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Investigations on the organic drift in North Swedish streams
Limitations of Using Microsoft Excel Version 2016 (MS Excel 2016) for Statistical Analysis for Medical Research
Phloem necrosis of coffee in Surinam
Anatomy of Mystus seenghala IV Nervous system
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Tetrapleure (Tetrapleura tetraptera), an unknown African medicinal and spice plant
The origin and phylogenetic significance of the trochophoran larvae 2. evolutionary significance of the larvae of coelomate worms and mollusks
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
Influence of Seriboost foliar application on leaf yield and leaf protein content in mulberry (Morus spp.), in relation to silkworm cocoon production
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
'Pan-sukh' disease of Rice in the Central Provinces
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Study of vitellogenesis in birds; physiological phases & role of folliculin in vitellogenesis
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Therapy for acne with saccharomyces boulardii
Evidence for Late Cretaceous N-S dextral shear in the west-central crystalline core, North Cascades, Washington
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Manufacture of Ricotta cheese from whey fortified with skim milk powder using different acidulants
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37676

Chapter 37676 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A possible role of -amylase isoenzymes from the style of the mussel Choromytilus meridionalis Krauss following thermal acclimation
, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 471: 1-8 (1980)

A possible role of the cattle egret in the dissemination of the granulosis virus of the bollworm
, Ostrich 434: 231-232 (1972)

A possible role of water chemistry in lamprey prey interactions
, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 3711: 2195-2196 (1980)

A possible role played by some wild birds in the epizootology of leptospiroses
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 40: 1738-1740 (1961)

A possible scenario for the future of Australias freshwater fish fauna
, Monographiae Biologicae 61: 615-636 (1986)

A possible scheme of the migration of Crocothemis erythraea Brulle-populations from the Camargue Odonata Libellulidae
, Biologisch Jaarboek 35: 222-227 (1967)

A possible second messenger system for the production of long-term changes in synapses
, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 221: 291-311 (1987)

A possible second role for calmodulin in biological clock-controlled processes of euglena
, Plant Physiology 82(1): 226-229 (1986)

A possible selective mechanism in the evolution of the vertebrate heart
, Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 123: 753-755 (1954)

A possible sensory-motor neuron in Aplysia californica
, Tissue and Cell 3(4): 637-647 (1971)

A possible separation of races of Gudusia diapra Hamilton by means of length-weight correlation
, Proceedings Indian Acad Sci (B): 782: 73-79 (1973)

A possible separation of the river races of King Salmon in ocean-caught fish by means of anatomical characters
, California Fish and Game 9: 138-150 (1923)

A possible serpent-like mimic
, Copeia Northampton, 162: 24, 25 (1927)

A possible sex-linked lethal in collie dogs ASB
, Bull 12: 45 (1965)

A possible shortcut spring migration route of the Arctic tern to James Bay, Canada
, Canadian Field-Naturalist 87(1): 51-52 (1973)

A possible sight record of a short-tailed albatross
, Murrelet 45: 47 (1964)

A possible sight record of the black-footed ferret in Saskatchewan
, Blue Jay 381: 56-57 (1980)

A possible sight record of the black-headed grosbeak in Manitoba
, Blue Jay 23: 77-78 (1965)

A possible sighting of a king quail on King Island
, Tasmanian Bird Report 31: 11 (2005)

A possible sighting of an extinct bird - the New Zealand storm-petrel
, Birding World 16(4): 173-175 (2003)

A possible sighting of diabolical eared-nightjar Eurostopodus diabolicus in Sulawesi
, Bulletin of the Oriental Bird Club 1(9): 56-57 (1994)

A possible significance of the occurence of chin-spots in male ducks
, Gerfaut 761: 31-35 (1986)

A possible skeletal substructure of the macronucleus of Tetrahymena
, Journal of Cell Biology 84(1): 160-171 (1980)

A possible sound producing structure in Maniola butterflies Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae
, Nota Lepidopterologica 142: 171-178 (1991)

