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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37691

Chapter 37691 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A redescription of the types of Strumigenys mandibularis V Smith, and Cephaloxys capitata F Smith
, Psyche Cambridge Mass 55: 78-81 (1948)

A redescription of the uniquely polychromatic African cichlid fish Tilapia guinasana Trewavas, 1936
, Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Zoology 581: 21-36 (1992)

A redescription of three species of Proctotrupoidea Hymenoptera from Jurines collection
, Entomophaga Paris 9: 81-89 (1964)

A redescription of two Pliocene cormorants
, Condor 72: 293-298 (1970)

A redescription of two eophrynids Arachnida Trigonotarbida from the Coal Measures Carboniferous of Ostrava, Czech Republic
, Neues Jahrbuch fuer Geologie und Palaeontologie Monatshefte 8: 449-461 (1995)

A redescription of two species of Ilyarachina Asellota Janiroidea from off California Crustacea Isopoda
, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 674: 381-386 (1979)

A redescription of two species of family Gnaphosidae from China Arachnide Araneae
, Acta Arachnologica Sinica 11(1): 33-36 (2002)

A redescription of types of six species of Neotropical Veronicellidae Mollusca Gastropoda in the British Museum Natural History
, Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Zoology 352: 135-146 (1979)

A redescription ofLobopteromyia bivalviae
, Cecidologia Indica 3: 173-176 (1968)

A redescription on Buckleyella buckleyi Nematoda Philometridae from a fish from lndia
, Marathwada Univ J Sci (Biol Sci): 125: 37-39 (1973)

A redesoription of Siboglinum ekmani Jagersteil Pogononhora
, Sarsia 15: 35-47 (1964)

A redesription of Odilia emanuelae Nematoda Trichostrongylina Heligmonellidae from Australian rodents with a key and comments on the genus Odilia
, Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 31 May; 1291: 59-64 (2005)

A rediagnosis of the genus Australopithecus
, Journal hum Evol 43: 275-276 (1975)

A rediscovered type Neumichtis mesophaea Hampson, 1906 Lepidoptera Noctuidae
, Victorian Entomologist 36(5): 90-91 (2006)

A rediscovered whelping population of hooded seals Cystophora cristata Erxleben and its possible relationship to other populations
, Polarforschung 441: 1-7 (1974)

A rediscovery after two decades the Changamwe lowland caecilian Boulengerula changamwensis Loveridge, 1932 Amphibia Gymnophiona Caeciliidae
, Journal of East African Natural History 93(1-2): 57-61 (2004)

A rediscovery of Teropalpus unicolor Sharp, 1900 in Europe Coleoptera Staphylinidae Oxytelinae
, Phegea 191: 43-44 (1991)

A rediscription of Sapromyza carinata Thomson, and a note on some Australasian Diptera described by Francis Walker Diptera Lauxaniidae
, Australian Zoologist 13: 399-402 (1966)

A redisposition of Monoxia puncticollis and allied species
, Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 26: 423-430 (1936)

A redox-based mechanism by which environmental stresses elicit changes in plant defensive chemistry
, U S Forest Service General Technical Report NC: 183: 46-57 (1996)

A redpoll study in northern Norway
, Bios Swansea 1: 47-50 (1967)

A redshank at Wallagoot Lake A first record for New South Wales
, Australian Birds 24(1): 22 (1990)

A redshank in South Australia
, South Australian Ornithologist 29(5-6): 115-117 (1984)

A redshanks nesting place at Rakvere
, Eesti Loodus, 242: 116 (1981)

A reduced antibody formation in chickens after skin transplantation
, Folia Biologica 14(6): 476-477 (1968)

A reduced number of larval instars, as an adaptation of the desert carabid beetle Thermophilum Anthia sexmaculatum F Coleoptera, Carabidae to its arid environment

A reducing division in Ascaris
, Ohio Naturalist, 6 519-527 (1906)

A reduction in chloride secretion by lowered osmolarity in chloride cells of Fundulus heteroclitus
, Bulletin of the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory 3(6): 52 (1997)

