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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37107

Chapter 37107 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nordstrom, K.F.; Jackson, N.L.; Rafferty, P.; Dethier, M.N.; Gelfenbaum, G.; Fresh, K.L.; Dinicola, R.S., 2010:
Mitigating the effects of bulkheads on the bay shore of Fire Island National Seashore

Pal, Taraknath, 2010:
Mitigation of arsenic contamination in groundwater of the Bengal Delta; a few remedies

Scott, D.A.; Dakin, L.A.; Daly, K.; Del Valle, D.J.; Diebold, R.Bruce.; Drew, L.; Ezhuthachan, J.; Gero, T.W.; Ogoe, C.A.; Omer, C.A.; Redmond, S.P.; Repik, G.; Thakur, K.; Ye, Q.; Zheng, X., 2014:
Mitigation of cardiovascular toxicity in a series of CSF-1R inhibitors, and the identification of AZD7507

Morris, R.; Bradstock, R.; Dragovich, D.; Henderson, M.; Moncrieff, J.; Ostendorf, B., 2009:
Mitigation of erosion following wildfire at Mount Bold Reservoir, South Australia

Mondal, D.; Polya, D.A.; Giri, A.K.; Banerjee, M.; Hegan, A.; Rodriguez-Lado, L.; Bradford, W.; Banerjee, N.; Kundu, M.; Ganguli, B., 2009:
Mitigation of geogenic arsenic bearing groundwaters; assessing the importance of risk substitution arising from waterborne pathogens

Scifoni, S.; Coltelli, M.; Marsella, M.; Proietti, C.; Napoleoni, Q.; Vicari, A.; Del Negro, C., 2010:
Mitigation of lava flow invasion hazard through optimized barrier configuration aided by numerical simulation; the case of the 2001 Etna eruption

Malidareh, N.R.njbar; Choobbasti, A.J.nalizadeh, 2008:
Mitigation of liquefaction using stone columns

Kawamoto, H.; Miwa, T.; Neal, C.R.; Mackwell, S., 2009:
Mitigation of lunar dust adhered to mechanical parts of equipments used for lunar exploration

Kawamoto, H.; Uchiyama, M.; Coopera, B.L.; McKay, D.S.; Neal, C.R.; Mackwell, S., 2009:
Mitigation of lunar dust on solar panels and optical elements for lunar exploration utilizing electrostatic traveling-wave

Lin, T.-Kang; Chen, C.-Chung; Chang, K.-Chun; Lin, C.-Chieh Jay; Hwang, J.-Shin, 2009:
Mitigation of micro vibration by viscous dampers

Liu, E.; Zelewski, G.; Lu, C.-Ping; Reilly, J.M.; Shevchek, Z.J., 2011:
Mitigation of overburden effects in fracture prediction using azimuthal AVO analysis; an example from a Middle East carbonate field

Soleimani Aghdam, M., 2014:
Mitigation of postharvest chilling injury in tomato fruit by prohexadione calcium

ten Kate, I.L.; Canham, J.S.; Conrad, P.G.; Errigo, T.; Katz, I.; Mahaffy, P.R., 2008:
Mitigation of the impact of terrestrial contamination on organic measurements from the Mars Science Laboratory

Iacobazzi, V.; Castegna, A.; Infantino, V.; Andria, G., 2014:
Mitochondrial DNA methylation as a next-generation biomarker and diagnostic tool

Bär, F.; Bochmann, W.; Widok, A.; von Medem, K.; Pagel, R.; Hirose, M.; Yu, X.; Kalies, K.; König, P.; Böhm, R.; Herdegen, T.; Reinicke, A.T.; Büning, Jürgen.; Lehnert, H.; Fellermann, K.; Ibrahim, S.; Sina, C., 2014:
Mitochondrial gene polymorphisms that protect mice from colitis

