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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37611

Chapter 37611 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Wigley, R.L., 1953:
A method of marking larval lampreys

Salama, HS., 1972:
A method of marking the lepidopterous moth Spodoptera littoralis Bois, for popuiation dispersal studies

Uspenskaja, NV.; Hlistovsky, ED., 1972:
A method of mass breeding in polysynthetic environment of the larvae of harmful moths

May, D.G.; Stockhammer, K.A., 1968:
A method of mass colonization of native bees in artificial substrate

Lutsik, MD.; Lukyanenko, AV.; Kusen, SJ., 1983:
A method of mass mechanical removal of egg envelopes from the loach Misgurnus fossilis eggs

Cohen, N., 1968:
A method of mass rearing of Amhystoma tigrinum during and after metamorphosis in a laboratory environment

Khlistovsky, E.D., 1966:
A method of mass rearing of caterpillars of the small mottled willow moth Laphygma exigua Hb Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Hart, AJ.; Bale, JS., 1997:
A method of mass-rearing the hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus Diptera, Syrphidae

Meglitsch, P.A., 1940:
A method of measuring activity in Amoeba proteus

Gladkina, TS.; Kozhevnikov, VS., 1988:
A method of measuring numbers of the common vole

Nakamura, E.L., 1964:
A method of measuring visual acuity of scombrids

Sheldon, W.G., 1960:
A method of mist netting woodcocks in Summer

Stubbs, Alan, E., 1991:
A method of monitoring garden hoverflies

Velichko, I.V., 1969:
A method of morphological study of pramphistomatids in ruminants Trematoda Paramphistomatidae Trudy vses

Karg, J., 1980:
A method of motor net for estimation of aeroentomofauna

Myers, F.J., 1937:
A method of mounting Rotifer jaws for study

Andison, H., 1939:
A method of mounting entomological specimens in gelatin

Kevan, D.K.; McE., 1952:
A method of mounting genitalia, etc for incorporation into collections of pinned insects

Kornicker, L.S., 1952:
A method of mounting micro-fossils for photographing

Swank, G.R., 1940 :
A method of mounting small beetle genitalia

Krishna, M.R., 1967:
A method of mounting small dry insects

Capener, A.L., 1969:
A method of mounting small insects for their safer preservation

Reyniers, J.A., 1932:
A method of mounting, preserving and examining Micro-arthropoda

Wolsk, D.D.; Nielsen, E.L., 1969:
A method of moving a monkey from its cage into a restraining chair

Davis, W.; Jr.; Sartor, G., 1975:
A method of observing movements of aquatic turtles Herpetological

Jarvis, BDW., 1974:
A method of obtaining axenic rumen ciliate Protozoa

Gorzula, S.; Arocha-Pinango, CL.; Salazar, C., 1976:
A method of obtaining blood by venipuncture from large reptiles

Meleney, H.E.; Snyder, T.L., 1939:
A method of obtaining clean suspensions of cysts of Endamoeba histolytica from culture

Stewart, K.W.; Levin, C.B., 1968:
A method of obtaining permanent dry mounted chromosome preparations from teleost fish

Reisner, A., 1955:
A method of obtaining specific serotype mutants in Paramecium aurelia stock 169, var 4

Rowden, G., 1969:
A method of obtaining stained electron-microscope specimens free from contamination

Mina, MV., 1973:
A method of obtaining unbiassed and accurate age determinations of fish with reference to mikizha Salmo mykiss Walbaum of the Kamchatka River

Reymond, E.; Cook, ML., 1980:
A method of operant conditioning of an eagle for visual psychophysical research

Starets, VA.; Mencher, EM., 1980:
A method of optimization of recipes for semisynthetic nutrient media for rearing insects - phytophages, Amathes c-nigrum L Lepidoptera, Noctuidae taken as an example

Rangan, S.R., 1961:
A method of orientation of biological specimens for electron microscopy

He, C.; Cheng, W., 1994:
A method of peeling a fish and manufecturing specimen

Sen, P.; Chakrayorty, S., 1969:
A method of permanent slide preparation of lepidopterous wings

Lobko, P.I.; Korowikow, A.T., 1962:
A method of photography for large histological objects

Lerner, C., 1991:
A method of predicting clutch sites in the artificial habitat

Fedotov, D.M., 1949:
A method of predicting the abundance of the noxious little tortoise by its internal condition

Lassen, H., 1978:
A method of predicting the biological effects of synthetic pollutants in the North Sea

