Section 38
Chapter 37,635

A new macrosystem for the phylum Ciliophora doflein, 1901

Small, E.B.; Lynn, D.H.

Bio Systems 14(3-4): 387-401


ISSN/ISBN: 0303-2647
PMID: 7337814
DOI: 10.1016/0303-2647(81)90045-9
Accession: 037634535

A new macrosystem for the phylum Ciliophora is described. It is based primarily on the concept of the structural conservatism of the cortical fibrillar structures. Three subphyla, the Postciliodesmatophora, Rhabdophora, and Cyrtophora, are described. These three subphyla are divided respectively into the following classes: (1) the Postciliodesmatophora, into the Karyorelictea and Spirotrichea; (2) Rhabdophora, into the Prostomea and the Litostomea n. nov.; and (3) Cyrtophorea, into the Nassophorea n. nov., Phyllopharyngea, Coipodea, and Oligohymenophorea. The subclass divisions of these eight classes are briefly discussed. Problem areas are indicated where further research will test the relationships proposed by this new macrosystem.

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