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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37142

Chapter 37142 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rounds, S.A.; Doyle, M.C.; Edwards, P.M.; Furlong, E.T., 2009:
Reconnaissance of pharmaceutical chemicals in urban streams of the Tualatin River basin, Oregon, 2002

Smith, B.D.; Sarkar, D., 2008:
Reconnaissance study of perchlorate contaminated sites

Hudson, T.L.; Miller, M.L.; Klimasauskas, E.P.; Layer, P.W., 2010:
Reconnaissance study of the Taylor Mountains Pluton, Southwestern Alaska

Friedel, M.J.; Tindall, J.A.; Sardan, D.; Fey, D.L.; Poputa, G.L., 2008:
Reconnaissance study of water quality in the mining-affected Aries River basin, Romania

Ishihara, S.; Tuan Anh, T.; Qin, K., 2010:
Reconnaissance study on sulfur isotopic ratios of lead-zinc ores from North Vietnam

Medioli, B.E.; Brooks, G.R., 2008:
Reconnaissance sub-bottom profiling results from selected lake basins, North Bay, Ontario

Bowles, Z.; Greeley, R., 2011:
Reconnaissance volcanic geology of the Batamote Mountains, Ajo, Arizona

Cross, A.; Jaireth, S.; Rapp, R.; Armstrong, R., 2011:
Reconnaissance-style EPMA chemical U-Th-Pb dating of uraninite

Rawat, P.V.S.; Gairola, B.M.; Singh, R.K., 2009:
Reconnoitery geotechnical studies of Mapang-Sirkari-Bhyol hydro electric project, Pithoragarh district

Xu, H.; Wang, Q., 2009:
Reconsideration of a specimen attributed to Leclercqia complexa Lycopsida from the Lower Devonian of Sichuan, south China

Radhakrishna, B.P., 2008:
Reconsideration of some problems in the Archaean complex of Mysore

Mettos, A.; Rondoyanni, T.; Ioakim, C., 2009:
Reconsideration of the structural relationship between the Parnassus-Ghiona and Vardoussia geotectonic zones in central Greece

Millet, M.-Alban; Doucelance, R.; Baker, J.A.; Schiano, P., 2009:
Reconsidering the origins of isotopic variations in ocean-island basalts; insights from fine scale study of Sao Jorge Island, Azores Archipelago

Bergantz, G.W.; Bachmann, O., 2008:
Reconsidering the proposed derivation of voluminous I and A-type high-silica primary magmas directly by crustal fusion

Santos, R. de Almeida; Garcia, M.J.dite; Motta, J.F.ancisco Marciano; Mello, I.S.rgio Cavalcanti, 2008:
Reconstituicao da paisagem, do vale do Rio Embu-Guacu, ha 38000 anos AP, bacia do Guarapiranga, estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil; uma analise palinologica

Porto, G.P.nheiro; Szlafsztein, C.F.bian, 2008:
Reconstituicao historica da acao antropica na mudanca da paisagem do estado do Para, 1830-1950

Cazzulo-Klepzig, M.; Menegat, R.; Guerra-Sommer, M., 2008:
Reconstrucao das unidades de paisagem e dinamica das turfeiras formadoras dos carvoes permianos do Rio Grande so Sul

Heilbron, M.; Duarte, B.; Valeriano, C. de Morissson; Nogueira, J.R.nato Nogueira; Simonetti, A.; Machado, N., 2008:
Reconstrucao do orogeno Rhyaciano desmembrado nos terrenos da faixa Ribeira

Scherer, C.M.rlon dos Santos; Goldberg, K., 2008:
Reconstrucao do padrao de paleoventos durante o final do Jurassico e o inicio do Cretaceo no Gonduana; inferencia a partir dos estratos cruzados eolicos da formacao Botucatu

Vieira, R.; da Rosa, K.K.llem; Ferrando Acuna, F.J.; Simoes, J.C.rdia, 2008:
Reconstrucao do transporte de sedimentos glaciais, geleiras Wanda e Ecology, ilha Rei George, Antartica

de Oliveira, J.A.meida; Dominguez, J.M.ria Landim, 2008:
Reconstrucao paleogeoambiental do preenchimento do vale inciso do Itapicuru durante o Quaternario

