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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 37663

Chapter 37663 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Conant, S.; Clapp, R.; Hiraki, L.; Choy, B., 1991:
A new tern Sterna breeding record for Hawaii

Ueno, M., 1929:
A new terrestrial Amphipod, Orchestia kokuboi sp nov from Asamushi

Jackson, H.G., 1937:
A new terrestrial Isopod from Siam collected by HRH The Prince Leopold of Belgium in the Far East in the year 1932

Richardson, Harriet., 1902:
A new terrestrial Isopod of the genus Pseudarmadillo, from Cuba

Hubendick, B., 1952:
A new terrestrial Prosobranch family Tutuilanidae from Samoa, with descriptions of a new genus and a new species

Bousfield, EL., 1976:
A new terrestrial amphipod from Lord Howe Island Records Aust

Bousfield, EL.; Poinar, G O.; Jr., 1994:
A new terrestrial amphipod from Tertiary amber deposits of Chiapas Province, southern Mexico

Nozaki, Takao., 1999:
A new terrestrial caddisfly, Nothopsyche montivaga n sp, from Japan Trichoptera Limnephilidae

Miquel, S.E.; Bellosi, E.S., 2004:
A new terrestrial microgastropod Charopidae from the Eocene in central Patagonia, Argentina Un nuevo microgastropodo terrestre Charopidae del Eoceno de Patagonia central, Argentina

Bostrom, S., 1987:
A new terrestrial nematode species Rhabditida Cephalobidae from Spitzbergen

Wang, H.; Xie, Z.; Liang, Y., 2000:
A new terrestrial species of Bothrioneurum Tubificidae, Oligochaeta from Hunan Province, China

Darlington, J.T.; Place, J.G., 1966:
A new terrestrial triclad from the Highlands, North Carolina Region

Henriksen, K.L., 1922:
A new tertiary dragonfly Oplonaeschna staurophlebioides n sp from Denmark

Hagg, R., 1927:
A new tertiary fauna from Spitzbergen

Young, Graham, A., 1995:
A new tetradiid coral from the Late Ordovician of Manitoba

Holm, xC., 1969:
A new tetragnathid species from the island St Helena Araneae

Matsumoto, T., 1984:
A new tetragonitid ammonite for Hokkaido

Rosen, D.E., 1970:
A new tetragonopterine characid fish from Guatemala

Hunt, A.P.; Lucas, S.G., 2007:
A new tetrapod ichogenus from the Upper Triassic of New Mexico, with notes on the ichnotaxonomy of Rhynchosauroides

Matsumoto, T.; Haraguchi, Y., 1978:
A new texanitine ammonite from Hokkaido studies of Cretaceous ammonites from Hokkaido and Saghalien - 34

Buchy, M.; Vignaud, P.; Frey, E.; Stinnesbeck, W.; Gonzalez Gonzalez, A.H., 2006:
A new thalattosuchian crocodyliform from the Tithonian Upper Jurassic of northeastern Mexico

Schulke, I.; Helm, C., 2000:
A new thecideidinid species Brachiopoda, Spiriferida from the Late Jurassic Oxfordian of northwestern Germany

Miller, LD.; Miller, JY., 1986:
A new thecline from Sulawesi Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Theclinae

Zhang Fa-kui., 1975:
A new thecodont Lotosaurus, from Middle Triassic of Hunan

Ochev, B.G., 1961:
A new thecodont from the Triassic of Orenburgian Cisuralia

Kessler, E.; Gall, E., 1995:
A new theory concerning the origin and evolution of birds

Oxnevad, S.A.; Poleo, A.B.; Ostbye, K.; Heibo, E.; Andersen, R.A.; Vollestad, L.A.bjorn., 1995:
A new theory for the immigration and distribution of crucian carp Carassius carassius L in Norway

Morton, B., 1973:
A new theory of feeding and digestion in the filter-feeding Lamellibranchia

Szarski, H., 1978:
A new theory of macroevolution

Lee, R.D., 1970:
A new theory of mammalian behaviour in deer

Guthrie, R.D., 1971:
A new theory of mammalian rump patch evolution

Wilson, E.B., 1906:
A New Theory Of Sex-Production

Maynard Smith, J., 1980:
A new theory of sexual investment

Karamyan, AI.; Beiekhova, MG.; Zagorul'ko, TM., 1972:
A new theory of the evolution of two branches of the vertebrate visual system the retino-geniculo-cortical and retino-tecto thalamo-cortical branches

Herrara, A.L., 1942:
A new theory of the origin of life

Karpinski, J.J., 1954:
A new theory on the insect development

Miyagawa, Y., 1924:
A new theory on the process of the biological functions The organ or tissue cells as an irritant or toxin, and the procedure of the creation of organ toxin

Sigogneau-Russell, D., 1983:
A new therian mammal from the Rhaetic locality of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port France

Tatarinov, LP., 1977:
A new theriodont from the Lower Triassic of Orenburg Province

Xu, X.; Zhang, X.-Hong.; Sereno, P.; Zhao, X.-Jin.; Kuang, X.-Wen.; Han, J.; Tan, L., 2002:
A new therizinosauroid Dinosauria, Theropoda from the Upper Cretaceous Iren Dabasu Formation of Nei Mongol

Halliwell, WH., 1981:
A new thermoplastic casting material and its application to birds of prey

Kumeiko, VV.; Moroz, ES.; Plotnikov, SV.; Korchagin, VP., 1999:
A new thermostable protein from thick filaments of bivalve smooth muscles

Ruiz-Omenaca, J.I.; Canudo, JI., 2003:
A new theropod dinosaur Prodeinodon sp from the Lower Cretaceous of La Cantalera Teruel, Spain Un nuevo dinosaurio teropodo Prodeinodon sp en el Cretacico Inferior de La Cantalera Teruel

Chatterjee, S., 1987:
A new theropod dinosaur from India with remarks on the Gondwana-Laurasia connection in the Late Triassic

Molnar, RE.; Pledge, NS., 1980:
A new theropod dinosaur from South Australia

Bickart, KJ., 1981:
A new thick-knee, Burhinus, from the Miocene of Nebraska, with comments on the habitat requirements of the Burhinidae Aves Charadriiformes

Coolidge, K.R., 1909:
A new thomisid

Loehr, V.J T., 2004:
A new thread-trailing method for small tortoises in densely structured habitats

Nuorteva, M., 1989:
A new threat to our forests - pine wood nematode

Anonymous., 1996:
A new threat to rabbits butterflies

Kuyt, Ernie., 1996:
A new threat to the endangered whooping crane?