A reduction in numbers and biomass of the crayfish Orconectes in Lake Katlabukh
, Rybnoe Khozyaistvo Respublikanskii Mezhvedomstvennyi Tematicheskii Nauchnyi Sbornik 39: 51-54 (1985)

A reduction in the number of birds of prey in France
, Bird Study 12: 17-26 (1965)

A reduction of Cyprea annae Roberts and Gyprea polita Roberts to synonomy with Gyprea semiplota Mighels
, Nautilus Philadelphia 502: 51-52 (1936)

A reduction of the pathogenicity of Leishmania enrietti after 15 year maintenance in culture
, Med Parasit Moskva 33: 479-482 (1964)

A redwing at Cap Tourmente a first record for Quebec
, Birders Journal. April-May; 92: 84-85 (2000)

A redwing nest of record-breaking dimensions
, Var Fuglefauna 51: 19 (1982)

A reed bunting territory and its inhabitants
, Fauna och Flora (Stockholm). Maj; 822: 50-57 (1987)

A reedbed in the Dal Lake, Kashmir
, Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 33: 656-666 (1929)

A reef complex with stromatoporoids, corals and microbialtes the Kimmeridgian of Gap-Guir western Haut-Atlas, Morroco Un complexe recifal a stromatoporides, coraux et microbialites exemple du Kimmeridgien de Cap-Guir Haut-Atlas atlantique, Maroc
, Annales de l'Universite de Provence Geologie Mediterraneenne 26(1-2): 79-88 (2000)

A reef facies of Lower Barremian age Brachiopoda in the overlapping area of Zaghouan J Chirich, north east Tunisia Mise en evidence dun facies recifal dage Barremien inferieur brachiopodes dans le domaine du chevauchement du Zaghouan J Chirich, Tunise nord-orientale
, Batalleria 11: 65-74 (2003)

A reef heron at Lake Nakura Kenya
, Journal of the East Africa Natural History Society and National Museum 25(112): 231-232 (1966)

A reef inventory off Wellawatte
, Loris 171: 25-27 (1985)

A reef report
, Festivus, 122: 21 (1980)

A reef-forming Serpulid from the Pleistocene of San Pedro, California
, Bulletin of the Wagner Free Institute Philadelphia 12: 1-2 (1937)

A reestablishment of Cerithidea djadjariensis Martin Mollusca Gastropoda population, a endangered tidal flat snail, on an artificial tidal flat at the innermost of Tokyo Bay
, Japanese Journal of Benthology 5(7): 34-37 (2002)

A reevaluation and synthesis of pair formation strategies and mate selection criteria of Canada geese
, Passenger Pigeon. Summer; 562: 143-150 (1994)

A reevaluation of Gigantopithecus
, Cryptozoology 7: 106-107 (1988)

A reevaluation of Loeffleria globicollis Mandl from Borneo Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae, Psydrinae
, Spixiana 22(3): 263-267 (1999)

A reevaluation of populations of the corn snake Elaphe guttata Reptilia Serpentes Colubridae in Texas
, Texas Journal of Science 48(3): 175-190 (1996)

A reevaluation of some cryptozoological animals Comment on Heuvelmans, Cryptozoology, Vol 5 1-6
, Cryptozoology 6: 115-118 (1988)

A reevaluation of some fossils identified as vultures Aves Vulturidae from Quaternary cave deposits of Cuba
, Caribbean Journal of Science 37(1-2): 110-112 (2001)

A reevaluation of the Gulf coast Pliocene-Pleistoceneboundary
, Transactions Gulf Coast Association Geol Socs 21: 291-308 (1971)

A reevaluation of the Neopanope texana-sayi complex with notes on N packardii Crustacea Decapoda Xanthidae in the northwestern Atlantic
, Chesapeake Science 134: 263-271 (1972)

A reevaluation of the early history of the frogs Part I
, Systematic Zoology 11: 39-44 (1962)

A reevaluation of the history of pronghorn abundance in west Texas
, Proceedings a Conf S East Ass Fish Wildl Agencies 31: 138-146 (1977)

A reevaluation of the status of the salamander Typhlotriton nereus Bishop
, Copeia, 555-561 (1966)

