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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37354

Chapter 37354 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Modelling spatial patterns of urban growth in Africa
, Applied Geography 44: 23-32 (2013)

Modelling the anisotropic two-point galaxy correlation function on small scales and single-probe measurements of Hz, DAz and fzsigma8z from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR7 luminous red galaxies
, Unknown (2013)

Modelling the effects of green macroalgae blooms on the population dynamics of Cyathura carinata Crustacea Isopoda in an eutrophied estuary
, Ecological Modelling 102.1 (15 October): 33-53 (1997)

Modelling the reintroduction of the greater bilby Macrotis lagotis using the metapopulation model analysis of the likelihood of extinction ALEX
, Biological Conservation 73.2: 151-160 (1995)

Models of daily rainfall cross-correlation for the United Kingdom
, Environmental Modelling and Software 49: 22-33 (2013)

Models of diving and data from otters comments on Nolet et al 1993
, Journal of Animal Ecology 63.4: 1004-1006 (1994)

Models of forecasting the occurence sic date of rice stem borer based of sic the reference boints sic of phenological events
, Entomological Knowledge 29.5: 263-265 (1992)

Models to predict grey Perdix perdix and red-legged Alectoris rufa partridge spring densities in the Massif Central
, Gibier Faune Sauvage, Suppl. (Numero Special Tome 1) 15. 4. (Decembre) (1998)

Moderate aerobic exercise alters migration patterns of antigen specific T helper cells within an asthmatic lung
, Brain Behavior and Immunity 34: 67-78 (2013)

Modern rectal cancer multidisciplinary treatment: the role of radiation and surgery
, Annals of Surgical Oncology 20(9): 2921-2928 (2013)

Modern global Eartha s gravity field models and their errors
, Unknown (2013)

Modern state of the Balkhash perch Perca schrenki Percidae in the lakes of Alacol Alakol system
, Voprosy Ikhtiologii 40.2 (Mart-Aprel'): 228-234 (2000)

Modification of cardiometabolic profile in obese diabetic patients after bariatric surgery: changes in cardiovascular risk
, Revista Espanola de Cardiologia 66(10): 812-818 (2013)

Modification of an overhead cable as threat to wintering crane population
, Quercus 121 (Marzo): 46 (1996)

Modification of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) mRNA expression in the retinal-recipient Thalamus
, General and Comparative Endocrinology 106(2): 251-264 (1997)

Modification of the sterol composition of Trypanosoma (Schizotrypanum) cruzi epimastigotes by delta 24(25)-sterol methyl transferase inhibitors and their combinations with ketoconazole
, Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 73.1-2: 199-210 (1995)

Modification of universal 12S rDNA primers for specific amplification of contaminated Taenia spp. (Cestoda) gDNA enabling phylogenetic studies
, Parasitology Research 85(10): 819-825 (1999)

Modifications in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Parameters After -Particle-Emitting 227Th-trastuzumab Therapy of HER2-Expressing Ovarian Cancer Xenografts
, International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics 87(1): 153-159 (2013)

Modified-release ointment with nitroglycerin β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex for treatment of anal fissures
, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 65(10): 1463-1472 (2013)

Modifying bone scaffold architecture in vivo with permanent magnets to facilitate fixation of magnetic scaffolds
, Bone 56(2): 432-439 (2013)

Modifying the processing and handling of frozen broccoli for increased sulforaphane formation
, Journal of Food Science 78(9): H1459 (2013)

Modular peptide binding: from a comparison of natural binders to designed armadillo repeat proteins
, Journal of Structural Biology 185(2): 147-162 (2014)

Modulation of Mcl-1 expression reduces age-related cochlear degeneration
, Neurobiology of Aging 34(11): 2647-2658 (2013)

Modulation of paraoxonase 2 (PON2) in mouse brain by the polyphenol quercetin: a mechanism of neuroprotection?
, Neurochemical Research 38(9): 1809-1818 (2013)

Modulation of regulatory T cell function by monocyte-derived dendritic cells matured through electroporation with mRNA encoding CD40 ligand, constitutively active TLR4, and CD70
, Journal of Immunology 191(4): 1976-1983 (2013)

