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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37121

Chapter 37121 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cohen, B.A.; Stosor, V., 2014:
Opportunistic infections of the central nervous system in the transplant patient

Kamran, M.W.; Vaughan, D.; Crosby, D.; Wahab, N.A.; Saadeh, F.A.; Gleeson, N., 2014:
Opportunistic and interventional salpingectomy in women at risk: a strategy for preventing pelvic serous cancer (PSC)

Fraiser, M.L.; Bottjer, D.J.; Chen, Z.Q.; Twitchett, R.J.; Tong, J., 2009:
Opportunistic behaviour of invertebrate marine tracemakers during the Early Triassic aftermath of the end-Permian mass extinction

Karlsson, J.M.rd; Bring, A.; Peterson, G.D.; Gordon, L.J.; Destouni, G., 2011:
Opportunities and limitations to detect climate-related regime shifts in inland Arctic ecosystems through eco-hydrological monitoring

Anonymous, 2013:
Opportunities and strategies to further reduce animal use forA Leptospira vaccine potency testing

Norgate, T.; Haque, N.; Wright, S.; Jahanshahi, S., 2010:
Opportunities and technologies to reduce the energy and water impacts of deteriorating ore reserves

Parise, John, B., 2010:
Opportunities at light source and neutron facilities

Webster, T.; Harris, J.; Grieve, R.; Wilson, R., 2009:
Opportunities for geoscience students to apply geomatics techniques to mapping and exploration programs in northern Canada

Martens, P.N.; Pateiro-Fernandez, J.B.; Ahmad, S.; Fuchsschwanz, M.; Deissmann, G., 2009:
Opportunities for sustainable development at Chinh Bac Mine waste dump in Vietnam

Gerstenberger, M.C.; Nicol, A.; Stenhouse, M.; Allinson, G.; Berryman, K.R.; Doody, B.J.; Ho, M.; McCurdy, M.; Neal, P.; Stirling, M.W.; Webb, T.H.; Wright, K.C., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; Report CCS-08/10, Risk assessment methodologies

Bannister, S.C.; Nicol, A.; Funnell, R.H.; Etheridge, D.; Christenson, B.W.; Underschultz, J.; Caldwell, T.G.; Stagpoole, V.M.; Kepic, A.; Stalker, L., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; Report CCS-08/11, Monitoring and verification methodologies

Edbrooke, S.W.; Ricketts, B.; Leonard, G.S., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; Report CCS-08/2, The onshore Waikato region

Edbrooke, S.W.; Clemens, A.; Matheson, T.; Pope, J.; Rumsey, B.; Weeks, C.; S.G.orge, J.; Seifert, S.; Winans, R.; Bain, E.; Calo, J., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; Report CCS-08/3, The Waikato and King Country coal resource

Mares, T.; Zarrouk, S., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; Report CCS-08/3a, Waikato coal resource, reservoir modelling

Stagpoole, V.M.; Bushe, H.; Milner, M., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; Report CCS-08/4, Offshore Waikato region

King, P.R.; Bland, K.J.; Funnell, R.H.; Archer, R.; Lever, L., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; Report CCS-08/5, Onshore Taranaki Basin overview

Strogen, D.P.; Arnot, M.J.; Bland, K.J.; Griffin, A.G., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; Report CCS-08/7, Onshore Taranaki Neogene reservoirs

Archer, R.; Arnot, M.J.; Higgs, K.E.; Williams, B., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; Report CCS-08/8, Taranaki petroleum field simulations

McCurdy, M.; Clemens, A.; Matheson, T.; Rumsey, B., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; Report CCS-08/9, Technical reviews on carbon, capture, transport and injection technologies

Higgs, K.E., 2009:
Opportunities for underground geological storage of CO2 in New Zealand; report CCS-086, onshore Taranaki Paleogene reservoirs

Ikavalko, O.; Jarva, J.; Ojalainen, J.; Ojala, A.; Tarvainen, T., 2011:
Opportunities for urban geology in Finland; mapping, databases and data processing for land use planning and construction

Read, A., 2009:
Opportunities from the new generation elevation data for Australia

