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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37017

Chapter 37017 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zezina, O.N., 2010:
Check-list of Holocene brachiopods annotated with geographical ranges of species

Robinson, G.K., 2008:
Checking precision and bias before and after construction of sampling systems

Poliannikov, O.V.; Malcolm, A.E.; Prange, M.; Djikpesse, H., 2012:
Checking up on the neighbors; quantifying uncertainty in relative event location

Pillai, S.S.K.; Mehrotra, N.C.; Tewari, R., 2012:
Cheirophyllum maithysi sp nov from the Early Permian of Pency Valley Coalfield, Satpura Gondwana Basin, India

Judson, Mark, L.I., 2009:
Cheliferoid pseudoscorpions Arachnida, Chelonethi from the Lower Cretaceous of France

Joyce, W.G.; Faux, C., 2008:
Chelys patagonica from the Pliocene of Argentina; not lost, not valid, not a chelid turtle

S.C.eruthazhekatt; N.M.yo; B.M.nrabal; H.P.sch, 2013:
Chemical Composition Separation of EP Copolymers by CEF and HT-SGIC Crystallization versus Adsorption

Gandomi, H.; Abbaszadeh, S.; JebelliJavan, A.; Sharifzadeh, A., 2013:
Chemical Constituents, Antimicrobial and Antioxidative Effects of Trachyspermum ammi Essential Oil

Crosby, W.O., 1884:
Chemical geology

Moses, J. I., 2014:
Chemical Kinetics on Extrasolar Planets

Amelin, Yuri; Iizuka, Tsuyoshi, 2010:
Chemical abrasion U-Pb analysis of chondrules

Ruschel, K.; Nasdala, L.; Rhede, D.; Wirth, R.; Lengauer, C.L.; Libowitzky, E., 2010:
Chemical alteration patterns in metamict fergusonite

Madland, M.V.; Hiorth, A.; Omdal, E.; Megawati, M.; Hildebrand-Habel, T.; Korsnes, R.I.; Evje, S.; Cathles, L.M., 2011:
Chemical alterations induced by rock-fluid interactions when injecting brines in high porosity chalks

Tewalt, S.J.; Belkin, H.E.; SanFilipo, J.R.; Merrill, M.D.; Palmer, C.A.; Warwick, P.D.; Karlsen, A.W.; Finkelman, R.B.; Park, A.J., 2010:
Chemical analyses in the World Coal Quality Inventory, version 1

Fosbury, D.Etta; Walker, M.; Stillings, L.L., 2008:
Chemical analyses of ground water in the Carson Desert near Stillwater, Churchill County, Nevada, 2005

Avellan, C.; Spangenberg, J.E., 2009:
Chemical analyses of lipids preserved in Iron Age pottery from Bibracte, France

Donnelly-Nolan, Julie, M., 2008:
Chemical analyses of pre-Holocene rocks from Medicine Lake Volcano and vicinity, Northern California

Chen, J.; Li, Z.; Maiwulanjiang, M.; Zhang, W.L.; Zhan, J.Y.X.; Lam, C.T.W.; Zhu, K.Y.; Yao, P.; Choi, R.C.Y.; Lau, D.T.W.; Dong, T.T.X.; Tsim, K.W.K., 2014:
Chemical and biological assessment of Ziziphus jujuba fruits from China: different geographical sources and developmental stages

Satkoski, A.M.; Barr, S.M.; Samson, S.D., 2008:
Chemical and Sm-Nd isotopic constraints on the provenance and tectonic setting of late Neoproterozoic and Cambrian sedimentary and metasedimentary rocks in Avalonia of southern New Brunswick

Bernasconi, S.M.; Smittenberg, R.H., 2010:
Chemical and biological gradients along the Damma Glacier soil chronosequence

