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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37671

Chapter 37671 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A novel effect of zinc on the lobster muscle GABA receptor
, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B Biological Sciences 215(1200): 327-341 (1982)

A novel enolic -ketoaldehyde in the defense secretion of the termite Rhinotermes hispidus
, Tetrahedron Letters 2152: 5001-5002 (1980)

A novel enzyme from bovine neurointermediate pituitary catalyzes dealkylation of -hydroxyglycine derivatives, thereby functioning sequentially with peptidylglycine -amidating monooxygenase in peptide amidation
, Biochemistry 2926: 6115-6120 (1990)

A novel facultative mutualistic relationship between bufonid tadpoles and flagellated green algae
, Herpetological Conservation and Biology 27 September; 11: 51-55 (2005)

A novel fucosylated glycosphingolipid with a Gal1-4Glc1-3Gal sequence in plerocercoids of the parasite, Spirometra erinacei
, Journal of Biochemistry (Tokyo) 114(5): 677-683 (1993)

A novel glutathione conjugation of the organophosphorus insecticide prothiophos by the housefly abdomen glutathione S-transferase 6B
, Journal of Agricultural Science Tokyo Nogyo Daigaku 49(3): 82-89 (2004)

A novel group of glycolipids in tissues of Aplysia two-dimensional thin-layer chromatographic analysis
, Biomedical Research (Tokyo): 71: 47-51 (1986)

A novel habitat for larvae of the fishfly Chauliodes pectinicornis Megaloptera Corydalidae
, Banisteria 3: 25-26 (1994)

A novel herpesvirus associated with hepatic necrosis in a San Esteban chuckwalla, Sauromalus varius
, Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery 133: 15-19 (2003)

A novel hypothesis for the origin of biramous appendages in crustaceans
, Short Courses in Paleontology 3: 157-176 (1990)

A novel insects growth regulator to control of Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say on potato
, Materialy Sesji Naukowej IOR (Instytut Ochrony Roslin): 292: 241-245 (1989)

A novel integron in the genome of Escherichia coli isolated from Indonesian monitor lizard Varanus spp
, Biotropia 1(6): 10-17 (2001)

A novel intracellular acid proteinase from the plasmodia of a true slime mold, Physarum polycephalum
, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 362: 565-568 (1995)

A novel metabolic response to anoxia in an invertebrate, the snail Helix pomatia, involving the reaction catalyzed by arginase
, Molecular Physiology, 43-4: 155-164 (1983)

A novel method for collecting ovulated eggs using a liquid pump in barfin flounder, Verasper moseri , and spotted halibut, V variegatus
, Suisan Zoshoku 53(2): 167-173 (2005)

A novel method for opening closed burrows of trapdoor spiders Mygalomorphae Idiopidae by the spider wasp Priocnemis Trichocurgus monachus Smith Hymenoptera Pompilidae
, Weta 3: 19-21 (2005)

A novel method for removing geological precipitates from animal fossils
, Geologica Balcanica 28(3-4): 49-52 (1998)

A novel method for repairing fractures of the metacarpus in raptors
, Falco (Carmarthen) 2(2): 18-19 (2003)

A novel method for the activation and solubilization of coupling factor 1 from the chloroplasts of Euglena gracilis
, Plant Physiology (Rockville): 741: 167-169 (1984)

A novel method for the economical diagnosis of cladograms under Sankoff optimization
, Cladistics 10(2): 207-213 (1994)

A novel method for the evaluation of quantitative samplings with the aid of a sweep-net
, Prace Naukowe Uniwersytetu Slaskiego w Katowicach 505: 9-12 (1982)

A novel method for the field study of mollusc movement using mucus trails
, BCPC Symposium Proceedings 80: 287-292 (2003)

A novel method of assessing bioerosion by the sea urchin Echinometra sp A on a Fijian reef
, South Pacific Journal of Natural Science 21: 25-30 (2003)

A novel method of collecting dragonfly nymphs
, Bulletin of the Brooklyn Entomological Society 38(1943): 163 (1944)

A novel method of collecting insects
, Victorian Entomologist 26(4): 78 (1996)

