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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 37738

Chapter 37738 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Horvath, A., 1966:
About the mollusks of Tisza before the river control

Gadea, E., 1979:
About the moss-inhabiting nematofauna of Cabrera

Bekuzin, AA., 1987:
About the mountain species of cockroach Tartaroblatta tianschanica Bekuz

Lena, O., 1962:
About the muskox

Golubev, ML., 1991:
About the name Agama ocellata Lichtenstein in Eversmann, 1823 Reptilia, Agamidae with redescription of the types

de Carvalho, CT., 1983:
About the name of marmosets family

Westrich, P., 2002:
About the nesting behavior of the bee Osmia grandis Nylander 1852 Hymenoptera, Apidae Ueber das Nest der Scherenbiene Osmia grandis Nylander Hymenoptera, Apidae

Berezovikov, N.N.kolaevich.; Levin, A.S.rgeevich., 2001:
About the nesting of Alauda gulgula in Tarbagatai and Zaissan depression

Musilek, J., 1934:
About the nesting of the Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa L with us

Kovshar, AF., 1989:
About the nesting of the common crane in the basin of the Lower Chu River Kazakhstan

Santa-Cecilia, L.V.; Reis, P.R.; Souza, J.C., 2002:
About the nomenclature of coffee mealybug species in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo States, Brazil Sobre a nomenclatura das especies de cochonilhas-farinhentas do cafeeiro nos estados de Minas Gerais e Espirito Santo

Starikov, SV., 2001:
About the non-typical protecting and feeding behavior of Bubo bubo on the east of Kazakhstan

Matov, A.Y.; Ivanov, A.I., 1999:
About the northern limit of the distribution of Agrodiaetus damon Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 in Europe Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Lobachyov, Yuriy S., 2004:
About the number of wolves in Kazakhstan

Ulizko, I., 2001:
About the numerous changes of the zoobenthos of the Tiligool Liman

Pikharev, G., 1947:
About the nutrition of Akiba

de Santis Prada, I.L.; Higashi, H., 1967:
About the occur-rence of pancreatic ring in cattle

Vukcevic, V., 1983:
About the occurrence and spreading of varoosis in Montenegro

Chassain, Jacques., 2004:
About the occurrence in French Guyana of Balgus schnusei cayennensis Chassain Coleoptera, Elateridae A propos de la presence en Guyane francaise de Balgus schnusei cayennensis Chassain Coleoptera, Elateridae

Sanchez-Ruiz, A.; Teruel, R., 2006:
About the occurrence of Cyrtophora citricola Forskal, 1775 Araneae Araneidae in Cuba Acerca de la presencia de Cyrtophora citricola Forskal, 1775 Araneae Araneidae en Cuba

Gil-Santana, H.R.; Jurberg, J., 2003:
About the occurrence of Emesa mourei Wygodzinsky, 1945 Hemiptera-Heteroptera, Reduviidae, Emesinae in biological webs Sobre a ocorrencia de Emesa mourei Wygodzinsky, 1945 Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Emesinae em teias biologicas

Buise, MA., 1984:
About the occurrence of black-headed gull and herring gull in eastern Zeeuws-Vlaanderen SW Netherlands

Agudo, A.; Ignacio., 1995:
About the occurrence of the baleen whale Balaenoptera physalus Linnaeus 1758 Cetacea Mysticeti Balaenopteridae in Venezuela Sobre la ocurrencia de la ballena barbada Balaenoptera physalus Linnaeus 1758 Cetacea Mysticeti Balaenopteridae en Venezuela

Kitahara, M.Visentini, 2005:
About the occurrence of the crustaceans Bathynectes longispina Stimpson, 1871 Portunidae and Nephropsis aculeata Smith, 1881 Nephropidae off southern Brazil Sobre a ocorrencia dos crustaceos Bathynectes longispina Stimpson, 1871 Portunidae e Nephropsis aculeata Smith, 1881 Nephropidae no sul do Brasil

D.Silva, G.H., 1966:
About the occurrence of the marine Jurassic in the north of Mozambique

Bena, W.; Dobrowolska, K., 2006:
About the occurrence of the smooth snake Coronella austriaca Laur in Zgorzelecko-Osiecznicka Forest O wystepowaniu gniewosza plamistego Coronella austriaca Laur w Puszczy Zgorzelecko-Osiecznickiej

Biesenbaum, Willy., 2001:
About the occurrence of the two species Prochoreutis sehestediana Fabricius, 1776 and Prochoreutis myllerana Fabricius, 1794 in the working area of the Rhenish-Westphalien Lepidopterologists Ueber das Vorkommen der beiden Arten Prochoreutis sehestediana Fabricius, 1776 und Prochoreutis myllerana Fabricius, 1794 im Arbeitsgebiet der rheinish-westfaelischen Lepidopterologen Lep, Choreutidae

Ariste, P., 1984:
About the old Votian belief that white storks are hobgoblins in disguise

Maroy, P., 1970:
About the oribatid fauna of the Tisza basin Oribatida, Acari

van Vondel, Bernhard J., 1995:
About the oriental Haliplus agarwali

David, OF., 1979:
About the origin of the rhythmic activity of the somatic muscles of earthworms

Schoeffmann, J., 2007:
About the origin, distribution, and systematic nomenclature of trouts Salmo trutta L in the Mediterranean Sea Zur Herkunft, Verbreitung und systematischen Nomenklatur der Forellen Salmo trutta L im Mittelmeerraum

Machay, M.L., 1957:
About the ovarial transmission of the Nosema bombycis Naegeli

Lund, H.; MK., 1968:
About the oystercatchers changing of the guard

Gontar, Valentina I., 1998:
About the phylogenetic significance of the early stages of cormogenesis and on the polyphyly in Cheilostomatida Bryozoa, Gymnolaemata

Cerqueira da Silva, M., 1989:
About the phytoplankton community in a lotic section of River Tejo Pego site

Keskpaik, Juri., 1989:
About the picture on the front cover The crane

Bagdasaryan, KG.; Ponomareva, LD., 1982:
About the place of the Bryozoa in the ecosystems of Sarmatian seas

Heck, H., 1968:
About the plumage of a captive-bred and raised king vulture Sarcorhamphuspapa L

Franciscolo, ME., 1989:
About the position of Anaspis s str graeca Schilsky 1895 Coleoptera, Scraptiidae

Nommsalu, F., 1980:
About the possibilities of increasing the number of hares in Estonia

Machado Cruz, J.A., 1969:
About the possibility of iron absorption by fishes and its pathological action

Kozlovskii, AI., 1974:
About the possibility of postmortal determination of karyotype in small mammals

Servia, MJ.; Cobo, F.; Gonzalez, MA., 1999:
About the possible repercussions of the presence of deformities on the life cycle of Chironomus riparius Meigen, 1804 Diptera, Chironomidae Sobre la posible repercusion de la presencia de deformidades en el ciclo vital de Chironomus riparius Meigen, 1804 Diptera, Chironomidae

Maio, N.; Scillitani, G., 2004:
About the presence of Ambystoma mexicanum Shaw, 1789 in Italian natural environments Caudata Ambystomatidae Sulla presenza di Ambystoma mexicanum Shaw, 1789 in ambienti naturali italiani Caudata Ambystomatidae

Nichiforescu, H.; Mazilu, M.; Panaitescu, P.; Panaitescu, M., 1986:
About the presence of Archidiskodon cf gromovi Alexeeva Garutt in the Upper Pliocene from the central part of Getic Depression

Martin, P.; Laurens, G., 1995 :
About the presence of Cyprea mappa in the French Polinesia

