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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36993

Chapter 36993 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tamara, M.; Preston, M.R., 2009:
A statistical reassessment of the evidence for the racemic distribution of quartz enantiomorphs

Riahi, N.; Goertz, A.; Birkelo, B.; Saenger, E.H., 2013:
A statistical strategy for ambient seismic wavefield analysis; investigating correlations to a hydrocarbon reservoir

Wu, M.Yu; Lu, Q.Ming; Volwerk, M.; Vörös, Z.án; Zhang, T.Long; Shan, L.Can; Huang, C., 2013:
A statistical study of electron acceleration behind the dipolarization fronts in the magnetotail

Liu, J.Y.; Chen, C.H.; Chen, Y.I.; Yang, W.H.; Oyama, K.I.; Kuo, K.W., 2010:
A statistical study of ionospheric earthquake precursors monitored by using equatorial ionization anomaly of GPS TEC in Taiwan during 2001-2007

Malhotra, A.; Mathews, J.D., 2011:
A statistical study of meteoroid fragmentation and differential ablation using the Resolute Bay Incoherent Scatter Radar

D.M.rtino, S.; Palo, M.; Cimini, G.B., 2011:
A statistical study of the Stromboli Volcano explosion quakes before and during 2002-2003 eruptive crisis

Hayakawa, M.; Kasahara, Y.; Nakamura, T.; Hobara, Y.; Rozhnoi (Rozhnoy), A. (Aleksander); Solovieva (Soloviyeva), M.; Molchanov, O., 2010:
A statistical study on the correlation between lower ionospheric perturbations as seen by subionospheric VLF/LF propagation and earthquakes

Balstrom, T.; Breuning-Madsen, H.; Kruger, J.; Jensen, N.H.; Greve, M.H., 2013 :
A statistically based mapping of the influence of geology and land use on soil pH

Canet, C.; Arana, L.; Gonzalez Partida, E.; Pi, T.; Prol Ledesma, R.M.; Franco, S.I.; Villanueva Estrada, R.E.; Camprubi, A.; Lopez Hernandez, A., 2010:
A statistics-based method for the short-wave infrared SWIR spectral analysis of altered rocks; an example from the Acoculco Caldera, eastern Trans-Mexican volcanic belt

Canet, C.; Arana, L.; Gonzalez Partida, E.; Pi, T.; Prol-Ledesma, R.M.ria; Franco, S.I.; Villanueva-Estrada, R.E.ther; Camprubi, A.; Ramirez-Silva, G.; Lopez-Hernandez, A., 2010:
A statistics-based method for the short-wave infrared spectral analysis of altered rocks; an example from the Acoculco Caldera, eastern Trans-Mexican volcanic belt

Cibich, W.; Malavazos, M.; McDonough, R., 2008:
A steady-state pressure model for water flow in a hydraulically fractured geothermal reservoir

Sabzevari, T.; Talebi, A.; Ardakanian, R.; Shamsai, A., 2010:
A steady-state saturation model to determine the subsurface travel time STT in complex hillslopes

Halliday, W.R.; Ek, D., 2009:
A steeply inclined Pliocene? lava tube cave in Death Valley National Park, California

Buffetaut, E.; Morel, N., 2009:
A stegosaur vertebra Dinosauria, Ornithischia from the Callovian Middle Jurassic of Sarthe, western France

Frappier, Amy Benoit, 2008:
A stepwise screening system to select storm-sensitive stalagmites; taking a targeted approach to speleothem sampling methodology

Astruc, D.; Cazin, S.; Cid, E.; Eiff, O.; Lacaze, L.; Robin, P.; Toublanc, F.; Caceres, I., 2012:
A stereoscopic method for rapid monitoring of the spatio-temporal evolution of the sand-bed elevation in the swash zone

Mayr, G.; Hazevoet, C.J.; Dantas, P.; Cachao, M., 2008:
A sternum of a very large bony-toothed bird Pelagornithidae from the Miocene of Portugal

Kinoshita, Shigeo, 2011:
A stochastic approach for evaluating the nonlinear dynamics of vertical motion recorded at the IWTH25 site for the 2008 Mw 69 Iwate-Miyagi inland earthquake

