Notes on morphology and ecological difference between species of pontoniine shrimp genus Crinotonia Marin Caridea Palaemonidae associated with shallow-water feather stars Phanogenia spp; Crinoidea Comasteridae

Marin, I.

Zootaxa 1764(7): 19-24


ISSN/ISBN: 1175-5326
Accession: 037448951

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Freshly collected material of the pontoniine genus Crinotonia Marin, 2006 allows ecological separation of two known species. Crinotonia attenuatus (Bruce, 1971) inhabits the common yellow feather star Phanogenia gracilis (Hartlaub, 1890) (Crinoidea: Comasteridae) whereas C. anastasiae Marin, 2006 is a symbiont of the black-colored Phanogenia sp., probably, Phanogenia multibrachiata (Carpenter, 1888) or an undescribed comasterid species. The species of Crinotonia are also distinguished by coloration, size and depth range with C. anastasiae being smaller and deeper dwelling than C. antenuatus. Remarks on coloration, morphology and ecology of the shrimps and hosts are given.