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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37155

Chapter 37155 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Series des cartes geophysiques, leve magnetique aeroporte de la region de la baie dUngava, Quebec, SNRC 24 K/15 et partie de 24 K/14--Geophysical series, airborne magnetic survey of the Ungava Bay; area, Quebec, NTS 24 K/15 and part of 24 K/14
, Geological Survey of Canada: 2 sheets (2010)

Series in progress; antiquities of nature, numismatics and stone implements in the emergence of prehistoric archaeology
, History of Science 48, 3/4.161 (2010)

Series of asymmetric pulses in the low-frequency range periods of 1-300 min of microseisms as indicators of a metastable state in seismically active zones
, Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth 44(4) (2008)

Series solution of non-similarity boundary-layer flows over a porous wedge
, Transport in Porous Media 83.2 (2010)

Seriously southerly seismic; 3D acquisition in Tierra del Fuego
, Leading Edge (Tulsa, OK) 28.6 (2009)

Seroprevalence of small ruminant lentivirus infection in Ontario goat herds
, Small Ruminant Research (2013)

Seroprevalensi dan isolasi toxoplasma gondii pada ayam kampung di bali seroprevalence and isolation of toxoplasma gondii among free-range chickens in bali
, Unknown (2013)

Serpentine and brucite intergrowths; effects on delta11 B
, Mineralogical Magazine 75.3: 1506 (2011)

Serpentine and chlorite as effective Ni-Cu sinks during weathering of the Aguablanca sulphide deposit SW Spain; TEM evidence for metal-retention mechanisms in sheet silicates
, European Journal of Mineralogy 23.2 (2011)

Serpentine and serpentinization; a link between planet formation and life
, Geology (Boulder) 38.10 (2010)

Serpentine dehydration recorded by garnet peridotites and chlorite hazburgites from Cima di Gagnone
, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73.13S: A1166 (2009)

Serpentine gold, a case study; congruency of alluvial gold, hard-rock shears and geophysical features highlights new exploration targets in historic gold district
, Annual General Meeting and Conference - The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, New Zealand Branch 41: 625-629 (2008)

Serpentine mineral replacements of natural olivine and their seismic implications; oceanic lizardite versus subduction-related antigorite
, Journal of Petrology 51.1-2 (2010)

Serpentine minerals discrimination by thermal analysis
, American Mineralogist 95.4 (2010)

Serpentinite deformation in subducting plates and implications for seismic anisotropy in supra-subduction zone environments
, Geological Society of Australia 102: 116 (2012)

Serpentinite hosted hydrothermal systems of mid-ocean ridges; kinetic and thermodynamic modeling of downwelling limb of a hydrothermal circulation cell
, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73.13S: A1222 (2009)

Serpentinite phase relations as a monitor of hydrogen production
, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72.12S: A479 (2008)

Serpentinite schists in an intraoceanic island arc; exhumation by extension?
, Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Geowissenschaften 60: 280 (2008)

Serpentinites act as sponges for fluid-mobile elements in abyssal and subduction zone environments
, Terra Nova 23.3 (2011)

Serpentinites and low-K island arc metavolcanic rocks in the lower Koli Nappe of the central Scandinavian Caledonides; Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician serpentinite mud volcanoes in a fore-arc; basin?
, Tectonophysics 541-543 (2012)

Serpentinites from Cabo Ortegal Galicia, Spain; a search for correct use as ornamental stones
, Geological Society Special Publications 333: 81-85 (2010)

Serpentinization in the trench-outer rise region offshore of Nicaragua; constraints from seismic refraction and wide-angle data
, Geophysical Journal International 180.3 (2010)

Serpentinization of oceanic peridotites; 2, Kinetics and processes of San Carlos Olivine hydrothermal alteration
, Journal of Geophysical Research 117.B4 (2012)

Serpentinization of the Martian crust during Noachian
, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 277.1-2 (2009)