A reevaluation of the two-locus model for hygenic behavior in honeybees Apis mellifera L
, Journal of Heredity 794: 257-262 (1988)

A reevaluation of two new species of fossil bats from Inner Space Caverns
, Texas Journal of Science 28(1-4): 103-108 (1977)

A reexamination of Balanus variegatus Darwin Cirripedia, Thoracica from southern Australia
, Crustaceana (Leiden): 482: 117-132 (1985)

A reexamination of Dardanus venosus H Milne Edwards and D imperator Miers with a description of a new species of Dardanus from the western Atlantic Crustacea Decapoda, Diogenidae
, Bulletin Mar Sci 224: 777-805 (1972)

A reexamination of Neochordodes occidentalis comb n Chordodidae Gordioidea larval penetration and defense reaction in Culex pipiens L
, Journal Parasit 602: 327-335 (1974)

A reexamination of biomagnification of metals in terrestrial food chains
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 510: 863-864 (1986)

A reexamination of certain Oligochaeta from the Malay Peninsula Skeat Expedition, 1899-1900
, Annals and Magazine of Natural History Series 10: 9: 201-240 (1932)

A reexamination of monitoring projects of southern Florida adult spiny lobster Panulirus argus, 1973-2002 the response of local spiny lobster populations, in size structure, abundance, and fecundity, to different-sized sanctuaries
, American Fisheries Society Symposium 42: 195-210 (2004)

A reexamination of northeast Atlantic sea surface temperature and salinity over the last 16 kyr
, Paleoceanography 11(3): 327-342 (1996)

A reexamination of some Dytiscidae Coleoptera from Newfoundland and adjacent areas
, Annales Entomologici Fennici 504: 123-125 (1984)

A reexamination of some hyperiid amphipods from Hawaii
, Pacific Scienc 34(3): 277 (1981)

A reexamination of the Arachnid theory on the origin of Vertebrata
, Zoologica Scr 44: 125-131 (1975)

A reexamination of the Pennsylvanian trace fossil Olivellites
, Journal of Research of the U S Geological Survey 66: 789-796 (1978)

A reexamination of the applicability of the Bunsen-Roscoe law to the phenomena of heliotropism
, Journal of Experimental Zoology, 22 187-192 (1917)

A reexamination of the similarities between the freshmater fishes of Africa and South America
, Proceedings Int Congr Zool 171: 1-12 (1972)

A reexamination of the similarities between the freshwater fishes of Africa and South American
, Memoires Mus natn Hist nat Paris (Zool): 88: 146-155 (1975)

A reference collection of endangered Mascarene specimens
, Rephiberary 98: 3-4 (1986)

A reference collection rises phoenix-like from avicultural wastage
, Ratel 132: 65-66 (1986)

A reference column from the Tertiary sediments of the South Australian portion of the Murray Basin
, Foraminifera J roy Soc NSW: 90: 174-180 (1957)

A reference list of common names for the edentates
, Edentata 7: 33-44 (2006)

A reference list of nematode parasites from Indian freshwater fishes
, Research Bull Panjab Univ 24(1-2): 33-41: 1973 (1977)

A reference list of the Trematode parasites of British Mammals
, Parasitology Cambridge 15: 236-252 (1923)

A reference list of the Trematode parasites of British birds
, Parasitology Cambridge 15: 151-202 (1923)

A reference list of the Trematode parasites of British fresh-water fishes
, Parasitology Cambridge 16: 127-144 (1924)

A reference list of the Trematode parasites of British reptiles
, Parasitology Cambridge 16: 329-331 (1924)

A reference list of the birds of New Zealand
, Ibis London, 201-263: 402-452 (1913)

A reference list of types of Coleoptera in the Australian Museum
, Records of the Australian Museum 22: 95-139 (1948)

A reference list to the birds of Australia
, Tring Nov Zool, 18 171-455 (1912)

A reference to the Portland Catalogue
, Proceedings of the Malacological Society of London 18: 31 (1928)

A reference to the origin of species in an early letter 1796 signed by both Lamarck Geoffroy
, Science, XIX 798-800 (1904)