Flecher, C.; Naveau, P.; Allard, D.; Brisson, N., 2010:
A stochastic daily weather generator for skewed data

van Prooijen, B.C.; Winterwerp, J.C., 2010:
A stochastic formulation for erosion of cohesive sediments

Lark, R.M., 2012:
A stochastic geometric model for continuous local trends in soil variation

Rezaeian, S.; Der Kiureghian, A., 2008:
A stochastic ground motion model with separable temporal and spectral nonstationarities

Oh, J.; Tsai, C.W., 2010:
A stochastic jump diffusion particle-tracking model SJD-PTM for sediment transport in open channel flows

Li, Y.; Reeve, D.; Kortenhaus, A., 2009:
A stochastic method for predicting average beach shape

Krougly, Z.L.; Creed, I.F.; Stanford, D.A., 2009:
A stochastic model for generating disturbance patterns within landscapes

Burton, A.; Fowler, H.J.; Kilsby, C.G.; O'Connell, P.E., 2010:
A stochastic model for the spatial-temporal simulation of nonhomogeneous rainfall occurrence and amounts

Colwell, R.K.; Rangel, T.F., 2011:
A stochastic, evolutionary model for range shifts and richness on tropical elevational gradients under Quaternary glacial cycles

Lark, R.Murray, 2009:
A stochastic-geometric model of soil variation

Woody, J.; Lund, R.; Grundstein, A.J.; Mote, T.L., 2009:
A storage model approach to the assessment of snow depth trends

Papadopoulos, G.A.; Karastathis, V.; Charalambakis, M.; Fokaefs, A., 2009:
A storm of strong earthquakes in Greece during 2008

Newell, Julie, R., 2009:
A story of things yet-to-be; the status of geology in the United States in 1807

Ellison, K.C.; Soga, K.; Simpson, B., 2012:
A strain space soil model with evolving stiffness anisotropy

Nabelek, P.I.; Nabelek, J.L.; Larson, K. ; Unsworth, M.J.; Grudjic, D. ; Hebert, R. ; Godin, L. ; Coutand, I.; Kellett, D., 2011:
A strain-heating model for the seismic low-velocity zone along the Main Himalaya Thrust

Skinner, D.N.B.; Brathwaite, R.L.; Edwards, E., 2009:
A strange occurrence of pyrite-coated granitic cobbles at Lee Bay on Stewart Island

Haeberli, W.; Fischer, L.; Gruber, S.; Hasler, A.; Huggel, C.; Noetzli, J.; Schneider, D., 2010:
A strategy for assessing risks relating to rock and rock/ice avalanches from high-mountain permafrost slopes

Wuestefeld, A.; Al-Harrasi, O.; Verdon, J.P.; Wookey, J.; Kendall, J.M.chael, 2010:
A strategy for automated analysis of passive microseismic data to image seismic anisotropy and fracture characteristics

Soldovieri, F.; Prisco, G.; Persico, R., 2009:
A strategy for the determination of the dielectric permittivity of a lossy soil exploiting GPR surface measurements and a cooperative target

Smith, L.; Vietz, G.; Stacey, M.; Condon, B., 2009:
A strategy for the future management of the banks of the lower Yarra River

Li, C.; Love, G.D.; Lyons, T.W.; Fike, D.A.; Sessions, A.L.; Chu, X., 2010:
A stratified redox model for the Ediacaran ocean

Miles, B.D.; Kukulski, R.B.; Raines, M.K.egan; Zonneveld, J.-Paul; Leier, A.L.; Hubbard, S.M., 2012:
A stratigraphic framework for Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous gas-bearing strata Monteith Formation in the subsurface of northwest Alberta

Abdulsamad, E.O.; Bu-Argoub, F.M.; Tmalla, A.F.A., 2009:
A stratigraphic review of the Eocene to Miocene rock units in the al Jabal al Akhdar, NE Libya

Chambat, F.; Valette, B., 2008:
A stress interpretation scheme applied to lunar gravity and topography data

Mazur, S.; Czerny, J.; Majka, J.; Manecki, M.; Holm, D.; Smyrak, A.; Wypych, A., 2009:
A strike-slip terrane boundary in Wedel Jarlsberg Land, Svalbard, and its bearing on correlations of SW Spitsbergen with the Pearya Terrane and Timanide Belt

Melott, A.L., 2009:
A strong 62 myr biodiversity cycle common to the Sepkoski and Paleobiology Databases

