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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37755

Chapter 37755 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Davidson, W.D.; Lemmi, C.A.; Thompson, J.C., 1966:
Action of gastrin on the isolated gastric mucosa of the bullfrog

Sidorova, LI.; Yesayan, AH., 1976:
Action of glucose and ammonium nitrate on the aggressivity of predaceous fungi to nematodes

Matei-Vlitdescu, C., 1970:
Action of glucose and of main glycoregulating hormones on the brain electric activity in the frog Rana ridibunda

Chaudhuri, S.; Maiti, BR., 1989:
Action of gonadotropins and luteotropin on testicular activity in a wild avian species, the tree pie Dendrocitta vagabunda

Not given., 1949:
Action of high frequency fields on insects and bacteria

Martini, L., 1969:
Action of hormones on the central nervous system

Flerkó, B., 1967:
Action of hormones on the neural mechanisms controlling gonadotrophin secretion

Kuszlik-Jochym, K.; Stowakiewicz, E., 1969:
Action of horse-chestnut substances on the growth in vitro of Trichomonas vaginalis and trichomonadosis accompanying microflora

Kozar, Z., 1958:
Action of hyaluronidase on infection with Toxoplasma gondii in mice

Young, PG.; Young, AD.; Zimmerman, AM., 1972:
Action of hydrostatic pressure on sea urchin cilia

Wells, G.P.; Ledingham, I.C., 1939:
Action of hypotonic salines on the isolated tissues of polychaete worms

Cottrell, G.A., 1971:
Action of imipramine on 5-hydroxytryptaminergic transmission and on 5-hydroxytryptamine uptake in the snail (Helix pomatia) brain

Kobayashi, M.; Kimura, S.; Yamazaki, M., 1967:
Action of insect hormones on the brainless pupa of Samia cynthia pryeri Lepidoptera Saturniidae

Meerson, F.Z.; Alekhina, G.M., 1968:
Action of intensity of the contractile function of muscle cells of the heart on the DNA synthesis of the intermediate connective tissue of the myocardium

Graevskaya, B.M.; Keilina, R.Y., 1955:
Action of ion-radiation on some parts of hydro-carbonate metabolism in animal organism

Benazzi, M., 1962:
Action of ionising radiations on the development of Planaria

Krezanoski, J., 1959:
Action of iproniazid on Tetrahymena pyriformis

Turakulov, Y.H.K.amidov, D.H.; Mirahmedov, A.K., 1968:
Action of large doses of thyroxine on fine structure of liver cells

Kasemir, H., 1983:
Action of light on chlorophyllide appearance

Yamamoto, T., 1951:
Action of lipoid solvents on the unfertilized egg of the medaka Oryzias latipes

S.J.hn, P.A.; Gordon, B.L., 1962:
Action of low concentrations of Fungizone on planarians

Davidovitch, M., 1951:
Action of low temperatures on Citellus citellus in experimental poikilothermie

Haggag.; Abdel-Raheem, K., 1969:
Action of magnesium on the activity of nervous tissue of the hibernating lizard Varanus griseus

Ramaswami, L.S.; Lakshman, A.B., 1959:
Action of mammalian hormones on spawning catfish and frog

Iwakiri, M., 1983:
Action of melatonin and its derivatives on melanophores in isolated scales of a teleost fish

Griffith, I.P., 1967:
Action of metabolic inhibitors on taste responses in the frog

Kurt, LA.; Poltorak, VA., 1980:
Action of metabolism products of the fungus Aspergillus niger on phytonematodes

Mukherjea, A.K., 1970:
Action of metronidazole (flagyl) on Giardia intestinalis. A cytochemical study

Babina, E.; Ya., 1966:
Action of monoethandamine on nucleic acid contents of the organs of irradiated rats

Lehmann, F.E., 1961:
Action of morphostatic substances and the role of proteases in regenerating tissues and in tumour cells

Kawasaki, Kenjiro., 1993:
Action of multi-component sex pheromone

Hiller, S., 1950:
Action of narcotics on the amoebae by means of micro-injection and immersion II Influence of alcohols