Holmes, D., 1991:
A new threat to the green junglefowl

Breckenridge, W.J., 1958:
A new threat to wild life

Ueno, S.-Ichi.; Nishikawa, Y., 2001:
A new threatened species of the genus Trechiama Coleoptera, Trechinae from northeastern Honshu, Japan, with notes on an endangered species

Cheng Tso-hsin., L.S.ih-yu.; Chao Tien-Ju., 1973:
A new three-toed parrotbill from Tsinling Range, Shensi, China

Moulton, D., 1936:
A new thrips on cotton

Nelson, E.W., 1909:
A new thrush from Mexico

Braud, Y.; Richoux, P., 2003:
A new tiger beetle for continental France Myriochile melancholica at the Crau plain Bouches-du-Rhone, France Coleoptera, Cicindelidae Une cicindele nouvelle pour la France continentale Myriochile melancholica en plaine de Crau B-du-R Coleoptera, Cicindelidae

Rose, KD., 1972:
A new tillodont from the Eocene Upper Willwood Formation of Wyoming

Huang, X.-Shi.; Zheng, J.-Jian., 1999:
A new tillodont from the Paleocene of Nanxiong Basin, Guangdong

Zhang, Y-p., 1980:
A new tillodont-like mammal from the Paleocene of Nanxiong Basin, Guangdong

Drake, C.J., 1916:
A new tingid from Tenessee

Farmes, R.E., 1955:
A new tiptop trap for taking Prairie Grouse

Kawakatsu, M.; Kishida, Y.; Asai, E., 1981:
A new tissue embedding medium, Paraplast Plus

Xu, X.g; Zhang, X.; Tan, Q.gwei; Zhao, X.; Tan, L., 2006:
A new titanosaurian sauropod from Late Cretaceous of Nei Mongol, China

Rose, Peter, J., 2007:
A new titanosauriform sauropod Dinosauria Saurischia from the Early Cretaceous of central Texas and its phylogenetic relationships

Hoffman, R.L., 1949:
A new tnilliped of the genus Tolkcalus from the United States Anocheta Atopetholidae

Matsui, M., 1976:
A new toad from Japan Contributions biol Lab Kyoto

Inger, R.F., 1958:
A new toad from Sarawak

Lynch, J.D.; Smith, H.M., 1966:
A new toad from western Mexico

Yang Datong.; Liu Wanzhao.; Rao Dingqi., 1996:
A new toad genus of Bufonidae - Torrentophryne from transhimalaya mountain of Yunnan of China with its biology

Mijares-Urrutia, A.; Arends, A., 2001:
A new toad of the Bufo margaritifer complex Amphibia Bufonidae from northwestern Venezuela

Iskandar, D.T.; Mumpuni, 2004:
A new toad of the genus Ansonia Amphibia, Anura, Bufonidae from Sumatra, Indonesia

Netting, M.G., 1930:
A new toad of the genus Eupemphix

Walters, V.Robins, C.R., 1961:
A new toadfish Batrachoididae considered to be a glacial relict in the West Indies

Caldwell, D.K.Caldwell, M.C., 1963:
A new toadfish of the genus Porichthys from Caribbean Panama

Hinds, W.E., 1905:
A new tobacco Thrips

Fitzpatrick, JW.; O'Neill, JP., 1979:
A new tody-tyrant from northern Peru

Menke, A.S., 1966:
A new toe biter from Mexico Belostomatidae, Hemiptera

Condrey, R.E.; Fuller, D.A., 1987:
A new tool for forecasting maximum sustainable yield in developing fisheries

Lash, Gail YB., 2000:
A new tool for reaping local benefits

Lewin, R., 1988:
A new tool maker in the hominid record?

Delsate, Dominique., 1996:
A new tooth of a Haramiyidae Thomasia woutersi Butler Macintyre 1994, Mammalia, Allotheria from the Rhaetian of Habay-La-Vieille Belgian Lorraine Une nouvelle dent dHaramiyidae Thomasia woutersi Butler Macintyre 1994, Mammalia, Allotheria du Rhetien dHabay-la-Vieille Lorraine belge

Czerkas, S.A.; Xu, X., 2002:
A new toothed bird from China

Dell, R.K., 1955:
A new tornatellinid land mollusk from the Solomon Islands

Ferguson, Harold, S., 1907:
A new tortoise from Travancore

Liu, Y.; Nasu, Y., 1993:
A new tortricid moth attacking spruce in China Lepidoptera

Inoue, A.; Noguchi, T.; Konosu, S.; Hashimoto, Y., 1968:
A new toxic crab, Atergatis floridus

Masumoto, Kimio., 1996:
A new toxicine genus and species from Taiwan Tenebrionidae, Coleoptera

Zhou Yongxin.; Cheng Shuiping.; H.W.i.; Sun Meijuan., 1995:
A new toxicity test organism - Gobiocypris rarus

Elliott, DK.; Martin, DL., 1987:
A new trace fossil from the Cambrian Bright Angel Shale, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Borghi, L.; Fernandes, A.C.rlos Sequeira., 2001:
A new trace fossil from the Devonian of the Parana State Parana Basin, Brazil

Karaszewski, W., 1974:
A new trace fossil from the Lower Jurassic of the Holy Cross Mts

Whitaker, JHM., 1980:
A new trace fossil from the Ringerike Group, southern Norway

Yao, Peiyi., 1993:
A new trace fossil genus from the Lower Cretaceous of Tibet

Deb, D.C.; Raychandhuri, D.H., 1965:
A new trachytid mite Acarina Mesostigmata from West Bengal, India

Zintel, H.A., 1936:
A new trans parent chamber for exteriorizing a loop of intestine and its mesentery

Vestal, E.H., 1947:
A new trans-plant of the piute trout Salmo clarkii seleniris from Silver King Creek, Alpine County, California

Lopes, L.M.ria Silva.; Serra-Freire, N.M.ues.; Jesus, V.L.cia Teixeira.; Guida, H.G.stavo.; Andrade, V.B.eta.; Pereira, E.B.lesteiro., 1995:
A new transfer and culture media for Tritrichomonas foetus Riedmuller, 1928 4 Diagnosis for cow trichomoniasis Um novo meio de tranporte e cultivo para Tritrichomonas foetus Riedmuller, 1928 4 Diagnostico de Tricomonose em vacas

Lopes, L.M.ria Silva.; Serra-Freire, N.M.ues. de Jesus, V.L.cia Teixeira.; Guida, H.G.stavo.; Andrade, V.L.cia Baeta.; Pereira, E.B.stos Ballesteros., 1996:
A new transfer and culture medium of Tritrichomonas foetus Riedmuller, 1928 5 Lactopep as a culture medium Um novo meio de transporte e cultivo para Tritrichomonas foetus Riedmuller, 1928 5 Lactopep com meio de cultivo

McRoberts, C.A.; Newell, N.D., 1997:
A new transitional myalinid bivalve from the Lower Permian of west Texas

Morris, RD.; Benkel, MC.; Biernacki, A.; Ross, JM., 1981:
A new transmitter package assembly for adult herring gulls

Jackson, JA.; Cooley, CD.; Hays, MB., 1979:
A new trap for capturing cavity roosting birds

Rakov, N.V., 1959:
A new trap for catching Ellobius talpinus Pall

Picman, J., 1980:
A new trap for long-billed marsh wrens

Hay, A., 1977:
A new trap for night flying insects

Bustillo, P., A.E., 2004:
A new trap for the capture of adults of the coffee berry borer Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari Un nuevo modelo de trampa para la captura de adultos de broca del cafe, Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari

