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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37156

Chapter 37156 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bullimore, S.A.; Helland-Hansen, W.; Henriksen, S.; Steel, R.J., 2008:
Shoreline trajectory and its impact on coastal depositional environments; an example from the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, northwestern Colorado, USA

Tirosh, Y.; Ofer, D.; Eliyahu, T.; Linial, M., 2014:
Short toxin-like proteins attack the defense line of innate immunity

Anonymous, 2009:
Short and long term processes, landforms and responses in large rivers

Graly, J.A.; Reusser, L.J.; Bierman, P.R., 2011:
Short and long-term delivery rates of meteoric10 Be to terrestrial soils

Hippe, K.; Kober, F.; Zeilinger, G.; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Kubik, P.W.; Wieler, R., 2009:
Short and long-term denudation rates at the Altiplano margin, La Paz region, Bolivia

Woodfield, A.; Runde, D.; Jang, T., 2014:
Short answer question case series: A dangerous cause of dyspnoea

Hartzell, S.; Ramirez-Guzman, L.; Carver, D.; Liu, P., 2010:
Short baseline variations in site response and wave-propagation effects and their structural causes; four examples in and around the Santa Clara Valley, California

Rush, D.; Jaeschke, A.; Hopmans, E.C.; Geenevasen, J.A.J.; Schouten, S.; Damste, J.S.S., 2011:
Short chain ladderanes; oxic biodegradation products of anammox lipids

Khokhlova, O.S.; Khokhlov, A.A.; Morgunova, N.L.; Yustus, A.A., 2010:
Short chronosequences of paleosols from the Skvortsovka kurgans in the Buzuluk River valley of Orenburg Oblast

Anonymous, 2013:
Short fatigue crack propagation during low-cycle, high cycle and very-high-cycle fatigue of duplex steel a an unified approach

Maclennan, J., 2008:
Short length-scale compositional heterogeneity in basalts and their mantle sources

Kellner, A.W.A.; Rodrigues, T.; Costa, F.R., 2011:
Short note on a Pteranodontoid pterosaur (Pterodactyloidea) from western Queensland, Australia

Pappalardo, L.; Mastrolorenzo, G., 2010:
Short residence times for alkaline Vesuvius magmas in a multi-depth supply system; evidence from geochemical and textural studies

Anonymous, 2013:
Short sleep duration predicts risk of metabolic syndrome AA systematic review and meta-analysis

Edwards, B.L.; Namikas, S.L., 2009:
Short term beach response to a summer storm at Padre Island, Texas

Uyeda, S.; Nagao, T.; Kamogawa, M., 2009:
Short term earthquake prediction; current status of seismo-electromagnetics

Alvaro, J.J.; Ezzouhairi, H.; Ayad, N.A.t; Charif, A.; Popov, L.; Ribeiro, M.L., 2008:
Short term episodes of carbonate productivity in a Cambrian uplifted rift shoulder of the Coastal Meseta, Morocco

Potel, S.; Doublier, M.P.; Roache, T., 2010:
Short wavelength infrared petrology; a new laboratory and remote sensing method in low to very low-grade pelites

Doublier, M.P.; Roache, T., 2010:
Short wavelength infrared reflectance spectroscopy; a new tool in very low grade petrology

Doublier, M.P.; Roache, T.; Potel, S., 2012:
Short wavelength infrared spectroscopy SWIR as a tool for very low-grade petrology

Xu, J.; Ma, X.; Logsdon, S.D.; Horton, R., 2012:
Short, multineedle frequency domain reflectometry sensor suitable for measuring soil water content

Kagan, Y.Y.; Jackson, D.D.; Rhoades, D. a ; Savage, M. ; Smith, E. ; Gerstenberger, M. ; Vere-Jones, D., 2010:
Short- and long-term earthquake forecasts for California and Nevada

Hausrath, E.M.; Treiman, A.H.; Vicenzi, E.; Bish, D.L.; Blake, D.; Sarrazin, P.; Hoehler, T.; Midtkandal, I.; Steele, A.; Brantley, S.L., 2009:
Short- and long-term olivine weathering in Svalbard: implications for Mars

Zelenyi, L.M.; Khartov, V.V.; Mitrofanov, I.G.; Martynov, M.B., 2011:
Short- and mid-term Russian lunar program