Bernasconi, S.M.; Bauder, A.; Bourdon, B.; Brunner, I.; Bunemann, E.; Chris, I.; Derungs, N.; Edwards, P.; Farinotti, D.; Frey, B.; Frossard, E.; Furrer,; Gerhard; Gierga, M.; Goransson, H.; Gulland, K.; Hagedorn, F.; Hajdas, I.; Hindshaw, R.; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Jansa, J.; Jonas, T.; Kiczka, M.; Kretzschmar, R.; Lemarchand,; Emmanuel; Luster, J.; Magnusson, J.; Mitchell, E.A.D.; Venterink, H.O.de; Plotze, M.;, 2011:
Chemical and biological gradients along the Damma Glacier soil chronosequence, Switzerland

Pal, D.C.; Trumbull, R.B.; Wiedenbeck, M., 2010:
Chemical and boron isotope compositions of tourmaline from the Jaduguda U -Cu-Fe deposit, Singhbhum shear zone, India; implications for the sources and evolution of mineralizing fluids

Esmaeily, D.; Trumbull, R.B.; Haghnazar, M.; Krienitz, M.-Sebastian; Wiedenbeck, M., 2009:
Chemical and boron isotopic composition of hydrothermal tourmaline from scheelite-quartz veins at Nezamabad, western Iran

Yang, S.; Jiang, S., 2012:
Chemical and boron isotopic composition of tourmaline in the Xiangshan volcanic-intrusive complex, southeast China; evidence for boron mobilization and infiltration during magmatic-hydrothermal; processes

Jiang, S.; Radvanec, M.; Nakamura, E.; Palmer, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Zhao, H.; Zhao, K., 2008:
Chemical and boron isotopic variations of tourmaline in the Hnilec granite-related hydrothermal system, Slovakia; constraints on magmatic and metamorphic fluid evolution

Walker, R.J.; Schulte, R.F.; Schilling, M.; Horan, M.F.; Anma, R.; Farquhar, J., 2008 :
Chemical and chronologic complexity in the oceanic mantle; evidence from the Taitao Ophiolite

Wiersberg, T.; Erzinger, J., 2011:
Chemical and isotope compositions of drilling mud gas from the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth SAFOD boreholes; implications on gas migration and the permeability structure of the San; Andreas Fault

Pennisi, M.; Bianchini, G.; Kloppmann, W.; Muti, A., 2009:
Chemical and isotopic B, Sr composition of alluvial sediments as archive of a past hydrothermal outflow

Huiban, Y.; Noirez, S.; Prinzhofer, A.; Girard, J.P.erre; Chappellaz, J., 2009:
Chemical and isotopic analysis of hydrocarbon gas at trace levels

Tao, F.X.; Yin, L.; Piao, H.C., 2008:
Chemical and isotopic approach on an algae bloom in the Hongfeng Lake, southwest China

Tan, H.; Rao, W.; Chen, J.; Su, Z.; Sun, X.; Liu, X., 2009:
Chemical and isotopic approach to groundwater cycle in western Qaidam Basin, China

Koroleva, M.; Waber, H.N.; de Haller, A., 2008:
Chemical and isotopic characterisation of highly saline sedimentary pore water

Prinzhofer, A.; Girard, J.P.; Buschaert, S.; Huiban, Y.; Noirez, S., 2009:
Chemical and isotopic characterization of hydrocarbon gas traces in pore water of very low permeability rocks; the example of the Callovo-Oxfordian argillites of the eastern part of the Paris; Basin

Xu, C.; Guo, L.; Ping, C.-Lu; White, D.M., 2009:
Chemical and isotopic characterization of size-fractionated organic matter from cryoturbated tundra soils, Northern Alaska

Apollaro, C.; Dotsika, E.; Marini, L.; Barca, D.; Bloise, A.; D.R.sa, R.; Doveri, M.; Lelli, M.; Muto, F., 2012 :
Chemical and isotopic characterization of the thermomineral water of Terme Sibarite springs northern Calabria, Italy

Dalai, Tarun, K., 2011:
Chemical and isotopic composition of lower Vindhyan organic rich sediments; role of chemical alteration and grain size distribution