Chamberlin, R.V., 1940:
A new trapdoor spider from Texas

Kanegis, L.A., 1948:
A new treatment for asoariasis in dogs and cats

Stefanatos, J., 1974:
A new treatment for bumblefoot in birds

Fernald, H.T., 1909:
A new treatment for wireworms

Davis, W.T., 1907:
A new tree cricket from Staten island and New Jersey

Ogilby, J.D., 1906:
A new tree frog from Brisbane

Lutz, B.; Bokermann, W.C.A., 1963:
A new tree frog from Santa Catarina, Brazil

Fouquette, M.J., 1958:
A new tree frog, genus Hylc from the Canal Zone

Fenolio, D.B.; Walvoord, M.E.; Stout, J.F.; Randrianirina, J.E.; Andreone, F., 2007:
A new tree hole breeding Anodonthyla Chordata Anura Microhylidae Cophylinae from low-altitude rainforests of the Masoala Peninsula, northeastern Madagascar

Dennis, C.J., 1968:
A new tree hopper record for Wisconsin Homoptera, Membracidae

Stejneger, L., 1906:
A new tree toad from Costa Rica

Savage, J.M., 1967:
A new tree-frog Centrolenidae from Costa Rica

Copland, S.J., 1960:
A new tree-frog genus Hyla from Queensland

Ho, Ch aposi., 1938:
A new tree-hole breeding Anopheles from the island of Hainan

Vallan, D.; Glaw, F.; Andreone, F.; Cadle, J.E., 1998 :
A new treefrog species of the genus Boophis Anura Ranidae Rhacophorinae with dermal fringes from Madagascar

Brinkmann, A.; Jr., 1942:
A new tremalode Pachytrema paniceum n ap from the gall-bladder of the lesser black-backed gull Larus fuscua L

Janvier, P.; Lelievre, H., 1994:
A new tremataspid osteostracan, Aestiaspis viitaensis n g, n sp, from the Silurian of Saaremaa, Estonia

Mark-Kurik, E.; Janvier, P., 1997:
A new tremataspidid Vertebrata, Osteostraci, Thyestiida from the Devonian of northern Urals, with remarks on tannuaspidids

Chiappe, LM., 1988:
A new trematochampsid crocodile from the Early Cretaceous of north-western Patagonia, Argentina and its palaeobiogeographical and phylogenetic implications

Macy, R.W., 1939:
A new trematode Acanthatrium oregonense Lecithodendriidae, from bats of the genus Myotis

Garcia-Diaz, J., 1966:
A new trematode Allopharynx riopedrensis n sp Trematoda Plagiorchiidae from the lizard Anolis cristellatus Dumerii and Bribon

Petrov, A.M.; Tcherkova, A.N., 1963:
A new trematode Euam-phimerus azerbaijanica nov sp Opisthorchidae from the liver of nuthatches

Chin Ta-hsiung., 1965:
A new trematode Euryhelmis asiaticus of the yellow-throated martin from Kweiyang

Mituch, J., 1959:
A new trematode Lecithodendrium Lecithodendrium hovorkai sp n from bats of the family Vespertilionidae in Czechoslovakia

Kumari, M.; Verma, U.P.asad., 1993:
A new trematode Mesocoelium asymmetrovitellarius from the intestine of Bufo melanostictus from Sonepur Saran

Macy, R.W., 1940:
A new trematode Myotitrema asymmetrica ng, n sp Lecithodendriidae from the little brown bat

Gupta, A.N., 1969:
A new trematode Psilochasmus mehrai nsp of the family Psilostomidae Odhner, 1913

Gnedina, M.P., 1952:
A new trematode Psilochasmus skrjabini n sp in a water bird Nyroca rufini

Bilqees, FM.; Nighat, Y., 1986:
A new trematode Stephanostomoides diacanthi Acanthocolpidae Stephanostominae Yamaguti, 1958 from the fish Pseudosciaena diacanthus of Karachi coast

Petrov, A.; Tshertkova, A., 1960:
A new trematode from rodents Tetraserialis tscherbakovi gen nov, sp nov Notocotylinae Kossack, 1911

Farooq, M.; Azra Qamar, S., 1996:
A new trematode genus Neoeuparadistomum family Dicrocoeliidae from Varanus indicus in Karachi, Pakistan

Fain, A.; Vandepitte, J., 1957:
A new trematode in subcutaneous retroauricular cysts in man from the Belgian Congo

Kurashvili, B.E., 1948:
A new trematode of birds Euclinostomum skrjabini spec nov

Wason, A.; Johnson, S., 1977:
A new trematode of the genus Lecithodendrium Looss, 1896 from the small bat Pipistrellus dormeri Dobson, 1875

Jahan, I., 1969:
A new trematode parasite Acerointestinecola karachiensis n g n sp sub family Stomachicolinae Yamaguti, 1934 from the intestine of a fish

Jahan, I., 1969:
A new trematode parasite Acerointestinecola karachlensis n g n sp sub-family Stomachicolinae Yamaguti, 1934 from the intestine of a fish

Dwivedi, MP.; Dwivedi, V., 1982:
A new trematode parasite Opedunculata sapani n sp Trematode Opecoelidae from Sapanadam Betul

Ablasov, N.A., 1955:
A new trematode parasite of Anatidae

Zazornova, OP., 1991:
A new trematode species Cotylurus szidati n sp Trematoda Strigeidae and remarks on the taxonomy of the genus Cotylurus

Dunganova, G., 1974:
A new trematode species Opisthioglyphe koisarensis nov sp Plagiorchiidae from amphibia of Kirgizia

Popova, K.A., 1937:
A new trematode species Paramphistomum Cauliorchis skrjabini from the rumen of cattle and buffaloes

Zueva, L.S.; Belogurov, O.I., 1965:
A new trematode species from Squatarola squatarola from the Far East

Kurochkin, YuV., 1974:
A new trematode species of the genus Schistorchis Trematoda, Schistorchidae from the velvet leatherjacket in the Great Australian Bight

Skrjabin, A.S., 1970:
A new trematode, Cetitrema foliiformis g etsp n, a parasite of the liver of Brydes whale

Hsu, P. j., 1954:
A new trematode, Chenia cheni gen et sp nov Hemiuridae from the gobiid fish

Stunkard, H.W., 1943:
A new trematode, Dictyangium chelydrae Microscaphidiidae=Angiodictyidae, from the snapping turtle, Chelydra serpentina

Velisquez, CC., 1972:
A new trematode, Didymozoon bravohollisae sp novDidymozoidae from a marine fish, Sphyraena sp

Dayal, J.; Gupta, S.P., 1953:
A new trematode, Gauhatinae batrachii ng, nsp, from the intestine of a fresh-water fish Clarias batrachus Linn of the sub-family Haplocladinae Odhner, 1911

Price, E.W.; McIntosh, A., 1935:
A new trematode, Lyperosomum mon-enteron, n sp Dicrocoeliidae, from a robin