Morandi Filho, W.J.se; Botton, M.; Gruetzmacher, A.D.onei; Pinheiro Giolo, F.; Gindri Manzoni, C., 2006:
Action of natural products on the survival of Argyrotaenia sphaleropa Meyrick Lepidoptera Tortricidae and selectivity of insecticides used in the organic production of vine on Trichogramma pretiosum Riley Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae Acao de produtos naturais sobre a sobrevivencia de Argyrotaenia sphaleropa Meyrick Lepidoptera Tortricidae e seletividade de inseticidas utilizados na producao organica de videira sobre Trichogramma pretiosum Riley Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae

Ishihara, S.J.; Felsenfeld, O., 1949:
Action of neomycin on protozoa

Brinster, R.L.; Austin, C.R., 1962:
Action of neuraminidase on Arbacia spermatozoa

Schoffeniels, E., 1963:
Action of neuropeptides on permeability characteristics of living membranes

McCalia, D.R., 1970:
Action of nitrofuran derivatives on the chloroplast system of Euglena grad/is effect of light

Ates, Y.; Sentein, P., 1981:
Action of nocodazole on segmentation mitoses of Triturus helveticus Raz electron microscopy

Davidson, W.D.; Urushibara, O.; Thompson, J.C., 1968:
Action of pancreozymin-cholecystokinin on the isolated gastric mucosa of the bullfrog

Montgomery, C.M.; Bamberger, J.W., 1955:
Action of parapyruvate on early development of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Mathur, G.; Daga, SS., 1995:
Action of penfluron and diflubenzuron on Poekilocerus pictus Fab

Liu, C.H., 2018:
Action of penicillin on Trypanosoma evansi

Visotzkaya, L.A.; Vahidova, R.T.; Sharipova, H.A., 1968:
Action of penicillin on internal organs of white mice

Jagiello, G.M., 1968:
Action of phleomycin on the meiosis of the mouse ovum

Dowdall, MJ.; Fretten, P.; Culliford, PG., 1986:
Action of phospholipase neurotoxins on Torpedo synaptosomes changes in membrane potential and phosphoglyceride composition

Vashchenko, D.M., 1962:
Action of pike upon sazan stock in Kremenchug water reservoir

Hollis, J.P., 1963:
Action of plant-parasitic nematodes on their hosts

Muramatsu, T.; Yamada, K.; Date, M.; Yoshioka, S., 1993:
Action of poly-D-mannuronatelyase from Turbo cornutus on oligomeric substrates

Ishibashi, T., 1960:
Action of potassium ion on fish melanophores with some considerations of the characteristics of the isolated fish scale

Nagahama, H., 1954:
Action of potassium ions on the melanophores in an isolated fish scale

Fretten, P.; Dowdall, MJ.; Culliford, PG., 1981:
Action of presynaptic phospholipase neurotoxins on synaptosomes from Torpedo electric organ

Rubio, M.; Pizzi, T., 1954:
Action of primaquine, pontaquine and pentaquinn-quinine on virulent blood stages of Trypanosoma cruzi

Felsenfeld, O.; Mast, E.W.; Ishihara, S.J., 1950:
Action of prodigiosin on protozoa

Alonso-Bedate, M.; Fraile, A.L.pez-Gordo, J.L.; Calle, C., 1971:
Action of progesterone on the maturation and ovulation of Discoglossus pictus oocytes Amphibia Anura results obtained in vivo and in vitro

Cuthbert, MF.; Gardiner, PJ., 1981:
Action of prostaglandins and other arachidonic acid metabolites on airway function

Ivanov, I.I.; Kassavina, B.S., 1946:
Action of prostatic secretion on the motility and metabolism of sperm-atoza

Buznikov, GA.; Martynova, LE.; Marshak, TL.; Galanov, AYu.; Nikitina, LA.; Mileusnic, R.; Rakic, L., 1992:
Action of protein kinase C activators and inhibitors on early echinoderm embryos

