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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 37109

Chapter 37109 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Urrego, L.E.; Gonzalez, C.; Uran, G.; Polania, J., 2010:
Modern pollen rain in mangroves from San Andres Island, Colombian Caribbean

Djamali, M.; de Beaulieu, J.L.; Campagne, P.; Andrieu-Ponel, V.; Ponel, P.; Leroy, S.A.G.; Akhani, H., 2009:
Modern pollen rain-vegetation relationships along a forest-steppe transect in the Golestan National Park, NE Iran

Shang, X.; Li, X.Q.; An, Z.S.; Ji, M.; Zhang, H., 2008:
Modern pollen study in Lake Qinghai Valley

Seppa, H.; Birks, H.J.hn B.; Salonen, J.S.kari, 2008:
Modern pollen-climate calibration models for northern and Eastern Europe

Basumatary, S.K.; Bera, S.K., 2009:
Modern pollen-spore assemblage from sediment of tropical moist deciduous forest, east Garo Hills, Meghalaya

Amami, B.; Muller, S.D.; Rhazi, L.; Grillas, P.; Rhazi, M.; Bouahim, S., 2010:
Modern pollen-vegetation relationships within a small Mediterranean temporary pool western Morocco

Vladimirov, V.V.adimirovich; Medvedev, M.A.eksandrovich; Talipov, I.'shat Fargatovich, 2010:
Modern principles regarding the adaptation procedures of young professionals at petroleum and energy-based companies

Kolker, Alexander, S., 2013:
Modern processes in coastal systems

Rusanova, G.V.; Lapteva, E.M.; Pastukhov, A.V.; Kaverin, D.A., 2010:
Modern processes in soils developed in loams in tundra environment and inherited pedogenic features

da Luz, C.F.P.; Barth, O.M.; Silva, C.G., 2010:
Modern processes of palynomorph deposition at lakes of the northern region of the Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

Nikitina, D.; Horton, B.P.; Kemp, A.; van de Plassche, O.; LaBold, J.A.an; Kaufman, A., 2011:
Modern rates of erosion and geologic record of storms and hurricane landfalls along the northern shore of the Delaware Estuary

Sultan, M.; Metwally, S.; Milewski, A.; Becker, D.; Ahmed, M.; Sauck, W.; Soliman, F.; Sturchio, N.; Yan, E.; Rashed, M.; Wagdy, A.; Becker, R.; Welton, B., 2011:
Modern recharge to fossil aquifers; geochemical, geophysical, and modeling constraints

Halfar, J.; Eisele, M.; Riegl, B.; Hetzinger, S.; Godinez-Orta, L., 2012:
Modern rhodolith-dominated carbonates at Punta Chivato, Mexico

Hart, M.B.rrie; Dias, B.; Smart, C.W.; Wall-Palmer, D.; Hayden, J.; Hall-Spencer, J.M., 2010:
Modern seawater acidification; the response of Foraminifera to high CO2 conditions in the Mediterranean Sea and pteropods in the Caribbean Sea

Dias, B.B.; Hart, M.B.; Smart, C.W.; Hall-Spencer, J.M., 2010:
Modern seawater acidification; the response of Foraminifera to high-CO2 conditions in the Mediterranean Sea

Alexander, C.R.; Walsh, J.P.; Orpin, A.R., 2010:
Modern sediment dispersal and accumulation on the outer Poverty continental margin

Koppes, Michele, N., 2008:
Modern sediment yields from tidewater glaciers; coupling climate and erosion

Qi, J., 2011:
Modern sedimentation rate and heavy metal accumulation in Jiaozhou Bay sediments

Kaban'kov, V.Y.; Andreyeva, I.A., 2008:
Modern sediments in the eastern Arctic Ocean and their geological significance

Hall, M.A.; Bidikhova, S.; Faragher, J.; A.K.alifa, S. bin Salman, 2008:
Modern seismic imaging of a vintage 3-D seismic survey offshore northern Emirates

Hatch, G.; Jdageo, S.; Scaife, G., 2010:
Modern seismic processing techniques are vital to unlocking the potential of the Trinidad and Tobago ultra-deep offshore area