A novel method of dark field illumination for a stereomicroscope and its application to a study of the pseudopodia of Reophax moniliformis Siddall Foraminiferida
, Journal of Micropalaeontology 51: 83-90 (1986)

A novel method of identifying sex in neonate little whip snakes Suta flagellum Elapidae
, Herpetofauna (Sydney) 29(1): 10-12 (1999)

A novel microsatellite (STR) marker for forensic identification of big cats in India
, Forensic Science International 141(2-3): 143-147 (2004 )

A novel mutualistic relationship between a doliolid and a cnidarian, Bythotiara dolioeques sp nov
, Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 85(3): 583-593 (2005)

A novel nectar resource for butterflies, red spot jezebel, Delias descombesi and red base jezebel, D Aglaia Lepidoptera Pieridae
, Indian Journal of Ecology 33(1): 84-85 (2006)

A novel nesting habitat for Kreffts turtle Emydura krefftii
, Herpetofauna (Sydney) 31(2): 108-111 (2001)

A novel neural beta tubulin from the antarctic fish Notothenia coriiceps neglecta
, Antarctic Journal of the United States 285: 143-145 Review (1993)

A novel nonhemorragic protease from the African puff adder (Bitis arietans) venom
, Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology 15(4): 215-220 (2001)

A novel notion of neanderthal
, Natural History 976(16): 18-21 (1988)

A novel occluding junction which lacks membrane fusion in insect testis
, Tissue and Cell 19(3): 413-421 (1987)

A novel origin of some deoxyribonucleic acid thymine and its nonrandom distribution
, Biochemistry 9(13): 2605-2609 (1970)

A novel osteometrical method using computer vision techniques for comparison of morphological differences
, Journal of the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology 20 March; 362: 120-128 No 112 (2005)

A novel partner for Dictyostelium filamin is an -helical developmentally regulated protein
, Journal of Cell Science 11721: 5013-5022 (2004 )

A novel pathogen of the violent epidemic disease of penaeid shrimps the discovery of paramyxovirus-like virus in the diseased penaeid shrimps
, Chinese Journal of Veterinary Science 17(2): 205-206 Sum No 68 (1997)

A novel phospholipase A2 inhibitor with leucine-rich repeats from the blood plasma of Agkistrodon blomhoffii siniticus Sequence homologies with human leucine-rich 2-glycoprotein
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 27331: 19469-19475 (1998)

A novel photosensor of unicellular organism Blepharisma
, Recent Research Developments in Photochemistry and Photobiology 41: 15-31 (2000)

A novel physiological state characterized by continuous nuclear growth without entry into mitosis
, Die Naturwissenschaften 70(7): 363-364 (1983)

A novel plate assay method for amoebicides
, Experientia 20(8): 463-464 (1964)

A novel polyhydroxylated epoxy steriod from the soft coral Sinularia sp
, Natural Product Letters 131: 11-14 (1999)

A novel polyhydroxylated epoxy steroid from the soft coral, Sinularia dissecta
, Natural Product Letters 133: 229-232 (1999)

A novel polymorphic mtDNA marker for population studies of the pink shrimp, Farfantepenaeus duorarum Crustacea, Penaeidae
, Oceanologia 461: 147-151 (2004)

A novel pox infection in pudus Pudu pudu
, Erkrankungen der Zootiere 36: 195-203 (1994)

A novel protease copurifying with haemoglobin from Artemia salina
, Proceedings of the Australian Biochemical Society 14: 24 (1981 )

A novel protein encoded by the InaD gene regulates recovery of visual transduction in Drosophila
, Neuron 14(1): 201-210 (1995)

A novel reaction of hemoglobin in invertebrate nerves. I. Observations on annelid and molluscan nerves
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 109(2): 518-529 (1965)

A novel rhodopsin kinase in octopus photoreceptor possesses a pleckstrin homology domain and is activated by G protein -subunits
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 27313: 7441-7447 (1998)

A novel role for the gut of seawater teleosts in acid-base balance
, Society for Experimental Biology Seminar Series 68: 257-274 (1999)

