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A revision of the tribe Deporaini Coleoptera, Attelabidae of Japan 2 Systematics 1 Redefinitions of the tribe and genera

A revision of the tribe Deporaini Coleoptera, Attelabidae of Japan 2 Systematics 1 Redefinitions of the tribe and genera

Kontyu 563: 553-564

This paper treats the reclassification of Japanese Deporaini based on the comparative morphology of the mouthparts, legs, abdomens and alimentary organs. The tribe Deporaini are characterized by having labial palpi not more than 2-segmented, alimentary canal looping clockwise, rectum situated at the right side of the genital chamber and the spiculum gastrale directed sinistro-anteriorly. The subtribes Euganamptina and Chonostropheina are placed in the tribe Rhynchitini and Deporaini, respectively. The genera of the tribe are redefined and a key to them is given. Rhynchites apertus SHARP which was assigned to Depasophilus by VOSS (1938) is transferred to the genus Involvulus (Cartorhynchites) I. apertus comb. nov. of the tribe Rhynchitini.

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