoral arteriovenous fistula associated with calf pain 2 months after removal of a haemodialysis catheter

Anonymous, 2013:
Eschar an important clue to diagnosis

Pluschke, A.; Crotty, A., 2013:
Adenomatoid odontogenic tumour

Anonymous, 2013:
Pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis a rare cause of right heart failure

Anonymous, 2013:
Catatonia and parkinsonism as a sequelae of typhoid fever a rare experience

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Diagnosis demystified CT as diagnostic tool in endodontics

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Bilateral knee extensor disruption in severe crouch gait

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Florid osseous dysplasia

Anonymous, 2013:
Urethral tumour rare images of unaware entity

Anonymous, 2013:
Metal impaction an unusual cause of dysphagia

Anonymous, 2013:
Jejuno-jejunal intussusception an unusual complication of feeding jejunostomy

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Portal pyaemia secondary to open haemorrhoidectomy need for prophylactic broad spectrum antibiotics

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Intracerebral haemorrhage, anticoagulation and mechanical heart valves: what should I do next?

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Diagnostic value of anti-gp210 antibodies in primary biliary cirrhosis: a case-based review

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Severe parainfluenza pneumonia in a case of transient hypogammalobulinemia of infancy

Anonymous, 2013:
Lenticulostriate artery aneurysm presenting as primary intraventricular haemorrhage

Anonymous, 2013:
Von Meyenburg complexes mimicking metastatic disease at laparotomy for focal nodular hyperplasia

Anonymous, 2013:
Proximal base stress fracture of the second metatarsal in a Highland dancer

Shukla, A.; Sankar, J.; Verma, A.; Dubey, N., 2013:
Acute phenytoin intoxication in a 4-year-old mimicking viral meningoencephalitis

Anonymous, 2013:
Nebulised DNase post-therapeutic bronchoalveolar lavage in near fatal asthma exacerbation in an adult patient refractory to conventional treatment

Anonymous, 2013:
Chasing the ACE of hearts

Anonymous, 2013:
Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2013:
Lymphangioma surrounding the ovarian vein and ovary

Anonymous, 2013:
Rhabdomyosarcoma of spermatic cord in a 65-year-old man presenting as a groin swelling

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Anonymous, 2013:
Hubungan Pola Asuh Orangtua Dengan Perkembangan emosi Anak Usia Pra Sekolah Di TK Rohmatul Magfiroh Desa Pakisaji Kecamatan Pakisaji Kabupaten Malang

Anonymous, 2013:
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S ndrome de Frey a Uma vis o global do tema

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Escleroterapia com oleato de etanolamina a 5% em hemangioma oral relato de caso cl nico

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Structural profiling and biological performance of phospholipida hyaluronan functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes

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The Deep Structure of the South Atlantic Kwanza Basin a Insights from 3D Structural and Gravimetric Modelling

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Deformation coupling between the Archean Pukaskwa Intrusive Complex and the Hemlo shear zone, Superior Province, Canada

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Impact of renal dysfunction in cirrhotic patients with bacterial infections other than spontaneous bacterial peritonitis

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Novel approaches for the identification of biomarkers of aggressive prostate cancer

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Obesity genomics: assessing the transferability of susceptibility loci across diverse populations

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Black and White or Shades of Grey? Comparing Social Representations Centrality Models

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Professional training in the workplace: the role of achievement motivation and locus of control

Anonymous, 2013:
Social Intelligence as a Predictor of Loneliness in the Workplace

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Aggressive behavior in children: the role of temperament and family socialization

Anonymous, 2013:
Temperament and Behavioral Problems of Preschool Children with Headache - A Controlled Study

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Function and nutritional roles of the avian caeca a review

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Identifying variation in the nutritional value of corn based on chemical kernel characteristics

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Biologically active peptides derived from egg proteins

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Using participatory epidemiological techniques to establish rural based poultry disease profiles practical field experience in the Jos Plateau, Nigeria

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Food safety status of poultry meat and egg in Iran

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Profitability analysis of poultry feed marketing in Imo State, Nigeria

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Developments in understanding and assessment of egg and egg product quality over the last century