Yu, J.; Elderfield, H.; Jin, Z.; Booth, L., 2008:
A strong temperature effect on U/Ca in planktonic foraminiferal carbonates

Glasser, N.F.; Scambos, T.A., 2008:
A structural glaciological analysis of the 2002 Larsen B Ice Shelf collapse

Hatert, F.; Ottolini, L.; Wouters, J.; Fontan, F., 2012:
A structural study of the lithiophilite-sicklerite series

Bordet, E.; Malo, M.; Kirkwood, D.; Lavoie, D. ; Osadetz, K.G., 2010:
A structural study of western Anticosti Island, St Lawrence Platform, Quebec; a fracture analysis that integrates surface and subsurface structural data

Henderson, I.H.C.; Lauknes, T.R.; Osmundsen, P.T.; Dehls, J.; Larsen, Y.; Redfield, T.F., 2011:
A structural, geomorphological and InSAR study of an active rock slope failure development

Mondlane, S.J.; dos Muchangos, A.; Fumo, S.M., 2010:
A structural, metallogenic and lithological analysis for gold exploration in the Manica-Mutare-Odzi greenstone belt, west Mozambique and east Zimbabwe; field evidence from Fair Bride Mine

Lelliott, M.R.; Cave, M.R.; Wealthall, G.P., 2009:
A structured approach to the measurement of uncertainty in 3D geological models

Cooney, P.M.; Lorente, M.A., 2009:
A structuring event of Campanian age in western Venezuela, interpreted from seismic and palaeontological data

Singh, R.K.; Al-Otaibi, M.G.; Soepriatna, H.H., 2011:
A study from source rock causing false bright spots

Logan, T.; Xi, B.; Dong, X.; Obrecht, R.; Li, Z.; Cribb, M., 2010:
A study of Asian dust plumes using satellite, surface, and aircraft measurements during the INTEX-B field experiment

Shornikov, S.I.; Yakovlev, O.I., 2010:
A study of CAI melt composition changing during evaporation

Simunek, Z.; Martinek, K., 2009:
A study of Late Carboniferous and Early Permian plant assemblages from the Boskovice Basin, Czech Republic

Babaahmadi, A.; Safaei, H.; Yassaghi, A.; Vafa, H.; Naeimi, A.; Madanipour, S.; Ahmadi, M., 2010:
A study of Quaternary structures in the Qom region, west-central Iran

Liu, X.; Wang, M.; Shi, W., 2009:
A study of a Hurricane Katrina-induced phytoplankton bloom using satellite observations and model simulations

Jackson, F.D.; Horner, J.R.; Varricchio, D.J., 2010:
A study of a Troodon egg containing embryonic remains using epifluorescence microscopy and other techniques

Hedlin, M.A.H.; Drob, D.; Walker, K.; de Groot-Hedlin, C., 2010:
A study of acoustic propagation from a large bolide in the atmosphere with a dense seismic network

Ali, M.Y.; Berteussen, K.A.; Small, J.; Barkat, B., 2010:
A study of ambient noise over an onshore oil field in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Ren, G.; Li, J., 2008:
A study of angle of draw in mining subsidence using numerical modeling techniques

Oinam, J.D.vi; Ramanathan, A.L.; Linda, A.; Singh, G., 2011:
A study of arsenic, iron and other dissolved ion variations in the groundwater of Bishnupur District, Manipur, India

Hufthammer, A.K.; Bratbak, O.F.; Indrelid, S., 2011 :
A study of bone remains and butchery patterns from Medieval mass-hunting of reindeer in the south Norwegian mountain districts

de Villiers, G.; King, D.T.J.; Marzen, L.J., 2010:
A study of candidate marine target impact craters in Arabia Terra, Mars

Nagy, H.E.; Szabo, C.; Horvath, A., 2010:
A study of cave sediments as a potential source of radon in Pal-volgyi show cave Budapest, Hungary

Hoareau, G.; Monnin, C.; Odonne, F., 2010:
A study of celestine equilibrium in marine sediments using the entire ODP/IODP pore water data base

Wang, S.; Tang, Y.; Schobert, H.H.; Mitchell, G.D., 2009:
A study of chemical structure of Chinese coals with high hydrogen content

