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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37415

Chapter 37415 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bijlsma, R.; Loeschcke, V.; Ouborg, N.J.op, 2010:
ESF-ConGen Integrating population genetics and conservation biology

Kijimoto, T.; Costello, J.; Tang, Z.; Moczek, A.P.; Andrews, J., 2010:
EST and microarray analysis of horn development in Onthophagus beetles

Witek, A.; Herlyn, H.; Meyer, A.; Boell, L.; Bucher, G.; Hankeln, T., 2009:
EST based phylogenomics of Syndermata questions monophyly of Eurotatoria

Aoki, K.A.A.; Harris, C.A.; Katsiadaki, I.; Sumpter, J.P., 2011:
Evidence suggesting that di-n-butyl phthalate has antiandrogenic effects in fish

Radchuk, V.; Turlure, C.; Schtickzelle, N., 2013:
Each life stage matters: the importance of assessing the response to climate change over the complete life cycle in butterflies

Ales, Katarina, 2003:
Eagle owl

Bordjan, Dejan, 2004:
Eagle owl

Ellis, D.; Vokoun, J.C., 2009:
Earlier Spring Warming of Coastal Streams and Implications for Alewife Migration Timing

Reijnders, P.J.H.; Brasseur, S.M.J.M.; Meesters, E.H.W.G., 2011 :
Earlier pupping in harbour seals, Phoca vitulina

Jamale, T.E.; Hase, N.K.; Kulkarni, M.; Pradeep, K.J.; Keskar, V.; Jawale, S.; Mahajan, D., 2014:
Earlier-start versus usual-start dialysis in patients with community-acquired acute kidney injury: a randomized controlled trial

McDonald, K.A., 2012:
Earliest ciliary swimming effects vertical transport of planktonic embryos in turbulence and shear flow

Sánchez-García, T.; Pereira, M.F.; Bellido, F.; Chichorro, M.; Silva, J.B.; Valverde-Vaquero, P.; Pin, C.; Solá, A.R., 2014:
Early Cambrian granitoids of North Gondwana margin in the transition from a convergent setting to intra-continental rifting Ossa-Morena Zone, SW Iberia

Skovsted, C.B.; Brock, G.A.; Lindström, A.; Peel, J.S.; Paterson, J.R.; Fuller, M.K., 2007:
Early Cambrian record of failed durophagy and shell repair in an epibenthic mollusc

Stolfi, A.; Gainous, T.Blair.; Young, J.J.; Mori, A.; Levine, M.; Christiaen, L., 2010:
Early chordate origins of the vertebrate second heart field

Bodin, S.; Fiet, N.; Godet, A.; Matera, V.; Westermann, S.; Clement, A.; Janssen, N.M.M.; Stille, P.; Follmi, K.B., 2009:
Early Cretaceous Late Berriasian to Early Aptian palaeoceanographic change along the northwestern Tethyan margin Vocontian Trough, southeastern France delta13C, delta18O and Sr-isotope; belemnite and whole-rock records

Danci, A.; Inducil, C.; Schaefer, P.W.; Gries, G., 2011:
Early Detection of Prospective Mates by Males of the Parasitoid Wasp Pimpla disparis Viereck Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae

Wang, Q.-Qian; Wu, J.-Ming; Zhang, F.-Tie; Wang, J.-Wei, 2010:
Early Development and Starvation Tolerance of the Larva of Squalidus argentatus in Chishui River

Jin-ming, W.; Qian-qian, W.; Liu, F.; Chun-chi, L.; Wang Jian-wei, 2011:
Early Development of Sinogastromyzon szechuanensis in the Chishui River

Bates, M.R.; Champness, C.; Haggart, A.; Macphail, R.I.; Parfitt, S.A.; Schwenninger, J.-Luc, 2014:
Early Devensian sediments and palaeovenvironmental evidence from the excavations at the Royal Oak Portal Paddington, West London, UK

Starrett James; Garb, J.E.; Kuelbs Amanda; Azubuike, U.O.; Hayashi, C.Y., 2012:
Early Events in the Evolution of Spider Silk Genes

Liu Xingyue; Wang, Y.; Shih Chungkun; Ren, D.; Yang Ding, 2012:
Early Evolution and Historical Biogeography of Fishflies Megaloptera Chauliodinae Implications from a Phylogeny Combining Fossil and Extant Taxa