Alves, A. de Souza Paixao; Guimaraes, J.K.cenelenbogen; Dominguez, J.M.ria Landim, 2008:
Reconstrucao preliminar paleoambiental da planicie quaternaria do rio Sao Francisco baseada em analise composicional dos sedimentos

Anonymous, 2013:
Reconstrucci n broncovascular con conducto de pericardio bovino y reintervenci n quir rgica por trombosis con revascularizaci n

Frauenfeld, O.W.; Knappenberger, P.C.; Michaels, P.J., 2010:
Reconstructed Greenland melt extent for the past two and a quarter centuries

Kipfmueller, Kurt, F., 2008:
Reconstructed summer temperature in the Northern Rocky Mountains wilderness, USA

Guo, Q.; Strauss, H.; Kaufman, A.J.; Schroeder, S.; Gutzmer, J.; Wing, B.; Baker, M.A.; Bekker, A.; Jin, Q.; Kim, S.-Tae; Farquhar, J., 2009:
Reconstructing Earths surface oxidation across the Archean-Proterozoic transition

Kamenos, N.A.; Hoey, T.B.; Nienow, P.; Fallick, A.E.; Claverie, T., 2012 :
Reconstructing Greenland ice sheet runoff using coralline algae

Stehly, L.; Campillo, M.; Froment, B.; Weaver, R.L., 2008:
Reconstructing Greens function by correlation of the coda of the correlation C3 of ambient seismic noise

Burgess, S.N.; Henderson, G.M.; Hall, B.L., 2010:
Reconstructing Holocene conditions under the McMurdo Ice Shelf using Antarctic barnacle shells

Clement, A.; Sloss, C.; Fuller, I., 2009:
Reconstructing Holocene eustatic sea-level change in New Zealand

Herrmann, M.; Lu, X.; Berking, J.; Schuett, B.; Yao, T.; Mosbrugger, V., 2010:
Reconstructing Holocene vegetation and climate history of Nam Co area Tibet, using pollen and other palynomorphs

Sun, B.; Wu, J.; Liu, Y.-Sheng Christopher; Ding, S.; Li, X.; Xie, S.; Yan, D.; Lin, Z., 2011:
Reconstructing Neogene vegetation and climates to infer tectonic uplift in western Yunnan, China

Thornalley, D.J.R.; Elderfield, H.; McCave, I.N.ck, 2011:
Reconstructing North Atlantic deglacial surface hydrography and its link to the Atlantic overturning circulation

Martinetto, E.; Vassio, E., 2010:
Reconstructing Plant Community Scenarios by means of palaeocarpological data from the CENOFITA database, with an example from the Ca Viettone site Pliocene, northern Italy

Narbonne, G.M.; Laflamme, M.; Greentree, C.; Trusler, P., 2009:
Reconstructing a lost world; Ediacaran rangeomorphs from Spaniards Bay, Newfoundland

Kehew, A.E.; Milewski, A.; Soliman, F., 2010:
Reconstructing an extreme flood from boulder transport and rainfall-runoff modelling; Wadi Isla, south Sinai, Egypt

Knapp, P.A.; Soule, P.T., 2011:
Reconstructing annual area burned in the Northern Rockies, USA; AD 1626-2008

Montanez, I.P.; Tabor, N.J., 2009:
Reconstructing atmospheric pCO2 in the deep-time; constraints and limitations

Yde, J.C.; Paasche, O., 2010:
Reconstructing climate change; not all glaciers suitable

Fehrenbacher, J.; Martin, P., 2009:
Reconstructing deep ocean carbonate ion during the LGM and deglaciation using foraminiferal Mg/Ca

Horner, T.J.; Henderson, G.M.; Rickaby, R.E.M.; Adkins, J.F., 2012:
Reconstructing deep-ocean nutrients with paired Cd/Ca and Cd isotopes in deep-sea corals

Piotrowski, A.M.; Galy, A.; Nicholl, J.A.L.; Roberts, N.; Wilson, D.J.; Clegg, J.A.; Yu, J., 2012:
Reconstructing deglacial North and South Atlantic deep water sourcing using foraminiferal Nd isotopes

Noble, J.R.; Briner, J.P.; Thomas, E.K.; Ridgeway, M.L., 2008:
Reconstructing detailed proglacial lake sedimentation using multiple cores from Big Round Lake, northeastern Baffin Island, Arctic Canada