Yu, C.-Yi; Yang, C.-Hou; Yang, K.-Ming; Cheng, R.-Ching; Huang, S.-Tsann, 2009:
A study of complex substructures in a foothill belt of northwestern Taiwan using two-dimensional gravity multiple-source model inversion

Li, S.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, X., 2011:
A study of conceptual model uncertainty in large-scale CO2 storage simulation

Turab, S.A.i; Riaz, M.; Abbas, Z.; Ali, F., 2011:
A study of deformation phases in slates of Manki Formation, eastern Attock-Cherat Range, Pakistan

Colin, A.; Burnard, P.; Marty, B., 2009:
A study of degassing at mid-oceanic ridges by bubble-by-bubble analyses

Rogers, W.E.ick; Holland, K.T.dd, 2009:
A study of dissipation of wind-waves by mud at Cassino Beach, Brazil; prediction and inversion

Yukselen-Aksoy, Y.; Kaya, A., 2011:
A study of factors affecting on the zeta potential of kaolinite and quartz powder

Larsson, M.; Niemi, A.; Tsang, C.-Fu, 2012:
A study of flow-wetted surface area in a single fracture as a function of its hydraulic conductivity distribution

Burberry, C.M.; Cosgrove, J.W.; Liu, J.G., 2010:
A study of fold characteristics and deformation style using the evolution of the land surface; Zagros simply folded belt, Iran

Harrell, S.; Smith, A.L.; Melchiorre, E.; Fryxell, J.E., 2008:
A study of geothermal springs in northern Dominica

Zandieh, A.; Pezeshk, S., 2011:
A study of horizontal-to-vertical component spectral ratio in the New Madrid seismic zone

Zuber, Peter, A., 2008:
A study of institutional repository holdings by academic discipline

Wu, X.; Hu, Z.; Li, J.; Zhang, H.; Hu, J., 2011:
A study of land reclamation and ecological restoration in a resource-exhausted city; a case study of Huaibei in China

Stockstill-Cahill, K.R.; Anderson, F.S.ott; Hamilton, V.E., 2008:
A study of low-albedo deposits within Amazonis Planitia craters; evidence for locally derived ultramafic to mafic materials

Cabon, J-Yves.; Giamarchi, P.; Le Floch, S., 2010:
A study of marine pollution caused by the release of metals into seawater following acid spills

Reyes, K.; Cho, D.; Ghahremani, N.; Johnson, H.A., 2010 :
A study of microbial mat coniform structures found in Octopus Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Min, K.S.k; Huang, K.; Ghassemi, A., 2011:
A study of numerical simulations of mixed-mode fracture propagation in rock

Gordon, M.; Neuman, C.M.Kenna, 2011:
A study of particle splash on developing ripple forms for two bed materials

Du, Q.; Sun, R.; Qin, T.; Zhu, Y.; Bi, L., 2010:
A study of perfectly matched layers for joint multicomponent reverse-time migration

Brophy, James, G., 2008:
A study of rare earth element REE-SiO2 variations in felsic liquids generated by basalt fractionation and amphibolite melting; a potential test for discriminating between the two different; processes

Ulutas, E.; Coruk, O.; Karakas, A., 2011:
A study of residuals for strong ground motions in Adapazari Basin, NW Turkey, by ground motion prediction equations GMPEs

Yarali, O.; Yasar, E.; Bacak, G.; Ranjith, P.G., 2008:
A study of rock abrasivity and tool wear in Coal Measures rocks

Dietze, F.; Kontny, A., 2011:
A study of rock magnetic properties of serpentinites from the Outokumpu deep drill hole, Finland

Nissinboim, A.; Harlow, G.E., 2011:
A study of ruby on painite from the Mogok Stone Tract

Xi, X.; Yang, Z.; Cui, Y.; Sun, S.; Yu, C.; Li, M., 2011:
A study of soil organic carbon distribution and storage in the Northeast Plain of China

Song, X.; Wang, S.; Xiao, G.; Wang, Z.; Liu, X.; Wang, P., 2009:
A study of soil water movement combining soil water potential with stable isotopes at two sites of shallow groundwater areas in the North China Plain

Mills, C.F.; Bathurst, J.C.; Quinn, P.F., 2008:
A study of spatial scaling in suspended sediment yield along a rural river system; the River Eden, Cumbria, UK

