Section 38
Chapter 37,149

SAGE at 30

Baldridge, W.S.; Braile, L.W.; Biehler, S.; Jiracek, G.R.; Ferguson, J.F.; Hasterok, D.; Pellerin, L.; Bedrosian, P.A.; McPhee, D.K.; Snelson, C.M.; Clark,; Dean

Leading Edge (Tulsa, OK) 31.6


DOI: 10.1190/tle31060702.1
Accession: 037148007

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As you receive this issue of The Leading Edge the Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience (SAGE) will be starting our 30th field season. SAGE is a unique educational program that combines teaching and research as a partnership between universities, industry, government agencies and professional societies. SAGE includes a four-week period based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and one-week workshop in the following January for undergraduates, at San Diego State University, which allows us to enhance their research experience. We teach the principles and applications of refraction and reflection seismics, magnetics, gravity, GPS, several electromagnetic (EM) methods and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) in a field-based, hands-on setting. The central research activity of SAGE is the acquisition and interpretation of geophysical field data. Students learn geophysics by doing geophysics--a discovery oriented approach.

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