Erkocak, O.Faruk.; Senaran, H.; Altan, E.; Aydin, B.Kerem.; Acar, M.Ali., 2014:
Short-term functional outcomes of first metatarsophalangeal total joint replacement for hallux rigidus

Nabelek, P.I.; Bedard, J.H.; Hryciuk, M.; Hayes, B., 2013:
Short-duration contact metamorphism of calcareous sedimentary rocks by Neoproterozoic Franklin gabbro sills and dykes on Victoria Island, Canada

Ramsay, G.; Doyle, J. G.; Hakala, P.; Garcia-Alvarez, D.; Brooks, A.; Barclay, T.; Still, M., 2013:
Short-duration high-amplitude flares detected on the M dwarf star KIC 5474065

Carlson, R.W.; Boyet, M., 2009:
Short-lived radionuclides as monitors of early crust-mantle differentiation on the terrestrial planets

Zheng, X.; Jiao, W.; Zhang, C.; Wang, L., 2010:
Short-period Rayleigh-wave group velocity tomography through ambient noise cross-correlation in Xinjiang, northwest China

Masjukov, A.V.; Murzov, I.S., 2013:
Short-period static correction without normal move out

Lussier, A.J.; Hawthorne, F.C., 2011:
Short-range constraints on chemical and structural variations in bavenite

Skogby, H.; Bosi, F.; Lazor, P., 2012:
Short-range order in tourmaline; a vibrational spectroscopic approach to elbaite

Kaviani, A.; Ruempker, G.; Weber, M.; Asch, G., 2011:
Short-scale variations of shear-wave splitting across the Dead Sea Basin; evidence for the effects of sedimentary fill

Sander, P.Martin.; Chen, X.; Cheng, L.; Wang, X., 2011:
Short-snouted toothless ichthyosaur from China suggests Late Triassic diversification of suction feeding ichthyosaurs

Novak, J.M.; Busscher, W.J.; Watts, D.W.; Laird, D.A.; Ahmedna, M.A.; Niandou, M.A.S., 2010:
Short-term CO2 mineralization after additions of biochar and switchgrass to a Typic Kandiudult

Baoxian Tao, Changchun Song, Yuedong Guo, 2013:
Short-term Effects of Nitrogen Additions and Increased Temperature on Wetland Soil Respiration, Sanjiang Plain, China

Brunt, V.E.; Miner, J.A.; Kaplan, P.F.; Halliwill, J.R.; Strycker, L.A.; Minson, C.T., 2013:
Short-term administration of progesterone and estradiol independently alter carotid-vasomotor, but not carotid-cardiac, baroreflex function in young women

McCausland, W.A.; Creager, K.C.; L.R.cca, M.; Malone, S.D., 2010:
Short-term and long-term tremor migration patterns of the Cascadia 2004 tremor and slow slip episode using small aperture seismic arrays

Michels, J.; Dieckmann, G.S.; Thomas, D.N.; Schnack-Schiel, S.B.; Krell, A.; Assmy, P.; Kennedy, H.; Papadimitriou, S.; Cisewski, B., 2008:
Short-term biogenic particle flux under late spring sea ice in the western Weddell Sea

Marty, J.C.aude; Goutx, M.; Guigue, C.; Leblond, N.; Raimbault, P., 2009:
Short-term changes in particulate fluxes measured by drifting sediment traps during end summer oligotrophic regime in the NW Mediterranean Sea

James, E.G., 2015:
Short-term differential training decreases postural sway

Gehlen, M.; Bopp, L.; Aumont, O., 2008:
Short-term dissolution response of pelagic carbonate sediments to the invasion of anthropogenic CO2; a model study

Shebalin, P.; Narteau, C.; Holschneider, M.; Schorlemmer, D., 2011:
Short-term earthquake forecasting using early aftershock statistics

Granged, A.J.P.; Jordan, A.; Zavala, L.M.; Munoz-Rojas, M.; Mataix-Solera, J., 2011:
Short-term effects of experimental fire for a soil under Eucalyptus forest SE Australia

Dinesh, R.; Srinivasan, V.; Hamza, S.; Manjusha, A.; Sanjay Kumar, P., 2012:
Short-term effects of nutrient management regimes on biochemical and microbial properties in soils under rainfed ginger Zingiber officinale Rosc

