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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37364

Chapter 37364 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 2013:
Quantum-like perception entanglement leads to advantageous collective decisions

Zwick, A.; Schleich, H.H., 1994:
Quaternary reptile records from the Karain Cave S Turkey Reptilia Testudines, Squamata

DeGrandi-Hoffman, G.; Watkins, J.C.; Collins, A.M.; Loper, G.M.; Martin, J.H.; Arias, M.C.; Sheppard, W.S., 1998:
Queen developmental time as a factor in the Africanization of European honey bee Hymenoptera Apidae populations

McInnes, D.A.; Tschinkel, W.R., 1995:
Queen dimorphism and reproductive strategies in the fire ant Solenopsis geminata Hymenoptera Formicidae

Ruppell, O.; Heinze, J., 1997:
Queen-size polymorphism in the North-American ant Leptothorax rugatulus Emery

Anonymous, 2013:
Quels r les les anomalies de la voie des nucl otides cycliques et des prot ines G jouent-elles dans le d sordre biochimique des lymphocytes T dans la sarco doseA ?

Anonymous, 2013:
Queratopigmentaci n quir rgica intraestromal con tinta para tatuaje cut neo

Song, N.Ry.; Chung, M-Yu.; Kang, N.Joo.; Seo, S.Gwon.; Jang, T.Su.; Lee, H.Joo.; Lee, K.Won., 2014:
Quercetin suppresses invasion and migration of H-Ras-transformed MCF10A human epithelial cells by inhibiting phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase

Marthyna, P.Souza, Antônio F.M.Vaz, Maria, T.S.Correia…, 2014:
Quercetin-Loaded Lecithin/Chitosan Nanoparticles for Functional Food Applications

Wang, Y.; Chang, T.; Chen, Y-Chun.; Zhang, R-Guo.; Wang, H-Ning.; Wu, W-Jun.; Peng, Z-Wu.; Tan, Q-Rong., 2014:
Quetiapine add-on therapy improves the depressive behaviors and hippocampal neurogenesis in fluoxetine treatment resistant depressive rats

Kong, C.; Chiu, W.; Davies, A.; Keating, J., 2013:
Quetiapine may reduce hospital admission rates in patients with mental health problems and alcohol addiction

Sangster, N.C.; Pope, S.E., 2000:
Quid significat nomen? (What's in a name?)

Cabrera Pena, Jorge, 1998:
Quiscalus mexicanus Passeriformes Icteridae predates on Lepidochelys olivacea Reptilia Cheloniidae neonates

Hansen, L.G.rn; Jensen, F.; Nøstbakken, L., 2014:
Quota Enforcement in Resource Industries Self-Reporting and Differentiated Inspections

Anonymous, 2013:
R gulation de la balance nergetiqueA ajustement de la apport alimentaire la d pense nerg tique

Shanda Liu, Xiaoping Wang, Eryang Li, Carl, J.Douglas…, 2013:
R2R3 MYB transcription factor PtrMYB192 regulates flowering time in Arabidopsis by activating FLOWERING LOCUS C

Koziel, K.; Smigelskaite, J.; Drasche, A.; Enthammer, M.; Ashraf, M.Imtiaz.; Khalid, S.; Troppmair, J., 2013:
RAF and antioxidants prevent cell death induction after growth factor abrogation through regulation of Bcl-2 proteins

Martinez, I.; Elvevoll, E.O.; Haug, T., 1997:
RAPD typing of north-east Atlantic minke whale Balaenoptera acutorostrata

Schlaitz, A-Lore.; Thompson, J.; Wong, C.C.L.; Yates, J.R.; Heald, R., 2013:
REEP3/4 ensure endoplasmic reticulum clearance from metaphase chromatin and proper nuclear envelope architecture

Anonymous, 2013:
REM sleep behavior disorder and motor dysfunction in Parkinsons disease a A longitudinal study

Moriwaki, K.; Chan, F.Ka-Ming., 2013:
RIP3: a molecular switch for necrosis and inflammation

Nazia Abbasi, Youn-I.Park, Sang-Bong Choi, 2013:
RNA deadenylation and decay in plants

Ruffing, A.M., 2013:
RNA-Seq analysis and targeted mutagenesis for improved free fatty acid production in an engineered cyanobacterium