A possible source for the rhodoxanthin in some cedar waxwing tails
, Journal of Field Ornithology, 613: 355 (1990)

A possible source of error in raptor food analysis
, Bird Study 14: 194 (1967)

A possible spinosaurid tooth from the Sebayashi Formation Lower Cretaceous, Gunma, Japan
, Bulletin of Gunma Museum of Natural History 7: 1-5 (2003)

A possible state record in Oklahoma for Amblyscirtes alternata
, News of the Lepidopterists' Society 2: 34-35 (1990)

A possible stridulatory organ in some Psylloidea Homoptera
, Journal of the Australian Entomological Society 241: 77-80 (1985)

A possible summering little gull in Delaware
, Cassinia 66: 32-36 (1997)

A possible taiga flycatcher in Brittany Un gobemouche de la taiga Ficedula parva albicilla sur lile de Sein?
, Ornithos. sept-octobre; 95: 216-217 (2002)

A possible threat to the broad-headed snake Hoplocephalus bungaroides degradation of habitat by the feral goat Capra hircus
, Herpetofauna (Sydney) 26(2): 37-38 (1996)

A possible three-dimensional structure of bovine -lactal-butnin based on that of hens egg- white lysozyme
, Journal of Molecular Biology 42: 65-86 (1969)

A possible use of the TV image for measuring volumes and squares of nuclei irregular in shape
, Tsitologiya 258: 985-987 (1983)

A possible virus disease of the malaria parasite
, Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 62: 730 (1968)

A possible visual signal by elephant
, Puku, 1: 217 (1963)

A possible way of achieving tetraploid forms in vertebrates
, Priroda (Moscow): 4: 112-113 (1981)

A possible white ibis-scarlet ibis hybrid in Alachua County, Florida
, Florida Field Naturalist, 104: 78 (1982)

A possible window on the minds of animals
, American Scientist 645: 530-535 (1977)

A possible wood sandpiper in Louisiana
, American Birds, 312: 139 (1977)

A possiblo cause of error in the blood culture of Trypanosoma gambiense
, 5th Meet Intern Sci Comm Trypanos Res Bur Perm Interafr Tse-Tse and Trypanos Leopoldville 20: 70-71 (1954)

A possibly extinct New Zealand mayfly
, Entomologist 66: 121-122 (1933)

A possibly paired female albino grackle
, Passenger Pigeon, 423: 123 (1980)

A possibly useful piece of news Egypt is on its way
, Fugle, 104: 16 (1990)

A post mortem examination carried out on a stillborn male lowland gorilla Gorilla g
, gorilla at the Jersey Zoological Park. Dodo 14: 96-98 (1977)

A post mortem examination carried out on an adult male spectacled bear Tremarctos ornatus at Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust
, Dodo 17: 108-110 (1980)

A post mortem of the Hirundinidae which perished at Somerset West in April 1953
, Ostrich 24: 148-152 (1953)

A post-Tertiary marine alluvial deposit at Sinopa
, Petrograd Bull Acad Sci, 453-454 (1917)

A post-colloquium arachnological trip to Ciscaucasia, Russia
, British Arachnological Society Newsletter 9(9): 4-5 (2004)

A post-epizootic search for furunculosis in a warm-water fish population
, Journal of Wildlife Diseases 9(2): 106-110 (1973)

A post-glacial Muskox Ovibos moschatus from Grandview, Manitoba and comments on the zoogeography of Ovibos
, Publs Palaeont. nat. Mus. Canada., 2: 1-13,3 pls (1970)

A post-hoc assessment of the impacts to wildlife habitat from wood cutting in blue oak woodlands in the northern Sacramento Valley
, U S Forest Service General Technical Report PSW 16: 411-422 (1997)

A post-hurricane ivan assessment of frog and reptile populations on grenada, west indies
, Herpetological Bulletin. Spring; 91: 4-9 (2005)