Modulation of allergen-induced bronchoconstriction by fluticasone furoate and vilanterol alone or in combination
, Allergy 68(9): 1136-1142 (2013)

Moina weismanni Crustacea, Cladocera - a species new for Russia and Central Asia
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 71.11: 136-139 (1992)

Molecular characterization of mutant mouse strains generated from the EUCOMM/KOMP-CSD ES cell resource
, Mammalian Genome 24(7-8): 286-294 (2013)

Molecular evidence of Trichostrongylus colubriformis and Trichostrongylus axei infections in humans from Thailand and Lao PDR
, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 89(2): 376-379 (2013)

Molecular Mechanism of Microglia Stimulated Glioblastoma Invasion
, Unknown (2013)

Molecular products from the thermal degradation of glutamic acid
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 61(32): 7696-7704 (2013)

Molecular subtyping of brain metastases and implications for therapy
, Current Treatment Options in Oncology 14(4): 514-527 (2013)

Molecular Variation and Application from Aerospace Mutagenesis in Upland Rice Huhan 3 and Huhan 7
, Rice Science 20(4): 249-258 (2013)

Molecular and antigenic characterization of the Leishmania (Viannia) panamensis kinetoplastid membrane protein-11
, Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 93(2): 247-254 (1998)

Molecular and historical evidence for the introduction of clouded salamanders genus Aneides to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, from California
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 76.8: 1570-1580 (1998)

Molecular and phylogenetic analysis of PCR-amplified cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) family sequences from representatives of the earliest available lineages of eukaryotes
, Journal of Molecular Evolution 41(4): 407-413 (1995)

Molecular and physiological functions of sphingosine 1-phosphate transporters
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1841(5): 759-765 (2014)

Molecular approach in spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae): preliminary data on ribosomal DNA sequences
, Experimental and Applied Acarology 15(4): 211-218 (1992)

Molecular approaches for designing heat tolerant wheat
, Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 22(4): 359-371 (2013)

Molecular basis and thrombotic manifestations of antithrombin deficiency in 15 unrelated Chinese patients
, Thrombosis Research 132(3): 367-373 (2013)

Molecular cell pathology of pollutant-induced liver injury in flatfish use of fluorescent probes
, Marine Ecology Progress Series 91.1-3 (December 31): 127-133 (1992)

Molecular characterisation of digenetic trematodes associated with Cyathura carinata Crustacea Isopoda with a note on the utility of 18S ribosomal DNA for phylogenetic analysis in the Digenea; Platyhelminthes Trematoda
, International Journal for Parasitology 28.9: 1425-1428 (1998)

Molecular characterization of Echinostoma caproni and E. paraensei by random amplification of polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis
, Journal of Parasitology 82(2): 360-362 (1996)

Molecular characterization of a dense granule antigen (Gra 2) associated with the network of the parasitophorous vacuole in Toxoplasma gondii
, Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 58(1): 71-82 (1993)

Molecular characterization of a short peptidoglycan recognition protein (PGRP-S) from Asian corn borer (Ostrinia furnacalis) and its role in triggering proPO activity
, World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 30(1): 263-270 (2014)

Molecular characterization of cell types in the developing, mature, and regenerating fish retina
, Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 24(1): 127-158 (2014)

Molecular characterization of trichomonads isolated from animal hosts in the Philippines
, Veterinary Parasitology 196(3-4): 289-295 (2013)

Molecular characterization, expression patterns, and subcellular localization of RIG-I in the duck
, Unknown (2013)

Molecular cloning and characterization of a superoxide dismutase (sod) gene in Pneumocystis carinii
, Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 45(5): 475-483 (1998)

Molecular cloning and functional characterization of a short peptidoglycan recognition protein (HcPGRPS1) from the freshwater mussel, Hyriopsis cumingi
, Molecular Immunology 56(4): 729-738 (2013)

Molecular cloning, subcelluar location and expression profile of signal transducer and activator of transcription 2 (STAT2) from turbot, Scophthalmus maximus
, Fish and Shellfish Immunology 35(4): 1200-1208 (2013)

