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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37324

Chapter 37324 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Leveque, L.; Monge, J.-Paul; Rojas-Rousse, D.; Van Alebeek, F.; Huignard, J., 1993:
Analysis of multiparasitism by Eupelmus vuilleti Craw Eupelmidae and Dinarmus basalis Rond Pteromalidae in the presence of one of their common hosts, Bruchidius atrolineatus Pic; Coleoptera Bruchidae

Bunz, S-Catharina.; Cutillo, F.; Neusüß, C., 2014:
Analysis of native and APTS-labeled N-glycans by capillary electrophoresis/time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Cornelli, U.; Belcaro, G.; Cesarone, M.Rosaria.; Finco, A., 2014:
Analysis of oxidative stress during the menstrual cycle

Qu, X.-Feng; Shao, Z.-Run; Wang, J.-Qiang, 1999:
Analysis of periodic outbreak of meadow moth in agricultural and pastoral area of north China

Vacaru, A.M.; Isern, J.; Fraser, S.T.; Baron, M.H., 2014:
Analysis of primitive erythroid cell proliferation and enucleation using a cyan fluorescent reporter in transgenic mice

Khamduang, W.; Gaudy-Graffin, C.; Ngo-Giang-Huong, N.; Jourdain, G.; Moreau, A.; Borkird, T.; Layangool, P.; Kamonpakorn, N.; Jitphiankha, W.; Kwanchaipanich, R.; Potchalongsin, S.; Lallemant, M.; Sirirungsi, W.; Goudeau, A.; Suwankornsakul, W.; Weerawatgoompa-Lorenz, S.; Ariyadej, S.; Karnchanamayul, W.; Wattanaporn, P.; Achalapong, J.; Hansudewechakul, R.; Veerakul, C.; Yuthavisuthi, P.; Ngampiyaskul, C.; Ithisuknanth, J.; Sirithadthamrong, S.; Lawantrakul, J.; Wannaro, P.; Lamlertkittikul, S., 2014:
Analysis of residual perinatal transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and of genetic variants in human immunodeficiency virus and HBV co-infected women and their offspring

Fortuna, C.M.; Bearzi, G.; Notarbartolo di Sciara, G., 1999:
Analysis of respiration patterns of bottlenose dolphins observed in the Kvarneric northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia

Chen, C.A.; Miller, D.J., 1996:
Analysis of ribosomal ITS1 sequences indicates a deep divergence between Rhodactis Cnidaria Anthozoa Corallimorpharia species from the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific/Red Sea

Walsh, E.J.; Starkweather, P.L., 1993:
Analysis of rotifer ribosomal gene structure using the polymerase chain reaction PCR

Woolhouse, A.D.; Weston, R.J.; Hamilton, B.H., 1994:
Analysis of secretions from scent-producing glands of brushtail possum Trichosorus Trichosurus vulpecula Kerr

Romanovskaya, G.I., 2013:
Analysis of selected samples of the Chelyabinsk meteorite for organic compounds by synchronous spectrofluorimetry

Williams, A.D.; Browning, L.J., 1999:
Analysis of sightings, photo-identification and acoustic data from a small group of bottlenose dolphins in central southern England moving towards an integrated approach

Meriggi, A.; Pandini, W., 1997:
Analysis of small game restocking in Italy and related questions

Lixin, Y.; Xi, Z.; Lingling, G.; Dong, Z., 2014:
Analysis of social vulnerability to hazards in China

Kaplan, Moises, 1994:
Analysis of some long-standing controversies concerning the pectoral girdle of Atelopus Bufonidae using ontogenetic studies

Fox, B.A.; Bzik, D.J., 1994:
Analysis of stage-specific transcripts of the Plasmodium falciparum serine repeat antigen (SERA) gene and transcription from the SERA locus

YANG.D.-wen; CHEN.H.; LEI.H.-min, 2013:
Analysis of the Diurnal Pattern of Evaporative Fraction and Its Controlling Factors over Croplands in the Northern China

Zhou, X.; Xie, Y.; Zhang, Z-he.; Wang, C-dong.; Sun, Y.; Gu, X-bin.; Wang, S-xian.; Peng, X-rong.; Yang, G-you., 2013:
Analysis of the genetic diversity of the nematode parasite Baylisascaris schroederi from wild giant pandas in different mountain ranges in China