Abbott, BM., 1973:
A method of predicting the density of fossil corals Mercian

Simmons, JE., 1986:
A method of preparation of anuran osteological material

Akhmerov, A.; Kh.; Bogdanova, E.A., 1955:
A method of preparation of microscopic mounts of Trichodina from fixed fish

Tannheimer, J.F., 1939:
A method of preparing cartilage skeletons

Cameron, J., 1903:
A method of preparing lantern slides of histological objects

Messtorff, J., 1964:
A method of preparing photographs and transparencies of cod otoliths

Roberts, J.A.F., 1923:
A method of preparing sections of mammalian hair

Bolin, R.L., 1935:
A Method of Preparing Skeletons of Small Vertebrates

Job, T.; Stoner, D., 1916:
A method of preparing studies of Trichinella spiralis Owen

Harris, Normnn, M., 1908:
A method of preparing the Romanowsky stain

Beecher, C.E., 1888:
A method of preparing, for microscopical study, the radulae of small species of Mollusca

Crozier, W.J., 1917:
A method of preserving large Nudibranchs

Leishman, W.B., 1904:
A Method of producing Chromatin Staining in Sections

Stone, W.S., 1935:
A method of producing encyastment in cultures of Endamoeba histolylica

Kokubo, H.; Tsukita, H., 2000:
A method of producing specimens by freeze-drying technique at a museum

Davies, A.W., 1965:
A method of qualitative biological river survey

Gebczynska, Z.; Myrcha, A., 1966:
A method of quantitative determining of the food composition of rodents

Serdynk, A.V., 1970:
A method of quantitative registration of the Pacific saucy

Worthman, SG., 1974:
A method of raising clones of the hydroid Phialidium gregarium A Agassiz, 1862 in the laboratory

Wang, Z.; Yan, H.-mei.; Tang, G.; Xu, X.; Yin, C.-min.; Fu, J.-jiang., 1999:
A method of rapid extraction of template DNA applied to RAPD analysis on spiders

Ray, H.N., 1944:
A method of rapid staining of intestinal flagellates

Philipson, G.N., 1953:
A method of rearing Trichopterous larvae col-lected from swift-flowing waters

Bondarenko, NV., 1974:
A method of rearing and using Phytoseiulus

Wiggins, G.B., 1959:
A method of rearing caddis-flies Trichoptera

Suvorova, L.G.; Sidorov, V.E., 1962:
A method of rearing gamasid-mites

van Uchelen, E., 1987:
A method of rearing newts in the larval and post-larval stages

Cook, H.L., 1969:
A method of rearing penaeid shrimp larvae for experimental studies

Cook, H.L., 1967:
A method of rearing penaeid shrimp larvae for experimental studies FAO World Sci Conf on biology and culture of shrimps and prawns, Mexico, 1967

Bondarenko, NV.; Asyakin, BP., 1975:
A method of rearing the predatory gall midge Aphidoletes aphidimyza

Traynor, M.; Kelly, K., 1980:
A method of reconstructing extinct furred mammals both living and extinct

Scammon, Richard, E., 1907:
A method of recording embryological material

Wetherbee, D.K., 1961:
A method of recording feather molt in birds 97-98 fig Descriptions of four artificially hatched, neonatal large waders 99

Harry, J.D.; Pickles, V.R., 1968:
A method of recording myometrial contractions in the non-pregnant rhesus monkey in vivo

Clarke, S.; Panksepp, J.; Trowill, J.; Pankseep, J., 1970:
A method of recording sniffing in the free-moving rat

Pen'kova, RA., 1974:
A method of recovery of Trichinella pseudospiralis larvae from muscle tissues

Doronin, YuK., 1974:
A method of registering the movement of small invertebrates Nauchnye Dokl vyssh Shk

Dubrovin, NN.; Cherkasov, AD.; Petukhov, VB., 1981:
A method of registration of gnawing forces in insects

Campbell, R.N., 1967:
A method of regulating brown trout Salmo trutta L populations in small lakes

Lewis, M., 1898:
A method of removing cuticula from marine annelids

Goto, M.; Araki, M., 1996:
A method of representation of dinosaur footprint using 3-D photographs

Hang, San-Bao., 1993:
A method of reproducing Apanteles chilonis with Chilo suppressalis larvae reared with rice seedlings

Lawson, H.H., 1947:
A method of restoring pliability of dried-out ana-tomical preparations