Serpentinization of ultramafic rocks and the source of metals in Co-bearing massive sulfide deposits
, Metallogeniya Drevnikh i Sovremennykh Okeanov Materialy Nauchnoy Studencheskoy Shkoly 14: 26-30 (2008)

Serpentinization, carbon, and deep life
, Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 75.1: 575-606 (2013)

Serpentinized olivine-rich gabbros near the Kairei hydrothermal field, Central Indian Ridge; a key to understanding the unique chemistry of the vent fluid
, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72.12S: A670 (2008)

Serpentinized troctolites exposed near the Kairei hydrothermal field, Central Indian Ridge; insights into the origin of the Kairei hydrothermal fluid supporting a unique microbial ecosystem
, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 280.1-4 (2009)

Serphitid wasps in Early Cretaceous amber from Spain Hymenoptera, Serphitidae
, Cretaceous Research 32.2 (2011)

Serpukhovian foraminiferal markers from central Morocco
, Record - Geological Survey of Western Australia: 116 (2011)

Serpulid-Frutexites assemblage from shadow-cryptic environments in Jurassic marine caves, Betic Cordillera, southern Spain
, Palaios 25.7 (2010)

Serpulidni cervi z lokality pribojove facie morskeho cenomanu Predboj u Prahy ze sbirky dr Olgy Nekvasilove; Cast 1
, Zpravy o Geologickych Vyzkumech v Roce 2011: 120-123 (2012)

Serpulidni cervi z lokality pribojove facie morskeho cenomanu Predboj u Prahy ze sbirky dr Olgy Nekvasilove; Cast 2
, Zpravy o Geologickych Vyzkumech v Roce 2011: 124-127 (2012)

Serra Geral Group in the Parana Basin; an optimized volcanic stratigraphy
, Anais do Congresso - Sociedade Brasileira de Geologia 44 (2008)

Serrated quartz grain boundaries, temperature and strain rate; testing fractal techniques in a syntectonic granite
, Geological Society Special Publications 332: 35-48 (2010)

Serrinha waste pile Douro coalfield basin, Portugal; organic petrology and geochemical characterization
, Abstracts and Program - Society for Organic Petrology. Meeting 26: 80 (2009)

Serum IL-10 as a marker of severe dengue infection
, Bmc Infectious Diseases 13: 341 (2013)

Serum S100A12 levels are associated with the presence and severity of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in male patients
, Sleep and Breathing 18(2): 269-274 (2014)

Serum serotonin concentration is associated with severity of myxomatous mitral valve disease in dogs
, Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 27(5): 1105-1112 (2013)

Serum tenascin-C: a novel biomarker for diagnosis and predicting prognosis of rheumatic carditis?
, Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 59(6): 476-482 (2013)

Serum from minimal change patients in relapse increases CD80 expression in cultured podocytes
, Pediatric Nephrology 28(9): 1803-1812 (2013)

Serum micro RNAs levels in primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
, Pediatric Nephrology 28(9): 1797-1801 (2013)

Service limit state resistance factors for drilled shafts
, Geotechnique 59.1 (2009)

Set7/9 impacts COL2A1 expression through binding and repression of SirT1 histone deacetylation
, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research: the Official Journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 29(2): 348-360 (2014)

Setting a vision for fluvial geomorphology in the Port Phillip and Westernport region, Victoria
, Programme with Abstracts - International Geomorphology Conference 7 (2009)

Setting and history of the Blake River Group near Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec
, Abstract Volume (Geological Association of Canada) 33: 133 (2008)

Setting industry standards for tailings management
, The AusIMM Bulletin (1990) (2012)

Setting priorities for stroke care and research
, International Journal of Stroke: Official Journal of the International Stroke Society 8(6): 445-446 (2013)

Setting the length and time scales of a cellular automaton dune model from the analysis of superimposed bed forms
, Journal of Geophysical Research 114.F3 (2009)