A post-impoundment survey of the fishes of Indian Creek, Dekalb County, Illinois
, Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science 75(3-4): 167-174 (1982)

A post-puerulus stage of Jasus lalandii Milne Edw Ortmann
, Journal of the Linnean Society London Zoology, 34 189-202 (1920)

A post-release study of a juvenile pallid bat
, Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation. Summer; 172: 3-5 (1994)

A post-tsunami assessment of coastal living resources of Langkawi archipelago, Peninsular Malaysia
, Naga 28(1-2): 17-22 (2005)

A postal gallery of marine life-fishes
, Sea Frontiers 21: 168-170 (1975)

A postal gallery of marine life Crustaceans
, Sea Frontiers 19: 303-305 (1973)

A postcranial skeleton of Hemihegetotherium Hegetotheriidae, Notoungulata from the Late Miocene of Puchuzum, San Juan, Argentina El esqueleto postcraneal de Hemihegetotherium Hegetotheriidae, Notoungulata del Mioceno Superior de Puchuzum, San Juan, Argentina
, Revista Espanola de Paleontologia. Agosto; 152: 171-179 (2000)

A postcranial skeleton of Palaeopsittacus Harrison, 1982 Aves incertae sedis from the Middle Eocene of Messel Germany
, Oryctos. Decembre; 4: 75-82 (2002)

A poster bulletin illustrating research in the Namib Desert at Gobabeb
, Namib Bulletin 5: 1-20 (1983)

A posteriori evaluation of ecological disturbance a case study of the Tahuna-Torea reserves estuary and brackish-water system
, New Zealand Marine Sciences Society Newsletter 25: 9 (1982)

A postglacial coleopterous assemblage from Lockport Gulf, New York
, Quaternary Research (Orlando): 172: 258-274 (1982)

A postglacial walrus Odobenus rosmarus from Bathurst Island, Northwest Territories
, Canadian Field-Naturalist 89(3): 249-261 (1975)

A postlarva of Laeops nigromaculatus Bothidae Pleuronectiformes collected off Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, southern Japan
, Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 50(2): 131-135 (2003)

A postlarva of an unknown fish from the west coast of Scotland
, Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 581: 87-88 (1978)

A postmodern natural history of the world eviscerating the GUTs from ecology and environmentalism
, Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 29C1: 137-164 (1998)

A postnuptial staging site for the black tern Chlidonias niger and white-winged tern C leucopterus in the Sivash, Ukraine
, Journal fuer Ornithologie. Juli; 1443: 330-344 (2003)

A postrelease study of rehabilitated western screech owls Otus kennecotti in Douglas County, Oregon
, Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation. Winter; 254: 5-10 (2002)

A postscript on subterranean evolution
, Bulletin of the National Institute of Sciences of India 7: 79-84 (1955)

A postscript to Snail dyes in Oaxaca
, New York Shell Club Notes, 231: 3 (1977)

A postscript to new birds in the philatelic aviary
, Bio-Philately, 323: 167 (1983)

A postscript to the Koiuodo Dragon
, Bulletin of the Philadelphia Herpetological Society, 102/3: 10 (1962)

A postscript to the authorship of Hesperia mystic
, Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 341: 74-75 (1980)

A postscript to The breeding of Columba oenas in the Schlierseer Alps Bavarian Alps Ein Nachtrag zu Brutvorkommen der Hohltaube Columba oenas in den Schlierseer Alpen Bayerische Alpen
, Ornithologischer Anzeiger. Oktober; 341: 70-71 (1995)

A postura e a viabilidade do Boophilus microplus Canestrini, 1887 Acarina, Ixodidae em condicoes de laboratorio
, Revista Latinoamericana de Microbiologia 211: 31-36 (1979)

A postwar survey of amebiasis and other intestinal parasites
, Gastroenterology Baltimore 9: 539-550 (1947)

A potassium iodide stimulated peroxidase from goat submaxillary gland
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 31(3): 392-397 (1968)

