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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 36969

Chapter 36969 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 2013:
Observational evidence for dissociative shocks in the inner 100 AU of low-mass protostars using Herschel-HIFI

Watson, W.A.; Diego, J.M.; Gottlober, S.; Iliev, I.T.; Knebe, A.; Martinez-Gonzalez, E.; Yepes, G.; Barreiro, R.B.; Gonzalez-Nuevo, J.; Hotchkiss, S.; Marcos-Caballero, A.; Nadathur, S.; Vielva, P., 2014:
The Jubilee ISW Project I simulated ISW and weak lensing maps and initial power spectra results

Anonymous, 2013:
Frame dragging from the perspective of a relativistic Lagrangian perturbation theory

Anonymous, 2013:
Measurements of Coronal Faraday Rotation at 46 Solar Radii

DiPompeo, M.A.; Runnoe, J.C.; Myers, A.D.; Boroson, T.A., 2013:
Does Size Matter? The Underlying Intrinsic Size Distribution of Radio Sources and Implications for Unification by Orientation

Alexander, D.M.; Stern, D.; Del Moro, A.; Lansbury, G.B.; Assef, R.J.; Aird, J.; Ajello, M.; Ballantyne, D.R.; Bauer, F.E.; Boggs, S.E.; Brandt, W.N.; Christensen, F.E.; Civano, F.; Comastri, A.; Craig, W.W.; Elvis, M.; Grefenstette, B.W.; Hailey, C.J.; Harrison, F.A.; Hickox, R.C.; Luo, B.; Madsen, K.K.; Mullaney, J.R.; Perri, M.; Puccetti, S.; Saez, C.; Treister, E.; Urry, C.M.; Zhang, W.W.; Bridge, C.R.; Eisenhardt, P.R.M.; Gonzalez, A.H.; Miller, S.H.; Tsai, C.W., 2013:
The NuSTAR Extragalactic Survey A First Sensitive Look at the High-Energy Cosmic X-ray Background Population

Anonymous, 2013:
Signpost of Multiple Planets in Debris Disks

Anonymous, 2013:
Open Cluster Evolutions in Binary System How They Dissolved

Anonymous, 2013:
On The Period Determination of ASAS Eclipsing Binaries

Anonymous, 2013:
Conditions for Circumstellar Disk Formation Effects of Initial Conditions and Sink Treatment

Foot, R, 2014:
Tully-Fisher relation, galactic rotation curves and dissipative mirror dark matter

Nitz, A.; Lundgren, A.; Brown, D.; Ochsner, E.; Keppel, D.; Harry, I., 2013:
Accuracy of gravitational waveform models for observing neutron-star--black-hole binaries in Advanced LIGO

Anonymous, 2013:
Measurement of a Phase of a Radio Wave Reflected from Rock Salt and Ice Irradiated by an Electron Beam for Detection of Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos

Anonymous, 2013:
PKS 1510-089 - a rare example of a flat spectrum radio quasar with very high energy emission

Anonymous, 2013:
SN 2012ca a stripped envelope core-collapse SN interacting with dense circumstellar medium

Stacy, A.; Bromm, V., 2014:
The First Stars A Low-Mass Formation Mode

Anonymous, 2013:
A massive charged scalar field in the Kerr-Newman background I quasinormal modes, late-time tails and stability

Correa-Otto, J.A.; Michtchenko, T.A.; Beaugé, C., 2013:
A new scenario for the origin of the 3/2 resonant system HD45364

Verscharen, D.; Bourouaine, S.; Chandran, B.D.G., 2013:
Instabilities Driven by the Drift and Temperature Anisotropy of Alpha Particles in the Solar Wind

Anonymous, 2013:
Estimation of mass and cosmological constant of nearby spiral galaxies using galaxy rotation curve

Anonymous, 2013:
A Study of chiral property of field galaxies

Anonymous, 2013:
Is There a Crisis in Neutron Star Physics?

Chen, Q.; Petrosian, V.é, 2013:
Determination of Stochastic Acceleration Model Characteristics in Solar Flares

Anonymous, 2013:
A Light, Centrally-Concentrated Milky Way Halo?

Anonymous, 2013:
New evolutionary sequences for extremely low mass white dwarfs Homogeneous mass and age determinations, and asteroseismic prospects

Harko, T.; Lobo, F.S.N.; Mak, M.K.; Sushkov, S.V., 2015:
Wormhole geometries in Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravity

Anonymous, 2013:
Do Periodicities in Extinction -- with Possible Astronomical Connections -- Survive a Revision of the Geological Timescale?

Anonymous, 2013:
Misalignment of the Jet and the Normal to the Dusty Torus in the Broad Absorption Line QSO FIRST ,J1556338+351758

Anonymous, 2013:
Implications of PSR J1614-2230 for NJL hybrid star

Carlberg, R.G., 2013:
The Dynamics of Star Stream Gaps

Barnes, G.; Birch, A.C.; Leka, K.D.; Braun, D.C., 2014:
Helioseismology of Pre-Emerging Active Regions III Statistical Analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Dipole anisotropy in flux density and source count distribution in radio NVSS data

Anonymous, 2013:
Quasar-Galaxy Clustering through Projected Galaxy Counts at z=06-12

Anonymous, 2013:
Parameters of Chelyabinsk and Tunguska Objects and their Explosion Modes

Anonymous, 2013:
Spectral modelling of the Alpha Virginis Spica binary system

Bujarrabal, V.; Alcolea, J.; Van Winckel, H.; Santander-García, M.; Castro-Carrizo, A., 2013:
Extended rotating disks around post-AGB stars

Anonymous, 2013:
Expected number of massive galaxy relics in the present-day Universe

Safranek-Shrader, C.; Milosavljevic, M.; Bromm, V., 2014 :
Star Formation in the First Galaxies - II Clustered Star Formation and the Influence of Metal Line Cooling

Anonymous, 2013:
An unconsidered configuration of astrophysical false positives in exoplanet-transit surveys

Anonymous, 2013:
Is there plenty of metal-poor stars with planets in the Galactic thick disk?

Anonymous, 2013:
Effects of rotation in AGB stars

Khalaj, P.; Baumgardt, H., 2013:
The stellar mass function, binary content and radial structure of the open cluster Praesepe derived from PPMXL and SDSS data

Anonymous, 2013:
DA white dwarfs observed in LAMOST pilot survey

Gregorio, A.C.ttaia, F.M.nnella, A.B.rsanelli, M.M.ris, M.M.inhold, P.S.ndri, M.T.renzi, L.T.masi, M.V.lla, F.F.ailis, M.M.rgante, G.P.arson, D.Z.cchei, A.B.ttaglia, P.B.tler, R C.D.vis, R.F.anceschet, C.F.anceschi, E.G.leotta, S.L.onardi, R.L.we, S.M.ndolesi, N.M.lot, F.M.ndes, L.S.assi, P.S.ringhetti, L.T.vagnacco, D.Z.nca, A.W.lkinson, A.W.lson, P.C.arra, M.M.ciaszek, T.F.ley, S.W.tson, C, M.L.ureijs, R.T.uber, J.T.xier, D.B.ker, M.C.evas, L Pe, 2013:
In-flight calibration and verification of the Planck-LFI instrument

Vazan, A.; Kovetz, A.; Podolak, M.; Helled, R., 2013:
The Effect of Composition on the Evolution of Giant and Intermediate-Mass Planets

Anonymous, 2013:
The night sky brightness at Potsdam-Babelsberg

Anonymous, 2013:
X-ray Absorption of High Redshift Quasars

T.K.tayama; K.S.ito, 2013:
Properties of dense, asymmetric nuclear matter in Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approach

Anonymous, 2013:
An HST Optical to Near-IR Transmission Spectrum of the Hot Jupiter WASP-19b Detection of Atmospheric Water and Likely Absence of TiO

Anonymous, 2013:
Quantified HI Morphology VII star-formation and tidal influence on local dwarf HI morphology

Netopil, M.; Paunzen, E., 2013:
Towards a photometric metallicity scale for open clusters

Anonymous, 2013:
On the Eclipse of Thales, Cycles and Probabilities

Anonymous, 2013:
The co-planarity of satellite galaxies delivered by randomly aligned cold mode accretion streams

Anonymous, 2013:
K$ alpha$ iron line profile from accretion disks around regular and singular exotic compact objects

Krüger, T.; Tews, I.; Friman, B.; Hebeler, K.; Schwenk, A., 2013:
The chiral condensate in neutron matter

Gotthelf, E.V.; Halpern, J.P.; Allen, B.; Knispel, B., 2013:
X-ray Observations of Disrupted Recycled Pulsars No Refuge for Orphaned Central Compact Objects

Kunze, Kerstin E, 2013:
Cosmological Magnetic Fields

Anonymous, 2013:
The Galactic Pevatron

Dalla, S.; Marsh, M.S.; Kelly, J.; Laitinen, T., 2013:
Solar Energetic Particle drifts in the Parker spiral

Anonymous, 2013:
Fitting isochrones to open cluster photometric data III Estimating metallicities from UBV photometry

Anonymous, 2013:
I Inverse Compton origin of pulsar gamma-ray emission II Reconnection model of Crab flares

Anonymous, 2013:
Multi-Sommerfeld enhancement and its implication

Graham, M.J.; Drake, A.J.; Djorgovski, S.G.; Mahabal, A.A.; Donalek, C.; Duan, V.; Maker, A., 2013:
A comparison of period finding algorithms

Levine, A.R.; Meyer, M.J.; Bittner, E.A.; Berg, S.; Kalman, R.; Stanislaus, A.B.; Ryan, C.; Ball, S.A.; Eikermann, M., 2014:
Oral midodrine treatment accelerates the liberation of intensive care unit patients from intravenous vasopressor infusions

Hong, Y.; Jo, K-Wook.; Lyu, J.; Huh, J.Won.; Hong, S.Bum.; Jung, S-Ho.; Kim, J.Hyoung.; Choi, C.Min., 2014:
Use of venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in central airway obstruction to facilitate interventions leading to definitive airway security

Anonymous, 2013:
Prevalence of acute kidney injury in intensive care units The a oCOrte de prevalencia de disFunci n RenAl y DEpuraci n en cr ticosa point-prevalence multicenter study

Jang, H.; Topal, E., 2013:
Optimizing overbreak prediction based on geological parameters comparing multiple regression analysis and artificial neural network

Blount, A.L.; Armstrong, S.D.; Yuan, F.; Burgess, S.D., 2014:
Porous polyurethaneurea (Artelon) joint spacer compared to trapezium resection and ligament reconstruction

Dy, C.J.; Lyman, S.; Schreiber, J.J.; Do, H.T.; Daluiski, A., 2014:
The epidemiology of reoperation after flexor pulley reconstruction

Jockel, C.R.; Katolik, L.I.; Zelouf, D.S., 2014:
Simple medial elbow dislocations: a rare injury at risk for early instability

Anonymous, 2013:
Using the STROBE Strengthening the Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology Statement to Assess Reporting of Observational Trials in Hand Surgery

Castro Jiménez, A.; Gómez Torrijos, E.; García Rodríguez, R.; Feo Brito, F.; Borja Segade, J.; Galindo Bonilla, P.A.; Rodríguez-Sánchez, J.; Guerra Pasadas, F., 2015:
Demographic, clinical and allergological characteristics of Eosinophilic Esophagitis in a Spanish central region

Vergara-Salinas, Jé.R.; Bulnes, P.; Zúñiga, Mía.Carolina.; Pérez-Jiménez, J.; Torres, J.Lluís.; Mateos-Martín, Mía.Luisa.; Agosin, E.; Pérez-Correa, Jé.R., 2014:
Effect of pressurized hot water extraction on antioxidants from grape pomace before and after enological fermentation

Tan, C.; Xue, J.; Eric, K.; Feng, B.; Zhang, X.; Xia, S., 2014:
Dual effects of chitosan decoration on the liposomal membrane physicochemical properties as affected by chitosan concentration and molecular conformation

Heel, K.; Tabone, T.; Röhrig, K.J.; Maslen, P.G.; Meehan, K.; Grimwade, L.F.; Erber, W.N., 2014:
Developments in the immunophenotypic analysis of haematological malignancies

van der Hoeven, E.J.R.J.; Schonewille, W.J.; Vos, J.Albert.; Algra, A.; Audebert, H.J.; Berge, E.; Ciccone, A.; Mazighi, M.; Michel, P.; Muir, K.W.; Obach, Víctor.; Puetz, V.; Wijman, C.A.C.; Zini, A.; Kappelle, J.L., 2013:
The Basilar Artery International Cooperation Study (BASICS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Humphreys, I.; Drummond, A.E.R.; Phillips, C.; Lincoln, N.B., 2014:
Cost-effectiveness of an adjustment group for people with multiple sclerosis and low mood: a randomized trial

Ulmasov, B.; Oshima, K.; Rodriguez, M.G.; Cox, R.D.; Neuschwander-Tetri, B.A., 2014:
Differences in the degree of cerulein-induced chronic pancreatitis in C57BL/6 mouse substrains lead to new insights in identification of potential risk factors in the development of chronic pancreatitis

Park, J-Sil.; Kwok, S-Ki.; Lim, M-Ae.; Oh, H-Joa.; Kim, E-Kyung.; Jhun, J-Yeon.; Ju, J.Hyeon.; Park, K-Su.; Park, Y-Woo.; Park, S-Hwan.; Kim, H-Youn.; Cho, Y-Gyu.; Cho, M-La., 2014:
TWEAK promotes osteoclastogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis

Nahata, L.; Rosoklija, I.; Yu, R.N.; Cohen, L.E., 2014:
Klinefelter syndrome: are we missing opportunities for early detection?

