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Acrocomia aculeata Palmae, sylvatic habitats of Rhodnius robustus in Trujillo state, Venezuela Acrocomia aculeata Palmae, habitat silvestre de Rhodnius robustus en el Estado Trujillo, Venezuela

Longa, A.; Scorza, J.V.cente

Parasitologia Latinoamericana. jun; 601-2: 17-24


Accession: 037751703

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On a savanna of the Sucre Municipallity, Trujillo State, Venezuela, Triatominae from fourteen palm trees Acrocomia aculeata were investigated, being found 45 + 25 Rhodnius robustus in all evolutives stages, per palm tree, conforming a decreasing pyramid from the II to V stage (32% to 2.5%, respectively), with a surprising highest rate of adults (7.3%). Natural infection by Trypanosoma cruzi in R. robustus was high and observed from 22.2 in II stage to 63% in the imagos, for an average of 32.9%. R. robustus eggs were count in the dry leaves of A. aculeata, being found 3.6 hatched eggs for each leaf, with an average of (150 + 60) dry leaves by palm tree. In all of the palm trees was constantly found fresh eggs, not hatched (22.5/palm), where average of imago of R. robustus was from 4.18 + 3.4 for eleven plants. In three palm trees, even with fresh eggs, we did not find adults. The relation of these findings with the importance for the biocenosis interpretation in the enzootia is discussed.

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