A potassium-dependent inhibitory synaptic connection in leech segmental ganglia
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A: 701: 37-44 (1981)

A potatoes moth
, Zashchita Rastenii (Moscow). sentyabr'; 9: 25 (1993)

A potent chemotherapeutic agent against fish diseases 6- Hydroxymethyl -2- pyridine P-7138
, Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries 33: 544-554 (1967)

A potent factor in extracts of the skin of the Australian frog, Pseudophryne coriacea - 3 Potentiation of contractions elicited in avian and mammalian isolated skeletal muscle preparations by direct and indirect electrical stimulation
, Neuropharmacology 258: 807-814 (1986)

A potential GSSP for the Lower and Middle Cambrian boundary near Balang village, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province, China
, Acta Palaeontologica Sinica 40: 130-142 (Sup) (2001)

A potential bias in log-transformed allometric equations
, Wader Study Group Bulletin 47: 17-19 (1986)

A potential bias in the use of Longworth traps
, J. Mammal.: 51: 831-835 (1970)

A potential ecoforecast for protozoal infections of the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica in the Upper Chesapeake Bay
, NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS 1: 73-79 (2003)

A potential freshwater prawn seed collection centre at Dowleishwaram anicut
, Indian Journal of Fisheries 11A 217-226 (1967)

A potential global stratotype for the Sinemurian-Pliensbachian boundary Lower Jurassic, Robin Hoods Bay, UK ammonite faunas and isotope stratigraphy
, Geological Magazine 137(6): 601-607 (2000)

A potential method for age determination of the Chinese grouse Bonasa sewerzowi
, Journal fuer Ornithologie 137(2): 253-257 (1996 )

A potential method of stress reduction in cheetah Acinonyx jubatus translocations using perphenazine enanthate and zuclopenthixol acetate
, Erkrankungen der Zootiere 39: 369-375 (1999)

A potential methodological problem with determining the reproductive success of Palaearctic waders from the proportion of juveniles in cannon-netted samples
, Stilt 20: 18-19 (1992)

A potential microevolutionary life-history trade-off in white-footed mice Peromyscus leucopus
, Functional Ecology 19(2): 331-336 (2005)

A potential new energy pathway in central Lake Erie the round goby connection
, Journal of Great Lakes Research 31: 238-251(Suppl 2 (2005)

A potential new method of identifying animal species and mosquito blood meals by the haemoglobin crystallization technique
, Southeast Asian J Trop Med Pub Hlth 42: 286 (1974)

A potential new resource of prawn from the Karnataka coast
, Indian Council of Agricultural Research Marine Fisheries Information Service Technical and Extension Series 54: 16-18 (1983)

A potential new resource of prawns from Neendakara area in Kerala coast
, Indian Council of Agricultural Research Marine Fisheries Information Service Technical and Extension Series 35: 15-17 (1982)

A potential problem in estimating the ages of striped marlin using dorsal fin spines
, Marine Recreational Fisheries 132: 317-321 (1990)

A potential role for U1 RNA genes in gene duplication and conversion events
, Febs Letters 236(1): 5-8 (1988)

A potential source of recruitment of Acartia pacifica nauplii viable benthic resting eggs
, Acta Oceanologica Sinica (English Edition): 242: 151-158 (2005)

A potentially harmful effect of suet on woodpeckers
, Bird-Banding 462: 131-134 (1975)

A potentially unique type of lipid storage in the migrating pink salmon
, Canadian Journal of Biochemistry 48(8): 837-840 (1970)

A potpourri of new foraminiferal genera and subgenera proposed since 1987 listing and observations
, Tulane Studies in Geology and Paleontology 25(4): 139-155 (1992)

A powerful new light source for ultraviolet detection of scorpions in the field
, Euscorpius 8: 1-7 (2003)

A poxiike virus from Amsacta moorei Lepidoptera Arctiidae
, Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 12: 141-143 (1968)