Szczepaniak, D.; McHenry, M.S.; Nutakki, K.; Bauer, N.S.; Downs, S.M., 2014:
The prevalence of at-risk development in children 30 to 60 months old presenting with disruptive behaviors

Beniflah, J.D.; Little, W.K.; Simon, H.K.; Sturm, J., 2014:
Effects of immigration enforcement legislation on Hispanic pediatric patient visits to the pediatric emergency department

Lima, Fávia.A.; Gómez-Conde, Ián.; Videira, P.A.; Marinho, Cáudio.R.F.; Olivieri, D.N.; Tadokoro, C.E., 2014:
Intravital microscopy technique to study parasite dynamics in the labyrinth layer of the mouse placenta

Anonymous, 2013 :
Estenose a rtica grave e choque cardiog nico um desafio terap utico

Takagi, M.; Ishigaki, Y.; Uno, K.; Sawada, S.; Imai, J.; Kaneko, K.; Hasegawa, Y.; Yamada, T.; Tokita, A.; Iseki, K.; Kanno, S.; Nishio, Y.; Katagiri, H.; Mori, E., 2013:
Cognitive dysfunction associated with anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase autoimmunity: a case-control study

Hu, W.; Shao, M.A.; Hou,; She, D.L.; Si, B.C.eng, 2013:
Mean soil water content estimation using measurements from time stable locations of adjacent or distant areas

Bitting, R.L.; Boominathan, R.; Rao, C.; Kemeny, G.; Foulk, B.; Garcia-Blanco, M.A.; Connelly, M.; Armstrong, A.J., 2014:
Development of a method to isolate circulating tumor cells using mesenchymal-based capture

Aggarwal, N.Krishan.; Nicasio, A.Veronica.; DeSilva, R.; Boiler, M.; Lewis-Fernández, R., 2014:
Barriers to implementing the DSM-5 cultural formulation interview: a qualitative study

Guimard, A.; Vibarel-Rebot, N.; Prieur, F.; Baillot, A.; Mongeois, E.; Barrande, M.-G.; Lasne, F.; Collomp, K., 2013:
Effect of obesity on diurnal patterns of testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone in male subjects

Pereyra, L.; Gonzalez, R.; Mohaidle, A.; Fischer, C.; Mella, Jé.Manuel.; Panigadi, G.Nicolás.; Manazzoni, D.; Matoso, Mía.Dolores.; Lasa, J.Sebastián.; Novillo, A.; D.P.ula, J.; Soifer, L.; Nadales, A.; Cimmino, D.Gustavo.; Pedreira, S.; Boerr, L., 2014:
Risk of colorectal neoplasia in patients with celiac disease: a multicenter study

Brun, J.; Guillot, Séphanie.; Bouzat, P.; Broux, C.; Thony, Fédéric.; Genty, Céline.; Heylbroeck, C.; Albaladejo, P.; Arvieux, C.; Tonetti, Jérôme.; Payen, J-Francois., 2015:
Detecting active pelvic arterial haemorrhage on admission following serious pelvic fracture in multiple trauma patients

Livingston, M.H.; Igric, A.; Vogt, K.; Parry, N.; Merritt, N.H., 2015:
Radiation from CT scans in paediatric trauma patients: Indications, effective dose, and impact on surgical decisions

Kilicaslan, B.; Piskin, G.Demir.; Susam, I.; Dursun, H.; Ozdogan, O., 2015:
Effect of radiotheraphy on impaired aortic elasticity and stiffness in patients with breast cancer

Kraskiewicz, H.; Breen, B.; Sargeant, T.; McMahon, S.; Pandit, A., 2014:
Assembly of protein-based hollow spheres encapsulating a therapeutic factor

E.C.D.nn; J.C.ns, 2013:
Aleatory Sovereignty and the Rule of Sensitive Spaces

Anonymous, 2013:
Fluvial architecture variations linked to changes in accommodation spa R o Chico Formation Late Paleocene, Golfo San Jorge basin, Argentina

Grenfell, M.C.; Nicholas, A.P.; Aalto, R., 2013:
Mediative adjustment of river dynamics The role of chute channels in tropical sand-bed meandering rivers

Inturi, S.; Tewari-Singh, N.; Jain, A.K.; Roy, S.; White, C.W.; Agarwal, R., 2013:
Absence of a p53 allele delays nitrogen mustard-induced early apoptosis and inflammation of murine skin

Anonymous, 2013:
Identification of gingipain-specific I-Ab-restricted CD4+ T cells following mucosal colonization with Porphyromonas gingivalis in C57BL/6 mice

Anonymous, 2013:
Bad air, amulets and mosquitoes 2,000 years of changing perspectives on malaria

Jia, H.; Huang, Q.; Lü, J.; Li, J.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, Z.; Yang, J.; Wu, H., 2014:
Microdebrider removal under suspension laryngoscopy: an alternative surgical technique for subglottic hemangioma

Vaudel, M.; Sickmann, A.; Martens, L., 2014:
Introduction to opportunities and pitfalls in functional mass spectrometry based proteomics

Heckler, A.F.; Mirzaei, Z.; Pereira, I.; Simmons, C.A.; Gong, S-G., 2014:
Development of a three-dimensional in vitro model system to study orthodontic tooth movement

Cho, M-Ah.; Kim, Y-Young.; Chang, J-Youn.; Kho, H-Seop., 2014:
Interactions between hyaluronic acid, lysozyme, and the glucose oxidase-mediated lactoperoxidase system in enzymatic and candidacidal activities

Anonymous, 2013:
Interrelationship of dendritic cells, type 1 interferon system, regulatory T cells and toll-like receptors and their role in lichen planus and lupus erythematosus a A literature review

Arnold, D.M.; Nazi, I.; Warkentin, T.E.; Smith, J.W.; Toltl, L.J.; George, J.N.; Kelton, J.G., 2014:
Approach to the diagnosis and management of drug-induced immune thrombocytopenia

Louropoulou, A.; Slot, D.E.; Van der Weijden, F., 2016:
The effects of mechanical instruments on contaminated titanium dental implant surfaces: a systematic review

Kfouri, FáÁvila.; Duailibi, M.Talarico.; Bretos, Jé.Luis.Gonçalves.; Carvalho, A.Barbosa.; Pallos, D.; Duailibi, S.Eduardo., 2016:
Piezoelectric osteotomy for the placement of titanium implants in rabbits: histomorphometry study

Anonymous, 2013:
Signes pr coces da autismeA da o vient-onA ? O va-t-onA ?

Anonymous, 2013:
R-11Cverapamil is selectively transported by murine and human P-glycoprotein at the blooda brain barrier, and not by MRP1 and BCRP

Ambekar, A.; Rao, R.; Pun, A.; Kumar, S.; Kishore, K., 2014:
The trajectory of methadone maintenance treatment in Nepal

Remes, J.J.; Abou Elseoud, A.; Ollila, E.; Haapea, M.; Starck, T.; Nikkinen, J.; Tervonen, O.; Silven, O., 2014:
On applicability of PCA, voxel-wise variance normalization and dimensionality assumptions for sliding temporal window sICA in resting-state fMRI

Farjani Kish, G.; Khodakaram-Tafti, A.; Hajimohammadi, A.; Ahmadi, N., 2015:
Clinical and morphopathological characteristics of an enzootic occurrence of acute coenurosis (Coenurus cerebralis) in a sheep herd

Fyfe, E.M.; Rivers, K.S.; Thompson, J.M.D.; Thiyagarajan, K.P.L.; Groom, K.M.; Dekker, G.A.; McCowan, L.M.E., 2013:
Elevated maternal lipids in early pregnancy are not associated with risk of intrapartum caesarean in overweight and obese nulliparous women

Zhang, G-liang.; Wang, W.; Kang, Y-xiao.; Xue, Y.; Yang, H.; Zhou, C-ming.; Shi, G-ming., 2013:
Chronic testosterone propionate supplement could activated the Nrf2-ARE pathway in the brain and ameliorated the behaviors of aged rats

Hanks, A.N.; Dlugolenski, K.; Hughes, Zë.A.; Seymour, P.A.; Majchrzak, M.J., 2013:
Pharmacological disruption of mouse social approach behavior: relevance to negative symptoms of schizophrenia

Anonymous, 2013:
The mechanistic and evolutionary aspects of the 2prime- and 3prime-OH paradigm in biosynthetic machinery

Liu, Y-Fen.; Gao, Y.; Chen, M-Fang.; Cao, B.; Yang, X-Hua.; Wei, L., 2014:
Etiological analysis and predictive diagnostic model building of community-acquired pneumonia in adult outpatients in Beijing, China

Clarke, M.; Schiffman, M.; Wacholder, S.; Rodriguez, A.Cecilia.; Hildesheim, A.; Quint, W.; Alfaro, M.; Barrantes, M.; Bratti, M.Concepcion.; Cárdenas, F.; Cortés, B.; Espinoza, A.; Estrada, Y.; Gonzalez, P.; Guillén, D.; Herrero, R.; Jimenez, S.E.; Morales, J.; Morera, L.Ana.; Pérez, E.; Porras, C.; Rodriguez, A.Cecilia.; Villegas, M.; Freer, E.; Bonilla, J.; Silva, S.; Atmella, I.; Ramírez, M.; Macklin, N.; Hildesheim, A.; Lowy, D.R.; Schiffman, M.; Schiller, J.T.; Sherman, M.; Solomon, D, 2014:
A prospective study of absolute risk and determinants of human papillomavirus incidence among young women in Costa Rica

Cox, E.J.; Marsh, S.A., 2015:
Exercise and diabetes have opposite effects on the assembly and O-GlcNAc modification of the mSin3A/HDAC1/2 complex in the heart

Anonymous, 2013:
Effects of icosapent ethyl on lipid and inflammatory parameters in patients with diabetes mellitus-2, residual elevated triglycerides 200--500 mg/dL, and on statin therapy at LDL-C goal the ANCHOR study

Yu, W.H.a; Li, N.; Tong, D.S.en; Zhou, C.H.i; Lin, C.X.ang (Cynthia); Xu, C.Y.n, 2013:
Adsorption of proteins and nucleic acids on clay minerals and their interactions A review

Anonymous, 2013:
A parametric study on creepa fatigue strength of welded joints using the linear matching method

Wu, H.; Hamada, S.; Noguchi, H., 2013:
Pre-strain Effect on Fatigue Strength Characteristics of SUH660 Plain Specimens

Bradley, A., 2013:
How creation of a parent satisfaction questionnaire improved multidisciplinary service delivery in a paediatric day surgery unit

El-Gohary, M.; Hay, A.D.; Coventry, P.; Moore, M.; Stuart, B.; Little, P., 2014:
Corticosteroids for acute and subacute cough following respiratory tract infection: a systematic review

Clancy, N.; Zwar, N.; Richmond, R., 2014:
Depression, smoking and smoking cessation: a qualitative study

Paul, G.; Keogh, K.; D'Eath, M.; Smith, S.M., 2014:
Implementing a peer-support intervention for people with type 2 diabetes: a qualitative study

Pandey, P.; Tiwari, A.Kumar.; Sharma, J.; Dixit, S.; Raina, V., 2014:
Plasmapheresis as preconditioning protocol in an extremely high titer ABO incompatible renal transplant (ABOiRTx) case: A new prospect for chronic kidney disease patients in India

Brentnall, M.; Rodriguez-Menocal, L.; D.G.evara, R.Ladron.; Cepero, E.; Boise, L.H., 2013:
Caspase-9, caspase-3 and caspase-7 have distinct roles during intrinsic apoptosis

Coskun, Z.Mine.; Bolkent, S., 2015:
Biochemical and immunohistochemical changes in delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol-treated type 2 diabetic rats

Parkinson, L.; Curryer, C.; Gibberd, A.; Cunich, M.; Byles, J.E., 2014:
Good agreement between self-report and centralized hospitalizations data for arthritis-related surgeries

Xu, X.Y.; Ang, B.W., 2013:
Index decomposition analysis applied to CO2 emission studies

Mukherjee, V.; Das, A.; Akhand, A.; Gupta, G., 2013:
Toxicity and profitability of rice cultivation under wastewater irrigation the case of the East Calcutta Wetlands

Mueller, V.; Pfaff, A.; Peabody, J.; Liu, Y.; Smith, K.R., 2013:
Improving stove evaluation using survey data Who received which intervention matters

Ríos-Núñez, S.M.; Coq-Huelva, D.; García-Trujillo, R., 2013:
The Spanish livestock model A coevolutionary analysis

Chaix, B.; Méline, J.; Duncan, S.; Jardinier, L.; Perchoux, C.; Vallée, J.; Merrien, C.; Karusisi, N.; Lewin, A.; Brondeel, R.; Kestens, Y., 2014:
Neighborhood environments, mobility, and health: towards a new generation of studies in environmental health research

Clark, A.E., 2014:
Social comparisons, health and well-being

Anonymous, 2013:
Importance de la th orie des origines d veloppementales de la sant DOHaD pour les in galit s sociales de sant

Robinson, A.; Hankins, M.; Wiseman, G.; Jones, M., 2014:
Maintaining stable symptom control in inflammatory bowel disease: a retrospective analysis of adherence, medication switches and the risk of relapse

Kim, Y.; Hepat, R.; Kim, Y., 2013:
A copy of cystatin from the diamondback moth Plutella xylostella is encoded in the polydnavirus Cotesia plutellae bracovirus

Munksgaard, P.Svenssen.; Salkus, G.; Iyer, V.V.; Fisker, R.Vincents., 2013:
Mazabraud's syndrome: case report and literature review