Seymour, M.S.; Ott, K.E.; Guertin, D.A.; Golden, H.N.; McDonald, D.B.; Ben-David, M., 2012:
Early Holocene glacial retreat isolated populations of river otters Lontra canadensis along the Alaskan coast

Anonymous, 2013:
Early Identification of Tethered Cord Syndrome AA Clinical Challenge

Mitchell, G.W.; Guglielmo, C.G.; Wheelwright, N.T.; Freeman-Gallant, C.R.; Norris, D.Ryan., 2012:
Early life events carry over to influence pre-migratory condition in a free-living songbird

McDermid, J.L.; Sloan, W.N.; Wilson, C.C.; Shuter, B.J., 2010:
Early Life History Variation among Hatchery- and Wild-Origin Lake Trout Reared in a Hatchery Environment

Caroffino, D.C.; Sutton, T.M.; Elliott, R.F.; Donofrio, M.C., 2010:
Early Life Stage Mortality Rates of Lake Sturgeon in the Peshtigo River, Wisconsin

Stiner, M.C.; Kuhn, S.L., 2008:
Early Man: a tribute to the late career of F. Clark Howell

Moore, M.E.; Goetz, F.A.; Van Doornik, D.M.; Tezak, E.P.; Quinn, T.P.; Reyes-Tomassini, J.J.; Berejikian, B.A., 2010:
Early Marine Migration Patterns of Wild Coastal Cutthroat Trout Oncorhynchus clarki clarki, Steelhead Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss, and Their Hybrids

Moore, M.E.; Berejikian, B.A.; Tezak, E.P., 2010:
Early Marine Survival and Behavior of Steelhead Smolts through Hood Canal and the Strait of Juan de Fuca

Orliac, M.; Boisserie, J-Renaud.; Maclatchy, L.; Lihoreau, F., 2010:
Early Miocene hippopotamids (Cetartiodactyla) constrain the phylogenetic and spatiotemporal settings of hippopotamid origin

Miola, R.S., 2014:
Early Modern Antigones Receptions, Refractions, Replays

Sargento, L.; Satendra, M.; Longo, S.; Lousada, N.; Palma dos Reis, R., 2014:
Early NT-proBNP decrease with ivabradine in ambulatory patients with systolic heart failure

Almécija, S.; Moyà-Solà, S.; Alba, D.M., 2010:
Early origin for human-like precision grasping: a comparative study of pollical distal phalanges in fossil hominins

Johanson, Z.; Tanaka, M.; Chaplin, N.; Smith, M., 2007:
Early Palaeozoic dentine and patterned scales in the embryonic catshark tail

Nelson, L.Pollak.; Maramaldi, P.; Kinnunen, T.H.; Kalenderian, E., 2013:
Early performance in a humanistic medicine course as a predictor of dental students' later clinical performance

Anonymous, 2013:
Early Permian post-collisional high-K granitoids from Liuyuan 0061rea in southern Beishan orogen, NW China Petrogenesis and tectonic implications

Linhares, P.; Carvalho, B.; Figueiredo, R.; Reis, R.M.; Vaz, R., 2013:
Early Pseudoprogression following Chemoradiotherapy in Glioblastoma Patients: The Value of RANO Evaluation

Rommeck, I.; Capitanio, J.P.; Strand, S.C.; McCowan, B., 2011:
Early social experience affects behavioral and physiological responsiveness to stressful conditions in infant rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)

Espeland, M.; Johanson, K.Arne.; Hovmöller, R., 2008:
Early Xanthochorema (Trichoptera, Insecta) radiations in New Caledonia originated on ultrabasic rocks

Fernandez-Jalvo, Y.; Andrews, P.; Pesquero, D.; Smith, C.; Marin-Monfort, D.; Sanchez, B.; Geigl, E.-Maria; Alonso, A., 2010:
Early bone diagenesis in temperate environments part I surface features and histology

Hoelzinger, Jochen, 2004:
Early brood of the magpie Pica pica in Ludwigsburg-Ossweil