Setting the scene for self-destruction; from sheet intrusions to the structural evolution of rifted stratovolcanoes
, Geosphere 6.3 (2010)

Setting up a monitoring network of mountain permafrost in the Alps
, European Conference on Permafrost 3: 26 (2010)

Setting, stratigraphic architecture, and diagenesis of spiculite platform-to-basin systems; Mississippian, south-central Kansas
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2008)

Settle3D; a numerical generator for artificial porous media
, Computers and Geosciences 34.12 (2008)

Settlement analysis of shallow foundations on sand
, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Geotechnical Engineering 164(5) (2011)

Settlement of piled foundations using equivalent raft approach
, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Geotechnical Engineering 163(2) (2010)

Settlement prediction by spatial-temporal random process using Asaokas method
, Georisk 4.4 (2010)

Settlement prediction in a vertical drainage-installed soft clay deposit using the genetic algorithm GA back-analysis
, Marine Georesources and Geotechnology 27.1 (2009)

Settlement relocations in the char-lands of Padma River basin in Ganges Delta, Bangladesh
, Frontiers of Earth Science in China 4.4 (2010)

Settling and compaction of olivine in basaltic magmas; an experimental study on the time scales of cumulate formation
, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 164.6 (2012)

Settling characteristics of clay-rich coal mine tailings
, Congres Geologique International, Resumes 34: 3196 (2012)

Settling equivalence of detrital minerals and grain-size dependence of sediment composition
, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 273.1-2 (2008)

Settling process and shock wave of cohesive sediment
, The Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference 19, 2: 122-127 (2009)

Settling velocity, aggregate stability, and interrill erodibility of soils varying in clay mineralogy
, Soil Science Society of America Journal 73.4 (2009)

Setulfs, modern and ancient; formative mechanism, preservation bias and palaeoenvironmental implications
, Sedimentary Geology 238.1-2 (2011)

Setup and correlation of Quaternary sediments along the Rhine Bodensee Amphitheatre, Upper Rhine Graben, southwest Germany
, Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Geowissenschaften 68: 159-160 (2010)

Setup for water degassing and argon separation from air
, Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Geowissenschaften 68: 457 (2010)

Seven giant impact fallout layers in the mid-Archean
, Congres Geologique International, Resumes 34: 2909 (2012)

Seven glacial cycles in the middle-late Pleistocene of northwest Europe; geomorphic evidence from buried tunnel valleys
, Geology (Boulder) 39.3 (2011)

Seven microseismic projects in Oman; what have we learned?
, GeoArabia (Manama) 13.1: 118 (2008)

Seven million years of wind and precipitation variability on the Chinese Loess Plateau
, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 297.3-4 (2010)

Seven year experience of enterocutaneous fistula with univariate and multivariate analysis of factors associated with healingdevelopment of a validated scoring system
, Colorectal Disease (2013)

Seven years of observations of Martian seasonal caps onboard Mars Odyssey by HEND instrument
, LPI Contribution: 33-34 (2009)

Seven years of postseismic deformation following the 1999, M = 74 and M = 72, Izmit-Duzce, Turkey earthquake sequence
, Journal of Geophysical Research 114.B7 (2009)

Seven years of postseismic deformation following the 2003 Mw=68 Zemmouri earthquake Algeria from InSAR time series
, Geophysical Research Letters 39.10 (2012)

Seven years record of127 I and129 I in precipitation
, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73.13S: A23 (2009)

Seventeen measured sections of Cambrian Mount Clark and Mount Cap Formations, northern Mackenzie Mountains and Franklin Mountains, Northwest Territories
, Geological Survey of Canada: 77 (2009)

Seventeen new complete mtDNA sequences reveal extensive mitochondrial genome evolution within the Demospongiae
, Plos One 3(7): e2723 (2008)

Seventeen years beneath Hualalai; a summary of caving experience
, Proceedings of the International Congress of Speleology 15, . 2: 703-708 (2009)