Maleux, G.; Hoffman, I.; Heye, S.; Cassiman, D., 2013:
Focal portal vein stenosis in an adolescent potentially related to complicated umbilical catheter insertion in the neonatal period

Brock, J.R.; Bielmyer, G.K., 2014:
Metal accumulation and sublethal effects in the sea anemone, Aiptasia pallida, after waterborne exposure to metal mixtures

Lourido, T.; Botana, M.; Leiro, V.; Núñez, M.; Fernández-Villar, A., 2013:
Diagnosis of Non-nodal Paratracheobronchial Lesions by Linear Endobronchial Ultrasound

Laband, David N., 2013:
The neglected stepchildren of forest-based ecosystem services Cultural, spiritual, and aesthetic values

Horvatic Herceg, G.; Herceg, D.; Kralik, M.; Kulic, A.; Bence-Zigman, Z.; Tomic-Brzac, H.; Bracic, I.; Kusacic-Kuna, S.; Prgomet, D., 2014:
Urokinase plasminogen activator and its inhibitor type-1 as prognostic factors in differentiated thyroid carcinoma patients

Wang, X.; Ren, W.; Nie, Y.; Cheng, L.; Tan, W.; Wang, C.; Wei, L.; Zhang, R.; Yan, G., 2014:
A novel watery diarrhoea caused by the co-infection of neonatal piglets with Clostridium perfringens type A and Escherichia coli (K88, 987P)

Porrero, M.Concepción.; Mentaberre, G.; Sánchez, S.; Fernández-Llario, P.; Gómez-Barrero, S.; Navarro-Gonzalez, N.; Serrano, E.; Casas-Díaz, E.; Marco, I.; Fernández-Garayzabal, Jé-Francisco.; Mateos, A.; Vidal, D.; Lavín, S.; Domínguez, L., 2014:
Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) carriage in different free-living wild animal species in Spain

Sæverud, H.A.; Borchsenius, F.; Mellem, H.; Finstad, P.; Skjønsberg, O.H., 2013:
The obstructive siblings: Relapsing polychondritis without chondritis?

Anonymous, 2013:
A Study of noise annoyance due to construction worksites

Anonymous, 2013:
Risk Assessment of Vapor Cloud Explosions in a Hydrogen Production Facility with Consequence Modeling

Anonymous, 2013:
Nodular giant cell tumour of the tendon sheath of the hand analysis of eighty-four casesa diagnostic decisions and outcome

Lübbeke, A.; Finckh, A.; Puskas, G.J.; Suva, D.; Lädermann, A.; Bas, S.; Fritschy, D.; Gabay, C.; Hoffmeyer, P., 2014:
Do synovial leptin levels correlate with pain in end stage arthritis?

Hamilton, D.F.; Clement, N.D.; Burnett, R.; Patton, J.T.; Moran, M.; Howie, C.R.; Simpson, A.H.R.W.; Gaston, P., 2014:
Do modern total knee replacements offer better value for money? A health economic analysis

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Ginsenoside Rb1 prevents interleukin-1 beta induced inflammation and apoptosis in human articular chondrocytes

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Pullout strength of all suture anchors in the repair of rotator cuff tears: a biomechanical study

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Routine coagulation testing: do we need a discard tube?

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Hyperleukocytosis in newborn: a diagnosis of concern

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Orthotopic transplantation of retinoblastoma cells into vitreous cavity of zebrafish for screening of anticancer drugs

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Comparison of magnetic, electrical and ground penetrating radar surveys to detect buried forensic objects in semi-urban and domestic patio environments

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Measuring volcanic plume and ash properties from space

Anonymous, 2013:
Hematospermiaa the added value of transrectal ultrasound to clinical evaluation Is transrectal ultrasound necessary for evaluation of hematospermia?

Torabi, M.; Fu, F.; Luo, J.; Costello, J., 2014:
Clinical relevance and imaging features of isolated single bundle anterior cruciate tear and single bundle augmentation

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Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST): lesser known facts

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Pitfalls and mimickers at 64-section helical CT that cause negative appendectomy: an analysis from 1057 appendectomies

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A study to determine factors influencing outcomes of paediatric cochlear implants

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Are pulmonary opacities a marker of pulmonary tuberculosis?

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Airway management of adult patients without trauma in an ED led by internists

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Shifting the paradigm: using HIV surveillance data as a foundation for improving HIV care and preventing HIV infection

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Does age affect analgesia provision at discharge among children with long bone fractures requiring emergency care?

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Renal trauma after blunt abdominal injury

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Frequent emergency department visits are more prevalent in psychiatric, alcohol abuse, and dual diagnosis conditions than in chronic viral illnesses such as hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus

Anonymous, 2013:
Indicators of Intimate Partner Violen Identification in Emergency Departments

Bowen, Gabriel J., 2013:
Up in Smoke A Role for Organic Carbon Feedbacks in Paleogene Hyperthermals

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Psychosocial adjustment and quality of life of children after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in South Korea

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Care of children with sickle cell disease in the emergency department: parent and provider perspectives inform quality improvement efforts

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Can we model organismic causes of working memory, efficiency and fluid intelligence? A meta-subjective perspective

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The association between frequency of physical activity and mortality risk across the adult age span

Anonymous, 2013:
A min s g jav t s nak lehets ges eszk zei az alapell t sban Min s gi indik torokhoz kapcsolt anyagi szt nz k Eur p ban

Anonymous, 2013:

Anonymous, 2013:
A sz vinfarktus incidenci ja Magyarorsz gon Epidemiol giai vizsg lat Budapest t ker let ben s Szabolcs-Szatm r-Bereg megy ben

Anonymous, 2013:
A We Are Here Alonea The Ironic Potentials and Vulnerabilities of Mixed Up Districts in Central Jakarta

J.Palomera, 2013:
How Did Finance Capital Infiltrate the World of the Urban Poor? Homeownership and Social Fragmentation in a Spanish Neighborhood

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Maintaining Climate Change Experiments Urban Political Ecology and the Everyday Reconfiguration of Urban Infrastructure

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Thermal Eco-cities Green Building and Urban Thermal Metabolism

Anonymous, 2013:
Gentrification in Spain and Latin America a a Critical Dialogue

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Differential gene expression of granulosa cells after ovarian superstimulation in beef cattle

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Heat stress effects on the cumulus cells surrounding the bovine oocyte during maturation: altered matrix metallopeptidase 9 and progesterone production

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Atmospheric dynamics in RR Lyrae stars a high-resolution spectroscopic survey

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Analyses of muscle spindles in the soleus of six inbred mouse strains

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Morphometric analysis of osteonal architecture in bones from healthy young human male subjects using scanning electron microscopy

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Nationwide survey of Arima syndrome: revised diagnostic criteria from epidemiological analysis

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Dorsal and ventral attention systems: distinct neural circuits but collaborative roles

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Development of an animal frostbite injury model using the Goettingen-Minipig

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Biomechanical evaluation of three different fixation methods of the Chevron osteotomy of the olecranon: an analysis with Roentgen Stereophotogrammatic Analysis

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Sticky siRNAs targeting survivin and cyclin B1 exert an antitumoral effect on melanoma subcutaneous xenografts and lung metastases

Anonymous, 2013:
Suppl mentation calcique et risque cardiovasculaire

Freeman, P.M.; Holmes, M.A.; Jeffery, N.D.; Granger, N., 2013:
Time requirement and effect on owners of home-based management of dogs with severe chronic spinal cord injury

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Do pregnancy-related changes in the microbiome stimulate innate immunity?

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Trefoil factor 3 peptide regulates migration via a Twist-dependent pathway in SGC7901 cell

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Moisture availability over the past five centuries indicated by carbon isotopes of Tamarix taklamakanensis leaves in a nebkha profile in the Central Taklimakan Desert, NW China

Anonymous, 2013:
Incidence of lymphoceles in patients undergoing renal transplantation and the effect of povidonea iodine in treatment

Anonymous, 2013:
The DPP-4 Inhibitor Linagliptin Restores beta-Cell Function and Survival in Human Isolated Islets Through GLP-1 Stabilization

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A Comprehensive Next Generation Sequencing-Based Genetic Testing Strategy To Improve Diagnosis of Inherited Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma

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Approach to the patient: the adult with congenital adrenal hyperplasia

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Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus secondary to syphilis infection

Anonymous, 2013:
Metabolic Effects of Oral Versus Transdermal 17beta-Estradiol E2 A Randomized Clinical Trial in Girls With Turner Syndrome

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Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Interacting Protein AIP Mutations Occur Rarely in Sporadic Parathyroid Adenomas

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Tumor suppressor role of the CL2/DRO1/CCDC80 gene in thyroid carcinogenesis

Anonymous, 2013:
Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Interacts With Interleukin-1beta to Regulate Prostaglandin H Synthase-2 Expression in Human Myometrium During Pregnancy and Labor

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Longitudinal relationship of physical activity with insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese pregnant women

Jones, M.L.; Martoni, C.J.; Prakash, S., 2013:
Oral Supplementation With Probiotic L reuteri NCIMB 30242 Increases Mean Circulating 25-Hydroxyvitamin D A Post Hoc Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Anonymous, 2013:
Clinical Phenotype of a New Type of Thyroid Hormone Resistance Caused by a Mutation of the TRalpha1 Receptor Consequences of LT4 Treatment

van Bekkum, J.E.; Hilton, S., 2013:
The challenges of communicating research evidence in practice: perspectives from UK health visitors and practice nurses

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Analysis of genetic stability of in vitro propagated potato microtubers using DNA markers

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Animal models in translational studies of PTSD

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Region-specific alterations in glucocorticoid receptor expression in the postmortem brain of teenage suicide victims

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Psychosocial factors and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: potential biobehavioral pathways

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Cultural Variation in the Minimal Group Effect

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Metabolic flux analysis of recombinant Pichia pastoris growing on different glycerol/methanol mixtures by iterative fitting of NMR-derived (13)C-labelling data from proteinogenic amino acids

Gálvez-Valdivieso, G.; Alamillo, J.Muñoz.; Fernández, J.; Pineda, M., 2014:
Molecular characterization of PVAS3: an asparagine synthetase gene from common bean prevailing in developing organs

Anonymous, 2013:
Multicenter Prospective Randomized Study ofA Single-incision Mini-sling Vs Tension-free Vaginal Tape-obturator in Management of Female Stress Urinary Incontinen A Minimum of 1-Year Follow-up

Knoepp, L.R.; Semins, M.J.; Wright, E.James.; Steele, K.; Shore, A.D.; Clark, J.M.; Makary, M.A.; Matlaga, B.R.; Chen, C.Chiung.Grace., 2013:
Does bariatric surgery affect urinary incontinence?

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Surgical anatomy of penis in exstrophy-epispadias: a study of arrangement of fascial planes and superficial vessels of surgical significance

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Effects of L-carnosine and its zinc complex (Polaprezinc) on pressure ulcer healing

Titus, R.; Kastenmeier, A.; Otterson, M.F., 2014:
Consequences of gastrointestinal surgery on drug absorption

Anonymous, 2013:
InA vitro hemodynamic model of the arm arteriovenous circulation to study hemodynamics of native arteriovenous fistula and the distal revascularization and interval ligation procedure

Wang, B.; Kuo, J.; Granick, S., 2013:
Bursts of Active Transport in Living Cells

Anonymous, 2013:
Stabilizing spatially structured populations through Adaptive Limiter Control

Greene, D.; Crona, K., 2015:
The changing geometry of a fitness landscape along an adaptive walk

Anonymous, 2013:
RNA secondary structure prediction from multi-aligned sequences

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Outcome of early and late onset Fontan operation in patients with univentricular heart repair

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Safety and comparative immunogenicity of an HIV-1 DNA vaccine in combination with plasmid interleukin 12 and impact of intramuscular electroporation for delivery

Anonymous, 2013:
Rural health professionalsa perspectives on providing grief and loss support in cancer care

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The incidence and causes of different subtypes of depression in prostate cancer patients: implications for cancer care

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Percutaneous transhepatic hybrid biliary endoprostheses using both plastic and metallic stents for palliative treatment of malignant common bile duct obstruction

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Informal carers' experiences and needs when supporting patients through chemotherapy: a mixed method study

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On the joys of missing data

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Rheological characterisation of sorbet using pipe rheometry during the freezing process

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Whey based binary bioplastics

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Process optimization and stability of d-limonene nanoemulsions prepared by catastrophic phase inversion method

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Bactericidal effects of nonthermal low-pressure oxygen plasma on S typhimurium LT2 attached to fresh produce surfaces

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Effects of microbial transglutaminase added edible coatings based on heated or ultrasound-treated whey proteins in physical and chemical parameters of frozen Atlantic salmon Salmo salar

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Encapsulation of tomato oleoresin with zein prepared from corn gluten meal

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Raltegravir flexibility and its impact on recognition by the HIV-1 IN targets

Anonymous, 2013:
Nanomapping of CD1da glycolipid complexes on THP1 cells by using simultaneous topography and recognition imaging

Anonymous, 2013:
Interaction of serum amyloid A with human cystatin Ca assessment of amino acid residues crucial for hCCa SAA formation part II

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SugarBind database (SugarBindDB): a resource of pathogen lectins and corresponding glycan targets

Li, M.; Xiao, X.; Liu, L.; Xi, N.; Wang, Y.; Dong, Z.; Zhang, W., 2014:
Atomic force microscopy study of the antigen-antibody binding force on patient cancer cells based on ROR1 fluorescence recognition