Harmon, L.J.; Losos, J.B.; Jonathan Davies, T.; Gillespie, R.G.; Gittleman, J.L.; Bryan Jennings, W.; Kozak, K.H.; McPeek, M.A.; Moreno-Roark, F.; Near, T.J.; Purvis, A.; Ricklefs, R.E.; Schluter, D.; Schulte Ii, J.A.; Seehausen, O.; Sidlauskas, B.L.; Torres-Carvajal, O.; Weir, J.T.; Mooers, A.Ø., 2010:
Early bursts of body size and shape evolution are rare in comparative data

Rossie, J.B.; Gilbert, C.C.; Hill, A., 2013:
Early cercopithecid monkeys from the Tugen Hills, Kenya

van Manen, M.; Hendson, L.; Wiley, M.; Evans, M.; Taghaddos, S.; Dinu, I., 2014:
Early childhood outcomes of infants born with gastroschisis

Ruffino, L.; Vidal, E., 2010:
Early colonization of Mediterranean islands by Rattus rattus a review of zooarcheological data

England, P.R.; Luikart, G.; Waples, R.S., 2010:
Early detection of population fragmentation using linkage disequilibrium estimation of effective population size

Martin, S.; Richier, S.; Pedrotti, M-Luiza.; Dupont, S.; Castejon, C.; Gerakis, Y.; Kerros, M-Emmanuelle.; Oberhänsli, Fçois.; Teyssié, J-Louis.; Jeffree, R.; Gattuso, J-Pierre., 2011:
Early development and molecular plasticity in the Mediterranean sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus exposed to CO2-driven acidification

Claes, J.M.; Mallefet, J., 2008:
Early development of bioluminescence suggests camouflage by counter-illumination in the velvet belly lantern shark Etmopterus spinax Squaloidea Etmopteridae

Kakoi, S.; Kin, K.; Miyazaki, K.; Wada, H., 2008:
Early development of the Japanese spiny oyster (Saccostrea kegaki): characterization of some genetic markers

Ishikawa, Y.; Yasuda, T.; Kage, T.; Takashima, S.; Yoshimoto, M.; Yamamoto, N.; Maruyama, K.; Takeda, H.; Ito, H., 2008:
Early development of the cerebellum in teleost fishes: a study based on gene expression patterns and histology in the medaka embryo

Sucré, E.; Charmantier-Daures, M.; Grousset, E.; Charmantier, G.; Cucchi-Mouillot, P., 2011:
Early development of the digestive tract (pharynx and gut) in the embryos and pre-larvae of the European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax

Glamuzina, B.; Glavic, N.; Skaramuca, B.; Kozul, V.; Tutman, P., 2001:
Early development of the hybrid Epinephelus costae integrale x E marginatus male

de Amorim, M.P.menta; Campos Gomes, B.V.laca; Martins, Y.S.moes; Sato, Y.; Rizzo, E.; Bazzoli, N., 2009 :
Early development of the silver catfish Rhamdia quelen Quoy Gaimard, 1824 Pisces Heptapteridae from the Sao Francisco River Basin, Brazil

Guimaraes-Cruz, R.J.; Santos, J.E.; Sato, Y.; Veloso-Junior, V.C., 2009:
Early development stages of the catfish Lophiosilurus alexandri Steindachner, 1877 Pisces Pseudopimelodidae from the Sao Francisco River basin, Brazil

Kurokawa, I.; Kondo, M.; Akachi, S., 2014:
Early diagnosis of Japan spotted fever by PCR using skin samples

van Werkhoven, M.A.; Duley, J.A.; McGown, I.; Munce, T.; Freeman, J.L.; Pitt, J.J., 2013:
Early diagnosis of adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency using a high-throughput screening method and a trial of oral S-adenosyl-l-methionine as a treatment method

Fischer, S.; Thatje, S.; Brey, T., 2009:
Early egg traits in Cancer setosus Decapoda, Brachyura effects of temperature and female size

Tonra, C.M.; Marra, P.P.; Holberton, R.L., 2011:
Early elevation of testosterone advances migratory preparation in a songbird

Tang, Q.-You; Wang, Y.-Jie; Wang, X.-An, 2011:
Early embryo and larva of Planocera reticulata in vitro fertilization and SEM observation

Kanana, Yu.P., 2009:
Early embryogenesis peculiarities of the planarian Dugesia lugubris Turbellaria, Tricladida