Cheng, Qiuming, 2011:
Modern spatial analysis methods for geochemical landscape/image processing and interpretation

Baker, A.; Bradley, C., 2010:
Modern stalagmite delta18 O; instrumental calibration and forward modelling

Surpless, Benjamin, 2008:
Modern strain localization in the central Walker Lane, Western United States; implications for the evolution of intraplate deformation in transtensional settings

Pascucci, V.; Andreucci, S., 2008:
Modern strait dominated sandy beach; La Pelosa Beach Sardinia, Italy

Gorbatsevich, F.F.; Savchenko, S.N., 2009:
Modern stresses in the northern part of the Baltic Shield according to data of the Pechenga geoblock studies and the section of the Kola super-deep well

Lundberg, R.; Bontognali, T.; McKenzie, J.A.; Vasconcelos, C., 2009:
Modern stromatolites from Lagoa Salgada, Brazil; role of methanogens in carbonate precipitation

Kurskeyev, A.K.; Zhdanovich, A.R., 2010:
Modern structural material transformations in the lithosphere as a basis of focus earthquake formation

Rudolph, T.; Melchers, C.; Coldewey, W.G., 2008:
Modern subsurface models for the Ruhr- and the Muensterland areas

Tigunov, L.P.; Anfrieva (Anfriyeva), S.I.; Bronitskaya, Y.S.; Krivokoneva, G.K.; Sokolova, V.N.; Alikberov, V.M.; Sladkova, G.A.; Faynshteyn, G.G.; Parovinchak, M.S., 2010:
Modern technological decision-making to beneficiate iron ores from the Bakcharskoye Mine

Glushkov, D.V.; Popov, N.A.; Rodionova, A.L., 2009:
Modern technologies of core cross section studying and data interpretation

Momot, R.; Nekrasova, M.; Sidorenko, S., 2008:
Modern technologies of managing the utilization oil-dissolved gas projects

Hooks, B.P.; Koons, P.O.; Upton, P., 2008:
Modern tectonics of Southern Alaska and implications to the Acadian Orogeny

Lazareva, E.V.; Bryanskaya, A.V.; Zhmodik, S.M.; Pestunova, O.P.; Ponomarchuk, V.A.; Semionova, D.V.; Barkhutova, D.D.; Melgunov, M.S., 2009:
Modern thermofilic cyanobacterial mats; geochemical features

Jones, B.M.; Grosse, G.; Arp, C.D.; Jones, M.C.; Walter Anthony, K.M.; Romanovsky, V.E., 2011:
Modern thermokarst lake dynamics in the continuous permafrost zone, northern Seward Peninsula, Alaska

Nel, P.; Penalver, E.; Azar, D.; Hodebert, G.; Nel, A., 2010:
Modern thrips families Thripidae and Phlaeothripidae in Early Cretaceous amber Insecta, Thysanoptera

Power, I.M.; Wilson, S.A.; Dipple, G.M.; Southam, G., 2010:
Modern thrombolites from an asbestos open pit pond

Panichkin, V.Y.; Miroshnichenko, O.L., 2009:
Modern trends in hydrogeological modeling in Kazakhstan

Chou, Chen-Lin, 2009:
Modern trends in world energy development and the outlook for coal

Veremeeva (Veremeyeva), A. (Aleksandra); Gubin, S., 2009:
Modern tundra landscapes of the Kolyma Lowland and their evolution in the Holocene

Oster, J.; Montanez, I.P.; Sharp, W.D.; Grove, K., 2010:
Modern variability in central Sierra Nevada cave environments and implications for changes in paleo-precipitation

Fall, Patricia, L., 2012:
Modern vegetation, pollen and climate relationships on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus

Buynevich, Ilya, V., 2010:
Modern vertebrate tracks from coastal Lithuania; regional distribution and taphonomic factors

Ching, K.-En; Hsieh, M.-Long; Johnson, K.M.; Chen, K.-Hwa; Rau, R.-Juin; Yang, M., 2011:
Modern vertical deformation rates and mountain building in Taiwan from precise leveling and continuous GPS observations, 2000-2008

