About the alimentary relationships as predator and prey of vertebrates in the adder Vipera berus in the middle Volga region Ueber die Nahrungsbeziehungen der Kreuzotter Vipera berus in der mittleren Wolgararegion als Raeuber und Beute von Wirbeltieren

Bakiev, A.

Mertensiella 1 Dezember; 15: 259-261


Accession: 037736830

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On the basis of the literary information and of the author's own data, prey and predators of the viper in the Medial Volga region are listed. No less than 25 vertebrate species were recorded as prey, including eleven amphibians, five reptiles, four birds and five mammalians. Predators are not less than 27 species, including two reptiles, 16 birds, nine mammalians. A reciprocal relationship of "predator-prey + prey-predator" is revealed for three species: two species of reptiles (Natrix natrix, N. tessellata) and one mammal (Mustela ermianea). By composing the list a case of cannibalism among adders noted by A.T. BOZHANSKY (1986) is not taken into account.