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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37026

Chapter 37026 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Schovsbo, N.H.; Rasmussen, S.L.l; Sheldon, E.; Stemmerik, L., 2008:
Correlation of carbon-isotope events in the Danish Upper Cretaceous chalk

Yu, S.; Pan, C.; Wang, J.; Jin, X.; Jiang, L.; Liu, D.; Lu, X.; Qin, J.; Qian, Y.; Ding, Y.; Chen, H., 2012:
Correlation of crude oils and oil components from reservoirs and source rocks using carbon isotopic compositions of individual n-alkanes in the Tazhong and Tabei Uplift of the Tarim Basin, China

Qin, C.; Muirhead, A.C.; Zhong, S., 2012:
Correlation of deep moonquakes and mare basalts; implications for lunar mantle structure and evolution

Whidden, K.J.; Jones, R.W., 2012:
Correlation of early Paleogene global diversity patterns of large benthic Foraminifera with Paleocene and Eocene climatic events

Schmedes, J.; Archuleta, R.J.; Lavallee, D., 2010:
Correlation of earthquake source parameters inferred from dynamic rupture simulations

Werban, U.; Kuka, K.; Merbach, I., 2009:
Correlation of electrical resistivity, electrical conductivity and soil parameters at a long-term fertilization experiment

Batte, A.G.; Barifaijo, E.; Kiberu, J.M.; Kawule, W.; Muwanga, A.; Owor, M.; Kisekulo, J., 2010:
Correlation of geoelectric data with aquifer parameters to delineate the groundwater potential of hard rock terrain in central Uganda

Giere, R.; Rumble, D.; Guenther, D.; Connolly, J.; Caddick, M.J., 2011 :
Correlation of growth and breakdown of major and accessory minerals in metapelites from Campolungo, Central Alps

Jedhe, G.S.; Paul, D.; Gonnade, R.G.; Santra, M.K.; Hamel, E.; Nguyen, T.Luong.; Sanjayan, G.J., 2014:
Correlation of hydrogen-bonding propensity and anticancer profile of tetrazole-tethered combretastatin analogues

Soibelzon, E.; Prevosti, F.J.; Bidegain, J.C.rlos; Rico, Y.; Verzi, D.H.; Tonni, E.P., 2009:
Correlation of late Cenozoic sequences of southeastern Buenos Aires Province; biostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy

Kirkbride, M.P.; Winkler, S., 2012:
Correlation of late Quaternary moraines; impact of climate variability, glacier response, and chronological resolution

Parras, A.; Griffin, M.; Feldmann, R.M.; Casadio, S.; Schweitzer, C.; Marenssi, S., 2008:
Correlation of marine beds based on Sr- and Ar-date determinations and faunal affinities across the Paleogene-Neogene boundary in southern Patagonia, Argentina

Hartkopf-Froeder, C.; Koenigshof, P.; Littke, R.; Schwarzbauer, J., 2010:
Correlation of maturity parameters in the oil generation zone and optical palaeotemperature parameters for high grade diagenesis and anchimetamorphism; state of the art and future challenges

Bleier, T.; Dunson, C.; Alvarez, C.; Freund, F.; Dahlgren, R., 2010:
Correlation of pre-earthquake electromagnetic signals with laboratory and field rock experiments

Huang, Y.; Cai, J.; Yin, H.; Cai, M., 2009:
Correlation of precipitation to temperature variation in the Huang He River Yellow River basin during 1957-2006

Park, C-Soon.; Guilleminault, C.; Hwang, S-Hwan.; Jeong, J-Hyun.; Park, D-Sun.; Maeng, J-Hwan., 2014:
Correlation of salivary cortisol level with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in pediatric subjects

Rhoades, D.A.; Papadimitriou, E.E.; Karakostas, V.G.; Console, R.; Murru, M.; Savage, M.K.; Rhoades, D.A.; Smith, E.G.C.; Gerstenberger, M.C.; Vere-Jones, D., 2010:
Correlation of static stress changes and earthquake occurrence in the north Aegean region

McNamara, D.; McLean, K.P., 2010:
Correlation of structurally controlled permeability between geothermal wells using AFIT

Khalifa, Mohamed, 2010:
Correlation of the Devonian formations in the Blantyre Sub-basin, New South Wales with the Adavale Basin, Queensland