Foustoukos, D.I.; Savov, I.P.; Janecky, D.R., 2008:
Chemical and isotopic constraints on water-rock interactions at the Lost City hydrothermal field, 30 degrees N Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Adinolfi Falcone, R.; Falgiani, A.; Parisse, B.; Petitta, M.; Spizzico, M.; Tallini, M., 2008:
Chemical and isotopic delta18 O 0/00, delta2 H 0/00, delta13 C 0/00,222 Rn multi-tracing for groundwater conceptual model of carbonate aquifer Gran Sasso INFN; underground laboratory, central Italy

Frost, C.D.; Frost, B.R.nald; Lindsley, D.H.; Chamberlain, K.R.; Swapp, S.M.; Scoates, J.S., 2010:
Chemical and isotopic evolution of the anorthositic plutons of the Laramie anorthosite complex; explanations for variations in silica activity and oxygen fugacity of massif anorthosites

Huang, F.; Lundstrom, C.C.; Glessner, J.; Ianno, A.; Boudreau, A.; Li, J.; Ferre, E.C.; Marshak, S.; DeFrates, J., 2009:
Chemical and isotopic fractionation of wet andesite in a temperature gradient; experiments and models suggesting a new mechanism of magma differentiation

Hackley, K.C.; Panno, S.V.; Anderson, T.F., 2010:
Chemical and isotopic indicators of groundwater evolution in the basal sands of a buried bedrock valley in the Midwestern United States; implications for recharge, rock-water interactions, and; mixing

Ladouche, B.; Luc, A.; Doerfliger, N., 2009:
Chemical and isotopic investigation of rainwater in southern France 1996-2002; potential use as input signal for karst functioning investigation

Shin, W.J.; Lee, K.S.; Park, Y., 2010:
Chemical and isotopic investigation of urbanized streams in Daejeon, South Korea

Huerta, P.; Armenteros, I., 2008:
Chemical and isotopic palaeogroundwater evolution from sedimentary record Palaeogene, Almazan Basin, Spain

Gueguen, F.; Stille, P.; Dietze, V.; Millet, M., 2011:
Chemical and isotopic properties of airborne particles in industrial, urban and rural areas of the Rhine Valley

Gueguen, F.; Stille, P.; Dietze, V.; Millet, M.; Giere, R., 2010:
Chemical and isotopic properties of airborne particles in urban and rural environments of the Rhine Valley

Zanda, B.; Bland, P.A.; L.G.illou, C.; Hewins, R., 2009:
Chemical and isotopic relationship between matrix and chondrules in ordinary and carbonaceous chondrites

Kaneko, M.; Shingai, H.; Pohlman, J.W.; Naraoka, H., 2010:
Chemical and isotopic signature of bulk organic matter and hydrocarbon biomarkers within mid-slope accretionary sediments of the northern Cascadia Margin gas hydrate system

Genereux, D.P.; Webb, M.; Solomon, D.K.p, 2009:
Chemical and isotopic signature of old groundwater and magmatic solutes in a Costa Rican rain forest; evidence from carbon, helium, and chlorine

Robinson, P.; Harrison, R.J.; Fabian, K.; McEnroe, S.A., 2012:
Chemical and magnetic properties of rapidly cooled metastable ferri-ilmenite solid solutions; implications for magnetic self-reversal and exchange bias; III, Magnetic interactions in samples; produced by Fe-Ti ordering

Kudun Yozgat, K.; Tuysuz, N., 2011:
Chemical and mass changes of the vein type mineralizations in Cetilli area, Ordu, Turkey

Haack, S.K.dd; Duris, J.W., 2008:
Chemical and microbiological water quality of subsurface agricultural drains during a field trial of liquid dairy manure effluent application rate and varying tillage practices, upper Tiffin; Watershed, southeastern Michigan

Schiavon, N.; Mazzocchin, G.A.tonio; Baudo, F.; Siegesmund, S. ; Snethlage, R. ; Ruedrich, J., 2008:
Chemical and mineralogical characterisation of weathered historical bricks from the Venice lagoonal environment