Davi, N.; Jacoby, G.; Fang, K.; Li, J.; D'Arrigo, R.; Baatarbileg, N.; Robinson, D., 2010:
Reconstructing drought variability for Mongolia based on a large-scale tree ring network; 1520-1993

Banks, W.E.; D'Errico, F.; Peterson, A.T.wnsend; Kageyama, M.; Colombeau, G., 2008:
Reconstructing ecological niches and geographic distributions of caribou Rangifer tarandus and red deer Cervus elaphus during the last glacial maximum

Nelson, C.E.; Jerram, D.A.; Hobbs, R.W.; Terrington, R.; Kessler, H., 2011:
Reconstructing flood basalt lava flows in three dimensions using terrestrial laser scanning

van Hinsberg, V.J.; Williams-Jones, A.E., 2008:
Reconstructing fluid chemistry from mineral-fluid partitioning using the lattice-strain model

Martinez Cortizas, A.; Peiteado Varela, E.; Bindler, R.; Biester, H.; Cheburkin, A.; Sanchez Cabeza, J.-Albert ; Mulsow, S., 2012:
Reconstructing historical Pb and Hg pollution in NW Spain using multiple cores from the Chao de Lamoso Bog Xistral Mountains

Gracia, F.J.; Alonso, C.; Benavente, J.; Medina, J.M.; del Rio, L.; Anfuso, G., 2009:
Reconstructing historical tsunami wave refraction-diffraction processes by combining morphosedimentary records and propagation models

Menounos, B.; Clague, J.J., 2008:
Reconstructing hydro-climatic events and glacier fluctuations over the past millennium from annually laminated sediments of Cheakamus Lake, southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

Turchyn, A.V.; Alt, J.C.; Brown, S.T.; DePaolo, D.J.; Coggon, R.M.; Chi, G.; Skulski, T.; Bedard, J.H., 2009:
Reconstructing hydrothermal vent chemistry through analysis of vein minerals

Muratli, J.; Chase, Z.; Mix, A.; McManus, J., 2008:
Reconstructing intermediate watermass variability in the Southeast Pacific during the past approximately 30ka; a multi-proxy study

Eggenhuisen, J.T.; McCaffrey, W.D.; Haughton, P.D.W.; Butler, R.W.H.; Moore, I.; Jarvie, A.; Hakes, W.G., 2010:
Reconstructing large scale remobilisation of deep-water deposits and its impact on sand body architecture from cored wells; the Lower Cretaceous Britannia sandstone formation, UK North Sea

Andrew, J.E.; Walker, J.D.uglas, 2009 :
Reconstructing late Cenozoic deformation in central Panamint Valley, California; evolution of slip partitioning in the Walker Lane

Badding, Michael, E., 2012:
Reconstructing late Pleistocene deglaciation and Holocene glacial advance using lacustrine sediments and10 Be exposure dating, Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska

Gonzalez, C.; Dupont, L.M.; Mertens, K.; Wefer, G., 2008:
Reconstructing marine productivity of the Cariaco Basin during Marine Isotope Stages 3 and 4 using organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts

Alan, D.W.namaker Jr.; Steffen Hetzinger; Jochen Halfar, 2011:
Reconstructing mid- to high-latitude marine climate and ocean variability using bivalves, coralline algae, and marine sediment cores from the Northern Hemisphere

Engel, M.; Knipping, M.; Brueckner, H.; Kiderlen, M.; Kraft, J.C., 2009:
Reconstructing middle to late Holocene palaeogeographies of the lower Messenian Plain southwestern Peloponnese, Greece; coastline migration, vegetation history and sea level change

Baeteman, C.; Waller, M.; Kiden, P., 2011:
Reconstructing middle to late Holocene sea-level change; a methodological review with particular reference to A new Holocene sea-level curve for the southern North Sea presented by K-E Behre

Kim, J.-Woo; Pachepsky, Y.A., 2010:
Reconstructing missing daily precipitation data using regression trees and artificial neural networks for SWAT streamflow simulation

Mclauchlan, Kendra, K., 2008:
Reconstructing nutrient and energy flows through terrestrial ecosystems of the Holocene

McGowan, H.; Marx, S.; Denholm, J.; Soderholm, J.; Kamber, B.S., 2009:
Reconstructing palaeo-annual inflows to the headwater catchments of the Murray River, Australia