Sookruksawong, S.; Sun, F.; Liu, Z.; Tassanakajon, A., 2014:
RNA-Seq analysis reveals genes associated with resistance to Taura syndrome virus (TSV) in the Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei

Poelchau, M.F.; Reynolds, J.A.; Elsik, C.G.; Denlinger, D.L.; Armbruster, P.A., 2014:
RNA-Seq reveals early distinctions and late convergence of gene expression between diapause and quiescence in the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus

Zhu, F.; Xu, P.; Barbosa, Rângela.M.R.; Choo, Y-Moo.; Leal, W.S., 2014:
RNAi-based demonstration of direct link between specific odorant receptors and mosquito oviposition behavior

Christopher, Z.Waters and Julie, K.Hollek , 2013:
ROBOSPECT Automated Equivalent Width Measurement

Arayne, M.Saeed.; Sultana, N.; Tabassum, A., 2014:
RP-LC simultaneous quantitation of co-administered drugs for (non-insulin dependent) diabetic mellitus induced dyslipidemia in active pharmaceutical ingredient, pharmaceutical formulations and human serum with UV-detector

Galuppo, M.; Giacoppo, S.; De Nicola, G.Rosalinda.; Iori, R.; Mazzon, E.; Bramanti, P., 2014:
RS-Glucoraphanin bioactivated with myrosinase treatment counteracts proinflammatory cascade and apoptosis associated to spinal cord injury in an experimental mouse model

Sillero-Zubiri, C.; King, A.A.; Macdonald, D.W., 1996:
Rabies and mortality in Ethiopian wolves (Canis simensis)

Gascoyne, S.C.; Laurenson, M.K.; Lelo, S.; Borner, M., 1993:
Rabies in African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) in the Serengeti region, Tanzania

Anonymous, 2013:
Racial and Ethnic Differences in US Womens Choice Of Reversible Contraceptives, 1995a 2010

Uchikawa, K.; Nakata, K.; Takahashi, K., 1997:
Radfordia Microtimyobia Acari, Myobiidae associated with arvicoline voles Rodentia, Muridae in Japan

Filippi, A.Riccardo.; Piva, C.; Giunta, F.; Bellò, M.; Chiappella, A.; Caracciolo, D.; Zotta, M.; Douroukas, A.; Ragona, R.; Vitolo, U.; Bisi, G.; Ricardi, U., 2013:
Radiation therapy in primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma with positron emission tomography positivity after rituximab chemotherapy

Anonymous, 2013:
Radiation dose optimization research Exposure technique approaches in CR imaging a A literature review

Mochol, I.; Kirk, J.G., 2013:
Radiative damping and emission signatures of strong superluminal waves in pulsar winds

Streets, D.G.; Shindell, D.T.; Lu, Z.; Faluvegi, G., 2013:
Radiative forcing due to major aerosol emitting sectors in China and India

Griffioen, G.H.M.J.; Toguri, D.; Dahele, M.; Warner, A.; de Haan, P.F.; Rodrigues, G.B.; Slotman, B.J.; Yaremko, B.P.; Senan, S.; Palma, D.A., 2014:
Radical treatment of synchronous oligometastatic non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC): patient outcomes and prognostic factors

Venturi, T.; Rossetti, M.; Bardelli, S.; Giacintucci, S.; Dallacasa, D.; Cornacchia, M.; Kantharia, N.G., 2013:
Radio emission at the centre of the galaxy cluster Abell 3560 evidence for core sloshing?

Cooper, Pamela, 1995:
Radio tracking, basic for the recuperation of the wolf in America

Lahutte-Auboin, M., 2013:
Radio-anatomie de la prostate et du pelvis

Verighin, B.V.; Belova, N.V.; Emelyanova, N.G.; Makeyeva, A.P.; Vybornov, A.A.; Ryabov, I.N., 1996:
Radiobiological analysis of the silver carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix in the cooling pond of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station during the period after accident 3 Results of artificial; reproduction of fishes after irradiation

Makeyeva, A.P.; Yemel'yanova, N.G.; Belova, N.V.; Ryabov, I.N., 1994:
Radiobiological analysis of the silver carp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, in the cooling reservoir of the Chernobyl atomic station in the period after accident 2 The development of reproductive; system in the first generation of descendants