Seventh Romanian symposium on Paleontology
, Acta Palaeontologica Romaniae 7: 349 (2011)

Seventh international symposium on environmental changes in east Eurasia and adjacent areas; high resolution environmental records of terrestrial sediments
, Abstract Volume - International Symposium on Environmental Changes in East Eurasia and Adjacent Areas 7: 145 (2008)

Seventh international workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera
, Grzybowski Foundation Special Publication 13: 265 (2008)

Seventh national symposium on Economic geology; mineral resources of Carpathians area
, Romanian Journal of Mineral Deposits 84, c: 141 (2010)

Seventy-six years of mean mass balance rates derived from recent and re-evaluated ice volume measurements on tropical Lewis Glacier, Mount Kenya
, Geophysical Research Letters 38.20 (2011)

Several different strategies for obtaining animal resources in the late middle Pleistocene; the case of level XII at Bolomor Cave Valencia, Spain
, Comptes Rendus Palevol 9.4 (2010)

Several methods and steps in tectono-geochemistry research
, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74.12, Suppl 1: A370 (2010)

Several searches for short-term changes in the lunar surface
, LPI Contribution: 17 (2010)

Several types of NZVIs toxicity and reactivity in the environment
, Congres Geologique International, Resumes 34: 3626 (2012)

Severe eosinophilic pneumonia presenting during gemcitabine adjuvant chemotherapy
, World Journal of Surgical Oncology 11: 167 (2013)

Severe hail frequency over Ontario, Canada; recent trend and variability
, Geophysical Research Letters 35.14 (2008)

Severe structural damage in Cr- and V-rich clinozoisite; relics of an epidote-group mineral with Ca2 Al2 Cr3+ Si3 O12 OH composition?
, European Journal of Mineralogy 23.5 (2011)

Severe tropical weather in West Texas during the early Late Cretaceous?
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2008)

Severe weather field experience; an undergraduate field course on career enhancement and severe convective storms
, Journal of Geoscience Education 59.3 (2011)

Severe wind hazard assessment of Cyclone Tracy using a parametric tropical cyclone model
, AMOS Publication 23: 7 (2008)

Severe wind impact modelling for Cyclone Tracy; 1974 and 2008
, AMOS Publication 23: 138 (2008)

Severely elevated transaminases in an adolescent male with anorexia nervosa
, International Journal of Eating Disorders 46(7): 751-754 (2013)

Severity of household food insecurity is sensitive to change in household income and employment status among low-income families
, Journal of Nutrition 143(8): 1316-1323 (2013)

Severity of the environmental impact of planned mining exploitation of Debiensko I hard coal deposit on the Cistercian Landscape Composition of Rudy Wielkie Landscape Park
, Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi 24.3/1: 453-464 (2008)

Sewage sludge as a sealing layer for the remediation of sulphide-bearing mine tailings; aging and degradation of the barrier material
, Vuorimiesyhdistyksen Tutkimusseloste. Sarja B 92-1: 97 (2011)

Sexual dimorphism and polymorphism in a Callovian Phlycticeras Ammonoidea assemblage of Kutch, India
, Geobios 43.3 (2010)

Sexual dimorphism of structures showing indeterminate growth; tusks of American mastodons Mammut americanum
, Paleobiology 37.2 (2011)

Sexual dimorphism of the frontal appendages of the early Miocene African pecoran Prolibytherium Arambourg, 1961 Mammalia, Ruminantia
, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 30.4 (2010)

Sexual intercourse involving giant sperm in Cretaceous ostracode
, Science 324(5934): 1535 (2009)

Shade estimation over streams using distributed temperature sensing
, Water Resources Research 47.7 (2011)

Shadow analysis of soil surface roughness compared to the chain set method and direct measurement of micro-relief
, Biogeosciences 7.8: 2477-2487 (2010)