Ramos, M.I.; Feito, F.R.; Gil, A.J.; Cubillas, J.J., 2008:
A study of spatial variability of soil loss with high resolution DEMs; a case study of a sloping olive grove in southern Spain

Droujinine, A.; Pajchel, J.; Hitchen, K., 2008:
A study of sub-basalt depth imaging using the local Radon attributes on the Erlend Tertiary volcanic complex; north of Shetland, UK

Hoareau, G.; Monnin, C.; Odonne, F., 2009:
A study of sulfate mineral stability in marine sediments using the whole ODP/IODP porewater composition data base

A.S.bahi, E.; Rahim, S.; Abdul; Zuhairi bin Wan Yacob, W.; A.N.zaily, F.; Alshaebi, F., 2009:
A study of surface water and groundwater pollution in Ibb City, Yemen

Pritchard, M.E.; Fielding, E.J., 2008:
A study of the 2006 and 2007 earthquake sequence of Pisco, Peru, with InSAR and teleseismic data

Lee, K.E.n; Kim, J.-Hyun; Wilke, I.; Helmke, P.; Schouten, S., 2008:
A study of the alkenone, TEX86 , and planktonic Foraminifera in the Benguela upwelling system; implications for past sea surface temperature estimates

U.S.Geological Survey., 2008:
A study of the connection among basin-fill aquifers, carbonate-rock aquifers, and surface-water resources in southern Snake Valley, Nevada

Lippmann, R.; Ondrak, R.; Gaupp, R.; Neumann, V.; di Primio, R.; Horsfield, B., 2008:
A study of the diagenetic evolution of clastic-reservoirs in the Central Graben, North Sea

Smith, D.G.; Ferrell, G.M.; Harned, D.A.; Cuffney, T.F., 2011:
A study of the effects of implementing agricultural best management practices and in-stream restoration on suspended sediment, stream habitat, and benthic macroinvertebrates at three stream sites in; Surry County, North Carolina, 2004-2007; lessons learned

Guillermo Espinosa, B.A., 2010:
A study of the effects of river dynamics in the sediment composition of two beach systems in Puerto Rico as a tool for a sustainable development model

Ahmed, K.B.lal; Sanchez, M., 2011:
A study of the factors and processes involved in the sedimentation of Tarbela Reservoir, Pakistan

Tang, C.S.; Tang, A.M.; Cui, Y.J.; Delage, P.; Schroeder, C.; Shi, B., 2011:
A study of the hydro-mechanical behaviour of compacted crushed argillite

Lee, C.-Chao; Yang, C.-Hou; Liu, H.-Ching; Wen, K.-Liang; Wang, Z.-Bin; Chen, Y.-Jie, 2008:
A study of the hydrogeological environment of the Lishan landslide area using resistivity image profiling and borehole data

Pietrzak, N.J.; Duke, N.; Scott, G.; Lukey, H., 2008:
A study of the paragenetic stages of mineral growth in complex iron ores at the Tilden Mine and development of a mine scale model for application to ore treatment methods

Stojakovic, D.; Milenkovic, J.; Daneu, N.; Rajic, N., 2011:
A study of the removal of copper ions from aqueous solution using clinoptilolite from Serbia

Pi, J.; Chen, X.; Liu, C.; Pan, S., 2010:
A study of the secure water supply and shallow ground water quality in the Dongting Lake area, Hunan, China

Rivera, M.A.ejandra Roman; Rivera, J.A.tonio Nevarez, 2010:
A study of the sediment grain size and composition at Tombolo Beach, Manati, Puerto Rico 2008-2009

D.G.ulio, G.; Improta, L.; Calderoni, G.; Rovelli, A., 2008:
A study of the seismic response of the city of Benevento southern Italy through a combined analysis of seismological and geological data

Wen, S.; Hsu, H.-Ju; Chang, W.-Yen; Chen, C.-Huei, 2012:
A study of the seismogenic process beneath the southwestern foothills in Taiwan in relation with the 2010 Jiasian earthquake

Hauser, D.; Caudal, G.; Guimbard, S.; Mouche, A.A., 2008:
A study of the slope probability density function of the ocean waves from radar observations

Manzocchi, T.; Matthews, J.D.; Strand, J.A.; Carter, J.N.; Skorstad, A.; Howell, J.A.; Stephen, K.D.; Walsh, J.J., 2008:
A study of the structural controls on oil recovery from shallow-marine reservoirs

