Section 38
Chapter 37,473

Synonymy of Homalopoltys Araneae Araneidae with the genus Dolichognatha Araneae Tetragnathidae and descriptions of two new species

Smith, H.M.

Zootaxa 1775(23): 1-24


ISSN/ISBN: 1175-5326
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.1775.1.1
Accession: 037472982

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Through discovery of their males, females described as Homalopoltys Simon (Araneidae) are found to be congeneric with Dolichognatha O.P.-Cambridge (Tetragnathidae). Some of the character states seen in Homalopoltys (type species H. incanescens Simon) do not fit within the current diagnosis of Dolichognatha so the potential transfer is tested using the data matrix of Hormiga et al. (1995). It is found that the synonymy of Homalopoltys with Dolichognatha is justified according to current terms of reference. Both described Homalopoltys species were known only from Sri Lanka. The male of D. incanescens (Simon) (NEW COMBINATION) is described for the first time, and the range of this species is extended to north-eastern Australia. Dolichognatha albida (Simon) (NEW COMBINATION) is redescribed and new material is reported from Thailand but the species is still known only from females. Dolichognatha mandibularis (Thorell), with similar morphology to D. incanescens, is also redescribed but is only known from a single male (Sumatra). Two new species are described: D. deelemanae sp. nov. is from Kalimantan and D. raveni sp. nov. is from north-eastern Australia and New Guinea. The character states that unite the genus Dolichognatha are discussed and some potential new character systems are put forward. Some of the fresh specimens of D. albida and D. incanescens show that reflective tapeta are present in the secondary eyes and the abdominal morphology of these and the newly described species differs from that of other known Dolichognatha species.

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