McIntosh, A.; McIntosh, G.E., 1934:
A new trematode, Notocotylus hassalli n sp Notocotylidae, from a meadow mouse

Ablasov, N.A., 1953:
A new trematode, Notocotylus skrjabini nov sp, from the duck

Brinkmann, A., 1942:
A new trematode, Pachytrema paniceum n sp from the gall bladder of the lesser black-backed gull Larus fuscus L

Saxena, V.K., 1969:
A new trematode, Paratylodelphus asiaticus ng, nsp Diplostomidae Poirier, 1886 from black necked stork, Xenorhynchus asiaticus Latham

Shimizu, M., 1979:
A new trematode, Poikilorchis nagahanai sp n found from the weasel in Japan Trematoda Achillurbainiidae

Ozaki, Y., 1948:
A new trematode, Polystoma dendriticum from the urinary bladder of Onychodactylus japonicus in Sikoku

Tsai, S.T., 1955:
A new trematode, Pseudolevinseniella cheni gen sp nov Microphallidae from Canton

Gupta, PC.; Sachdeva, V., 1988:
A new trematode, Silonditrema Monogenea Dactylogyridae from fresh water fish, Mystus tengara Ham at Kanpur

Gupta, SP.; Verma, SL., 1979:
A new trematode, Spinitectus muelleri n sp from the intestine of a fresh water fish, Notopterus notopterus with a key to the species of the genus Spinitectus

Delyamure, S.L.; Serdyukov, A.M., 1970:
A new trematode- Lampritrema atlanticum spnov-a parasite of the fish Lampris luna

Davydova, J.V., 1961:
A new trematode-Ceylonocotyle petrowi sp nov Paramphistomatidae from a deer Cervus nippon in the Far-East of the USSR Littoral region

Ryzhikov, K.M., 1965:
A new trematode-Euparyphium sobolevi spnov from Nyroca manila

Leonov, V.A.; Tzimbalyuk, A.K., 1965:
A new trematode-Urotocus inflatocoelum from Phyloscopus borealis in Kamchatka

Petrov, A.M.; Tcherkova, A.N., 1963:
A new trematode-Zalophotrema lubimowi nov

Petrov, A.M.; Tcherkova, A.N., 1969:
A new trematode-Zalophotrema lubimowi nov sp in the liver of sea lions

Hsu, P.J., 1954:
A new trematode Chenia cheni ng, n sp Hermiuridae from gobiid fish

MoIntosh, A., 1930:
A new trematodo Laterotrema americana, n sp Stomylotrematidae, from song birds

Dilkes, DW., 1990:
A new trematopsid amphibian Temnospondyli Dissorophoidea from the Lower Permian of Texas

Matsuura, K., 1982:
A new triacanthodid fish, Triacanthodes indicus from the Indian Ocean

Matsuura, K.; Fourmanoir, P., 1984:
A new triacanthodid fish, Triacanthodes intermedius, from New Caledonia

Springer, VG.; Smith-Vaniz, WF., 1972:
A new tribe Phenablennini and genus Phenablennius of blenniid fishes based on Petroscirtes heyligeri Bleeker

Majer, K., 1990:
A new tribe Listrini trib n, including two new genera Coleoptera, Melyridae

Ross, H.H., 1945:
A new tribe and genus of Nematine sawfly Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae

Lansbury, I., 1965:
A new tribe and genus of Notonectinae Heteroptera Notonectidae from Borneo

Morvan, Dremm Mab., 2004:
A new tribe and new species of Platyninae New species of Tiruka and Sphodrini of the Oriental region Asia Nouvelle tribu et nouvelles especes de Platyninae Nouvelles especes de Tiruka et de Sphodrini de la region orientale Asia

Darlington, P.J. jr., 1933:
A new tribe of Carabidae Coleoptera from western United States

Khoang Dyk Nyuan., 1982:
A new tribe of Coccidulinae Coleoptera, Coccinellidae

Kamiya, H., 1960:
A new tribe of Coccinellidae Coleoptera

Shafee, S.; Adam.; Azim, M.; Nayyar., 1984:
A new tribe of Pentatominae Heteroptera Pentatomidae

Klimov, PB., 1998:
A new tribe of acarid mites of the subfamily Rhizoglyphinae Acariformes, Acaridae

Antropov, AV., 1995:
A new tribe of cuckoo wasps Hymenoptera, Chrysididae from Usbekistan

Schultz, C.B.; Martin, L.D.; Schultz, M.R., 1970:
A new tribe of saber-toothed cats Barbourofelini from the Pliocene of North America

Gnezdilov, VM., 2003:
A new tribe of the family Issidae with comments on the family as a whole Homoptera Cicadina

Ahmad, I.; Yasmeen, N., 1974:
A new tribe of the subfamily Certrotinae Amyot et Serville Homoptera Membracidae with comments on its phylogeny Mitteilungen Hamburg Zool

Belokobylskij, SA., 1994:
A new tribe of the subfamily Doryctinae from Papua New Guinea Hymenoptera Braconidae

Kamaluddin, S.; Ahmad, I., 1995:
A new tribe of the subfamily Phyllocephalinae Amyot et Serville Hemiptera Pentatomidae from Indo-Pakistan subcontinent and their relationships

Tereshkin, A., 1992:
A new tribe, a new genus and a new species of the Ichneumoninae Stenopneusticae from Europe and Siberia Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae

Rozen, J.G.; Jr, 2003:
A new tribe, genus, and species of South American panurgine bee Andrenidae, Panurginae, oligolectic on Nolana Nolanaceae

Steiner, W.E.; Jr., 1980:
A new tribe, genus, and species of cossyphodin from Peru Coleoptera Tenebrionidae

Kistner, D.H.; Pasteels, J.M., 1969:
A new tribe, genus, and species of termitophilous Aleocharinae Coleoptera Staphylinidae from south-west Africa with a description of its integumentary glands

Asadov, S.M., 1955:
A new trichostrongyle, Rinadia caucasica n sp, in the abomasum of Capreolus capreolus

Orejas-Miranda, BR.; Zug, GR., 1974:
A new tricolor Leptotyphlops Reptilia Serpentes from Peru

Chow, M.; Rich, THV., 1984:
A new triconodontan Mammalia from the Jurassic of China

Ponce de Leon, P.; Flaherty, P.; Zdero, M., 1999:
A new tricromic safranine colour for the detection of Cryprosporidium parvum, Cyclospora cayetanensis, Microsporidia species and Isospora belli in faecal material Una nueva coloracion safranina tricromica para la deteccion de Cryprosporidium parvum, Cyclospora cayetanensis, especies de Microsporidia e Isospora belli en materia fecal

Matsuura, K.; Shiobara, Y., 1989:
A new triggerfish, Rhinecanthus abyssus, from the Ryukyu Islands

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1920:
A new trigonalid from India

Dunlop, J.A.; Brauckmann, C., 2006:
A new trigonotarbid arachnid from the coal measures of Hagen-Vorhalle, Germany