Pigati, J.S.; McGeehin, J.P.; Muhs, D.R.; Bettis, E.A.thur, 2013:
Radiocarbon dating late Quaternary loess deposits using small terrestrial gastropod shells

Hasegawa, M.; Ito, M.T.; Kaneko, S.; Kiyono, Y.; Ikeda, S.; Makino, S'ichi., 2014:
Radiocesium concentrations in epigeic earthworms at various distances from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 6 months after the 2011 accident

Lee, D.Ho.; Lee, J.Min.; Lee, J.Young.; Kim, S.Hyung.; Han, J.Koo.; Choi, B.Ihn., 2015:
Radiofrequency ablation for intrahepatic recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma: long-term results and prognostic factors in 168 patients with cirrhosis

Anonymous, 2013:
Radiofrequency ablation versus open hepatic resection for elderly patients a 65 years with very early or early hepatocellular carcinoma

Plotsky, K.; Rendall, D.; Riede, T.; Chase, K., 2013:
Radiographic analysis of vocal tract length and its relation to overall body size in two canid species

Rodrigues, M.A.; Visvanathan, A.; Murchison, J.T.; Brady, R.R., 2013:
Radiology smartphone applications; current provision and cautions

Anonymous, 2013:
Radiologya pathology case report isolated extranodal Rosaia Dorfman disease of the skull base

von Meyenfeldt, E.M.; Siebenga, J.; van der Pol, H.A.G.; Schreurs, W.M.J.; Hulsewe, K.W.E., 2014:
Radionuclide-guided biopsy of bone lesions in cancer patients; a reliable, well-tolerated technique

Loria, M., L.G.illermo; Banichevich, A.; Cortes, J., 1999:
Radionuclides in corals of Costa Rica

Groselj, B.; Kerr, M.; Kiltie, A.E., 2014:
Radiosensitisation of bladder cancer cells by panobinostat is modulated by Ku80 expression

Pereira Cesar, T.C.istina; Luiz, E., 1993:
Raillietina Raillietina guaricana guaricanae n sp Cestoda-Davaineidae, parasite of wild rats from the Environmental Protection Area of Guaricana, Parana, Brazil

Raju Thomas, K.; Biju, C.R.; Ajithkumar, C.R., 1998:
Rainbow trout Salmo gairdnerii gairdneri in Anaimalai Hills, Western Ghats

Andersen, Stig; Fleischer Rex, Karsten; Noahsen, Paneeraq; Christian Florian Sørensen, Hans; Mulvad, Gert; Laurberg, Peter, 2013:
Raised BMI cut-off for overweight in Greenland Inuit a review

Embree, J.L.; Bruner, D.A.; White, A., 2013:
Raising the Level of Awareness of Nurse-to-Nurse Lateral Violence in a Critical Access Hospital

Voropaev, S.A.; Sevastâ??yanov, V.S.; Eliseev, A.A.; Petukhov, D.I., 2013:
Raman identification of calcite grains in the Chelyabinsk meteorite

N.N.Mel’nik, D.Yu. Korobov…, 2013:
Raman spectra of carbyne-fullerene structures

Nakrem, H.A.ne; Spjeldnaes, N., 1995:
Ramipora hochstetteri Toula, 1875 Bryozoa, Cystoporata, from the Permian of Svalbard

Takagi, M.; Taniguchi, N., 1995:
Random amplified polymorphic DNA RAPD for identification of three species of Anguilla, A japonica, A australis and A bicolor

Vandercone, R.; Premachandra, K.; Wijethunga, G.Pradeep.; Dinadh, C.; Ranawana, K.; Bahar, S., 2014:
Random walk analysis of ranging patterns of sympatric langurs in a complex resource landscape

Pappalardo, S.; Guarnieri, R., 2015:
Randomized clinical study comparing piezosurgery and conventional rotatory surgery in mandibular cyst enucleation

Steindel, M.; Dias Neto, E.; Pinto, C.J.; Grisard, E.C.; Menezes, C.L.; Murta, S.M.; Simpson, A.J.; Romanha, A.J., 1994:
Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and isoenzyme analysis of Trypanosoma rangeli strains

Tsai, M.H.; Marx, K.A.; Ismail, M.M.; Tao, L., 2000:
Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) polymerase chain reaction assay for identification of Schistosoma mansoni strains sensitive or tolerant to anti-schistosomal drugs