Pavón, N.; Buelna-Chontal, M.; Hernández-Esquivel, L.; Hernández, S.; Chávez, E.; Condé, R.; Lanz-Mendoza, H., 2014:
Mitochondrial inactivation by Anopheles albimanus cecropin 3: molecular mechanisms

Clarke, C.; Xiao, R.; Place, E.; Zhang, Z.; Sondheimer, N.; Bennett, M.; Yudkoff, M.; Falk, M.J., 2014:
Mitochondrial respiratory chain disease discrimination by retrospective cohort analysis of blood metabolites

Liewluck, T.; Mundi, M.S.; Mauermann, M.L., 2014:
Mitochondrial trifunctional protein deficiency: a rare cause of adult-onset rhabdomyolysis

Topham, C.H.; Taylor, S.S., 2014:
Mitosis and apoptosis: how is the balance set?

Anonymous, 2013:
Mitral and tricuspid valve surgery for Coffina Lowry syndrome

Dagan, R.; Leibovitz, E.; Greenberg, D.; Bakaletz, L.; Givon-Lavi, N., 2013:
Mixed Pneumococcal-Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae Otitis Media Is a Distinct Clinical Entity With Unique Epidemiologic Characteristics and Pneumococcal Serotype Distribution

Assiri, A.; Al-Majzoub, O.; Kanaan, A.O.; Donovan, J.L.; Silva, M., 2014:
Mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis of aspirin, warfarin, and new anticoagulants for stroke prevention in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation

Gawthorpe, R.; Sharp, I.; Muravchik, M., 2012:
Mixed carbonate-clastic-evaporite depositional systems in rift basins; insights from the Suez Rift

Gischler, E.; Adomat, F., 2012:
Mixed carbonates and siliciclastics along the coast of southern Belize Central America; sediment cores as archives of late Quaternary coastal development and major storms

Gischler, E.; Ginsburg, R.N.; Herrle, J., 2010:
Mixed carbonates and siliciclastics in the Quaternary of southern Belize; Pleistocene turning points in reef development controlled by sea-level change

Bachok, N.; Ishak, A.; Pop, I., 2010:
Mixed convection boundary layer flow near the stagnation point on a vertical surface embedded in a porous medium with anisotropy effect

Klein-BenDavid, O.; Pearson, D.G.aham; Nowell, G.M.; Ottley, C.; McNeill, J.C.R.; Cartigny, P., 2010:
Mixed fluid sources involved in diamond growth constrained by Sr-Nd-Pb-C-N isotopes and trace elements

Klapp, S.A.; Murshed, M.M.ngir; Pape, T.; Klein, H.; Bohrmann, G.; Brewer, P.G.; Kuhs, W.F., 2010:
Mixed gas hydrate structures at the Chapopote Knoll, southern Gulf of Mexico

Cisewski, B.; Strass, V.H.; Losch, M.; Prandke, H., 2008:
Mixed layer analysis of a mesoscale eddy in the Antarctic Polar Front zone

Jeronimo, G.; Gomez-Valdes, J., 2010:
Mixed layer depth variability in the tropical boundary of the California Current, 1997-2007

de Boisseson, E.; Thierry, V.; Mercier, H.; Caniaux, G., 2010:
Mixed layer heat budget in the Iceland Basin from Argo

Horii, T.; Masumoto, Y.; Ueki, I.; Hase, H.; Mizuno, K., 2009:
Mixed layer temperature balance in the eastern Indian Ocean during the 2006 Indian Ocean dipole

Fukuda, J.'ichi; Johnson, K.M., 2010:
Mixed linear-non-linear inversion of crustal deformation data; Bayesian inference of model, weighting and regularization parameters

Khosla, S.C.; Nagori, M.L.; Jakhar, S.R.; Rathore, A.S., 2009:
Mixed marine, brackish water and non-marine microfaunal association in the inter-trappean beds early Palaeocene of Jhilmili, Chhindwara District, Madhya Pradesh

