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A new species of inarticulate brachiopods, Discinisca polonica spn, from the Korytnica Basin Middle Miocene; Holy Cross Mountains, central Poland

Radwanska, U.; Radwanski, A.

Acta Geologica Polonica 34(3-4): 253-269


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-5709
Accession: 037653516

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A new species of inarticulate brachiopods, D. polonica sp. nov., is established for the specimens represented by isolated dorsal valves and occurring in the littoral deposits developed along the shores of the Korytnica Basin (Middle Miocene, Badenian; Holy Cross Mountains, central Poland). The new species, the dorsal valves of which are characterized by their small size, low-conical to strongly and irregularly depressed shape, and by the distinct ribbing, bears some similarities to D. scutellum (Dreger) from the contemporaneous deposits of the Vienna Basin, and to some Recent species typical of the Indo-Pacific realm. The bearing of the new species on the content of littoral organic communities of the Korytnica Basin, and on the recognition of its tropical conditions and Indo-Pacific bioprovincial affinities are briefly discussed.

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