A referenced list of the species of the Sphecidae, Chrysididae, Scoliidae and Mutillidae hitherto known from the Ryukyu Archipelago, with the distribution table Hymenoptera
, Special Publications of the Japan Hymenopterists Association 23: 53-77 (1982)

A refined nannoplankton zonation for the Danian of the central North Sea
, Abhandlungen der Geologischen Bundesanstalt (Vienna): 39: 285-303 (1987)

A refinement of the values of the lattice parameters in the crystal structure of amphibian fresh yolk platelets by X-ray crystallography
, Journal of Ultrastructure Research 20: 400-409 (1967)

A reflecting marker for locating traps at night
, Journal of Mammalogy 48: 146 (1967)

A reflection on Swans in the reeds in the Frankfurt Goethe Museum Eine Betrachtung uber Schwane im Schilf im Frankfurter Goethe-Museum
, Bulletin of Joetsu University of Education 181: 347-364 (1998)

A reflection on Weidner The changing of pest fauna Im Spiegel des Weidner Wandel der Schadlingsfauna
, Praktische Schaedlingsbekaempfer 48(4): 32-35 (1996)

A reflectometer for measuring colors of animals
, Journal of Mammalogy 22: 199-201 (1941)

A reflex mechanism changing the activity in gastropods upon osmotic effects
, Acta Biologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae Suppl, 5: 44 (1963)

A reflex photocopying box for books
, Canadian Entomologist 83: 147-151 (1951)

A reflexogenic area for controlling the blood pressure in toad (Bufo vulgaris formosa)
, Japanese Journal of Physiology 28(4): 423-431 (1978)

A refuge for Hines emerald
, Williamsonia. Spring; 32: 7 (1999)

A refuge for bald eagles in South Dakota
, North Dakota Outdoors, 374: 18 (1974)

A refuge of the otter, Lutra lutra, in the Swider Nature Reserve
, Chronmy Przyrode Ojczysta 391: 60-62 (1983)

A refutation of critical tidal levels as determinants of the structure of intertidal communities on British shores
, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 333: 261-276 (1978)

A regeneraYao da Fauna Ornithologica da Mata Nacional do Bassaco
, Biol Direc Agric Lisboa, viii(No. 2: 160 (1905)

A regenerated pituitary remnant in a hypophysectomized killinsh Fundulus heteroclitus Further evidence for the culture source of the teleostean prolactin-like hormone
, General and Comparative Endocrinology 5: 181-185 (1965)

A regional account of the Mammals of the Gold Coast
, Journal of the Society for the Preservation of the Fauna of the Empire, no. 47: 8-13 (1943)

A regional analysis of endangered, threatened, and special-concern birds in the northeastern United States
, Transactions of the Northeast Section of the Wildlife Society 48: 1-10 (1991)

A regional and paleoenvironmental study on the Upper Cretaceous deposits of the Bahariya Oasis, Libyan Desert, Egypt
, Journal of African Earth Sciences 54: 407-412 (1986)

A regional approach to fish remains and seasonality in East Penobscot Bay, Maine
, Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika Tervuren Belgie Annalen Zoologische Wetenschappen 274: 115-122 (1994)

A regional area limit for the spring snail Bythinella dunkeri in the Moehne-Ruhr-Linie area Eine regionale Arealgrenze der Quellschnecke Bythinella dunkeri im Bereich der Moehne-Ruhr-Linie
, Bericht des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins fuer Bielefeld und Umgegend E V: 41: 313-324 (2001)

A regional assessment of Florida manatees Trichechus manatus latirostris and the Caloosahatchee River, Florida
, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute Technical Reports, 10 i-iv, i-ii, 1-52 (2006)

A regional assessment of mercury contamination in yellow perch Perca flavescens in Ontario implications for common loons Gavia immer
, Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 1863: 87-97 (1992)

A regional bat-mapping suggestion to include schools in work on nature conservation
, Myotis 29: 75-82 (1991)

A regional change in the rigidity of the egg of Rana nigromaculata following extrusion of the second polar body
, Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology 17: 331-340 (1967)

A regional collection plan for mustelids in Europe
, Small Carnivore Conservation 2(2): 13-15 (2000)