A poxvirus infection of gerbils in Uganda
, Transactions R Soc Trop Med Hyg, 651: 26 (1973)

A pozsony-megyei Paliffy-barlang pleistocaen faunaja Die pleistozane Fauna der Palffyhohle im Pozsonyer Komitat
, Budapest Barlang kutatas, 1 3-14: 15-22 (1913)

A practicable semi-permeable capsule suitable for avian malaria studies
, Journal of Parasitology Urbana 26: 30 (1940)

A practical and safe method for the capture and restraint of venomous snakes in the field
, Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society 38(1): 1-3 (2003)

A practical and simple method, for rearing Tabanid larvae
, Memoirs Dept Agric India Calcutta 8: 53-57 (1924 )

A practical approach to evaluation of fertility in the female gorilla
, American Journal of Primatology Supplement 1: 45-50 (1982)

A practical chronology for the abalone Haliotis fulgens
, Molluscan Research 31 October; 182: 219-226 (1997)

A practical criticism of Hennig-Brundin Phylogenetic Systematics and Antarctic biogeography
, Syst. Zool.: 19: 1-18 (1970)

A practical criticism of Henning-Brundin Phylogenetic Systematics and Antarctic biogeography
, Syst. Zool.: 19: 1-18 (1970)

A practical diagnostic method for determining intestinal gregarine infection in Penaeus vannamei on a commercial shrimp farm
, World Aquaculture 25(1): 65-66 (1994)

A practical guide to dormouse conservation
, Occasional Publication of the Mammal Society 11: 1-31 (1989)

A practical guide to photography of shells for malacozoological publications
, Casopis Narodniho Musea (Prague): 1543-4: 125-132 (1985)

A practical guide to the management and analysis of survivorship data from radiotracking studies
, Department of Conservation Technical Series 3(1): 1-47 (2005)

A practical investigation on demersal fish and DSL rhythmic vertical migration by acoustic method
, Marine Sciences (Beijing) 3: 53-56 (1994)

A practical key to the British genera of Rhyparochrominae Hem, Lygaeidae, including some generic reassignments
, Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 93: 57-62 (1957)

A practical key to the Coccids Coccoidea of the cultured plants and forest trees of the USSR
, Leningrad Izd Zool Inst Akad Nauk SSSR 1963: no. 81: 312 (1964)

A practical lizard trap
, Copeia, 2: 115 (1941)

A practical method for collecting specimens of the rock bee, Apis dorsata Fabricius, its colony and queen
, Entomologist 101: 233-235 (1968)

A practical method for culturing micro-worms
, Tropical Fish Hobbyist 10: 21-22 (1962)

A Practical Method for Inducing Oviposition in Diurnal Lepidoptera
, Science 84(2171): 141-142 (1936)

A practical method for maintaining amphibians
, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 17(6): 12, 14, 19-20 (1994)

A practical method of degreasing bird skins
, Auk 52: 102-103 (1935)

A practical method of degreasing study skins
, Journal of Mammalogy 16: 329-330 (1935)

A practical method of live fish transport Metodo pratico para transporte de peixes vivos
, Boletim do Instituto de Pesca (Sao Paulo): 24: 279-282 (n. (especial)) (1997)

A practical method of marking intieots in quanti-tative samples taken at regular inter-vals
, South African Journal of Science 28: 372-375 (1931)

A practical method of obtaining blood from anesthetized turtles by means of cardiac puncture
, Zoologica New York 43: 93-94 (1958)

A practical method of performing venipuncture in snakes
, Veterinary Medicine And Small Animal Clinician: 775: 820-821 (1982)

A practical method of recording Bird-calls
, British Birds 18: 14-18 (1924)

A practical overview of small mammal nutrition
, Seminars in Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine 7(3): 141-147 (1998)

A practical plan for the control of trichinosis
, Journal of Parasitology Suppl 256: 33-34 (1939)