Tereshchenko, VS., 1990:
A method of restoring the dimensions of vertebrae in fossil tetrapods

Michener, C.D., 1940:
A method of roaring chiggcr mites Acarina, Trombiculinae

Clark, NA., 1986:
A method of roping a cannon-net

Johnson, C.G.; Southwood, T.R.E.E.twistle, H., 1955:
A method of sampling Arthropods and Molluscs from herbage by suction

Liu, F.H., 1934:
A method of securing matured eggs from goldfish

Smith, M.L., 1954:
A method of selecting sample sizes

Tait, J.S., 1970:
A method of selecting trout hybrids Salvelinus fontinalis x S namaycush for ability to retain swimbladder gas

Cross, D.G.; Minns, C.K., 1969:
A method of separating invertebrates from samples of aquatic vegetation

Crawshay, L.R., 1915:
A method of separating sponge spicules by Filtration

Wagner, HE., 1977:
A method of setting Hemiptera, Heteroptera or other small hard backed insects

Anderson, A., 1975:
A method of sexing moorhens

Serventy, D.L., 1956:
A method of sexing petrels in field observations a banding technique for burrowing petrels

Halfpenny, SC., 1991:
A method of sexing some frog species

Engelkirk, PG.; Paine, DD.; Koester, SS.; Erlandsen, SL., 1986:
A method of shipping cell monolayers on glass cover slips for SEM

David, G.B.; Mallion, K.B.B.own, A.W., 1960:
A method of silvering the Golgi apparatus Nissl network in paraffin sections of the nervous system of vertebrates

Wagner, E., 1972:
A method of snake mite control

Proescher, F.; Arkush, A.S., 1926:
A method of staining nerve cells en block with basic aniline dyes

Stone, W.S., 1936:
A method of staining protozoa in bulk

Gilmour, T.H., 1979:
A method of staining sephadex particles for the study of filter feeding systems in animals

Crouch, H.B.; Becker, E.R., 1931:
A Method of Staining the Oocysts of Coccidia

Melchers, L.E., 1919:
A method of steam sterilization of soil for controlling nematodes

Maulik, S., 1939:
A method of storing small specimens in alcohol

Doronin, Y.K.; Tughmalova, N.A., 1969:
A method of studies of accustoming phenomenon infusoria Spirostomum ambiguum

Fukuda, Y., 1974:
A method of studies on the fossil barnacles

Vasil'ev, VP.; Sokolov, LI., 1980:
A method of studying karyotypes in the Chondrostei

King, R.C., 1955:
A method of studying successive batches of eggs laid by treated or control Drosophila

Shakhbazov, V.G.; Sirotenko, M.D., 1949:
A method of studying the day-and-night activity of the larval stage of butterflies Lepidoptera

Klevezal, GA., 1984:
A method of studying the food storage and the consumption of the food stored by rodents in nature

Ryazantseva, AE., 1975:
A method of studying the morphological structure of female mosquito genitalia

Efford, I.E., 1960:
A method of studying the vertical distribution of the bottom fauna in shallow waters

Stamm, D.D.D.vis, D.E.; Robbins, G.S., 1960:
A method of studying wild bird populations by mist-netting and banding

Savitskij, VE., 1980:
A method of studying winter clustering of bees

Caddy, J.F., 1970:
A method of surveying scallop populations from a submersible

Cope, J.B.; Churchwell, E.; Koontz, K., 1961:
A method of tagging bats with radioactive gold-198 in homing experiments

Bonde, C. von., 1928:
A method of tagging fishes wih a view to tracing their migration

Rosenthal, R.J., 1969:
A method of tagging molluscs underwater

Hokr, L., 1951:
A method of the quantitative determination of the cli-mate in the Quaternary Period by means of mammal associations

Hallett, A.F.; Brown, A.R., 1964:
A method of trapping European Swallows

Hoglund, N.H., 1968:
A method of trapping and marking willow grouse in winter

Hultin, L., 1968:
A method of trapping freshwater Amphipoda migrating upstream

Beer, J.E., 1959:
A method of trapping ground squirrels

Golubeva, T.B., 1970:
A method of two-side chronical lead of cochlear potentials in Aves

Johnson, HT., 1984:
A method of using gastroliths to calculate length and weight of the freshwater crayfish, Cherax destructor, for use in predatory-prey studies

Blake, D.T., 1969:
A method of weighing muscles of a wide range for comparative purposes