Ondina, P.; Rodriguez, T.; Hermida, J., 1994:
About the presence of Deroceras Agriolimax ercinae de Winter, 1985 Gastropoda Pulmonata in the Iberian Peninsula Sobre la presencia de Deroceras Agriolimax ercinae de Winter, 1985 Gastropoda Pulmonata en la Peninsula Iberica

Huerta, F.; Crespo, JM.; Huelves, JM., 1996:
About the presence of Eupotosia mirifica Mulsant, 1842 and Cetonischema aeruginosa Drury, 1770 in Iberian Peninsule Sobre la presencia de Eupotosia mirifica Mulsant, 1842 y Cetonischema aeruginosa Drury, 1770 Col, Cetoniidae, Cetoniini en la Peninsula Iberica

Martinez, M.D.lores.; Tinaut, A., 2001:
About the presence of Liometopum microcephalum Panzer, 1798 in the Iberian Peninsula Hymenoptera, Formicidae Sobre la presencia en la Peninsula Iberica de Liometopum microcephalum Panzer, 1798 Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Iovcheva, P.M.; Vrublyanski, B., 1963:
About the presence of Lower Cretaceous in the Kraishte area

Popescu, A.; Barbu, P., 1968:
About the presence of Rattus rattus Linnaeus 1758 species in the region of Portile de Fier

Vienna, Pierpaolo., 1999:
About the presence of Saprinus lautus Erichson, 1839 in the peninsular Italy Coleoptera Histeridae Sulla presenza in Italia di Saprinus lautus Erichson, 1839 Coleoptera, Histeridae

Lopez-Sebastian, E.; Selfa, J.; Juan Martinez, M.J.sus., 2002:
About the presence of Thaumetopoea pinivora Lepidoptera, Notodontidae in the Province of Valencia Acerca de la presencia de Thaumetopoea pinivora Lepidoptera, Notodontidae en la provincia de Valencia

Lopez-Sebastian, E.; Pintureau, B.; Selfa, J.; Pujade-Villar, J.; Guara, M., 2003:
About the presence of Trichogramma embryophagum Hartig, 1838 Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Trichogrammatidae in the Iberian Peninsula Sobre la presencia de Trichogramma embryophagum Hartig, 1838 Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Trichogrammatidae en la Peninsula Iberica

Balkis, N.; Koray, T., 2001:
About the presence of genus Pyrophacus Stein, 1883 with special emphasis on Pyrophacus vancampoae Rossignol Wall and Dale Dinophyceae in Eastern Mediterranean

Cohen, R.G.; Vernet, S.; Corbella, C.; Michelutti, P., 2000:
About the presence of halophilic anostracans of the Thamnocephalus genus from Salinas Grandes at NW of Cordoba Argentina Sobre la presencia de anostacos halofilos del genero Thamnocephalus en Salinas Grandes al NO de Cordoba Argentina

Soto, Jules MR., 1999:
About the presence of hexanchid sharks Chondrichthyes, Hexanchiformes in the southwest Atlantic Sobre a presenca de tubaroes hexanquideos Chondrichthyes, Hexanchiformes no sudoeste do Atlantico

Alvarez, F.; Martinez, A.; Nunez, L.; Nunez, J., 2005:
About the presence of several species of brachiopods in submarine caves and ledges of the Canary Islands Brachiopoda Rhynchonellata Sobre la presencia en Canarias de varias especies de braquiopodos Brachiopoda Rhynchonellata en cuevas y cornisas submarinas

van der Heiden, A.M.; Gonzalez, H.G.; Plascencia, 2006:
About the presence of the family Heterenchelyidae, mud eels, in the Pacific coast of Mexico Sobre la presencia de la familia Heterenchelyidae, anguilas de fango, en la costa pacifica de Mexico

Soto, Jules MR. de Nisa-Castro-Neto, Walter., 2000:
About the presence of the whale shark Rhincodon typus Smith, 1829 Chondrichthyes, Rhincodontidae in the Brazilian coast Sobre a presenca do tubarao-baleia Rhincodon typus Smith, 1829 Chondrichthyes, Rhincodontidae na costa Brasileira

de Santis Prada, I.L.; Higasfai, H., 1968:
About the presence of three pancreatic ducts in Zebu cattle

Brustur, T.; Popescu, A.; Costea, C., 2003:
About the presence of vertebrate coprolits in the Lower Pleistocene from Leu Oltenia, Romania Asupra prezentei unor coprolite de vertebrate in Pleistocenul inferior de la Leu Oltenia, Romania

Defaut, Bernard., 1996:
About the present day identification of French Orthoptera A propos de la determination des orthopteres francais aujourdhui

Trockur, B., 2006:
About the present state of knowledge of the Odonata-fauna in the area of Heinitz Saarland Zum aktuellen Kenntnisstand der Libellenfauna im Bereich Heinitz Saarland

Chernov, YuI., 1984:
About the presumptions of the utilization of Arctic environments by various groups of the organisms

Galhano, MH.; Branco, R.; Machado, MMQ., 1976:
About the productivity in reservoirs First results obtained at Carrapatelo impoundment River Douro

Sych, Roman ., 1996:
About the project of migratory fish restoration in Poland O projekcie restytucji ryb wedrowynch w Polsce

Bodrova, N.V.; Krayukhin, B.V., 1959:
About the question of specific sensitivity of fishes to electric current

Gomazkov, O.A., 1959:
About the question of the role of detritus in the nutrition of Abramis brama in Rybinsk Reservoir

Gustato, G.; Villari, A., 1980:
About the question of the taxonomic status of Holothuria stellati Delle Chiaje

Mikhailova, LA., 1973:
About the question on the northern bord of circulation of Epilachna vigintioctomaculata Motsch

Mazin, JM., 1986:
About the real systematic position of the nothosaur Metanothosaurus nipponicus Yabe Shikama, 1948

Konstantinov, A.S., 1951:
About the rearing of a new food for fishes

Skilsky, IV., 1999:
About the reasons of mortality of mature and brood of white storks in Ukrainian-Carpathians O pricinach umrtnosti dospelych a mladat bocianov bielych v regione Ukrajinskych Karpat

Brito, A.; Falcon, J.M.; Herrera, R., 2005:
About the recent tropicalisation of the littoral ichthyofauna of the Canary Islands and its relationship with environmental changes and human activities Sobre la tropicalizacion reciente de la ictiofauna litoral de las islas Canarias y su relacion con cambios ambientales y actividades antropicas

Bathe, Jurgen., 1997:
About the recolonization of the river Weser by Ephoron virgo Olivier 1791 Ephemeroptera, Polymitarcidae, Anodonta anatina Linnaeus 1758 and Unio pictorum Linnaeus 1758 Lamellibranchiata, Unionidae Uber die Wiederbesiedlung der Weser durch Ephoron virgo Olivier 1791 Ephemeroptera, Polymitarcidae, Anodonta anatina Linnaeus 1758 und Unio pictorum Linnaeus 1758 Lamellibranchiata, Unionidae

Dulcic, J.; Ahnelt, H.; Pallaoro, A., 2006:
About the record of Salaria basilisca Pisces Blenniidae in the Adriatic Sea, in 1874

Cohen, P., 1956:
About the relation between length of gestation period and frequency of retained afterbirth in the Bovinae

Mileikovsky, S.A., 1969:
About the relation between the breeding and spawning of marine bottom invertebrates with pelagic development and their interspecial interrelations as adults in bottom communities and as larvae in the plankton

Mileikovsky, S.A., 1969:
About the relation between the breeding and the spawning of marine bottom invertebrates with pelagic development and their interspecial interrelations as adults in bottom communities and as larvae in the plankton

Arlettaz, R.; Lugon, A.; Sierro, A., 1996:
About the reproduction of Pipistrellus kuhli in the Alps of Valais Switzerland