Molecular detection and phylogenetic analysis of Anaplasma bovis from Haemaphysalis longicornis feeding on grazing cattle in Korea
, Veterinary Parasitology 196(3-4): 478-481 (2013)

Molecular detection and phylogenetic placement of a microsporidian from English sole (Pleuronectes vetulus) affected by X-cell pseudotumors
, Journal of Parasitology 86(4): 867-871 (2000)

Molecular detection of Leishmania infection in sand flies in border line of Iran-Turkmenistan: restricted and permissive vectors
, Experimental Parasitology 135(2): 382-387 (2013)

Molecular diagnostics for the detection of Bokeloh bat lyssavirus in a bat from Bavaria, Germany
, Virus Research 177(2): 201-204 (2013)

Molecular diversity of Ca2+ channel alpha1 subunits from the marine ray Discopyge ommata
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 90.9 (May 1): 3787-3791 (1993)

Molecular diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with two co-occurring perennial plant species on a Tibetan altitudinal gradient
, Mycorrhiza 24(2): 95-107 (2014)

Molecular diversity of small balsam populations in relation to site characteristics
, Central European Journal of Biology 8(10): 1048-1061 (2013)

Molecular epidemiology and population dynamics of hepatitis B virus in Dianjiang County, Chongqing, China
, Archives of Virology 159(1): 117-124 (2014)

Molecular epidemiology, resistance profiles and clinical features in clinical plasmid-mediated AmpC-producing Enterobacteriaceae
, International Journal of Medical Microbiology 303(8): 553-557 (2013)

Molecular evidence for the presence of Dirofilaria repens in beech marten (Martes foina) from Slovakia
, Veterinary Parasitology 196(3-4): 544-546 (2013)

Molecular evolution and phylogeny of the buzzatii complex (Drosophila repleta group): a maximum-likelihood approach
, Molecular Biology and Evolution 17(7): 1112-1122 (2000)

Molecular evolution of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolates from central China
, Research in Veterinary Science 95(3): 908-912 (2013)

Molecular functions of the LIM-homeobox transcription factor Lhx2 in hematopoietic progenitor cells derived from mouse embryonic stem cells
, Stem Cells 31(12): 2680-2689 (2013)

Molecular genetic analysis of a stepped multilocus cline in the American oyster Crassostrea virginica
, Evolution 50.6: 2305-2315 (1997)

Molecular genetic characterization of rice seed lipoxygenase 3 and assessment of its effects on seed longevity
, Journal of Plant Biology 56(4): 232-242 (2013)

Molecular genetic key for the identification of 17 Ixodes species of the United States Acari Ixodidae a methods model
, Journal of Parasitology 85.4: 623-629 (1999)

Molecular immunotherapy might shed a light on the treatment strategies for disc degeneration and herniation
, Medical Hypotheses 81(3): 477-480 (2013)

Molecular links between Alzheimera s disease and diabetes mellitus
, Unknown (2013)

Molecular marker for screening yellow mosaic disease resistance in blackgram
, Unknown (2013)

Molecular mechenisms mechanisms of knockdown resistance
, Entomological Knowledge 33.1: 49-52 (1996)

Molecular organic geochemistry of the Apiay field in the Llanos basin, Colombia
, Journal of South American Earth Sciences (2013)

Molecular phylogenetic affinities of the night parrot Geopsittacus occidentalis and the ground parrot Pezoporus wallicus
, Auk 111.4: 833-843 (1995)

Molecular phylogenetic relatedness of Frenkelia spp. (Protozoa, Apicomplexa) to Sarcocystis falcatula Stiles 1893: is the genus Sarcocystis paraphyletic?
, Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 45(1): 137-141 (1998)

Molecular phylogenetics of the Italian Podarcis lizards Reptilia, Lacertidae
, Italian Journal of Zoology (Modena) 65.3: 315-324 (1998)

Molecular phylogeny and evolution of unique mud-using territorial behavior in ocypodid crabs (Crustacea: Brachyura: Ocypodidae)
, Molecular Biology and Evolution 15(6): 626-637 (1998)