Ailliot, P.; Thompson, C.; Thomson, P., 2011:
Mixed methods for fitting the GEV distribution

Ying, S.C.; Kocar, B.D.; Masue-Slowey, Y.; Francis, C.A.; Fendorf, S., 2009:
Mixed mineralogical and biogeochemical controls on arsenic fate in diffusively controlled and physically complex media

Kovanda, F.; Krupa, L.; Rojka, T.; Grygar, T., 2008:
Mixed oxides formed during thermal treatment of Co-MIII layered double hydroxides MIII =Al and/or Fe

Lubeseder, S.; Redfern, J.; Boutib, L., 2009:
Mixed siliciclastic-carbonate shelf sedimentation-Lower Devonian sequences of the SW Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Myrow, P.M.; Taylor, J.F.; Runkel, A.C.; Ripperdan, R.L., 2012:
Mixed siliciclastic-carbonate upward-deepening cycles of the Upper Cambrian inner detrital belt of Laurentia

Winter, Tania, 2009:
Mixed times ahead for producers

Djidi, K.; Bakalowicz, M.; Benali, A.M.jid, 2008:
Mixed, classical and hydrothermal karstification in a carbonate aquifer

Somelar, P.; Kirsimae, K., 2008:
Mixed-layer illite-smectite in Kinnekulle K-bentonite, Baltic Paleobasin

Somelar, P.; Kirsimaee, K.; Srodon, J., 2009:
Mixed-layer illite-smectite in the Kinnekulle K-bentonite, northern Baltic Basin

Rainville, L.; Winsor, P., 2008:
Mixing across the Arctic Ocean; microstructure observations during the Beringia 2005 Expedition

Alosairi, Y.; Imberger, J.; Falconer, R.A., 2011:
Mixing and flushing in the Persian Gulf Arabian Gulf

Boss, Alan, P., 2012:
Mixing and transport of isotopic heterogeneity in the early solar system

Schwarz, K.; Barth, J.A.C.; Postigo-Rebollo, C.; Grathwohl, P., 2009:
Mixing and transport of water in a karst catchment; a case study from precipitation via seepage to the spring

Beron-Vera, F.J., 2010:
Mixing by low- and high-resolution surface geostrophic currents

Cristofolini, R.; Viccaro, M., 2008:
Mixing dynamics at Mt Etna Italy from textural and compositional features of phenocrysts

Cheong, C.S.; Yi, K.; Kim, N.; Lee, S.; Choi, M.S., 2012:
Mixing effects in SHRIMP zircon U-Pb dating; an example from a quartzofeldspathic dyke in the Yeongdeok Pluton, SE Korea

Yi, K.; Cheong, C.-Sik; Kim, N.; Lee, S.; Choi, M.-Sik, 2012:
Mixing effects in zircon U-Pb ion microprobe dating; an example from a quartzofeldspathic dyke in the Yeongdeok Pluton, southeastern Korea

Green, C.T.; Boehlke, J.K.rl; Bekins, B.A.; Phillips, S.P., 2010:
Mixing effects on apparent reaction rates and isotope fractionation during denitrification in a heterogeneous aquifer

Chen, C.J.; Jiang, W.T., 2009:
Mixing experiments of acid mine drainage and seawater

Westphal, A.J.; Fakra, S.; Gainsforth, Z.; Marcus, M.A.; Ogliore, R.C.; Butterworth, A.L., 2009:
Mixing fraction of inner solar-system material in comet 81P/Wild2

Majumdar, N.; Mukherjee, A.L.; Majumdar, R.K., 2009:
Mixing hydrology and chemical equilibria in Bakreswar geothermal area, eastern India

Baines, Peter, G., 2008:
Mixing in downslope flows in the ocean; plumes versus gravity currents

Seim, K.S.; Fer, I., 2011:
Mixing in the stratified interface of the Faroe Bank Channel overflow; the role of transverse circulation and internal waves