Bogush, P.P.; Reshetnikova, K.I., 1971:
About the retardation in the development of Litomastix obscurus Nik Hymenoptera Elachertidae the parasite of Chloridea obsoleta F

Pilon, J., 1986:
About the roe deer

Isabekova, SB.; Karjagina, NM.; Muntina, DU., 1991:
About the role of the adrenergic regulation in the resistance of Agrionemys horsfieldi Reptilia, Testudinidae to hypertermia

Wesley, H.; Daniel., 1993:
About the roseringed parakeet in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu

Kirk, A., 1987:
About the seasonal dynamics of age structure in bank vole populations

Popov, LE.; Ushatinskaya, GT., 1986:
About the secondary changes of microstructure of phosphate-calcium shells of inarticulate brachiopods

Sribar, L., 1967:
About the sediments in the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in Southern Slovenia

Guttmann, S., 2006:
About the situation of the Danube salmon in the River Ybbs Lower Austria Zur situation des Huchens Hucho hucho in der Ybbs

Remy, Jean A., 2001:
About the skull of Propalaeotherium isselanum Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Palaeotheriidae from Pepieux Minervois, southern France Sur le crane de Propalaeotherium isselanum Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Palaeotheriidae de Pepieux Minervois, Sud de la France

Jablokov, A.V., 1961:
About the smell in marine mammals

Kovshar, AF., 1987:
About the southern border of nesting areas of the demoiselle crane in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Iablokoff-Khnzorian, S.M., 1968:
About the species

Hakhverdian, MR.; Vopontsov, NN.; Lyapunova, Y.A., 1991:
About the species independent of table lendal vole of Schidlovskii-Microtus schidlovskii Argyropulo, 1933 Rodentia, Cricetidae from Western Armenia

Depta, V., 1949:
About the species of the subgenus Gabrius genus Philonthus in Slovakia Coleoptera

Pastuszko, J., 1961:
About the specific independence of Eimeria sp parasitizing in rabbits and hares

Jimenez Millan, F., 1966:
About the specificity of Tylenchus semipenetrans Cobb Nematoda, Tylenchidae to several species of citrus roots Boln R

Stefanov, S.; Penkov, V., 1975:
About the spermatogenesis in the Spanish sparrow Passer hispaniolensis hispaniolensis Temm Annuaire Univ Sofia Fac

Groppali, R.; Pesarini, C., 2002:
About the spiders of the coastal area of southern Cilento Marina di Camerota- province of Salerno - S Italy and first Italian sighting of Micaria septempunctata Gnaphosidae Appunti sui Ragni della costa del Cilento meridionale Marina di Camerota - Salerno e prima segnalazione italiana di Micaria septempunctata Gnaphosidae

Ruzsky, M.D., 1939 :
About the spread and nidification of Remiza pendulina L in the Barabinsk steppe

Tsegelnyuk, PD., 2000:
About the stages and the stratigraphic belts of the Lower and Middle Silurian of the south-west of the East European Platform EEP

Drygant, DM., 1974:
About the stages of the development of conodonts in the Ordovician, Silurian and early Devonian of the Volyno-Podolian

Grandcolas, P., 1986:
About the status of Ephippiger terrestris terrestris forma minor Azam 1892 Orthoptera, Ensifera

Witt, Klaus., 2002:
About the status of collared dove Streptopelia decaocto in Berlin Zum Status der Tuerkentaube Streptopelia decaocto in Berlin

Chistobaeva, R.E., 1976:
About the structure of salmon population in the Pechora river

Kirjanova, E.S., 1969:
About the structure of the subcrystaliine layer of the nematode genus Heterodera Nematoda Heteroderidae with description of two new species

Kemal, M.; Kocak,, 2004:
About the studies on the Pyralidae Lepidoptera Pyralide arasturmalari hakkinda Lepidoptera

Levashov, M.M., 1953:
About the study of bird helminths in Russia Material to the knowledge of helminth-biology in USSR

Zusser, S.G., 1967:
About the study of the causes of fish attraction to light

Aliev, SA.; Abdullaeva, S.Yu. , 1997:
About the studying of Hadeninae subfamily Noctuidae in Azerbaijan

Akhmedov, MKh., 1994:
About the subdivision of ecological niches of aphids

Demir, M., 1957:
About the sword-fish Xiphias gladius L

Rass, TS., 1985:
About the systematic of the marine herrings genus Clupea

Marinov, B., 1964:
About the systematic situation of puzanok of Veleka river

Ziffian, V.N., 1969:
About the systematical location of Transcaucasian and Golden hamsters

Bychowskaja-Pavlovskaja, I.E.; Mikailov, T.K., 1969:
About the systematics of trematodes of the genus Skrjabinopsolus Ivanov, 1934

Lloris, D.; Allue, R.; Rucabado, J., 1984:
About the taxonomic status of Scorpaena gaillardae Roux, 1954 Osteichthyes, Scorpaenidae

Gruev, Blagoy., 2002:
About the taxonomic status of the Aeschrocnemis Weise, 1888 and the group of A serbica Kutschera, 1860 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Alticinae

Kovalev, AV.; Shelukhin, EP.; Ivanov, VI., 1975:
About the taxonomic status of the Black Sea representative of the genus Calanus Copepoda

Collantes, F.; Martinez Ortega, E., 1997:
About the taxonomic validity of Phlebotomus longicuspis Nitzulescu, 1931 Diptera Psychodidae Sobre la validez taxonomica de Phlebotomus longicuspis Nitzulescu, 1931 Diptera Psychodidae

Spassky, AA., 1994:
About the taxonomical status and the structure of the family Dilepididae Cestoda Cyclophyllidea

Euzeby, J., 1988:
About the taxonomy of Haemosporidia; the case of the piroplasms

Kulikov, MV., 1975:
About the term stages of developments

Polyakov, I.; Ya.; Shumakov, E.M., 1940:
About the theoretical principles of ecology Discussion

Suprun, LV., 1976:
About the trace of the bird flight in coming back in homing

Mielke, O.H.; Casagrande, M.M., 1999:
About the types of Lepidoptera depositated in Brasilian museums 24 - Nymphalidae Heliconiinae described by Benedicto Raymundo da Silva; Charaxinae by AH Fassl supplement; Limenitidinae por C Fiedler; Danainae and Pieridae Dismorphiinae, Coliadinae by Romualdo Ferreira dAlmeida supplement Sobre os tipos de Lepidoptera depositados em museus brasileiros 24 - Nymphalidae Heliconiinae descrito por Benedicto Raymundo da Silva; Charaxinae por A

Mielke, O.H.; Casagrande, M.M., 1999:
About the types of Lepidoptera depositated in Brazilian Museums 25 Nymphalidae Charaxinae described by Mario Rosa supplement; Zygaenidae by AM da Costa Lima; Saturniidae Hemileucinae by A Mabilde supplement; Castniidae by L Pfeiffer and Arctiidae Pericopinae by Oscar Monte Sobre os tipos de Lepidoptera depositados em museus brasileiros 25 Nymphalidae Charaxinae descrito por Mario Rosa suplemento; Zygaenidae por AM da Costa Lima; Saturniidae Hemileucinae por

Mielke, O.H.; Casagrande, M.M., 2001:
About the types of Lepidoptera depositated in Brazilian Museums XXVI Zygaenidae supplement and Noctuidae described by AM da Costa Lima Sobre os tipos de Lepidoptera depositados em museus brasileiros XXVI Zygaenidae suplemento e Noctuidae descritos por A M da Costa Lima