Kobayashi, M.; Ishitoya, Y.; Yamazaki, M., 1968:
Action of proteinic brain hormone to the prothoracic gland in an insect, Bombyx mori L Lepidoptera Bombycidae

Kadlubowski, R.; Rostkowska, J., 1961:
Action of protozoacide preparations upon the parasite Balantidium coli Stein in the presence of Tween and Saponin

Ciuca, M.; Baliff, L.; Chelarescu, M.; Isanos, M.; Glaser, L., 1937:
Action of quinine and atebrin on the sporozoites of Plasmodium falciparum

Elliott, A.M.; Slater, J.V., 1951:
Action of radiations on survival of Tetrahymena

Adler, R.; Narbaitz, R., 1965:
Action of rat submaxillary gland extracts on neural tube growth in organ culture

Lima-de-Faria, A.; Isaksson, M.; Olsson, E., 1980:
Action of restriction endonucleases on the DNA and chromosomes of Muntiacus muntjak

Margotta, V.; Hernandez, M.C.; Cappiello-Valcamonica, A.; Palladini, G.; Albani, L.M., 1979:
Action of several food colours on whole and regenerant Planaria

Pora, E.A.A.raham, A.D.; Madar, I., 1967:
Action of sex hormones on in vitro incorporation of glucose in thymus of white rat

M.W.ntao.; Shen Yiping., 1996:
Action of shell matrix on controlling crystal type of CaCO3

Litvinova, L.D.; Vishnevskaya, S.S., 1968:
Action of single and fractional irradiation on the marrow of mice

Graevskii, xC.; Einov'eva, E.G., 1959:
Action of small doses of ionising radiation on length of life and tune of division in Paramecium caudatum

Graevsky, E.J.; Zinoviera, E.G., 1959:
Action of small doses of ionizing radiation on the survival and rate of division in Parawbecium caudatum

Condrea, E., 1967:
Action of snake venom on phospholipids in various biological systems, Abstr

Bradlow, B.A.; Marcus, A.J., 1966:
Action of snake venom phospholipase A on isolated platelet membranes

Lloyd, D.P., 1968:
Action of sodium acetylsalicylate upon sweat glands of the cat's foot pad

Stolk, A., 1961:
Action of sodium pyruvate upon nucleated and enucleated fragments of Stentor coeruleus

Stolk, A., 1962:
Action of sodium pyruvate upon nucleated and enucleated fragments of the parasitic ciliate Opalina ranarum

Seymour, R., 1962:
Action of soft X-rays on the membrane potential of the giant amoeba, Pelomyxa carolinensis

Avanesova, T.S.; Kalyakina, N.M., 1965:
Action of some antihelminthics on the egg laying in Ascarids under laboratory conditions

Tonosaki, K.; Shibuya, T., 1979:
Action of some drugs on gecko olfactory bulb mitral cell responses to odor stimulation

Livshitz, N.N., 1969:
Action of some factors in the cosmic flight on the central nervous system

Trushin, I.N., 1967:
Action of some herbicides and other chemical substances on eggs of ascarids

Turpaeva, E.P.; Simkina, R.G.G.revich, G.; Terlo, J., 1963:
Action of some new antifouling paints on the Polychaeta larvae Mercierella enigmatica Fauvel and young Lamellibranchiata-Mytilus galloprovincialis L

Turpaeva, E.P.; Simkina, R.G.G.revich, ES.; Terlo, J., 1963:
Action of some new antifouling paints on the Polychaeta larvae Mercierella enigmatica Fauvel and young Lamellibranciata-Mytilus galloprovincialis L

Abraham, A.D., 1969:
Action of some steroids on the lactate dehydrogenase and succinate dehydrogenase activity, and upon the oxidative phosphorylation in White rat thymus

Iskra, E.V.; Turpaeva, E.P.; Soldatova, I.N.; Simkina, R.G., 1963:
Action of some toxic substances on the major fouling organisms in the Gulf of Taganrog

Volpe, E.P.; DasguptS.S., 1962:
Action of spotting genes in triploid mutant leopard frogs Rana pipiens