Yoo, K.-Cheul; Yoon, H.I.; Bak, Y.-Suk; Lee, Y.I., 2008:
Modern warming climatic and oceanographic record of laminated diatom ooze sediments from the eastern basin of Bransfield Strait, the northern Antarctic Peninsula

Anonymous, 2013 :
Moderne Ans tze f r Botulinumtoxin in der sthetischen Medizin

Branch, J.W.; Arango, M.; Perez Ortega, G., 2008:
Modernizacion del sector minero colombiano; identificacion de oportunidades desde un enfoque sistemico

Zhang, L.; Wu, L.; Lin, X.; Wu, D., 2010:
Modes and mechanisms of sea surface temperature low-frequency variations over the coastal China seas

Kravtsova, R.G.; Pavlova, L.A.; Rogozina, Y.I., 2010:
Modes of Ag occurrence in the loose deposits of dispersal trains at Au-Ag mineral deposits

Larmagnat, S.; Neuweiler, F.; Desrochers, A., 2008:
Modes of accretion in Paleozoic and Mesozoic mud-rich carbonate mounds

Koral, H.; Ozturk, H.; Hanilci, N., 2008:
Modes of active tectonics in Gokceada Island, northern Aegean Sea

Ueda, S.; Ezaki, Y., 2012:
Modes of asexual reproduction and recovery of the colonial zooxanthellate scleractinian Oulastrea crispata

Pisias, N.G.; Clark, P.U.; Brook, E.J., 2008:
Modes of climate variability identified in MIS-3 climate records using singular spectral analysis

Dewitte, B.; Illig, S.; Renault, L.; Goubanova, K.; Takahashi, K.; Gushchina, D.; Mosquera, K.; Purca, S., 2011:
Modes of covariability between sea surface temperature and wind stress intraseasonal anomalies along the coast of Peru from satellite observations 2000-2008

Boulton, Geoffrey, 2011:
Modes of drainage beneath ice streams

Leduc, G.; Vidal, L.; Cartapanis, O.; Bard, E., 2008:
Modes of eastern Equatorial Pacific thermocline variability; implications for ENSO dynamics over the last glacial period

Culshaw, N.G.; Gerbi, C.C., 2009:
Modes of flow in the orogenic infrastructure; the example of the Central Gneiss

Pisias, N.G.; Clark, P.U.; Brook, E.J., 2010:
Modes of global climate variability during Marine Isotope Stage 3 60-26 ka

Roy, S.; Mandal, N., 2009:
Modes of hill-slope failure under overburden loads; insights from physical and numerical models

Mattheus, C.R.; Rodriguez, A.B., 2010:
Modes of incised-valley formation revealed for rivers with almost no drainage basin

Wannamaker, P.; Hasterok, D.; Johnston, J.; Doerner, W.; Stodt, J.; van der Lee, S. ; Vidale, J., 2008:
Modes of lithospheric dismemberment, magmatic input, and implications for rheological models of the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau regions, Nevada and Utah; implications from deep MT resistivity; surveying

Arculus, R.J.; Nebel, O.; Jenner, F.E.; Mavrogenes, J.A.; Dyriw, N., 2011:
Modes of mantle flow and He travel in the northern Lau Basin

Bhattacharya, Jayanta, 2011:
Modes of natural resources trade; commodity exchanges

Gao, C.; Liu, W.; Liu, B.; Li, J.; Li, F., 2010:
Modes of occurrence of arsenic in Quaternary sediments of the Hetao Plain

Astakhova, N.V.; Vvedenskaya, I.A.; Karabtsov, A.A.; Molchanova, G.B., 2008 :
Modes of occurrence of noble and nonferrous metals in ferromanganese formations in the central part of the Sea of Okhotsk

Riley, K.W.; French, D.H.; Farrell, O.P.; Wood, R.A.; Huggins, F.E., 2012:
Modes of occurrence of trace and minor elements in some Australian coals