Arvidson, R.E.; Ashley, J.W.; Bell, J.F.; I I.I.; Chojnacki, M.; Cohen, J.; Economou, T.E.; Farrand, W.H.; Fergason, R.; Fleischer, I.; Geissler, P.; Gellert, R.; Golombek, M.P.; Grotzinger, J.P.; Guinness, E.A.; Haberle, R.M.; Herkenhoff, K.E.; Herman, J.A.; Iagnemma, K.D.; Jolliff, B.L.; Johnson, J.R.; Klingelhoefer, G.; Knoll, A.H.; Knudson, A.T.; Li, R.; McLennan, S.M.; Mittlefehldt, D.W.; Morris, R.V.; Parker, T.J., 2011:
Opportunity Mars Rover mission; overview and selected results from Purgatory Ripple to traverses to Endeavour Crater

Goode, Keith, 2009:
Opportunity in dykes and faults

Downer, C.W.; Ogden, F.L.; Martin, W.D.; Harmon, R.S., 2012:
Opportunity-driven hydrological model development in US Army research and development programs

McQuinn, Melanie, 2008:
Opportunity; perspectives of a young geologist

Guihou, A.; Pichat, S.; Nave, S.; Govin, A.; Michel, E.; Waelbroeck, C.; Labeyrie, L., 2009:
Opposite export of North Atlantic Deep and Intermediate Waters during the last glacial inception

Strugala, A.; Czerski, G., 2010:
Opracowanie bazy danych wegla kamiennego i brunatnego na potrzeby zgazowania wegla w ramach projektu Narodowego Centrum Badan i Rozwoju

Holojuch, Grazyna, 2010:
Opracowanie wytycznych projektowych poprawy chlonnosci skal zbiornikowych w zwiazku z zatlaczaniem wod termalnych w polskich zakladach geotermalnych; projekt badawczy Ministerstwa srodowiska

Keppler, H.; Dubrovinsky, L.S.; Narygina, O.; Kantor, I., 2008:
Optical absorption and radiative thermal conductivity of silicate perovskite to 125 gigapascals

Taran, M.N.; Ohashi, H., 2012:
Optical absorption spectroscopy study of three synthetic V3+ -bearing clinopyroxenes

Kempe, U.; Thomas, S.-Monique; Geipel, G.; Thomas, R.; Ploetze, M.; Boettcher, R.; Grambole, G.; Hoentsch, J.; Trinkler, M., 2010:
Optical absorption, luminescence, and electron paramagnetic resonance EPR spectroscopy of crystalline to metamict zircon; evidence for formation of uranyl, manganese, and other optically active; centers

Attig, J.W.; Hanson, P.R.; Rawling, J.E.mo, I I.I.; Young, A.R.; Carson, E.C., 2011:
Optical ages indicate the southwestern margin of the Green Bay Lobe in Wisconsin, USA, was at its maximum extent until about 18,500 years ago

Hartner, R.; Walters, S.G.; Berry, R., 2011:
Optical and SEM-based microscopy integration for optimisation of geometallurgical modelling and ore deposit characterisation

Sykorova, I.; Havelcova, M.; Matysova, P.; Trejtnarova, H.; Mach, K.; Sulc, A.; Cermak, I., 2009:
Optical and electron microscopy and GC/MS studies in identification of tree stumps from the Bilina open cast mine, Most Basin, Czech Republic

Badar, M.A.; Akizuki, M.; Hussain, S., 2010:
Optical anomaly in iridescent andradite from the Sierra Madre Mountains, Sonora, Mexico

Aurin, D.A.; Dierssen, H.M.; Twardowski, M.S.; Roesler, C.S., 2010:
Optical complexity in Long Island Sound and implications for coastal ocean color remote sensing

Chen, Yue-Gau; Chen, Ya-Wen; Chen, Wen-Shan; Lee, Kun-Jie; Lee, Long-Sheng; Lu, Shih-Ting; Lee, Yuan-Hsi; Watanuki, Takuya; Lin, Yu-Nung, N., 2009:
Optical dating of a sedimentary sequence in a trenching site on the source fault of the 1999 Chi-chi earthquake, Taiwan

Buylaert, J.-Pieter; Ghysels, G.; Murray, A.S.; Thomsen, K.J.; Vandenberghe, D.; de Corte, F.; Heyse, I.; van den Haute, P., 2009:
Optical dating of relict sand wedges and composite-wedge pseudomorphs in Flanders, Belgium