Mielke, O.H.; Casagrande, M.M., 1998:
About the types of Lepidoptera depositated in Brazilian museums 23 Papilionidae, Pieridae and Nymphalidae Morphinae, Nymphalinae described by JF Zikan supplement and Apatelodidae described by M Draudt Sobre os tipos de Lepidoptera depositados em museus Brasileiros 23 Papilionidae, Pieridae e Nymphalidae Morphinae, Nymphalinae descritos por JF Zikan suplemento e Apatelodidae descritos por M Draudt

Borodin, N.A., 1934:
About the types of fishes from Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean, in the Museum of Comparative Zoology

Lesage, Laurent., 2000:
About the typical series of Altica ignita Illiger, 1807 Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae A propos de la serie type dAltica ignita Illiger, 1807 Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

Rigout, Lydie., 2001:
About the unknown plates of Ernst Engramelle Papillons dEurope

Stephan, Burkhard., 1997:
About the urbanization of the crag martin Ptyonoprogne rupestris Zur Verstadterung der Felsenschwalbe Ptyonoprogne rupestris

Gass, H., 1979:
About the use of dakar ivR Miconazole in aspergillosis of penguins

Bondi, C., 1955:
About the use of embryonic extracts of Urodela on Anura, from a biological point of view

Solomonova, NK., 1979:
About the use of morphologic changes of zooplankton dominantes for water quality indication

Groppali, R.;, M., 2002:
About the use of web-building spiders Arachnida Araneae as indicators of environmental conservation in mountain woods damaged by fire Impiego dei Ragni tessitori Arachnida Araneae come indicatori di conservazione ambientale in boschi montani della Lombardia percorsi dal fuoco

Badih, A.; Ruiz, J.L., 1999:
About the validity of Ameles maroccana Uvarov, 1930 Mantodea, Amelinae A propos de la validite specifique dAmeles maroccana Uvarov, 1930 Mantodea, Amelinae

Bloecher, Manfred., 1996:
About the validity of Conus gracianus da Motta Bloecher, 1982 Sulla validita di Conus gracianus da Motta Bloecher, 1982

Pujade-Villar, J.; Plantard, O., 2002:
About the validity of Diplolepis fructuum Rubsaamen and some new synonyms in Diplolepis nervosa Curtis Hymenoptera Cynipidae Diplolepidini

Riabova, SV.; Besednov, LN., 1974:
About the variability of some plastic and meristic features of New Zealand jack mackerel Trachurus declivis Jeryns 1841 Carangidae, Pisces Izvestiya tkhookean nauchno-issled

Vassilev, Ilko., 1992:
About the variation of normal wings nervature of some sawflies Tenthredinidae, Hymenoptera

Buntebarth, Guenter., 2004:
About the variation of the composition of coloured pigments pteridins on Lepidoptera, especially at Pieridae and Zygaenidae Zur Variation der Zusammensetzung von Farbpigmenten Pteridine auf Lepidopteren, insbesondere bei Pieriden und Zygaeniden

Samchyshyna, LV., 2002:
About the viability of eggs of the some Crustacea from the golden carp feces

Plotnikova, LF., 1988:
About the walls ultrastructure of some miliolids

Pikhu, E.; Pikhu, E., 1971:
About the ways of swallowing the prey by predatory fish

Fournier, Andre., 1994:
About the wild cat in the Avesnois district, Nord, France

Mitev, D., 1979:
About the zoogeographical belonging of the insectivorous and the rodents from the Rodopes

Cozic, E., 2006:
About thirty merlin Falco columbarius counted one roost in central Brittany Affluence dune trentaine de faucons emerillons Falco columbarius dans un dortoir des monts dArree Bretagne

Wiesner, Juergen., 2002:
About tiger beetles, recently collected in the Yemen Arab Republic Coleoptera, Cicindelidae 71 Contribution towards the knowledge of Cicindelidae

Kordikova, E., 1992:
About time and ways of prochoreses of the fossil trionychids in Kazakhstan

Bringsoe, H., 1987:
About tokay and green iguana

Repina, LN.; Pereladov, VS., 1988:
About trilobite genus Lenadiscus Repina

Steineck, T.; Hofer, E., 1999:
About tularemia in Austria Zum Vorkommen der Tularamie in Osterreich

Vitali, Francesco., 2006:
About two Batrachorhina-species included in Malagasy copal Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Calzada, S.; Radulovic, V., 1987:
About two bivalvian species from Klaus-Schichten

Dessart, Paul., 1995:
About two ceraphronids described by L Masi Hymenoptera Ceraphronoidea A propos de deux Ceraphronidae decrits par L Masi Hymenoptera Ceraphronoidea

Hemmen, J.; Verhaeghe, M., 2001:
About two freak clausiliids from Turkey

Alfken, J.D., 1937:
About two new Apidao from China

Baeva, V.G., 1970:
About two new psyllid species of the genera Craspedolepta Enderl Homoptera, Psylloidea from Tadjikistan

Wahis, R., 2004:
About two oriental Pompilidae catched in the Mediterranean region Anospilus carbonicolor Gussakovskij, 1933 et Anoplius eous Yasumatsu, 1936 Hymenoptera, Pompilidae Sur deux Pompilides orientaux recemment captures dans la region mediterraneenne Anospilus carbonicolor Gussakovskij, 1933 et Anoplius eous Yasumatsu, 1936 Hymenoptera, Pompilidae

Roy, Roger., 2003:
About two parasited males of Prohierodula Bolivar, 1908 Dictyoptera, Mantidae A propos de deux males parasites de Prohierodula Bolivar, 1908 Dictyoptera, Mantidae

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About two south-Russian taxa from Polyommatus icarus Rottemburg, 1775 group Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

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About two species of Iiochelid scorpions collected in Western Africa Scorpiones, Liochelidae

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About two species of Limnephilus, of which one new, from the Pyrenees Orientales Trichoptera Sur deux especes de Limnephilus, dont une nouvelle, des Pyrenees Orientales Trichoptera

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About two turbellarians Prolecithophora, Plagiostomidae from the Sea of Japan

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About two type species of saw-flies Hymenoptera, Symphyta Tenthredinidae, Cephidae described by VK Stroganova

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About type and incidence of heartdisease in psittacines kept in captivity in Germany Zu Art und Haeufigkeit von Herzerkrankungen bei in Deutschland in Gefangenschaft gehaltenen Papageienvoegeln

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About type specimens of Anancus arvernensis Proboscidea, Mammalia characteristics of the first two decidual teeth D2-D3 in tetralophodont gomphotheres A propos des specimens-types dAnancus arvernensis Proboscidea, Mammalia caracteristiques des deux premieres dents de lait D2-D3 chez les gomphotheres tetralophodontes

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About types of ontogenesis in nematodes of the family Anguinidae

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About unusual early nesting of Passer domesticus in Almaty

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About volume of the genus Geophorus Gastropoda Pectinibranchia Helicinidae, characters and type specimens of subgenera its components

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About water content in organs of desert reptiles

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About ways of formation of synantropy of some speciers of Diptera

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About web-building in Pholcus phalangioides Fuesslin Araneae, Pholcidae

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About white storks in the district of Jogeva

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About winter activities of reptiles from Kopetdagh and Badkhyz

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About winter foraging of the long-eared owl Asio otus in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University

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About winter records of some birds of prey and owls in Rozdilna district of Odessa region in 1996

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About wintering of black redstart in the south of Ukraine

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About wintering of dormice, Muscardinus avellanarius Linnaeus, 1758, in captivity

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About wintering of some bird species in South of Kazakhstan

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About wintering some bird species in Chernivtsi region

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Abouth the presence of Scartella cristata Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichthyes, Blenniidae in Minorca Balearic Islands, western Mediterranean Sobre la posible presencia de Scartella cristata Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichthyes, Blenniidae en Menorca islas Baleares, Mediterraneo Occidental