Molecular phylogeny and morphology reveal a new species of Amyloporia (Basidiomycota) from China
, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 104(5): 817-827 (2013)

Molecular phylogeny of Old World monkeys (Cercopithecidae) as inferred from gamma-globin DNA sequences
, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 13(2): 348-359 (1999)

Molecular phylogeny of the Cicindela maritima Coleoptera Cicindelidae group indicates fast radiation in western North America
, Annals of the Entomological Society of America 91.2: 185-194 (1998)

Molecular phylogeny of the families Campulidae and Nasitrematidae (Trematoda) based on mtDNA sequence comparison
, International Journal for Parasitology 28(5): 767-775 (1998)

Molecular phylogeny of twelve Asian species of epilachnine ladybird beetles (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) with notes on the direction of host shifts
, Zoological Science 15(1): 147-151 (1998)

Molecular population genetics of the red kangaroo (Macropus rufus): mtDNA variation
, Molecular Ecology 7(6): 679-686 (1998)

Molecular reexamination of the taxonomy of Ochthebius Calobius Coleoptera Hydraenidae from the Mediterranean and Macaronesian regions
, Annals of the Entomological Society of America 89.5: 623-636 (1996)

Molecular systematic analysis of the order Proteocephalidea Eucestoda based on mitochondrial and nuclear rDNA sequences
, International Journal for Parasitology 29.11: 1841-1852 (1999)

Molecular systematics of new world gopher, bull, and pinesnakes (Pituophis: Colubridae), a transcontinental species complex
, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 14(1): 35-50 (2000)

Molecular techniques for differentiation of central European Orinocarabus species Coleoptera, Carabidae
, Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Allgemeine und Angewandte Entomologie 11.1-6 (Dezember): 821-824 (1997)

Molecular typing of haemorrhagic septicaemia-associated Pasteurella multocida isolates from Pakistan and Thailand using multilocus sequence typing and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis
, Research in Veterinary Science 95(3): 986-990 (2013)

Mollusks of the suborder Ellobioidei Pulomonata Pulmonata of Mediterranean and Atlantic European shore
, Vestnik Zoologii 4 (Iyul'-Avgust): 3-9 (1993)

Molt of black brant Branta bernicla nigricans on the Arctic Coastal Plain, Alaska
, Auk 112.4: 904-919 (1996)

Monarch migratory connectivity
, Unknown (2013)

Monitoring Ips typographus L populations and forecasting damage
, Journal of Applied Entomology 114.4: 338-340 (1992)

Monitoring marine resources ecological and policy implications affecting the scientific collecting and commercial value of New England conch Busycon
, Biological Bulletin (Woods Hole) 183.2: 379-380 (1992)

Monitoring of Culicoides spp. at a site enzootic for hemorrhagic disease in white-tailed deer in Georgia, USA
, Journal of Wildlife Diseases 32(4): 627-642 (1996)

Monitoring of the avifauna of the ecological reserve Villa Romana di Russi Ravenna by means of mist netting
, Avocetta 23.1 (Giugno): 27 (1999)

Monitoring of the black bear in the Pyrenees
, Quercus 119 (enero): 28-29 (1996)

Monitoring of the chemical pollution of the River Rhone through measurement of DNA damage and cytochrome P4501A induction in chub Leuciscus cephalus
, Marine Environmental Research, Suppl. (Special Issue) 46. 1-5. (July-December) (1998)

Monitoring recombinant baculovirus replication in Spodoptera litura Lepidoptera Noctuidae larvae by using firefly luciferase gene as a reporter
, Annals of the Entomological Society of America 90.6: 832-835 (1997)

Monitoring results of Oxyura leucocephala and O jamaicensis in Spain in 1994
, Quercus 115 (Septiembre): 12-14 (1995)

Monoamine receptors in the amygdaloid complex of the tree shrew (Tupaia belangeri)
, Journal of Comparative Neurology 343(4): 597-608 (1994)

Monoclonal antibodies neutralizing the haemolytic activity of box jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri) tentacle extracts
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. B, Comparative Biochemistry 106(1): 67-70 (1993)

