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A simulation of the Cape Breton snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio, fishery for testing the robustness of the Leslie method

Mohn, R.K.; Elner, R.W.

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 44.11: 2002-2008


ISSN/ISBN: 0706-652X
DOI: 10.1139/f87-245
Accession: 037212431

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The principal tool for evaluating biomass and, hence, exploitation rate for Atlantic snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio , has been the Leslie method which is based on commercial catch rate and cumulative catch through the fishing season. The method assumes a closed, homogeneous stock. However, a snow crab stock is often not closed because recruitment can occur during the fishing season as crabs molt into legal size. Also, stocks are not homogeneous. A dynamic simulation of fishing/searching on a heterogeneous sessile stock with within-season recruitment was developed, based on the Cape Breton fishery, to assess the robustness of the Leslie method.

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