Xiao, Yuanfu; Sun, Yan; Zhao, Zhiqiang; Niu, Gang; Zhang, Lin; Kang, Congxuan, 2010:
Modes of occurrence of useful associated components in the Lala copper deposit, Sichuan Province

He, Q.; Li, C., 2008:
Modes of sea saline water intrusion around the Bohai Gulf, China

Blignault, H.J.; Theron, J.N., 2012:
Modes of sedimentation and glaciological aspects of the Permo-Carboniferous Dwyka Group in the Elandsvlei-Elandsdrif area, South Africa

Das, S.B.; Behn, M.D.; Joughin, I.R., 2011:
Modes of supraglacial lake drainage and dynamic ice sheet response

Siedler, G.; Rouault, M.; Biastoch, A.; Backeberg, B.; Reason, C.J.C.; Lutjeharms, J.R.E., 2009:
Modes of the southern extension of the East Madagascar Current

Beauvais, A.; Chardon, D., 2010:
Modes, tempo and spatial variability of Cenozoic cratonic denudation; morphoclimatic constraints from West Africa

Wischnewski, J.; Mackay, A.W.; Appleby, P.G.; Mischke, S.; Herzschuh, U., 2011:
Modest diatom responses to regional warming on the southeast Tibetan Plateau during the last two centuries

Fernández-Silva, F.; Capilla, J.; Mayayo, E.; Guarro, J., 2014:
Modest efficacy of voriconazole against murine infections by Sporothrix schenckii and lack of efficacy against Sporothrix brasiliensis

Ampel, L.; Bigler, C.; Wohlfarth, B.; Risberg, J.; Lotter, A.F.; Veres, D., 2009:
Modest summer temperature variability during DO cycles in Western Europe

Hautmann, Michael, 2009:
Modesticoncha, a new name for Modestella Hautmann, 2001 Bivalvia, Trigonoida non Modestella Owen, 1961 Brachiopoda, Terebratulida

Yeon Kyung Chee, 2013:
Modifiable Factors on Use of Adaptive Strategies Among Functionally Vulnerable Older Persons

Oliveira, E.B.rreto; Rodrigues, R.; Heemann, R.; Chaves, H.A.uini Fernandes, 2008:
Modificacoes moleculares nos oleos gerados na formacao Irati devido a facies sedimentar, evolucao termica e biodegradacao

Santi, P.M.; Russell, C.P.; Higgins, J.D.; Spriet, J.I., 2009:
Modification and statistical analysis of the Colorado Rockfall Hazard Rating System

Zimowska, M.; Bazarnik, M.; Bazarnik, J.; Bahranowski, K., 2008:
Modification of FSM-16 mesoporous materials structure; preliminary results

Wajima, Takaaki, 2009:
Modification of Japanese natural diatomite to supply silica into alkali solution using thermal treatment and acid leaching

Fast, K.E.; Kostiuk, T.; Livengood, T.A.; Hewagama, T.; Annen, J., 2011:
Modification of Jupiters stratosphere three weeks after the 2009 impact

Chuang, F.C.; Beyer, R.A., 2009:
Modification of Martian slope streaks

Huang, X.; Xu, S.; Zhong, M.; Wang, J.; Feng, S.; Shi, R., 2009:
Modification of Na-bentonite by polycations for fabrication of amphoteric semi-IPN nanocomposite hydrogels

Chen, S.-Hua; Wang, S.-Hsiang; Waylonis, M., 2010:
Modification of Saharan air layer and environmental shear over the eastern Atlantic Ocean by dust-radiation effects

Zhang, Q.; Zhu, H.; Zhang, L., 2013:
Modification of a generalized three-dimensional Hoek-Brown strength criterion

Mukherjee, R.; Mondal, S.K., 2010:
Modification of chromite to ferritchromite in the Archaean Nuggihalli schist belt, western Dharwar Craton southern India

Gaidzinski, R.; Osterreicher-Cunha, P.; Duailibi, F.; Jamil; Tavares, L.M.rcelo, 2009:
Modification of clay properties by aging; role of indigenous microbiota and implications for ceramic processing

Laize, C.L.R.; Hannah, D.M., 2010:
Modification of climate-river flow associations by basin properties

