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A new species of Macrothyraspis Galeaspida, Agnatha from Wenshan, Yunnan, China

Wang, J.-Qing.; Gai, Z.-Kun.; Zhu, M.

Vertebrata Palasiatica. Oct; 434: 304-311


Accession: 037647288

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A new species of galeaspid agnathan, Macrothyraspis longilanceus, is described from the Early Devonian Posongchong Formation (Upper Pragian) at Zhichang village, Gumu Town, Wenshan District, southeastern Yunnan, China. As a typical non-marine deposit, the Posongchong Formation in southeastern Yunnan yields abundant remains of early vascular plants, antiarchs, sarcopterygians and galeaspids, the latter including Kwangnanaspis subtriangularis (Cao, 1979), Gantarostrataspis gengi, Gumuaspis rostrata (Wang and Wang, 1992), Macrothyraspis longicornis (Pan, 1992), Wenshanaspis zhichangensis and Sangiaspis rostrata (Zhao et al., 2002).

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