Halakatevakis, N.; Sofianos, A.I., 2010:
Correlation of the Hoek-Brown failure criterion for a sparsely jointed rock mass with an extended plane of weakness theory

Sevastopulo, G.; Barham, M., 2011:
Correlation of the base of the Serpukhovian Stage in northwest Europe and North America

Munteanu, M.; Popescu, G.C., 2010:
Correlation of the early Paleozoic metallogenesis in the Western and Eastern Carpathians

Ramirez-Arriaga, E.; Martinez-Hernandez, E.; Flores-Olvera, H.; Ochotorena, H.; Pramparo, M.B., 2008:
Correlation of the late Eocene-early Oligocene Izucar de Matamoros evaporites Cuayuca Formation in Mexico based on parsimony analysis of endemicity

Pattan, J.N.; Shyam Prasad, M.; Babu, E.V.S.S.K., 2010:
Correlation of the oldest Toba Tuff to sediments in the central Indian Ocean basin

Kontak, D.J.; Horne, R.; Creaser, R.A.; Archibald, D.A., 2008:
Correlation of thermo-tectonic and metallogenic events in the Avalon and Meguma Terranes of Nova Scotia with the use of40 Ar/39 Ar and Re-Os geochronometry

Lambert, A.; Kao, H.; Rogers, G.; Courtier, N., 2009:
Correlation of tremor activity with tidal stress in the northern Cascadia subduction zone

Kim, M.-Il; Chae, B.-Gon; Jeong, G.-Cheol, 2009:
Correlation of unsaturated soil and dielectric property for monitoring of subsurface characteristics; development of unsaturated dielectric mixing models and its application

Angiolini, L.; Gaetani, M.; Carabelli, L.; Corrado, S.; Stephenson, M.H.; Price, G.; A.K.alifa, S. bin Salman, 2008:
Correlation of upper Khuff equivalent palaeo-Tethyan sediments of the Alborz Mountains, northern Iran

Astakhov, V.; Nazarov, D., 2010:
Correlation of upper Pleistocene sediments in northern West Siberia

Hodlur, G.K.; Dhakate, R., 2010:
Correlation of vertical electrical sounding and electrical borehole log data for groundwater exploration

Cope, John, C.W., 2009:
Correlation problems in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation Upper Jurassic, UK; lithostratigraphy versus biostratigraphy and chronostratigraphy

Barnasch, J., 2008:
Correlation, cyclicity and subsidence of the Keuper in the western part of the Central European Basin

van Leeuwen, Tristan, 2010:
Correlation-based seismic velocity inversion

Payne, J.L.; Hand, M.; Barovich, K.M.; Reid, A.; Evans, D.A.D., 2009:
Correlations and reconstruction models for the 2500-1500 Ma evolution of the Mawson Continent

Chung, S.G.; Chung, J.G.; Jang, W.Y.; Lee, J.M., 2010:
Correlations between CPT and FVT results for Busan Clay

Deja, E.; Pietranik, A.; Kierczak, J.; Milke, R.; Breitkreuz, C., 2011:
Correlations between Hf, O and trace element concentrations in zircon from rhyolitic rocks NE German Basin

Lesnov, F.P.; Anoshin, G.N., 2011:
Correlations between Re and PGE concentrations in rocks, ores, and minerals of mafic-ultramafic associations

Palma, J.L.is; Calder, E.S.; Basualto, D.; Blake, S.; Rothery, D.A., 2008:
Correlations between SO2 flux, seismicity, and outgassing activity at the open vent of Villarrica Volcano, Chile

Tosi, F.; Orosei, R.; Seu, R.; Coradini, A.; Lunine, J.I.; Filacchione, G.; Gavrishin, A.I.; Capaccioni, F.; Cerroni, P.; Adriani, A.; Moriconi, M.L.; Negrao, A.; Flamini, E.; Brown, R.H.; Wye, L.C.; Janssen, M.; West, R.D.; Barnes, J.W.; Wall, S.D.; Clark, R.N.; Cruikshank, D.P.; McCord, T.B.; Nicholson, P.D.; Soderblom, J.M., 2010:
Correlations between VIMS and RADAR data over the surface of Titan; implications for Titans surface properties

Wang, Q.; Ji, S.; Sun, S.; Marcotte, D., 2009:
Correlations between compressional and shear wave velocities and corresponding Poissons ratios for some common rocks and sulfide ores