A regional group for the study of bats Creation dun groupe regional de recherche sur les chiropteres au sein de la centrale mammalogique regionale
, Heron. Avril; 274: 202-203 (1995)

A regional localization of SRY box gene on bivalent chromosomes of Monopterus alba
, Journal of Fishery Sciences of China. Dec; 54: 101-103 (1998)

A regional monitoring programme of wetland zones by use of a bioindicator avifauna Un programme regional de suivi des zones humides grace au bioindicateur avifaune
, Heron. Decembre; 394: 149-156 (2006)

A regional perspective for snow leopard conservation in the Indian Trans-Himalaya
, ENVIS Bulletin Wildlife and Protected Areas 1(1): 57-76 (2002)

A regional presentation Lower Saxony Official bat protection in Lower Saxony Behordlicher Fledermausschutz in Niedersachsen
, Flattermann. Dezember; 20: 2-3 (1998)

A regional presentation Westphalia Bats in Westphalia Eine Region wird vorgestellt Westfalen Fledermause in Westfalen
, Flattermann. Juni; 19: 2-5 (1998)

A regional study of coastal migratory coastal stopover habitat for Neotropical migrant songbirds land management implications
, Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference 58: 398-407 (1993)

A regional study of the Rook
, Journal of the Manx Museum 4: 215-216 (1940)

A regional study on the environmental requirements of Gammarus lacustris GO Sars Crustacea, Amphipoda in Jotunheimen, southern Norway
, Fauna Norvegica Series A: 3: 26-30 (1982)

A regional technique to address land-use changes and animal habitats
, Environmental Conservation 124: 343-350 (1985)

A register of Hungarian zoologists
, Allattani Kozlemenyek Budapest 47(3-4): 195-204 (1960)

A register of the spirochaetes of tick stains of relapsing fever in the USSR and neighbouring countries
, Problems region Parasit Moscow 3: 19-44 (1939)

A regression analysis of the summer population dynamics of Polyarthra vulgaris in a northern Michigan peat bog
, Hydrobiologia 943: 237-246 (1982)

A regression equation to determine the total length of hake Merluccius merluccius from selected measurements of the bones
, International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 5(1): 93-95 (1995)

A regression method for mark-recapture estimation of population size with unequal catchability
, Ecology 51: 291-295 (1970)

A regression model for estimating the antibiotic effect of sugarcane Saccharum officinarum to the lophopid plant hopper Pyrilla perpusilla Walker
, Mededelingen Faculteit Landbouwkundige en Toegepaste Biologische Wetenschappen, 592a): 235-242 (1994)

A regulacao do tempo biologico inversao esperimental do ritmo diurno dos cromatoforos de Uca olimpioi Nota previa
, Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias 31: 87-90 (1959)

A regular actin filament lattice in a vertebrate smooth muscle
, Experientia 26(10): 1131-1132 (1970)

A regular fortnightly exploration of the Plankton of the two Icelandic Lakes, Thingvallavatn and Myvatn
, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, XXV 1092-1167 (1905)

A regular fortnightly exploration of the plankton of two Icelandic Lakes, Thingvallavatn and Myvatn
, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, XXV 1092-1167 (1905)

A regular net of reciprocal synapses in the visual system of the fly Musca domestica
, Journal Comp Physiol 901: 25-31 (1974)

A regular visitor from the Old World the ruff - Philomachus pugnax Un visiteur regulier venant de lancien monde le becasseau combattant - Philomachus pugnax
, Bulletin Ornithologique. Decembre; 393: 85 (1994)

A regulated river ecosystem in a polluted section of the Upper Vistula 10 General considerations
, Acta Hydrobiologica 30(1-2): 113-123 (1988)

A regulated river ecosystem in a polluted section of the Upper Vistula 5 Seston
, Acta Hydrobiologica 30(1-2): 43-59 (1988)

A regulated river ecosystem in a polluted section of the Upper Vistula 7 Bottom Ciliata
, Acta Hydrobiologica 30(1-2): 73-80 (1988)

A regulated river ecosystem in a polluted section of the Upper Vistula 8 Macroinvertebrates
, Acta Hydrobiologica 30(1-2): 81-97 (1988)