Anjaneyulu, V.; Hari Babu, B., 1992:
A new trihydroxy sterol, 24-methylcholest-5-ene-3, 22R, 25-triol from a soft coral of Lobophytum species of the Indian Ocean

Koroleva, M.N., 1961:
A new trilobite Trigonoaspis from the MiddleOrdovician of north Kazakhstan

Alvaro, J.; Javier.; Vizcaino, D., 2000:
A new trilobite assemblage from the Middle Cambrian of the Pardailhan nappe Montagne Noire, France Nouvel assemblage de trilobites dans le Cambrien moyen de la nappe de Pardailhan Montagne Noire, France Implications biostratigraphiques dans la region mediterraneenne

Elkin, E.A., 1965:
A new trilobite genus Proetidae from the Upper Silurian of Altai

Kaneko, A., 1990:
A new trilobite genus Rhinophacops

Liu, Y-r., 1987:
A new trilobite genus from Lower Carboniferous of Xinshao, Hunan and its enrollment

Drygant, D.; Konstantynenko, L., 2001:
A new trilobite genus from the Cambrian of the Carpathian Foredeep

Dalmatov, B.A.; Repina, L.N., 1971:
A new trilobite genus from the Lower Cambrian of eastern Sayan

Suneja, IJ., 1980:
A new trilobite species from Cambrian beds of north western Kashmir India

Hansen, T., 2005:
A new trilobite species of Hemisphaerocoryphe from the Arenig of the St Petersburg area, Russia

Konstantynenko, Leonid., 2005:
A new trilobite species of genus Warburgella from the Silurian of the Podillya

Walker, CA.; Moody, RTJ., 1974:
A new trionychid turtle from the Lower Eocene of Kent

Ahmad, I.; Afzal, H.; Rizvi, SA.; Kamaluddin, S.; Azmi, M.; Arshad., 2002:
A new triopicorine stink bug species of the genus Tropicoris Hahn Heteroptera Pentatomidae Pentatominae from Nepal and its cladistic relationships

Rolan, E.; Cruz-Abrego, F.M., 1996:
A new triphorid species Gastropoda, Triphoridae from Nichupte lagoon, Yucatan peninsula, Mexico

Naito, T.; Inomata, R., 2006:
A new triploid thelytokous species of the genus Pachyprotasis Hartig, 1837 Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae from Japan and Korea

Abdala, F.; Neveling, J.; Welman, J., 2006:
A new trirachodontid cynodont from the lower levels of the Burgersdorp Formation Lower Triassic of the Beaufort Group, South Africa and the cladistic relationships of Gondwanan gomphodonts

Avilov, SA.; Kalinovskii, AI., 1989:
A new triterpene aglycone from the holothurian Duasmodactyla kurilensis

Zhang, Y.-juan.; Lu, X.-jun.; Yi, Y.-hua., 2005:
A new triterpene glycoside from the sea cucumber Colochirous anceps

Kermack, DM., 1982:
A new tritylodontid from the Kayenta Formation of Arizona

Mishra, YD.; Sushil, SN., 2000:
A new trivoltine species of Kerria Targioni-Tozzetti Homoptera Tachardiidae on Schleichera oleosa Lour Oken from eastern India

Lan, TC., 1991:
A new trochid gastropod from north Australia

Lan, TC., 1990:
A new trochid gastropod from the Midway Island

Magrini, P.; Baviera, C., 2003:
A new troglobic Typhloreicheia species from Sicily Coleoptera Carabidae Una nuova Typhloreicheia troglobia della Sicilia Coleoptera Carabidae

Ueno, Shun Ichi., 1959:
A new troglobiontic Trechid found in the mines of central Kyushu

D.A.mas, L.F.; Palacios-Vargas, J.G., 2002:
A new troglobite Diplocentrus of Yucatan, Mexico Scorpiones Diplocentridae Nuevo Diplocentrus troglobio de Yucatan, Mexico Scorpiones Diplocentridae

Hobbs, H.H., 1971:
A new troglobitic crayfish from Florida

Hobbs, H H.; Jr.; Cooper, MR., 1972:
A new troglobitic crayfish from Oklahoma Decapoda Astacidae

Hobbs, H H.; Jr.; Franz, R., 1991:
A new troglobitic crayfish, Procambarus Lonnbergius morrisi, Decapoda Cambaridae from Florida

Holsinger, JR.; Bowman, TE., 1973:
A new troglobitic isopod of the genus Lirceus Asellidae from southwestern Virginia, with notes on its ecology and additional cave records for the genus in the Appalachians

Shear, William, A., 1999:
A new troglobitic milliped of the genus Nepalella from China Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Megalotylidae

Hoch, Hannelore., 1993:
A new troglobitic planthopper species Hemiptera Fulgoroidea Meenoplidae from Western Australia

Vignoli, V.; Kovarik, F., 2003:
A new troglobitic scorpion of the genus Taurepania Gonzalez-Sponga, 1978 from Venezuela Scorpiones, Chactidae

Zhang Fan.; Zhang Chongzhou., 1995:
A new troglobitic species of glomerid millipeds from Yunnan Diplopoda, Giomerida, Glomeridae

Muchmore, W.B., 1970:
A new troglobitic trichoniscid isopod of the genus Caucasonethes

Baptista, R.L.C.; Giupponi, AP., 2003:
A new troglomorphic Charinus from Minas Gerais State, Brazil Arachnida Amblypygi Charinidae

Harvey, M.S.; Mould, L.G., 2006:
A new troglomorphic species of Austrochthonius Pseudoscorpiones Chthoniidae from Australia, with remarks on Chthonius caecus

Suzuki, H.; Yamamoto, S.; Noda, S., 2003:
A new trombiculid mite of the genus Doloisia from Kagoshima and Oita Prefectures, Japan Prostigmata Trombiculidae

Shluger, E.G., 1962:
A new trombiculid species of the genus Neotrombicula Hirst, 1925 Acariformes, Trombiculidae from the Kazakh and Uzbek SSB

Currie, P.J.; Zhao, X.-Jin., 1993:
A new troodontid Dinosauria, Theropoda braincase from the Dinosaur Park Formation Campanian of Alberta

Dyar, H.G., 1928:
A new tropical American Lasiocampid Lepidoptera

Alexander, Charles, P., 1912:
A new tropical Gonomyia Tipulidae

Bechly, G.; Wittmann, M., 2001:
A new tropical bug Insecta Heteroptera Thaumastocoridae-Xylastodorinae in the Baltic amber Eine neue tropische Wanze Insecta Heteroptera Thaumastocoridae-Xylasto-dorinae Eine neue tropische Wanze Insecta Heteroptera Thaumastocoridae-Xylasto-dorinae Eine neue tropische Wanze Insecta Heteroptera Thaumastocoridae-Xylasto-dorinae Eine neue tropische Wanze Insecta Heteroptera Thaumastocoridae-Xylasto-dorinae Eine neue tropische Wanze Insecta Heteroptera Thaumastocoridae-Xylas

Barranco, P. de la Pena, J.; Cabello, T., 1996:
A new tropical curculionid for the European fauna, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier, 1790, Coleoptera Curculionidae Un nuevo curculionido tropical para la fauna europea, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier, 1790, Coleoptera Curculionidae