Finzel, E.S.; Trop, J.M.; Ridgway, K., 2009:
Modification of continental forearc basins by spreading ridge subduction and flat-slab subduction processes; an example from Southern Alaska

Tamam, L.; Pontoni, D.; Sapir, Z.; Yefet, S.; Sloutskin, E.; Ocko, B.M.; Reichert, H.; Deutsch, M., 2011:
Modification of deeply buried hydrophobic interfaces by ionic surfactants

Tripathi, K.; Sen, K.; Dubey, A.K., 2012:
Modification of fabric in pre-Himalayan granitic rocks by post-emplacement ductile deformation; insights from microstructures, AMS, and U-Pb geochronology of the Paleozoic Kinnaur Kailash Granite; and associated Cenozoic leucogranites of the south Tibetan detachment zone, Himachal High Himalaya

Tarantola, A.; Diamond, L.W.; Stuenitz, H., 2009:
Modification of fluid inclusions by experimental plastic deformation of natural, single quartz crystals

Tarantola, A.; Diamond, L.W.; Stuenitz, H., 2010:
Modification of fluid inclusions in quartz by deviatoric stress; I, Experimentally induced changes in inclusion shapes and microstructures

Diamond, L.W.; Tarantola, A.; Stuenitz, H., 2010:
Modification of fluid inclusions in quartz by deviatoric stress; II, Experimentally induced changes in inclusion volume and composition

Tarantola, A.; Diamond, L.W.; Stunitz, H.; Thust, A.; Pec, M., 2012:
Modification of fluid inclusions in quartz by deviatoric stress; III, Influence of principal stresses on inclusion density and orientation

Agarwal, K.K.; Jahan, N.; Agarwal, A., 2010:
Modification of fold geometry in Almora crystalline shear zone, Lesser Himalaya, India

Aggarwal, P.; Mittal, R.B.; Maity, P.; Sharma, A.R., 2009:
Modification of hydrothermal regimes under bed planted wheat

Elipot, S.; Lumpkin, R.; Prieto, G., 2010:
Modification of inertial oscillations by the mesoscale eddy field

Zakharenkova, I.E.; Afraimovich, E.L.; Shagimuratov, I.I.; Tepenitzina, N.Y., 2008:
Modification of low-latitudinal ionosphere associated with seismic event

Vazquez, A.; Lopez, M.; Kortaberria, G.; Martin, L.; Mondragon, I., 2008:
Modification of montmorillonite with cationic surfactants; thermal and chemical analysis including CEC determination

Jansson, K.N.; Glasser, N.F., 2008:
Modification of peripheral mountain ranges by former ice sheets; the Brecon Beacons, southern UK

Monie, P.; Agard, P., 2008:
Modification of plate-slab coupling in subduction zones; the large-scale 3000 km Neotethyan example

Yang, Q.; Zhao, Z.; Zheng, Y., 2012:
Modification of subcontinental lithospheric mantle above continental subduction zone; constraints from geochemistry of Mesozoic gabbroic rocks in southeastern North China

Nguyen, T-Bao.; Lee, C.; Kim, S.; Choi, H., 2011:
Modification of the Bouwer and Rice method to a cutoff wall with a filter cake

Khakbaz, B.; Imam, B.; Sorooshian, S.; Koren, V.I.; Cui, Z.; Smith, M.B.; Restrepo, P., 2011:
Modification of the National Weather Service Distributed Hydrologic Model for subsurface water exchanges between grids

Saunier, G.; Poitrasson, F.; Moine, B.; Gregoire, M., 2008:
Modification of the iron mineralogy, chemistry and isotopic composition of H5 and L6 ordinary chondrites during desertic weathering

Naliboff, J.B.; Conrad, C.P.; Lithgow-Bertelloni, C., 2009:
Modification of the lithospheric stress field by lateral variations in plate-mantle coupling

Luenenschloss, B.; Peiffer, S., 2008:
Modification of the methane isotopic signal in a hydrothermal system Aachen system; indications for microbial contribution