Dahan, Y.Leah.; Koekemoer, L.Leonie., 2014:
Analysis of the genitalia rotation in the male Anopheles funestus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Wei, Y.-Bao; Liu, M.-Xi; Luo, D.-Hong, 1998:
Analysis of the key factors affecting population dynamics of Chilo suppressalis Walker and its simptified simplified forecasting

Garcia-Maraver, A.; Salvachúa, D.; Martínez, M.J.; Diaz, L.F.; Zamorano, M., 2014:
Analysis of the relation between the cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin content and the thermal behavior of residual biomass from olive trees

Martin, P.R.; Grünert, U., 1999:
Analysis of the short wavelength-sensitive ("blue") cone mosaic in the primate retina: comparison of New World and Old World monkeys

Trigui, H.; Dudyk, P.; Sum, J.; Shuman, H.A.; Faucher, S.P., 2014:
Analysis of the transcriptome of Legionella pneumophila hfq mutant reveals a new mobile genetic element

Koo, J.S.; Spremulli, L.L., 1994:
Analysis of the translational initiation region on the Euglena gracilis chloroplast ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (rbcL) messenger RNA

Mavuti, K.; Moreau, J.; Munyandorero, J.; Plisnier, P.D., 1996:
Analysis of trophic relationships in two shallow equatorial lakes Lake Naivasha Kenya and Lake Ihema Rwanda using a multispecifies multispecies trophic model

Gregory, P.T.; Prelypchan, C.J., 1994:
Analysis of variance of first-year growth in captive garter snakes Thamnophis elegans by family and sex

Taguchi, K.; Nakata, K., 1998:
Analysis of water quality in Lake Hamana using a coupled physical and biochemical model

Hu, G.-Wen; Zhu, M.; Tang, J., 1996:
Analysis on initial immigration periods of rice brown planthopper Nilaparavata Nilaparvata lugens stal in China

Li, Wen-Jiang, 1996:
Analysis on obtaining more amount of female moth Heliocavopar Helicoverpa armigera Hubner by trapping with black light lamp and poplar twigs

Qu, Xi-feng, 1993:
Analysis on outbreak of Heliothis armigera Hubner in 1992

Zhang, H.; Shi, A.; Liu, K.; Gong, Y.; Luo, S., 1994:
Analysis on several biochemical component of the cultured tissue of fresh water oyster

G.F.ng; Xie, B.-Yu, 1996:
Analysis on the dynamics of insect pests in summer-planting cotton field of northern China

Dąbrowska, M.; Starek, Młgorzata., 2014:
Analytical approaches to determination of carnitine in biological materials, foods and dietary supplements

Galimov, E.M.; Kolotov, V.P.; Nazarov, M.A.; Kostitsyn, Yu. A.; Kubrakova, I.V.; Kononkova, N.N.; Roshchina, I.A.; Alexeev, V.A.; Kashkarov, L.L.; Badyukov, D.D.; Sevastâ??yanov, V.S., 2013:
Analytical results for the material of the Chelyabinsk meteorite

Dukravets, G.M., 1999:
Analytical review of the list of fishes protected, needing protection and those close to these groups of fishes in Kazakstan Kazakhstan Part 1 Lampreys and fishes included into the Red Data Book; of Kazakhstan

Urban, Danuncia, 1992:
Ananthidium, um genero novo de Dianthidiini Neotropical Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Megachilidae

Roth, P.; Wick, W.; Weller, M., 2014:
Anaplastic oligodendroglioma: a new treatment paradigm and current controversies

I.Z.N.Opinion 1764, 1994:
Anas arcuata Horsfield, 1824 currently Dendrocygna arcuata; Aves, Anseriformes specific name conserved

E.A.bani, M.A.; Dakki, M.; Beaubrun, P.C.; Thevenot, M., 1996:
Anatids Anatidae wintering in Morocco 1990-1994 population numbers and sites of international and national importance

Anonymous, 1999:
Anatoly F Kovshar 60 years

de Souza Goncalves, Iraide, 1992:
Anatomia do tubo digestivo de adultos de Oncideres cervina Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

de Mesquita, E. de Fatima Marques; Coelho, A.C.mpos dos Santos; dos Santos, J.A.drade, 1992:
Anatomia e histologia do aparelho reprodutor masculino de Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck, 1822 Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pilidae

de Fatima Marques de Mesquita, E.; Campos dos Santos Coelho, A.; Andrade dos Santos, J., 1992:
Anatomia e histologia do conduto genital feminino de Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck, 1822 Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pilidae