Bertsch, H.; Bibbey, LJ., 1982:
A new tropical eastern Pacific Ovulidae Gastropda Xandarovula hammesi

Bussing, WA., 1983:
A new tropical eastern Pacific labrid fish, Halichoeres discolor endemic to Isla del Coco, Costa Rica

Needham, P.R.; Gard, R., 1964:
A new trout from Central Mexico Salmo chrysogaster, the Mexican golden trout

L.Rivers, Ira., 1964:
A new trout from the Barstovian Miocene of western Nevada Isospondyliformes, Salmonoidei, Salmonidae

L.Rivers, I., 1966:
A new trout from the Esmeralda Pliocene of southeastern Nevada

Quayle, A., 1987:
A new trust reserve Priors Coppice

Eagle, H., 1945:
A new trypanocidal agent ?-arsenosophenyl-butyric acid

Miyata, A.; Yong, HS., 1991:
A new trypanosome, Trypanosoma hosei Protozoa Trypanosomatidae, in Rana hosei Amphibia Anura Ranidae from Peninsular Malaysia

Grewal, M.S., 1961:
A new trypanosome, Trypanosoma ichnewmoni Grewal, 1961, from the blood of an Egyptian mongoose ichneumon, Herpestes ichneumon Linnaeus

Diamond, L.S., 1950:
A new trypanosome, Trypanosoma pipientis n sp from the leopard frog, Rana pipiens

Newstead, R., 1912:
A new tsetse-fly from British East Africa

Chilton, C., 1917:
A new tuberculate terrestrial Isopod from New Zealand

Ferguson, F.F.; Stirewalt, M.A.; Kepner, W.A., 1940:
A new turbel-larian worm Rhabdocoele from Beau-fort, North Carolina Phonorhynchus pearsei n sp

Kepner, W.A.; Stirewalt, M.A.F.rguson, F.F., 1941:
A new turbellarian Alloeocuele from Beaufort, North Carolina, Plagiostomum dahlgreni n sp

Kepner, WA.F.rguson, F.F.; Stirewalt, M.A., 1941:
A new turbellarian Rhabdocoele from Beaufort, North Carolina, Trigonostomum prytherchi n sp

Heath, Harold., 1907:
A new turbellarian from Hawaii

Beltagi, S., 2005:
A new turbellarian from the Atlantic coast of North America, Cylindrostoma atlanticus, n sp

Stirewalt, M.A.; Kepner, W.A.F.rguson, F.F., 1940:
A new turbellarian worm Alloeocoele from Beaufort, North Carolina, Archiloa wilsoni n sp

Okutani, T.; Fujikura, K., 1992:
A new turrid gastropod associated with metachromatic seabed near Calyptogena - community in Sagami Bay

Berry, JF.; Legler, JM., 1980:
A new turtle genus Kinosternon from northwestern Mexico

de Lapparent de Broin, F.; Murelaga, X., 1996:
A new turtle fauna in the Late Cretaceous of Europe Une nouvelle faune de cheloniens dans le Cretace superieur europeen

Fuentes Vidarte, C.; Meijide Calvo, M.; Meijide Fuentes, F., 2003:
A new turtle for the Lower Cretaceous of Salas de los Infantes Burgos, Spain Salasemys pulcherrima nv gen nv sp Nueva tortuga para el Cretacico Inferior de Salas de los Infantes Burgos, Espana Salasemys pulcherrima nv gen nv sp

Tatarinov, L.P., 1960:
A new turtle of the family Baenidae from the Lower Eocene of Mongolia

Bayless, LE., 1972:
A new turtle record, Chrysemys floridana, for West Virginia

Dobie, J.L., 1968:
A new turtle species of the genus Macroclemys Chelydridae from the Florida Pliocene

Karl, H.-Volker.; Tichy, G., 2000:
A new turtle-track species from the Thuringian Lower Triassic Eine neue Schildkroeten-Faehrtenspezies aus der Unteren Trias Thueringens

Sakurai, K.; Shimazu, T., 1963:
A new tusk shell Striocadulus Sagamkadulus elegantissimus subgen et sp nov from Sagami Bay, Japan

Lowenstein, JM., 1983:
A new twist in the evolution debate DNA sequencing

Buss, Leo, W., 1995:
A new twist on the Garstang torsion hypothesis

Olive, L.S.Stoianovitch, C., 1966:
A new two-spored species of Cavostelium Protostelida

Whalls, M.J.; Proshek, K.E.S.etter, D.S., 1955:
A new two-way fish trap for streams

Shimomura, O., 1981:
A new type of ATP-activated bioluminescent system in the millipede Luminodesmus sequoiae

Mark, E.L., 1899:
A new type of Actinian

Faust, E.C., 1923:
A new type of Amoeba parasitic in Man observed in North China

Abbott, J.F., 1912:
A new type of Corixidae Ramphocorixa balanodis n gen et sp with an account of its life-history

Penard, E., 1918:
A new type of Infusorian Arachnidipsis paradoxa

Hanzawa, S., 1932:
A new type of Lepidocyclina with a multilocular nucleoconoh from the Taito mountainn Formosa

Tokioka, T.; Habe, T., 1953:
A new type of Littorina-capsula

White, E.I., 1939:
A new type of Palaeoniscid fish, with remarks on the Evolution of the Actinopterygian Pec-toral fins

Zhang, X.; Hua, H.; Reitner, J., 2006:
A new type of Precambrian megascopic fossils the Jinxian biota from northeastern China

Weller, S., 1925:
A new type of Silurian worm

Tsai, I. shun., 1962:
A new type of Waddington effect in Drosophila melanogasttr I A general description of effect II The genetic basis of the effect

Ghizdavu, J.; Rosca, I., 1986:
A new type of adhesive trap with pheromone lure for field crops

Shukla, S.P., 1961 :
A new type of anatomical association of the Jassid Malpighian tubules in the mangohopper, Idiocerus atkinsoni Leth Homoptera, lassidae

Milewczyk, S., 1984:
A new type of anomaly in Corixidae Heteroptera

Reidelbach, Joachim., 2002:
A new type of artificial substratum for sampling aquatic stages of blackflies Diptera Simuliidae in fast-flowing streams

Mou, C-j.; Liu, C-l., 1989:
A new type of brchiopods - Guangdongina and its ecological environment

Bornemissza, G.F., 1969:
A new type of brood care observed in the dung bettle Oniticellus cinctus Scarabaeidae

Peck, L.; Morgan, G.; Shanklin, J., 1995:
A new type of bryozoan from Antarctica

Johnson, H.P., 1900:
A new type of budding in Annelids

Rodl, P., 1984:
A new type of cage for laboratory breeding of small mammals

Goniakowska-Witalinska, L., 1980:
A new type of cell in the pulmonary epithelium of the newt Triturus alpestris Laur

Satya Prakash, KL.; Aswathanarayana, NV., 1972:
A new type of chromosomal variation due to Robertsonian fusion and deletion in the Indian house shrew, Suncus murinus