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Above ground activities of larger black chafer Holotrichia morosa Waterhouse and Korean black chafer H diomphalia Bates adults

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Above ground activity of the ant Lasius alienus Forst Hymenoptera Formicidae

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Above ground movements and new information on habitat of Aprasia parapulchella revealed by pitfall trapping

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Above the plains the other Africa

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Above the strand line

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Above-ground activity of a population of the water vole Ary cola terrestris Linn on a pond

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Above-ground arthropods as indicators of biological quality

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Above-water oviposition of two Japanese Parapsyche species Trichoptera; Hydropsychidae

Anonymous., 1982:
Abra alba W Wood 1802

Moerdijk, PW., 1989:
Abra prismatica Montagu, 1803 recorded from East Scheldt

Clements, D.K.; Tofts, R.J., 2000:
Abrachyglossum andrei Seguy a synonym of Conops flavipes L Dipt, Conopidae

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Abraeus convexus Reitter - a new species of Histeridae Coleoptera for Bulgaria

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Abraeus granulum Erichson Coleoptera Histeridae in Gloucestershire

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Abraeus granulum Erichson Histeridae, new to Yorkshire

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Abraeus roubali n sp Col Histeridae

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Abraham Ezra Michelbacher 1899-1991,.; Gagnebin, B., 1957:
Abraham Gagnebin de la Ferriere dapres sa correspondance

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Abraham Tremblay und die Hydra

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Abraham Trembley and the origins of research on regeneration in animals

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Abraham Trembleys influence on the development of the aquatic microscope

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Abraham Trembley, influences on his life, and his contributions to biology

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Abraham Willink 1920-1998

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Abraham van der Myl and his De origine animalium et migratione populorum 1637 Abraham van der Myl et son De origine animalium et migratione populorum 1637

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Abralia fasciolata, a new species of Enoploteuthid squid from the Western Indian Ocean Cephalopoda Oegopsida

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Abralia marisarabica, a new enoploteuthid squid from the Arabian Sea Cephalopoda Oegopsida

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Abralia similis, a new enoploteuthid squid from the northwest Pacific Cephalopoda, Oegopsida

Bello, Giambattista., 2005:
Abraliopsis morisii vs Abraliopsis pfefferi Cephalopoda Enoploteuthidae which is the right name?

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Abraliopsis pacificus, a new species of the squid family Enoploteuthidae from the northwest Pacific

Lu, K., 1986:

Rolik, H., 1985:
Abramis ballerus L and Pelecus cultratus L Pisces, Cyprinidae in Poland

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Abramis sapa bergi-a new subspecies from the southern part of the Caspian Sea

Anon., 1967:
Abramites hypselonotus Guenther

Stolk, A., 1981:
Abramites microcephalus

Dall, W.H., 1889:
Abranchiate Lamellibranchs

Illies, J., 1958:
Abranchioperlidae, eine neue Plecopterenfamilie

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Abrasion and bacterial infection as the probable cause of exoskeletal lesions in the Hawaiian freshwater shrimp, Atya bisulcata

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Abrasion and loss of rings among sea-birds

Rogalla, N.S.; Amler, M.R., 2003:
Abrasion of recent bivalve shells Abrasion an rezenten Bivalvenschalen

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Abrasion of teeth in connection with age in the bat Myotis myotis

Stuening, D.; Hausmann, A., 2002:
Abraxas breueri, spec nov, a new geometrid moth species from the Philippines Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Ennominae Abraxas Calospilos breueri, spec nov, eine neue Geometridenart von den Philippinen Insecta, Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Ennominae

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Abraxas formosilluminata Inoue Geometridae found from Iriomote Island, the Ryukyus

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Abraxas marginata Linne

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Abraxas pantharia L defoliatrice del frassino

Koryszko, Jan., 2005:
Abraxus grossulariata L Lep Geometridae Further records of larvae feeding on leaves of Sedum spectabile

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Abrege Classifica- tion zoologique

Morch, O.A.L., 1867:
Abrege de lhistoire de la classification moderne des Mollusques basee principalement sur larmature linguale

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Abrege de la Classification Zoologique

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Abrege de parasitologie veterinaire Fascicule 1 Parasitologie generale

Bussieras, J.; Chermette, R., 1992:
Abrege de parasitologie veterinaire Fascicule 2 Protozoologie veterinaire

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Abrege de parasitologie veterinaire Fascicule 3 - Helminthologie

Bussieras, J.; Chermette, R., 1991:
Abrege de parasitologie veterinaire Fascicule 4 Entomologie veterinaire

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Abrege de zoologie Tome 1 Invertebres

Grasse, P-P., 1979:
Abrege de zoologie Tome 2 Vertebres

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Abreges zoologie 1 Invertebres

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Abreviation du terme generique Chrysoperla Steinmann Insecta Neuroptera Chrysopidae

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Abrieb-geschutzte Foraminiferen

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Abrigos de mosquitos Culex Culex em zona rural Diptera Culicidae

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Abriss aus dem Vogelleben des Vogtlandes, speziell Plauen und Umgebung

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Abriss der Keimblatterlehre in der Vergangenheit und der Gegenwart

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Abriss der Korrelation des Karpats im tschechoslowakischen Teil des Wiener Beckens

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Abriss der Psychidenfauna Bulgarisch-Mazedoniens mit der Erstbeschreibung des Weibchens und Sackes von Reisseronia nigrociliella Rebel, 1934 Lepidoptera, Psychidae

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Abriss der phylogenetischen Systematik

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Abriss der regionalen limnologie der Niederlande, Pub hydrobiol

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Abriss einer Beschreibung von Vogeleiern der athiopischen

Sergent, E., 1947:

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Abroad but at home A Baltimore oriole

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Abrogation of immunological tolerance as a model for autoimmunity

Anonymous., 1984:
Abrolhos workshop

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Abrolophus iacobi un acarien predateur des poucerons

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Abrolophus strojnyi sp n from Poland Acari Actinedida Erythraeidae

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Abronia - abronias in distress Abronia - Baumschleichen in Bedraengnis

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Abrornis albigularis formosana Laubmann = Cryptolopha fulvifaciea Swinh juv

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Abrothrix lanosus Rodentia, Muridae in continental patagonian Argentina Abrothrix lanosus Rodentia, Muridae en la Patagonia continental argentina

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Abrupt changes of radiolarian fauna at 600 and 120 ka B P in the southern South China Sea and their paleoceanographic implications

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Abrupt cold spells in the northwest Mediterranean

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Abrupt extinctions

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Abrupt stoppage of Mytilus cilia caused by chemical stimulation

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Abrveiation par action de liode, de la periode larvaire, chez les Batraciens

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Abrytusites-nouveau genre dammonites Barremiennes

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Absceso hepatico producido por el Balantidium coli

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Abscess formation caused by Plesiomonas shigelloides in the body cavity of the lizard Ameiva ameiva Linnaeus, 1758

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Abscess formations on the shell of Anodonta anatina L

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Abscess in a Galapagos tortoise; case report

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Abscessed bony areas on Acanthopagrus cuvieri Day as a substrate for epiphytic algae

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Abschatzung der Informationsubertragungskapazitat der Alarmkommunikation durch Klopfen in Rossameisenkolonien Camponotus herculeanus L

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Abschatzung des Sucherfolges von Trichogramma evanescens Westw - Weibchen in einer einfach strukturierten Umgebung

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Abschatzung und Beurteilung der Gefahrdung landlebender Wirbeltiere durch Pflanzenschutzmittel

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Abschied an die Parthenogenesis Parthenogenesis und Herkunft der Bienen Die Formen des Wachsbaues und ihre Ursachen, metaphysische Speculation und Beweis

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Abschliessende Anmerkungen zum taxonomischen Status von Tropheus brichardi

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Abschliessende Bemerkungen zu den Studien fiber nordamerikanische Arten der Gattung Orgyia Lepidoptera Lymantriidae

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Abschliessende Messungen und Gedanken zur O2-Aufnahine der Larve von Stictochironomus histrio

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Abschliessende Versuche zur Frage des Zahl-vermogens der Haustaube

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Abschluss der Entwicklungsgeschichte der Fliedermotte

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Abschluss der Erfassung der Hornissenvorkommen in Luxemburg

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Abschluss der Pleurahohlen und Lungendifferenzierung bein Reptilien

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Abschluss einer Aphanocephalus-Revision Coleoptera Discolomidae

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Abschlusskolloquium des ICES/IOC Workshops on Biological Effects of Contaminants in the North Sea am 11-13 September 1991

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Abschlusswort zum Paramecien-Vortrag 9

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Abschnitte aus der Lebensgeschichte des Aals

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Abschuss eines Certhia-Mischsangers

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Abschuss frei fur den Kormoran?