Hoekzema, N.M.; Garcia-Comas, M.; Stenzel, O.J.; Grieger, B.; Markiewicz, W.J.; Gwinner, K.; Keller, H.U., 2010:
Optical depth and its scale-height in Valles Marineris from HRSC stereo images

Mouw, C.B.; Yoder, J.A., 2010:
Optical determination of phytoplankton size composition from global SeaWiFS imagery

Watanabe, S.; Laurion, I.; Chokmani, K.; Pienitz, R.; Vincent, W.F., 2011:
Optical diversity of thaw ponds in discontinuous permafrost; a model system for water color analysis

Kalas, P.; Graham, J.R.; Chiang, E.; Fitzgerald, M.P.; Clampin, M.; Kite, E.S.; Stapelfeldt, K.; Marois, C.; Krist, J., 2008:
Optical images of an exosolar planet 25 light-years from Earth

Nettles, J.W.; Staid, M.I.; Besse, S.; Boardman, J.W.; Clark, R.N.; Dhingra, D.; Isaacson, P.J.; Klima, R.L.; Kramer, G.; Pieters, C.M.; Taylor, L.A., 2011:
Optical maturity variation in lunar spectra as measured by Moon Mineralogy Mapper data

Rueben, M.; Holman, R.; Cox, D.; Shin, S.; Killian, J.; Stanley, J., 2011:
Optical measurements of tsunami inundation through an urban waterfront modeled in a large-scale laboratory basin

Rudich, Y.; Abo Riziq, A.; Erlick, C.; Adler, G.; Trainic, M.; Lang, N., 2009:
Optical properties of aerosols with organic components using cavity ring down spectrometry

Artaxo, P.; Backman, J.; Rizzo, L.; Jorge, F.; Kulmala, M., 2011:
Optical properties, size distribution and composition of aerosol particles in the urban area of Sao Paulo

Taran, M.N.; Koch-Mueller, M., 2010:
Optical spectroscopic study of natural Fe-rich Pizzo Forno staurolite at different temperatures and pressures

Taran, M.N.; Koch-Mueller, M.; Feenstra, A., 2009:
Optical spectroscopic study of tetrahedrally coordinated Co2+ in natural spinel and staurolite at different temperatures and pressures

Moyer, E.J.; Morong, C.; Sayres, D.S.; Hanisco, T.F.; Witinski, M., 2009:
Optical spectroscopic techniques for in situ measurements of isotopic composition of trace atmospheric gases

Kiyak, N.G.nec; Erginal, A.E.ren, 2010:
Optical stimulated luminescence dating study of eolianite on the island of Bozcaada, Turkey; preliminary results

Wozniak, S.B.; Stramski, D.; Stramska, M.; Reynolds, R.A.; Wright, V.M.; Miksic, E.Y.; Cichocka, M.; Cieplak, A.M., 2010 :
Optical variability of seawater in relation to particle concentration, composition, and size distribution in the nearshore marine environment at Imperial Beach, California

Wang, J.; Wang, J.; Zhang, X., 2012:
Optical wireless communication system for well logging data transmission

Radhi, M.; Box, M.A.; Box, G.P.; Mitchell, R.M.; Cohen, D.D.; Stelcer, E.; Keywood, M.D., 2010:
Optical, physical and chemical characteristics of Australian continental aerosols; results from a field experiment

Telfer, M.W.; Thomas, D.S.G.; Parker, A.G.; Walkington, H.; Finch, A.A., 2009:
Optically stimulated luminescence OSL dating and palaeoenvironmental studies of pan playa sediment from Witpan, South Africa

Wilson, P.; Vincent, P.J.; Telfer, M.W.; Lord, T.C., 2008:
Optically stimulated luminescence OSL dating of loessic sediments and cemented scree in northwest England

Kim, M.-Jin; Choi, J.-Heon; Hong, D.-Geun, 2011:
Optically stimulated luminescence and radiocarbon dating of samples from two Palaeolithic sites Hahwagye-ri and Hwadae-ri in the middle part of Korean Peninsula

Stevens, T.; Lu, H., 2008:
Optically stimulated luminescence dating as a tool for calculating sedimentation rates in Chinese loess; comparisons to grain-size records