Monogamy evolved to keep baby-killers away
, New Scientist 219(2928): 16 (2013)

Monomer-to-polymer conversion and micro-tensile bond strength to dentine of experimental and commercial adhesives containing diphenyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine oxide or a camphorquinone/amine photo-initiator system
, Journal of Dentistry 41(10): 918-926 (2013)

Monosex production of tilapia species 2 Using 17alphamethyl testosterone for sex reversal of Sarotherodon aureus; Oreochromis niloticus and their hybrids
, Journal of the Egyptian German Society of Zoology 8: 19-30 (1992)

Monoterpene content and monoterpene emission of Norway spruce bark and their relation to the primary attraction of bark beetles Coleoptera, Scolytidae
, Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Allgemeine und Angewandte Entomologie 11.1-6 (Dezember): 639-643 (1997)

Monstrilloida Copepoda off the Brazilian coast
, Hydrobiologia 324.3 (may 24): 253-256 (1996)

Monte Carlo Simulation of Micron Size Spherical Particle Removal and Resuspension from Substrate under Fluid Flows
, Journal of Aerosol Science 66: 62-71 (2013)

Mood stabilizer treatment increases serotonin type 1A receptor binding in bipolar depression
, Journal of Psychopharmacology 27(10): 894-902 (2013)

Morbillivirus infection in cetaceans stranded along the Italian coast an update
, Supplemento alle Ricerche di Biologia della Selvaggina, Suppl. (Unico) 24 (Settembre): 677-687 (1996)

More on Zygaena Agrumenia hilaris O Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae
, Lambillionea, Suppl. (Tome 2) 97.1 (Mars): 105-108 (1997)

More on the feeding of the Siberian jay in Sweden
, Ornithologische Mitteilungen 51.2: 60 (1999)

More on the inheritance of dominance relationships extending the concept of the phenotype
, Animal Behaviour 46.3: 597-599 (1993)

More than a safety line: jump-stabilizing silk of salticids
, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 10(87): 20130572 (2013)

More than meets the eye: implicit perception in legally blind individuals
, Consciousness and Cognition 22(3): 996-1002 (2013)

Morfoanatom a de las gl ndulas en cuatro especies de passiflora l passifloraceae de venezuela
, Unknown (2013)

Morfologia e desenvolvimento do nucleo vitelinico do lambari Astyanax bimaculatus Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichthyes, Characidae
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 7.3 (15 de Dezembro): 207-213 (1992)

Morfometry morphometry of three Caracolus sagemon populations Gastropoda Camaenidae in Cuba
, Revista de Biologia Tropical 45.4: 1563-1577 (1997)

Morhology Morphology of Oomorphoides martensi Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae from South-Eastern Asia
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 76.3 (Mart): 371-374 (1997)

Morir en paz
, Unknown (2013)

Morphing molecules may shine in high-resolution screens
, New Scientist 219(2928): 12 (2013)

Morpho deidamia Huebner and its immature stages Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Morphinae
, Lambillionea, Suppl. (Tome 2) 100.3 (Septembre): 494-498 (2000)

Morpho-ecological divergency of the roach Rutilus rutilus Cyprinidae populations from the small pools in Moscow the problem of the industrial races formation
, Voprosy Ikhtiologii 34.4 (Iyul'-Avgust): 486-493 (1994)

Morpho-functional adaptations of three species of Spongia Porifera, Demospongiae from a Mediterranean vertical cliff
, Bulletin of Marine Science 63.2: 317-328 (1998)

Morphobiological variability of Clupeonella cultriventris cultriventris Osteichthyes, Clupeidae at its naturalization in the Dniper sic reservoirs
, Vestnik Zoologii 2 (Mart-Aprel'): 59-64 (1994)

Morphologic changes in Nosema algerae (Microspora) during extrusion
, Parasitology Research 84(2): 123-131 (1998)

Morphologic defects in aneuploid eggs from matings of translocation heterozygotes of the German cockroach Dictyoptera Blattellidae
, Annals of the Entomological Society of America 86.5: 638-650 (1993)