Jiranek, Martin, 2008:
Modification of the radon concentration field in the soil by placing a house into the soil profile

de Araujo Medeiros, M.; Sansiviero, M.T.C.; Araujo, M.H.lena; Lago, R.M., 2009:
Modification of vermiculite by polymerization and carbonization of glycerol to produce highly efficient materials for oil removal

Mansour, E.M.; Desouky, S.M.; Batanoni, M.H.; Mahmoud, M.R.; Farag, A.B.; El-Dars, F.S., 2012:
Modification proposed for SRK equation of state

Reimann, T.; Birk, S.; Rehrl, C., 2011:
Modification to the Conduit Flow Process Mode2 for MODFLOW-2005

Thomachot-Schneider, C.; Gommeaux, M.; Fronteau, G.; Siegesmund, S. ; Snethlage, R. ; Ruedrich, J., 2008:
Modifications of the porous network of sandstone accompanying the formation of black varnish

Atkinson, G.M.; Boore, D.M., 2011:
Modifications to existing ground-motion prediction equations in light of new data

Lees, J.; Bown, P., 2008:
Modifications to the Upper Cretaceous UC calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphic zonation scheme to reflect results of recent stage-boundary research

Reimann, T.; Birk, S.; Rehrl, C.; Shoemaker, W.Barclay., 2012:
Modifications to the Conduit Flow Process Mode 2 for MODFLOW-2005

Burmeister, Kurtis, C., 2008:
Modified Busk-Kink method for constructing quick geologically admissible cross sections of parallel folds

Mimi, Z.A.; Mahmoud, N.; Abu Madi, M., 2012:
Modified DRASTIC assessment for intrinsic vulnerability mapping of karst aquifers; a case study

Jahanbakhsh, R.; Atyabi, F.; Shanehsazzadeh, S.; Sobhani, Z.; Adeli, M.; Dinarvand, R., 2013:
Modified Gadonanotubes as a promising novel MRI contrasting agent

Walther, John, V., 2009:
Modified Helgeson, Kirkham and flowers equation of state for standard partial molal properties of ions

Gheibie, S.; Aghababaei, H.; Hoseinie, S.H.; Pourrahimian, Y., 2009:
Modified Kuz-Ram fragmentation model and its use at the Sungun copper mine

Bakun, W.H.; Stickney, M.C.; Rogers, G., 2009:
Modified Mercalli intensity assignments for the May 16, 1909, Northern Plains earthquake

Boatwright, J.; Bundock, H., 2008:
Modified Mercalli intensity maps for the 1868 Hayward earthquake plotted in ShakeMap format

Singh, M.; Raj, A.; Singh, B., 2011:
Modified Mohr-Coulomb criterion for non-linear triaxial and polyaxial strength of intact rocks

Li, C.; Guo, S.; Zhang, J., 2009:
Modified NLPM-ANN model and its application

Ke, G.; Dong, H.; Kristensen, A.; Thompson, M., 2011:
Modified Thomson-Haskell matrix methods for surface-wave dispersion-curve calculation and their accelerated root-searching schemes

Stepova, K.V.; Maquarrie, D.J.; Krip, I.M., 2009:
Modified bentonites as adsorbents of hydrogen sulfide gases

Herb, W.R.; Stefan, H.G., 2011:
Modified equilibrium temperature models for cold-water streams

Lan, C.; Zhang, J.; Tao, W., 2010:
Modified high-resolution sequence stratigraphy of alluvial sediments based on modern geomorphology

Chou, I.M.; Bassett, W.A.; Li, J.K., 2010:
Modified hydrothermal diamond-anvil cell for the study of C-H-O-S fluids near the Moho

Klein, N.; Sander, P.M.rtin; Stein, K.; L.L.euff, J.; Carballido, J.L.; Buffetaut, E., 2012:
Modified laminar bone in Ampelosaurus atacis and other titanosaurs Sauropoda; implications for life history and physiology

Hartley, Steve, B., 2009:
Modified methodology for projecting coastal Louisiana land changes over the next 50 years

Thornburg, J.D.; Peterson, S., 2011:
Modified paleosol deposits from the Chesapeake Bay impact structure