Butler, S.; Roy, W.R.; Lasemi, Z.; Mikulic, D.G., 2011:
Chemical and mineralogical characteristics of flue gas desulfurization by-products and swine manure mixtures after controlled leaching experiments

Gao, X.; Schulze, D.G., 2010:
Chemical and mineralogical characterization of arsenic, lead, chromium, and cadmium in a metal-contaminated Histosol

Ghita, M.; Stoiciu, F.; Badilita, V.; Predica, V.; Enache, L.; Popescu, G.C., 2010:
Chemical and mineralogical characterization of residues from the recycling of accumulator batteries wasted

Ebert, M.; Kandler, K.; Deutscher, C.; Lieke, K.; Mueller-Ebert, D.; Schuetz, L.; Weinbruch, S., 2008:
Chemical and mineralogical composition of aerosol particles at Cape Verde

Dai, S.; Wang, X.; Zhou, Y.; Hower, J.C.; Li, D.; Chen, W.; Zhu, X.; Zou, J., 2011:
Chemical and mineralogical compositions of silicic, mafic, and alkali tonsteins in the Late Permian coals from the Songzao Coalfield, Chongqing, southwest China

Morris, R.V.; Ming, D.W.; Schwenzer, S. ; Kring, D.A.; Clifford, S. ; Abramov, O. ; Bibring, J.-Pierre ; Treiman, A.H.; Vaniman, D.T.; Zolotov, M., 2009:
Chemical and mineralogical constraints for modeling hydrous environments on Mars from the Mars Exploration Rovers

Vitkova, M.; Ettler, V.; Sebek, O.; Mihaljevic, M.; Kribek, B., 2009:
Chemical and mineralogical investigation of smelting slags from the Copperbelt District, Zambia

Chapman, R.J.; Leake, R.C.; Bond, D.P.G.; Stedra, V.; Fairgrieve, B., 2009:
Chemical and mineralogical signatures of gold formed in oxidizing chloride hydrothermal systems and their significance within populations of placer gold grains collected during reconnaissance

Lowers, H.A.; Adams, D.T.; Meeker, G.P.; Nutt, C.J., 2010:
Chemical and morphological comparison of erionite from Oregon, North Dakota, and Turkey

Mao, J.D.; Fang, X.; Lan, Y.; Schimmelmann, A.; Mastalerz, M.; Xu, L.; Schmidt-Rohr, K., 2010:
Chemical and nanometer-scale structure of kerogen and its change during thermal maturation investigated by advanced solid state13 C NMR spectroscopy

Hu, A.; Li, M.; Wong, J.; Reyes, J.; Achal, S.; Milovic, M.; Robinson, R.; Shou, J.; Yang, C.; Dai, J.; Ma, Y.; Guo, T.; Hinrichs, K.-Uwe; Michaelis, W. ; Rullkotter, J., 2010:
Chemical and petrographic evidence for thermal cracking and thermochemical sulfate reduction of paleo-oil accumulations in the NE Sichuan Basin, China

Levandowski, J.; Kalkreuth, W.D., 2009:
Chemical and petrographical characterization of feed coal, fly ash and bottom ash from the Figueira Power Plant, Parana, Brazil

Pochee, A.; Browne, P.R.L.; Gravley, D.M.; Powell, T.; Smith, I.E.M.; Rae, A.J., 2010:
Chemical and physical changes in andesite rock during hydrothermal alteration; insights from the Rotokawa geothermal field, New Zealand

Hutchison, M.T.; Heaman, L.M.; Mitchell, R.H.; Chakhmouradian, A.R.; Lentz, D.R., 2008:
Chemical and physical characteristics of diamond crystals from Garnet Lake, Sarfartoq, West Greenland; an association with carbonatitic magmatism

Hershey, R.L.; Mizell, S.A.; Earman, S., 2010:
Chemical and physical characteristics of springs discharging from regional flow systems of the carbonate-rock province of the Great Basin, Western United States

