Some of hoverflies fauna of subfamily milesiinae diptera syrphidae of qurigol in east azerbayjan province, northwest iran

Khaghaninia, S.; Pour Abad, R.F.; Ehteshamnia, N.

Munis Entomology and Zoology, Suppl (Supplement) 5: 911-916


Accession: 037468966

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In this study, the collected specimens belonged to the subfamily of Milesiinae from the surrounding of Qurigol lake in East Azerbayjan province, Northwest Iran, during 2008-2009 were evaluated. Totally 17 species arranged in so genera were identified which two of them Lejogaster nigricans (Meigen, 1822) and Mallota auricoma Sack, 1910 were determined as first records for the Iran insect fauna.