Torrecillas, C.; Berrocoso, M.; Felpeto, A.; Torrecillas, M.D.; Garcia, A., 2013:
Reconstructing palaeo-volcanic geometries using a geodynamic regression model GRM; application to Deception Island Volcano South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

de Smedt, P.; van Meirvenne, M.; Meerschman, E.; Saey, T.; Bats, M.; Court-Picon, M.; de Reu, J.; Zwertvaegher, A.; Antrop, M.; Bourgeois, J.; de Maeyer, P.; Finke, P.A.; Verniers, J.; Crombe, P., 2011:
Reconstructing palaeochannel morphology with a mobile multicoil electromagnetic induction sensor

Terwilliger, V.J.; Eshetu, Z.; Colman, A.; Bekele, T.; Gezahgne, A.; Fogel, M.L., 2008:
Reconstructing palaeoenvironment from delta13 C and delta15N values of soil organic matter; a calibration from arid and wetter elevation transects in Ethiopia

Boch, R.; Spoetl, C., 2011:
Reconstructing palaeoprecipitation from an active cave flowstone

Partin, J.W.; Banner, J.L.; Jenson, J.W.; Taylor, F.W.; Quinn, T.M.; Sinclair, D.; Cardenas, M.B.yani, 2009:
Reconstructing paleo-rainfall in the western tropical Pacific; developing speleothem proxies

Foreman, B.Z.; Fricke, H.C.; Lohmann, K.C.; Rogers, R.R., 2011:
Reconstructing paleocatchments by integrating stable isotope records, sedimentology, and taphonomy; a Late Cretaceous case study Montana, United States

Nemeth, K.; Goth, K.; Martin, U.; Csillag, G.; Suhr, P., 2008:
Reconstructing paleoenvironment, eruption mechanism and paleomorphology of the Pliocene Pula Maar, Hungary

Thomas, David, S.G., 2013:
Reconstructing paleoenvironments and palaeoclimates in drylands; what can landform analysis contribute?

Severmann, S.; Anbar, A.D., 2009:
Reconstructing paleoredox conditions through a multitracer approach; the key to the past is the present

Jonsson, C.E.; Andersson, S.; Rosqvist, G.C.; Leng, M.J., 2010:
Reconstructing past atmospheric circulation changes using oxygen isotopes in lake sediments from Sweden

Zhao, J.-Xin; Yu, K., 2010:
Reconstructing past extreme events based on U-series dating of uplifted reef blocks and lagoon sediments

Conedera, M.; Tinner, W.; Neff, C.; Meurer, M.; Dickens, A.F.; Krebs, P., 2009:
Reconstructing past fire regimes; methods, applications, and relevance to fire management and conservation

Coggon, R.M.; Teagle, D.A.H.; Smith-Duque, C.E.; Alt, J.C.; Cooper, M.J., 2010:
Reconstructing past seawater Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca from mid-ocean ridge flank calcium carbonate veins

Slomp, C.P.; Kraal, P.; Reed, D.C.; Tsandev, I., 2009:
Reconstructing phosphorus and carbon cycling during Cretaceous oceanic anoxic events; why we need modern analogues

Panigrahi, M.K.; Naik, R.K.; Pandit, D.; Misra, K.C., 2008:
Reconstructing physico-chemical parameters of hydrothermal mineralization of copper at the Malanjkhand Deposit, India, from mineral chemistry of biotite, chlorite and epidote

Taylor, K.W.R.; Hollis, C.J.; Pancost, R.D., 2011:
Reconstructing post Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary climate and ecology at mid-Waipara River and Branch Stream, New Zealand

Woodroffe, S.A.; Long, A.J., 2010:
Reconstructing recent relative sea-level changes in West Greenland; local diatom-based transfer functions are superior to regional models

Sandin, Stuart, A., 2009:
Reconstructing reef ecology with insights from remote island areas

Eggenhuisen, J.T.; McCaffrey, B.; Haughton, P.; Butler, R., 2008:
Reconstructing remobilisation of deepwater reservoir sequences from core data; the Britannia Sandstone Formation, UK North Sea

Grand Pre, C.A.; Horton, B.P.; Kelsey, H.M.; Rubin, C.M.; Hawkes, A.; Natawidjaja, D.; Graham, R.W., 2008:
Reconstructing repeated paleoearthquakes on the Sunda subduction megathrust, northern Sumatra

Luo, Q.; Xiang, C., 2012:
Reconstructing reservoir forming processes based on results from seismic inversion and seismic attribute analysis