A novel saccharide structure, Xyl1-3Gal1-SO3-3,4Fuc-, is present in acrosome reaction-inducing substance of the starfish, Asterias amurensis
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 1861: 405-410 (1992)

A novel separation of bovine haemoglobin chains
, Proceedings of the Australian Biochemical Society 15: 19 (1983)

A novel sialidase which releases 2,7-anhydro--N-acetylneuraminic acid from sialoglyconjugates
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 26535: 21629-21633 (1990)

A novel solution for the survival of the orangutan
, Biodiversity. October-December; 54: 40-43 (2004)

A novel species and a novel subspecies of Volutidae from northwestern Australia
, Apex (Brussels): 11: 27-37 (1986)

A novel species of Volutidae from northwestern Australia
, Apex (Brussels): 23-4: 99-113 (1987)

A novel spin-label for study of membrane potential rotational diffusion using saturation transfer electron spin resonance Application to selectively labelled Class I and Class II-SH groups of the shark rectal gland Na+/K+-ATPase
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 9782: 209-215 (1989)

A novel structural model for silk fibroin LR-structure
, FEBS (Federation of European Biochemical Societies) Letters 1312: 203-207 (1981)

A novel structure in the stomach and intestine of two species of Australian marsupial mice
, Journal of Comparative Pathology 94(3): 481-485 (1984)

A novel surgical technique for luxation repair of the femorotibial joint in a monk parakeet Myiopsitta monachus
, Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 16(1): 34-38 (2002)

A novel synaptic transmission mediated by a PACAP-like neuropeptide in Drosophila
, Neuron 14(3): 527-536 (1995)

A novel technique for gentle lysis of eucaryotic cells Isolation of plasma membranes from Dictyostelium discoideum
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 7361: 45-56 (1983)

A novel technology for the control of rodents
, Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference 2(1): 258-262 (2004)

A novel treatment for snake pneumonia
, Vivarium (Lakeside) 2(1): 12-13 (1989)

A novel two-over-two -helical sandwich fold is characteristic of the truncated hemoglobin family
, EMBO Journal 191(1): 2424-2434 (2000)

A novel ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase UCH-9 from chick skeletal muscle its purification and characterization
, Korean Journal of Biological Sciences 1(2): 323-328 (1997)

A novel vertebrate svp-related nuclear receptor is expressed as a step gradient in developing rhombomeres and is affected by retinoic acid
, Mechanisms of Development 52(2-3): 233-246 (1995)

A novel, planktonic ascothoracid larva from St Croix Crustacea
, Journal of Plankton Research 52: 197-202 (1983)

A novemberi es januari receszamlalasok nehany eredmenye Magyarorszagon l Anas platyrhynchos
, Aquila. 80-81: 149-164,164-168 (1975)

A novices aviaries
, Avicultural Magazine Brighton Ser 2: 7 69-73 (1908)

A now Badger from Wisconsin
, Journal of Mammalogy 26: 431 (1946)

A now Bat from Abyssinia
, Journal of the East Africa Natural History Society 19: 101-102 (1948)

A now Bramid fish found in Japan
, Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries 45: 297-300 (1936)

A now Central Mediterranean subspecies of Field Mouse Apodemus sylvaticus Linn and notes on surrounding forms
, Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 117: 650-652 (1948)

A now Empis of the subgenus Pachymeria Diptera, Empididae
, Pan-Pacific Entomologist 18: 163-164 (1942)

A now Genus of Opossum from Southern Patagonia
, Annals and Magazine of Natural History Series 9: 8: 136-139 (1921)

A now Gnat- catcher from Bolivia
, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 59: 155 (1946)

A now Pterodontia from New Guinea Diptera, Aoroceratidae
, Pan-Pacific Entomologist. 23: 74-75 (1947)

A now Ptyoto dont triton from the Onondaga of western New York
, Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences 173: 11-12 (1942)

A now Sphaero-dactylus from the Dominican Republic
, American Museum Novitates 1308: 1-4 (1946)

A now Termatophylidea from Mexico Hemiptera Termatophylinae
, Entomological News Philadelphia 46: 270-273 (1935)