Xiang, S.-Jun; Deng, X.-Jian; Xu, J.; Xiao, Z.-Li, 2010:
Early embryonic development of Tylototriton wenxianensis

Xu, D.-de; Li, J.; Li, F.-man, 2007:
Early embryonic development of spot-legged terrfrog treefrog Polypedates megacephalus

Kearney, M.R.; Briscoe, N.J.; Karoly, D.J.; Porter, W.P.; Norgate, M.; Sunnucks, P., 2011:
Early emergence in a butterfly causally linked to anthropogenic warming

Naslund Joacim; Aarestrup, K.; Thomassen, S.T.; Johnsson, J.I., 2012:
Early enrichment effects on brain development in hatchery-reared Atlantic salmon Salmo salar no evidence for a critical period

Bibi, F.; Kraatz, B.; Craig, N.; Beech, M.; Schuster, M.; Hill, A., 2012:
Early evidence for complex social structure in Proboscidea from a late Miocene trackway site in the United Arab Emirates

Zhu, R.X.; Potts, R.; Pan, Y.X.; Yao, H.T.; Lü, L.Q.; Zhao, X.; Gao, X.; Chen, L.W.; Gao, F.; Deng, C.L., 2008:
Early evidence of the genus Homo in East Asia

Pérez-de la Fuente, R.; Delclòs, X.; Peñalver, E.; Speranza, M.; Wierzchos, J.; Ascaso, C.; Engel, M.S., 2013:
Early evolution and ecology of camouflage in insects

De Baets, K.; Klug, C.; Korn, D.; Landman, N.H., 2012:
Early evolutionary trends in ammonoid embryonic development

Tian, S.; Zhang, Y.; Tian, S.; Yang, X.; Yu, K.; Zhang, Y.; Shen, X.; Zhang, L.; Sun, Y.; Xie, H.; He, Z.; Guo, Z.; Jia, J.; Wu, Y.; Bai, Y.; Zhu, Y.; Cheng, Y.; Wang, X.; Wu, J.; Wang, N.; Yu, H.; Hu, Y., 2014:
Early exercise training improves ischemic outcome in rats by cerebral hemodynamics

Bell, A.M.; Dingemanse, N.J.; Hankison, S.J.; Langenhof, M.B.W.; Rollins, K., 2011:
Early exposure to nonlethal predation risk by size-selective predators increases somatic growth and decreases size at adulthood in three-spined sticklebacks

Genovese, G.; Da Cuña, R.; Towle, D.W.; Maggese, Mía.C.; Lo Nostro, F., 2011:
Early expression of zona pellucida proteins under octylphenol exposure in Cichlasoma dimerus (Perciformes, Cichlidae)

Krause, E.Tobias.; Honarmand, M.; Wetzel, J.; Naguib, M., 2009:
Early fasting is long lasting: differences in early nutritional conditions reappear under stressful conditions in adult female zebra finches

Tonkin, Z.D.; King, A.J.; Robertson, A.I.; Ramsey, D.S.L., 2011:
Early fish growth varies in response to components of the flow regime in a temperate floodplain river

Brix, Manfred, 2004:
Early flight date of a tree sparrow Passer montanus

Khazipov, R.; Minlebaev, M.; Valeeva, G., 2014:
Early gamma oscillations

Gagnidze, K.; Weil, Z.M.; Faustino, L.C.; Schaafsma, S.M.; Pfaff, D.W., 2014:
Early histone modifications in the ventromedial hypothalamus and preoptic area following oestradiol administration

Aspoeck, H.; Apoeck, U., 2009:
Early history of research of the neuropterous family Coniopterygidae Insecta Neuropterida

Braun, D.R.; Harris, J.W.K.; Levin, N.E.; McCoy, J.T.; Herries, A.I.R.; Bamford, M.K.; Bishop, L.C.; Richmond, B.G.; Kibunjia, M., 2010:
Early hominin diet included diverse terrestrial and aquatic animals 1.95 Ma in East Turkana, Kenya

Allam, B.; Carden, W.E.; Ward, J.Evan.; Ralph, G.; Winnicki, S.; Pales Espinosa, E., 2013:
Early host-pathogen interactions in marine bivalves: evidence that the alveolate parasite Perkinsus marinus infects through the oyster mantle during rejection of pseudofeces