Arnold, L.A.; Engelder, T., 2008:
A study of the subsurface properties of black shale in the northern Appalachian Basin with focus on the Frasnian Geneseo Berket Black Shale

Tsai, C.-Yi; Shieh, C.-Fen, 2008:
A study of the unified scaling law of earthquakes in the Taiwan region

Ghiasi, V.; Omar, H.; Huat, B.K., 2009:
A study of the weathering of the Seremban Granite

Ratz, J.M.; Schuster, R.M.; Marcy, A.H., 2011:
A study of topics for distance education; a survey of US Fish and Wildlife Service employees

Novakowski, Kristine, 2010:
A study of varved clays and their significance to the history of the deglaciation of Lake Agassiz in northwestern Ontario

Thamo-Bozso, E.; Csillag, G.; Kakay-Szabo, O.; Konya, P.; Mueller, P., 2010:
A study of wind-polished rock surfaces in the Transdanubian Range Hungary

Wu, X.; Zhang, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Chen, Y.; Yang, Y., 2009:
A study on U-Ra equilibrium coefficient of Xiazhuang uranium ore field and its application

Li, T.; Mei, T.; Sun, X.; Lv, Y.; Sheng, J.; Cai, M., 2013:
A study on a water-inrush incident at Laohutai Coalmine

Ding, W.; Yang, Q.; Wang, A.; Gao, Y.; Zhang, J., 2010:
A study on an early warning system for geological and meteorological hazards in Lingtai County, Gansu Province, based on GIS

Wu, X.; Wang, X.; Jiang, X.; Duan, Q.; Sun, Y.; Tian, H.; Jia, Z., 2009:
A study on coal mining under large reservoir areas

Jeon, Y.-Shin; Kim, Y.-Chang; Kim, H.-Taek, 2008:
A study on competitiveness and GHG mitigation effect of IGCC and carbon capture technology through carbon tax change

Zhang, L.; Zhang, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, Y., 2011:
A study on elliptical gas flow in tri-porosity gas reservoirs

Rydelek, P.; Kim, K.-Hee, 2010:
A study on feasibility of earthquake early warning in Korea; determination of locations and magnitudes of events

Prasanna, M.V.; Chidambaram, S.; Gireesh, T.V.; Jabir Ali, T.V., 2011 :
A study on hydrochemical characteristics of surface and sub-surface water in and around Perumal Lake, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu, South India

Chidambaram, S.; Karmegam, U.; Prasanna, M.V.; Sasidhar, P.; Vasanthavigar, M., 2011:
A study on hydrochemical elucidation of coastal groundwater in and around Kalpakkam region, southern India

Chidambaram, S.; Prasanna, M.V.; Vasu, K.; Shahul, H.A.; Unnikrishna, W.C.; Srinivasamoorthy, K.; Peter, A.J.hn; Anandhan, P.; Pethaperumal, S., 2008:
A study on hydrogeochemical signatures of hard and sedimentary aquifers in the Gadilam River basin, Tamil Nadu, India

Hu, Yuzhao; Zhuang, Qiaoping, 2012:
A study on petroleum system of oil sand deposits in northern Kashi Sag of Tarim Basin, northwestern China

Srinivasalu, S.; Jonathan, M.P.; Thangadurai, N.; Ram-Mohan, V., 2010:
A study on pre- and post-tsunami shallow deposits off SE coast of India from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami; a geochemical approach

Hayashi, H.; Shimatani, Y.; Kawaguchi, Y., 2009:
A study on seed dispersal by hydrochory in floodplain restoration

Zhu, W.S.; Li, X.J.; Zhang, Q.B.; Zheng, W.H.; Xin, X.L.; Sun, A.H.; Li, S.C., 2010:
A study on sidewall displacement prediction and stability evaluations for large underground power station caverns

C.Koç, 2013:
A study on some parameters which can affect project irrigation efficiency in irrigation networks

Lisi, M.; Filizzola, C.; Genzano, N.; Grimaldi, C.S.ra Livia; Lacava, T.; Marchese, F.; Mazzeo, G.; Pergola, N.; Tramutoli, V., 2010:
A study on the Abruzzo 6 April 2009 earthquake by applying the RST approach to 15 years of AVHRR TIR observations