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The domestic livestock resources of Turkey inventory of pigeon groups and breeds with notes on breeder organizations

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Measuring quality in cancer care: overview of initiatives in selected countries

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Patellar tendon autograft reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament with and without lateral plasty in advanced-stage chronic laxity. A clinical, prospective, randomized, single-blind study using passive dynamic X-rays

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Quantification of climate change for the last 20,000 years from Wonderkrater, South Africa implications for the long-term dynamics of the Intertropical Convergence Zone

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CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells-derived exosomes prolonged kidney allograft survival in a rat model

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Self-compassionate reactions to health threats

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Fruit size prediction of four apple cultivars Accuracy and timing

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Influence of pollen source on fruit production of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L cv Barhi in humid coastal regions of southern Iran

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Modeling of water movement trough cherry plant as preselecting tool for prediction of tree vigor

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Seasonal changes in photosynthetic activity and carbohydrate content in leaves and fruit of three fig cultivars Ficus carica L

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Autism in community pre-schoolers: developmental profiles

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Health insurance mediation of the Mexican American non-Hispanic white disparity on early breast cancer diagnosis

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Growth and neurodevelopmental outcome of VLBW infants at 1 year corrected age

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Diagnostic approach to primary immunodeficiency disorders

Anonymous, 2013:
Iodine deficiency disorder in children aged 6a 12 years of Ambala, Haryana

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Workplace-based assessment A step to promote competency based postgraduate training

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Hematological alterations and thymic function in newborns of HIV-infected mothers receiving antiretroviral drugs

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Changing me to keep you: state jealousy promotes perceiving similarity between the self and a romantic rival

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DNA methylation in ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast

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Liver X receptor ligands disrupt breast cancer cell proliferation through an E2F-mediated mechanism

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Shear-induced ringwoodite formation in the Martian shergottite Dar al Gani 670

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Recent changes in the flow of the Ross Ice Shelf, West Antarctica

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Diffusion-induced fractionation of niobium and tantalum during continental crust formation

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The origin and geophysical implications of a weak C-type olivine fabric in the Xugou ultrahigh pressure garnet peridotite

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The influence of water and LPO on the initiation and evolution of mantle shear zones

Anonymous, 2013:
Separation of Lake Superior from Lakes Michigana Huron about 1250yr ago

Anonymous, 2013:
Human and natural drivers of changing macrophyte community dynamics over 12a years in a Neotropical riverine floodplain system

Anonymous, 2013:
Signet ring cell carcinoma mimicking ileal Crohna s disease

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Increasing physical activity for the treatment of hypertension: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Global positioning systems (GPS) and microtechnology sensors in team sports: a systematic review

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Evaluation of the staging systems for gastric cancer

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A case study of post-midnight enhancement in F-layer electron density over Sanya of China

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On the azimuthal size of flux ropes near lunar orbit

Anonymous, 2013:
Establishment and evaluation of a swine model of acute myocardial infarction and reperfusiona ventricular fibrillationa cardiac arrest using the interventional technique

Anonymous, 2013:
Prevalence of giardiasis in cattle slaughtered in Sokoto metropolitan abattoir, Sokoto, Nigeria

Anonymous, 2013:
Investigation on Infectious coryza of layer chicken in Bangladesh with isolation, identification and antibiogram study

Anonymous, 2013:
A novel hydroxysuberamide derivative potentiates MG132-mediated anticancer activity against human hormone refractory prostate cancersa the role of histone deacetylase and endoplasmic reticulum stress

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The direct inhibitory effect of dutasteride or finasteride on androgen receptor activity is cell line specific

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Biosequestration of carbon dioxide using a silicified carbonic anhydrase catalyst

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An overview of phytoremediation as a potentially promising technology for environmental pollution control

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Bath Salts Ingestion Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance-Induced Disorders

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Perspectives of Community Health Advocates: Barriers to Healthy Family Eating Patterns

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Nurse Practitioner Satisfaction Identifying Perceived Beliefs and Barriers

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Identification and Management of Factitious Disorder by Proxy

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Childhood Grief Related to the Death of a Sibling

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Antidepressant Medication Management in Primary Care Not Just Another Pill

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Prescriptive Guide for Getting the Depressed Employee Back to Work

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Is mutual shading a decisive factor for differences in overall canopy specific leaf area of winter wheat crops?