A now Tintinnid from Lake Windermere
, Annals and Magazine of Natural History 1: 496-497 (1938)

A now Trematode Tremiorchis ranarum nov, gen, nov spec from Rana tigrina
, Proceedings of the Indian Science Congress, l2: 147 (1925)

A now Tyroplyphid for Western Montana Acar
, Entomological News Philadelphia, 29 336-340 (1918)

A now Unio from the Morrison formation of Colorado
, Journal of Paleontology Menasha 164: 450-400 (1942)

A now Wood-pecker from Mexico, pp 103-105
, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 59: 99-102 (1946)

A now Woodrat Neotoma viezicana from the lava beds of southernNew Mexico
, Occasional Papers of the Museum of Zoology University of Michigan Ann Arbor 400: 1-3 (1939)

A now Zygaenid from Arizona
, Journal of the New York Entomological Society, VIII 32 (1900)

A now ant of the genus Dolkhodertia from Japan
, Transactions of the Kansai Entomological Society 8: 70-71 (1939)

A now centiped and two new millipods from the Pearl Islands, Colombia
, Pan-Pacific Entomologist 224: 145-147 (1946)

A now distome Enterohaematotrema ng and a new blood fluke Hemiorchis bengalensis n sp belonging to the family Spirorchidae Stunkard, and a new species of the genus Dendritobilharzia Skrjabin and Zakharow belonging to tho family Schistosomatidae Poche
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of India 104: 100-118 (1940)

A now enemy of the oyster drill
, Science 1203110: 231-232 (1954)

A now genus and species of Capsidae Heteroptera infesting coffee in Kenya
, Annals and Magazine of Natural History Series 10: 17: 326-328 (1936)

A now genus and species of May-fly Order Plecoptera from Tasmania, belonging to the family Siphluridae
, Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 46: 409 (1921)

A now genus and species of Monochamini Col, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae
, Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 84: 34-35 (1948)

A now genus and species of Rodent from the central Kazakhstan USSR
, Uchon Zapis Kazakh Gosud Univ Alma-Ata 1 Biol 1: 81-86 (1939)

A now genus and species of Theridiidao from Eastern Texas Aranceae
, Psyche Lancaster 562: 66-69 (1949)

A now genus and species of ant from Guatemala Hymenoptera, Formicidae
, Journal of the New York Entomological Society 55: 281-283 (1947)

A now genus of Canestriniidae Acari
, Entomological News Philadelphia, 26 152-153 (1915)

A now genus of Cephidae Hymenoptera from Tadjikistan
, C It Acad Sci URSS Moscow (NS): 48: 530-531 (1945)

A now genus of Loach from Yunnan
, Bulletin of the Fan Memorial Institute of Biology Peiping 61: 17-19 (1935)

A now genus- Hebenarus- and thirteen new species of leafhoppers closely related to Cloanthanus Homoptera, Cicadellidae
, Pan-Pacific Entomologist 20: 41-53 (1944)

A now harvestman of the subfamily Liobuninae from Australia
, Memoirs of the National Museum of Victoria 15: 174-177 (1947)

A now kind of myiasis in bumblebees
, CR Acad Sci URSS Moscow (NS): 61: 423-424 (1948)

A now method of transport of fish fingerlingB
, Proceedings of the Indian Science Congress, 203: 169 (1943)

A now moth on coconut from Cubit, with descriptions of new genera for related species Lepidoptera, Phalaenidae
, Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 51: 279-285 (1949)

A now name for an Aedes Mucidus subspecies of the Solomon Islands, with two additional notes on Aedes Mucidus epecies Diptera, Culioidae
, Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 50: 68-69 (1948)

A now name for the British Redshank
, British Birds 29: 152 (1935)

A now parasympathicolytical substance - platyphyllin
, CR Acad Sci Moscou 27: 83-85 (1940)

A now polyclad gonna of the family Discocelidae, with some remarks on the family
, Vestnik Ceskoslovenske Zoologicke Spolecnosti Praze, 6-7: 237-210 (1939)