Briskie, James, V., 1993 :
Anatomical adaptations to sperm competition in Smiths longspurs and other polygynandrous passerines

Turgal, M.; Sivaslioglu, A.; Yildiz, A.; Dolen, I., 2014:
Anatomical and functional assessment of anterior colporrhaphy versus polypropylene mesh surgery in cystocele treatment

Voronina, E.P., 1997:
Anatomical and histological peculiarities of digestive tract in juveniles of some Far-Eastern salmons family Salmonidae

Voronina, E.P., 1997:
Anatomical and histological peculiarities of digestive tract of salmonoid fishes Salmonoidei

Zaher, M.M.; Abd El-Kader, I.Y.; El-Qady, S.M.M.; El-Qady, N.A.M., 1995:
Anatomical and histological studies on the alimentary tract mucosa of the insectivorous Chamaeleon vulgaris and Chamaeleon basiliscus

El-Banhawy, M.A.; Al-Zahaby, A.S.; Abdel-Rehim, A.H.; Al-Mahrouki, A., 1994:
Anatomical and histological study on the genital system of the polymorphic land snail Eobania vermiculata

Aste, N.; Balthazart, J.; Absil, P.; Grossmann, R.; Mülhbauer, E.; Viglietti-Panzica, C.; Panzica, G.C., 1998:
Anatomical and neurochemical definition of the nucleus of the stria terminalis in Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)

Korniushin, Alexei, V., 1992:
Anatomical aspects of the taxonomy and phylogeny of Pisidioidea Bivalvia

Troncoso, J.S.; Garcia, F.J.; Urgorri, V., 1998:
Anatomical data on a rare Hypselodoris picta Schultz, 1836 Gastropoda, Doridacea from the coast of Brazil with description of a new subspecies

Yabe, M.; Uyeno, T., 1996:
Anatomical description of Normanichthys crockeri Scorpaeniformes, incertae sedis family Normanichthyidae

Vollmer, Werner, 1992:
Anatomical features and their variation in the African schistosome hosts, Biomphalaria sudanica and B camerunensis Pulmonata; Planorbidae

Kerr, J.F.; Gobé, G.C.; Winterford, C.M.; Harmon, B.V., 1995:
Anatomical methods in cell death

Sarrafizadeh, R.; Houk, J.C., 1994:
Anatomical organization of the limb premotor network in the turtle (Chrysemys picta) revealed by in vitro transport of biocytin and neurobiotin

Wang, Xu, 2000:
Anatomical record of Ascaris suum reproductive system of triple-tubule type

Welch, D.W., 1997:
Anatomical specialization in the gut of Pacific salmon Oncorhynchus evidence for oceanic limits to salmon production?

Hussein, M.A.; Obuid-allah, A.H., 1992:
Anatomical studies on the reproductive and digestive systems of the freshwater prawn Caridina nilotica nilotica collected from Egypt

Pokryszko, B.M.; Walden, H., 1992:
Anatomical, biometrical and phylogenetic studies on the genus Leiostyla Gastropoda, Pulmonata

El-Banhawy, M.A.; Mohallal, M.E.; Rahmy, T.R.; Moawad, T.I., 1993:
Anatomical, histological and histochemical investigations on the oesophagus of two birds with different diet preference

Xiao, H.; Liu, J.; Lin, X., 1995:
Anatomicd sic study on digestive system of Andrias davidianus

Chaudonneret, J., 1992:
Anatomie et morphologie du squelette tegumentaire Un exemple le rostre hemipterien cas de la notonecte

Anonymous, 1992:
Anatomy and embryology Second International Conference of Zoology Cairo University, Faculty of Science, 11-14, April, 1992

Picoral, M.; Thome, J.W.llibaldo, 1998:
Anatomy and microanatomy of the reproductive system of Rectartemon Rectartemon depressus Heynemann Mollusca, Gastropoda, Streptaxidae The phallus complex

Maia, A.; Wilga, C.D., 2014:
Anatomy and muscle activity of the dorsal fins in bamboo sharks and spiny dogfish during turning maneuvers