Morphologic study of Triatoma guazu Lent Wygodzinsky, 1979 Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae
, Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 92.4 (Jul-Aug): 539-543 (1997)

Morphological Cues for Regulation of Cell Adhesion and Motility with Tailored Electrospun Scaffolds of PCL and PCL/PVP Blends
, Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering 6(4): 482-495 (2013)

Morphological analysis of larval stages of Temora stylifera Copepoda, Calanoida from the Mediterranean Sea
, Journal of Plankton Research 21.9: 1613-1632 (1999)

Morphological analysis of the Crimean blackaps blackcaps Sylvia atricapilla taxonomic status and displacement of characters due to competition
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 75.6 (Iyun'): 926-932 (1996)

Morphological and biological notes on Polymorphus (Profilicollis) sphaerocephalus and Corynosoma stanleyi (Polymorphidae: Acanthocephala)
, Journal of Parasitology 84(4): 798-801 (1998)

Morphological and microstructural evidence for the origin and early evolution of Ecphora Mollusca Gastropoda
, Journal of Paleontology 68.4: 905-907 (1994)

Morphological and molecular characterization of Giardia isolated from the straw-necked ibis (Threskiornis spinicollis) in Western Australia
, Journal of Parasitology 82(5): 711-718 (1996)

Morphological and molecular characterization of a microsporidian parasite, Takaokaspora nipponicus n. gen., n. sp. from the invasive rock pool mosquito, Ochlerotatus japonicus japonicus
, Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 114(2): 161-172 (2013)

Morphological and molecular characterization of ethylene binding inhibition in carnations
, Postharvest Biology and Technology 86: 272-279 (2013)

Morphological and molecular variation in Synaphobranchus eels Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in relation to species diagnostics
, Marine Biodiversity 43(4): 407-420 (2013)

Morphological aspects of the larval instars of Chrysomya albiceps Diptera, Calliphoridae reared in the laboratory
, Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 92.2 (Mar-Apr): 187-196 (1997)

Morphological basis and mechanics of arm movement in the stalked crinoid Metacrinus rotundus Echinodermata, Crinoida
, Marine Biology (Berlin) 121.2: 273-283 (1994)

Morphological changes of the testes of the curimbata, Prochilodus scrofa Steindachner, under hormonal stimulation
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 15.1 (mar): 109-115 (1998)

Morphological characteristic of the burbot, Lota lota, from the River Poronay Sakhalin
, Voprosy Ikhtiologii 32.6: 166-169 (1992)

Morphological characteristics of three Ctenopoma Anabantidae species from the White Nile basin within Ethiopian territory
, Voprosy Ikhtiologii 33.6 (Noyabr'-Dekabr'): 773-779 (1993)

Morphological characterization and temporal distribution of larvae and juveniles of Apareiodon affinis Steindachner Osteichthyes, Parodontidae in upper Parana River, Parana
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 15.4 (dez): 1037-1047 (1998)

Morphological development and ovary histology of Kalliapseudes schubarti Mane-Garzon Crustacea, Tanaidacea from Sao Sebastiao Channel, Sao Paulo, Brasil
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 14.3 (set): 675-683 (1998)

Morphological development of afferent segregation and onset of synaptic transmission in the trigeminothalamic pathway of the wallaby (Macropus eugenii)
, Journal of Comparative Neurology 399(1): 47-60 (1998)

Morphological differentiation among species of the genus Scardinius Pisces Cyprinidae in Greece
, Journal of Natural History 30.3: 459-473 (1996)

Morphological evidence for the occurrence of two electric catfish Malapterurus species in the White Nile and Omo-Turkana systems East Africa
, Journal of Fish Biology 55.3: 492-505 (1999)

Morphological evolution of the scapula in tree squirrels, chipmunks, and ground squirrels Sciuridae an analysis using thin-plate splines
, Evolution 47.6: 1854-1873 (1994)

Morphological plasticity of Streptococcus oralis isolates for biofilm production, invasiveness, and architectural patterns
, Archives of Oral Biology 58(11): 1584-1593 (2013)