Heckel, D.G.; Gahan, L.J.; Tabashnik, B.E.; Johnson, M.W., 1995:
Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA differences between strains of diamondback moth Lepidoptera Plutellidae susceptible or resistant to Bacillus thuringiensis

Defran, R.H.; Weller, D.W.; Kelly, D.L.; Espinosa, M.A., 1999:
Range characteristics of Pacific coast bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus in the Southern California Bight

Biganzoli, F.; Larsen, C.; Rolhauser, A.és G., 2013:
Range expansion and potential distribution of the invasive grass Bromus tectorum in southern South America on the base of herbarium records

Molina, R.E.; Manrique, F.A., 1996:
Range extension for Ceratothoa gaudichaudii Isopoda, Cymothoidae in the eastern tropical Pacific

Apte, Deepak, 1999:
Range extension of Neocancilla circula Kiener, 1838

Ochoa Lopez, E.; Reyes Bonilla, H., 1997:
Range extension of Psammocora stellata Scleractinia Siderastreidae in the Gulf of California, Mexico

Reyes, B.H.; Carriquiry, J.D., 1994:
Range extension of Psammocora superfisialis Scleractinia Thamnasteriidae to Isla Socorro, Revillagigedo Archipielago sic, Colima, Mexico

Lopez Salgado, I.; Suarez Morales, E., 1996:
Range extension of Ratania flava Copepoda Siphonostomatoida in the northwest Atlantic

Garcia-Madrigal, Maria del Socorro, 1998:
Range extension of Squilla aculeata Crustacea Stomatopoda off the Gulf of California, Mexico

Naranjo, E.; Vaughan, C., 2000:
Range extension of the Central American tapir Tapirus bairdii

Bharos, A.M.K., 1996:
Range extension of the Malabar whistling thrush, Myiophonus Myiophoneus horsfieldii Vigors

Bruce, Niel, L., 1995:
Range extension of the mangrove dwelling isopod genus Ceratolana Bowman Cirolanidae

Suarez Morales, E.; Reid, J.W., 1996:
Range extension of two copepods Crustacea Copepoda from shelve waters in Peninsula de Yucatan, Mexico

Cruz-Abrego, Flor Marina, 1997:
Range extensions for microprosobranchs Mollusca Gastropoda from the Puerto Morelos reef system, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Dean, H.K.; Cutler, E.B., 1998:
Range extensions of Nephasoma pellucidum, and new records of Apionsoma Edmonsius Edmondsius pectinatum Sipuncula and Thalassema steinbecki Echiura from the Pacific of Costa Rica

Diaz, Yusbelly, J.; Martin, Alberto, 2000:
Range of Audulla chelifera Amphipoda Corophiidae in the coasts of Venezuela

Knapp, S.E.; Rognlie, M.C.; Stackhouse, L., 1993:
Range of heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) infection in Montana dogs

Lazo, Alfonso, 1995:
Ranging behaviour of feral cattle Bos taurus in Donana National Park, SW Spain

Abouammoh, M.A., 2014:
Ranibizumab injection for diabetic macular edema: meta-analysis of systemic safety and systematic review

Kodjikian, L.; Souied, E.H.; Mimoun, Gérard.; Mauget-Faÿsse, M.; Behar-Cohen, F.; Decullier, E.; Huot, L.; Aulagner, G., 2014:
Ranibizumab versus Bevacizumab for Neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration: Results from the GEFAL Noninferiority Randomized Trial

Martins, L.Cristina.X.; Lopes, C.S., 2015:
Rank, job stress, psychological distress and physical activity among military personnel

Rey, Sergio, 2014:
Rank-based Markov chains for regional income distribution dynamics

Stella, P.; Cerf, O.; Hugas, M.; Koutsoumanis, K.P.; Nguyen-The, C.; Sofos, J.N.; Valero, A.; Zwietering, M.H., 2013:
Ranking the microbiological safety of foods a new tool and its application to composite products

Anonymous, 2013:
Rantai Nilai Komoditas Kentang Granola di Desa Candikuning Kecamatan Baturiti Kabupaten Tabanan

Yang, C.; Zhu, B.; Shen, J.; Hu, T.; Li, Z.; Hong, T., 2014:
Rapamycin and mTOR inhibitors probably have therapeutic effects for post-operative cognitive dysfunction