Stevens, T.; Lu, H., 2009:
Optically stimulated luminescence dating as a tool for calculating sedimentation rates in Chinese loess; comparisons with grain-size records

Galli, A.; Panzeri, L.; Martini, M.; Sibilia, E.; Vignola, P.; Ando, S.; Pini, R.; Rossi, P.M., 2009:
Optically stimulated luminescence dating of a stratigraphic late glacial-Holocene sequence in the Po Plain Bubano Quarry, Bologna, Italy

Li, Y.; Li, D.; Ma, B.; Dong, G.; Wang, L.; Zhao, J., 2010:
Optically stimulated luminescence dating of beach ridges of Selin Co Lake, central Tibet, and its environmental implications

Lauer, T.; Frechen, M.; Hoselmann, C.; Tsukamoto, S., 2008:
Optically stimulated luminescence dating of fluvial deposits from the Upper Rhine Graben Heidelberg Basin

Madsen, A.T.; Murray, A.S., 2009:
Optically stimulated luminescence dating of young sediments; a review

Dierssen, H.M.; Zimmerman, R.C.rl; Burdige, D.J.y, 2009:
Optics and remote sensing of Bahamian carbonate sediment whitings and potential relationship to wind-driven Langmuir circulation

Divakar, L.; Babel, M.S.; Perret, S.R.; Gupta, A.D., 2011:
Optimal allocation of bulk water supplies to competing use sectors based on economic criterion; an application to the Chao Phraya River basin, Thailand

Ferreira, A.R.; Teegavarapu, R.S.V., 2012:
Optimal and adaptive operation of a hydropower system with unit commitment and water quality constraints

Wei, M.; Sandwell, D.; Smith-Konter, B., 2010:
Optimal combination of InSAR and GPS for measuring interseismic crustal deformation

Chu, H.-Jay; Chang, L.-Cheng, 2009:
Optimal control algorithm and neural network for dynamic groundwater management

Franco, A.; Villani, M., 2009:
Optimal design of binary cycle power plants for water-dominated, medium-temperature geothermal fields

Christensen, S.; Zlotnik, V.A.; Tartakovsky, D.M., 2009:
Optimal design of pumping tests in leaky aquifers for stream depletion analysis

Huu Tuan, D.; Lo, S.-Lien; Chiueh, P.-Te; Lan Anh Phan, T.; Shang, W.-Ting, 2011:
Optimal design of river nutrient monitoring points based on an export coefficient model

Chung, L.-Loi; Wu, L.-Yun; Huang, H.-Hui; Chang, C.-Hsin; Lien, K.-Hua, 2009:
Optimal design theories of tuned mass dampers with nonlinear viscous damping

Demirbas, K.; Altan-Sakarya, A.B.rcu; Onder, H., 2012:
Optimal dewatering of an excavation site

Shahin, A.; Tatham, R.; Stoffa, P.; Spikes, K., 2011:
Optimal dynamic rock-fluid physics template validated by petroelastic reservoir modeling

Grafton, R.Q.entin; Chu, H.L.ng; Stewardson, M.; Kompas, T.; Roderick, M.L., 2011:
Optimal dynamic water allocation; irrigation extractions and environmental tradeoffs in the Murray River, Australia

Driscoll, P.; Olson, P., 2011:
Optimal dynamos in the cores of terrestrial exoplanets; magnetic field generation and detectability

Kennett, B.L.N.; Jackson, I., 2009:
Optimal equations of state for mantle minerals from simultaneous non-linear inversion of multiple datasets

Wurl, D.; Grainger, R.G.; McDonald, A.J.; Deshler, T., 2010:
Optimal estimation retrieval of aerosol microphysical properties from SAGE II satellite observations in the volcanically unperturbed lower stratosphere

Wang, S.C.; Chudzicki, D.J.; Everson, P.J., 2009:
Optimal estimators of the position of a mass extinction when recovery potential is uniform

Ajo-Franklin, Jonathan, B., 2009:
Optimal experiment design for time-lapse traveltime tomography

Ching-Wen Chen, Nien-Sheng Hsu, Chieh-Shu Wu, 2014:
Optimal fallow area and location for multifunctional benefits of a paddy field during drought periods