Ciesla, F.J., 2008:
Mixing it up in the early solar system

Talke, S.A.; Horner-Devine, A.R.; Chickadel, C.C., 2010:
Mixing layer dynamics in separated flow over an estuarine sill with variable stratification

Bacon-Shone, John, 2011:
Mixing of compositions at points and along lines

Li, Z.; Goldstein, R.; Franseen, E., 2010:
Mixing of freshwater and evaporated seawater; a control on porosity distribution in upper Miocene carbonates of southeast Spain

Saylor, J.E.; Knowles, J.N.; Horton, B.K.; Nie, J.; Mora, A., 2013:
Mixing of source populations recorded in detrital zircon U-Pb age spectra of modern river sands

Combe, J.-Philippe; McCord, T.B.; Kramer, G.Y.; Pieters, C.M.; Taylor, L.A.; Petro, N.E.; Boardman, J.W.; Mustard, J.F.; Sunshine, J.M.; Tompkins, S.; Green, R.O., 2010:
Mixing of surface materials investigated by spectral mixture analysis with the Moon Mineralogy Mapper

Daae, K.L.; Fer, I.; Abrahamsen, E.P.vl, 2009:
Mixing on the continental slope of the southern Weddell Sea

Miller, M.L.; Hughes, S.S., 2009:
Mixing primitive and evolved olivine tholeiite magmas in the eastern Snake River plain, Idaho

Baguley, W., 2008:
Mixing requirements for resin-in-pulp in the production of uranium

Deboudt, K.; Flament, P.; Choel, M.; Gloter, A.; Sobanska, S.; Colliex, C., 2010:
Mixing state of aerosols and direct observation of carbonaceous and marine coatings on African dust by individual particle analysis

Michalis, V.K.; Kalarakis, A.N.; Skouras, E.D.; Burganos, V.N., 2009:
Mixing within fracture intersections during colloidal suspension flow

Rhoades, D.A.; Gerstenberger, M.C., 2009:
Mixture models for improved short-term earthquake forecasting

Nishio-Hamane, D.; Ogoshi, Y.; Minakawa, T., 2012:
Miyahisaite, Sr, Ca2 Ba3 PO4 3 F, a new mineral of the hedyphane group in the apatite supergroup from the Shimoharai Mine, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Hajalilou, B.; Vusuq, B.; Sengor, A.M.C.lal, 2009:
Miyaney bolgesi KB Iran Cu, Pb, Zn metalojenisi--Cu, Pb, Zn metallogeny of Miyaneh area, NW of Iran

Yalcin, M.N.mik; Yesiladali, O.B.lkan; Sengor, A.M.C.lal, 2009:
Miyosendeki paleo-ortam ve paleo-iklim degisimlerine jeokimyasal bir yaklasim; Himmetoglu Havzasi kuzeybati Anadolu--A geochemical approach to the environmental and climatic changes during; Miocene; Himmetoglu Basin NW Anatolia

Tyracek, J.; Zelenka, P., 2008:
Mlcechvostsky slepenec; geologie a stratigrafie

Livi, K.J.; Richman, J.; Geyh, A.S., 2010:
Mn in welding fume; characterization and exposure biomarkers

Decree, S.; Ruffet, G.; de Putter, T.; Baele, J.-Marc; Recourt, P.; Jamoussi, F.; Yans, J., 2010:
Mn oxides as efficient traps for metal pollutants in a polyphase low-temperature Pliocene environment; a case study in the Tamra iron mine, Nefza mining district, Tunisia

Spinolo, G.; Gabrielli, S.; Palanza, V.; Lorenzi, R.; Mozzati, M.C.istina; Fasoli, M.; Chiodini, N.; Vodopivec, B.; Paleari, A., 2012:
Mn sites in cordierite; electron paramagnetic resonance, luminescence, and optical absorption analysis