Duan, R.; Sheppard, C.D.; Fedler, C.B., 2010:
Short-term effects of wastewater land application on soil chemical properties

Lenz, O.K.; Wilde, V.; Riegel, W., 2011:
Short-term fluctuations in vegetation and phytoplankton during the middle Eocene greenhouse climate; a 640-kyr record from the Messel oil shale Germany

Koutras, G.; Papadopoulos, P.; Terzidis, I.P.; Gigis, I.; Pappas, E., 2014:
Short-term functional and clinical outcomes after ACL reconstruction with hamstrings autograft: transtibial versus anteromedial portal technique

Skardhamar, J.; Svendsen, H., 2010:
Short-term hydrographic variability in a stratified Arctic fjord

Dabbous, S.A.; Scott, D.B., 2012:
Short-term monitoring of Halifax Harbour Nova Scotia, Canada pollution remediation using benthonic Foraminifera as proxies

Matias, A.; Ferreira, O.; Vila-Concejo, A.; Morris, B.; Dias, J.A.veirinho, 2010:
Short-term morphodynamics of non-storm overwash

Meilianda, E.; Dohmen-Janssen, C.M.; Maathuis, B.H.P.; Hulscher, S.J.M.H.; Mulder, J.P.M., 2010:
Short-term morphological responses and developments of Banda Aceh coast, Sumatra Island, Indonesia after the tsunami on 26 December 2004

Longhitano, S.G.; Chiarella, D., 2008:
Short-term periodicity tidal cycles within ancient mixed siliciclastic/bioclastic deposits; examples from Pliocene shallow-water successions of Southern Apennines Italy

Bell, T. L.; Stephens, S. L.; Moritz, M. A., 2013:
Short-term physiological effects of smoke on grapevine leaves

Turetsky, M.R.; Treat, C.C.; Waldrop, M.P.; Waddington, J.M.; Harden, J.W.; McGuire, A.D., 2008:
Short-term response of methane fluxes and methanogen activity to water table and soil warming manipulations in an Alaskan peatland

Guedes, R.M.C.; Calliari, L.J.; Holland, K.T.dd; Plant, N.G.; Pereira, P.S.; Alves, F.N.A., 2011:
Short-term sandbar variability based on video imagery; comparison between time-average and time-variance techniques

Nichols, M.H.; McReynolds, K.; Reed, C., 2012:
Short-term soil moisture response to low-tech erosion control structures in a semiarid rangeland

Casas-Prat, M.; Holthuijsen, L.H., 2010:
Short-term statistics of waves observed in deep water

Makkeasorn, A.; Chang, N.B.; Zhou, X., 2008:
Short-term streamflow forecasting with global climate change implications; a comparative study between genetic programming and neural network models

Riesen, P.; Strozzi, T.; Bauder, A.; Wiesmann, A.; Funk, M., 2011:
Short-term surface ice motion variations measured with a ground-based portable real aperture radar interferometer

Robin, N.; Levoy, F.; Monfort, O.; Anthony, E., 2009:
Short-term to decadal-scale onshore bar migration and shoreline changes in the vicinity of a megatidal ebb delta

Canion, A.; MacIntyre, H.L.; Phipps, S., 2013:
Short-term to seasonal variability in factors driving primary productivity in a shallow estuary implications for modeling production

Bergmann, I.; Dobslaw, H., 2012:
Short-term transport variability of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current from satellite gravity observations

Carlson, S.D.; Guccione, M.J., 2010:
Short-term uplift rates and surface deformation along the Reelfoot Fault, New Madrid seismic zone

van Dijk, Deanna, 2010:
Short-term variability in Lake Michigan foredune evolution

Chen, Z.; Hu, C.; Muller-Karger, F.E.; Luther, M.E., 2010:
Short-term variability of suspended sediment and phytoplankton in Tampa Bay, Florida; observations from a coastal oceanographic tower and ocean color satellites

Marzolff, I.; Ries, J.B.; Poesen, J., 2011:
Short-term versus medium-term monitoring for detecting gully-erosion variability in a Mediterranean environment

Erbacher, J.; Friedrich, O.; Wilson, P.A.; Lehmann, J.; Weiss, W., 2011:
Short-term warming events during the boreal Albian Mid-Cretaceous

Herrera, R.H.nry; van der Baan, M., 2012:
Short-time homomorphic wavelet estimation