A practical revision of the Western Atlantic species of the genus Citharichthys including Etropus With observations on the Pacific Citharichthys crostotus and C spilopterus
, Bulletin of the Bingham Oceanographic Collection, 4: 24 (1931)

A practical study of bird oecology
, British Birds, 8 184-192 (1915)

A practical system of tracking otters Lutra lutra using radiotelemetry and 65-Zn
, Lutra 271: 71-84 (1984)

A practical technique for assessing some snapper/grouper stocks
, Bulletin of Marine Science 331: 176-181 (1983)

A practical technique for fieldworkers interested in serological testing populations of wild raptors
, Falco (Carmarthen) 2(4): 15 (2004)

A practical technique for pinioning birds
, J Am Anim Hosp Ass 5: 166-172 (1969)

A prairie dog companion
, Audubon 892: 52-54,56,58,60,62-67 (1987)

A prairie falcon at Wisconsin Point
, Passenger Pigeon, 423: 122 (1980)

A prairie falcon fledgling intrudes at a peregrine falcon eyrie and pirates prey
, Raptor Research 163: 89-90 (1982)

A prairie falcon in Clay County
, Loon 481: 38-39 (1976)

A prairie rattlesnake drinking water
, Blue Jay 424: 195-196 (1984)

A praying Mantis builds its egg cocoon
, Victorian Naturalist 52: 19 (1935)

A praying mantis trapped in a spider web
, Ontario Field Biologist 301: 53-55 (1976)

A pre- and post-contact Aboriginal shell midden at Disaster Bay, New South Wales south coast
, Australian Archaeology 4(5): 1-19 (1997)

A pre-1966 North American record of stygian owl
, Field Notes. Winter; 522: 265-266 (1998)

A pre-Darwinian naturalist in the Galapagos
, Noticias Galapagos 4: 2-3 (1964)

A pre-Devensian mammoth from Arclid, Cheshire
, Proceedings of the Geologists' Association 1031: 75-77 (1992)

A pre-European occurrence of Glebula rotundata Bivalvia Unionidae in Arkansas
, Nautilus, 971: 42 (1983)

A pre-Ipswichian cold stage mammalian fauna from the Balderton Sand and Gravel, Lincolnshire, England
, Journal of Quaternary Science 62: 139-157 (1991)

A pre-breeding census of common scoters in Ireland in 1995
, Irish Birds 54: 413-422 (1996)

A pre-columbian record of cannibalism in the rattlesnake
, Bulletin Md Herpet Soc, 102: 56 (1974)

A pre-dacious amoeboid organism destroying larvae of the potato root eelworm and other nematodes
, Nature London 16(9): 834-835 (1954)

A pre-impoundment investigation of Beech Fork Basin, Twelvepole Creek, Wayne and Cabell Counties, West Virginia
, Proceedings West Va Acad Sci 46(3-4): 231-236 (1974)

A pre-impoundment study of the fish fauna of Indian Creek, Dekalb County, Illinois
, Transactions Illinois State Acad Sci 671: 68-73 (1974)

A pre-late Wisconsin paleolimnologic record from the Estancia Valley, central New Mexico
, Geological Society of America Special Paper 270: 289-307 (1992)

A pre-leptocephalus larva of Conger myriaster family Congridae collected from Suruga Bay, central Japan
, Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 352: 184-188 (1988)

A pre-liminary contribution to the knowledge of the South African Palpicornia Coleoptera Professor J Omer-Coopers investigation of the inland waters of Africa
, Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 17: 96-114 (1954)

A pre-liminary investigation into the causes of scale absorption in Salmon Salmo salar Linne
, Salmon Fish Scotland, 1987(2): 12 (1937)

A pre-liminary list of East China Aphididae
, Peking Natural History Bulletin 6(pt. 2: 61-70 (1931)

A pre-liminary note on the ecology of Lycosids Araneac
, Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 851019: 92-93 (1949)

A pre-liminary report on Dacetine ant studies in Australia
, Annals of the Entomological Society of America 46: 465-471 (1954)