Mongelli, G.; Critelli, S.; Dinelli, E.; Paternoster, M.; Perri, F., 2010:
Mn- and Fe-carbonate rich layers in Meso-Cenozoic shales as proxies of environmental conditions; a case study from the Southern Apennine, Italy

Simmons, W.B.; Falster, A.U.; Laurs, B.M., 2010:
Mn-rich yellow tourmaline; conditions of formation and implications for pegmatite petrogenesis

Wei, G.; Zou, L.; Deng, W.; Li, X.; Liu, Y.; Chen, J., 2009:
Mn/Ca ratio in planktonic foraminifer from ODP Site 1144, the northern South China Sea; a possible paleoclimate indicator

Sugiura, N.; Ichimura, K.; Fujiya, W.; Takahata, N.; Hattori, K. ; Matsuhisa, Y., 2010:
Mn/Cr relative sensitivity factors for synthetic calcium carbonate measured with a NanoSIMS ion microprobe

Goepel, C.; Birck, J.L.; Zanda, B., 2011:
Mn/Cr systematics in carbonaceous chondrites; mineral isochrons versus stepwise dissolution

Goepel, C.; Brick, J.L., 2010:
Mn/Cr systematics; a tool to discriminate the origin of primitive meteorites?

Richter, D.K.; Neuser, R.D., 2008:
Mn2+ - and REE3+ -activated cathodoluminescence in cryogenic calcites of Central European caves

Santelli, C.M.; Pfister, D.H.; Lazarus, D.; Burgos, W.; Hansel, C.M., 2009:
MnII-oxidizing fungi in metal contaminated environments

Petrash, D.A.; Lalonde, S.V.; Gingras, M.K.; Konhauser, K.O., 2011:
MnIV reduction; a driving mechanism for Mg2+ -enrichment in shallow marine carbonates?

Goldberg, T.; Archer, C.; Vance, D.; Poulton, S.W., 2009:
Mo isotope fractionation during adsorption to Fe oxyhydroxides

Archer, C.; Vance, D.; Goldberg, T.; Thamdrup, B.; Acuna, G.; Poulton, S., 2009:
Mo isotope proxy for ancient anoxia; insights from a modern anoxic basin

Voegelin, A.R.; Naegler, T.F.; Beukes, N.J., 2009:
Mo isotopes in Archean carbonates; ocean water evolution, atmospheric oxygen and sulfidity levels

Wen, H.; Zhang, Y.; Fan, H.; Hu, R., 2009:
Mo isotopes in the Lower Cambrian formation of southern China and its implications on paleo-ocean environment

Voegelin, A.R.; Naegler, T.F.; Samankassou, E., 2008:
Mo isotopic composition of pelagic ooze from ODP Legs 198 and 208; investigating a global signature

Izon, G.J.; Cohen, A.S.; Coe, A.L.; Poulton, S.W.; Wagner, T., 2011:
Mo-isotopes as tracers of Cretaceous ocean anoxia

Hillis, D.; Bennett, R., 2010:
MoDOT earthquake preparedness

Goodwin, D.H.; Paul, P.; Wissink, C.L., 2009:
MoGroFunGen; a numerical model for reconstructing intra-annual growth rates of bivalve molluscs

Somunoglu, S.; Gedik, A.; Kurt, D.E.; Eygi, G.; Gebedek, S.; Ilhan, Y.; Sag, Z., 2013:
Mobbing in Health Sector Sample of University Hospital

Tolpeshta, I.I.; Sokolova, T.A., 2010:
Mobile aluminum compounds in soils of the southern taiga soils of the Central Forest Reserve as an example

Meek, S.; Priestnall, G.; Sharples, M.; Goulding, J., 2013:
Mobile capture of remote points of interest using line of sight modelling

Cunha, Aline Meneguci, 2008:
Mobile da evolucao dos animais no tempo geologico; uma nova forma de divulgacao de conhecimento em geociencias