Haszprunar, Gerhard, 1992:
Anatomy and relationships of the Choristellidae Archaeogastropoda, Lepetelloidea 1

Simone, Luiz Ricardo, L., 1998:
Anatomy and systematics of Anodontites elongatus Swainson from Amazon and Parana Basins, Brazil Mollusca, Bivalvia, Unionoida, Mycetopodidae

He, H.; Huang, J., 1997:
Anatomy of skeletal system of Enhidris Enhydris chinensis

Hussein, M.A.; Mahmoud, A.A.; Obuid-allah, A.H., 1992:
Anatomy of the digestive system of the terrestrial isopod Porcellionides pruinosus Brandt, 1883

Mauss, Volker, 2000:
Anatomy of the digestive tract of pollen wasps Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Masarinae adaptations to pollen transport and consumption

Chen, T.-Ye; Mu, J.-Yuan, 1995:
Anatomy of the female reproductive system of Chrysopa phyllochroma, Wesmael and Chrysopa formosa Brauer

Li, G.; Chu, Z.; Xu, L., 1997:
Anatomy of the heart of newborn black bear Selenarctos thibetanus

Marzouk, A.S.; Abou, E.K.eir, S.M., 1992:
Anatomy of the nervous system of the soft tick Ornithodoros Ornithodoros savignyi Audouin Ixodoidea Argasidae

Yu, S.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, D.; Gong, Y., 1995:
Anatomy of the pigeon stomach artery

Johnson, Erik, L., 1995:
Anchorworm solutions

Johnson, Erik, L., 1996:
Anchorworms diagnosis and treatment

Maisey, John, G., 1995:
Ancient coelacanth giants

Waldon, John, 1994:
Ancient murrelet in Devon new to the western Palearctic

Stawikowski, Rainer, 1994:
Ancistrus-Arten aus Brasilien

Leraut, P., 1993:
Ancylolomia tentaculella Hubner dans la region parisienne Lep Crambidae

Edgecombe, G.D.; Waisfeld, B.G.; Vaccari, N.E., 1994:
Andinacaste Trilobita from the earliest Devonian of Argentina

Wen, S.; Niu, Y.; Lee, S.Ok.; Chang, C., 2014:
Androgen receptor (AR) positive vs negative roles in prostate cancer cell deaths including apoptosis, anoikis, entosis, necrosis and autophagic cell death

Anonymous, 2013:
Androgen pattern in male giraffe

Schlinger, B.A.; Lane, N.I.; Grisham, W.; Thompson, L., 1999:
Androgen synthesis in a songbird: a study of cyp17 (17alpha-hydroxylase/C17,20-lyase) activity in the zebra finch

Pluchino, N.; Carmignani, A.; Cubeddu, A.; Santoro, A.; Cela, V.; Errasti, T.; Alcalà, T.Errasti., 2014:
Androgen therapy in women: for whom and when

Wenner, M.M.; Taylor, H.S.; Stachenfeld, N.S., 2013:
Androgens influence microvascular dilation in PCOS through ET-A and ET-B receptors

Madej, Robert, F., 1994:
Aneides aeneus green salamander

Douglas, R.B.; McKone, D.J., 1999:
Aneides ferreus clouded salamander Habitat

Welsh, H.H., : Jr; Wilson, R.A., 1995:
Aneides ferreus clouded salamander Reproduction

Alos, C., 1992:
Anelidos poliquetos del Cabo de Creus NE de Espana Facies de Corallina elongata Ellis Solander y de Cystoseira mediterranea J Feldmann

Mendoza Quijano, F.; Hernandez Garcia, E.; Schmidt Ballardo, W., 1993:
Anelytropsis papillosus Mexican blind lizard

Neal, Tom, 1997:
Anemones the basics

Segura, L.G.; Lorenz, J.D.; Weingarten, T.N.; Scavonetto, F.; Bojanić, K.; Selcen, D.; Sprung, J., 2014:
Anesthesia and Duchenne or Becker muscular dystrophy: review of 117 anesthetic exposures

Murray, S.; Monfort, S.L.; Ware, L.; McShea, W.J.; Bush, M., 2000:
Anesthesia in female white-tailed deer using Telazolregistered trademark and xylazine

Rivera, J.; Arribas, O., 1993:
Anfibios y reptiles introducidos de la fauna espanola