Jilbert, T.; Reichart, G.-Jan; Mason, P.; de Lange, G.J., 2010:
Short-time-scale variability in ventilation and export productivity during the formation of Mediterranean sapropel S1

Doublier, M.P.; Roache, T.; Potel, S.; Laukamp, C., 2012:
Short-wavelength infrared spectroscopy of chlorite can be used to determine very low metamorphic grades

Doublier, M.P.; Roache, T.; Potel, S., 2010:
Short-wavelength infrared spectroscopy; a new petrological tool in low-grade to very low-grade pelites

Ings, S.J.; Beaumont, C., 2010 :
Shortening viscous pressure ridges, a solution to the enigma of initiating salt withdrawal minibasins

Bona, Andrej, 2011:
Shot-gather time migration of planar reflectors without velocity model

Anonymous, 2013:
Should embryos developing to blastocysts on day 7 be cryopreserved and transferred anA analysis of pregnancy and implantation rates

Reyes, J.C.; Kalkan, E., 2012:
Should ground-motion records be rotated to fault-normal/parallel or maximum direction for response history analysis of buildings?

Ngene, N.; Titus, J.; Onyia, C.; Moodley, J., 2013:
Should uterotonic agents be avoided during cesarean hysterectomy for placenta previa accreta?

Stone, A., 2009:
Should we be concerned about a sampling-strategy bias on Quaternary aeolian dune records?

Jerolmack, D.; Paola, C., 2010:
Shredding of environmental signals by autogenic transport fluctuations

Jerolmack, D.J.; Paola, C., 2010:
Shredding of environmental signals by sediment transport

Lindqvist, J.K., 2011:
Shrimp cities in the Whakapohai Formation, Late Cretaceous, south Westland Basin, New Zealand; Ophiomorpha irregulaire and associated trace fossils

Wang, S.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, X.; Fan, L.; Qi, X.; Chen, Q.; Jiang, J., 2013:
Shrink pattern of breast cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy and its correlation with clinical pathological factors

Dinka, T.M.; Morgan, C.L.S.; McInnes, K.J.; Kishne, A.S.; Harmel, R.D.ren, 2013:
Shrink-swell behavior of soil across a Vertisol catena

Siriwardane, H.J.; Gondle, R.K.; Smith, D.H., 2009:
Shrinkage and swelling of coal induced by desorption and sorption of fluids; theoretical model and interpretation of a field project

Peng, X.; Doerner, J.; Zhao, Y.; Horn, R., 2009:
Shrinkage behaviour of transiently- and constantly-loaded soils and its consequences for soil moisture release

Reatto, A.; Bruand, A.; Silva, E.M.; Guegan, R.; Cousin, I.; Brossard, M.; Martins, E.S., 2009:
Shrinkage of microaggregates in Brazilian Latosols during drying; significance of the clay content, mineralogy and hydric stress history

Carroll, M.L.; Townshend, J.R.G.; DiMiceli, C.M.; Loboda, T.; Sohlberg, R.A., 2011:
Shrinking lakes of the Arctic; spatial relationships and trajectory of change

Crow, R.; Karlstrom, K.; Asmerom, Y.; Schmandt, B.; Polyak, V.; DuFrane, S.A.drew, 2011:
Shrinking of the Colorado Plateau via lithospheric mantle erosion; evidence from Nd and Sr isotopes and geochronology of Neogene basalts

Milani, P.; Braybrook, S.A.; Boudaoud, A., 2014:
Shrinking the hammer: micromechanical approaches to morphogenesis

Buis, E.; Temme, A.J.A.M.; Veldkamp, A.; Boeken, B.; Jongmans, A.G.; van Breemen, N.; Schoorl, J.M., 2010:
Shrub mound formation and stability on semi-arid slopes in the northern Negev Desert of Israel; a field and simulation study

Lindsay, R.F.; Swart, P.K., 2008:
Shuaiba porosity types, Saudi Arabia

Song, X.; Tang, L.; Lv, X.; Fang, H.; Gu, H., 2012:
Shuffled complex evolution approach for effective and efficient surface wave analysis

U.S.Geological Survey., 2009:
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission SRTM