Lintern, M.J.; Hough, R.M.; Ryan, C.G., 2009:
Mobile gold in soil

Barr, Amy, C., 2008:
Mobile lid convection beneath Enceladus south polar terrain

Duffy, O.B.; Gawthorpe, R.L.; Docherty, M., 2012:
Mobile salt thickness as a control on the structural style and evolution of rift basins; Danish Central Graben, North Sea

Chen, Z.; Qian, J.; Zhan, H.; Chen, L.; Luo, S., 2011:
Mobile-immobile model of solute transport through porous and fractured media

Lopes, C.G.aciniana; Zanatta, A.; Toldo, E.E.J.; Nunes, J.C.rlos, 2008:
Mobilidade de curto prazo da linha de praia do litoral norte e medio do RS

Smith, M.; Roychoudhury, A.N., 2013:
Mobilisation of iron from rocks in a fractured aquifer; lithological and geochemical controls

Anonymous, 2013:
Mobilities at a standstill regulating circulation in London c 1863a 1870

Park, M.; Chon, H.-Taek; Marton, L., 2010:
Mobility and accumulation of selenium and its relationship with other heavy metals in the system rocks/soils-crops in areas covered by black shale in Korea

Inacio, M.; Silva, E.; Pereira, V., 2011:
Mobility and bioavailability of some potentially harmful elements around an industrial contaminated environment Estarreja, Portugal

Li, L.Y.; Hall, K.; Yuan, Y.; Mattu, G.; McCallum, D.; Chen, M., 2009:
Mobility and bioavailability of trace metals in the water-sediment system of the highly urbanized Brunette Watershed

Yan, C.; Li, Q.; Zhang, X.; Li, G., 2010:
Mobility and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in surface sediments of Xiamen Bay and its adjacent areas, China

Perry, M.A.; Coleman, D.; Delhopital, N., 2008:
Mobility and exile at 2nd century AD Khirbet Edh-Dharih; strontium isotope analysis of human migration in western Jordan

MacKenzie, J.M.; Canil, D., 2008:
Mobility and fluid/melt partitioning of heavy metals in silicate liquids; implications for magma degassing

Rigaud, S.; Radakovitch, O.; Couture, R.-Marie; Deflandre, B.; Cossa, D.; Garnier, C.; Garnier, J.-Marie, 2013:
Mobility and fluxes of trace elements and nutrients at the sediment-water interface of a lagoon under contrasting water column oxygenation conditions

Sheng, J., 2011:
Mobility control requirement in enhanced oil recovery processes

Bali, E.; Audetat, A.; Keppler, H., 2009:
Mobility of U and Th in subduction zone fluids; a synthetic fluid inclusion study

Hockmann, K.; Tandy, S.; Lenz, M.; Schulin, R., 2012:
Mobility of antimony in soils under changing redox conditions

Cidu, Rosa, 2011:
Mobility of aqueous contaminants at abandoned mining sites; insights from case studies in Sardinia with implications for remediation

Burton, E.D.; Bush, R.T.; Sullivan, L.A.; Johnston, S.G.; Hocking, R.K., 2008:
Mobility of arsenic and selected metals during re-flooding of iron- and organic-rich acid sulfate soil

Durham, W.B.; Pathare, A.V.; Stern, L.A.; Lenferink, H.J., 2009:
Mobility of icy sand packs, with application to Martian permafrost

Zhang, S.; Du, J.; Xu, C.; Schwehr, K.A.; Ho, Y.; Santschi, P.H.; Kaplan, D.I., 2010:
Mobility of iodine 129 I and127 I species in sediment columns from the Savannah River Site

Martin-Peinado, F.J.; Rodriguez-Tovar, F.J., 2010:
Mobility of iridium in terrestrial environments; implications for the interpretation of impact-related mass extinctions

Curran, Joanna, C., 2010:
Mobility of large woody debris LWD jams in a low gradient channel