Anonymous, 2013 :
Tumeurs testiculaires non palpables S rie r trospective

Anonymous, 2013:
Oncocytose r nale unilat raleA propos da un cas

Anonymous, 2013:
Implants p niens hydrauliquesA enqu te de satisfaction, r sultats et complications tude r trospective portant sur 50A patients cons cutifs primo implant s au CHU de Nice entre 2000A et 2009

Sanmillán, J.Luis.; Pelegrín, Ián.; Rodríguez, D.; Ardanuy, C.; Cabellos, C., 2014:
Primary lumbar epidural abscess without spondylodiscitis caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum diagnosed by 16S rRNA PCR

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Antimicrobial resistance and virulence genes in Escherichia coli and enterococci from red foxes (Vulpes vulpes)

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Female genital cutting: nursing implications

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Palliative care nursing interventions in Thailand

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Evaluation of the psychometric measures for the Postpartum Depression Screening Scale-Spanish Version for Mexican women

Anonymous, 2013:
Ethnographic Study of Experiences of Pakistani Women Immigrants With Pregnancy, Birthing, and Postpartum in the United States and Pakistan

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Psychological violence in the workplace among Jordanian hospital nurses

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Cultural meanings of musculoskeletal diseases in Chile's Mapuche Population

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Wear analysis of 39 conserve plus metal-on-metal hip resurfacing retrievals

Li, Y.; Lu, X.; Wolf, B.R.; Callaghan, J.J.; Cram, P., 2014:
Variation of Medicare payments for total knee arthroplasty

Anonymous, 2013:
The cosmological evolution of the cosmological plasma with interpartial scalar interaction I The canonic formulation of classical scalar interaction

Anonymous, 2013:
Cosmology with an Effective $ Lambda$-Term in Lyra Manifold

Tawfik, A, 2013:
Impacts of Generalized Uncertainty Principle on Black Hole Thermodynamics and Salecker-Wigner Inequalities

Jalalzadeh, S.; Rostami, T., 2015:
Covariant extrinsic gravity and the geometric origin of dark energy

Anonymous, 2013:
On the Existence and Utility of Rigid Quasilocal Frames

E.Anderson, 2014:
Minisuperspace model of Machian Resolution of Problem of Time I Isotropic Case

Anderson, Edward, 2015:
Kendalls Shape Statistics as a Classical Realization of Barbour-type Timeless Records Theory approach to Quantum Gravity

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Vascular endothelial growth factor and cysteinyl leukotrienes in sputum supernatant of patients with asthma

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The association of the JAK2 46/1 haplotype with non-splanchnic venous thrombosis

Creevy, K.E.; Scuderi, M.A.; Ellis, A.E., 2014:
Generalised peripheral oedema associated with amlodipine therapy in two dogs

Anonymous, 2013:
TGF -pathway is down-regulated in a uterine carcinosarcoma a case study

Kobayashi, S.; Tsuta, K.; Sekine, S.; Yoshida, A.; Sasaki, N.; Shibuki, Y.; Sakurai, H.; Watanabe, S-Ichi.; Asamura, H.; Tsuda, H., 2014:
Pulmonary neuroendocrine tumors with nuclear inclusion

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Clinicopathologic implication of hepatic progenitor cell marker expression in hepatoblastoma

Nechifor-Boila, A.; Borda, A.; Sassolas, Gève.; Hafdi-Nejjari, Z.; Borson-Chazot, Fçoise.; Lifante, J.Christophe.; Sturm, N.; Lavérriere, M.Hélène.; Berger, N.; Decaussin-Petrucci, M., 2014:
Immunohistochemical markers in the diagnosis of papillary thyroid carcinomas: The promising role of combined immunostaining using HBME-1 and CD56

Anonymous, 2013:
Application of Transmission Electron Tomography for Modelling the Renal Corpuscle

Anonymous, 2013:
Primary Synovial Sarcoma of the Stomach -A Case Report and Review of the Literature-

Keating, L.; Tasca, G.A.; Hill, R., 2014:
Structural relationships among attachment insecurity, alexithymia, and body esteem in women with eating disorders

Jain, R.; Sharma, D.; Kumar, R., 2014:
Effects of alcohols on the stability and low-frequency local motions that control the slow changes in structural dynamics of ferrocytochrome c

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluation of ovarian function in 35a 40-year-old women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Anonymous, 2013:
Outcome of pregnancies with preterm prelabor rupture of membranes before 27 weeksa gestation a retrospective cohort study

Anonymous, 2013:
A The anatomy lesson of Dr Frederik Ruyscha of 1683, a milestone in knowledge about obstetrics

Hoyt, C.L.; Burnette, J.L., 2014:
Gender bias in leader evaluations: merging implicit theories and role congruity perspectives

Mohan, N.; Caldwell, G., 2014:
A Considerative Checklist to ensure safe daily patient review

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A multi-tiered approach to safety education

Fernando, K.; Adshead, N.; Dev, S.; Fernando, A., 2014:
Emergency department multiprofessional handover

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When should students learn about ethics, professionalism and patient safety?

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Near-peer teaching in clinical neuroanatomy

Eseonu, O.; Carachi, R.; Brindley, N., 2014:
Case-based anatomy teaching: a viable alternative?

Gormley, G.; Menary, A.; Layard, B.; Hart, N.; McCourt, C., 2014:
Temporary tattoos: a novel OSCE assessment tool

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Low fidelity, high quality: a model for e-learning

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Axillary artery thrombosis in a major league baseball pitcher: a case report and rehabilitation guide

Anonymous, 2013:
Sub-crustal earthquakes within the Australiaa Pacific plate boundary zone beneath the Southern Alps, New Zealand

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Ni-rich spinels and platinum group element nuggets condensed from a Late Archaean impact vapour cloud

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Reconciling discrepancies between Uk37 and Mg/Ca reconstructions of Holocene marine temperature variability

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Mutations in ALDH6A1 encoding methylmalonate semialdehyde dehydrogenase are associated with dysmyelination and transient methylmalonic aciduria

Darling, R.S., 2013:
Zircon-bearing, crystallized melt inclusions in peritectic garnet from the western Adirondack Mountains, New York State, USA

J.L.; I.C.ou;; R.C.B.rruss, 2013:
Observations on the crystallization of spodumene from aqueous solutions in a hydrothermal diamond-anvil cell

Wong, E.L.Y.; Coulter, A.; Cheung, A.W.L.; Yam, C.H.K.; Yeoh, E-Kiong.; Griffiths, S., 2013:
Item generation in the development of an inpatient experience questionnaire: a qualitative study

Goodyer, L.; Song, J., 2014:
Mosquito bite-avoidance attitudes and behaviors in travelers at risk of malaria

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Seroprotection after hepatitis a vaccination in patients with drug-induced immunosuppression

Connor, B.A.; Riddle, M.S., 2014:
Post-infectious sequelae of travelers' diarrhea

Petrovova, E.; Purzyc, H.; Mazensky, D.; Luptakova, L.; Torma, N.; Sopoliga, I.; Sedmera, D., 2015:
Morphometric alterations, steatosis, fibrosis and active caspase-3 detection in carbamate bendiocarb treated rabbit liver

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The impact of number of drugs prescribed on the risk of potentially inappropriate medication among outpatient older adults with chronic diseases

K.D.S.effensen;;, 2013:
Trotline efficiencies and catch rates in a large river

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Sociodemographic predictors of suicide means in a population-based surveillance system: findings from the National Violent Death Reporting system

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Nicotine-induced impairments of spatial cognition and long-term potentiation in adolescent male rats

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In utero exposure to dicyclohexyl and di-n-hexyl phthalate possess genotoxic effects on testicular cells of male rats after birth in the comet and TUNEL assays

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Inflammation and schizophrenia: alterations in cytokine levels and perturbation in antioxidative defense systems

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The new standard of care in urology outpatients? A one-stop clinic improves efficiency and quality

Anonymous, 2013 :
Fractures of the proximal humerus general considerations and nonoperative management

Anonymous, 2013:
Intramedullary fixation for fractures of the proximal humerus

Anonymous, 2013:
Hemiarthroplasty in proximal humeral fractures surgical technique

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Graft options for ACL reconstructive surgery

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The effects of alcohol in orthopaedic patients

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Determining the subcellular location of new proteins from microscope images using local features

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ChroMoS an integrated web tool for SNP classification, prioritization and functional interpretation

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D-penicillamine and other low molecular weight thiols: review of anticancer effects and related mechanisms

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P97/CDC-48: proteostasis control in tumor cell biology

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Heat stress: a risk factor for skin carcinogenesis

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Induction of DNA damage and ATF3 by retigeric acid B, a novel topoisomerase II inhibitor, promotes apoptosis in prostate cancer cells

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Bioecology of some key cashew insect pests and diseases in diverse habitats and landscapes in Tanzania

Anonymous, 2013:
Ovarian development status and population characteristics of Sogatella furcifera Horv th and Nilaparvata lugens St l implications for pest forecasting

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Effects of water conveyance embankments on riparian forest communities at the middle reaches of the Tarim River, Northwest China

Anonymous, 2013:
Distinct Deleterious Effects of Cyclosporine and Tacrolimus, and Combined Tacrolimusa Sirolimus on Endothelial Cells Protective Effect of Defibrotide

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Application of intraoperative indocyanine green videoangiography for resection of spinal cord hemangioblastoma: advantages and limitations

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Clopidogrel effective for frequent transient monocular blindness caused by vulnerable plaque

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Pendular nystagmus in hypomyelinating leukodystrophy

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The effect of rollover footwear on the rollover function of walking

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A predictive biomarker for altered 5-fluorouracil pharmacokinetics following repeated administration in a rat model of colorectal cancer

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The off-crust origin of granite batholiths

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Annual-perennial plant relationships and species selection for desert restoration

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Predicting the dynamics of local adaptation in invasive species

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Estimation of water balance in the source region of the Yellow River based on GRACE satellite data

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Chemical composition and phytotoxic activity of the volatile oil of invasive Xanthium italicum Moretti from Xinjiang, China

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Modeling grassland net primary productivity and water-use efficiency along an elevational gradient of the Northern Tianshan Mountains

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Non-uniform muscle oxygenation despite uniform neuromuscular activity within the vastus lateralis during fatiguing heavy resistance exercise

Anonymous, 2013:
Type 2 diabetes mellitusa an autoimmune disease?

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Playground designs to increase physical activity levels during school recess: a systematic review

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Fraction of cell-free fetal DNA in the maternal serum as a predictor of abnormal placental invasion-a pilot study

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First trimester Down syndrome screening using additional serum markers with and without nuchal translucency and cell free DNA

Anonymous, 2013:
Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis experience in the ukurova Region of Southern Turkey Detecting paternal mutations of sickle cell anemia and beta-thalassemia in cell-free fetal DNA using high-resolution melting analysis

Sun, J.; Zhang, Z.; Zong, X.; Huang, S.; Li, Z.; Han, Y., 2013:
A high-resolution cucumber cytogenetic map integrated with the genome assembly

Anonymous, 2013:
Combined inhalation of beta2-agonists improves swim ergometer sprint performance but not high-intensity swim performance

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valuation et soutien des grandes fonctions du patient polytraumatis

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Identification of a novel endogenous regulatory element in Chinese hamster ovary cells by promoter trap

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CO2 bioconversion using carbonic anhydrase (CA): effects of PEG rigidity on the structure of bio-mineralized crystal composites

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Simultaneous integration of multiple genes into the Kluyveromyces marxianus chromosome

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Migratory and resident Blackcaps Sylvia atricapilla wintering in southern Spain show no resource partitioning

Anonymous, 2013:
Cyanotic Nephropathya A Morphometric Analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Long-term functional outcomes after implantation of artificial urinary sphincter in women suffering from stress urinary incontinence; E.G.rstel;; P.D.llenbach; D.F.ltin; V.P.toud; C.Z.mwald; O.T.R.tschmann, 2013:
Urinary incontinence as a marker of higher mortality in home care patients

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Batbugs Cimex pipistrelli group, Heteroptera Cimicidae are morphologically, but not genetically differentiated among bat hosts

Anonymous, 2013:
Feline Endometrial Adenocarcinoma in Females 1A Year Old A Description of Four Cases

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Production of oocytes of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) for in vitro fertilization via hormonal treatments

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The Clinical and Forensic Value of Information that Children Report While Drawing

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Drosophila as a model for context-dependent tumorigenesis

Anonymous, 2013:
Excess nitric oxide impairs liver X receptor a ATP-binding cassette transporter A1-dependent cholesterol efflux in macrophage foam cells

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CD43 signals prepare human T cells to receive cytokine differentiation signals

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Induction of mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenesis through sequential administration of growth factors within specific temporal windows

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Expiratory CT scan in patients with normal inspiratory CT scan: a finding of obliterative bronchiolitis and other causes of bronchiolar obstruction

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The difficult diagnosis of isolated cardiac sarcoidosis: usefulness of an integrated MRI and PET approach

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Acute coronary syndrome with a malignant course of an unobstructed coronary artery

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Acute catecholamine cardiomyopathy in patients with phaeochromocytoma or functional paraganglioma

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Peak Oil and Energy Independence Myth and Reality

Anonymous, 2013:
Significant Geological Storage Capacity for Carbon in the United States, Report Finds

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Investigating Human-Induced Changes of Elemental Cycles in the Great Lakes

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Models without volcanic forcing underestimate sea level rise

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Uneven warming shifts equatorial rain band, midlatitude westerlies

Schultz, Colin, 2013:
Model tracks sediment dynamics for highly curved meandering rivers

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Blood glucose homeostasis in the first 24 h of life

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The accuracy of a glucose-oxidase-based point-of-care glucometer in premature infants