Howard, L.C.; Wood, P.J.; Greenwood, M.T.; Rendell, H.M., 2009:
Reconstructing riverine paleo-flow regimes using subfossil insects Coleoptera and Trichoptera; the application of the LIFE methodology to paleochannel sediments

de Vernal, A.; Hillaire-Marcel, C.; Solignac, S.; Radi, T., 2008:
Reconstructing sea ice conditions in the Arctic and sub-Arctic prior to human observations

Cahyarini, S.Y.dawati; Pfeiffer, M.; Timm, O.; Dullo, W.C.; Schoenberg, D.G.rbe, 2008:
Reconstructing sea water delta18 O from paired coral delta18 O and Sr/Ca ratios; methods, error analysis and problems, with examples from Tahiti French Polynesia and Timor; Indonesia

Feldmeijer, W.; de Nooijer, L.; Ganssen, G.; Reichart, G.-Jan, 2011:
Reconstructing seasonality using Mg/Ca palaeothermometry; a multi species, single specimen approach

Balter, V.; Lecuyer, C.; Barrat, J.-Alix, 2011:
Reconstructing seawater Sr/Ca during the last 70 My using fossil fish tooth enamel

Dopieralska, Jolanta, 2009:
Reconstructing seawater circulation on the Moroccan shelf of Gondwana during the Late Devonian; evidence from Nd isotope composition of conodonts

Goosse, H.; Crespin, E.; de Montety, A.; Mann, M.E.; Renssen, H.; Timmermann, A., 2010:
Reconstructing surface temperature changes over the past 600 years using climate model simulations with data assimilation

Turner-Walker, G.; Jans, M., 2008:
Reconstructing taphonomic histories using histological analysis

Larocque-Tobler, Isabelle, 2010:
Reconstructing temperature at Egelsee, Switzerland, using North American and Swedish chironomid transfer functions; potential and pitfalls

Boisserie, J.-Renaud; Delagnes, A.; Beyene, Y.; Schuster, M., 2010:
Reconstructing the African background to human expansions in Eurasia; new research in the Shungura Formation, Ethiopia

Vinnels, J.; Butler, R.; McCaffrey, B.; Apps, G.; Lickorish, H.; Peel, F., 2008:
Reconstructing the Alpine foreland basin of SE France; new insights from the Annot and Champsaur turbidite systems

Seton, M.; Mueller, R.D.etmar; Gaina, C., 2010:
Reconstructing the Early Jurassic to present Pacific and proto-Pacific basins; implications for Circum-Pacific plate margins

Richardson, J.M.; Fuller, I.C.; Holt, K.A.; Litchfield, N.J.; Macklin, M.G., 2010:
Reconstructing the Holocene alluvial record of Northland, New Zealand

Queano, K.L.; Ali, J.R.; Pubellier, M.; Yumul, G.P.J.; Dimalanta, C.B., 2009:
Reconstructing the Mesozoic-early Cenozoic evolution of northern Philippines; clues from palaeomagnetic studies on the ophiolitic basement of the Central Cordillera

Stevens, M.; Baker, J.A.; Carter, L.; Wysoczanski, R., 2008 :
Reconstructing the Miocene-Pliocene evolution of an extinct silicic system; chronostratigraphic and petrogenetic insights from major and trace element analyses of single glass shards, offshore North; Island, NZ

Arsouze, T.; Dutay, J.-Claude; Lacan, F.; Jeandel, C., 2009:
Reconstructing the Nd oceanic cycle using a coupled dynamical; biogeochemical model

Cannon, W.F.; Schulz, K.J.; Miller, J.D.; Jr ; Hudak, G.J.; Peterson, D.M., 2009:
Reconstructing the Penokean foreland basin using the timeline of the 1850 Ma Sudbury impact layer

Allan, A.S.R.; Baker, J.A.; Carter, L.; Wysoczanksi, R.J., 2008:
Reconstructing the Quaternary evolution of the worlds most active silicic volcanic system; insights from an approximately 165 Ma deep ocean tephra record sourced from Taupo volcanic zone, New; Zealand

Vogel, S.; Marker, M., 2010:
Reconstructing the Roman topography and environmental features of the Sarno River plain Italy before the AD 79 eruption of Somma-Vesuvius