Luft, Stefan, 1992:
Anforderungen an ein Haltungssystem fur Graupapageien

Edmonds, Les, 1992:
Angel sharks and their care in captivity

Neal, Tom, 1995:
Angelfish here, there, and everywhere

Ueda, S.; Goto, H.; Usui, Y.; Nagai, T.; Nagao, T., 2013:
Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia occurring in bilateral eyelids

Morand, S.; Barker, G.M., 1995:
Angiostoma schizoglossae n. sp. (Nematoda: Angiostomatidae) from the New Zealand endemic slug Schizoglossa novoseelandica (Gastropoda: Rhytididae)

Butler, D.G.; Oudit, G.Y.; Cadinouche, M.Z., 1995:
Angiotensin I- and II- and norepinephrine-mediated pressor responses in an ancient holostean fish, the bowfin (Amia calva)

Li, F.; Ohnishi-Kameyama, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Yamaki, K., 2013:
Angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory activities of Chinese fermented soypaste and estimation of the inhibitory substances

Wu, L.; Jia, Z.; Yan, L.; Wang, W.; Wang, J.; Zhang, Y.; Zhou, C., 2014:
Angiotensin II promotes cardiac differentiation of embryonic stem cells via angiotensin type 1 receptor

Evans, D.W.; Matthews, M.A., 1999:
Anguillicola crassus Nematoda, Dracunculoidea; first documented record of this swimbladder parasite of eels in Ireland

Valls-Moraes, F.; Nobuo Yuki, R., 1998:
Anilius scytale false coral snake Diet

Comas, J., 1992:
Anillochlamys negrei sp n de Bathysciinae del Pais Valencia Espana Col, Cholevidae

Sutton, G.P., 2014:
Animal biomechanics: a new silent partner in the control of motion

Holand, A.Marie.; Steinsland, I.; Martino, S.; Jensen, H., 2014:
Animal models and integrated nested Laplace approximations

Andersson, S.; McGregor, P.K., 1999:
Animal communication what is the signal to noise ratio?

Perry, G.; Pianka, E.R., 1997:
Animal foraging: past, present and future

Bouhy, D.; Timmerman, V., 2013:
Animal models and therapeutic prospects for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

Boitani, Luigi, 1997:
Animal reintroductions from the perspective of conservation biology

Igl, Wilmar; Kamal-Eldin, Afaf; Johansson, Åsa; Liebisch, Gerhard; Gnewuch, Carsten; Schmitz, Gerd; Gyllensten, Ulf, 2013:
Animal source food intake and association with blood cholesterol, glycerophospholipids and sphingolipids in a northern Swedish population

Alvarez, F., 1992:
Animal weapons and sexual selection

Kerr, J.N.ta Quenga; Paul, V.J., 1995:
Animal-plant defense association the soft coral Sinularia sp Cnidaria, Alcyonacea protects Halimeda spp from herbivory

Moosleitner, Horst, 1992:
Animals of the sandy bottoms

Anthony, Raymond, 2013:
Animistic pragmatism and native ways of knowing adaptive strategies for overcoming the struggle for food in the sub-Arctic

Mlodinow, S.G.; Karlson, K.T., 1999:
Anis in the United States and Canada

I.Z.N.Opinion 1777, 1994:
Anisolepis grilli Boulenger, 1891 Reptilia, Squamata specific name conserved

Lions, M.L.isa; Alvarez, B.B.atriz, 1996:
Anisolepis longicauda longtail lizard

Giaretta, A.A.; Facure, K.G., 1995:
Anisoleps Anisolepis grilli NCN Reproduction

Zheng, Z.; Wallace, J., 2014:
Anisotropic Lyman-alpha Emission

Rennert, J.; Sloan, D., 2014:
Anisotropic Spinfoam Cosmology

Neto, João de Mello, 2013:
Anisotropy studies with the Pierre Auger Observatory

Cavallo, M.; Natali, S.; Ruffilli, A.; Buda, R.; Vannini, F.; Castagnini, F.; Ferranti, E.; Giannini, S., 2015:
Ankle surgery: focus on arthroscopy

Spreinat, Andreas, 1992:
Anmerkungen zu einigen Aulonocara-Arten

Ebert, Horst, 1993:
Anmerkungen zum Seitenglanz-Prachtkarpfling, Aphyosemion splendopleure