Noe Dobrea, E.Z.; Poulet, F.; Malin, M.C., 2008:
Correlations between hematite and sulfates in the chaotic terrain east of Valles Marineris

Lu, Yangxiaoyi, 2010:
Correlations between iron abundances and lunar surface features; Crater Kepler

Vallejos, J.A.; McKinnon, S.D., 2011:
Correlations between mining and seismicity for re-entry protocol development

Yang, F.; Yu, H.; Zhang, Q.; Li, Q., 2009 :
Correlations between shortening rate, uplift rate, and inversion rate in central inversion zone of Xihu Depression, East China Sea basin

Melluso, L.; Sheth, H.C.; Mahoney, J.J.; Morra, V.; Petrone, C.M.; Storey, M., 2009:
Correlations between silicic volcanic rocks of the St Marys Islands southwestern India and eastern Madagascar; implications for Late Cretaceous India-Madagascar reconstructions

Langinen, A.E.; Lebedeva-Ivanova, N.N.; Gee, D.G.; Zamansky, Y.Y., 2009:
Correlations between the Lomonosov Ridge, Marvin Spur and adjacent basins of the Arctic Ocean based on seismic data

Amedro, P.F.ancis; Matrion, B., 2009:
Correlations dans lAlbien de lYonne et de lAube, France lithologie et ammonites

Rasouli, V.; Hosseinian, A., 2011:
Correlations developed for estimation of hydraulic parameters of rough fractures through the simulation of JRC flow channels

Karunatillake, S.; McLennan, S.M.; Squyres, S.; Gasnault, O.; Boynton, W.V., 2010:
Correlations of H2 O and S in the Martian midlatitudes

Enescu, B.; Hainzl, S.; Ben-Zion, Y., 2009:
Correlations of seismicity patterns in Southern California with surface heat flow data

Miwa, T.; Toramaru, A.; Iguchi, M., 2009:
Correlations of volcanic ash texture with explosion earthquakes from vulcanian eruptions at Sakurajima Volcano, Japan

Leoni, L.; Lezzerini, M.; Battaglia, S.; Cavalcante, F., 2010:
Corrensite and chlorite-rich Chl-S mixed layers in sandstones from the Macigno Formation northwestern Tuscany, Italy

Costa e Silva, M.B.tania; Stovas, A.; Chapman, M.; Chesnokov, E.M.; Sandhya Devi, K.R.; Grechka, V., 2009 :
Correspondence between the low- and high-frequency limits for anisotropic parameters in a layered medium

Davies, A.; Simmons, M., 2012:
Correspondence of Mesozoic eustatic sea-level change with paleoclimate proxies; evidence for glacio-eustasy?

Kumagai, H.; Sato, K.; McCaig, A.; Abe, N.; Dick, H.J.B., 2008:
Correspondences of helium isotope compositions between gabbros or abyssal periodotites with basalts; a view for heterogeneity inferred from the volcanics in uppermost mantle

Regenspurg, S.; Milsch, H.; Schmidt, K.; Saadat, A.; Huenges, E., 2009:
Corrosion and scaling in low-enthalpy geothermal systems in northern Germany

Ando, S.; Garzanti, E.; Padoan, M.; Limonta, M., 2012:
Corrosion of heavy minerals during weathering and diagenesis; a catalog for optical analysis

Galdenzi, Sandro, 2012:
Corrosion of limestone tablets in sulfidic ground-water; measurements and speleogenetic implications

Gracia, F.; Fornos, J.J.; Merino, A., 2009:
Corrosion patterns related to meteoric-marine mixing zone in coastal cave systems of Mallorca Island western Mediterranean

Luttge, A.; Salas, E.C.; Arvidson, R.S., 2010:
Corrosion rates determined by vertical scanning interferometry

Velbel, M.A.; Schwenzer, S. ; Kring, D.A.; Clifford, S. ; Abramov, O. ; Bibring, J.-Pierre ; Treiman, A.H.; Vaniman, D.T.; Zolotov, M., 2009:
Corrosion textures formed by aqueous alteration of Mars meteorite olivine and terrestrial analogs

Schoups, G.; Vrugt, J.A.; Fenicia, F.; van de Giesen, N.C., 2010:
Corruption of accuracy and efficiency of Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation by inaccurate numerical implementation of conceptual hydrologic models