A now protozoan, Paratrichomonas ulmeri Mastigophora from the Amorican woodchuck, Marmata monax Linnaeus
, J Twin Acad Sci 29: 260-265 (1954)

A now race of Bulbul from Kenya Colony
, Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club 64: 12-14 (1943)

A now race of the Woodchat-Shrike Lanius senator Linnaeus from the island of Sicily On the validity of Pyrrhpyta pyrrhula wardlawi Clancey On the British races of Acgithalos caudatus Linnaeus
, Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club. 1947-48; 68: 90-96 (1948)

A now race of tho Skylark from the Outer Hebrides, pp11-12 On the validity and range of the race Anthus pratensis whistleri Clancey, pp 54-56 On the available names for the French race of Rook Pipit, p 73
, Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club. 1947-48; 68 (1948)

A now record for the mastodon Mastodon americanus Kerr, from Nova Scotia
, Proceedings of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science 22: 15-16 (1951)

A now record of the Dugong on the Palestine coast
, Bulletin Jerusalem Naturalists' Club, 12: 1 (1945)

A now sanctuary
, Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, 1946-47: 33 (1947)

A now species is added to North American bird banding
, Bird-Banding Boston, 18: 129 (1947)

A now species of Aganippe from Kangaroo Island
, Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, 43 74-76 (1919)

A now species of Cristaria from the Isikari Group in Hokkaido
, Japanese Journal of Malacology 15: 1/4: 44-40 (1948)

A now species of Dicranota Zett from Denmark, with synonymical notes Dipt, Tipulidae
, Entomologiske Meddelelser 14: 17-20 (1922)

A now species of Ornithodoros Tick from California Acarina, Ixodoidea
, Journal of Parasitology Urbana 234: 365-367 (1937)

A now species of Phloeonemus from Puerto Rico Coleoptera Colydiidae
, Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 27: 131-132 (1943)

A now species of balloon-bearing Empis and an account of its mating activities Diptera Empididae
, Wasmann Journal of Biology 9: 137-146 (1951)

A now species of chigger from eastern Kansas Acarina, Trombiculi-dae
, Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 26: 32-34 (1953)

A now species of flatfish, Cyclopsctta decussata Pleuro-nectidae, from the Texas coast
, Copeia Ann Arbor, 27-28 (1946)

A now species of myrme-cophilous Blattidae
, Entomological News Philadelphia, 28 360-362 (1917)

A now species of the gonus Pissades, Canad
, Entomol London Can, 52 132-134 (1920)

A now subspecies of Francolin
, Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club, 41: 111 (1921)

A nuclear magnetic resonance study of the D-13C6 glucose metabolism of Mesocestoides corti tetrathyridia in the absence and presence of monensin
, International Journal for Parasitology 188: 1029-1033 (1988)

A nuclear mutant of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii defective in photosynthetic phosphorylation Characterization of the algal coupling factor ATPase
, European Journal of Biochemistry 1171: 93-102 (1981)

A nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the black headed caterpillar, Nephantis serinopa Meyrick Lepidoptera Cryptophasidae
, Current Science (Bangalore): 5112: 611 (1982)

A nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the lawn armyworm, Spodoptera mauritia Boisduval Lepidoptera Noctuidae
, Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society 17: 304-308 (1960)

A nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the lymantriid, Parocneria orienta Chao
, Scientia Silvae Sinicae 282: 180-183 (1992)

A nuclear transplantation analysis of nuclear hybrids and the effects on nuclear expression
, Progress in Zoology 26: 59-66 (1981)

A nucleo-cytoplasmic anomaly in Drosophila melanogaster causing increased sensitivity to anaesthetics
, Hereditas Lund 41: 147-208 (1955)

A nuclepore filter bag for preparation of small biological specimens for scanning electron microscopy
, Bulletin of Japanese Society of Microbial Ecology 62: 71-78 (1991)

A nudibranch Tritonia spec Mollusca, Gastropoda, Nudibranchia parasite of the horn coral Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata in Berlin Friedrichsfelde Zoo Eine parasitierende Nacktkiemerschnecke, Tritonia spec Mollusca, Gastropoda, Nudibranchia, auf der Hornkoralle Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde
, Milu 95: 533-536 (1998)