Schneidewind, F., 1992:
Anmerkungen zum Verhalten von Tropheus duboisi Teil 2

de Tarso da Cunha Chaves, Paulo, 1999:
Anna Emilia Amato de Moraes Vazzoler Sao Paulo, 27/12/1936, dagger Sao Paulo, 13/07/1999

Robbins, Eleanora, I., 1993:
Anna-Stina Magnusson Edhorn 1915-1992

Anonymous, 1998:
Annelids and metamerism, 57th Congress of the Unione Zoologica Italiana, San Benedetto del Tronto, September 22-26, 1996

I.Z.N.Opinion 1735, 1993:
Anniella pulchra Gray, 1852 Reptilia, Squamata neotype designated

Chereshnev, I.A., 1996:
Annotated check-list of fish-like vertebrates and fishes from fresh waters of the Arctic and adjacent areas

Andriashev, A.P.; Chernova, N.V., 1994:
Annotated list of fish-like vertebrates and fishes of the Arctic Seas and adjacent waters

Semenzato, Massimo, 1999:
Annotations on Venetian ornithology

Kasamatsu, F.; Tanaka, S., 1992:
Annual changes in prey species of minke whales taken off Japan 1948-87

Schuett, G.W.; Harlow, H.J.; Rose, J.D.; Van Kirk, E.A.; Murdoch, W.J., 1997:
Annual cycle of plasma testosterone in male copperheads, Agkistrodon contortrix (Serpentes, Viperidae): relationship to timing of spermatogenesis, mating, and agonistic behavior

Witmer, Mark, C., 1996:
Annual diet of cedar waxwings based on US Biological Survey records 1885-1950 compared to diet of American robins contrasts in dietary patterns and natural history

Ates, S.; Feindel, D.; E.M.neim, A.; Ryan, J., 2013:
Annual forage legumes in dryland agricultural systems of the West Asia and North Africa Regions research achievements and future perspective

Freitas, C.M.A.; Engel, M.H.; Freitas, A.C.S.; Dellinger, T., 1999:
Annual increase of abundance of humpback whales at Abrolhos Bank, Brazil

Koed, A.; Mejlhede, P.; Ballerby, K.; Aarestrup, K., 2000:
Annual movement and migration of adult pikeperch in a lowland river

Anonymous, 1995:
Annual report of the Bombay Natural History Society

Jones, S.M.; Swain, R., 1996:
Annual reproductive cycle and annual cycles of reproductive hormones in plasma of female Niveoscincus metallicus Scincidae from Tasmania

Koya, Y.; Hamatsu, T.; Matsubara, T., 1995:
Annual reproductive cycle and spawning characteristics of the female kichiji rockfish Sebastolobus macrochir

Janicke, Winfried, 2000:
Annual song commencement of migrant/partial migrant song birds

Bojanic, Natalia, 1998:
Annual variability of the population density and biovolume of non-loricate ciliates in the Kastela Bay

Richards, M.H.; Packer, L., 1995:
Annual variation in survival and reproduction in the primitively eusocial sweat bee Halictus ligatus Hymenoptera Halictidae

Breton, E.; Brunet, C.; Sautour, B.; Brylinski, J.-M., 2000:
Annual variations of phytoplankton biomass in the eastern English Channel comparison by pigment signatures and microscopic counts

Espanol, F., 1992:
Anobiidae del Africa austral Coleoptera, Bostrychoidea 4a nota Nuevos datos sobre las secciones Mirosternus Sharp y Dorcatoma Herbst

Bogatov, V.V.; Starobogatov, Y.I., 1996:
Anodontinae, Bivalvia in the Amur River basin

Nieto-Montes de Oca, A.; Bahena-Basave, H.; Mendez de la Cruz, F., 1999:
Anolis allisoni Allisons anole

Reynoso Rosales, V.H.go; Valdespino Torres, C.S.; Mendoza Quijano, F., 1998:
Anolis barkeri Barkers anole

Birt, R.A.; Greve, J.H.; Powell, R., 1997:
Anolis barkeri Barkers anole Parasitism

Franklin, C.J.; Franklin, J., 1999:
Anolis capito big-headed anole

Liner, Ernest, A., 1996:
Anolis carolinensis carolinensis green anole Nectar feeding