He, M.; Hogue, T.S.; Franz, K.J.; Margulis, S.A.; Vrugt, J.A., 2011:
Corruption of parameter behavior and regionalization by model and forcing data errors; a Bayesian example using the SNOW17 model

Costa, C.; Tozzi, A.; Rainero, I.; Cupini, L.Maria.; Calabresi, P.; Ayata, C.; Sarchielli, P., 2014:
Cortical spreading depression as a target for anti-migraine agents

Miyaguchi, S.; Onishi, H.; Kojima, S.; Sugawara, K.; Tsubaki, A.; Kirimoto, H.; Tamaki, H.; Yamamoto, N., 2014:
Corticomotor excitability induced by anodal transcranial direct current stimulation with and without non-exhaustive movement

Goggin, R.; Jardeleza, C.; Wormald, P-John.; Vreugde, S., 2014:
Corticosteroids directly reduce Staphylococcus aureus biofilm growth: an in vitro study

Hattori, K.H.; Guillot, S.; Saumur, B.-Michel; Tubrett, M.N.; Vidal, O.; Morfin, S., 2010:
Corundum-bearing garnet peridotite from northern Dominican Republic; a metamorphic product of an arc cumulate in the Caribbean subduction zone

Raith, M.M.; Sengupta, P.; Kooijman, E.; Upadhyay, D.; Srikantappa, C., 2010:
Corundum-leucosome-bearing aluminous gneiss from Ayyarmalai, Southern Granulite Terrain, India; a textbook example of vapor phase-absent muscovite-melting in silica-undersaturated aluminous; rocks

Hokada, T.; Adachi, T.; Osanai, Y.; Nakano, N.; Toyoshima, T.; Baba, S., 2010:
Corundum-quartz, Zn-bearing spinel and staurolite inclusions in garnet, and their implications for metamorphic evolution of the Sor-Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica

Tsunogai, U.; Maegawa, K.; Sato, S.; Komatsu, D.D.; Nakagawa, F.; Toki, T.; Ashi, J., 2012:
Coseimic massive methane release from a submarine mud volcano

Rao, G.; Lin, A.; Yan, B.; Jia, D.; Wu, X.; Ren, Z., 2011:
Coseismic Riedel shear structures produced by the 2010 Mw 69 Yushu earthquake, central Tibetan Plateau, China

Beavan, R.J.; Samsonov, S.; Palmer, N.G., 2009:
Coseismic and early postseismic slip distribution of the 15 July 2009 Dusky Sound earthquake

Miyazaki, S.'ichi; Larson, K.M., 2008:
Coseismic and early postseismic slip for the 2003 Tokachi-oki earthquake sequence inferred from GPS data

Cheloni, D.; D'Agostino, N.; D'Anastasio, E.; Avallone, A.; Mantenuto, S.; Giuliani, R.; Mattone, M.; Calcaterra, S.; Gambino, P.; Dominici, D.; Radicioni, F.; Fastellini, G., 2010:
Coseismic and initial post-seismic slip of the 2009 Mw 63 LAquila earthquake, Italy, from GPS measurements

Hsu, Y.-Ju; Yu, S.-Beih; Chen, H.-Yue, 2009:
Coseismic and postseismic deformation associated with the 2003 Chengkung, Taiwan, earthquake

Wang, L.; Shum, C.K.; Simons, F.J.; Tapley, B.; Dai, C., 2012:
Coseismic and postseismic deformation of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake constrained by GRACE gravimetry

Cheng, L.-Wei; Lee, J.-Cheng; Hu, J.-Ching; Chen, H.-Yue, 2009:
Coseismic and postseismic slip distribution of the 2003 Mw=65 Chengkung earthquake in eastern Taiwan; elastic modeling from inversion of GPS data

Johanson, I.A.; Buergmann, R., 2010:
Coseismic and postseismic slip from the 2003 San Simeon earthquake and their effects on backthrust slip and the 2004 Parkfield earthquake

Nawa, K.; Suda, N.; Yamada, I.; Miyajima, R.; Okubo, S., 2009:
Coseismic change and precipitation effect in temporal gravity variation at Inuyama, Japan; a case of the 2004 off the Kii Peninsula earthquakes observed with a superconducting gravimeter

Sugaya, K.; Hiramatsu, Y.; Furumoto, M.; Katao, H., 2009:
Coseismic change and recovery of scattering environment in the crust after the 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake, Japan