Painter, T.S., 1934:
A new type of cytological map of the X-chromosome in Drosophila melanogaster

Li, J.-Jun.; Bater.; Zhang, W.-Hong.; Hu, B.-Lin.; Gao, L.-Hong., 2006:
A new type of dinosaur tracks from Lower Cretaceous of Chabu, Otog Qi, Inner Mongolia

Moore, W.H., 1954:
A new type of electrical fish-catcher

Weiser, J.; Wegensteiner, R., 1995:
A new type of entomopoxvirus in the bark beetle Ips typographus Coleoptera, Scolytidae in Czechoslovakia

Greene, C.W., 1912:
A new type of fat storing muscle in the salmon, Oncorhynchus tschawytscha

McCully, H., 1949:
A new type of field key applied to the flatfishes of California

Grande, R.; Matzow, D., 1998:
A new type of fishway in Norway how a regulated and acidified river was restored

Somsen, J., 1992:
A new type of formicary for infrared observation

Kitching, J.W., 1952:
A new type of fossil baboon Brachygnathopithecus peppercorni, gen et sp nov

Ohashi, M., 1980:
A new type of ganglioside. The structures of three novel gangliosides from the fat body of the frog

Sokolov, VE.; Bodiak, ND.; Stepanova, LV., 1989:
A new type of gland in the skin of mammal

Naumov, D.V., 1956:
A new type of gonosome structure in hydroids

Pariselle, A.; Lambert, A.; Euzet, L., 1991:
A new type of haptor in mesoparasitic monogeneans of the genus Enterogyrus Paperna, 1963, with a description of Enterogyrus foratus n sp and E coronatus n sp, stomach parasites of cichlids in west Africa

Heron, AC., 1973:
A new type of heart mechanism in the invertebrates

Feldhamer, G.A., 1977:
A new type of heat shield for use with live-traps

Zapol'skikh, OV., 1977:
A new type of hemocytes of Heterarthrus saliens Ochropodae Hymenoptera

Zhao, B-g., 1989:
A new type of insect epidermal gland cell

Mazokhin-Porshnyakov, GA.; Kazyakina, VI., 1984:
A new type of larva eye revealed in Coccinella septempunctata L

Riemann-Zurneck, K., 1977:
A new type of larval development in the Actinaria giant larvaeMorphological and ecological aspects of larval development in Actinostola spetsbergensis 355-364, illust

Zonova, TD.; Efremova, VI., 1976:
A new type of ligamental band in late Cretaceous inoceramids

Zonova, TD., 1980:
A new type of ligamentous stria in inoceramids of Central Asia

Hickling, C.F., 1925:
A new type of luminescence in fishes

Hickling, C.F., 1931:
A new type of luminescence in fishes, III The gland in Coelorhynchus coelorhynchus Risso

Jerzmanska, A., 1959:
A new type of luminous organ in Opisthoproctus L

Micu, D.; Micu, S., 2004:
A new type of macrozoobenthic community from the rocky bottoms of the Black Sea

Fahmy, O.G., 1950:
A new type of meiosis in Piastosciara pectiventris Nematocera, Diptera and its evolutionary significance

Nagasawa, S., 1959:
A new type of modified cocoon of Dictyoploca japonica Moore Lepidoptera, Saturniidae

Patterson, J.T., 1932:
A new type of mottle-eyed Drosophila due to unstable translocation

Chapman, D.M., 1968:
A new type of muscle cell from the subumbrella of Obelia

Fraenkel, G., 1961:
A new type of negative phototropotaxis observed in a marine isopod, Eurydice

Bultot, Jacques., 1992:
A new type of nest box for the little owl Athene noctua Nouveau type de nichoir pour chouette cheveche

Radchenko, VG., 1978 :
A new type of nest without cells in Metallinella atrocaerulea Hymenoptera, Megachilidae

Grave, H., 1975:
A new type of net cage for fish culture used in Kiel Fjord

Bianchi, S., 1977:
A new type of neurosecretion in the cerebral ganglion of a sipunculid

Lucas, A., 1976:
A new type of nursery for rearing bivalve postlarvae Construction, equipment and preliminary results

Potts, F.A., 1912:
A new type of parasitism in the Polychaeta

Orii, H.; Suzuki, K.; Tanaka, Y.; Yanagisawa, K., 1987:
A new type of plasmid from a wild isolate of Dictyostelium species: the existence of closely situated long inverted repeats

Rosin, R., 1965:
A new type of poison gland found in the scorpion Nebo hierichonticus (E. Sim.) (Diplocentridae, Scorpiones)

Montalenti, C., 1949:
A new type of polyploid nucleus in gland cells of cymo-thoids Crust Isop and its cyclic modifications during the phases of activity of the cell

Cao, F., 2005:
A new type of primary unicellular microfossils from the Chert of the Gaoyuzhuang Formation in Jixian County, Tianjin

Brink, A.S., 1961:
A new type of primitive Gynodont

Okazaki, Yoshihiko., 1994:
A new type of primitive baleen whale Cetacea; Mysticeti from Kyushu, Japan

Averianov, Alexander., 1994:
A new type of rhipidistian hyomandibular from the Baltic Middle Devonian

Ray-Chaudhuri, S.P.; Manna, G.K., 1954:
A new type of segrega-tion of the sex chromosomes in the meiotic divisions of the cotton stainer, Dysdercus koenigii Fabr

Battaglia, E., 1956:
A new type of segregation of the sex chromosomes in Dysdercus Koenigii Fabr Hemiptera-Pyrrhocoridae

Pospekhov, VV.; Krasnoshchekov, GP., 1992:
A new type of sensory endings in the suckers of cestodes

Lawson, F.A.; Epling, G.P., 1966:
A new type of sensory hair in Periplaneta americana Insecta Orthoptera, Blattidae

Cavalcanti, L.A.G.; Falcao, D.N., 1956:
A new type of sex-ratio in Drosophila prosaltans Duda Proc 9th int Congr Genet 1953

Bremer, J.L., 1934:
A new type of slide holder for projection of serial sections

Camp, C.L., 1936:
A new type of small bipedal Dinosaur from the Navajo Sandstone of Arizona Univ Calif

Wheeler, W.M., 1904:
A new type of social parasitism among ants

Zitt, J., 1984:
A new type of stem in Eugeniacrinites

Kojima, Y., 1958:
A new type of the egg capsule of a periwinkle, Littorina squalida Broderip et Sowerby

Vogel, Juergen., 2003:
A new type of the genus Atheta Thomson for Europe Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae Eine neue Art der Gattung Atheta Thomson aus Europa Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae

Ortmana, A.E., 1917:
A new type of the nayad-genus Fusconaia, group of F barnesiana Lea

Francis, B.R.; Jorge, D.S.lva, N.; Jr.; Kaiser, I.I., 1998:
A new type of toxic snake venom phospholipase A2 which promotes hypotension and hemorrhage in mice