Harris, RB.; Ream, RR., 1983:
A method to aid in discrimination of tracks from wolves and dogs

Amio, M.; Hamano, T., 1990:
A method to calculate the volume of crystalline styles of bivalves

Rheinwald, Goetz., 1994:
A method to calculate totals of bird populations

Rulifson, RA.; Cooper, JE., 1986:
A method to determine mesh-size selectivity in commercial menhaden purse seines

Nose, Y.; Tomomatsu, S.; Mimura, K.; Hiyama, Y., 1955:
A method to determine the time of ring-formation in hard tissues of fishes, especially for the age determination of Pacific tunas

Jones, C.B., 2005:
A method to determine when active translocation of nonhuman primates is justified

Fornasari, L., 2003:
A method to establish bird conservation priorities at the regional level Un metodo per il calcolo delle priorita per la conservazione a livello regionale

Dhondt, A.A., 1966:
A method to establish boundaries of bird territories

Ito, Y., 1973:
A method to estimate a minimum population density with a single recapture census

Liang Xingming.; Bjorke, H., 1999:
A method to estimate annual larval production of Norwegian spring-spawning Atlantic herring Clupea harengus

Guo, J.; Zhou, K.; Yang, G.; Hu, J., 2004:
A method to estimate musk deer Moschus berezovskii population number from fecal pellet sampling

Zhang, R.-jie.; Li, L.-ming.; Kang, H.-chun.; Wang, S.-song., 2001:
A method to estimate spatial distribution of regional disaster of pests

Leitao, D.; Farinha, J.C.rlos., 1998:
A method to estimate the foraging area around an heron colony Metodo para estimar a area de alimentacao em redor de uma colonia de garcas

Sekino, K.; Saito, T.; Nishiyama, H.; Kariya, T., 1974:
A method to estimate the time death in fish by retino-motor response

Lode, Thierry., 1997:
A method to follow movement in terrestrial amphibians and reptiles Une methode pour le suivi des deplacements terrestres des amphibiens et des reptiles

Singh, LAK.; Bustard, HR., 1977:
A method to identify individual young gharial Gavialis gangeticus

Kisch, B., 2018:
A method to immobilize fish for cardiac and other experiments with procaine

Nocera, Joseph, J., 2005:
A method to improve age determination of male bobolinks in alternate plumage

Reddy, PVGK.; John, G., 1986:
A method to increase mitotic metaphase spreads and permanent chromosome preparation for karyotype studies in fishes

Reddy, PVGK.; John, G., 1987:
A method to increase mitotic metaphase spreads in permanent chromosome preparations for karyotype studies of fishes

Sarmiento, GN.; Garcia-Lopez, S., 1996:
A method to indicate colour alteration CAI in conodonts limitations and possibilities Examples of its application in the Hercinian from Iberia El metodo del indice de alteracion del color CAI de los conodontos limitaciones y posibilidades Ejemplos de su aplicacion en el Hercinico iberico

Moriguchi, C., 1956:
A method to induce encystment of Entamoeba histolytica in vitro and on the effect of pH value of the medium upon the encystment

Abdelhay, E.; Castro, TM.; Rocha, H., 1987:
A method to isolate segments of D melanogaster embryos in great quantities

Hiyama, Y.; Ichikawa, R., 1952:
A method to mark the time in the scale and other hard tissues of fishes to see their growth

Wang, Yingchun., 1992:
A method to observe living hydra under microscope

Zaheruddeen, SM.; Prakasa Rao, PS., 1985:
A method to obtain naked viable eggs of rice brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens Stal

Sun Zhenxing., 1991 :
A method to prepare chromosome in the shellfis

Getz, LL.; Prather, ML., 1975:
A method to prevent removal of trap bait by insects

Ogura, Nobuo., 1993:
A method to produce neutral-red-labelled infective juveniles of Steinernema kushidai

Schlinger, B.A.; Palter, B.; Callard, G.V., 1987:
A method to quantify aggressiveness in Japanese quail (Coturnix c. japonica)

Bengtsson, A.; Bengtsson, B-E., 1984:
A method to registrate spinal and vertebral anomalies in fourhorn sculpin, Myoxocephalus quadricornis L Pisces

Severson, T.F.; Bodensteiner, K.J.; Fechter, J.M., 1993:
A method to remove follicle cells of Ciona intestinalis eggs