Frisbee, M.D.; Phillips, F.M.; Campbell, A.R.; Hendrickx, J.M.H., 2010:
Modified passive capillary samplers for collecting samples of snowmelt infiltration for stable isotope analysis in remote, seasonally inaccessible watersheds; 1, Laboratory evaluation

Frisbee, M.D.; Phillips, F.M.; Campbell, A.R.; Hendrickx, J.M.H.; Engle, E.M., 2010:
Modified passive capillary samplers for collecting samples of snowmelt infiltration for stable isotope analysis in remote, seasonally inaccessible watersheds; 2, Field evaluation

Ha, T.; Seo, K.-Hak; Kim, J.; Cho, Y.-Sik, 2011:
Modified scheme for tsunami propagation with variable water depths

Schatzinger, R.A.; Chernikoff, A.O.; Bustos Vazquez, A.; Aguirre Cerda, E.; Garcia Hernandez, J., 2008:
Modified sequence stratigraphic techniques permit correlation of basinal stratigraphy; example from the Cretaceous of the Campeche Basin, Mexico

Zhang, X.; Lytton, R.L., 2009:
Modified state-surface approach to the study of unsaturated soil behavior; Part 1, Basic concept

Zhang, X.; Lytton, R.L., 2009:
Modified state-surface approach to the study of unsaturated soil behavior; Part II, General formulation

Ipatov, A.I.; Khrometskaya, I.V., 2008:
Modified system of intrabed pressure control for the exploitation of oil-saturated beds with low permeability

Goebel, M.O.; Bachmann, J.; Woche, S.K., 2008:
Modified technique to assess the wettability of soil aggregates; comparison with contact angles measured on crushed aggregates and bulk soil

Wang, P.; Liu, S., 2010:
Modified trend-line pattern and superposed folding in western Xuefengshan salient; implication for conjunct structural system and two-phase compression of eastern Sichuan fold-thrust belts, central; China

King, A.B.; Revell, M.; Carpenter, P.; Turner, R.; Cenek, P.; Flay, R., 2012:
Modified wind speed due to topographic effects

Anonymous, 2013:
Modifying Interpretation in a Clinically Depressed Sample Using a Cognitive Bias Modification-Errorsa A Double Blind Randomised Controlled Trial

Hill, J.S.; Harrison, M.J., 2012:
Modifying the Google Earth terrain using Google SketchUp

Lucas, A.; Rate, A.; Salmon, U.; Zhang, H., 2011:
Modifying the diffusive gradients in thin films technique for the geochemical exploration of gold

Pang, L.; Nowostawska, U.; Ryan, J.N.; Williamson, W.M.; Walshe, G.; Hunter, K.A., 2009:
Modifying the surface charge of pathogen-sized microspheres for studying pathogen transport in groundwater

LaFlamme, M.; Xiao, S.; Kowalewski, M.J., 2009:
Modular construction in the growth and feeding of the Ediacara biota

Graizer, V.; Kalkan, E.; Schweig, E. ; Williams, R., 2011:
Modular filter-based approach to ground motion attenuation modeling

Perez-Mato, J.M.; Elcoro, L., 2010:
Modular structures as modulated crystals

Gerber, S.; Hopkins, M.J., 2009:
Modularity and dissociated evolutionary development changes; the genus Zacanthopsis Trilobita, Corynexochida as a case study

Om (Suthar); Bhadauria, B.S.; Khan, A., 2009:
Modulated centrifugal convection in a vertical rotating porous layer distant from the axis of rotation

Anonymous, 2013:
Modulating Role of Bitter Leaf on Spermatogenic and Steroidogenesis Functions of the Rat Testis

Nadimpally Krishna Chaitanya, Ashim Paul…, 2013:
Modulation of Aggregation Propensity of A 38 by Site Specific Multiple Proline Substitution

Anonymous, 2013:
Modulation of DNA methylation states and infant immune system by dietary supplementation with omega-3 PUFA during pregnancy in an intervention study