Vandenbroucke, T.R.A.; Nardin, E.; Bennett, C.; Armstrong, H.A., 2012:
Reconstructing the climate of the Ordovician

Fernandes, A.M.; Petter, A.; Mohrig, D.; Steel, R., 2012:
Reconstructing the depositional conditions associated with bank-attached bars in submarine channels of the upper Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas

Zabrusky, K.; Andrews-Hanna, J.C.; Wiseman, S.M., 2012:
Reconstructing the distribution and depositional history of the sedimentary deposits of Arabia Terra, Mars

Montes Arboleda, A.; Crosato, A.; Middelkoop, H., 2010:
Reconstructing the early 19th-century Waal River by means of a 2D physics-based numerical model

Niwa, M.; Mizuochi, Y.; Tanase, A., 2009:
Reconstructing the evolution of fault zone architecture; field-based study of the core region of the Atera Fault, central Japan

Najman, Y.; Bickle, M.; Garzanti, E.; Pringle, M.; Barfod, D.; Brozovic, N.; Burbank, D.; Ando, S., 2009:
Reconstructing the exhumation history of the Lesser Himalaya, NW India, from a multitechnique provenance study of the foreland basin Siwalik Group

Gutierrez, F.; Lucha, P.; Galve, J.P.dro, 2010:
Reconstructing the geochronological evolution of large landslides by means of the trenching technique in the Yesa Reservoir Spanish Pyrenees

Duehnforth, M.; Anderson, R.S., 2011:
Reconstructing the glacial history of Green Lakes Valley, North Boulder Creek, Colorado Front Range

Lopez-Merino, L.; Lopez-Saez, J.A.; Zapata, M.B.R.iz; Gil Garcia, M.J., 2008:
Reconstructing the history of beech Fagus sylvatica L in the north-western Iberian Range Spain; from late-glacial refugia to the Holocene anthropic-induced forests

Matmon, A.; Ron, H.; Chazan, M.; Porat, N.; Horwitz, L.K., 2011:
Reconstructing the history of sediment deposition in caves; a case study from Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa

Greenwood, S.L.; Clark, C.D., 2009:
Reconstructing the last Irish ice sheet; 1, Changing flow geometries and ice flow dynamics deciphered from the glacial landform record

Greenwood, S.L.; Clark, C.D., 2009:
Reconstructing the last Irish ice sheet; 2, A geomorphologically-driven model of ice sheet growth, retreat and dynamics

L.B.ocq, A.M.; Bentley, M.J.; Hubbard, A.; Fogwill, C.J.; Sugden, D.E.; Whitehouse, P.L., 2011:
Reconstructing the last glacial maximum ice sheet in the Weddell Sea Embayment, Antarctica, using numerical modelling constrained by field evidence

Ravizza, G.; Paquay, F.; Vonderhaar, D., 2010:
Reconstructing the marine Os record; lessons from pelagic sediments

Goudemand, N.; Orchard, M.J.; Urdy, S.; Bucher, H.; Tafforeau, P., 2012:
Reconstructing the mouth of the first vertebrates

Fischer, J.; Voigt, S.; Schneider, J.W.; Franz, M.; Joachimski, M.M., 2009:
Reconstructing the palaeoecology of the hybodont shark Lissodus of the Rhaetian Central European Basin using oxygen isotopes

Wierzbowski, H.; Rogov, M.A., 2011:
Reconstructing the palaeoenvironment of the Middle Russian Sea during the Middle-Late Jurassic transition using stable isotope ratios of cephalopod shells and variations in faunal assemblages

Ravazzi, C.; Pini, R.; Breda, M., 2009:
Reconstructing the palaeoenvironments of the early Pleistocene mammal faunas from the pollen preserved on fossil bones

Williams, F.L.Engle; Patterson, J.W., 2010:
Reconstructing the paleoecology of Taung, South Africa from low magnification of dental microwear features in fossil Primates

Briguglio, A.; Hohenegger, J., 2009:
Reconstructing the paleoenvironment of nummulitid strata; transport, erosion and deposition

Mann, P.; Horn, M.; Bingham, L.; Gahagan, L., 2008:
Reconstructing the paleopositions of 27 giant oil and gas clusters through geologic time

Pringle, J.; Murphy, B.H.; Font, R., 2008:
Reconstructing the past; considerations in the development of a museum archival program

Sanroma, E.; Palle, E., 2012:
Reconstructing the photometric light curves of Earth as a planet along its history