Atzori, S.; Antonioli, A., 2011:
Optimal fault resolution in geodetic inversion of coseismic data

Pena-Haro, S.; Pulido-Velazquez, M.; Llopis-Albert, C., 2011:
Optimal fertilizer control for meeting EU groundwater nitrate concentration standards; El Salobral-Los Llanos case study

Teegavarapu, R.S.V.; Tufail, M.; Ormsbee, L., 2009:
Optimal functional forms for estimation of missing precipitation data

Katic, P.; Grafton, R.Q.entin, 2011:
Optimal ground water extraction under uncertainty resilience versus economic payoffs

Moharram, S.H.; Gad, M.I.; Saafan, T.A.; Allah, S.K.alaf, 2012:
Optimal groundwater management using genetic algorithm in El-Farafra Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt

Boots, M.; Donnelly, R.; White, A., 2017:
Optimal immune defence in the light of variation in lifespan

Nosov, M.A.; Kolesov, S.V.; Satake, K. ; Rabinovich, A.B.; Kanoglu, U. ; Tinti, S., 2011:
Optimal initial conditions for simulation of seismotectonic tsunamis

Zuckerberg, M.; van der Riet, J.; Malajczuk, W.; Stone, P., 2009 :
Optimal life-of-mine scheduling for a bauxite mine

Wu, P.; Steffen, H.; Wang, H., 2010:
Optimal locations for GPS measurements in North America and northern Europe for constraining glacial isostatic adjustment

Steffen, H.; Wu, P.; Wang, H., 2012:
Optimal locations for absolute gravity measurements and sensitivity of GRACE observations for constraining glacial isostatic adjustment on the Northern Hemisphere

Duarte, T.K.eo; Pongkijvorasin, S.; Roumasset, J.; Amato, D.; Burnett, K., 2010:
Optimal management of a Hawaiian coastal aquifer with nearshore marine ecological interactions

Birol, E.; Hanley, N.; Koundouri, P.; Kountouris, Y., 2009:
Optimal management of wetlands; quantifying trade-offs between flood risks, recreation, and biodiversity conservation

Boikova (Boykova), A.I., 2008:
Optimal methods for calculating transforms of potential fields

Housh, M.; Ostfeld, A.; Shamir, U., 2011:
Optimal multiyear management of a water supply system under uncertainty; robust counterpart approach

Bouaziz, M.; Leidig, M.; Gloaguen, R., 2011:
Optimal parameter selection for qualitative regional erosion risk monitoring; a remote sensing study of SE Ethiopia

Fragoso, T.; Cunha, M. da Conceicao; Lobo-Ferreira, J.P., 2009:
Optimal pumping from Palmela water supply wells Portugal using simulated annealing

de Farias, C.A.lyson Simoes; Celeste, A.B.; Suzuki, K.; Kadota, A.; Bloeschl, G.; van de Giesen, N.; Murlidharan, D.; Ren, L.; Seyler, F.; Sharma, U.; Vrba, J., 2009:
Optimal real-time management of an integrated water resources system by ANN-based hedging rules

Plougonven, E.; Bernard, D., 2011:
Optimal removal of topological artefacts in microtomographic images of porous materials

Leschik, S.; Bayer-Raich, M.; Musolff, A.; Schirmer, M., 2011:
Optimal sampling schedules of integral pumping tests for the investigation of groundwater contamination from urban line sources

Baradello, L.; Carcione, J.M., 2008:
Optimal seismic-data acquisition in very shallow waters; surveys in the Venice lagoon

Trichakis, I.C.; Nikolos, I.K.; Karatzas, G.P., 2009:
Optimal selection of artificial neural network parameters for the prediction of a karstic aquifers response

Nowak, W.; de Barros, F.P.J.; Geiges, A.; Leube, P., 2010:
Optimal site investigation; what data to collect so that calibrated models have best prognostic power?