A regulated river ecosystem in a polluted section of the Upper Vistula 9 Ichthyofauna
, Acta Hydrobiologica 30(1-2): 99-111 (1988)

A regulated-temperature electric tool for marking fish
, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 98: 338-340 (1969)

A regulating action of organic matter on planktonic algae growth and photosynthesis in cultures
, Ekologiya Morya 9: 75-84 (1982)

A regulatory role for viral RNA in eukaryotes
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 49(2): 461-492 (1975)

A rehabilitation and conservation program for raptorial birds in Minnesota
, Defenders Wildl News 491: 28-30 (1974)

A reindeer antler foreshaft from the Magdalenian site of the Petits Guinards Allier, France Une prehampe magdalenienne en bois de renne aux Petits Guinards Allier, France
, Comptes Rendus PaleVol. juillet; 55: 725-733 (2006)

A reindeer fence from the stone age
, Ottar 101: 25-29 (1977)

A reinterpretation of Lake Archaic adaptations in central-east Florida Groves Orange Midden 8-Vo-2601
, Southeastern Archaeology 112: 95-108 (1992)

A reinterpretation of mid-Cretaceous shallow marine temperatures through model-data comparison
, Paleoceanography 14(6): 679-697 (1999)

A reinterpretation of the stooped-submissive posture in the purple martin
, Bulletin of the Texas Ornithological Society 112: 47-48 (1978)

A reinterpretation of the agamid genus Mantheyus Ananjeva and Stuart, 2001, as a junior synonym of Ptyctolaemus Peters, 1864, with comments on the problem of monotypic genera
, Hamadryad 27(2): 262-265 (2003)

A reinterpretation of the concepts sympatric and allopatric with proposal of the additional terms syntopic and allotopic
, Systematic Zoology 13: 42-43 (1964)

A reinterpretation of the distribution of Bufo w woodhousei Girard, especially on the south-eastern margin of its range
, Herpetologica 19: 115-122 (1963)

A reinterpretation of the teleostean fish order Gobiesociformes
, Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci.: 38: 363-381 (1970)

A reintroduction program for the conservation of the black howler monkey in Belize
, Endangered Species Update 10(6): 1-6 (1993)

A reinvestigation of Middle Devonian gastropods Arctomphalus and Omphalocirrus
, Arbok Horsk Polarinst 1965: 37-47 (1966)

A reinvestigation of collared flagellates in the genus Bicosta Leadbeater with special reference to correlations with climate
, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B Biological Sciences 2901041: 431-447 (1980)

A reinvestigation of cross-sections of cilia
, Journal of Cell Biology 37(3): 825-831 (1968)

A reinvestigation of the Burntwood Creek bison bone bed
, Current Research in the Pleistocene 9: 99-102 (1992)

A reinvestigation of the didemnaketals from the Palauan ascidian Didemnum sp
, Natural Product Letters 74: 291-296 (1995)

A reinvestigation of the early stages of the development of the Mouse
, Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, xliii 61-82 (1899)

A reinvestigation of the lecanoid chromosome system in Kerria lacca Kerr
, Cytobios 42(169): 263-270 (1985)

A reinvestigation of the spermatogenesis of Peripatus
, Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science 69: 629-642 (1925)

A reinvestigation of the status of the ornithine-urea cycle in adult Ascaris lumbricoides
, Comp Biochem Physiol (B): 40: 503-513 (1971)

A reinvestigation of the type locality of Cottus tubulatus
, Northwest Science Cheney 482: 105-106 (1974)

A rejection of the subgenus Trithrix Schilsky, 1896, and a further contribution to the systematics of the genus Chaetomalachius Kraatz, 1882 Coleoptera, Melyridae, Dasytinae
, Entomologica Basiliensia 12: 419-430 (1988)

A relacao entre o desenvolvimento do otolito e o crescimento do peixe como auxilio na distincao de populacoes de Pesada Plagioscion squamosissimus
, Acta Amazonica 93: 573-586 (1979)

A relation between the basal pulse rate and body weight of mammals
, National Academy Science Letters (India): 511: 369-371 (1982)