Onal, U.; Celik, I.; Tokşen, E.; Sepil, A.; Caydan, E., 2011:
Early infection of discus Symphysodon aequifasciatus altricial larvae by Sciadicleithrum variabilum (Monogenea)

Janvier, P., 2009:
Early jawless vertebrates and cyclostome origins

Carstensen, D.; Laudien, J.; Sielfeld, W.; Oliva, M.E.; Arntz, W.E., 2010:
Early larval development of Donax obesulus response to El Nino temperature and salinity conditions

Watson, S.-Ann; Southgate, P.C.; Tyler, P.A.; Peck, L.S., 2009:
Early larval development of the Sydney rock oyster Saccostrea glomerata under near-future predictions of CO2-driven ocean acidification

Landeira, J.M.ria; Lozano-Soldevilla, F.; Almansa, E.; Gonzalez-Gordillo, J.I.nacio, 2010:
Early larval morphology of the armed nylon shrimp Heterocarpus ensifer ensifer A Milne-Edwards, 1881 Decapoda, Caridea, Pandalidae from laboratory culture

Anonymous, 2013:
Early lead exposure lt;3 years old prospectively predicts fourth grade school suspension in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Costantini, D.; Monaghan, P.; Metcalfe, N.B., 2012:
Early life experience primes resistance to oxidative stress

Ramos Sandra; Amorim, E.; Elliott, M.; Cabral Henrique; Bordalo, A.A., 2012:
Early life stages of fishes as indicators of estuarine ecosystem health

Soliman, V.S.; Yamada, H.; Yamaoka, K., 2010:
Early life-history of the spiny siganid Siganus spinus Linnaeus 1758 inferred from otolith microstructure

Stocks, J.; Hislop, A.; Sonnappa, S., 2014:
Early lung development: lifelong effect on respiratory health and disease

McKinnell Skip; Reichardt, M., 2012:
Early marine growth of juvenile Fraser River sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka in relation to juvenile pink Oncorhynchus gorbuscha and sockeye salmon abundance

Cross, A.D.; Beauchamp, D.A.; Myers, K.W.; Moss, J.H., 2008:
Early marine growth of pink salmon in Prince William Sound and the coastal Gulf of Alaska during years of low and high survival

Biro, P.A.; Beckmann, C.; Ridgway, M.S., 2008:
Early microhabitat use by age 0 year brook charr Salvelinus fontinalis in lakes

Rodriguez-Lanetty, M.; Harii, S.; Hoegh-Guldberg, O., 2010:
Early molecular responses of coral larvae to hyperthermal stress

Li, C.; Beck, B.; Su, B.; Terhune, J.; Peatman, E., 2013:
Early mucosal responses in blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) skin to Aeromonas hydrophila infection

Soma, M.; Hiraiwa-Hasegawa, M.; Okanoya, K., 2009:
Early ontogenetic effects on song quality in the Bengalese finch Lonchura striata var domestica laying order, sibling competition, and song syntax

Dzerzhinskii, K.F., 2004:
Early ontogeny of sabalo Prochilodus lineatus Characoidei, Phochilodontidae from the Pilcomajo Pilcomayo River basin Bolivia, South America

Erwin, D.H., 2009:
Early origin of the bilaterian developmental toolkit

Ferrari, F.D.; Fornshell, J.; Vagelli, A.A.; Ivanenko, V.N.; Dahms, H.-Uwe, 2011:
Early post-embryonic development of marine chelicerates and crustaceans with a nauplius

Penin, L.; Michonneau, F.; Baird, A.H.; Connolly, S.R.; Pratchett, M.S.; Kayal, M.; Adjeroud, M., 2010:
Early post-settlement mortality and the structure of coral assemblages

Naidina, O.D., 2013:
Early postglacial environmental conditions in the northeastern Laptev Sea region

Guo, Z.; Wang, X.; Xiao, J.; Wang, Y.; Lu, H.; Teng, J.; Wang, W., 2014:
Early postnatal GFAP-expressing cells produce multilineage progeny in cerebrum and astrocytes in cerebellum of adult mice

Anonymous, 2013:
Early postoperative complications after stapled versus handsewn restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis in 148 patients with familial adenomatous polyposis coli FAPa matched pair analysis