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Measuring neurodevelopmental outcome in neonatal trials: a continuing and increasing challenge

Anonymous, 2013:
Isothiocyanates protect against oxidized LDL-induced endothelial dysfunction by upregulating Nrf2-dependent antioxidation and suppressing NF B activation

Anonymous, 2013:
The dietary terpene lupeol targets colorectal cancer cells with constitutively active Wnt/ -catenin signaling

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Performance characteristics of molecular (DNA) analysis for the diagnosis of mucinous pancreatic cysts

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Predictors of coronal caries progression in adults: results from the Prevention of Adult Caries Study

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A stochastic framework to assess the performance of flood warning systems based on rainfall-runoff modeling

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A rainfall-runoff model parameterized from GIS and runoff data

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Benthic metabolism and nitrogen dynamics in an urbanised tidal creek domination of DNRA over denitrification as a nitrate reduction pathway

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Size-related and seasonal diet of the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum, as determined using dual stable isotopes

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Muscle wasting associated with pathologic change is a risk factor for the exacerbation of joint swelling in collagen-induced arthritis in cynomolgus monkeys

Anonymous, 2013:
The game has changedbut it still needs to be played the role of imaging tests using ionising radiation in the practice of sports medicine

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Longitudinal Strain in Friedreich Ataxia A Potential Marker for Early Left Ventricular Dysfunction

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Damage localization map using electromechanical impedance spectrums and inverse distance weighting interpolation Experimental validation on thin composite structures

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Peripheral artery disease and risk of cardiovascular events in patients with coronary artery disease: insights from the Heart and Soul Study

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Challenges to traditional clinical definitions of depression in young black men

Anonymous, 2013:
The Health of Adults Living with a Clinically Significant Haemoglobinopathy in NSW, Australia The NSW Haemoglobinopathy Project

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Assessment of alcohol histories obtained from patients with liver disease: opportunities to improve early intervention

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Evaluation of Phenolics and Antioxidant Activity of Black Sorghum Hybrids

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Localization, morphology and transcriptional profile of Aspergillus flavus during seed colonization

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Anonymous, 2013:
Clinical study on psoriasis patients for past 30A years 1982a 2012 in Seoul National University Hospital Psoriasis Clinic

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Novel IL36RN mutation in a Japanese case of early onset generalized pustular psoriasis

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Impact of disease severity on work productivity and activity impairment in Japanese patients with atopic dermatitis

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Trends of postpartum depression in iran: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
PKCgamma receptor mediates visceral nociception and hyperalgesia following exposure to PTSD-like stress in the spinal cord of rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Developments in the taxonomy of silica-scaled chrysophytes a from morphological and ultrastructural to molecular approaches

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Sharing individual level data from observational studies and clinical trials: a perspective from NHLBI

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Esophageal intramural pseudodiverticulosis: endoscopic diagnosis and therapy

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The postcard intervention against depression among community-dwelling older adults: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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TRAF3IP2 gene and systemic lupus erythematosus: association with disease susceptibility and pericarditis development

Kiunsi, R., 2013:
The constraints on climate change adaptation in a city with a large development deficit the case of Dar es Salaam

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Targeting insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes via immune modulation of cord blood-derived multipotent stem cells (CB-SCs) in stem cell educator therapy: phase I/II clinical trial

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Molecular characterization of Alr1105 a novel arsenate reductase of the diazotrophic cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC7120 and decoding its role in abiotic stress management in Escherichia coli

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Defending the indefensible? Psychiatry, assisted suicide and human freedom

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An M2e-based synthetic peptide vaccine for influenza A virus confers heterosubtypic protection from lethal virus challenge

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The effect of exogenous glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide in combination with glucagon-like peptide-1 on glycemia in the critically ill

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Experiences of a Communitya in a Gated Residential Estate

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From Simplicity to Complexity The Changing Geography of Land Vulnerability to Degradation in Italy

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Legal Geographies of Intellectual Property, a Traditionala Knowledge and Biodiversity Experiencing Conventions, Laws, Customary Law, and Karma in Thailand

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Endogenous signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 is required for the protection of hepatocytes against warm ischemia/reperfusion injury

Anonymous, 2013:
Physical function after total knee surgery

Anonymous, 2013:
A systematic review of consent processes of CRTs in residential homes

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Relationship between projected changes in future climatic suitability and demographic and functional traits of forest tree species in Spain

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The Ossification of the Pelvic Girdle and Leg Skeleton of the Quail Coturnix coturnix japonica

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Local dynamic stability as a responsive index for the evaluation of rehabilitation effect on fall risk in patients with multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal study

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Gonadogenesis and expression pattern of the vasa gene in sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus during early development

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Furosemide-induced severe hypokalemia with rhabdomyolysis without cardiac arrest

Anonymous, 2013:
Impact de la adversit familiale durant la enfance sur le d veloppement de la personnalit psychopathique

Anonymous, 2013:
Les fausses all gations da enl vement da enfantA la pratique du FBI appliqu e dans un nouveau protocole da intervention du d partement des Sciences du Comportement de la Gendarmerie nationale

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Treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head by using the greater trochanteric bone flap with double vascular pedicles

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Anonymous, 2013:
Sortase-Catalyzed Initiator Attachment Enables High YieldA Growth of a Stealth Polymer from the C Terminus of a Protein

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Light-induced disintegration of robust physically cross-linked polymer networks

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Directing the self-assembly of semiconducting copolymers: the consequences of grafting linear or hyperbranched polyether side chains

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Hydroxyalkylation and polyether polyol grafting of graphene tailored for graphene/polyurethane nanocomposites

Anonymous, 2013:
Shear-Induced Orientation of Gyroid PS-b-P4VPPDP Supramolecules

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Chemical control of yeast cell division by cross-linked shells of catechol-grafted polyelectrolyte multilayers

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Computational investigations of a Peptide-modified dendrimer interacting with lipid membranes

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Statistical approaches to assessing single and multiple outcome measures in dry eye therapy and diagnosis

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Anonymous, 2013:
Pharmacokinetics, efficacy and safety of BAX326, a novel recombinant factor IX a prospective, controlled, multicentre phase I/III study in previously treated patients with severe FIX level 1% or moderately severe FIX level a 2% haemophilia B

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Anonymous, 2013:
The mouse muscle as an ectopic permissive site for human pancreatic development

Anonymous, 2013:
Direct effects of TNF-alpha on local fuel metabolism and cytokine levels in the placebo controlled bilaterally infused human leg; increased insulin sensitivity, increased net protein breakdown and increased IL-6 release

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Molecular mechanism of sulphonylurea block of K(ATP) channels carrying mutations that impair ATP inhibition and cause neonatal diabetes

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Anonymous, 2013:
Dissociation of intestinal and hepatic activities of FXR and LXRalpha supports metabolic effects of terminal ileum interposition in rodents

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Anonymous, 2013:
More than twenty years of registration of type 1 diabetes in Sardinian children temporal variations of incidence with age, period of diagnosis and year of birth

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SNP ascertainment bias in population genetic analyses: why it is important, and how to correct it

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The Role of Vitamin D in Blood Pressure, Endothelial and Renal Function in Postmenopausal Women

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Quercus ilex L as bioaccumulator for heavy metals in urban areas Effectiveness of leaf washing with distilled water and considerations on the trees distance from traffic

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Multimodal analgesia therapy reduces length of hospitalization in patients undergoing fusions of the ankle and hindfoot

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An analysis of the use of the Kellgren and Lawrence grading system to evaluate peritalar arthritis following total ankle arthroplasty

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Multiple Cost Functions and Regularization Options for Improved Retrieval of Leaf Chlorophyll Content and LAI through Inversion of the PROSAIL Model

Anonymous, 2013:
Anthropogenic modulators of speciesa area relationships in Neotropical primates a continental-scale analysis of fragmented forest landscapes

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Systematic Review into Diagnostics for Post-Kala-Azar Dermal Leishmaniasis (PKDL)

Anonymous, 2013:
Neurodegeneration in Friedreicha s Ataxia From Defective Frataxin to Oxidative Stress

Anonymous, 2013:
Management and utilization of crossbred bullocks under field conditions

Anonymous, 2013:
Economics of buffalo milk production in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh

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Long-term ventilation in children: longitudinal trends and outcomes

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Kestenbaum procedure with combined muscle resection and tucking for nystagmus-related head turn

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Vaccine chronicle in Japan

Anonymous, 2013:
Extended treatment with selective PI 3-kinase and mTOR inhibitors has effects on metabolism, growth, behaviour and bone strength

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Acute endovascular repair of iatrogenic right internal carotid arterial laceration

Anonymous, 2013:
Adipokinetic hormone exerts its anti-oxidative effects using a conserved signal- transduction mechanism involving both PKC and cAMP by mobilizing extra- and intracellular Ca2+ stores

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The role of nuclear bodies in gene expression and disease

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A case of the first documented fire ant anaphylaxis in Canada

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CSACI position statement: safety of topical calcineurin inhibitors in the management of atopic dermatitis in children and adults

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Cooperative Entrapment of Xanthene Dyes by a Core-Engineered Unimolecular Micelle

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Scintigraphic comparison of intra-arterial injection and distal intravenous regional limb perfusion for administration of mesenchymal stem cells to the equine foot

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Biomimetic Micro-Patterning of Epoxy Coatings for Enhanced Surface Hydrophobicity and Low Friction

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A Latex-Based Route to Disperse Carbon Nanotubes in Poly2,6-Dimethyl-1,4-Phenylene Ether/Polystyrene Blends

Anonymous, 2013:
PneumocystisA pid miologie et approches mol culaires

Anonymous, 2013:
Lupus et grossesseA exp rience da un service de m decine interne propos de 26A cas et revue de la litt rature

Ouadghiri, S.; E.A.aoui Toussi, K.; Brick, C.; Ait Benhaddou, E.H.; Benseffaj, N.; Benomar, A.; E.Y.hyaoui, M.; Essakalli, M., 2014:
Genetic factors and multiple sclerosis in the Moroccan population: a role for HLA class II

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Distribution of KRAS and BRAF mutations in Moroccan patients with advanced colorectal cancer

Anonymous, 2013:
Age dependent course of EAE in Airea /a mice

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Biased Treg/Th17 balance away from regulatory toward inflammatory phenotype in relapsed multiple sclerosis and its correlation with severity of symptoms

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Regional fat mobilization and training type on sedentary, premenopausal and overweight and obese women

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A prospective multifactorial intervention on subpopulations of predominately Hispanic children at high risk for obesity

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Sleep duration and body mass index and waist circumference among U.S. adults

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One day of overfeeding impairs nocturnal glucose but not fatty acid homeostasis in overweight men

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Weight bias internalization, core self-evaluation, and health in overweight and obese persons

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The association between early menarche and offspring's obesity risk in early childhood was modified by gestational weight gain

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Insulin enhances metabolic capacities of cancer cells by dual regulation of glycolytic enzyme pyruvate kinase M2

Anonymous, 2013:
Une cause rare de maladie kystique pulmonaireA maladie d p ts de cha nes l g res da immunoglobuline

Koike, Y.; Sano, H.; Kita, A.; Itoi, E., 2014:
Symptomatic rotator cuff tears show higher radioisotope uptake on bone scintigraphy compared with asymptomatic tears

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Psychometric properties of patient-reported outcome measures for hip arthroscopic surgery

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Predicting steep escalations in alcohol use over the teenage years: age-related variations in key social influences

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The impact of hazardous drinking on suicide among working-age Russian males: an individual-level analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Characterising tobacco control mass media campaigns in England

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Homelessness, cigarette smoking and desire to quit: results from a US national study

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Ileocecal lipohyperplasia presenting as a chronic sideropenic anaemia

Anonymous, 2013:
Intracardiac thrombosis in polycythemia vera

Anonymous, 2013:
Severe neonatal complication of transverse lie after preterm premature rupture of membranes

Anonymous, 2013:
Neonatal lupus with atypical cardiac and cutaneous manifestation

Anonymous, 2013:
Sleep-related psychosis

Anonymous, 2013:
Acquired vascular malformation in ruptured caesarean section scar a rare cause of life-threatening vaginal bleeding

Anonymous, 2013:
Failure of anti-TNF therapy to reactivate previously septic prosthetic joints

Anonymous, 2013:
What should I know before ordering a bone marrow aspiration/biopsy in patients with vitamin B12 deficiency?