Shaft sinking risk analysis through the integration of borehole radar and acoustic televiewer data in deep geotechnical boreholes
, Preview 138: 82 (2009)

Shaft-hole axes from Caput Adriae made from amphibole-rich metabasites; evidence of connections between northeastern Italy and Central Europe during the fifth millennium BC
, Archaeometry 54.3 (2012)

Shake and go; advances in Vibroseis technology
, GeoArabia (Manama) 13.3: 189 (2008)

Shake map methodology for intermediate-depth Vrancea Romania earthquakes
, Earthquake Spectra 25.3 (2009)

Shake, rattle n roll
, Geological Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication 124: 188-191 (2008)

Shake Cast manual
, U. S. Geological Survey: 90 (2008)

Shake Cast; automating and improving the use of ShakeMap for post-earthquake decision-making and response
, Earthquake Spectra 24.2 (2008)

ShakeOut-D; ground motion estimates using an ensemble of large earthquakes on the southern San Andreas Fault with spontaneous rupture propagation
, EOS Transactions American Geophysical Union 89(53 Suppl) (2008)

Shakedown analysis of a slope with cyclic groundwater level
, International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics 34.5 (2010)

Shakedown in Madagascar; occurrence of lavakas erosional gullies associated with seismic activity
, Geology (Boulder) 38.2 (2010)

Shaken Earth; perception of earthquakes in Pakistan after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake
, Abstracts, Annual Meeting - Association of American Geographers (2010)

Shaken and stirred; chilling the crust with earthquakes
, Geology (Boulder) 40.2 (2012)

Shaking maps for scenario earthquakes by applying the upgraded version of the strong ground motion prediction method Recipe
, Pure and Applied Geophysics 168.3-4 (2011)

Shaking table tests on strengthening of masonry structures against earthquake hazard
, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) 10.6: 1209-1220 (2010)

Shaking up the lesson plan
, Seismological Research Letters 79.6 (2008)

Shale analysis using rotary sidewall samples
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2008)

Shale gas exploitation technology evaluation
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2008)

Shale gas in Europe; a regional overview and current research activities
, Petroleum Geology Conference Proceedings 7: 1079-1085 (2010)

Shale gas in the Posidonia Shale, Hils area, Germany
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2010)

Shale gas investigations in Denmark; lower Palaeozoic shales on Bornholm
, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin: 9-12 (2010)

Shale gas plays in thrust belts; examples from the Southern Appalachians
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2009)

Shale gas potential attributes of selected formations from the WCSB; comparison to US shale gas formations
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2008)

Shale gas potential of the Upper Jurassic strata in the central part of the Polish Lowlands
, Mineralogical Magazine 75.3: 2156 (2011)

Shale gas production; potential versus actual greenhouse gas emissions
, Environmental Research Letters 7.4 (2012)

Shale gas workshop
, Geological Survey of Canada: 205 (2012)

Shale gas; US trends and expansion
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2008)

Shale gas; potential energy resources with future prospects
, ASEG Extended Abstracts (2012)

Shale gas; promising prospects worldwide
, JPT. Journal of Petroleum Technology 63.7 (2011)

Shale in a northern Canadian basin; unconventional gas potential of Middle and Upper Devonian strata, Eagle Plain region, Yukon Territory, Canada
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2012)

Shale instability and clay mineralogy; a review
, Mineralogia. Special Papers 33: 176-177 (2008)

Shale problems and water-based drilling fluid optimisation in the Hassi Messaoud Algerian oil field
, Applied Clay Science 49.4 (2010)

Shale tectonics from rifted continental margins; insights from margin scale numerical models that couple deformation to fluid flow
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2008)

Shale to soil; geochemistry and clay mineral transformations
, Mineralogical Magazine 75.3: 446 (2011)

Shale variability in deep-marine depositional systems; implications for seal character, subsurface and outcrop analogs
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2008)