Clilverd, H.; White, D.; Lilly, M., 2009:
Chemical and physical controls on the oxygen regime of ice-covered Arctic lakes and reservoirs

Beauvais, A.; Ruffet, G.; Henocque, O.; Colin, F., 2008:
Chemical and physical erosion rhythms of the West African Cenozoic morphogenesis; the39 Ar-40 Ar dating of supergene K-Mn oxides

Pfaff, K.; Krumrei, T.; Marks, M.; Wenzel, T.; Rudolf, T.; Markl, G., 2008:
Chemical and physical evolution of the lower layered sequence from the nepheline syenitic Ilimaussaq Intrusion, South Greenland; implications for the origin of magmatic layering in peralkaline; felsic liquids

Zhang, S.-Rong; Lu, X.X., 2008:
Chemical and physical weathering in a mountainous tributary of the Zhujiang Pearl River, China

Sulak, M.; Kaindl, R.; Putis, M.; Sitek, J.; Krenn, K.; Toth, I., 2009:
Chemical and spectroscopic characteristics of potassium white micas related to polystage evolution of the central Western Carpathians orogenic wedge

Koprivnjak, J.F.; Pfromm, P.H.; Ingall, E.; Vetter, T.A.; Schmitt-Kopplin, P.; Hertkorn, N.; Frommberger, M.; Knicker, H.; Perdue, E.M., 2009:
Chemical and spectroscopic characterization of marine dissolved organic matter isolated using coupled reverse osmosis-electrodialysis

Kele, S.; Demeny, A.; Siklosy, Z.; Nemeth, T.; Toth, M.; Kovacs, M.B., 2008:
Chemical and stable isotope composition of Recent hot-water travertines and associated thermal waters, from Egerszalok, Hungary; depositional facies and non-equilibrium fractionation

Rice, C.A.; Flores, R.M.; Stricker, G.D.; Ellis, M.S., 2008:
Chemical and stable isotopic evidence for water/rock interaction and biogenic origin of coalbed methane, Fort Union Formation, Powder River basin, Wyoming and Montana USA

Robyr, M., 2008 :
Chemical and textural records during snowball garnet growth

Schofield, P.F.; Smith, A.D.; Scholl, A., 2008:
Chemical and valence state imaging of mineral intergrowths using X-ray photo-emission electron microscopy

Aehnelt, M.; Worden, R.H.; Hill, S.J.; Hodgson, D.; Flint, S.S.; Canham, A.C., 2010:
Chemical architecture of a submarine slope channel complex outcrop, Tabernas Basin, Spain

Zhao, Z.F.; Zheng, Y.F., 2009:
Chemical architecture of the Dabie Orogen; constraints from zircon Hf and whole-rock Sr-Nd isotopes in Mesozoic magmatic rocks

Drobek, L.; Bukowska, M.; Borecki, T.; Hejmanowski, R., 2008:
Chemical aspects of CO2 sequestration in deep geological structures

Nagaraj, D., 2010:
Chemical aspects of sustainable mineral processing and a framework for research and technology transfer

Furutani, H.; Jung, J.; Miura, K.; Takami, A.; Kato, S.; Kajii, Y.; Uematsu, M., 2010:
Chemical association of iron in individual atmospheric particles during Asian Outflow season

Lian, B.; Teng, H.H.nry, 2010:
Chemical basis of microbe-carbonate interactions

Hennig, C.; Takao, K.; Takao, S.; Ikeda-Ohno, A.; Banerjee, D.; Weiss, S.; Zaenker, H.; Kraus, W.; Emmerling, F.; Scheinost, A.C., 2010:
Chemical bonds and formation process of actinideIV oligomers and colloids

Lukkari, K.; Leivuori, M., 2008:
Chemical character and burial of sediment phosphorus in the Gulf of Finland Baltic Sea

Paris, R.; Desboeufs, K.V.; Formenti, P.; Nava, S.; Chou, C., 2010:
Chemical characterisation of iron in dust and biomass burning aerosols during AMMA-SOP0/DABEX; implication for iron solubility