Anonymous, 2013:
Imatinib in neurofibromatosis type 2

Anonymous, 2013:
Adenomatoid odontogenic tumour in mandible in a 14-year-old boy

Anonymous, 2013:
Cold-induced urticaria challenges in diagnosis and management

Anonymous, 2013:
Erasmus syndrome with pulmonary tuberculosis

Anonymous, 2013:
Acute primary herpetic gingivostomatitis

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Mirror versus parallel bimanual reaching

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Determination of catecholamines in plasma and urine

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Examining the link between personality and laterality in a feral guppy Poecilia reticulata population

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Flyingfish feeding ecology in the eastern Pacific: prey partitioning within a speciose epipelagic community

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Temps du transit colique chez la enfant atteint de dysraphisme ouvert

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Validation of an algorithm to identify antiretroviral-na ve status at time of entry into a large, observational cohort of HIV-infected patients

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Epigenetics in critical illness: a new frontier

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Antiviral Protein of Momordica charantia L. Inhibits Different Subtypes of Influenza A

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Responsive materials for self-regulated insulin delivery

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Resilient parenting of preschool children at developmental risk

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Nomadic grazing improves the mineral balance of livestock through the intake of diverse plant species

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Stress and addiction

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Evaluation of Models Describing the Growth of Nalidixic Acid-Resistant E coli O157H7 in Blanched Spinach and Iceberg Lettuce as a Function of Temperature

Anonymous, 2013:
Determinants of Childhood Immunization Uptake among Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Migrants in East China

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Docetaxel-based chemotherapy as second-line regimen for advanced thymic carcinoma

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Huge Primary malignant melanoma of the esophagus A case report and literature review

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Combination therapy of deferasirox and deferoxamine shows significant improvements in markers of iron overload in a patient with β-thalassemia major and severe iron burden

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluation of an experimental filter designed for improving the quality of red blood cells RBCs during storage by simultaneously removing white blood cells and immunomodulators and improving RBC viscoelasticity and Banda 3 proteins

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Acid-citrate-dextrose Formula A versus heparin as primary catheter lock solutions for therapeutic apheresis

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Segments from red blood cell units should not be used for quality testing

Anonymous, 2013:
Interactive three-dimensional geovisualization of spacea time access to food

Anonymous, 2013:
Food deserts, activity patterns, amp; social exclusion The case of Tokyo, Japan

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A case with post-cataract surgery corneal oedema referred for endothelial keratoplasty

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Diagnostic error assessment and associated harm of endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration of neuroendocrine neoplasms of the pancreas

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Stabilization of the dystroglycan complex in Cajal bands of myelinating Schwann cells through plectin-mediated anchorage to vimentin filaments

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nab-Paclitaxel mechanisms of action and delivery

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On employing a translationally controlled tumor protein-derived protein transduction domain analog for transmucosal delivery of drugs

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Lipid-based nanoparticles in cancer diagnosis and therapy

Anonymous, 2013:
Diagnostic Accuracy of Des-gamma-carboxy Prothrombin versus Alpha-fetoprotein for Hepatocellular Carcinoma A Systematic Review

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Anonymous, 2013:
The expression of micro-RNAs in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from primary biliary cirrhosis patients

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Serum cytokeratin-18 in the diagnosis of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: A meta-analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
The outcomes and predictors of microvascular invasion of solitary hepatocellular carcinoma

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The insulin receptor translocates to the nucleus to regulate cell proliferation in liver

Anonymous, 2013:
Expressed and Perceived Criticism, Family Warmth, and Symptoms in Schizophrenia

Anonymous, 2013:
Unpredictability and Context Conditioning Does the Nature of the US Matter?

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Wetland habitat patches as ecological components of landscape memory in a highly modified floodplain

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Efcam a method for assessing alteration of environmental flow components

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Factors influencing exercises in Chinese people with type 2 diabetes

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Antigen specific immunotherapy generates CD27(+) CD35(+) tolerogenic dendritic cells

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Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi induce sucrose cleavage for carbon supply of arbuscular mycorrhizas in citrus genotypes

Anonymous, 2013:
Changes during the last ripening stage in pomological and biochemical parameters of the a Redhavena peach cultivar grafted on different rootstocks

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Effect of Trigonella foenum-graecum L development stages on some phytochemicals content and allelopathic potential

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Toward decolonizing nursing: the colonization of nursing and strategies for increasing the counter-narrative

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Pathways of IL-1β secretion by macrophages infected with clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains

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Habitat variation and wing coloration affect wing shape evolution in dragonflies

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Genetic background, and not ontogenetic effects, affects avian seasonal timing of reproduction

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Pitfalls and pearls in the diagnosis of monilethrix

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Diagnostic value of polymerase chain reaction analysis of skin biopsies in purpura fulminans

Anonymous, 2013:
Mongolian Spotsa A Prospective Study

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Ovarian carcinoma associated with endometriosis

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Comparison between angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers on the risk of stroke recurrence and longitudinal progression of white matter lesions and silent brain infarcts on MRI CEREBRAL study rationale, design, and m

Anonymous, 2013:
Combining magnetic resonance imaging within six-hours of symptom onset with clinical follow-up at 24a h improves prediction of a malignanta middle cerebral artery infarction

Anonymous, 2013:
Impact of time of day on outcomes after stereotactic radiosurgery for nona small cell lung cancer brain metastases

Sun, M.; Wang, S.; Li, Y.; Yu, L.; Gu, F.; Wang, C.; Yao, Y., 2015:
Adipose-derived stem cells improved mouse ovary function after chemotherapy-induced ovary failure

Schiller, Z.A.; Schiele, N.R.; Sims, J.K.; Lee, K.; Kuo, C.K., 2015:
Adipogenesis of adipose-derived stem cells may be regulated via the cytoskeleton at physiological oxygen levels in vitro

Anonymous, 2013:
Sorption of Olefins in High Impact Polypropylene a Experimental Determination and Mass Transport Modeling

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Coupling Microreaction Technologies, Polymer Chemistry, and Processing to Produce Polymeric Micro and Nanoparticles with Controlled Size, Morphology, and Composition

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How should I approach standard endocrine evaluation in patients with coeliac disease?

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Factors influencing discomfort during anterior ultrasound-guided injection for hip arthrography

Anonymous, 2013:
Usefulness and limitations of E-cadherin and beta-catenin in the classification of breast carcinomas in situ with mixed pattern

McCreary, Tyler, 2013:
Mining Aboriginal success The politics of difference in continuing education for industry needs

Kihara, J.; Njoroge, S., 2013:
Phosphorus agronomic efficiency in maize-based cropping systems A focus on western Kenya

Tsimba, R.; Edmeades, G.O.; Millner, J.P.; Kemp, P.D., 2013:
The effect of planting date on maize grain yields and yield components

Testa, U.; Pelosi, E., 2013:
The Impact of FLT3 Mutations on the Development of Acute Myeloid Leukemias

Choi, Y.; Ametepi, P., 2013 :
Comparison of medicine availability measurements at health facilities: evidence from Service Provision Assessment surveys in five sub-Saharan African countries

Matusz, P.J.; Eimer, M., 2013:
Top-down control of audiovisual search by bimodal search templates

Sanada, M.; Ikeda, K.; Kimura, K.; Hasegawa, T., 2014:
Motivation enhances visual working memory capacity through the modulation of central cognitive processes

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Magnesium deterioration and lead stabilization/solidification using the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure

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Evidence that the limb bud ectoderm is required for survival of the underlying mesoderm

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The zebrafish amyloid precursor protein-b is required for motor neuron guidance and synapse formation

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Textures and processes of laminated travertines formed by unicellular cyanobacteria in Myoken hot spring, southwestern Japan

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Transportation capacity for patients with highly infectious diseases in Europe: a survey in 16 nations

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Induction of phenolic acids and metals in Arachis hypogaea L plants due to feeding of three lepidopteran pests

María F.Gugole Ottaviano, Norma E.Sánchez…, 2013:
Performance of Tetranychus urticae and Neoseiulus californicus on strawberry cultivars and assessment of the effect of glandular trichomes

Gastón O.Carvallo, Rodrigo Medel, Luis Navarro, 2013:
Assessing the effects of native plants on the pollination of an exotic herb, the blueweed Echium vulgare Boraginaceae

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Oxidative stress in adolescent passive smokers living in urban and rural environments

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Characterization, DBPs formation, and mutagenicity of different organic matter fractions in two source waters

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A systematic approach for designing a HBM pilot study for Europe

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Dissociation of aleurone cell cluster from wheat bran by centrifugal impact milling

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Different Molecular Mechanisms Account for Drought Tolerance in Coffea canephora var Conilon

Alpay, A.; Solak Tekin, Nün.; Tekin, I.Özel.; Altinyazar, H.Cevdet.; Koca, R.; Cınar, S., 2013:
Autologous Serum Skin Test versus Autologous Plasma Skin Test in Patients with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria

Deepak, A.; Fernández-Baca, D.; McMahon, M.M., 2013:
Extracting conflict-free information from multi-labeled trees

Anonymous, 2013:
Factores cl nicos y hallazgos en la artroscopia de pacientes con artrosis de rodilla que favorecen la conversi n a artroplastia total

Anonymous, 2013:
70A aniversario de la escuela de salud p blica

Anonymous, 2013:
Le financement de la prise en charge des escarres par PATHOS est-il suffisant en EHPADA ?

Rai, N.P.akash; Rai, G.K.mar; Kumar, S.; Kumari, N.; Singh, M., 2013:
Shoot and fruit borer resistant transgenic eggplant Solanum melongena L expressing cry1Aa3 gene Development and bioassay

Li, W.-Feng; Shen, K.; Huang, Y.-Kun; Wang, X.-Yan; Luo, Z.-Ming; Ying, X.-Mei; Yin, J.; Ma, L.; Shan, H.-Li; Zhang, R.-Yue, 2013:
PCR detection of ratoon stunting disease pathogen and natural resistance analysis in sugarcane core germplasms

Blando, J.; Lu, S-En.; Gu, H.; Lin, Y.; Marshall, E.G., 2013:
Variability and trend of multiple blood lead measures among construction and manufacturing workers

Steenland, K., 2013:
Marginal structural models to control for time-varying confounding in occupational and environmental epidemiology

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Occupational lifting of heavy loads and preterm birth: a study within the Danish National Birth Cohort

Poller, C.; Hopster, K.; Rohn, K.; Kästner, S.B.R., 2015:
Nociceptive thermal threshold testing in horses - effect of neuroleptic sedation and neuroleptanalgesia at different stimulation sites

Anonymous, 2013:
Health of mobile pastoralists in the Sahel a assessment of 15A years of research and development

M.C.K.uer; T.J.pperson; S.D.tta; R.D.S.einer; E.C.ttenie; L.S.nford; M.M.rkens; B.S.R.ssman; P.A.B.asco; G.F.n; J.P.llock; S.G.een; R.L.W.ltjer; C.M.oney; D.K.etzschmar; C.P.isán-ruiz; H.H.ulden, 2013:
Mutations in gamma adducin are associated with inherited cerebral palsy

Anonymous, 2013:
Aggregation of neurologic and neuropsychiatric disease in ALS kindreds A population based case controlled cohort study of Familial and Sporadic ALS

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The Importance of C4d in Biopsies of Kidney Transplant Recipients

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Structural and Antigenic Definition of Hepatitis C Virus E2 Glycoprotein Epitopes Targeted by Monoclonal Antibodies

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The Immune Factors Involved in the Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Sjogrens Syndrome

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Systematic review, meta-analysis and meta-regression of the effect of tranexamic acid on surgical blood loss

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Effective management of patients with diabetes foot ulcers: outcomes of an Interprofessional Diabetes Foot Ulcer Team

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The cost of wound debridement: a Canadian perspective

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Involvement of nitric oxide in the wound bed microcirculatory change during negative pressure wound therapy

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Effectiveness of an acellular synthetic matrix in the treatment of hard-to-heal leg ulcers

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The dependence of equilibrium climate sensitivity on climate state Applications to studies of climates colder than present

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Radiative constraints on the minimum atomic oxygen concentration in the mesopause region

Bani, P.; Harris, A.J.L.; Shinohara, H.; Donnadieu, F., 2013:
Magma dynamics feeding yasurs explosive activity observed using thermal infrared remote sensing

Anonymous, 2013:
Construcci n de un modelo de c lculo y registro del percentil de peso neonatal

Anonymous, 2013:
Dry-season water utilization by trees growing on thin karst soils in a seasonal tropical rainforest of Xishuangbanna, SW China

Anonymous, 2013:
Entrenamientos funcionales frente a espec ficos en la prevenci n de ca das en las personas mayores

Anonymous, 2013:
PhD vacancy at Th nen Istitute for Climate-smart Agriculture

Anonymous, 2013:
University of Arizona CZO Post Doc Opportunity

Anonymous, 2013:
Neumon a adquirida en la comunidad por Staphylococcus aureus resistente a meticilina y sus complicaciones descripci n de un caso

Pan, M.Xin.; Hu, P.Yun.; Cheng, Y.; Cai, L.Quan.; Rao, X.Hui.; Wang, Y.; Gao, Y., 2015:
An efficient method for decellularization of the rat liver

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Expression levels of IL-27 and IL-17 in multiple myeloma patients: a higher ratio of IL-27:IL-17 in bone marrow was associated with a superior progression-free survival

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Buprenorphine therapy: an increasing challenge in oral and maxillofacial surgery

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Well differentiated nonmetastasizing fibrosarcoma (aggressive fibromatosis) of mandible: a rare case report and a literature review

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WWOX expression in giant cell lesions of the jaws

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The expression and immunohistochemical localization of periostin in odontogenic tumors of mixed epithelial/mesenchymal origin

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WWP1 gene is a potential molecular target of human oral cancer

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Concomitant lymphocyte-rich classical Hodgkin's lymphoma and Warthin's tumor

Demirturk Kocasarac, H.; Celenk, P.; Erzurumlu, Z.; Kutlar, Gökhan., 2014:
Clinical and radiological aspects of rhinoliths: report of five cases

Anonymous, 2013:
Clinical recommendations regarding use of cone beam computed tomography in orthodontic treatment Position statement by the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

Lamot, Uška.; Strojan, Pž.; Šurlan Popovič, K., 2014:
Magnetic resonance imaging of temporomandibular joint dysfunction-correlation with clinical symptoms, age, and gender

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Dentomaxillofacial manifestations of mucopolysaccharidosis VI: clinical and imaging findings from two cases, with an emphasis on the temporomandibular joint

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Is it possible to do without the study of myocardial perfusion in 2012?