Yosizawa, Z., 1964:
A new type of w heparin isolated from whale organs

Marples, B.J., 1955:
A new type of web spun by spiders of the genus Ulesanis with the description of two new species

Peters, B.C., 1929:
A new type of wedge colorimeter used in a biological investigation of sewage

Hayashi, M.; Okada, T., 1994:
A new typhlocybine leafhopper Homoptera Cicadellidae feeding on Kiwi-fruit

Zaher, M.A.; Shehata, K.K., 1971:
A new typhlodromid miteTyphiodromus tetramedius

Turk, E., 1963:
A new tyroglyphid deutonymph in amber from Chiapas, Mexico

Andriashev, AP., 1975:
A new ultra-abyssal fish Notoliparis kurchatovi gen et sp n Liparidae from the South-Orkney Trench Antarctic

Ribes, J.; Oromi, P.; Ribes, E., 1998:
A new underground Collartida Villiers, 1949 from La Palma, Canary Islands Heteroptera, Reduviidae, Emesinae Una nueva Collartida Villiers, 1949 subterranea de La Palma, islas Canarias Heteroptera, Reduviidae, Emesinae

Wright, B.H., 1898:
A new undulate Unio from Alabama

Griffiths, T.R., 1973:
A new unifying theory for the initiation of ageing mechanisms and processes

Wright, J.W., 1967:
A new uniparental whiptail lizard Genus Cnemidophorus from Sonora, Mexico

Illies, G., 1987:
A new uniserial Stomatopora Bryozoa Cyclostomata from the Upper Cretaceous of northern Germany

Preobrazhinskij, BV., 1981:
A new unknown animal?

Clark, A.H., 1911:
A new unstalked crinoid from Christmas Island

Lukhtanov, Vladimir, A., 1999:
A new unusual species of the genus Neolycaena from Kyrgyzstan Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Eine neue ungewohnliche Art der Gattung Neolycaena aus Kirgisien Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Zlobin, Vladimir, V., 1998:
A new unusually colored Agromyza species Diptera Agromyzidae from China

Djabarov, G.N. ., 1969:
A new upper Cretaceous Echinocorys from Central Asia

Ueno, S.-Ichi.; Mori, M., 2000:
A new upper hypogean Trechiama Coleoptera, Trechinae from near the southwestern corner of Hyogo Prefecture, west Japan

Tillyard, R.J., 1936:
A new upper triassio fossil insect bed in Queensland

Binon, Michel., 2006:
A new urban Otiorhynchus in Orleans Otiorhynchus apenninus Stierlin, 1883 Coleoptera Curculionidae Un nouvel Otiorhynque urbain en Orleanais Otiorhynchus apenninus Stierlin, 1883 Coleoptera Curculionidae

Dong, Z.; Wang, Y., 1998:
A new urodele Liaoxitriton zhongjiani gen et sp nov from the Early Cretaceous of western Liaoning Province, China

Cupp, P V.; Jr.; Towles, DT., 1983:
A new variant of Plethodon wehrlei in Kentucky and West Virginia

Schlieper, Michael., 2001:
A new variant of Xenotilapia bathyphilus Poll, 1956? Ein neue Variante von Xenotilapia bathyphilus Poll, 1956?

Arai, H.; Inoue, T., 2000:
A new variation of Agrias phalcidon fournierae Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae with forewing trifid yellow patches

Leehman, EG., 1979:
A new variation of Murex martinetana

Artner, Brigitte., 1998:
A new variation on gelatin diet for terrapins Eine neue Variante des Gelatinefutterpuddings fuer Wasserschildkroeten

Smith, Maxwell., 1907:
A new varietal form of Turbo petholatus, Linn

Sonneborn, T.M., 1957:
A new variety 14 of Paramecium aurelia and its relations to varieties 4, 8, and 10

Evans, A.M., 1925:
A new variety of Anopheles marshalli Theobald from the Belgian Congo

Evans, A.M., 1925:
A new variety of Anopheles murshalli from Sierra Leone

Roebuck, W.D., 1919:
A new variety of Arion ater

Collinge, W.E., 1947:
A new variety of Armadillidium vulgare Latreille Crustacea Isopoda

Dulger, B.; Gonuz, A., 2005:
A new variety of Badhamia myxomycetes from Turkey

Clench, W.J., 1937:
A new variety of Bulimulus dealbatus from Alabama

Ohkura, M.; Goto, M., 1960:
A new variety of Carabus Hemicarabus tuberculosus Dejean et Boisduval from Japan Col Carabidae

Beamer, R.H., 1924:
A new variety of Cicada

Davis, W.T., 1915:
A new variety of Cicada resembling G dorsata

Tomlin, J.R. le B., 1915:
A new variety of Columbella miscra, Sow from Japan

Oldroyd, I.S., 1916:
A new variety of Cypraea

Adkin, R., 1923:
A new variety of Diaphora mendica

Hennuy, Jean Jacques., 1997:
A new variety of Eudicella woermanni woermanni Kraatz 1890 from Cameroon Mountain Eudicella woermanni woermanni alexisi nov var Variete nouvelle dEudicella woermanni woermanni Kraatz 1890 du Mont Cameroun Eudicella woermanni woermanni alexisi nov var

Shi, Z., 1989:
A new variety of Euglena intermedia inhabiting acid water

Fievet, Philippe., 1995:
A new variety of Eupotosia affinis Col Cetoniidae Une nouvelle variete dEupotosia affinis Col Cetoniidae

Lodos, N., 1960:
A new variety of Eurygaster austriacus Schrk from Turkey Hemiptera-Heteroptera Pentatomidae

Bryant, F.W., 1902:
A new variety of Glyptostoma neuberryanum

Anon., 1968:
A new variety of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi GTo

Konovalova, GV., 1994:
A new variety of Gymnodinium japonica Dinophyta from Avachinskaya Guba inlet Pacific Ocean, Kamchatka

Gomy, Yves., 2001:
A new variety of Hister unicolor Linnaeus, 1758 Coleoptera, Histeridae Une nouvelle variete dHister unicolor Linnaeus, 1758 Coleoptera, Histeridae

Caudell, A.N., 1929:
A new variety of Inscudderia valkeri Hebd from Virginia Orthoptera Tettigonndae

Neumann, J.G., 1909:
A new variety of Ixodes pilosus Koch

Streng, L.H., 1896:
A new variety of Limnoea

Gomy, Yves., 1995:
A new variety of Margarinotus Ptomister brunneus Fabricius, 1775 Coleoptera, Histeridae Une nouvelle variete de Margarinotus Ptomister brunneus Fabricius, 1775 Coleoptera, Histeridae

Comfort, A., 1938:
A new variety of Mya arenaria

Stearns, R.E.C., 1895:
A new variety of Ocinebra circumcincta, Stearns

Higgins, H.C., 1919:
A new variety of Oliva sericea miniacea

Ford, J., 1895:
A new variety of Olivella

Skinner, Henry., 1908:
A new variety of Papilio philenor

Skinner, H., 1906:
A new variety of Papilio rutulus Boisd

Huff, C.G., 1940:
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A new variety of Punctum

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