Perrone, M.G.; Sangiorgi, G.; L.P.rto, C.; Ferrero, L.; Ferrini, B.; Lazzati, Z.; Petraccone, S.; Daresta, B.; D.G.nnaro, G.; Bolzacchini, E., 2009:
Chemical characterisation of the organic fraction of PM for an urban, rural and remote site of the north of Italy

Wedepohl, K.H.ns; Simon, K., 2012:
Chemical characteristics REE, etc of Paleozoic and Mesozoic graywackes and sandstones from Central Europe

Jung, J.S.; Lee, K.Y.; Gonzaga-Cayetano, M.B.; Batmunkh, T.; An, D.D.; Kim, Y.J.; Chang, I.S.; Kim, J.S., 2009:
Chemical characteristics of long-range transboundary air pollutants from Asian continent observed at two remote sites and one urban site in Korea

Shirai, N.; Ebihara, M., 2009:
Chemical characteristics of the lherzolitic shergottite Yamato 000097; magmatism on Mars inferred from the chemical compositions of shergottites

Schramm, M.; Hammer, J.; Kuehnlenz, T.; Mingerzahn, G., 2009:
Chemical characterization and genetic interpretation of solutions in the Gorleben salt dome

Depoi, F.S.; Pozebon, D.; Kalkreuth, W.D., 2008:
Chemical characterization of feed coals and combustion-by-products from Brazilian power plants

Jarva, J.; Tarvainen, T., 2012:
Chemical characterization of metal contaminated soil

Feng, X.; Simpson, A.J.; Gregorich, E.G.; Elberling, B.; Hopkins, D.W.; Sparrow, A.D.; Novis, P.M.; Greenfield, L.G.; Simpson, M.J., 2010:
Chemical characterization of microbial-dominated soil organic matter in the Garwood Valley, Antarctica

Spangenberg, J.E.; Ferrer, M.; Volken, M.; Volken, S.; Tschudin, P.; Hafner, A., 2009:
Chemical characterization of the 5 millenia old leather found in the melting Schnidejoch ice-patch, Swiss Alps

Nikolayev, A.G., 2008:
Chemical chemistry heterogeneity of chrome spinels as indicator of their genesis and evolution

Anonymous, 2013:
Chemical composition and antiprolifrative activity of Artemisia persica Boiss and Artemisia turcomanica Gand essential oils

Vasilenko, V.B.; Tolstov, A.V.; Kuznetsova, L.G.; Minin, V.A., 2009:
Chemical composition and diamond potential of kimberlites having experienced secondary alteration; Nyurbinskaya Pipe, east Siberia

Kopylova, Y.G.; Lepokurova, O.E.; Tokarenko, O.G.; Shvartsev, S.L., 2011:
Chemical composition and genesis of the carbonic-acid mineral waters of the Tersinskoe Deposit Kuzbass

Oktyabr'skii, R.A.; Vladykin, N.V.; Lennikov, A.M.; Vrzhosek, A.A.; Yasnygina, T.A.; Rasskazov, S.V.; Moskalenko, E.Y.; Velivetskaya, T.A., 2010:
Chemical composition and geochemical characteristics of the Koksharovka alkaline ultrabasic massif with carbonatites, Primorye

Dutta, S.; Mallick, M.; Mathews, R.P.ul; Mann, U.; Greenwood, P.F.; Saxena, R., 2010:
Chemical composition and palaeobotanical origin of Miocene resins from Kerala-Konkan coast, western India

Kuznetsova, L.G.; Zolotarev, A.A.; Frank-Kamenetskaya, O.V.; Rozhdestvenskaya, I.V.; Bronzova, Y.M.; Spratt, D.; Ertl', A., 2011:
Chemical composition and species attribution of tourmalines from rare metal pegmatite vein with scapolite Sangilene Mountains, Tuva