Agangi, A.; Kamenetsky, V.; McPhie, J.; Allen, S.R.; Chambefort, I., 2009:
Mobility of lithophile trace elements during the late magmatic stage in the felsic Gawler Range Volcanics, South Australia

Raous, S.; Becquer, T.; Garnier, J.; de Souza Martins, E.; Echevarria, G.; Sterckeman, T., 2010:
Mobility of metals in nickel mine spoil materials

Masion, A.; Levard, C.; Solovitch, N.; Diot, M.A.; Auffan, M.; Botta, C.; Labille, J.; Rose, J.; Chaurand, P.; Borschneck, D.; Doelsch, E.; Ziarelli, F.; Thill, A.; Bottero, J.Y., 2010:
Mobility of natural and engineered nanoparticles in aquatic media

Moraetis, D.; Voutsadaki, S.; Kotronakis, M.; Kontolaimakis, G.; Stamati, F.E.; Nikolaidis, N.P.; Kalogerakis, N., 2011:
Mobility of nitrogen and heavy metals in biosolid amended soil

Brueckner, J.; Dreibus, G.; Haubold, R.; Huisl, W.; Spettel, B.; Gellert, R., 2009:
Mobility of phosphorus on the Martian surface and in a Martian meteorite

Aleksander-Kwaterczak, U.; Ciszewski, D., 2011:
Mobility of potentially toxic elements from contaminated sediments in a catchment affected by abandoned lead and zinc mine south Poland

Sanematsu, K.; Moriyama, T.; Sotouky, L.; Watanabe, Y., 2011:
Mobility of rare earth elements in basalt-derived laterite at the Bolaven Plateau, southern Laos

Andrus, R.; Shaul, S.; Hibbs, B., 2008:
Mobility of selenium and nitrate along a shallow groundwater flowpath, Orange County, California

Baruah, B.P.; Khare, P., 2010:
Mobility of trace and potentially harmful elements in the environment from high sulfur Indian coal mines

Lavergren, U.; Astrom, M.E.; Bergback, B.; Holmstrom, H., 2009:
Mobility of trace elements in black shale assessed by leaching tests and sequential chemical extraction

Koenig, S.; Munker, C.; Schuth, S.; Garbe-Schoenberg, D., 2008:
Mobility of tungsten in subduction zones

Griswold, J.P.; Iverson, R.M., 2008:
Mobility statistics and automated hazard mapping for debris flows and rock avalanches

Navarro, V.; Romera, L.E.; Yustres, A.; Candel, M., 2008:
Mobilization analysis of the dolmen of Dombate northwest Spain

Sulaiman, F.R.zman; Brimblecombe, P.; Grossi, C.M., 2009:
Mobilization and loss of elements from roofing tiles

Xiao, Z.; Zhao, X., 2011:
Mobilization and re-distribution of major and trace elements during extreme weathering of basalt in Guangzhou Province, south China

Goren, O.; Lazar, B.; Burg, A.; Gavrieli, I., 2012:
Mobilization and retardation of reduced manganese in sandy aquifers; column experiments, modeling and implications

Tabelin, C.B.ltazar; Igarashi, T.; Takahashi, R., 2012:
Mobilization and speciation of arsenic from hydrothermally altered rock in laboratory column experiments under ambient conditions

Cheng, T.; Saiers, J.E., 2009:
Mobilization and transport of in situ colloids during drainage and imbibition of partially saturated sediments

Argyraki, A.; Godelitsas, A.; Petrakaki, N.; Astilleros, J.M.; Karageorgis, A., 2011:
Mobilization of Pb from weathered shots at a firing range in Athens, Greece

Shand, P.; Grocke, S.; Fitzpatrick, R.W.; Merry, R.H.; Thomas, M.; Creeper, N., 2012:
Mobilization of acidity and metals during refilling of a dried wetland; a comparison of laboratory and field data

Zhao, P.; Zavarin, M.; Leif, R.N.; Powell, B.A.; Singleton, M.J.; Lindvall, R.E.; Kersting, A.B., 2011:
Mobilization of actinides by dissolved organic compounds at the Nevada Test Site