Arnold, Debbie, M., 1997:
Anolis carolinensis carolinensis northern green anole

Hughes, M.H.; Parmalee, P.W., 1993:
Anolis carolinensis green anole Behavior

Buttenhoff, P.A.; Hopkins, W.A., : I.I., 1996:
Anolis carolinensis green anole Diet

McCoid, Michael James, 1994:
Anolis carolinensis green anole Interspecific behavior

Dundee, H.A., 1992:
Anolis carolinensis green anole Maximum size

Himes, John, G., 1998:
Anolis carolinensis green anole Saurophagy

Jenssen, T.A.; Hovde, E.A., 1993:
Anolis carolinensis green anole Social pathology

Powell, R.; Parmerlee, J.S., : Jr, 1993:
Anolis chlorocyanus Hispaniolan green anole Aquatic activity

Seigel, B.J.; Seigel, N.A.; Seigel, R.A., 1999:
Anolis cristatellus Puerto Rican crested anole

Lazell, J.; Perry, G., 1997:
Anolis cristatellus wileyae Virgin Islands crested anole Frugivory

Lazell, J.; Mitchell, N.C., 1998:
Anolis cristatellus wileyae Virgin Islands crested anole Herbivory

Noonan, Brice, 1995:
Anolis equestris knight anole

Powell, R.; Henderson, R.W., 1992:
Anolis gingivinus NCN Nocturnal activity

Lazell, James, 1993:
Anolis lineatopus lineatopus Liguanea bush anole

Goldberg, S.R.; Bursey, C.R., 1996:
Anolis maynardi NCN Endoparasites

Kok, Philippe, 1998:
Anolis nitens chrysolepis goldenscale anole Predation

Perez-Higareda, G.; Smith, H.M.; Chiszar, D., 1997:
Anolis pentaprion lichen anole Frugivory and cannibalism

Mitchell, Numi, C., 1997 :
Anolis reconditus Blue Mountains anole

Nicholson, K.E.; Paterson, A.V.; Richards, P.M., 2000:
Anolis sagrei brown anole Cannibalism

Campbell, T.S.; Gerber, G.P., 1996:
Anolis sagrei brown anole Saurophagy

Goldberg, S.R.; Bursey, C.R.; Ajimine, L.N., 1996:
Anolis scriptus silver key anole Endoparasites

Perry, G.; Lazell, J., 1997:
Anolis stratulus saddled anole Nectivory

Morales, Victor, R., 1997:
Anolis trachyderma roughskin anole

Quintero, A.; Diomedes; Cambra, T.; Roberto, A., 1993:
Anolis tropidogaster NCN Behavior

Eifler, Douglas, A., 1995:
Anolis uniformis Feeding behavior

I.Z.N.Opinion 1902, 1998:
Anomalina dOrbigny, 1826 Foraminiferida Anomalina ariminensis dOrbigny in Fornasini, 1902 designated as the type species

Carboni, G. P.; Sedati, P.; De Marco, E., 2013:
Anomalous left main coronary artery origin, silent ischaemia, risk of sudden death a triad detected by combining coronary CT and dipyridamole SPECT

Miyake, H., 1992:
Anomalously undersized otoliths from walleye pollock Theragra chalcogramma

Arif, M.; Kumar, N., 1998:
Anomis fulvida Guenee Lep Noctuidae first pest record on Hibiscus syriacus L at 1685 metres 5500 feet altitude in the Kumaon Hills, India

Hudec, Igor, 1998:
Anomopoda Crustacea Branchiopoda from some Venezuelan tepuis

Moran, D.A.; Dittel, A.I., 1994:
Anomuran and brachyuran crabs of Costa Rica annotated list of species

Montero, R., 1992:
Anops kingii NCN

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Antimalarial Activity of Zinckes Salts

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Application of SeDeM experts system in formulation development of effervescent tablets by direct compression

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Application of Statistical Experimental Design for Optimization of Novel #945;-amylase Production by Anoxybacillus Species

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Application of pulsed vacuum acidification for the pH reduction ofA mushrooms

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Approaching/departure effacement, erasure and undoing the fear of crime

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Approximately a million animals a year are run over by trains

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Arcuate fasciculus mediates word learning

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Are the impacts of events in the earths history discernable in the current distributions of freshwater algae?

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Are we affected by the law protecting animals against ill-treatment?

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Are we taking care of turtles?

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