Gonzalez Ortega, M.A.tonio Altamirano; Hernandez, J.G.zman; Gomez, M.F.ancisco Martin; Velazquez, L.E.rique Dominguez, 2003:
A method to select bird indicator species taking into account its monitoring possibilities Un metodo para la seleccion de aves bioindicadoras con base en sus posibilidades de monitoreo

Barquin Diez, J.; Gonzalez Lorenzo, G.; Gil-Rodriguez, M.C.ndel, 2003:
A method to study benthonic bionomy used in the coasts of Canary Islands with a narrow marine platform Un metodo de estudio de bionomia bentonica utilizado en las costas canarias para fondos poco profundos

Cournil, I.; Meyrand, P.; Moulins, M., 1991:
A method to study projections of GABAergic neurons using deletion of the GABA immunostaining by metallic ions

Mota, PG.; Estabrook, G., 1989:
A method to test for changes during behavioral sequences applied to two rodent species Mus domesticus and M spretus

Morgan, T.H.; Payne, F.; Browne, E.N., 1910:
A method to test the hypothesis of selective fertilization

Acda, M.N., 2004:
A method to trap and rapidly segregate subterranean termites Isoptera Rhinotermitidae for laboratory bioassays

Boughton, D.C., 1938:
A method tor testing the role of host activity in coccidian periodicity

Sacchi, R.; Razzetti, E.; Gentilli, A., 2006:
A methodical approach to feral pigeon, Columba livia, census in urban areas

Grieco, F.; Frugis, S.; Groppali, R., 1995:
A methodological approach to the study of the colony of cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo breeding in Val Campotto Po Delta Studio della colonia di cormorani Phalacrocorax carbo nidificanti in Val Campotto Ferrara una proposta metodologica

Castella, E.; Speight, MCD.; Obrdlik, P.; Schneider, E.; Lavery, T., 1994:
A methodological approach to the use of terrestrial invertebrates for the assessment of alluvial wetlands

Sjolander, S., 1980:
A methodological critique of imprinting

Vigato, C.; Scali, S.; Guidali, F., 2001:
A methodology for amphibian metapopulation identification Una metodologia per lindividuazione delle metapopolazioni di anfibi

Castro, M., 1992:
A methodology for obtaining information on the age structure and growth rates of the Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus L Decapoda, Nephropoidea

Earll, R., 1977 :
A methodology for primary surveys of the shallow sublittoral zone

Levitan, B., 1985:
A methodology for recording the pathology and other anomalies of ungulate mandibles from archaeological sites

Adams, J.W., 2005:
A methodology for the intraspecific assessment of heterogeneously worn hypsodont teeth using computerized tomography

Mas-Coma, S.; Galan-Puchades, MT., 1993:
A methodology for the morphoanatomic and systematic study of the species of the family Hymenolepididae Railliet et Henry, 1909 Cestoda Cyclophyllidea

Riss, W.; Ospina, R.; Gutierrez, J.D.vid., 2002:
A methodology to calculate bioindication primary values Una metodologia para el calculo de valores primarios de bioindicacion

Hortal, J.; Lobo, J.M., 2002:
A methodology to predict the spatial distribution of biological diversity Una metodologia para predecir la distribucion espacial de la diversidad biologica

Kieser, JA.; Groeneveld, HT., 1987:
A metric analysis of Cercopithecus aethiops dentition

Meek, C.F., 1912:
A metrical analysis of chromosome complexes, showing correlation of evolutionary development and chromatin thread- width throughout the animal kingdom

Meek, C.F.U., 1913:
A metrical analysis of chromosome complexes, showing correlation of evolutionary development and chromatin thread-width throughout the animal kingdom

Downing, E.R., 1921:
A metrical study of a thousand moth cocoons

Stringer, CB., 1991:
A metrical study of the Guattari and Saccopastore crania

Vadasz, C., 1972:
A mezei pocok Microtus arvalis Pall rectalis homersekletenek alakulasa eltero kornyezeti homersekleten Biologiai Kozl

Buza, L., 1976:
A mezelo mehek legcs6atkak5rjarol acarapidiosis apium

Buza, L., 1976:
A mezelo mehek legcs6atkakorjarol acarapidiosis apium

Rovara, F., 1903:
A mezogazdasagra karos rovarokrol

England, JJ.; Riegel, C.; Jankowski, LD.; Todd, WJ., 1982:
A micro cell culture method utilizing modified microscope slides for use in fluorescent antibody and enzyme immunoassays