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Abschuss von Graureihern

Schweizerische Vogelwarte, Sempach., 1981:
Abschuss von Graureihern im Kanton Aargau

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Abscisic acid metabolism in salt-stressed cells of Dunaliella salina Possible interrelationships with -carotene accumulation

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Abscission of cotton Bower buds and petioles caused by protein from boll weevil larvae

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Abscondicola humesi n gen, n sp from the gill chambers of land crabs and the definition of the Cancrincolidae n fam Copepoda, Harpacticoida

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Absconding behaviour of Apis cerana in Sri Lanka

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Absconding dance in Apis cerana japonica a slow and long tail-waggling motivates the whole colony to translocate

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Absconding in the Brazilian stingless bee Frieseomelitta silvestri languida Moure Hymenoptera Apidae Meliponinae

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Absence bilaterales dovules dans les formations folliculaires ovariennes chez un Mulot Apodemus sylvaticus L

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Absence congenetale dun rein chez le chien

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Absence congenitale de la queue chez un Rat

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Absence dactivite trypanocide du cuivre

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Absence daction de lanhydride carbonique sur la respiration du nerf isole de Grenouille conserve en milieu acide

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Absence dalexine dans le sang des insectes

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Absence dalteration de la chronaxie du sciatique de la grenouille sud americaine Leptodactylus ocellatus apres la suppression de laction des centres nerveux

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Absence danaphylaxie a la suite dinjections sous-cutanees de substance nerveuse

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Absence dautoagglutination des hematies dans les preparations du sang dAnguilla vulgaris contenant des trypanosomes

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Absence dimmunite croisee entre Plasmodium berghei et Plasmodium vinckei dans les infections chez les jeunes rats

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Absence dimmunite hereditaire a legard du Trypanosoma soudanense chez un chevreau ne dune ohevre immunisee envers ce Trypanosome

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Absence dune action du systeme neurosecretoire caudal des Teleosteens dans la secretion desgaz de la vessie natatoire

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Absence de communication osmotique chez le poisson teleosteen marin entre le milieu vital et le milieu exterieur

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Absence de cooperation de type instrumental en milieu naturel chez Papio papio

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Absence de correlation entre les caracteres des stades larvaires et ceux des adultes chez les Acariens

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Absence de flux genique mitochondrial entre les pouillots veloces medio-europeen et iberique Aves Phylloscopus collybita collybita, P c brehmii; implications taxonomiques Resultats tires de la PCR et du sequencage

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Absence de lhematine et de la biliverdine chez Actinia equina L

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Absence de melanodispersion permanente apres section du faisceau hypothalamo=hypophysaire chez la torpille Torpedo marmorata

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Absence de mucopolysaccharides acides dans la mesoglee de Rhizostoma pulmo L scyphomeduse

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Absence de polymorphisme genetique au niveau des erythrocytes de quatre especes dAcipenseridae de la mer Caspienne, capturees sur les cotes dIran

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Absence de quelques especes dans le Bas-Rhono, pp liv-lviii Le froid dans la region d Arles-sur-Rhone pendant lhiver 1940-41

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Absence de reaction histologique de defense a la presence de deux especes nouvelles de Myxosporidies parasites du poisson teleosteen Dicentrarchus labrax Linne, 1758

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Absence de reactions du coeur dune Ascidie Ciona intestinalis a ladrenaline, a lacetylcholine et aux ions K, Ca et Ba

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Absence de soudre des elytres chez deux Sphaeroderus Carabidae

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Absence de specificite de certains antagonistes de lhistamine et de la 5-hydroxytryptamine chez le rat

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Absence de speciticito des sccretines de Raie et de Porc

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Absence de stimulation du jabot du pigeon apres autogreffe hypophysaire

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Absence de strobilisation et persistence du bourgeonnement pendant lhiver chez des Scyphistomes alimentes artificiellement

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Absence do xenie dans les oeuf dAutriche

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Absence du cylindraxe dans les nerfs

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Absence du pouvoir dinhibition de la pherormone I sur Ie developpement Ovarien des jeunes ouvrieres dabeilles

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Absence here-ditaire des batonnets chez la souris, Mus musculus Etude histologique

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Absence of individual distance in the tree swallow during adverse weather

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Absence of individual distance in three swallow species

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Absence of -galactosidase lactose activity from intestinal brush borders of suckling macropods implications for mechanism of lactose absorption

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Absence of -glycerophosphate dehydrogenase in axenically grown Entamoeba histolytica

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Absence of -ketoglutarate dehydrogenase activity and presence of CO2-fixing activity in Plasmodium falciparum growth in vitro in human erythrocyte

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Absence of Angiostrongylus cantonensis among rodents in parts of Central and South America

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Absence of Cylindera arenaria Fuesslin from the west of France Bibliographical and museum studies Coleoptera Cicindelidae Cylindera arenaria Fuesslin absente de louest de la France Etudes bibliographique et museologique Coleoptera Cicindelidae

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Absence of Dermocystidium marinum at Port Aransas, Texas, with notes on an apparent inhibitor

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Absence of EDNA amplification in a meriostic telotrophic ovary

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Absence of Fc receptors on Aedes albopictus C6/36 cells permissive for dengue virus 2

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Absence of Fieldfares in winter, 1917-1918

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Absence of Hematozoa from ferruginous pygmy-owls Glaucidium brasilianum in southern Texas

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Absence of Lepus europoeus from British Pleistocene deposits

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Absence of Phlebotomus argentipes Ann Brun Diptera Psychodidae the vector of Indian kala-azar from Kamrup District, Assam

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Absence of Prosobranchia in the deposits of the lakes in the basin of Tobol and Ishim

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Absence of Rouget cells on the blood capillaries of Nereis virens

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Absence of Salmonella and Campylobacter species in fecal and cloacal swab samples from Kakapo Strigops habroptilus on Codfish Island, New Zealand

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Absence of trichinella spiralis in brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) in the Philippines

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Absence of a -melanocyte-stimulating hormone sequence in proopiomelanocortin mRNA of chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta

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Absence of a Ca response following ammonia activation of sea urchin eggs

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Absence of a melanophore-stimulating activity in posterior pituitary hormones

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Absence of a pelagic phase in the life cycle of the flatback turtle, Natator depressa Garman

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Absence of a pseudocoel or pseudocoelom in Anoplostoma vivipara Nematodes

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Absence of a refractory period in the Common Weaver Bird

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Absence of actin in the cilia of Tetrahymena pyriformis

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Absence of acute effects on threespine sticklebacks Gasterosteus aculeatus and coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch exposed to resuspended harbor sediment contaminants

van de Vyver, G., 1983:
Absence of alloimmune memory in the freshwater sponge Ephydatia fluviatilis