Krolewski, A.S.; Niewczas, M.A.; Skupien, J.; Gohda, T.; Smiles, A.; Eckfeldt, J.H.; Doria, A.; Warram, J.H., 2015:
Early progressive renal decline precedes the onset of microalbuminuria and its progression to macroalbuminuria

Bradassi, F.; Cumani, F.; Bressan, G.; Dupont, S., 2013:
Early reproductive stages in the crustose coralline alga Phymatolithon lenormandii are strongly affected by mild ocean acidification

Friberg-Jensen, U.; Nachman, Gösta.; Christoffersen, K.S., 2011:
Early signs of lethal effects in Daphnia magna (Branchiopoda, Cladocera) exposed to the insecticide cypermethrin and the fungicide azoxystrobin

Gibson, Q.A.; Mann, J., 2008:
Early social development in wild bottlenose dolphins sex differences, individual variation and maternal influence

Guevara-Fiore, P., 2012:
Early social experience significantly affects sexual behaviour in male guppies

Fontanella, F.M.; Feltrin, N.; Avila, L.J.; Sites, J.W.; Morando, M., 2012:
Early stages of divergence: phylogeography, climate modeling, and morphological differentiation in the South American lizard Liolaemus petrophilus (Squamata: Liolaemidae)

Sokolova, T.A.; Tolpeshta, I.I.; Sizemskaya, M.L.; Sapanov, M.K.; Kolesnikov, A.V., 2013:
Early stages of pedogenesis at the bottom of a 30-year-old artificial depression under semidesert conditions

Abbate Ernesto; Sagri Mario, 2012:
Early to Middle Pleistocene Homo dispersals from Africa to Eurasia Geological, climatic and environmental constraints

Prezioso, D.; Iacono, F.; Romeo, G.; Ruffo, A.; Russo, N.; Illiano, E., 2015:
Early versus delayed hormonal treatment in locally advanced or asymptomatic metastatic prostatic cancer patient dilemma

Guerao, G.; Hernandez, E.; Urzua, A., 2011:
Early zoeal development of the shrimp Hippolyte leptocerus Decapoda, Caridea, Hippolytidae

Schmidt Kim, L.; McCallum, E.S.; MacDougall-Shackleton, E.A.; MacDougall-Shackleton, S.A., 2013:
Early-life stress affects the behavioural and neural response of female song sparrows to conspecific song

Masellis, M.; Sherborn, K.; Neto, P.; Sadovnick, D.A.; Hsiung, G-Yuek.R.; Black, S.E.; Prasad, S.; Williams, M.; Gauthier, S., 2014:
Early-onset dementias: diagnostic and etiological considerations

Hanavan, R.P.; Bosque-Pérez, N.A.; Schotzko, D.J.; Guy, S.O.; Eigenbrode, S.D., 2008:
Early-season aerial adult colonization and ground activity of pea leaf weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in pea as influenced by tillage system

Smith, J.F.; Luttrell, R.G.; Greene, J.K.; Tingle, C., 2009:
Early-season soybean as a trap crop for stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in Arkansas' changing system of soybean production

Wei, Y.; Xu, K.; Zhu, D.-Ze; Chen, X.-Feng; Wang, X.-Long, 2010:
Early-spring survey for Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in wild Rana dybowskii in Heilongjiang Province, China

Stürzenbaum, S.R.; Andre, J.; Kille, P.; Morgan, A.J., 2009:
Earthworm genomes, genes and proteins: the (re)discovery of Darwin's worms

Whitfield Åslund, M.; Simpson, M.J.; Simpson, Aé.J.; Zeeb, B.A.; Rutter, A., 2012:
Earthworm metabolomic responses after exposure to aged PCB contaminated soils

Sukumwang, N.; Umezawa, K., 2014:
Earthworm-derived pore-forming toxin lysenin and screening of its inhibitors

Zaller Johann, G.; Heigl Florian; Grabmaier Andrea; Lichtenegger, C.; Piller Katja; Allabashi Roza; Thomas, F.; Drapela, T., 2011:
Earthworm-Mycorrhiza Interactions Can Affect the Diversity, Structure and Functioning of Establishing Model Grassland Communities

James Samuel, W.; Brice, D.G.ldas, 2012:
Earthworms Clitellata Acanthodrilidae, Almidae, Eudrilidae, Glossoscolecidae, Ocnerodrilidae of the coastal region of Gamba, Ogooue-Maritime Province, southwestern Gabon