A nudibranch from the USA which feeds on sea anemones Eine Glasrosen fressende Nacktschnecke aus den USA
, DATZ 54(8): 12-15 (2001)

A nudibranch, Murphydoris singaporensis, new genus and species, from Singapore mangroves Mollusca Opisthobranchia Goniodorididae
, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 391: 259-263 (1991)

A number of freak shells from Vietnam
, Of Sea and Shore. Winter; 234: 224, 228-229, 231-234 (2001)

A number of supplement in the experimental guide of anatomising earthworm
, Journal of Biology (Hefei): 3: 42-43 Number 59 (1994)

A numbering system to indicate peat moss wetness
, Journal of the American Killifish Association 126: 187-188 (1979)

A numeric scoring matrix for use in the rapid assessment of extinction vulnerability of marine fish species in the NAFO regions 4VWX, 5Zc
, Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 2525 i-v, 1-84 (2004)

A numerical snow index for reindeer Rangifer tarandus winter ecology Mammalia, Cervidae
, Annales Zoologici Fennic 16(4): 271-280 (1980)

A numerical algorithm for constrained optimal control problems with applications to harvesting
, Mathematical Modeling (Cambridge) (6): 218-234 (1990)

A numerical analysis of carbon dynamics of the Southern Ocean phytoplankton community the roles of light and grazing in effecting both sequestration of atmospheric CO2 and food availability to larval krill
, Deep-Sea Research Part I Oceanographic Research Papers 481: 1-48 (2000)

A numerical analysis of changes in the soft-bottom fauna along a transect across False Bay, South Africa
, J exp mar Biol Ecol 7: 215-253 (1971)

A numerical analysis of isoelectric focused keratin monomers affinities of some western Indian Ocean green geckos
, Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 131: 63-69 (1985)

A numerical analysis of landfall of the 1979 red tide of Karenia brevis along the west coast of Florida
, Continental Shelf Research 22(1): 15-38 (2002)

A numerical analysis of population dynamics of the sand lance Ammodytes personatus in the eastern Seto Inland Sea, Japan
, Fisheries Oceanography 14: 321-332 (1992)

A numerical analysis of the New World Notoxus with a revision of the Central American species
, Dissertation Abstr lnt, 375: 2056 (1976)

A numerical analysis of the distributional patterns of North American mammals 2 Re-evaluation of the provinces
, Systematic Zoology 15: 279-299 (1966)

A numerical approach to phylogenetic systematics
, Syst. Zool.: 19: 172-189 (1970)

A numerical approach to taxonomic structure and phenetic resemblance in Middle-European species of the genus Lebia Latr Coleoptera, Carabidae - selected parameters of a distribution of non-metrical traits
, Polskie Pismo Entomologiczn 613(4): 15-45 (1992)

A numerical approach to the analysis of solitary vireo songs
, Condor 822: 199-211 (1980)

A numerical cladistic analysis for the genus Homo
, Journal of Human Evolution 161: 135-146 (1988)

A numerical classification of the Afrotropical species of genus Batracomorphus Lewis Homoptera, Cicadellidae
, Arquivos do Museu Bocage Serie A: 24: 41-59 (1983)

A numerical evaluation of GLM methods for estimating indices of abundance from west Atlantic small bluefin tuna catch per trip data when the data are aggregated to minimize zero catches
, International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas Collective Volume of Scientific Papers 442: 332-336 (1995)

A numerical experiment on the bioconvection in the culture of a flagellate
, Research Report from the National Institute for Environmental Studies Japan 80: 103-118 (1985)

A numerical index for biostratigraphic zonation in the mid-Tertiary of the eastern Gulf
, Transactions of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies 13: 139-146 (1963)

A numerical method for ranking of endangered species and its application to North Carolina freshwater fishes
, Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society 54-86 (1987)

A numerical modelling of the initial stages of wing opening in the wasp Encarsia formosa
, Bionika 25: 17-24 (1992)

A numerical phenetic study of the bryobine spider mites Acari Tetranychidae
, Dissertation Abstr lnt, 3211: 6456-B. (1972)