Bandopadhyay, A.K., 2010:
A study on the abundance of quartz in thermal coals of India and its relation to abrasion index; development of predictive model for abrasion

Tang, A.M.nh; Cui, Y.-Jun; Richard, G.; Defossez, P., 2011:
A study on the air permeability as affected by compression of three French soils

Onal, Z.; Dogdu, B.E.er; Ergin, M.; Karakas, Z.S.; Sozer, K.; Durmus, E.S., 2011:
A study on the beach sediments of the Gulf of Fethiye SW Turkey, focus on geochemical data

Li, Q.; Wei, C.; Huang, Y.; Wang, L.; Wang, D., 2010:
A study on the characteristics of heavy metals in orange ecosystem

Yen, H.-Yuan; Hsieh, H.-Hsiang, 2010:
A study on the compatibility of 3-D seismic velocity structures with gravity data of Taiwan

S.Chidambaram, S.Manikandan, AL.Ramanathan, M.V.Prasanna…, 2013:
A study on the defluoridation in water by using natural soil

Kato, H.; Onda, Y.; Tanaka, Y., 2010:
A study on the distribution characteristics of grazing step terracettes using satellite image analysis in a semiarid grassland of Mongolia

Pedersen, J.; Jettestuen, E.; Vinningland, J.L.; Madland, M.; Cathles, L.M.I.I.I.; Hiorth, A., 2011:
A study on the effect of pore geometry on mineral changes

Nunes, M.A.; Meguid, M.A., 2009:
A study on the effects of overlying soil strata on the stresses developing in a tunnel lining

Sonmez, B.; Ulusay, R.; Sonmez, H., 2008 :
A study on the identification of liquefaction-induced failures on ground surface based on the data from the 1999 Kocaeli and Chi-chi earthquakes

Yilmaz, Y., 2009:
A study on the limit void ratio characteristics of medium to fine mixed graded sands

Takano, Takeo, 2008:
A study on the morphogenetic movements associated with the formation of the Sekita Mountains and the Iiyama Basin, central Japan

Liu, T.C.; Chang, J.Y.; Iizuka, Y., 2009:
A study on the origin of the colored bands in Keelunshan Andesite, Taiwan

Baker, D.R.; Polacci, M.; LaRue, A., 2011:
A study on the reproducibility of counting vesicles in volcanic rocks

Xie, L.; Wang, X.; Zhang, F.; Luo, Y.; Qiu, W.; Zhang, W., 2010:
A study on the reservoir of the Daanzhai Member in the Wenjing-Mingyue area of the Sichuan Basin

Popa, R.G.; Tita, P.; Baratu, D.A.; Stochici, R., 2010:
A study on volcanic tuff deposits of the Outer Carpathian region, Buzau County, Romania

Alcik, H.; Ozel, O.; Apaydin, N.; Erdik, M., 2009:
A study on warning algorithms for Istanbul earthquake early warning system

Pierdominici, S.; Mariucci, M.T.resa; Montone, P., 2011:
A study to constrain the geometry of an active fault in southern Italy through borehole breakouts and downhole logs

Crawshaw, William Mark, 2013:
A sub fertility problem in dairy heifers

Anonymous, 2013:
A sub-parsec resolution simulation of the Milky Way Global structure of the ISM and properties of molecular clouds

McDonald, A.T., 2011:
A subadult specimen of Rubeosaurus ovatus (Dinosauria: Ceratopsidae), with observations on other ceratopsids from the two medicine formation

Rosenbaum, Gideon, 2010:
A subduction model for the formation of the New England oroclines

Schellart, W.P., 2011:
A subduction zone reference frame based on slab geometry and subduction partitioning of plate motion and trench migration

L.B.ocq, A.M.; Payne, A.J.; Siegert, M.J.; Alley, R.B., 2009:
A subglacial water-flow model for West Antarctica

Cai, F.; Ugai, K., 2011:
A subgrade reaction solution for piles to stabilise landslides

Voigt, I.; Preu, B.; Hanebuth, T.; Schwenk, T.; Krastel, S.; Lantzsch, H.; Henrich, R., 2012:
A submarine canyon as a climate archive; the Mar del Plata Canyon offshore Argentina

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A telemedicina el nyei s h tr nyai

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