Luchi, N.; Ghelardini, L.; Belbahri, Lâd.; Quartier, M.; Santini, A., 2014:
Rapid detection of Ceratocystis platani inoculum by quantitative real-time PCR assay

Isidorov, V.A.; Szczepaniak, L.; Bakier, Sławomir., 2014:
Rapid GC/MS determination of botanical precursors of Eurasian propolis

Dybwad, M.; van der Laaken, A.L.; Blatny, J.Martha.; Paauw, A., 2014:
Rapid identification of Bacillus anthracis spores in suspicious powder samples by using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS)

Trowell, S.C.; Forrester, N.W.; Garsia, K.A.; Lang, G.A.; Bird, L.J.; Hill, A.S.; Skerritt, J.H.; Daly, J.C., 2000:
Rapid antibody-based field test to distinguish between Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and Helicoverpa punctigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Bastida-Zavala, J.R.lando; Beltran-Torres, A.U.; Guiterrez-Aguirre, M.A.gelica; de la Fuente-Betancourt, G., 2000:
Rapid assessment of reef patches in Majagual, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Al-Talib, H.; Yean, C.Yean.; Al-Khateeb, A.; Hasan, H.; Ravichandran, M., 2015:
Rapid detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus by a newly developed dry reagent-based polymerase chain reaction assay

Olbrich, L.; Wessel, L.; Balakrishnan-Renuka, A.; Böing, M.; Brand-Saberi, B.; Theiss, C., 2013:
Rapid impact of progesterone on the neuronal growth cone

Dong, X.; Huber, D.J.; Rao, J.; Lee, J.H., 2013:
Rapid ingress of gaseous 1-MCP and acute suppression of ripening following short-term application to midclimacteric tomato under hypobaria

Mujawar, L.Hamid.; Moers, A.; Norde, W.; van Amerongen, A., 2014:
Rapid mastitis detection assay on porous nitrocellulose membrane slides

Cheng, W-Chieh.; Weng, C-Yi.; Yun, W-Yi.; Chang, S-Yu.; Lin, Y-Chun.; Tsai, F-Jen.; Huang, F-Yung.; Chen, Y-Ru., 2014:
Rapid modifications of N-substitution in iminosugars: development of new β-glucocerebrosidase inhibitors and pharmacological chaperones for Gaucher disease

Williams, D.; Trimble, W.L.; Shilts, M.; Meyer, F.; Ochman, H., 2013:
Rapid quantification of sequence repeats to resolve the size, structure and contents of bacterial genomes

Anonymous, 2013:
Rapid signaling in the CsrA cascade

Robins, G.G.; MacLennan, K.A.; Boot-Handford, R.P.; Sandle, G.I., 2014:
Rapid stimulation of human renal ENaC by cAMP in Xenopus laevis oocytes

Van Eenennaam, A.L.; Van Eenennaam, J.P.; Medrano, J.F.; Doroshov, S.I., 1996:
Rapid verification of meiotic gynogenesis and polyploidy in white sturgeon Acipenser transmontanus Richardson

Anonymous, 2013:
Rapid vertical accretion on a a younga shore-detached turbid zone reef Offshore Paluma Shoals, central Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Heredia, B.; Parr, S.; Yarar, M., 1995:
Raptors in Anatolia

Ismail, R.; Ciobanu, C.L.; Cook, N.J.; Teale, G.S.; Giles, D.; Mumm, A.S.hmidt; Wade, B., 2014:
Rare Earths and other trace elements in minerals from skarn assemblages, Hillside iron oxide-copper-gold deposit, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Keam, B.; Kim, D-Wan.; Park, J.Hyun.; Lee, J-Ok.; Kim, T.Min.; Lee, S-Hoon.; Chung, D.Hyun.; Heo, D.Seog., 2015:
Rare and complex mutations of epidermal growth factor receptor, and efficacy of tyrosine kinase inhibitor in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Campbell, R.R., 1994:
Rare and endangered fishes and marine mammals of Canada COSEWIC fish and marine mammal subcommittee status reports 9

Litt, R., 1996:
Rare and interesting Syrphidae observed in Biron Barvaux, province of Luxembourg Diptera, Syrphidae