Blanco, G.; Rajesh, H.M.; Germs, G.J.B.; Zimmermann, U., 2009:
Chemical composition and tectonic setting of chromian spinels from the Ediacaran-early Paleozoic Nama Group, Namibia

Zhang, R.Y.; Pan, Y.M.; Yang, Y.H.; Li, T.F.; Liou, J.G.; Yang, J.S., 2008:
Chemical composition and ultrahigh-P metamorphism of garnet peridotites from the Sulu UHP terrane, China; investigation of major, trace elements and Hf isotopes of minerals

Zhang, S.; Xu, C.; Santschi, P.H., 2008:
Chemical composition and234 Th IV binding of extracellular polymeric substances EPS produced by the marine diatom Amphora sp

Kim, N.K.ung; Park, H.-Jin; Kim, Y.P.o, 2009:
Chemical composition change in TSP due to dust storm at Gosan, Korea; do the concentrations of anthropogenic species increase due to dust storm?

Decesari, S.; Facchini, M.C.; Carbone, C.; Giulianelli, L.; Rinaldi, M.; Finessi, E.; Fuzzi, S.; Marinoni, A.; Cristofanelli, P.; Duchi, R.; Bonasoni, P.; Vuillermoz, E.; Cozic, J.; Jaffrezo, J.L.; Laj, P., 2010:
Chemical composition of PM10 and PM1 at the high-altitude Himalayan station Nepal Climate Observatory-Pyramid NCO-P 5079 m asl

Bougiatioti, A.; Fountoukis, C.; Kalivitis, N.; Moore, R.; Nenes, A.; Pandis, S.; Mihalopoulos, N., 2009:
Chemical composition of aerosols and cloud condensation nuclei in the eastern Mediterranean; results from long-term studies

Bieri, W.; Grobety, B.; Peretti, A.; Hametner, K.; Guenther, D., 2010:
Chemical composition of apatite inclusions in corundum and spinel determined by LA-ICP-MS and its potential for authentication and provenance determination

Wilczynska-Michalik, W.; Gasek, R.; Michalik, M., 2011:
Chemical composition of biomass used in co-combustion with coal in Polish power-plants

Radomskii (Radomskiy), S.M.; Radomskaya, V.I.; Moiseenko (Moiseyenko), N.V.; Bolotskii (Bolotskiy), I.Y.; Moiseenko (Moiseyenko), V.G., 2008:
Chemical composition of bone remains of Hadrosaurs in the Amur region

Bityukova, L.; Petersell, P., 2010:
Chemical composition of bottled mineral waters in Estonia

Dauvalter, V.A.; Dauvalter, M.V.; Kashulin, N.A.; Sandimirov, S.S., 2010:
Chemical composition of bottom sedimentary deposits in lakes in the zone impacted by atmospheric emissions from the Severonickel Plant

Wise, M.A.; Brown, C.D., 2011:
Chemical composition of coexisting columbite-group minerals and cassiterite from the Black Mountain Pegmatite, Maine

Lesnov, F.P.; Korolyuk, V.N.; Lyakh, A.V., 2010:
Chemical composition of coexisting minerals and elemental distribution in the rocks of the Berezovskiy mafic-ultramafic massif, Sakhalin Island

Kidron, G.J.; Starinsky, A., 2012:
Chemical composition of dew and rain in an extreme desert Negev; cobbles serve as sink for nutrients

Dragon, K.; Marciniak, M., 2010:
Chemical composition of groundwater and surface water in the Arctic environment Petuniabukta region, central Spitsbergen

Rusakov, V.Y.; Levitan, M.A.; Roshchina, I.A.; Spielhagen, R.F.; Gebhardt, K., 2010:
Chemical composition of late Pleistocene-Holocene pelagic sediments in Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean

Anonymous, 2013:
Chemical composition of lipids in brewerA s spent grain A promising source of valuable phytochemicals

Treiman, A.H.; Essene, E.J., 2011:
Chemical composition of magnetite in Martian meteorite ALH 84001; revised appraisal from thermochemistry of phases in Fe-Mg-C-O