Shimojuku, A.; Kubo, T.; Ohtani, E.; Nakamura, T.; Okazaki, R.; Dohmen, R.; Chakraborty, S., 2009:
Si and O diffusion in Mg,Fe2 SiO4 wadsleyite and ringwoodite and its implications for the rheology of the mantle transition zone

Frost, D.J.; Tsuno, K.; Rubie, D.C.; Nakajima, Y., 2010:
Si and O in the Earths core and their effects on the metal-silicate partitioning of other siderophile elements

Oelze, M.; von Blanckenburg, F.; Hoellen, D.; Dietzel, M., 2011:
Si isotope fractionation during precipitation of silica by cyclic freezing and adsorption of monosilicic acid on gibbsite

Fitoussi, C.; Bourdon, B.; Kleine, T.; Oberli, F.; Reynolds, B.C., 2009:
Si isotope systematics of meteorites and terrestrial peridotites; implications for Mg/Si fractionation in the solar nebula and for Si in the Earths core

Fitoussi, C.; Bourdon, B.; Kleine, T.; Oberli, F.; Reynolds, B.C., 2008:
Si isotopic composition of the Earths mantle and meteorites

Hoppe, P.; Leitner, J.; Meyer, B.S.; The, L.S.; Lugaro, M.; Amari, S., 2009:
SiC grains from supernovae and the solar Si-isotopic ratios

Melchiorre, M.; Benoit, M.; Coltorti, M.; Gregoire, M., 2009:
SiO2 -rich metasomatizing agent in the southern Patagonian lithospheric mantle

Gregorauskiene, V.; Mockevicius, J., 2012:
Siaures Europos geochemija--Geochemistry of northern Europe

Gordov, E.P.; Vaganov, E.A., 2010:
Siberia Integrated Regional Study; multidisciplinary investigations of the dynamic relationship between the Siberian environment and global climate change

Pisarevsky, S.A.; Gladkochub, D.P.; Donskaya, T.V., 2011:
Siberia and Baltica in Nuna and Rodinia

Liu, B.; Yang, D., 2011:
Siberian Lena River heat flow regime and change

Feinberg, M.E.; Solmeyer, A.R.; Hostetler, M.L.; Sakuma, K-Lyn.; Jones, D.; McHale, S.M., 2013:
Siblings are special: initial test of a new approach for preventing youth behavior problems

Wehinger, Ansgar, 2009:
Sicherung untertaegiger Anlagen ehemaligen Basaltbergbaus in Mayen Vordereifel

Zhao, J.X.; Zhang, J.; Irikura, K., 2009:
Side effect of using response spectral amplification ratios for soil sites; variability and earthquake-magnitude and source-distance dependent amplification ratios for soil sites

Oschlies, A.; Koeve, W.; Rickels, W.; Rehdanz, K., 2010:
Side effects and accounting aspects of hypothetical large-scale Southern Ocean iron fertilization

Lavina, B.; Dera, P.; Downs, R.T.; Prakapenka, V.; Rivers, M.; Sutton, S.; Nicol, M., 2009:
Siderite at lower mantle conditions and the effects of the pressure-induced spin-pairing transition

Scott, K.; Johnson, B.; Yaxley, G., 2011 :
Siderite chemistry; exploration implications for Proterozoic stratiform Zn-Pb-Ag mineralization, northern Australia

Benezeth, P.; Saldi, G.D.; Schott, J.; Dandurand, J.L., 2009:
Siderite, magnesite and dolomite solubility products as a function of temperature

Scordari, F.; Ventruti, G., 2009:
Sideronatrite, Na2 FeSO4 2 OH3H2 O; crystal structure of the orthorhombic polytype and OD character analysis

Barnes, S.J.; Prichard, H.M.; Cox, R.A.; Fisher, P.C.; Maier, W.D.; McDonald, I.; Andreoli, M.A.G., 2008:
Siderophile and chalcophile element concentrations in pyrrhotite and pentlandite from the Morokweng LL chondritic meteorite and implications for platinum-group element reef type deposits

Barnes, S.-Jane; Cox, R.A.; Prichard, H.M.; Fisher, P.C.; McDonald, I.; Maier, W.D.; Andreoli, M.A.G., 2008:
Siderophile and chalcophile elements in sulphides from the Morokweng LL meteorite and implications for platinum-group element deposits

Corgne, A.; Siebert, J., 2009:
Siderophile elements and the single-stage core formation hypothesis