Shale; inhibiting fluids for HDD applications
, Mineralogia. Special Papers 33: 129 (2008)

Shales and shell beds, storms and starvation, substrate and fossils; exploring the ecological and evolutionary impact of mud sedimentation in the Cincinnati Ordovician
, North American Paleontological Convention 9: 170 (2009)

Shallow S-wave velocity structures in the western coastal plain of Taiwan
, TAO, Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 20.2 (2009)

Shallow and deep crustal control on differentiation of calc-alkaline and tholeiitic magma
, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 285.1-2 (2009)

Shallow basins on Mercury; evidence of relaxation?
, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 285.3-4 (2009)

Shallow bathymetric mapping via multistop single photoelectron sensitivity laser ranging
, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 50.11, Part 2 (2012)

Shallow burial dolomitisation of Middle-Upper Permian paleosols in an extensional tectonic context SE Iberian Basin, Spain; controls on temperature of precipitation and source of fluids
, Sedimentary Geology 237.3-4 (2011)

Shallow conduit system at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, revealed by seismic signals associated with degassing bursts
, Journal of Geophysical Research 116.B12 (2011)

Shallow coseismic fault rocks of the Alpine Fault
, Geological Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication 125: 205 (2008)

Shallow creep on the Haiyuan Fault Gansu, China revealed by SAR interferometry
, Journal of Geophysical Research 117.B6 (2012)

Shallow crustal configuration of the Narmada-Son Lineament transition zone near the Sahdol-Katni area of central India using simultaneous gravity and magnetic observations
, Pure and Applied Geophysics 168.5 (2011)

Shallow crustal structure and basal morphology beneath Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica, and its influence on ice dynamics
, Congres Geologique International, Resumes 34: 3600 (2012)

Shallow crustal structure in the Meadowbank River-Tehek Lake area; insights from gravity and magnetic modelling
, Geological Survey of Canada: 42 (2012)

Shallow drilling in the deep sea with the sea floor drill rig MeBo
, Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Geowissenschaften 68: 596 (2010)

Shallow dynamic overshoot and energetic deep rupture in the 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
, Science 332(6036): 1426-1429 (2011)

Shallow erosion beneath turbidity currents and its impact on the architectural development of turbidite sheet systems
, Sedimentology 58.4 (2011)

Shallow flank deformation at Cumbre Vieja Volcano Canary Islands; implications on the stability of steep-sided volcano flanks at oceanic islands
, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 297.3-4 (2010)

Shallow flows over a permeable medium; the hydrodynamics of submerged aquatic canopies
, Transport in Porous Media 78.2 (2009)

Shallow flows; dedicated to Prof Gerhard H Jirka
, Journal of Hydro-environment Research 4.2 (2010)

Shallow gas charged sediments off the Indian west coast; genesis and distribution
, Marine Geology 267.1-2 (2009)

Shallow gas production along the Cedar Creek Anticline in southeastern Montana
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2008)

Shallow geohazard assessment, Repsol YPF Block 30, Demerara Rise, offshore Suriname, South America
, Geological Survey of Canada: 24 (2010)

Shallow geothermal energy in Denmark
, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin: 37-40 (2012)

Shallow ground water temperature response to climate change and urbanization
, Journal of Hydrology 375.3-4 (2009)

Shallow groundwater movement in the Skagit River delta area, Skagit County, Washington
, Scientific Investigations Report 1: 22 (2009)

Shallow groundwater quality and geochemistry in the Fayetteville Shale gas-production area, north-central Arkansas, 2011
, Scientific Investigations Report: 31 (2012)

Shallow groundwater quality in the Village of Patchogue, Suffolk County, New York
, Scientific Investigations Report: 19 (2010)

Shallow heat injection and storage experiment; heat transport simulation and sensitivity analysis
, Journal of Hydrology 409.1-2 (2011)

Shallow impact; isotopic insights into crustal contributions to the Sudbury impact melt sheet
, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74.19: 5680-5696 (2010)