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Absence of alterations in gross morphology of developmental rate in Daphnia magna subjected to anutrition-

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Absence of an ecotone edge effect in Schizocosa ocreata

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Absence of an in vitro throxine effect on oxygen consumption and sodium of water transport by an Anuran skin and bladder

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Absence of an oxygen debt in the nassariid whelk Bullia digitalis Dillwyn

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Absence of anal fin in Rasbora daniconius Ham and Buch

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Absence of anti-acetylcholine receptor antibodies in Praomys (Mastomys) natalensis

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Absence of ascorbic acid synthesis in channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus and blue catfish, Ictalurus frucatus

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Absence of atypical spermatozoa in Pomatiopsis lapidaria Say

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Absence of bile acids in the digestive juice of the swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii

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Absence of binding and impermeability to ferritins of gill endothelium in marine teleosts

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Absence of blood parasites in the Japanese reed bunting Emberiza yessoensis

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Absence of breeding by African penguins at four former colonies

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Absence of caudal fin in Solea solea Soleidae collected in the Northern Adriatic

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Absence of Chitin in Epicuticle of Some Indian Scorpions

Dutrillaux, B.; Rumpler, Y., 1988:
Absence of chromosomal similarities between tarsiers (Tarsius syrichta) and other primates

Kato, H.; Harada, M.; Tsuchiya, K.; Moriwaki, K., 1980:
Absence of correlation between DNA repair in ultraviolet irradiated mammalian cells and life span of the donor species

Albert, A.; Marshall, P.B., 1948:
Absence of correlation between respira-tory inhibition of plasmodia by acridinea and antimalarial action

Nelson, K.; Fisher, C.R., 2000:
Absence of cospeciation in deep-sea vestimentiferan tube worms and their bacterial endosymbionts

Garnham, P.C.; Bray, R.S., 1955:
Absence of cross-immunity between Plasmodium cynomolgi and Plasmodium gonderi

Kojevnikov, P.V., 1945:
Absence of cross-immunity between the two types of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Zabelin, LB., 1981:
Absence of differences between monostichous and distichous pharyngeal teeth in bream from Votkin Reservoir

Miles, PM., 1976:
Absence of discal spots in the small white butterfly Pieris rapae Linnaeus Lep, Pieridae

Brown, LE.; Funk, RS., 1977:
Absence of dorsal spotting in two species of leopard frogs Anura Ranidae

Nakamura, M., 1957:
Absence of easease in Entamoeba histolytica

Cabanac, M.; Drolet, B., 1991:
Absence of fever in planarian Turbellaria Phogocata gracilis

Acuna, D.G.nzalez; Inostrosa, A.M.rtinez; Ibanez, C.B.evis; Contreras, L.R.bilar; Leigh, J.G.laz, 2001:
Absence of gastrointestinal parasites in Chilean flamingo fledglings Phoenicopterus chilensis, Molina 1782 of Salar de Surire Ausencia de parasitos gastrointestinales en flamencos Chilenos Phoenicopterus chilensis, Molina 1782 juveniles del Salar de Surire

Vaisanen, RA.; Lehvaslaiho, H., 1984:
Absence of genetic polymorphism in a northern population of the house sparrow, Passer domesticus

May, B.; Holbrook, FR., 1978:
Absence of genetic variability in the green peach aphid Myzus persicae Hemiptera Aphididae

Moncrief, ND., 1988:
Absence of genic variation in a natural population of nine-banded armadillos, Dasypus novemcinctus Dasypodidae

Kraig, RP.; Jaeger, CB., 1988:
Absence of glial fibrillary acidic protein response to cryogenic injury in skate Raja erinacea

Cuellar, HS.; Cuellar, O., 1977 :
Absence of gonadal refractoriness in the lizards Cnemidophorus uniparens and Sceloporus graciosus

Rainbow, PS.; Ford, MP.; Hepplewhite, I., 1979:
Absence of gregarious settling behaviour by female cypris larvae of British parasitic rhizocephalan barnacles

Figuerola, J.; Velarde, R.; Bertolero, A.; Cerda, F., 1996:
Absence of haematozoa in a breeding population of Kentish plover Charadrius alexandrinus in northeast Spain Abwesenheit von Haematozoa bei einer Brutpopulation des Seeregenpfeifers Charadrius alexandrinus in Nordspanien

Say, L.; Naulty, F.; Fennell, A.; Hayden, T.J.seph, 2005:
Absence of heterozygote advantage in a population of fallow deer Dama dama L

Firos, S., 2001:
Absence of intragroup coalitions in adult male red colobus (Colobus badius tephrosceles) in the Kibale National Park, Uganda

Crockett, D.R.; Gerst, J.W.; Blankenship, S., 1973:
Absence of juxtaglomerular cells in the kidneys of elasmobranch fishes

Burgess, G.H.O., 1956:
Absence of keratin in teleost specimens

Panigrahy, GK.; Padhi, SN.; Patnaik, BK., 1978:
Absence of lathryrogenic effect of -amino propionitrile in male garden lizard Calotes versicolor Daudin tissues as revealed by collagen characteristics ascorbic acid content

Wilson, GT.; Horton, P.; Stevens, WC.; Shake, RE., 1984:
Absence of leprosy-like disease in the nine-banded armadillo Dasypus novemcinctus in and around Taylor County, Texas

Haapala, O.K.; Soyer, M.O., 1974:
Absence of longitudinal differentiation of dinoflagellate (Prorocentrum micans) chromosomes

O'Brien, TL.; MacLeod, R.; MacLean, MC., 1984:
Absence of lytic virus in two species of symbiotic algae within the sea anemone, Anthopleura xanthogrammica Coelenterata Anthozoa

Williams, E., 1954:
Absence of meso-plastra in a Pelomedusa Testudines, Pelomedusidae

Sweeney, D., 1969:
Absence of monoamine oxidase activity in several invertebrate nervous systems

Whiting, A.R., 1950:
Absence of mutagenic action of x-rayed cytoplasm in Habrobracon

Branson, B.A., 1968:
Absence of myoglobin in the sonic muscles of two species of searobins, Prionotus Triglidae

Spasskii, AA., 1975:
Absence of neotenic forms among cyclophyllid cestodes Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea

Southern, LK.; Southern W.E., 1978:
Absence of nocturnal predator defense mechanisms in breeding gulls

Carter, M.E.; Villani, MG.; Allee, LL.; Losey, JE., 2004:
Absence of non-target effects of two Bacillus thuringiensis coleopteran active -endotoxins on the bulb mite, Rhizoglypus robini Claparede Acari, Acaridae

Palmiter, R.D., 1966:
Absence of olfactory conditioning in an oligophagous insect, the corn earworm, Heliothis zea (Boddie)

Lyon, M.F., 1954:
Absence of otoliths in the mouse an effect of the pallid mutant

Ellis, CR.; Kormos, B.; Guppy, JC., 1989:
Absence of parasitism in an outbreak of the cereal leaf beetle, Oulema melanopus Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, in the central tobacco growing area of Ontario

Dutta, SPS.; Malhotra, YR., 1986:
Absence of pelvic fins of Ompok bimaculatus Bloch

Brans, Y.W.; Kuehl, T.J.; Hayashi, R.H.; Shannon, D.L., 1984:
Absence of phosphatidylglycerol in amniotic fluid of baboons at term

Huyvaert, K.P.; Parker, P.G., 2006:
Absence of population genetic structure among breeding colonies of the waved albatross

Douglas, E.L.; Chapman, D.J.; Hemmingsen, E.A., 1973:
Absence of porphyrin respiratory pigments in the blood in the Antarctic icefish Chaenocephalus aceratus