Bhattacharjee, N.; Saha, S.Prasad.; Patra, K.Kumar.; Mitra, U.; Ghoshroy, S.Chandra., 2014:
Optimal timing of prophylactic antibiotic for cesarean delivery: a randomized comparative study

Billings, S.; Wright, D., 2009:
Optimal total-field magnetometer configuration for near-surface applications

Guest, T.; Curtis, A., 2010:
Optimal trace selection for AVA processing of shale-sand reservoirs

Hughes Clarke, John, E., 2012:
Optimal use of multibeam technology in the study of shelf morphodynamics

Keszthelyi, L.P.; Davies, A.G.; McEwen, A.S., 2009:
Optimal wavelengths for studying thermal emission from active volcanoes on Io

Cimellaro, Gian Paolo, 2009:
Optimal weakening and damping using polynomial control for seismically excited nonlinear structures

Zhao, J.; Cai, X.; Wang, Z., 2011:
Optimality conditions for a two-stage reservoir operation problem

Micklethwaite, S., 2008:
Optimally oriented fault-valve thrusts; evidence for aftershock-related fluid pressure pulses?

Crown, J.; Kennedy, M.J.; Tresca, P.; Marty, M.; Espie, M.; Burris, H.A.; DeSilvio, M.; Lau, M.R.; Kothari, D.; Koch, K.M.; Diéras, V., 2014:
Optimally tolerated dose of lapatinib in combination with docetaxel plus trastuzumab in first-line treatment of HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer

Schumann, A.; Arndt, D.; Wiatr, T.; Goetz, A.E.; Hoppe, A., 2010:
Optimierung des Abbaumanagements von Massenrohstoffen mittels drei dimensionaler Informationssysteme und Terrestrischem Laserscanning

Mandlburger, G.; Hauer, C.; Hoefle, B.; Habersack, H.; Pfeifer, N., 2009:
Optimisation of LiDAR derived terrain models for river flow modelling

Xu, C.; Dowd, P.A.; Wyborn, D., 2011:
Optimisation of a stochastic rock fracture model using Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation

Marini, P.; Bellopede, R.; D.R.gibus, C.; Perino, L., 2008:
Optimisation of an abrasion resistance test method on natural stones

Sanyal, S.K., 2008 :
Optimisation of geothermal resource economics

Maiocchi, L.; Bernardi, E., 2014:
Optimisation of prescription in patients with long-term treatment-resistant schizophrenia

L.V.rlet, X.; El-Sabagh, A.; Toukhy, A., 2008:
Optimisation of the BED 15 A/R C reservoir water-flooding project based on robust integrated reservoir modeling

Xu, C.; Dowd, P.; Wyborn, D., 2010:
Optimised fracture network model for Habanero reservoir

Millington, T.M.; Cassidy, N.J., 2010:
Optimising GPR modelling; a practical, multi-threaded approach to 3D FDTD numerical modelling

Roberts, B.; Elkington, T.; van Olden, K.; Maulen, M., 2009:
Optimising a combined open pit and underground strategic plan

Lawrie, K.; Christensen, N.B.; Brodie, R.C.; Brodie, R.S., 2012:
Optimising airborne electromagnetic surveys to identify potential managed aquifer targets and groundwater resources; a case study from the Darling River floodplain, New South Wales, Australia

Coleman, Rob, 2010:
Optimising gas dispersion in flotation

Chandler, D.; Hubbard, B.; Hubbard, A.; Murray, T.; Rippin, D., 2008:
Optimising ice flow law parameters using borehole deformation measurements and numerical modelling

Prasetiyo, B.; Kurniawan, T., 2009:
Optimising oil production in low permeability oil reservoirs at Tanjung Field, Barito Basin, south Kalimantan Indonesia

Gleeson, P., 2009:
Optimising stratabound uranium resources and reserves using appropriate stratigraphic modelling methods; a case study from the Letlhakane uranium project, Botswana

Elkington, T.; Durham, R.; Myers, P., 2009:
Optimising value for an underground project configuration

Anonymous, 2013:
Optimizaci n del muestreo de invertebrados tropicales Un ejemplo con escarabajos copr fagos Coleoptera Scarabaeinae en Venezuela

Kwon, E.Y.ung; Primeau, F., 2008:
Optimization and sensitivity of a global biogeochemistry ocean model using combined in situ DIC, alkalinity, and phosphate data

Keating, E.H.; Doherty, J.; Vrugt, J.A.; Kang, Q., 2010:
Optimization and uncertainty assessment of strongly nonlinear groundwater models with high parameter dimensionality

Yu, P.; Chen, H., 2014:
Optimization of Conditions for Enzymatic Production of Collagen Hydrolysates from a Low-Value Acaudina molpadioides and Their Activities