Feijoo, M.A.exander; Celis, L.V., 2012:
Earthworms Oligochaeta Glossoscolecidae of the Amazon region of Colombia

Zirbes, L.; Mescher, M.; Vrancken, Véronique.; Wathelet, J-Paul.; Verheggen, Fçois.J.; Thonart, P.; Haubruge, E., 2011:
Earthworms use odor cues to locate and feed on microorganisms in soil

Csuzdi, Csaba, 2008:
Earthworms from the Kivu region, DR Congo with description of two new Dichogaster Beddard, 1888 Oligochaeta Acanthodrilidae, Ocnerodrilidae

Ke, X.; Scheu, S., 2008:
Earthworms, Collembola and residue management change wheat Triticum aestivum and herbivore pest performance Aphidina Rhophalosiphum Rhopalosiphum padi

Ransom, T.S., 2011:
Earthworms, as ecosystem engineers, influence multiple aspects of a salamander's ecology

Enghoff, Henrik, 2011:
East African giant millipedes of the tribe Pachybolini Diplopoda, Spirobolida, Pachybolidae

Frederiksen, S.B.; Enghoff Henrik, 2012:
East African odontopygid millipedes 1 Five new species of Xystopyge Attems, 1909 and a proposal for a new gonopod terminology Diplopoda; Spirostreptida; Odontopygidae

Frederiksen Sara, B., 2013:
East African odontopygid millipedes 2 A new, geographically disjunct species of Chaleponcus Attems 1914 from the Pare Mts, Tanzania Diplopoda, Spirostreptida, Odontopygidae

Su, S.; Cai, F.; Si, A.; Zhang, S.; Tautz, Jürgen.; Chen, S., 2008:
East learns from West: Asiatic honeybees can understand dance language of European honeybees

Saito, R.; Yamaguchi, A.; Saitoh, S.-Ichi; Kuma, K.; Imai, I., 2011:
East-west comparison of the zooplankton community in the subarctic Pacific during summers of 2003-2006

Guay, P.-J.; Chesser, R.T.; Mulder, R.A.; Afton, A.D.; Paton, D.C.; McCracken, K.G., 2010:
East-west genetic differentiation in Musk Ducks Biziura lobata of Australia suggests late Pleistocene divergence at the Nullarbor Plain

Weksler, M.; Lanier, H.C.; Olson, L.E., 2010:
Eastern Beringian biogeography historical and spatial genetic structure of singing voles in Alaska

Mutebi, J-Paul.; Swope, B.N.; Saxton-Shaw, K.D.; Graham, A.C.; Turmel, J.P.; Berl, E., 2012:
Eastern equine encephalitis in moose (Alces americanus) in northeastern Vermont

Mukherjee, S.; Moody, E.E.; Lewokzco, K.; Huddleston, D.B.; Huang, J.; Rowland, M.E.; Wilson, R.; Dunn, J.R.; Jones, T.F.; Moncayo, A.C., 2012:
Eastern equine encephalitis in Tennessee: 2002-2008

Passerin d'Entreves, P.; Roggero, A., 2009:
Eastern Palaearctic Scythrididae Lepidoptera Gelechioidea description of a new genus and some new species

Dinets Vladimir, 2011:
Eastern Screech-Owl Catches Fish By Wading

Gehlbach Frederick, R., 2012:
Eastern Screech-Owl Responses to Suburban Sprawl, Warmer Climate, and Additional Avian Food in Central Texas

Singh, A.; Delcroix, T., 2013:
Eastern and Central Pacific ENSO and their relationships to the recharge/discharge oscillator paradigm

Schmidt, K.A.; Lee, E.; Ostfeld, R.S.; Sieving, K., 2008:
Eastern chipmunks increase their perception of predation risk in response to titmouse alarm calls

Moncrief, N.D.; Lack, J.B.; Van den Bussche, R.A., 2010:
Eastern fox squirrel Sciurus niger lacks phylogeographic structure recent range expansion and phenotypic differentiation

Stapleton, S.P.; Sash, K.J.; Means, D.B.uce; Palmer, W.E.; Carroll, J.P., 2008:
Eastern kingsnake lampropeltis g getula population decline in northern florida and southern georgia

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