Ilinsky, Y.N.; Balanov, A.A.; Ivanov, O.A., 1995:
Rare mesopelagic fishes Scopelosaurus harryi, Arctozenus rissoi, Magnisudis atlantica, Tactosoma macropus in the north-western part of the Pacific Ocean 2nd report Distribution and biological; features

Gaston, K.J.; Blackburn, T.M., 1996:
Rarity and body size importance of generality

Gaston, K.J.; Blackburn, T.M., 1995:
Rarity and body size some cautionary remarks

Konstantinov, A.S.; Zdanovich, V.V.; Kostyuk, Y.A.; Solovyeva, E.A., 1996:
Rate of metabolism alterations in fishes when changing homotermal homothermal environment for heterotermal heterothermal

Anonymous, 2013:
Rates and Success Rates of Trial of Labor After Cesarean Delivery in the United States, 1990a 2009

Schubert, C.; Rudolf, M.; Guldi, D.M.; Takano, Y.; Mizorogi, N.; Herranz, M.Ángeles.; Martín, N.; Nagase, S.; Akasaka, T., 2013:
Rates and energetics of intramolecular electron transfer processes in conjugated metallofullerenes

Clevenger, K.D.; Wu, R.; Er, J.A.V.; Liu, D.; Fast, W., 2015:
Rational design of a transition state analogue with picomolar affinity for Pseudomonas aeruginosa PvdQ, a siderophore biosynthetic enzyme

Campbell, L.M.; Maxwell, P.J.; Waugh, D.J.J., 2013:
Rationale and Means to Target Pro-Inflammatory Interleukin-8 (CXCL8) Signaling in Cancer

Corgan, James, X., 1995:
Ravnostomia adegokei, new name for Odostomia? Ravnostomia rosenkrantzi Adegoke, 1977 Gastropoda Pyramidellacea

Desmurget, M.; Song, Z.; Mottolese, C.; Sirigu, A., 2014:
Re-establishing the merits of electrical brain stimulation

Prevot-Julliard, A.-Caroline; Lebreton, J.-Dominique; Pradel, R., 1998:
Re-evaluation of adult survival of black-headed gulls Larus ridibundus in presence of recapture heterogeneity

Watson, N.A.; Rohde, K., 1995:
Re-examination of spermatogenesis of Multicotyle purvisi (Platyhelminthes, Aspidogastrea)

Balushkin, A.V.; Merrett, N.R., 1996:
Re-examination of the type specimens of Notothenia ramsayi Regan, 1913 Nototheniidae, Perciformes, and splitting them into two species Patagonotothen ramsayi Regan, 1913 and P kreffti Balushkin; et Stehmann, 1993

Putora, P.Martin.; Plasswilm, L.; Seelentag, W.; Schiefer, J.; Markart, P.; Schmid, H-Peter.; Engeler, D., 2015:
Re-implantation after insufficient primary 125-i permanent prostate brachytherapy

Andriashev, A.P., 1993:
Re-validation of a neglected species Amitra liparina Goode, 1881, with a description of the close to it new species Paraliparis challengeri sp n Scorpaeniformes, Liparidae from Porcupine Bassin; sic Nord-east sic Atlantic

Weiss, B.; Buchs, W., 1997:
Reaction of the spider coenoesis coenosis on different kinds of rotational set aside in agricultural fields

Gander, H.; Ingold, P., 1996:
Reactions of male alpine chamois Rupicapra r rupicapra to hikers, joggers and mountainbikers

Venturato, E.; Zilletti, B.; Beani, L., 1997:
Reactions to simulated terrestrial and aerial predators by red-legged partridges Alectoris rufa reared in semi-natural conditions

Matsui, T.; Kang, J-Hon.; Nojima, M.; Tomonari, A.; Aoki, H.; Yamazaki, H.; Yane, K.; Tsuji, K.; Andoh, S.; Andoh, S.; Sakai, H.; Maemori, M.; Maguchi, H.; Tanaka, Y., 2014:
Reactivation of hepatitis B virus in patients with undetectable HBsAg undergoing chemotherapy for malignant lymphoma or multiple myeloma

Fox, B.J.; Brown, J.H., 1995:
Reaffirming the validity of the assembly rule for functional groups or guilds a reply to Wilson