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Simulation of genotype performances across a larger number of environments for rice breeding using ORYZA2000

Anonymous, 2013:
New tool to improve assessment of forest biomass and carbon stocks

Anonymous, 2013:
Climate-smart farming takes root in Kenya

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Signal intensity changes for the middle cerebral artery on 3-dimensional time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography indicate acute hemodynamic changes after carotid endarterectomy

Anonymous, 2013:
The Emergence of Endovascular Treatmenta Only Centers for Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms in the United States

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Design of drip irrigation system using microtubes for full emission uniformity

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Induction of vascular remodeling: a novel therapeutic approach in EAE

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Impact of diabetes and prediabetes on the short-term prognosis in patients with acute ischemic stroke

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Effect of aging on the cerebral processing of thermal pain in the human brain

Anonymous, 2013:
Dyspareunia caused by a vaginal adhesion band following a transvaginal meshA repair

Chen, C.-Hui; Lee, W.-Ling; Wang, I-Te; Yen, Y.-Kuei; Chiu, L.-Hsuan; Tzeng, C.-Ruey; Liu, W.-Min, 2013:
Hysteroscopic myomectomy using a two-micron continuous wave laser RevoLix

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A Generalization of Averaging Theorems for Porous Medium Analysis

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Environmental factors controlling seed germination and seedling recruitment of Stipa bungeana on the Loess Plateau of northwestern China

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Surgical treatment of gastric cancer in a community hospital in Brazil: who are we treating and how?

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Bone protection and anti-epileptic drugs: the effect of audit and computer messaging on supplementation prescribing practices

Anonymous, 2013:
Existence of a 400A kDa glycoprotein in the dermis of sea cucumber Apostichopus armata partial purification and characterization

Anonymous, 2013:
Chromatic characteristics and color-related phenolic composition of Brazilian young red wines made from the hybrid grape cultivar BRS Violeta a oBRS R beaa a oIAC 1398-21a

Nordlund, E.; Heiniö, R.-Liisa; Viljanen, K.; Pihlava, J.-Matti; Lehtinen, P.; Poutanen, K., 2013:
Flavour and stability of rye grain fractions in relation to their chemical composition

Anonymous, 2013:
Click chemistrya based conjugation of lipophilic curcumin to hydrophilic -polylysine for enhanced functionality

Zhang, X.; Wu, W.; Li, L.; Ma, X.; Chen, J., 2013:
Genetic variation and relationships of seven sturgeon species and ten interspecific hybrids

Nicholas Bauch, 2013:
Extensible, not relational finding bodies in the landscape of electronic information with wireless body area networks

K.Chen, Shuming Bao, Yong Mai, Wen Lv, 2014:
Agglomeration and location choice of foreign financial institutions in China

Jim Thatcher, 2013:
Avoiding the Ghetto through hope and fear an analysis of immanent technology using ideal types

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A systematic review of strategies and computer-based intervention CBI for reading comprehension of children with autism

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Isolation of gamma-interferon-inducible lysosomal thiol reductase (GILT) from the Yangtze finless porpoise

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Shrimp hemocytes release extracellular traps that kill bacteria

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Seven-tesla phase imaging of acute multiple sclerosis lesions: a new window into the inflammatory process

O'Mahony, Michael, 2013:
The Tetrad Test Looking Back, Looking Forward

Anonymous, 2013:
MacroH2A a An epigenetic regulator of cancer

Ge, Y.; Xi, H.; Ju, S.; Zhang, X., 2014:
Blockade of PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint during DC vaccination induces potent protective immunity against breast cancer in hu-SCID mice

Xin, J.; Zhan, Y.; Liu, M.; Hu, H.; Xia, L.; Nie, Y.; Wu, K.; Liang, J.; Tian, J., 2014:
ApoG2 induces ER stress-dependent apoptosis in gastric cancer cells in vitro and its real-time evaluation by bioluminescence imaging in vivo

