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Accidental capture of vertebrates in small mammal studies in Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil Capturas acidentais de vertebrados em estudos com pequenos mamiferos no estado de Santa Catarina, sul do Brasil

Ghizoni, I.R.hling Jr; Graipel, M.E.

Biotemas. maio; 181: 163-180


Accession: 037746073

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This report contains a list of vertebrate species caught accidentally by live-traps while conducting capture and recapture studies with small mammals in Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil. Twenty-two terrestrial vertebrate species were registered: two amphibians, four reptiles, thirteen birds and three mammals. The use of vegetable baits as attractive smells, for example banana and peanut butter, was of great value in terms of the capture of a great diversity of species belonging to a wide range of feeding habitats, including insectivores and carnivores, probably attracted by arthropods that had fed on the baits.

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