Grey, C.L.; Chang, J.P., 2014:
Differential modulation of ghrelin-induced GH and LH release by PACAP and dopamine in goldfish pituitary cells

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Protective effects of Scrophularia striata in Ovalbumin-induced mice asthma model

Conny, J.M., 2014:
Internal composition of atmospheric dust particles from focused ion-beam scanning electron microscopy

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Plasmodium falciparum encodes a conserved active inhibitor-2 for Protein Phosphatase type 1: perspectives for novel anti-plasmodial therapy

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A randomized phase III trial of adjunctive zonisamide in pediatric patients with partial epilepsy

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Fetal isolated short femur in the second trimester and adverse pregnancy outcomes

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Dyssegmental dysplasia, Silverman-Handmaker type: prenatal ultrasound findings and molecular analysis

Geyer, K.K.; Chalmers, I.W.; Mackintosh, N.; Hirst, J.E.; Geoghegan, R.; Badets, M.; Brophy, P.M.; Brehm, K.; Hoffmann, K.F., 2013:
Cytosine methylation is a conserved epigenetic feature found throughout the phylum Platyhelminthes

Paritosh, K.; Yadava, S.K.; Gupta, V.; Panjabi-Massand, P.; Sodhi, Y.S.; Pradhan, A.K.; Pental, D., 2014:
RNA-seq based SNPs in some agronomically important oleiferous lines of Brassica rapa and their use for genome-wide linkage mapping and specific-region fine mapping

Anonymous, 2013:
Probl mes socio- conomiques insolubles de la Martinique

Anonymous, 2013:
Ces les qui pourraient dispara tre

Anonymous, 2013:
Penser autrement la identit r gionale carib enne

Anonymous, 2013:
M moire indienne dans The Swinging Bridge de Ramabai Espinet la construction da une identit A indo-trinidadienne diasporique

Anonymous, 2013:
Les r seaux familiaux A A HlouaA A de la c te b ninoise dans les migrations de p che en Afrique de la Ouest et du CentreA entre continuit et rupture

Anonymous, 2013:
Belmopan, nouvelle capitale du Belize ind pendant De la colonie carib enne la nation centre-am ricaineA ?

Anonymous, 2013:
Dynamiques de coop ration transfrontali re sur la fa ade cara be du Costa Rica et du PanamaA le cas du bassin du fleuve Sixaola

Anonymous, 2013:
Les Cara bes centram ricainesA fragments g om trie variable

Anonymous, 2013:
Affirmation identitaire dans une famille Congo de Cambrefort-Moravie Guadeloupe, Antilles fran aises

Borroni, C.; Carlevaro, C.; Morzenti, S.; D.P.nti, E.; Bozzetti, V.; Console, V.; Capobianco, S.; Tagliabue, P.E.; Dolcino, D.; Gazzolo, D.; Fabiani, F.; Pedretti, S.; Mangili, G.; Iacono, G.; Rossi Brunori, P.; Nascimbeni, G.; Spallino, L.; Merazzi, D.; Magaldi, R.; Rinaldi, M.; Priolo, E.; Capris, P.; Gambaro, S.; Daniele, I.; Osnaghi, S.; Araimo, G.; Piozzi, E.; Mazza, M.; Ilardi, L.; Chiesi, C.; Roversi, M.F.; Cavallotti, B.; Malguzzi, S.; Salvia, G.; Sarnelli, M.G.; Ganguzza, O.; Guagliano,, 2015:
Survey on retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) in Italy

Alves, Carlos, 2013:
Extending the Avenues for Geosciences Research

Johnson, P.; Halverson, G.; Kusky, T.; Stern, R.; Pease, V., 2013:
Volcanosedimentary Basins in the Arabian-Nubian Shield Markers of Repeated Exhumation and Denudation in a Neoproterozoic Accretionary Orogen

Sanada, T.; Murakami, C.; Góra-Marek, K.; Iida, K.; Katada, N.; Okumura, K., 2013:
Fabrication and Catalytic Activity of Thermally Stable Gold Nanoparticles on Ultrastable Y USY Zeolites

Fowler, C.; Wu, C.; Lam, W., 2014:
Participatory action research: involving students in parent education

Passmore, H.; Chenery-Morris, S., 2014:
Exploring the value of the tripartite assessment of students in pre-registration midwifery education: a review of the evidence

Anonymous, 2013:
Treating cows milk protein allergy a double-blind randomised trial comparing two extensively hydrolysed formulas with probiotics

Bahrami, F., 2014:
The importance of the transdiagnostic approach in treating obesity and comorbid psychological disorders such as ADHD

Préville, A-M.; Lavigne, P.; Buschmann, M.D.; Hardin, J.; Han, Q.; Djerroud, L.; Savard, P., 2014:
Electroarthrography: a novel method to assess articular cartilage and diagnose osteoarthritis by non-invasive measurement of load-induced electrical potentials at the surface of the knee

Anonymous, 2013:
Resection of TMJ ankylosis using PiezosurgeryA Report of two cases

Anonymous, 2013:
Projection of occurrence of extreme dry-wet years and seasons in Europe with stationary and non-stationary Standardized Precipitation Index

Manrakhan, A.; Addison, P., 2014:
Assessment of fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) management practices in deciduous fruit growing areas in South Africa

Erler, F.; Pradier, T.; Aciloglu, B., 2013:
Field evaluation of an entomopathogenic fungus, Metarhizium brunneum strain F52, against pear psylla, Cacopsylla pyri

Rubin, E.S.; Short, C.; Booras, G.; Davison, J.; Ekstrom, C.; Matuszewski, M.; McCoy, S., 2013:
A proposed methodology for CO2 capture and storage cost estimates

Li, Q.; Liu, G.; Liu, X.; Li, X., 2013:
Application of a health, safety, and environmental screening and ranking framework to the Shenhua CCS project

Soares, T.S.; Fernandes, S.A.F.; Lima, M.L.; Stumpp, T.; Schoorlemmer, G.H.; Lazari, M.F.M.; Porto, C.S., 2014:
Experimental varicocoele in rats affects mechanisms that control expression and function of the androgen receptor

Kovak, M.R.; Saraswati, S.; Goddard, S.D.; Diekman, A.B., 2014:
Proteomic identification of galectin-3 binding ligands and characterization of galectin-3 proteolytic cleavage in human prostasomes

Amaral, S.; Redmann, K.; Sanchez, V.; Mallidis, C.; Ramalho-Santos, J.; Schlatt, S., 2014:
UVB irradiation as a tool to assess ROS-induced damage in human spermatozoa

Anonymous, 2013:
Egypt Tenders for 113,000 Tons of Rice

Anonymous, 2013:
Philippines Rice Stocks Up about 1% from Last Year

Anonymous, 2013 :
Chicago Rough Rice Futures Look to Reverse Recent Losses, Targeting Close above $15000

Amaro, A.; Mirisola, V.; Angelini, G.; Musso, A.; Tosetti, F.; Esposito, A.I.; Perri, P.; Lanza, F.; Nasciuti, F.; Mosci, C.; Puzone, R.; Salvi, S.; Truini, M.; Poggi, A.; Pfeffer, U., 2014:
Evidence of epidermal growth factor receptor expression in uveal melanoma: inhibition of epidermal growth factor-mediated signalling by Gefitinib and Cetuximab triggered antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity

Birkhahn, M.; Mitra, A.P.; Williams, A.J.; Barr, N.J.; Skinner, E.C.; Stein, J.P.; Skinner, D.G.; Tai, Y-Chong.; Datar, R.H.; Cote, R.J., 2014:
A novel precision-engineered microfiltration device for capture and characterisation of bladder cancer cells in urine

Anonymous, 2013:
Analysis of docetaxel therapy in elderly a 70years castration resistant prostate cancer patients enrolled in the Netherlands Prostate Study

Robinson, E.; Higgs, S.; Daley, A.J.; Jolly, K.; Lycett, D.; Lewis, A.; Aveyard, P., 2014:
Development and feasibility testing of a smart phone based attentive eating intervention

Suzuki, T.; Ohta, T.; Hiyama, T.; Izumi, Y.; Mwandemele, O.; Iijima, M., 2013:
Effects of the introduction of rice on evapotranspiration in seasonal wetlands

Anonymous, 2013:
Ensemble prediction of regional droughts using climate inputs and SVM-copula approach

Huang, L.; Bai, J.; Xiao, R.; Shi, J.; Gao, H., 2014:
The soil nitrogen dynamics in an inland salt marsh as affected by various experimental water levels

Khaledi Darvishan, A.; Sadeghi, S.H.midreza; Homaee, M.; Arabkhedri, M., 2013:
Measuring sheet erosion using synthetic color-contrast aggregates

Hernandez-Doria, J.D.; Sperandio, V., 2014:
Nutrient and chemical sensing by intestinal pathogens

Anonymous, 2013:
Systematic non-conservative behaviour of Molybdenum in a macrotidal estuarine system Aulne-Bay of Brest, France

Narayana, N.M.N K.G.pta, V.K., 2013:
Effect of total milk solid content adjusted by adding ultrafiltered milk retentate on quality of set mango yoghurt

Anonymous, 2013:
Intratumoral localization and activity of 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 in non-small cell lung cancer a potent prognostic factor

Chung, D.J.; Romano, E.; Pronschinske, K.B.; Shyer, J.A.; Mennecozzi, M.; S.A.gelo, E.T.; Young, J.W., 2014:
Langerhans-type and monocyte-derived human dendritic cells have different susceptibilities to mRNA electroporation with distinct effects on maturation and activation: implications for immunogenicity in dendritic cell-based immunotherapy

Chambers, C.B.; Shayesteh, Y., 2013:
A review of infantile capillary hemangiomas and their current treatment modalities

Duse, A.; Waller, K.Persson.; Emanuelson, U.; Unnerstad, H.Ericsson.; Persson, Y.; Bengtsson, Börn., 2014:
Farming practices in Sweden related to feeding milk and colostrum from cows treated with antimicrobials to dairy calves

Washburn, S.; Catlin, R.; Bethel, K.; Canlas, B., 2014:
Patient-perceived differences between constant current and constant voltage spinal cord stimulation systems

Meurer, W.J.; Barsan, W.G., 2013:
Spinal cord injury neuroprotection and promise of flexible adaptive clinical trials

Yoshida, K.; Kurosaki, Y.; Funaki, T.; Kikuchi, T.; Ishii, A.; Takahashi, J.C.; Takagi, Y.; Yamagata, S.; Miyamoto, S., 2014:
Surgical dissection of the internal carotid artery under flow control by proximal vessel clamping reduces embolic infarcts during carotid endarterectomy

He, S.; Russin, J.J.; Adamczyk, P.; Giannotta, S.L.; Amar, A.P.; Mack, W.J., 2014:
A persistent primitive hypoglossal artery arising from the external carotid artery associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage

Kafaji, A.; Al-Zain, T.; Lemcke, J.; Al-Zain, F., 2014:
Spinal manifestation of hydatid disease: a case series of 36 patients

Li, Y.; Rey-Dios, R.; Roberts, D.W.; Valdés, P.A.; Cohen-Gadol, A.A., 2014:
Intraoperative fluorescence-guided resection of high-grade gliomas: a comparison of the present techniques and evolution of future strategies

Hu, P.; Liang, J.; Bao, Y.; Li, M.; Ling, F., 2013:
The pterional transsylvian transtentorial approach to ventrolateral pontine carvernomas indications and techniques

Nanda, A.; Sonig, A.; Banerjee, A.D.ep; Javalkar, V. kumar, 2013:
Microsurgical Management of Basilar Artery Apex Aneurysms - A Single Surgeon Experience from Louisiana State University, Shreveport

Anonymous, 2013:
Increasing trend of syphilis and infection resistan a retrospective study

Otto-Knapp, R.; Cortes, C.P.; Saavedra, F.; Wolff, M.; Weitzel, T., 2014:
Hepatitis B prevalence and influence on HIV treatment outcome and mortality in the Chilean AIDS Cohort

Yamaguchi, S.; Sawada, K.; Yusa, Y.; Iwasa, Y., 2014:
Dwarf males and hermaphrodites can coexist in marine sedentary species if the opportunity to become a dwarf male is limited

Weinhold, A.; Kallenbach, M.; Baldwin, I.Thomas., 2014:
Progressive 35S promoter methylation increases rapidly during vegetative development in transgenic Nicotiana attenuata plants

Kim, J.Young.; Lee, Y.Ho.; Gong, H.Sik.; Lee, S.Lim.; Lee, S.Ki.; Baek, G.Hyun., 2014:
Use of Kirschner wires with eyelets for tension band wiring of olecranon fractures

Mirza, A.; Mirza, J.B.; Shin, A.Y.; Lorenzana, D.J.; Lee, B.K.; Izzo, B., 2014:
Isolated lunotriquetral ligament tears treated with ulnar shortening osteotomy

Ozasa, Y.; Amadio, P.C.; Thoreson, A.R.; An, K-Nan.; Zhao, C., 2014:
The effect of surface modification on gliding ability of decellularized flexor tendon in a canine model in vitro

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The association between glomus tumors and neurofibromatosis

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Rumination, substance use, and self-harm in a representative Australian adult sample

Peake, P.; Colagiuri, S.; Campbell, L.V.; Shen, Y., 2013:
Paradoxically Low Levels of Total and HMW Adiponectin in Relation to Metabolic Parameters in a Tongan Population

Anonymous, 2013:
A comparative analysis of M ller glia-mediated regeneration in the vertebrate retina

Herrero-Galán, Eías.; García-Ortega, Lía.; Olombrada, M.; Lacadena, J.; Del Pozo, Álvaro.Martínez.; Gavilanes, Jé.G.; Oñaderra, M., 2013:
Hirsutellin A: A Paradigmatic Example of the Insecticidal Function of Fungal Ribotoxins

Qian, J.; Winkler, C.; Bollen, M., 2014:
4D-networking by mitotic phosphatases

Trillsch, F.; Ruetzel, J.David.; Herwig, U.; Doerste, U.; Woelber, L.; Grimm, D.; Choschzick, M.; Jaenicke, F.; Mahner, S., 2013:
Surgical management and perioperative morbidity of patients with primary borderline ovarian tumor (BOT)

Anonymous, 2013:
Cercasi lavoratore inflessibile, che non giochi di squadra Lautismo al lavoro

Bartha, E.; Davidson, T.; Brodtkorb, T-Henrik.; Carlsson, P.; Kalman, S., 2013:
Value of information: interim analysis of a randomized, controlled trial of goal-directed hemodynamic treatment for aged patients

Driessen, J.M.M.; Gerritsma, M.; Westbroek, J.; ten Hacken, N.H.T.; de Jongh, F.H.C., 2013:
The effect of nebulized salbutamol or isotonic saline on exercise-induced bronchoconstriction in elite skaters following a 1,500-meter race: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Riecke, J.; Holzapfel, S.; Rief, W.; Glombiewski, J.Anna., 2013:
Evaluation and implementation of graded in vivo exposure for chronic low back pain in a German outpatient setting: a study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Payne, D., 2013:
Can they hack it? Yes they can

McCarthy, M., 2013:
New ad campaign seeks to raise doubts about US health reform

Goldacre, B., 2013:
Are clinical trial data shared sufficiently today? No

Coombes, R., 2013 :
The long march from fountain pens to wireless tablets: how data are changing medicine

Spence, D., 2013:
The power of doing nothing

Limb, M., 2013:
Free online professional counselling service for children and teenagers with mental health problems is launched

Babu, K.; Murthy, G.Jaydev., 2013:
Cytomegalovirus anterior uveitis in immunocompetent individuals following topical prostaglandin analogues

Chan, V.O.; Moran, D.E.; Shine, S.; Eustace, S.J., 2013:
Medial joint line bone bruising at MRI complicating acute ankle inversion injury: what is its clinical significance?