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Holy Basil leaf extract decreases tumorigenicity and metastasis of aggressive human pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and in vivo: potential role in therapy

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Tetramethylpyrazine (TMP) protects cerebral neurocytes and inhibits glioma by down regulating chemokine receptor CXCR4 expression

Qu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Ma, A.; Zhang, F.; Li, J.; Xu, D.; Yang, Z.; Qin, W.; Liu, Y., 2014:
c-MYC overexpression overrides TAK1 dependency in efficient tumorigenicity of AKT-transformed cells

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Differential sensitivities of glioblastoma cell lines towards metabolic and signaling pathway inhibitions

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Activation of p53 pathway by Nutlin-3a inhibits the expression of the therapeutic target α5 integrin in colon cancer cells

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Sustained overexpression of Redd1 leads to Akt activation involved in cell survival

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Resveratrol-induced apoptosis is enhanced by inhibition of autophagy in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

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Toll-like receptor 3 expression inhibits cell invasion and migration and predicts a favorable prognosis in neuroblastoma

Anonymous, 2013:
Guggulsterone sensitizes glioblastoma cells to Sonic hedgehog inhibitor SANT-1 induced apoptosis in a Ras/NF B dependent manner

Anonymous, 2013:
The SxxSS motif of T-cell factor-4 isoforms modulates Wnt/ -catenin signal activation in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Chen, M-Chuan.; Chen, C-Han.; Liu, Y-Nan.; Wang, H-Po.; Pan, S-Lin.; Teng, C-Ming., 2014:
TW01001, a novel piperazinedione compound, induces mitotic arrest and autophagy in non-small cell lung cancer A549 cells

Anonymous, 2013 :
SOX2 promotes tumor metastasis by stimulating epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition via regulation of WNT/ -catenin signal network

Zhang, J.; Wei, J.; Kanada, M.; Yan, L.; Zhang, Z.; Watanabe, H.; Terakawa, S., 2014:
Inhibition of store-operated Ca2+ entry suppresses EGF-induced migration and eliminates extravasation from vasculature in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell

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Hepatitis B: report of prevalence and access to healthcare among Chinese residents in Sheffield UK

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Assessing communication skills in dietetic consultations: the development of the reliable and valid DIET-COMMS tool

Pearce, J.; Wood, L.; Stevens, L., 2014:
Portion weights of food served in English schools: have they changed following the introduction of nutrient-based standards?

Bains, A.; Pakseresht, M.; Roache, C.; Beck, L.; Sheehy, T.; Gittelsohn, J.; Corriveau, A.; Sharma, S., 2014:
Healthy Foods North improves diet among Inuit and Inuvialuit women of childbearing age in Arctic Canada

Hung, Y.C.; Bauer, J.; Horsley, P.; Isenring, E., 2014:
Patient satisfaction with nutrition services amongst cancer patients treated with autologous stem cell transplantation: a comparison of usual and extended care

Anonymous, 2013:
Enabling optimization in LCA from a oad hoca to a ostructurala LCA approacha based on a biodiesel well-to-wheel case study

Anonymous, 2013:
Foreign Body Esophagus When Endoscopic Removal Failsa

Anonymous, 2013 :
Profiling of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria Associated with Jaunpuri Giant Raddish Rhizosphere

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of Sr2+ on Mitotic Activity and Chromosomal Behavior in Root Meristem of Allium cepa L

Anonymous, 2013:
In-silico Interaction Studies of Alternaria brassicae Toxin Destruxin B and Potential Partners of MAPK4 Cascade

Anonymous, 2013:
Screening of Endophytic Bacterial Isolates of Tea Camellia sinensis L Roots for their Multiple Plant Growth Promoting Activities

Anonymous, 2013:
Micropropagation Study of Jatropha curcas for Enhancing Shoot Induction Frequency

Anonymous, 2013:
Biotechnological Tools for Conservation of Bioresources

Anonymous, 2013:
CO2, CH4 and N2O production potential of paddy soil after biogas byproducts application under waterlogged condition

Anonymous, 2013:
Optimization and Validation of LLE/HPLC-DAD Method to Determine the Residues of Selected PAHs in Surface Water