Morphological studies on the mouth parts and sensilla of the last larval instar of Chilo suppressalie suppressalis Wlk Lepidoptera Crambidae
, Journal of the Egyptian German Society of Zoology 28.A: 99-108 (1999)

Morphological study of the larval spiracular system in eight Lutzomyia species (Diptera: Psychodidae)
, Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 93(1): 71-79 (1998)

Morphological variability between populations of Neobythites stefanovi Pisces Ophidiidae from the deep Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden
, Marine Ecology Progress Series 124.1-3 (August 10): 23-29 (1995)

Morphological variability in Illex coindetii Cephalopoda Ommastrephidae along the north-west coast of Africa
, Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 78.4: 1259-1268 (1998)

Morphological variability of some scorpenid scorpaenid fishes from the genera Sebastes and Sebastolobus Scorpaenidae
, Voprosy Ikhtiologii 39.4 (Iyul'-Avgust): 569-572 (1999)

Morphological variation and cannibalism in a larval salamander Ambystoma macrodactylum columbianum
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 71.8: 1543-1551 (1993)

Morphological, allozymic, and karyotypic distinctions between Neritina Dostia violacea and N D cornucopia Gastropoda Neritoidea
, Journal of Zoology (London) 241.2: 343-369 (1997)

Morphological, histochemical, and ultrastructural characterization of the salivary glands and proboscises of three species of glossiphoniid leeches (Hirudinea: Rhynchobdellida)
, Journal of Morphology 225(1): 1-18 (1995)

Morphological, molecular, and biological characterization of Mehdinema alii Nematoda Diplogasterida from the decorated cricket Gryllodes sigillatus
, Journal of Parasitology 85.6: 1053-1064 (1999)

Morphology and histology of the female reproductive system of Abedus ovatus Stal Belostomatidae Hemiptera Insecta
, Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 92.1 (Jan-Feb): 129-135 (1997)

Morphology and key to the larvae of common tenebrionids of the Blaptini-tripe tribe Coleoptera north China
, Entomological Knowledge 33.4: 198-203 (1996)

Morphology and meiotic/mitotic behavior of B cromosomes chromosomes in a Japanese harvestman, Metagagrella tenuipes Arachnida Opiliones no evidence for B accumulation mechanisms
, Zoological Science (Tokyo) 17.3: 349-355 (2000)

Morphology and taxonomy of two new species of marine ciliates Ciliophora Spirotrichea Stichotrichida Amphisiellidae
, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 105.1: 165-179 (1992)

Morphology and ultrastructure of the anterior adhesive areas of the capsalid monogenean parasites Benedenia rohdei from the gills and B. lutjani from the pelvic fins of Lutjanus carponotatus (Pisces: Lutjanidae)
, Parasitology Research 85(5): 399-408 (1999)

Morphology and ultrastructure of the digestive gland of Bithynia siamensis goniomphalus (Prosobranchia: Bithyniidae) and alterations induced by infection with the liver fluke Opisthorchis viverrini (Trematoda: Digenea)
, Parasitology Research 81(8): 684-692 (1995)

Morphology of eggs in Asteiidae, Lonchaeidae, Micropezidae, Tethinidae and Ulidiidae Diptera, Cyclopphapha Cyclorrhapha
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 78.4 (Aprel'): 466-473 (1999)

Morphology of thalassinidean Crustacea Decapoda mouthparts and pereiopods in relation to feeding, ecology and grooming
, Journal of Natural History 32.5: 733-761 (1998)

Morphology of the digestive tube in the termites Heterotermes tenuis Hagen e Coptotermes havilandi Holmgren Isoptera, Rhinotermitidae
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 17.1 (marco): 205-212 (2000)

Morphology of the early zoeal stages of Macropipus tuberculatus Roux, 1830 Crustacea, Brachyura, Portunidae
, Journal of Plankton Research 21.10: 1993-2008 (1999)

Morphology of the muscular and reproductive systems of Anisancylus obliquus Broderip Sowerby from Chile as a contribution to the systematics of Ancylidae Gastropoda, Pulmonata,; Basommatophora
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 17.4 (Dezembro): 995-1006 (2000)

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