N.F.laithearta, S.; Reichart, G.-Jan; Jorissen, F.J.; Fontanier, C.; Rohling, E.J.; Thomson, J.; de Lange, G.J., 2010:
Reconstructing the seafloor environment during sapropel formation using benthic foraminiferal trace metals, stable isotopes, and sediment composition

Steinke, S.; Mohtadi, M.; Groeneveld, J.; Lin, L.-Chuan; Loewemark, L.; Chen, M.-Te; Rendle-Buehring, R., 2010:
Reconstructing the southern South China Sea upper water column structure since the last glacial maximum; implications for the East Asian winter monsoon development

Elfrihmat, Y.; Hebbeln, D.; Mhammdi, N.; Mohtadi, M., 2010:
Reconstructing the water mass structure along the Moroccan Atlantic Margin approximately 35 degrees from the last glaciation to the Holocene

Petherick, L.M.; McGowan, H.A.; Kamber, B.S., 2009:
Reconstructing transport pathways for late Quaternary dust from eastern Australia using the composition of trace elements of long traveled dusts

Srisutam, C.; Wagner, J.-Frank, 2010:
Reconstructing tsunami run-up from the characteristics of tsunami deposits on the Thai Andaman coast

Panteleev, G.; Nechaev, D.A.; Proshutinsky, A.; Woodgate, R.; Zhang, J., 2010:
Reconstruction and analysis of the Chukchi Sea circulation in 1990-1991

Peng, Peng, 2010:
Reconstruction and interpretation of giant mafic dyke swarms; a case study of 178 Ga magmatism in the North China Craton

Brunschoen, C.; Behling, H., 2010:
Reconstruction and visualization of upper forest line and vegetation changes in the Andean Depression region of southeastern Ecuador since the last glacial maximum; a multi-site synthesis

Sakamoto, R.; Kiyokawa, S.; Ito, T.; Ikehara, M.; Naraoka, H.; Yamaguchi, K.E.; Suganuma, Y., 2010:
Reconstruction of 32 Ga ocean floor environment from cores of DXCL drilling project, Pilbara, Western Australia; results of stratigraphic analysis and sulfur isotope analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Reconstruction of Femur Length from its Fragments

Reimann, T.; Tsukamoto, S.; Harff, J.; Osadczuk, K.; Frechen, M., 2011:
Reconstruction of Holocene coastal foredune progradation using luminescence dating; an example from the Swina Barrier southern Baltic Sea, NW Poland

Saegusa, Y.; Sugai, T.; Ogami, T.; Kashima, K.; Sasao, E., 2011:
Reconstruction of Holocene environmental changes in the Kiso-Ibi-Nagara compound river delta, Nobi Plain, central Japan, by diatom analyses of drilling cores

Zuhlsdorf, C.; MacDonald, G.; Moser, K.A.; Tingstad, A., 2009:
Reconstruction of Holocene paleoclimate of the Uinta Mountains, Utah

Rashid, T.; Monsur, M.H.ssain; Suzuki, S.; Ooi, N., 2009:
Reconstruction of Holocene paleoenvironment and evidence of sea-level changes in the Bengal Lowland

Shibata, K.; Ota, K.; Matsukawa, M., 2011:
Reconstruction of Jomon ecosystems in the Kanto region based on Yoshii and Kayama shell mounds, Hashidate rock shelter, and Kasori shell mounds

Price, G.D.; Teece, C., 2010:
Reconstruction of Jurassic Bathonian palaeosalinity using stable isotopes and faunal associations

Gehler, A.; Pack, A., 2009:
Reconstruction of Paleogene CO2; concentrations based on oxygen triple isotope analyses of mammal bone and tooth phosphate

Terhorst, B.; Damm, B.; Peticzka, R.; Koettritsch, E., 2009:
Reconstruction of Quaternary landscape formation as a tool to understand present geomorphological processes in the eastern Prealps Austria

Gebhardt, C.; Kuehl, N.; Hense, A.; Litt, T., 2008:
Reconstruction of Quaternary temperature fields by dynamically consistent smoothing

Hippensteel, Scott, P., 2008:
Reconstruction of a Civil War landscape; Little Folly Island, South Carolina

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Recursos Familiares e Desempenho de Crian as em Compreens o de Leitura

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Rediscover Victoria in 3D

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