Murzin, V.V., 2010:
Chemical composition of native gold as an indicator of its crystallization example of the Urals

Peryt, T.M.rek; Kovalevych, V.M.; Zang, W.; Marshall, T., 2008:
Chemical composition of seawater in Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic; a contribution based on study of fluid inclusions in halite from Australia

Karavanova, E.I.; Timofeeva, E.A., 2009:
Chemical composition of solutions in macro- and micropores in the upper horizons of soils in the Central Forest State Biosphere Reserve

Anikina, E.; Bortnikov, N.S., 2010:
Chemical composition of sphalerite from Mangazeyskoe Deposit Sakha, Russia

Krause, J.; Bruegmann, G.E.; Pushkarev, E.V., 2011:
Chemical composition of spinel from uralian-alaskan-type mafic-ultramafic complexes and its petrogenetic significance

Liu, G.; Xu, M.; Tong, J.; Zhao, R.; Li, M., 2010:
Chemical composition of the water in areas where Kashin-Beck disease is found in China; a summary

Yavuz, F.; Fuchs, Y.; Karakaya, N.; Karakaya, M.C., 2008:
Chemical composition of tourmaline from the Asarcik Pb-Zn-Cu+ or -U deposit, Sebinkarahisar, Turkey

Flament, P.; Deboudt, K.; Aimoz, L.; Cachier, H.; Chatenet, B.; Weis, D., 2008:
Chemical composition of tropospheric particulate matter in West Africa; natural and pollution source assessment

Giere, R.; Williams, C.T., 2010:
Chemical composition of voltaite formed from flue gas of a coal-fired power plant

Naumov, V.B.; Kovalenker, V.A.; Rusinov, V.L., 2010:
Chemical composition, volatile components, and trace elements in the magmatic melt of the Kurama mining district, middle Tien Shan; evidence from the investigation of inclusions in quartz

Ishihara, S.; Chappell, B.W., 2008:
Chemical compositions of Late Cretaceous granitoids across the central part of the Abukuma Highland, Japan; revisited

Graupner, T.; Wittenberg, A.; Melcher, F.; Wiedicke, M., 2008:
Chemical compositions of manganese nodules; in situ microenergy dispersive X-ray fluorescence mu -EDXRF and bulk data

Wang, H.; Han, G., 2010:
Chemical compositions of rainwaters from Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China

Kolesnikov, S.I.; Tlekhas, Z.R.; Kazeev, K.S.; Val'kov, V.F., 2009:
Chemical contamination of Adygea soils and changes in their biological properties

Fregola, R.A.na; Capitani, G.Carlo; Scandale, E.; Ottolini, L., 2009:
Chemical control of 3T stacking order in a Li-poor biotite mica

McQueen, K., 2009:
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Anonymous, 2013:
Chicago Rough Rice Futures Begin the Week on Negative Tone

Anonymous, 2013:
Chicago Rough Rice Futures Continue Higher to Flirt with $16000 per cwt Level

Anonymous, 2013:
Chicago Rough Rice Futures Continue to Rally as Available Rice Continues to Dwindle

Anonymous, 2013:
Chicago Rough Rice Futures Pause Nearly Unchanged as Outside Negativity Halts Early Evening Gains

Anonymous, 2013:
Chicago Rough Rice Futures Rally as Buying Interest Picks Up, Despite Collapsing Grains

Anonymous, 2013:
Chicago Rough Rice Futures Seen Higher but Face Multiple Layers of Resistance Nearby

Anonymous, 2013:
Chicago Rough Rice Futures Slip Back Below $15500 on Lack of Follow-through Buying Interest; Soy Meal Rallies Limit Up

Anonymous, 2013:
Chicago Rough Rice Futures Smash through Multiple Layers of Resistance as the Market Moves into Bullish Territory

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Chicxulub impact spherules in the North Atlantic and Caribbean age constraints and Cretaceousa Tertiary boundary hiatus

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