Hussain, R.; Oliynyk, I.; Roomans, G.M.; Björkqvist, M., 2013:
Modulation of ENaC, CFTR, and iNOS expression in bronchial epithelial cells after stimulation with Staphylococcus epidermidis (94B080) and Staphylococcus aureus (90B083)

Cioffi, C.L., 2014:
Modulation of NMDA receptor function as a treatment for schizophrenia

Rao, S.A.; Saha, S.K.; Pokhrel, S.; Sundar, D.; Dhakate, A.R.; Mahapatra, S.; Ali, S.; Chaudhari, H.S.; Shreeram, P.; Vasimalla, S.; Srikanth, A.S.; Suresh, R.R.V., 2011:
Modulation of SST, SSS over northern Bay of Bengal on ISO time scale

Wells, R.R.; Bennett, S.J.; Alonso, C.V., 2010:
Modulation of headcut soil erosion in rills due to upstream sediment loads

Ascensão, Aónio.; Martins, M.J.; Santos-Alves, E.; Gonçalves, Iês.O.; Portincasa, P.; Oliveira, P.J.; Magalhães, Jé., 2014:
Modulation of hepatic redox status and mitochondrial metabolism by exercise: therapeutic strategy for liver diseases

Fletcher, W.; Sanchez Goni, M.F., 2008:
Modulation of millennial-scale climate variability by orbital-scale forcing factors during the last 48 ka in the Atlantic-Mediterranean transition zone

Anonymous, 2013:
Modulation of plasma antioxidant levels, glutathione S-transferase activity and DNA damage in smokers following a single portion of broccoli a pilot study

Donelan, M.A.; Haus, B.K.; Plant, W.J.; Troianowski, O., 2010:
Modulation of short wind waves by long waves

Abouchami, W.; Galer, S.J.G.; de Baar, H.J.W.; Alderkamp, A.C.; Middag, R.; Laan, P.; Feldmann, H.; Andreae, M.O., 2011:
Modulation of the Southern Ocean cadmium isotope signature by ocean circulation and primary productivity

Anonymous, 2013:
Modulation of the Thermoresponsive Behavior of PolyN,N-diethylacrylamide via Cyclodextrin Host/Guest Interactions

Ghisetti, F.C.; Sibson, R.H., 2009:
Modulation of the Westland Foredeep through ongoing compressional inversion

Beresnev, Igor, 2012:
Modulation of tremor and modulation of noise; same natural phenomenon?

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Monitoring for mineral fibers in aggregate mining

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Monitoring for mineral fibers in aggregate mining operations

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Monitoring for sediment dynamics in a river basin

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Monitoring frost weathering using resistivity measurements

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Monitoring induced seismicity

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Monitoring network and thermal dynamics of permafrost in western China

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Monitoring nutrients cycles at catchment scale

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Monitoring ocean currents; the easy way

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Monitoring of 9 mile slide

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Monitoring of 9 mile slide complex, East District, Sikkim

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Monitoring of Bashkara glacial lakes the central Caucasus and modelling of their potential outburst

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Monitoring of CO2 after injection in geologic reservoir; techniques

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Monitoring of CO2 behavior after injection into geological formation; II, Modeling seismic velocity and attenuation

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Monitoring of CO2 migration by resistivity and SP survey; experiment of CO2 injection into rock samples

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Monitoring of GPS stations installed in Andaman Nicobar Groups of islands after the Great Andaman-Sumatra earthquake of 26th December, 2004

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Monitoring of GPS stations installed in Andaman and Nicobar Group of island after the Great Andaman Sumatra Earthquake of 26th December, 2004

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Monitoring of GPS stations installed in Andaman and Nicobar group of islands after the Great Andaman-Sumatra earthquake of 26th December, 2004

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Monitoring of MEQ stations installed across Ganges-Bengal Fault in Darjeeling and N Dinajpur Districts of West Bengal

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Monitoring of MTBE attenuation by stable isotope analysis

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Monitoring of Sonapur landslide, Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya

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Monitoring of VLP seismic signals at Stromboli Volcano southern Italy

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Monitoring of Valley Fault system and land subsidence in Metro Manila, Republic of the Philippines by InSAR and leveling survey

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