Cheng, W.-Chen; Hsu, N.-Sheng; Cheng, W.-Ming; Yeh, W.W.G., 2011:
Optimization of European call options considering physical delivery network and reservoir operation rules

Borggren, M.; Vinner, L.; Andresen, B.Skovgaard.; Grevstad, B.; Repits, J.; Melchers, M.; Elvang, T.Laura.; Sanders, R.W.; Martinon, Fédéric.; Dereuddre-Bosquet, N.; Bowles, E.Joanne.; Stewart-Jones, G.; Biswas, P.; Scarlatti, G.; Jansson, M.; Heyndrickx, L.; Grand, R.Le.; Fomsgaard, A., 2013:
Optimization of HIV-1 Envelope DNA Vaccine Candidates within Three Different Animal Models, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Cynomolgus Macaques

Koh, Matthew K. P.; Sun, Jingcan; Liu, Shao Quan, 2013:
Optimization of L-methionine Bioconversion to Aroma-active Methionol by Kluyveromyces lactis Using the Taguchi Method

Murao, S.; Sera, K.; Shiraki, N.; Goto, S.; Takahashi, C.; Nakashima, K.; Yamazaki, M., 2012:
Optimization of PIXE quantitative system to assist the traceability of pearl and other gemstones

Anonymous, 2013:
Optimization of Process Parameters for Ready-to-Serve Bread Spread from Blue Swimmer Crab Portunus pelagicus in Tin-Free Steel Cans

Zhang, B.; Abbey, D.G.; Martin, P.J.; James, S.C.; Woessner, W.W.; Andrachek, R.G.; Gabriel, C.; Arnold, B.W., 2011:
Optimization of a complex and highly parameterized groundwater system

Carter, J.N.; Matthews, J.D., 2008:
Optimization of a reservoir development plan using a parallel genetic algorithm

Reichl, J.P.C.; Western, A.W.; McIntyre, N.R.; Chiew, F.H.S., 2009:
Optimization of a similarity measure for estimating ungauged streamflow

Reynolds, B.C.; Bourdon, B., 2008:
Optimization of a46 Ca-43 Ca double-spike to study radiogenic and stable isotope variations

Gilder, S.A.; Tan, X.; Bucher, H.; Kuang, G.; Yin, J., 2008:
Optimization of apparent polar wander paths; an example from the South China Plate

Marschalko, M.; Yilmaz, I.; Kristkova, V.; Fuka, M.; Kubecka, K.; Bouchal, T.; Bednarik, M., 2012:
Optimization of building site category determination in an undermined area prior to and after exhausting coal seams

Bybee, Karen, 2011:
Optimization of completions in unconventional reservoirs

Dritsa, V.; Rigas, F.; Doulia, D.; Avramides, E.J.; Hatzianestis, I., 2009:
Optimization of culture conditions for the biodegradation of lindane by the polypore fungus Ganoderma australe

Atroshchenko, F.G.; Drugov, D.A.; Filin, R.A., 2008:
Optimization of drainage well drilling during open-pit mining at the Lomonosov Deposit

Zhu, X.B.; Wu, J.C.; Wu, J.F.; Ye, S.J., 2011:
Optimization of groundwater pumping considering land subsidence in the Yangtze Delta, China

Fang, C.; Xiong, Y.; Liang, Q.; Li, Y.; Peng, P.'an, 2011:
Optimization of headspace single-drop microextraction technique for extraction of light hydrocarbons C6 -C12 and its potential applications

Bayer, P.; de Paly, M.; Buerger, C.M., 2010:
Optimization of high-reliability-based hydrological design problems by robust automatic sampling of critical model realizations

Gao, Q.; Kang, M.; Xu, H.; Jiang, Y.; Yang, J., 2010:
Optimization of land use structure and spatial pattern for the semi-arid loess hilly-gully region in China

Tucker, J.M.; Dyar, M.D.; Schaefer, M.W.; Clegg, S.M.; Wiens, R.C., 2010:
Optimization of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for rapid geochemical analysis

Monjezi, M.; Khoshalan, H.A.ini; Varjani, A.A.zdian, 2011:
Optimization of open pit blast parameters using genetic algorithm

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