Anonymous, 2013:
Fungal Diversity in the Rhizosphere of Tropical Homestead and Plantation Crops of Kerala

Anonymous, 2013:
Co-inoculated Biopriming with Trichoderma, Pseudomonas and Rhizobium Improves Crop Growth in Cicer arietinum and Phaseolus vulgaris

Anonymous, 2013 :
Parthenium hysterophorus L A Major Threat to Natural and Agro Eco-systems in India

Anonymous, 2013:
Soil Test Based Fertilizer Recommendation of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulphur in Wheat Triticum aestivum L in an Alluvial Soil

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of Different Form of Phosphorous Nutrition on Growth and Yield of Cauliflower Brassica Olaracea Var Botrytis L

Anonymous, 2013:
Sustainable Land Resource Management Practices for Jute Cultivation through the Identification of Production Factors and Soil Nutrient Mapping

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of Putrescine and Calcium on Colour Changes of Stored Peach Fruits

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of Plant Biostimulants on Growth, Chlorophyll Content, Flower Drop and Fruit Set of Pomegranate Cv Kandhari Kabuli

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparison of Neuro-Fuzzy and Regression Models for Prediction of Outflow of on-farm Reservoir

Anonymous, 2013:
Present Status of Renewable Energy Sources in Punjab

N.N.Dmitrevskiy, R.A.Ananyev, N.V.Libina, A.G.Roslyakov, 2013:
Utilizing a seismoacoustic complex for the study of the upper sedimentary stratum and seafloor relief in East Arctic

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How to Interpret the Results of A Clinical Polysomnogram

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Sleep hygiene and good sleep habits A Review

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Clinical Quality Improvement Eliminating Unplanned Extubation In The Coronary Care Unit

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Risk segmentation in social health insurance in Chile

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Scalability and internal consistency of the German version of the dementia-specific quality of life instrument QUALIDEM in nursing homes a a secondary data analysis

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Peripheral Arterial Pseudoaneurysmsa a 10-Year Clinical Study

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Results expression for tests used to measure the anticoagulant effect of new oral anticoagulants

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Reduction of histamine H1 receptor binding induced by high-fat diet can be prevented by DHA and dietary fiber in specific brain areas of male rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Jako ycia chorych z nag ym niedos uchem czuciowo-nerwowym

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Engaging young people in treatment after self-harm

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Management of reflex anoxic seizures in children

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Increased thymosin β4 levels in the serum and SF of knee osteoarthritis patients correlate with disease severity

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Leptin modulates enteric neurotransmission in the rat proximal colon: an in vitro study

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Effect of short- and long-term physical activity on circulating granin protein levels

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Chachawarmi Rhetorics and Lived Realities

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A Preliminary Investigation of Wastewater Treatment Efficiency and Economic Cost of Subsurface Flow Oyster-Shell-Bedded Constructed Wetland Systems

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The Impact of a oMan-Made Hydrological Droughta on Plant Species Abundance in the Low-Flow Channel Downstream from the Matawin Dam, Quebec

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Normal mucus formation requires cAMP-dependent HCO3a secretion and Ca2+-mediated mucin exocytosis

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Cardiac sodium channelopathy associated with SCN5A mutations: electrophysiological, molecular and genetic aspects

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The coupling of plasma membrane calcium entry to calcium uptake by endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria

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Sorption of Pure N2O to Biochars and Other Organic and Inorganic Materials under Anhydrous Conditions

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Association Between Body-Mass Index and Quality of Split Bowel Preparation

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Comparative Effectiveness of Infliximab and Adalimumab for Crohna s Disease

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Ultra-fast steady state free precession and its application to in vivo 1H morphological and functional lung imaging at 15 tesla

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T1 estimation for aqueous iron oxide nanoparticle suspensions using a variable flip angle SWIFT sequence

Anonymous, 2013:
Estudio descriptivo del consumo de alcohol en los adolescentes de Gand a

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An inventory of flood events in Athens, Greece, during the last 130 years Seasonality and spatial distribution

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Selective application of a TVD term to an implicit method for two-dimensional flow modeling

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