Anonymous, 2013:
Effectiveness of Web-Based Self-Disclosure Peer-to-Peer Support for Weight Loss Randomized Controlled Trial

Abazi, Z.; Magarasevic, L.; Grubisa, I.; Risovic, D., 2014:
Individual phenotypic variances in a family with Avellino corneal dystrophy

Bates, D.; Burks, J.; Globe, D.; Signori, M.; Hudgens, S.; Denys, P.; Macdiarmid, S.; Nitti, V.; Odderson, I.; Ross, A.Perrin.; Chancellor, M., 2013:
Development of a short form and scoring algorithm from the validated actionable bladder symptom screening tool

Balnyte, R.; Rastenyte, D.; Vaitkus, A.; Mickeviciene, D.; Skrodeniene, E.; Vitkauskiene, A.; Uloziene, I., 2013:
The importance of HLA DRB1 gene allele to clinical features and disability in patients with multiple sclerosis in Lithuania

Kellner, C.; Derer, S.; Valerius, T.; Peipp, M., 2014:
Boosting ADCC and CDC activity by Fc engineering and evaluation of antibody effector functions

Lioliou, E.; Sharma, C.M.; Altuvia, Yël.; Caldelari, I.; Romilly, Cédric.; Helfer, A-Catherine.; Margalit, H.; Romby, P., 2014:
In vivo mapping of RNA-RNA interactions in Staphylococcus aureus using the endoribonuclease III

Tsai, T-Yu.; Chang, S-Kuang.; Chou, P-Yen.; Yeh, L-Seng., 2014:
Comparison of postoperative effects between lidocaine infusion, meloxicam, and their combination in dogs undergoing ovariohysterectomy

Campbell, S.B.; Renshaw, K.D., 2014:
PTSD symptoms, disclosure, and relationship distress: explorations of mediation and associations over time

Anonymous, 2013:
Segment 4 architecture and a proposed parenchyma-wise technique for ex vivo graft procurement and implantation

Romsang, A.; Atichartpongkul, S.; Trinachartvanit, W.; Vattanaviboon, P.; Mongkolsuk, S., 2013:
Gene expression and physiological role of Pseudomonas aeruginosa methionine sulfoxide reductases during oxidative stress

Gomez-Garcia, M.R.; Fazeli, F.; Grote, A.; Grossman, A.R.; Bhaya, D., 2013:
Role of polyphosphate in thermophilic Synechococcus sp. from microbial mats

Perry, K.J.; Higgins, D.E., 2013:
A differential fluorescence-based genetic screen identifies Listeria monocytogenes determinants required for intracellular replication

Liao, J.; Schurr, M.J.; Sauer, K., 2013:
The MerR-like regulator BrlR confers biofilm tolerance by activating multidrug efflux pumps in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms

Kim, H.; Lee, H.; Shin, D., 2013:
The FeoC protein leads to high cellular levels of the Fe(II) transporter FeoB by preventing FtsH protease regulation of FeoB in Salmonella enterica

Holert, J.; Jagmann, N.; Philipp, B., 2013:
The essential function of genes for a hydratase and an aldehyde dehydrogenase for growth of Pseudomonas sp. strain Chol1 with the steroid compound cholate indicates an aldolytic reaction step for deacetylation of the side chain

Fisher, D.J.; Fernández, R.E.; Maurelli, A.T., 2013:
Chlamydia trachomatis transports NAD via the Npt1 ATP/ADP translocase

Wei, X.; Huang, X.; Tang, L.; Wu, D.; Xu, Y., 2013:
Global control of GacA in secondary metabolism, primary metabolism, secretion systems, and motility in the rhizobacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa M18

Anonymous, 2013:
Role of cis-Acting Sites in Stimulation of the Phage lambda PRM Promoter by CI-Mediated Looping

Tipton, K.A.; Coleman, J.P.; Pesci, E.C., 2013:
QapR (PA5506) represses an operon that negatively affects the Pseudomonas quinolone signal in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Nagaoka, E.; Hidese, R.; Imanaka, T.; Fujiwara, S., 2013:
Importance and determinants of induction of cold-induced DEAD RNA helicase in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermococcus kodakarensis

Feng, Y.; Xu, J.; Zhang, H.; Chen, Z.; Srinivas, S., 2013:
Brucella BioR regulator defines a complex regulatory mechanism for bacterial biotin metabolism

Bandyopadhyay, P.; Lang, E.A.S.; Rasaputra, K.S.; Steinman, H.M., 2013:
Implication of the VirD4 coupling protein of the Lvh type 4 secretion system in virulence phenotypes of Legionella pneumophila

Viburiene, R.; Vik, Åshild.; Koomey, M.; Børud, B., 2013:
Allelic variation in a simple sequence repeat element of neisserial pglB2 and its consequences for protein expression and protein glycosylation

Gangaiah, D.; Zhang, X.; Fortney, K.R.; Baker, B.; Liu, Y.; Munson, R.S.; Spinola, S.M., 2013:
Activation of CpxRA in Haemophilus ducreyi primarily inhibits the expression of its targets, including major virulence determinants

Jørgensen, H.B.acht; Hedlund, K., 2013:
Organic amendment and fungal species in combination can alter collembolan fitness

Anonymous, 2013:
Tumoura stroma interactions in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma Rationale and current evidence for new therapeutic strategies

Adams, H.L.; Burger, L.W.s; Riffell, S., 2013:
Disturbance and landscape effects on avian nests in agricultural conservation buffers

Martinez-Levasseur, L.M.; Gendron, D.; Knell, R.J.; Acevedo-Whitehouse, K., 2013:
Control and target gene selection for studies on UV-induced genotoxicity in whales

Anonymous, 2013:
Prevalence Soil Transmitted Helminthiasis and malaria co-infection among pregnant women and associated risk factors in Gilgel Gibe dam Area, Southwest Ethiopia

Pratt, S.J.P.; Xu, S.; Mullins, R.J.; Lovering, R.M., 2015:
Temporal changes in magnetic resonance imaging in the mdx mouse

Patwardhan, P.; McMillen, R.; Winickoff, J.P., 2013:
Consumer perceptions of the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies and grocery stores among U.S. adults

Emmanouilidis, N.; Schrem, H.; Winkler, M.; Klempnauer, Jürgen.; Scheumann, G.F.W., 2013:
Long-term results after treatment of very low-, low-, and high-risk thyroid cancers in a combined setting of thyroidectomy and radio ablation therapy in euthyroidism

Liu, Y.; Saiyan, S.; Men, T-Yi.; Gao, H-Ying.; Wen, C.; Liu, Y.; Zhou, X.; Wu, C-Tse.; Wang, L-Sheng.; Cui, C-Ping., 2013:
Hepatopoietin Cn reduces ethanol-induced hepatoxicity via sphingosine kinase 1 and sphingosine 1-phosphate receptors

Xavier, M.; Baptista, H.; Mendes, J.M.; Magalhães, P.; Caldas-de-Almeida, Jé.M., 2013:
Implementing the World Mental Health Survey Initiative in Portugal - rationale, design and fieldwork procedures

Royle, K.E.; Jimenez del Val, I.; Kontoravdi, C., 2015:
Integration of models and experimentation to optimise the production of potential biotherapeutics

Grau, S.; Salavert, M.; Carlos Pozo Laderas, J.; García Vargas, M.; Barrueta, J.A.; Mir, N., 2014:
Cost-effectiveness of anidulafungin in confirmed candidaemia and other invasive Candida infections in Spain

Fuhrmann, J.; Subramanian, V.; Thompson, P.R., 2014:
Targeting the arginine phosphatase YwlE with a catalytic redox-based inhibitor

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Can occurrence of soil hydrophobicity promote the increase of aggregates stability?

Chou, H-Chang.; Chong, K-Meng.; Sim, S-Shyong.; Ma, M.Huei-Ming.; Liu, S-Hung.; Chen, N-Chuan.; Wu, M-Che.; Fu, C-Ming.; Wang, C-Hung.; Lee, C-Chang.; Lien, W-Ching.; Chen, S-Chyr., 2014:
Real-time tracheal ultrasonography for confirmation of endotracheal tube placement during cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Perez, N.M.; Hernandez, P.A.; Padron, E.; Melian, G.; Nolasco, D.; Barrancos, J.; Padilla, G.; Calvo, D.; Rodriguez, F.; Dionis, S.; Chiodini, G., 2013:
An increasing trend of diffuse CO2 emission from Teide volcano Tenerife, Canary Islands geochemical evidence of magma degassing episodes

D'Elia, L.; Marti, J., 2013 :
Caldera events in a rift depocentre an example from the Jurassic Neuquen basin, Argentina

Hole, M.; Jolley, D.; Hartley, A.; Leleu, S.; John, N.; Ball, M., 2013:
Lava-sediment interactions in an Old Red Sandstone basin, NE Scotland

Dempster, T.; Chung, P., 2013:
Metamorphic zircon tracking fluid pathways and the implications for the preservation of detrital zircon

Lisle, R.J., 2013:
The structural interpretation of domainal trace lineation an example from the Mona Complex, Anglesey

Kirkland, C.L.; Alsop, G.I.; Daly, J.S.; Whitehouse, M.J.; Lam, R.; Clark, C., 2013:
Constraints on the timing of Scandian deformation and the nature of a buried Grampian terrane under the Caledonides of northwestern Ireland

Ross, J.A.; Peakall, J.; Keevil, G.M., 2013:
Sub-aqueous sand extrusion dynamics

Cooper, M.R.; Crowley, Q.G.; Hollis, S.P.; Noble, S.R.; Henney, P.J., 2013:
A U-Pb age for the Late Caledonian Sperrin Mountains minor intrusions suite in the north of Ireland timing of slab break-off in the Grampian terrane and the significance of deep-seated, crustal lineaments

Blinova, M.; Faleide, J.I.; Gabrielsen, R.H.; Mjelde, R., 2013:
Analysis of structural trends of sub-sea-floor strata in the Isfjorden area of the West Spitsbergen Fold-and-Thrust Belt based on multichannel seismic data

Buscher, J.T.; Hampel, A.; Hetzel, R.; Dunkl, I.; Glotzbach, C.; Struffert, A.; Akal, C.; Ratz, M., 2013:
Quantifying rates of detachment faulting and erosion in the central Menderes Massif western Turkey by thermochronology and cosmogenic 10Be

Roberts, N.J.; Evans, S.G., 2013 :
The gigantic Seymareh Saidmarreh rock avalanche, Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt, Iran

Balliet, D.; Van Lange, P.A.M., 2013:
Trust, Punishment, and Cooperation Across 18 Societies: A Meta-Analysis

Gervais, W.M., 2013:
Perceiving Minds and Gods: How Mind Perception Enables, Constrains, and Is Triggered by Belief in Gods

Shepperd, J.A.; Klein, W.M.P.; Waters, E.A.; Weinstein, N.D., 2013:
Taking Stock of Unrealistic Optimism

LeBel, E.P.; Borsboom, D.; Giner-Sorolla, R.; Hasselman, F.; Peters, K.R.; Ratliff, K.A.; Smith, C.Tucker., 2013: : Grassroots Support for Reforming Reporting Standards in Psychology

Boot, W.R.; Simons, D.J.; Stothart, C.; Stutts, C., 2013:
The Pervasive Problem With Placebos in Psychology: Why Active Control Groups Are Not Sufficient to Rule Out Placebo Effects

Firestone, C., 2013:
How "Paternalistic" Is Spatial Perception? Why Wearing a Heavy Backpack Doesn't-and Couldn't-Make Hills Look Steeper

Proffitt, D.R., 2013:
An Embodied Approach to Perception: By What Units Are Visual Perceptions Scaled?

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