Observations on the migration of Ascia monuste eubotea Godart, 1819 in Santiago de Cuba Province Lepidoptera Pieridae

Luaranzon Melendez, B.; Garces Gonzalez, G.; Reyes Brea, J.; Fagilde, M. del C.; Melian Hernandez, L.

Boletin de la SEA 46 (30 junio): 557-559


Accession: 037449743

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The migration of Ascia monuste eubotea in March-April, 2008 and June-July, 2009 at the Siboney-Jutici protected area, Santiago de Cuba, is herein described. The specimens were quantified by means of transects and digital videos, and proved to be most active in the morning (10:30 -11:30 a. m.), in connection with the availability of food of the flower resources. Seven families and 10 flowering botanical species were visited by the adult butterflies.