Faralli, Ugo, 1995:
Reafforestation effects on a heathland bird community of northern Apennines, Tuscany

Kis, Z.; Jones, J.; Creanga, A.; Ferdinand, K.; Inui, K.; Gerloff, N.; Davis, C.T.; Nguyen, T.; Donis, R.O., 2014:
Real-time RT-PCR assay to differentiate clades of H5N1 avian influenza viruses circulating in Vietnam

Tammaru, T.; Kaitaniemi, P.; Ruohomaki, K., 1996:
Realized fecundity in Epirrita autumnata Lepidoptera Geometridae relation to body size and consequences to population dynamics

Montoya-Lerma, J.; Cadena-Peña, H.; Jaramillo-Salazar, C., 1998:
Rearing and colonization of Lutzomyia evansi (Diptera: Psychodidae), a vector of visceral leishmaniasis in Colombia

Ferguson, H.J.; Eaton, J.L.; Rogers, C.E.; Simmons, A.M., 1994:
Rearing density effects on pupal weight, wing width, development, and female adult activity of the fall armyworm Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Vingerhoedt, E.; Thiry, J., 1997:
Rearing of butterflies in Burundi Charaxes zoolina mafugensis Jackson, 1956

Gerlach, S. Craig; Loring, Philip, A., 2013:
Rebuilding northern foodsheds, sustainable food systems, community well-being, and food security

Battaglia, G.; Bini, A.; Corsi, I.; Sacchetti, A.; Sposimo, P., 1999:
Recaptures of the siskin Carduelis spinus from five diverse localities

Okamura, A.; Horie, N.; Mikawa, N.; Yamada, Y.; Tsukamoto, K., 2013:
Recent advances in artificial production of glass eels for conservation of anguillid eel populations

Leung, T.F.; Ko, F.W.S.; Wong, G.W.K., 2014:
Recent advances in asthma biomarker research

Kamisawa, T.; Chari, S.T.; Lerch, M.M.; Kim, M-Hwan.; Gress, T.M.; Shimosegawa, T., 2014:
Recent advances in autoimmune pancreatitis: type 1 and type 2

Anonymous, 2013:
Recent advances on the mechanisms regulating cholangiocyte proliferation and the significance of the neuroendocrine regulation of cholangiocyte pathophysiology

Bach de Rocha, C.; Gaju-Ricart, M.; Compte-Sart, A., 1999:
Recent advances on the phylogeny of Apterygota

Glassford, S.E.; Byrne, B.; Kazarian, S.G., 2014:
Recent applications of ATR FTIR spectroscopy and imaging to proteins

Møller, H.; Purushotham, A.; Linklater, K.M.; Garmo, H.; Holmberg, L.; Lambe, M.; Yallop, D.; Devereux, S., 2014:
Recent childbirth is an adverse prognostic factor in breast cancer and melanoma, but not in Hodgkin lymphoma

Frank, K.T.; Carscadden, J.E.; Simon, J.E., 1996 :
Recent excursions of capelin Mallotus villosus to the Scotian Shelf and Flemish Cap during anomalous hydrographic conditions

Montero, Jose Antonio, 1996:
Recent hunting of various mountain gorillas during 1995

Fozzi, A.; Sanna, M., 1994:
Recent observations on the white tailed eagle Haliaeetus albicilla in Sardinia

Baugnee, Jean-Yves, 1999:
Recent record of Paragus flammeus Goeldlin, 1971 and some other little-known hoverflies in Belgium

Eriguchi, Y.; Uryu, H.; Nakamura, K.; Shimoji, S.; Takashima, S.; Iwasaki, H.; Miyamoto, T.; Shimono, N.; Hashimoto, D.; Akashi, K.; Ayabe, T.; Teshima, T., 2014:
Reciprocal expression of enteric antimicrobial proteins in intestinal graft-versus-host disease

Wyngaard, Grace, A., 1998:
Reciprocal transfer study of north temperate and subtropical populations of Mesocyclops edax Copepoda Cyclopoida

Bursey, C.R.; Goldberg, S.R., 1998:
Reclassification of Skrjabinodon anolis (Chitwood, 1934) Inglis, 1968 as Spauligodon anolis (Chitwood, 1934) n. comb. (Nematoda: Pharyngodonidae) from Anolis lizards of the Caribbean

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