Gabrielli, P.; Barbante, C.; Plane, J.M.C.; Boutron, C.F.; Jaffrezo, J.L.; Mather, T.A.; Stenni, B.; Gaspari, V.; Cozzi, G.; Ferrari, C.; Cescon, P., 2008:
Siderophile metal fallout to Greenland from the 1991 winter eruption of Hekla Iceland and during the global atmospheric perturbation of Pinatubo

Bi, Yuiqiang; Hesterberg, Dean, L.; Duckworth, Owen, W., 2010:
Siderophore-promoted dissolution of cobalt from hydroxide minerals

Cornejo-Garrido, H.; Guzman, J.; Alonso-Gomez, A.; Fernandez-Lomelin, P.; Trejo, M.; Hao, Z.; Lapidus-Lavine, G.; Gilbert, B.; Cervini-Silva, J., 2008:
Siderophores catalyze the oxidation of commercial Pb to nano-sized lead hydroxides stable in water at pH 5 and 25 degrees C

Feng, D.J.; Li, Z.S.; Ni, J.R., 2009:
Sidewall effects of a wind tunnel on wind velocity and mass flux in aeolian sand transport

Thomae, Dieter, 2010:
Sie hoeren allenfalls noch eigenen Vortraegen zu

Anonymous, 2011:
Siegsdorf Museum

Oster, J.L.; Montanez, I.P.; Sharp, W.D., 2010:
Sierra Nevada speleothems; potential for high-resolution archives of changes in atmospheric circulation over western North America

Busby, C.J.; Koerner, A.K.; Melosh, B.L.; Hagan, J.C.; Andrews, G.D.M., 2013:
Sierra crest graben-vent system; a Walker Lane pull apart within the ancestral Cascades Arc

Barboza-Gudino, J.R.fael; Molina-Garza, R.S.; Lawton, T.F., 2012:
Sierra de Catorce; remnants of the ancient western equatorial margin of Pangea in central Mexico

Sadatomo, A.; Miyakura, Y.; Zuiki, T.; Koinuma, K.; Horie, H.; Lefor, A.T.; Yasuda, Y., 2014:
Sigmoid volvulus after laparoscopic surgery for sigmoid colon cancer

Horwath, M.; Dietrich, R., 2009:
Signal and error in mass change inferences from GRACE; the case of Antarctica

MacLennan, K.; Li, Y., 2011:
Signal extraction from 4D transient electromagnetic surveys using the equivalent source method

Wardinski, I.; Holme, R., 2011:
Signal from noise in geomagnetic field modelling; denoising data for secular variation studies

Shaulis, B.; Lapen, T.J.; Toms, A., 2010:
Signal linearity of an extended range pulse counting detector; applications to accurate and precise U-Pb dating of zircon by laser ablation quadrupole ICP-MS

Long, A.; Mellors, D.; Allen, T.; McIntyre, A., 2009:
Signal resolution and penetration from dual-sensor streamer data on the NW Shelf of Australia

Witten, B.; Artman, B., 2011:
Signal-to-noise estimates of time-reverse images

Fleming, Sean, W., 2010:
Signal-to-noise ratios of geophysical and environmental time series

Guan, Y.; Guo, J.; Li, H.; Yang, Z., 2014:
Signaling in pollen tube growth: crosstalk, feedback, and missing links

Todesco, Micol, 2009:
Signals from the Campi Flegrei hydrothermal system; role of a magmatic source of fluids

Chen, C.; Sharma, M., 2008:
Signals of anthropogenic Os in surface waters from precipitation

Kanaparo, P.B., 2009:
Signals of mine closure; a strategic approach for retrenchment; a case study of Porgera gold mine, Papua New Guinea

Mazier, F.; Nielsen, A.B.; Brostrom, A.; Sugita, S.; Hicks, S., 2012:
Signals of tree volume and temperature in a high-resolution record of pollen accumulation rates in northern Finland

Zlotnicki, J.; Li, F.; Parrot, M., 2010:
Signals recorded by DEMETER satellite over active volcanoes during the period 2004 August-2007 December

Rowe, C.D.; Fagereng, A.; Miller, J.A.; Mapani, B., 2012:
Signature of coseismic decarbonation in dolomitic fault rocks of the Naukluft Thrust, Namibia

