Section 38
Chapter 37,410

Description of the final instar larva of Progomphus joergenseni Ris Epiprocta Gomphidae

Muzon, J.; Lozano, F.

Zootaxa 2762(10): 56-60


ISSN/ISBN: 1175-5326
Accession: 037409355

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The final instar larva of Progomphus joergenseni is described and illustrated for the first time based on specimens collected in Ro Negro Province, northern Patagonia, Argentina. Right mandibular molar crest shows an extreme reduction in the number of teeth with no intermediates between teeth a and b. Antennal, leg and paraprocts morphology suggest a close relationship with the species included in the Pygmaeus group, but P. joergenseni differs from them because of its larger size and longer anal pyramid.

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