A relation between the initial level of the heat resistance of Hydra oligactis and its increase caused by a rise in environmental temperature
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR Seriya Biologicheskaya 1: 251-257 (1988)

A relation between the number and sizes of nucleoli in carp fish cells
, Tsitologiya I Genetika 254: 8-13 (1991)

A relational database for the management of the collections housed in the GB Grassi Museum University of Rome La Sapienza a general survey
, Atti della Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei Classe di Scienze Fisiche Matematiche e Naturali Rendiconti Lincei Scienze Fisiche e Naturali 132: 65-69 (2002)

A relationship between adenosine 3'-5'-cyclic monophosphate levels and deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in Euglena
, Life Sciences 31(3): 249-254 (1982)

A relationship between adrenergic blockage and the secretory process in cells of the pars intermedia of the frog Rana pipiens
, General and Comparative Endocrinology 21(1): 138-147 (1973)

A relationship between amino acid and sodium transport in Tetrahymena pyriformis
, Experimental Cell Research 56(2): 265-268 (1969)

A relationship between compass-direction response of snails and response to very weak right-angle electro-static gradients
, American Zoologist, 2: 509 (1962)

A relationship between growth, hatching and spawning season in Canadian Atlantic herring Glupea harengus L
, Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada 19: 985-987 (1962)

A relationship between photic and magnetic response in snails
, Biological Bulletin Wood's Hole 119: 306-307 (1960)

A relationship between sockeye smolt seaward migrations and the subsequent adult spawning escapement
, Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada 3: 426: 170 (1948)

A relationship between the number of growth increments on the otoliths and age of larval and juvenile cod, Gadus morhua L
, Flodevigen Rapportserie 11: 251-272 (1984)

A relationship between the reduced breeding success of the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos population and vegetation change on the Kitakami Plateau, Iwate Prefecture
, Japanese Journal of Ornithology 54(2): 67-78 (2005)

A relationship is not an hat-trick
, Ecological Modelling 77(2-3): 97-98 (1995)

A relationship of genetic variation within and among populations on extension of the Kluge-Kerfoot phenomenon
, Systematic Zoology 281: 63-70 (1979)

A relationship of protein growth and fat accumulation to the weight and caloric growth in fishes of the genus Engraulis
, Biologiya Morya (Vladivostok): 5: 80-82 (1978)

A relationships of ixodid Ixodidea ticks with agents of transmission diseases of vertebrates
, Parazitologiya (St. Petersburg). Sentyabr'-Oktyabr'; 295: 337-352 (1995)

A relative census method for black rats Epimys rattus L
, Zoologica Poloniae 5: 119-122 (1950)

A relative growth index of hybridization in sunfishes genus Lepomis , Centrarchidae
, Freshwater Biol 2(4): 325-335 (1972)

A relatively unexploited population of Pismo clams, Tivela stultorum Mawe, 1823 Veneridae
, Proceedings of the Malacological Society of London 36: 309-312 (1965)

A reliable collecting locality for Pelomyxa palustris
, Biological Bulletin Wood's Hole, 117: 413 (1959)

A reliable method for sending live insects through the post in standard sized envelopes
, Weta 20(2): 32-33 (1997)

A reliable method of analyzing dietaries of mycophagous small mammals
, Northwestern Naturalist. Autumn; 782: 65-69 (1997)

A reliable procedure of Sabin Feldmans dye test in the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis
, Tropical and Geographical Medicine 14: 51-55 (1962)

A reliable procedure of Sabin and Feldmans dye-test in the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis
, Acta Leidensia 36: 157-161 (1968)

A reliable radio-telemetry tracking system suitable for studies of chelonians
, Journal of Herpetology 151: 117-120 (1981)

A reliable size record for the scrub python Morelia amethistina Serpentes Pythonidae in north east Queensland
, Herpetofauna (Sydney) 30(1): 2-6 (2000)

A relic of Lucas Barretts last dive 1862
, Archives of Natural History 31(1): 44-49 (2004)

A relic population of Obovaria retusa in the middle Cumberland River, Tennessee
, Nautilus 961: 30-32 (1982)

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