Fernandes, C.A.; Rohling, E.J.; Siddall, M., 2006:
Absence of post-Miocene Red Sea land bridges biogeographic implications

Bishop, A., 1956:
Absence of potentiation between quinine and pyrimethamine in infections of Plasmodium gallinaceum in chicks

Andrews, A.H.; Noddle, B.A., 1975:
Absence of premolar teeth from ruminant mandibles found at archaeological sites

Huxley, J.S.; Carr-Saunders, A.M., 1924:
Absence of prenatal effects of lensantibodies in Rabbits

Schimmelmann, A.; Krause, RGF.; DeNiro, MJ., 1988:
Absence of preserved glucosamine and amino acids in fossil crustacean exoskeletons

Chiszar, D.; Radcliffe, C.W., 1977:
Absence of prey-chemical preferences in newborn rattlesnakes (Crotalus cerastes, C. enyo, and C. viridis)

Gunter, J.M., 1946:
Absence of pseudo-cholinesterase torn the tissues of Ruminants

Kielan-Jaworowska, K., 1980:
Absence of ptilodontoidean multituberculates from Asia and its palaeogeographic implications

Pearson, E.W.Barr, T.R.B., 1962:
Absence of rabies in some bats and shrews from Southern Illinois

Adham, F.K.; El-Gazzar, L.M.; Hilmy, N.H., 1983:
Absence of radioresistance of Culex pipiens molestus Forsk. (Diptera, Culicidae) exposed to substerilizing doses of gamma radiation for five and eleven generations

New, TR., 1986:
Absence of repagula in Australian Ascalaphidae Neuroptera

Meldrum, B.S.; Menini, C.; Naquet, R.; Riche, D.; Silva-Comte, C., 1981:
Absence of seizure activity following focal cerebral injection of enkephalins in a primate

Waliullah, MIS., 1984:
Absence of sexual dimorphism in the anterior region of Hirschmanniella oryzae Nematoda Pratylenchidae

Yamamoto, K.; Nemoto, S-i., 1990:
Absence of species specificity of germinal vesicle factor required for the cytoplamic cycle during meiotic division

O'Connell Whitney, J., 1969:
Absence of sterol synthesis in larvae of the mud crab Rhitropanopeus harrisii and of the spider crab Libinia emarginata

Ratnasooriya, WD.; Molligoda, PS.; Molligoda, WHM.; Fernando, SBU.; Premakumara, GAS., 1994:
Absence of synchronization either in defaecation or urination of the Sri Lankan elephant Elephas maximus maximus in captivity

Piko, L., 1969:
Absence of synthesis of mitochondrial DNA during early development of sea urchins

Shima, A.; Egami, N., 1978:
Absence of systematic polyploidization of hepatocyte nuclei during the ageing process of the male medaka, Oryzias latipes

Agbogba, C., 1994:
Absence of temporal polyethism in the ponerine ant pachycondyla caffraria (Smith) (hymenoptera: formicidae): Early specialization of the foragers

Macholan, M.; Zima, J., 1997:
Absence of the B chromosome in karyotypes of the yellow-necked wood mouse Apodemus flavicollis from Asia Minor

Adrian, C.; Hogben, M., 1975:
Absence of the Rehm effect in the gastric mucosa of Squalus acanthias

Holt, E., 1921:
Absence of the pars buccalis of the hypophysis in a 40 mm Pig

Tandon, K.K., 1965:
Absence of the right pelvic fin in Channa punctatus Bloch

Miyao, T., 1971:
Absence of the third upper premolar and the order of the eruption of the cheek teeth in Sciurus /is

Begg, A.S., 1920 :
Absence of the vena cava inferior in a 12-mm pig embryo, associated with the drainage of the portal system into the cardinal system

Jones, J.K., 1960:
Absence of third upper premolar in Eutamias

Ranft, R.; Slater, PJB., 1987:
Absence of ultrasonic calls from night-flying storm petrels Hydrobates pelagicus

Read, L.J., 1975:
Absence of ureogenic pathways in liver of the hagfish Bdellostoma cirrhatum

Giacometti, G.M.; Ascenzi, P.; Brunori, M.; Rigatti, G.; Giacometti, G.; Bolognesi, M., 1981:
Absence of water at the sixth co-ordination site in ferric Aplysia myoglobin

Morris, RJ., 1983:
Absence of wax esters in pelagic Lake Baikal fauna

Phisalix, C., 1898:
Absence totale de veine cave inferieure chez un Cobaye; persistance de la veine cardinale gauche

Binder, E., 1941:
Absence unilatei-rale du rein et des derives nephretiques chez un cobaye des elevages de le Station de Zoologie experimentale

Arlettaz, R.; Carron, G.; Curchod, J.; Fivat, J.-Marc.; Fournier, J.; Jordan, N.; Lehmann, J.; Leveque, R.; Lugon, A.; Oggier, P.-Alain.; Posse, B.; Praz, J.-Claude.; Trub, J.; Sierro, A.; Zuchuat, O., 1990:
Absence virtuelle du hibou grand-duc dans la basse plaine du Rhone Valais et Vaud en 1989

Nelson, JS., 1971:
Absene of the pelvic complex in ninespine sticklebacks, Pungitius pungitius, collected in Ireland and Wood Buffalo National Park region, Canada, with notes on meristic variation

Lillelund, K.; Kinzer, J., 1966:
Absetz- und Verdrangungs- volumen von Planktonproben Untersuchungen zur Methodik

Dittrich, L., 1965:
Absetzen von Voraugendrusensekret an den Hornen von Artgenossen bei Gazellen und Dikdiks

Hammerschmidt, F.; Vollenkle, H., 1989:
Absolute Konfiguration der 2-amino-1-hydroxyethyl phosphonsaure aus Acanthamoeba castellanii Neff - Darstellung der Phosphonsaure Analoga von +- und --Serin

Hintermeier, H., 1981:
Absolute Raritat Der Rotkopfwurger

Rudenko, GP.; Belousov, VI.; Volkov, YuP., 1975:
Absolute abundance of fish, ichthyomass and fish production in Krivoe lake, Pskov district

Cherdyntsev, V.V., 1964:
Absolute age determination of Quaternary fossil bones by means of heavy elements isotopes relations

Dymond, J.; Lidz, L.; Bonatti, E., 1967:
Absolute age, stratigraphic correlation, and mineralogy of ash layers in Tertiary sediments from Atlantic off Florida

Seed, R., 1973:
Absolute and allometric growth in the mussel, Mytilus edulis LMollusca Bivalvia

Solukha, BV.; Gronya, LI.; Nikolskaya, MP., 1989:
Absolute and differential thresholds of electrical sensitivity in sturgeons

Korotkov, YuS.; Kislenko, GS., 1994:
Absolute and relative numbers of imago of Ixodes persulcatus Ixodidae in valleys with coniferous and leaf-bearing forests of north-west part of eastern Sayan

Altevogt, R., 1955:
Absolute brain size and learning ability in birds

Szoor, G.; Kordos, L., 1981:
Absolute chronological and palaeoclimatological evaluation of Holocene vertebrate remnants by palaeobiogeochemical method

Fromm, E., 1963:
Absolute chronology of the Late Quaterary Baltic

Falk, Astrid., 2000:
Absolute classics scalares Die Klassiker schlechthin Segelflosser

Stritzke, K.; Schulz, S.; Nishida, R., 2002:
Absolute configuration and synthesis of - and - lactones present in the pheromone system of the giant white butterfly Idea leuconoe

Pasteels, JM.; Verhaegle, JC.; Ottinger, R.; Braekman, JC.; Daloze, D., 1981:
Absolute configuration of 3R, 4S-4-methyl-3-hexanol - a pheromone from the head of the ant Tetramorium impurum Foerster

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