Studies on the males of the hydropsyche instabilis group in turkey, with the description of nine new species thricoptera trichoptera hydropsychidae

Sipahiler, F.

Munis Entomology and Zoology, Suppl (Supplement) 5: 830-844


Accession: 037471829

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The males of the Hydropsyche instabilis group distributed mostly in the northern part of Turkey are revised, and the following new species are described and illustrated: H. evreni sp. n., H. cagilae sp. n., H. salimcalisi sp. n., H. kurensis sp. n. burnukensis sp. n., H. yildizae sp. n., H. ayasi sp. n, H. beysehirensis sp. n., H. aslani sp. n. A redescription of H. delamarei Jacquemart, 1965 is given. The new and the additional localities for the distribution of H. krassimiri Malicky, 2001, H. mahrkusha Schmid, 1959, H. salihli Sipahiler, 2004, H. lepnavae Botosaneanu, 1967, H. djabai Schmid, 1959 and H. acuta Martynov, 1909 are provided. H. alaca Malicky, 1974 is regarded as a synonym of H. delamarei Jacquemart, 1965.