A pre-servative fluid for metallic pupae
, Entomologist's Record 49: 113-114 (1937)

A pre-trilobite shelly fauna from the White-Inyo region of eastern California and western Nevada
, Journal of Paleontology 613: 425-438 (1987)

A pre-vegetation population of crickets subsisting on allochthonous aeolian debris on Anak Krakatau
, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B Biological Sciences 322(1211): 481-485 (1988)

A precautionary management framework for the red grouper Epinephelus morio fishery in the Campeche Bank, Mexico Un marco de manejo precautorio para la pesqueria de mero Epinephelus morio del Banco de Campeche, Mexico
, Oceanides 152: 129-140 (2001)

A precautionary tale about rarity On the larva and life history of Lithophane joannis Lepidoptera Noctuidae
, Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 60(3): 174-176 (2006)

A precious pocket of Malaysian endemics
, Wingspan 1(6): 34-35 (1994)

A precipitin test in human malaria
, Journal of Parasitology Urbana 13: 216 (1927)

A precipitin test in malaria Second Report
, Journal of Preventive Medicine 2: 147-167 (1928)

A precipitin-gel analysis for host-parasite relationships demonstrated with culture systems of mouse NCTC-2071 cells and human nctc-3075 cells parasitized by Toxoplasma gondii
, Dissertation Abstracts, 28B 502 (1967)

A precipitin-like reaction of the hemolymph of the lobster Homarus americanus
, Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada 26: 1392-1397 (1969)

A precis on energetics of the old-field mouse
, Ecology 49: 542-548 (1968)

A precise and accurate technique for the manufacture of complex three-dimensional surfaces
, Biofouling 132: 125-136 (1998)

A precise collation of Rambur, MP, Faune entomologique de lAndalusie 1837-40
, Journal of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History 3: 311-318 (1958)

A precise criterion of species The chief differential and specific versus individual characters
, Science, VII 690-695 (1898)

A precise method for determining the first winter zone in cod scales
, Journal du Conseil Copenhague 1: 344-352 (1926)

A precision sectioning instrument for microfossils
, Micropaleontology 4: 103-112 (1958)

A precocious population of channel catfish with potential as a research model
, Proceedings of the Annual Conference Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 55: 223-234 (2001)

A precocious thickbilled weaver
, Bokmakierie, 344: 90 (1982)

A precursor of happiness - the small tortoiseshell butterfly
, Zashchita Rastenii (Moscow). aprel'; 4: 27 (1994)

A predaceous Chinese carp and its relations
, Lingnan Science Journal 8: 169-172 (1931)

A predaceous and supposedly beneficial mite, Pediculoides, becomes noxious to man
, Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 3 15-39 (1910)

A predaceous pentatomid bug, Cantheconidea furcellata Wolff attacking Latoia lepida Cramer on mango near Bangalore
, Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 722: 596-598: 1975 (1976)

A predaceous scarabaeid
, Entomological News 84(2): 62 (1973)

A predaceous sponge and other wonders from submarine caves Grabezljive spuzve in druga cuda iz podmorskih jam
, Proteus 57(4): 156-160 (1994)

A predation deterrant in larvae of the bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana
, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 1063: 248-252 (1977)

A predator attacks Sphenodiscus
, Mosasaur 4: 69-74 (1989)

A predator defence in Onychiurus armatus Tullb Collembola Onychiuridae
, Suffolk Natural History 182: 152-156 (1980)

A predator duiker
, African Wild Life 18: 171 (1964)

A predator system affected by collectively defensive capability of the predator population
, Zhongguo Nongye Daxue Xuebao. Apr; 92: 89-92 (2004)

A predators view of animal colour patterns
, Evolutionary Biology (New York): 11: 319-364 (1978)

A predator-habitat assessment for felids in the Inland Atlantic Forest of eastern Paraguay a preliminary analysis
, Endangered Species Update. July-August; 184: 115-119 (2001)

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