Shallow intraplate earthquakes in Western Australia observed by interferometric synthetic aperture radar
, Journal of Geophysical Research 113.B11 (2008)

Shallow iron oxide-copper-gold hydrothermal systems in the Carajas mineral province, Brazil; example of the Alvo 118 Deposit
, Anais do Congresso - Sociedade Brasileira de Geologia 44 (2008)

Shallow lacustrine carbonate microfacies document orbitally paced lake-level history in the Miocene Teruel Basin north-east Spain
, Sedimentology 56.2 (2009)

Shallow lake trophic status linked to late Holocene climate and human impacts
, Journal of Paleolimnology 42.1 (2009)

Shallow landslide prediction in the Serra do Mar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) 10.9: 1829-1837 (2010)

Shallow lithological structure across the Dead Sea Transform derived from geophysical experiments
, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems - G3 12.7 (2011)

Shallow low-velocity zone of the San Jacinto Fault from local earthquake waveform modelling
, Geophysical Journal International 183.1 (2010)

Shallow magma accumulation at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, revealed by microgravity surveys
, Geology (Boulder) 38.12 (2010)

Shallow magma pathway geometry at Mt Etna Volcano
, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems - G3 9.12 (2008)

Shallow magma transport for the 2002-3 Mt Etna eruption inferred from thermal infrared surveys
, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 177.2 (2008)

Shallow marine ecosystem feedback to the Permian/Triassic mass extinction
, Frontiers of Earth Science 5.1 (2011)

Shallow marine faunal gradients in the Eocene greenhouse
, North American Paleontological Convention 9: 362 (2009)

Shallow marine ostracode turnover in response to environmental change during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in northwest Tunisia
, Journal of African Earth Sciences 59.2-3 (2011)

Shallow marine sulfide mineralization in the southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy
, Abstract Volume (Geological Association of Canada) 33: 191 (2008)

Shallow mass transport complex in a Pleistocene shelf margin delta, northern Gulf of Mexico
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2009)

Shallow oceanic crust; full waveform tomographic images of the seismic layer 2A/2B boundary
, Journal of Geophysical Research 117.B5 (2012)

Shallow origin for South Atlantic Dupal Anomaly from lower continental crust; geochemical evidence from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 26 degrees S
, Lithos 112.1-2 (2009)

Shallow plumbing systems for small-volume basaltic volcanoes
, Bulletin of Volcanology 70.5: 563-582 (2008)

Shallow plumbing systems for small-volume basaltic volcanoes; 2, Evidence from crustal xenoliths at scoria cones and maars
, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 223-224 (2012)

Shallow radar SHARAD sounding observations of the Medusae Fossae Formation, Mars
, Icarus 199.2 (2009)

Shallow salt tectonics above active basement structures
, Annual Meeting - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2009)

Shallow sediment deformation styles in north-western Campeche Knolls, Gulf of Mexico and their controls on the occurrence of hydrocarbon seepage
, Marine and Petroleum Geology 27.4 (2010)

Shallow seismic reflection profiles over Permian strata affected by gypsum dissolution in NE England
, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology 43.2 (2010)

Shallow seismic structure of Kunlun fault zone in northern Tibetan Plateau, China; implications for the 2001 Ms81 Kunlun earthquake
, Geophysical Journal International 177.3 (2009)

Shallow seismicity and tectonics of the central and northern Lau Basin
, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 304.3-4 (2011)

Shallow shear-wave velocity profiles and site response characteristics from microtremor array measurements in metro Manila, the Philippines
, Exploration Geophysics (Melbourne) 43.4: 255-266 (2012)

Shallow shelf approximation as a sliding law in a thermomechanically coupled ice sheet model
, Journal of Geophysical Research 114.F3 (2009)

Shallow slab melting at the start of western Pacific subduction; geochemical and experimental evidence
, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73.13S: A1004 (2009)

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