Hashimoto, M.; Enomoto, M.; Fukushima, Y., 2010:
Coseismic deformation from the 2008 Wenchuan, China, earthquake derived from ALOS/PALSAR images

Hsu, Y.J.; Yu, S.B.; Kuo, L.-Chen; Tsai, Y.-Chun; Chen, H.Y., 2011:
Coseismic deformation of the 2010 Jiashian, Taiwan earthquake and implications for fault activities in southwestern Taiwan

Meng, G.; Ren, J.; Su, X.; Yang, Y.; Zhu, Z.; Ge, L.; Li, X., 2013:
Coseismic deformation of the 2010 Mw 69 Yushu earthquake derived from GPS data

Anzidei, M.; Boschi, E.; Cannelli, V.; Devoti, R.; Esposito, A.; Galvani, A.; Melini, D.; Pietrantonio, G.; Riguzzi, F.; Sepe, V.; Serpelloni, E., 2009:
Coseismic deformation of the destructive April 6, 2009 LAquila earthquake central Italy from GPS data

Huang, J.-Yan; Wen, K.-Liang; Li, X.; Xie, J.; Chen, C.-Te; Su, S.-Chung, 2013:
Coseismic deformation time history calculated from acceleration records using an EMD-derived baseline correction scheme; a new approach validated for the 2011 Tohoku earthquake

Lee, Yuan-Hsi; Chen, Guin-Ting; Rau, Ruey-Juin; Ching, Kuo-En, 2008:
Coseismic displacement and tectonic implication of 1951 Longitudinal Valley earthquake sequence, eastern Taiwan

Lee, Yuan-Hsi; Shih, Yi-Xiu, 2011:
Coseismic displacement, bilateral rupture, and structural characteristics at the southern end of the 1999 Chi-chi earthquake rupture, central Taiwan

Fu, G.; Sun, W.; Fukuda, Y.; Gao, S., 2010:
Coseismic displacements caused by point dislocations in a three-dimensional heterogeneous, spherical Earth model

Ohta, Yusaku; Ohzono, Mako; Miura, Satoshi; Iinuma, Takeshi; Tachibana, Kenji; Takatsuka, Kota; Miyao, Kayo; Sato, Toshiya; Umino, Norihito, 2008:
Coseismic fault model of the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku earthquake deduced by a dense GPS network

Feng, G.; Hetland, E.A.; Ding, X.; Li, Z.; Zhang, L., 2010:
Coseismic fault slip of the 2008 Mw 79 Wenchuan earthquake estimated from InSAR and GPS measurements

Hamada, Y.; Hirono, T.; Ishikawa, T., 2011:
Coseismic frictional heating and fluid-rock interaction in a slip zone within a shallow accretionary prism and implications for earthquake slip behavior

Heki, K.; Matsuo, K., 2010:
Coseismic gravity changes of the 2010 earthquake in central Chile from satellite gravimetry

Lin, A.; Ren, Z.; Jia, D., 2010:
Coseismic ground shortening structures produced by the 2008 Mw 79 Wenchuan earthquake, China

Nemer, T.; Gomez, F.; A.H.ddad, S.; Tabet, C., 2008:
Coseismic growth of sedimentary basins along the Yammouneh strike-slip fault Lebanon

Liu, J.Y.; Tsai, H.F.; Lin, C.H.; Kamogawa, M.; Chen, Y.I.; Huang, B.S.; Yu, S.B.; Yeh, Y.H., 2010:
Coseismic ionospheric disturbances triggered by the Chi-chi earthquake

Nuechter, J.A.; Ellis, S.M.; Wysoczanski, R., 2008:
Coseismic loading and postseismic creep; integration of the geological record into numerical models

Xu, X.; Wen, X.; Yu, G.; Chen, G.; Klinger, Y.; Hubbard, J.; Shaw, J., 2009:
Coseismic reverse- and oblique-slip surface faulting generated by the 2008 Mw 79 Wenchuan earthquake, China

Borja, R.I.; Sun, W., 2008:
Coseismic sediment deformation during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake

Xu, C.; Liu, Y.; Wen, Y.; Wang, R., 2010:
Coseismic slip distribution of the 2008 Mw 79 Wenchuan earthquake from joint inversion of GPS and InSAR data

