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Biosynthesis and site of production of sex pheromone components of the cerambycid beetle, Hedypathes betulinus

Zarbin, P.H.G.; Fonseca, M.G.; Szczerbowski, D.; Oliveira, A.R.M.

Journal of Chemical Ecology 39(3): 358-363


ISSN/ISBN: 1573-1561
PMID: 23397457
DOI: 10.1007/s10886-013-0252-9
Accession: 037397970

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We determined the site of pheromone production tissues and a partial route for the biosynthesis of the sex pheromone in Hedypathes betulinus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae), Brazil's main green maté pest. Pheromone was found predominantly in the prothorax of males, suggesting that this is the region of production of pheromones in this insect. Scanning electron microscopy revealed small pores that may be associated with pheromone release in males; these pores also were observed in females. A deuterium-labeled putative precursor (geranyl acetone-D5) of the sex pheromone of H. betulinus was synthesized. When applied to the prothorax of males, label from the precursor was incorporated into the pheromone components, confirming that pheromone production occurs in the prothorax and that the pheromone components are biosynthesized from geranyl acetone.

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