A numerical phenetic study of the protesilaus group Lepidoptera Papilionidae
, Dissertation Abstracts, 27B 3133-3134 (1967)

A numerical phenetic study of the quill mites of the family Syringophilidae Acari
, Journal Parasit 593: 520-530 (1973)

A numerical phenetic study of the snake mites of the family lxodorhynchidae Acari Mesostigmata
, Dissertation Abstr lnt, 327: 3988-B. (1972)

A numerical simulation of red tide formation
, Journal of Marine Systems 6(3): 269-285 (1995)

A numerical study of a small group of Acropora specimens Scleractinia Acroporidae
, Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 171: 55-61 (1974)

A numerical study of agonistic behaviour in the grey-breasted silvereye Zosterops lateralis
, Animal Behav 201: 155-165 (1972)

A numerical study of plankton population dynamics in a deep lake during the passage of the spring thermal bar
, Journal of Marine Systems 26(3-4): 367-386 (2000)

A numerical study of the Australian earthworm genera Cryptodrilus Fletcher and Tinephrus Beddard, with a new genus Megascolecidae Oligochaeta
, Zoological J Linn Soc 51(2): 147-175 (1972)

A numerical study of the nonsteady transport of gases in the pulmonary capillaries
, Journal of Mathematical Biology 25(4): 433-452 (1987)

A numerical study of the recruiting population of the large yellow croaker Pseudosciaena crocea R off the Changjiang River mouth
, Studia Marina Sinica 4(4): 206-219 (2002)

A numerical study of the shorebirds on Long Island in 1947
, Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New York, Nos. 58-62: 49-54 (1951)

A numerical study of the wing and leg muscles of Lari and Alcae
, Ibis 111: 460-524 (1969)

A numerical study of the wing and leg muscles of tinamous Tinamidae
, Northwest Science Cheney 46(3): 207-255 (1972)

A numerical study on the growth factors in Anoplocnemis dallasi K Hem, Coreidae
, Korean Journal of Zoology 184: 197-220 (1975)

A numerical synopsis of the African holdings of the Department of Herpetology, California Academy of Sciences
, Journal of the Herpetological Association of Africa 27: 3-6 (1982)

A numerical taxonomic study of Hawaiian reef corals
, Pacif. Sci.: 24: 180-186 (1970)

A numerical taxonomic study of Late Carboniferous Spiriferidina from eastern Australia
, Alcheringa 23: 225-230 (1978)

A numerical taxonomic study of Pyrgomorphidae and Pamphagidae Orthoptera, Acridoidea
, Shaanxi Teachers University Journal 3: 47-54 (1986)

A numerical taxonomic study of Turbinaria Scleractinia from Hong Kong
, Proceedings of the International Marine Biological Workshop 11: 127-134 (1982)

A numerical taxonomic study of six species of the free-living amoeba
, Archiv fuer Protistenkunde, 1223-4: 360-371 (1979)

A numerical taxonomic study of the mallophagan genera Cumminggsiella =Quadraceps, Saemundssonia Ischnocera Philopteridae, and Austromenopon Amblycera Menoponidae from alcids Aves Charadriiformes of the northwest Atlantic with reference to host-parasite relationships
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 5511: 1788-1801, illust. (1977)

A numerical taxonomic studyof a group of selected strongylates Nematoda
, Systematic Zoology 181969: 423-443 (1971)

A numerical taxonomy method adequate to the biological thinking Applications Watanabes example and the Acanthobrama genus Pisces, Cyprinidae
, Travaux du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle "Grigore Antipa": 27: 243-265 (1985)

A numerical taxonomy of the genus Piesma le Peletier Serville of the Palaearctic region Heteroptera Piesmatidae
, Entomologist 1104: 178-183 (1991)

A numerical taxonomy preliminary study of the genus Romanomermis Nematoda Mermithidae in China
, Journal of Central China Normal University (Natural Sciences). Jun; 262: 204-208 (Sum 62 (1992)

A numerical taxonomy study of Orthocladiinae Diptera, Chironomidae
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A numerical taxonomy study of larvae of the genus Dermacentor
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