Savenko, A.V.; Kopeikin, I.A., 2008:
Mobilization of aluminum from major minerals with acidizing of surface waters

Postma, D.; Jessen, S.; Hue Nguyen Thi, M.; Duc Mai, T.; Koch, C.B.nder; Viet Pham, H.; Nhan, P.Q.y; Larsen, F., 2010:
Mobilization of arsenic and iron from Red River floodplain sediments, Vietnam

Venditti, J.G.; Dietrich, W.E.; Nelson, P.A.; Wydzga, M.A.; Fadde, J.; Sklar, L., 2010:
Mobilization of coarse surface layers in gravel-bedded rivers by finer gravel bed load

Boussen, S.; Sebei, A.; Soubrand-Colin, M.; Bril, H.; Chaabani, F.; Abdeljaouad, S., 2010:
Mobilization of lead-zinc rich particles from mine tailings in northern Tunisia by aeolian and run-off processes

Zheng, Yan, 2010:
Mobilization of natural arsenic in groundwater; targeting low arsenic aquifers in high arsenic occurrence areas

Muehe, E.M.; Posth, N.R.; Hohmann, C.; Kappler, A., 2010:
Mobilization of sorbed and coprecipitated arsenic from biogenic FeIII hydroxides by the FeIII-reducer Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

Burkhardt, E.M.; Bischoff, S.; Akob, D.M.; Kostka, J.E.; Kuesel, K., 2009:
Mobilization of toxic metals linked to microbial FeIII-reduction in contaminated creek soils

Shipley, H.J.; Gao, Y.; Kan, A.T.; Tomson, M.B., 2011:
Mobilization of trace metals and inorganic compounds during resuspension of anoxic sediments from Trepangier Bayou, Louisiana

Grandin, A.; Sjoberg, V.; Karlsson, S., 2011:
Mobilization of vanadium from LD slag by salt-roasting/alkaline heterotrophic leaching

Hezel, D.C.; Russell, S.S.; Ross, A.J.; Kearsley, A.T., 2008:
Modal abundances of CAIs; implications for bulk chondrite element abundances and fractionations

Banerjee, A.; Banerjee, D.M., 2010:
Modal analysis and geochemistry of two sandstones of the Bhander Group Late Neoproterozoic in parts of the Central Indian Vindhyan basin and their bearing on the provenance and tectonics

Bouzahzah, H.; Califice, A.; Benzaazoua, M.; Mermillod-Blondin, R.; Pirard, E., 2008:
Modal analysis of mineral blends using optical image analysis versus X-ray diffraction

Lefebvre, G.; Karray, M., 2012:
Modal analysis of surface waves MMASW technique for hazard studies

Yang, J.; Du, Y.; Cawood, P.A.; Xu, Y., 2012:
Modal and geochemical compositions of the Lower Silurian clastic rocks in north Qilian, NW China; implications for provenance, chemical weathering, and tectonic setting

Howard, K.T.; Benedix, G.K.; Bland, P.A.; Cressey, G., 2011:
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Modeling Antarctic ice sheet and climate variations during Marine Isotope Stage 31

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Modeling CO2 storage in aquifers; assessing key contributors to uncertainty

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Modeling cascading diffusion of new energy technologies: case study of residential solid oxide fuel cells in the US and internationally

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Modeling Fe-Ni metal and silicate melt compositions produced by thermal reduction of nebular condensates above the liquidus

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Modeling GPS phase multipath with SNR; case study from the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

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Modeling Groundwater-Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Exchanges in Fractured Porous Media

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Modeling Mediterranean Ocean climate of the last glacial maximum

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Modeling Mediterranean lake isotope variability

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Modeling Titans stratospheric superrotation and tropospheric methane cycle

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Modeling UO2 bioprecipitation and reoxidation by FeIII hydroxides

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