Iorio, Etienne., 2002:
A micro feeding chain in rearing Acari Une micro-chaine alimentaire dans les elevages les Acariens

Holland, D.L.; Gabbott, P.A., 1971:
A micro-analytical scheme for the determination of protein, carbohydrate, lipid and RNA levels in marine invertebrate larvae

Maxwell, JA.; Motara, MA.; Frank, GH., 1988:
A micro-environmental study of the effect of temperature on the sex ratios of the loggerhead turtle, Caretta caretta, from Tongaland, Natal

Applin, E.R., 1933:
A micro-fossiliferous upper cretaceous section from S Dakota

Chambers, R., 1923:
A micro-injection study on the permeability of the starfish egg

Tighe-Ford, D.J., 1968:
A micro-injection technique for barnacles

Humber, D.P.; Hetherington, C.M., 1981:
A micro-method for the evaluation of PHA-responsive T cells in Callithrix jacchus and Macaca fascicularis

Woodward, J., 1986:
A micro-reef in the Menai Straits

Canning, E.U., 1954:
A micro-sporidian infecting the African mi-gratory locust, Locusta migratoria migratorioides R and F

Neillis, J.M., 1966:
A microanatomical study of the process of regeneration in the caudal region of Glycera dibranchaita

Seu, JH.; Yi, DH., 1979:
A microbial inhibitory substance to snake venoms

White, F.H.; Hoff, G.L.; Bigler, W.J.; Buff, E., 1975:
A microbiologic study of the urban gray squirrel

Hillman, RE.; Marconi, RA., 1980:
A microcell disease of the bay scallop Argopecten irradians

Perry, S.G.; Wenger, B.S., 1967:
A microchemical study of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity during the period of vertebral cartilage induction in the chick

Bystrov, B.D.; Shustrov, A.K., 1965:
A microcinematographic study of Toxoplasma gondii in peritoneal exudate of white mice

Cunningham, CR.; Purewal, JS., 1983:
A microcomputer based aid for counting plankton samples

Pech, RP.; McIlroy, JC.; Clough, MF., 1992:
A microcomputer model for predicting the spread and control of foot and mouth disease in feral pigs

Walters, CJ.; Hannah, CG.; Thomson, K., 1992:
A microcomputer program for stimulating effects of physical transport processes on fish larvae

Hendrie, C.A.; Bennett, S., 1983:
A microcomputer technique for the detailed analysis of animal behaviour

Campbell, DJ.; Loher, W., 1983:
A microcomputer-based modulator for simulating insect songs and the response of crickets to an artificial calling song

Trudel, BK.; Jessiman, B.; Belore, RC.; Ross, SL., 1988:
A microcomputer-based spill impact model and its application to oil spill dispersant use decision-making in the US Gulf of Mexico

Miles, DB.; Smith, RG., 1987:
A microcomputer-based timer and data acquisition device for measuring sprint speed and acceleration in cursorial animals

Cato, PS.; Folse, LJ., 1985:
A microcomputer/mainframe hybrid system for computerizing specimen data

Giddings, JM., 1986:
A microcosm procedure for determining safe levels of chemical exposure in shallow-water communities

Severin, G.F.; Welzl, G.; Pfister, G.; Juettner, I.; Schramm, K.-Werner.; Kettrup, A., 2000:
A microcosm study to investigate the effects of nonylphenol on the zooplankton community

Landing, E.; Nowlan, G.S.; Fletcher, T.P., 1980:
A microfauna associated with Early Cambrian trilobites of the Callavia zone, northern Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Cushman, J.A.; L.R.y, L.W., 1939:
A microfauna from the Vaqueros Formation, Lower Miocene, Simi Valley, Ventura County, California

Stabler, R.M.; Schmittner, S.M., 1958:
A microfilaria from a gila monster

Grafflin, A.L.; Eisenberg, M.J., 1934:
A microfiuoroscopic study of teleostean kidneys

Highton, R., 1966:
A microgeographic analysis of a dine

Nilsson, D-E.; Andersson, M.; Hallberg, E.; McIntyre, P., 1983:
A microinterferometric method for analysis of rotation-symmetric refractive-index gradients for intact objects