Pollitz, F.F.; Brooks, B.; Tong, X.; Bevis, M.G.; Foster, J.H.; Buergmann, R.; Smalley, R., J.; Vigny, C.; Socquet, A.; Ruegg, J.-Claude; Campos, J.; Barrientos, S.; Parra, H.; Soto, J.C.rlos Baez; Cimbaro, S.; Blanco, M., 2011:
Coseismic slip distribution of the February 27, 2010 Mw 88 Maule, Chile earthquake

Motagh, M.; Wang, R.; Walter, T.R.; Buergmann, R.; Fielding, E.; Anderssohn, J.; Zschau, J., 2008:
Coseismic slip model of the 2007 August Pisco earthquake Peru as constrained by wide swath radar observations

Tong, X.; Sandwell, D.T.; Fialko, Y., 2010:
Coseismic slip model of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake derived from joint inversion of interferometric synthetic aperture radar, GPS, and field data

Hu, Y.; Wang, K., 2008:
Coseismic strengthening of the shallow portion of the subduction fault and its effects on wedge taper

Little, T.A.; Van Dissen, R.; Rieser, U.; Smith, E.G.C.; Langridge, R.M., 2010:
Coseismic strike slip at a point during the last four earthquakes on the Wellington Fault near Wellington, New Zealand

Kuebler, S.; Friedrich, A.M.; Strecker, M.R., 2010:
Coseismic surface deformation in the Lower Rhine Embayment, NW Germany

Guo, J.; Zheng, J.; Guan, B.; Fu, B.; Shi, P.; Du, J.; Xie, C.; Liu, L., 2012:
Coseismic surface rupture structures associated with 2010 Ms 71 Yushu earthquake, China

Hao, K.X.ansheng; Si, H.; Fujiwara, H.; Ozawa, T., 2009:
Coseismic surface-ruptures and crustal deformations of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake Mw 79, China

Mitsui, Yuta; Hirahara, Kazuro, 2009:
Coseismic thermal pressurization can notably prolong earthquake recurrence intervals on weak rate and state friction faults; numerical experiments using different constitutive equations

Gonzalez, P.J.; Fernandez, J.; Camacho, A.G.; Wolf, D., 2009:
Coseismic three-dimensional displacements determined using SAR data; theory and an application test

Lin, A.; Ren, Z.; Jia, D.; Wu, X., 2009:
Coseismic thrusting rupture and slip distribution produced by the 2008 Mw 79 Wenchuan earthquake, China

Cheng, X.; Niu, F.; Wang, B., 2010:
Coseismic velocity change in the rupture zone of the 2008 Mw 79 Wenchuan earthquake observed from ambient seismic noise

Cociani, L.; Bean, C.J.; Lyon-Caen, H.; Pacchiani, F.; Deschamps, A., 2010:
Coseismic velocity variations caused by static stress changes associated with the 2001 Mw = 43 Agios Ioanis earthquake in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece

Ferrill, D.A.; Wyrick, D.Y.; Smart, K.J., 2011:
Coseismic, dilational-fault and extension-fracture related pit chain formation in Iceland; analog for pit chains on Mars

L.R.valec-Dupin, M.; D.V.iga, S., 2011:
Cosimulation as a perturbation method for calibrating porosity and permeability fields to dynamic data

Vojinovi?, Marko, 2014:
Cosine problem in EPRL/FK spinfoam model

Ahn, C.S.; Davis, S.A.; Dabade, T.S.; Williford, P.M.; Feldman, S.R., 2013:
Cosmetic procedures performed in the United States: a 16-year analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Cosmic Ray Modulation studied with HelMod Monte Carlo tool and comparison with Ulysses Fast Scan Data during consecutive Solar Minima

Bramante, J.; Kumar, J.; Nelson, E.; Shandera, S., 2013:
Cosmic Variance of the Spectral Index from Mode Coupling

Sparks, R.J.; Graham, I.J.; Morgenstern, U., 2008:
Cosmic chronometers

Grachev, A.F.; Korchagin, O.A.; Tselmovich, V.A.; Kollmann, H.A., 2008:
Cosmic dust and micrometeorites in the transitional clay layer at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary in the Gams Section Eastern Alps; morphology and chemical composition

Baker, J.A., 2008:
Cosmic gatecrashers

Korchagin, O.A.; Tsel'movich, V.A.; Pospelov, I.I.; Bian, Q., 2010:
Cosmic magnetite microspherules and metallic particles near the Permian-Triassic boundary in a global stratotype section and point Stratum 27, Meishan, China