Holford, S.P.; Turner, J.P.; Green, P.F.; Hillis, R.R., 2009:
Signature of cryptic sedimentary basin inversion revealed by shale compaction data in the Irish Sea, western British Isles

Andreassen, K.; Winsborrow, M., 2009:
Signature of ice streaming in Bjornoyrenna, polar North Atlantic, through the Pleistocene and implications for ice-stream dynamics

Kotze, P.B., 2011:
Signature of the 2007 geomagnetic jerk at the Hermanus Magnetic Observatory, South Africa

Chen, W.; Liu, Q.; Huh, C.-An; Dai, M.; Miao, Y.-Chun, 2010:
Signature of the Mekong River plume in the western South China Sea revealed by radium isotopes

Phedorin, M.A.; Fedotov, A.P.; Vorobieva, S.S.; Ziborova, G.A.; Shaporenko, A.D., 2008:
Signature of the Milankovich and longer cycles in the Pleistocene history of Asian lake systems

Krug, A.Z.; Jablonski, D.; Valentine, J.W., 2009:
Signature of the end-Cretaceous mass extinction in the modern biota

Hingray, B.; Schaefli, B.; Mezghani, A.; Hamdi, Y., 2010:
Signature-based model calibration for hydrological prediction in mesoscale alpine catchments

Jimenez-Lopez, C.; Rodriguez Navarro, C.; Rodriguez-Navarro, A.; Perez-Gonzalez, T.; Bazylinski, D.A.; Lauer, H.V.J.; Romanek, C.S., 2012:
Signatures in magnetites formed by Ca,Mg,FeCO3 thermal decomposition; terrestrial and extraterrestrial implications

Tobler, D.J.; Benning, L.G.; Fogel, M.L.; Glamoclija, M.; Kerr, L.; Steele, A.; Amundsen, H.E.F.; Eigenbrode, J.L., 2009:
Signatures of Life in Ice SLIce; an analog study for in situ detection of biosignatures elsewhere

Poelchau, M.H.; Kurta, A.T.; Kenkmann, T., 2009:
Signatures of an oblique impact in the central uplift of Martin Crater, Mars

Formolo, M.J.; Petsch, S.T.; Martini, A.M.; Ferdelman, T.G., 2009:
Signatures of anaerobic hydrocarbon biodegradation in sulfidic and methanic environments

Bologna, M.S.; Padilha, A.L.; Vitorello, I.; Padua, M.B., 2011:
Signatures of continental collisions and magmatic activity in central Brazil as indicated by a magnetotelluric profile across distinct tectonic provinces

Ward, D.J.; Anderson, R.S.; Guido, Z.S.; Briner, J.P., 2008:
Signatures of glacial erosion and retreat in the landscape; cosmogenic and numerical modeling constraints

Oliveira, C.G.uveia; Dantas, E.L.iz; Joffily, C. de Castro; Leal, E.B.stos; Rodrigues, R.C.rneiro, 2008:
Significado dos cianititos e rochas portadoras de cianita associados aos depositos de Au e Cu-Au do arco magmatico Mara Rosa

Arioli, E.E.emir; Licht, O.A.gusto; Vasconcellos, E.M.ria; Schrank, A., 2008:
Significado exploratorio de anomalias geoquimicas de Ni-Cu-EGP e metais associados em basaltos da formacao Serra Geral, estado do Parana

Soares, D.R.drigues; Beurlen, H.; Barreto, S.B.ito; Ferreira, A.C.audia M.; Maior, I.S.uto; Anastacio, E.M.F., 2008:
Significado petrologico do Zn em elbaitas da provincia pegmatitica da Borborema

Hiruma, S.T.kashi; Riccomini, C.; Modenesi Gauttieri, M.C.ristine; Hackspacher, P.C.ristian; Hadler Neto, J.C.sar, 2008 :
Significado tectonico e denudacional das cimeiras do sudeste do Brasil planaltos de Campos do Jordao e da Bocaina

Alard, O.; Lorand, J.P., 2009:
Significance and robustness of the highly siderophile elements and187 Os/188 Os primitive mantle estimates

Mamtani, M.A.; Sengupta, P., 2010:
Significance of AMS analysis in evaluating superposed folds in quartzites

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Significant Factors in The Development of Elective Mutism A Single Case Study of a 5 Year-Old Girl

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