Courtois, Jean-Marie., 2001:
A microlepidopteran characteristic of calcareous material and stepped grass areas in Lorraine Thiodia trochilana Froelich, 1828 Lepidoptera Tortricidae Un Microlepidoptere caracteristique des eboulis calcaires et des pelouses en gradins de Lorraine Thiodia trochilana Froelich, 1828 Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Hausman, L.A., 1920:
A micrological investigation of the hair structure of the Monotremata

Anderson, R.Y., 1958:
A micromanipulator for single-mounting microfossils

McClay, D.R.; Peterson, R.E.; Range, R.C.; Winter-Vann, A.M.; Ferkowicz, M.J., 2000:
A micromere induction signal is activated by -catenin and acts through Notch to initiate specification of secondary mesenchyme cells in the sea urchin embryo

Fadeev, VM.; Koltunov, EV., 1981:
A micromethod for estimation of enzymatic activity of the insect gut proteases

Muller, U.; Spatz, H-C., 1986:
A micromethod for the preparation of tissue from defined fractions of a Drosophila head and its analysis by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Grula, JW.; Taylor, O R.; Jr., 1980:
A micromorphological and experimental study of the antennae of the sulfur butterflies, Colias eurytheme and C philodice Lepidoptera Pieridae

Sathyanesan, A.G.; Joy, K.P., 1978:
A micromorphological and histoenzymological study on the third ventricular ependyma of the teleost Clarias batrachus (L.)

Green, ED.; Turner, ML., 2001:
A micromorphological study of the sucking eland lice Linognathus taurotragus

Nijenhuis, E.D.Dresden, D., 1952:
A micromorphological study on the sensory supply of the mesothoracic leg of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana

Udroiu, I., 2007:
A micronucleus test for the Djungarian hamster, Phodopus sungorus, in environmental monitoring

Liu Aihua.; Shi Liming., 1985:
A micronucleus test in blood ceels of fish

Bhardwaj, O.N., 1962:
A microphallid trematode Pseudo-spelotrema indicus nsp from the midgut of a white breasted kingfisher

Cox, P.G.; Simpson, S.B., 1970:
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A middle-European slug species - Arion rufus L - spreading rapidly with man in Sweden

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A midge Dipt Ceratopogonidae new to Britain that is abundant in the limestone pavement of the Yorkshire Pennines

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A midsummer nights batwatch

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A midsummer study of the southern flying squirrel

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A midweek at the Parel der Wadden Schiermonnikoog

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A midweek on Texel

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A midweek visit to the pearl of the Wadden and the Wadden diamond Een midweek op de parel van de Wadden en de Waddendiamant

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A mielo-cultura na doenYa do sono

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A mightier stag

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A migrant brambling Fringilla montifringilla resting on the water

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A migratory fish of the Caspian - the alewife

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A migratory flight of Belenois aurota F at Port Elizabeth

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A migratory recrod on the larvae of Cocytodes caerulea Guenee

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A mikroszkopi vizsgalat modjai

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A Military Classification for Fossil Fragments

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A million Robins and 10,000 Pine siskins in the Dismal Swamp

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A million animals a day killed by cars

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A million kilometres to the credit of a champion migrant Un million de kilometres a lactif dun champion migrateur

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A million sooty terns

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A million spider crabs cant be wrong

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A million starlings

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A million swallows and more

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A million white butterflies Pieridae at Ouray National Wildlife Refuge, Utah

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A million years of man

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A million years on the Darling Downs

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A millipede Myriapoda, Archipolypoda from the Westphalian A Upper Carboniferous from Marl NRW, West-Germany Ein Tausendfusser Myriapoda, Archipolypoda aus dem Westfal A Oberkarbon von Marl NRW, West-deutschland

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A millipede Phyllogonostreptus nigrolabiatus Newport as a pest of crops

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A millipede from the Lower Permian of Manebach Thuringian Forest Ein Tausendfuessler aus dem Unter-Perm von Manebach Thueringer Wald

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A millipedes tent

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A mimicry

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A mimicry elve es jelentosege

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A mimicry es a megesodalas

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A mimicryrol

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A mimikry

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A mindket ivarti guppin Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1859 mutatkozo Gj autoszomalis dominans mutacio

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A miner movement

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A mingling of blood The problem of sika hybrids

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A mini crocodile for the paludarium The keeled skink Tropidophorus grayi Ein Minikrokodil fur das Paludarium Der Kielskink Tropidophorus grayi

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A mini-Skyland foray

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A mini-screen technique for analyzing nuclear DNA from a single Dictyostelium colony

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A miniature Lake Tanganyika Mala Tanganika