Sloan, T.; Wolfendale, A., 2008:
Cosmic rays and global warming

Israel, Martin, H., 2012:
Cosmic rays; 1912-2012

Ferrari, F.; Szuszkiewicz, E., 2009:
Cosmic rays: a review for astrobiologists

Uscinowicz, Grzegorz, 2008:
Cosmic spherules in the land and sea sediments; can we use them in stratigraphy

Hidaka, H.; Yoneda, S.; Nishiizumi, K., 2009:
Cosmic-ray exposure histories of Martian meteorites studied from neutron capture reactions of Sm and Gd isotopes

Cook, D.L.; Herzog, G.F.; Huber, L.; Leya, I., 2010:
Cosmic-ray exposure history of pallasite metal

Herzog, G.F.; Albrecht, A.; Ma, P.; Fink, D.; Klein, J.; Middleton, R.; Bogard, D.D.; Nyquist, L.E.; Shih, C.Y.; Garrison, D.H.; Reese, Y.; Masarek, J.; Reedy, R.C.; Rugel, G.; Faestermann, T.; Korschinek, G., 2011:
Cosmic-ray exposure history of the Norton County enstatite achondrite

Tanaka, H.K.M.; Uchida, T.; Tanaka, M.; Shinohara, H.; Taira, H., 2009:
Cosmic-ray muon imaging of magma in a conduit; degassing process of Satsuma-Iwojima Volcano, Japan

Tanaka, H.K.M., 2010:
Cosmic-ray muon radiography of a volcano

Zhou, L.; Zheng, W.; Kaiser, R.I.; Landera, A.; Mebel, A.M.; Liang, M.-Chang; Yung, Y.L., 2010:
Cosmic-ray-mediated formation of benzene on the surface of Saturns moon Titan

Phillips, F.M.; Marrero, S.M.; Roof, S.; Smith, R.S.U.; Jayko, A.S., 2008:
Cosmogenic 36Cl chronology for Pleistocene shoreline deposits in Panamint Valley, California

Schaefer, J.M.; Oberholzer, P.; Zhao, Z.; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Wieler, R.; Baur, H.; Kubik, P.W.; Schluechter, C., 2008:
Cosmogenic beryllium-10 and neon-21 dating of late Pleistocene glaciations in Nyalam, monsoonal Himalayas

Hein, A.S.; Hulton, N.R.J.; Dunai, T.J.; Schnabel, C.; Kaplan, M.R.; Xu, S., 2009:
Cosmogenic dating of old glacial events in Patagonia

Schaller, M.; Ehlers, T.A.; Blum, J.D., 2009:
Cosmogenic depth profile in a moraine foreslope

Leya, Ingo, 2011:
Cosmogenic effects on7 Li/6 Li,10 B/11 B, and182 W/184 W in CAIs from carbonaceous chondrites

Licciardi, J.M.; Pierce, K.L., 2008:
Cosmogenic exposure-age chronologies of Pinedale and Bull Lake glaciations in greater Yellowstone and the Teton Range, USA

Honda, M.; Chivas, A.R.; Phillips, D., 2009:
Cosmogenic neon exposure dating of young basalt lavas in Australia

Kurth, G.; Phillips, F.M.; Reheis, M.C.; Redwine, J.L.; Paces, J.B., 2011:
Cosmogenic nuclide and uranium-series dating of old, high shorelines in the western Great Basin, USA

Wittmann, H.; von Blanckenburg, F., 2009:
Cosmogenic nuclide budgeting of floodplain sediment transfer

Kong, P.; Granger, D.E.; Wu, F.-Yuan; Caffee, M.W.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, X.; Zheng, Y., 2009:
Cosmogenic nuclide burial ages and provenance of the Xigeda paleo-lake; implications for evolution of the Middle Yangtze River

Muzikar, Paul, 2008:
Cosmogenic nuclide concentrations in episodically eroding surfaces; theoretical results

Li, Y.; Liu, G.; Kong, P.; Harbor, J.; Chen, Y.; Caffee, M.W., 2011:
Cosmogenic nuclide constraints on glacial chronology in the source area of the Urumqi River, Tian Shan, China

White, D.A.; Fink, D.; Gore, D.B., 2011:
Cosmogenic nuclide evidence for enhanced sensitivity of an East Antarctic ice stream to change during the last deglaciation

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