Voznaia, G.I.; Zlobin, V.S., 1979:
Action of stimulants on the marine dinoflagellate, Peridinium trochoideum

Balamuth, W.; Wieboldt, M.L., 1946:
Action of streptomycin on Entamoeba histolytica in vitro

Rusinov, V.S.; Ezrokhi, V.L., 1968:
Action of strychnine on inhibitory neurone synapses of an isolated extension receptor of Crustacea

Khomiakov, GV.; Dogadina, TV.; Komaristaya, VP., 1994 :
Action of sublethal doses of copper ions on culture of Dunaliella viridis Teod Chlorophyta

Tiedemann, H.; Tiedemann, H.; Born, J., 1969:
Action of sulfhydryl compounds on embryonic inducing factors

Stutzmann, J.M.; Cepeda, C.; Naquet, R., 1984:
Action of suriclone in naturally and allyglycine-induced photosensitive baboons, Papio papio

Freeman, A.R.; Fingerman, M., 1969:
Action of tetradotoxin and observations on the characteristics of the chromatophore membrane of the prawn, Palaemonetes

Futamachi, K.; Smith, T.G., 1982:
Action of tetrodotoxin on pacemaker conductances in Aplysia neurons

Chopra, R.N.; Chowhan, J.S., 1934:
Action of the Indian Daboia Vipera ruselli venom on the Circulatory-System

Riddle, O., 1936:
Action of the anterior pituitary hormones on basal metabolism of normal and hypophysectomized Pigeons and on a paradoxical influence of temperature

Thomas, IM., 1972:
Action of the gut in Saccoglossus otagoensis Hemichordata Enteropneusta

Golovina, N.V., 1955:
Action of the high hydrostatic pressure on striated muscles of frog

Wilde, Jde., 1960:
Action of the juvenile hormone in the adult Colorado beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say Symposium 3 Insect chemistry

Levinson, HZ.; Levinson, AR., 1973 :
Action of the lipid antagonist ethyl-p-chlorophenoxyisobutyrate ECM on insect growth and reproduction

Dragomirov, N.I., 1947:
Action of the meso-ectoderm of the frog in the determination of the location of the balancers in the embryo Triton

Kits, KS.; Piek, T., 1986:
Action of the polyamine -philanthotoxin on neuromuscular transmission in insects

Kashtchenko, L.A., 1951:
Action of the radiant energy on gonadotropic factor in the anterior portion of hypophysis

Pora, E,A.; Gabos, M.; Barla, I., 1971:
Action of the thyroxine and thiouracyl on the ascorbic acid content in lateral muscles and liver of Cyprinus carpio L

Sokhrokov, KhKh., 1979:
Action of the ultrasound on Ascaris suum eggs

Janszky, B., 1949:
Action of the Venom of Bothrops Atrox on Fibrinogen

Peng, Ming Tsung., 1951:
Action of the venom of Trimeresurus mucro-squamatus on circulation and respiration

Lubitskaya, A.I., 1961:
Action of the visible light, ultraviolet rays and temperature on body metamery in fishes Part 1

Romanenko, AV., 1986:
Action of thiamine on different synapses

Arno, C.; Dolci, M.; Quagliotto, P., 1994:
Action of three new insect juvenile hormone analogues on Tenebrio molitor L pupae Azione di tre nuovi analoghi dellormone giovanile degli insetti su pupe di Tenebrio molitor L

Wase, A.W.; Solewski, J.; Riekes, E.; Seidenberg, J., 1967:
Action of thyrocalcitonm on bone

Abbott, B.C.; Paster, Z., 1970:
Action of toxins from Gymnodinium breve

Folco, EJ.; Busconi, L.; Martone, C.; Trucco, RE.; Sanchez, JJ., 1984:
Action of two alkaline proteases and a trypsin inhibitor from white croaker skeletal muscle Micropogon opercularis in the degradation of myofibrillar proteins

Not given., 1949:
Action of ultra-short waves on bacteria and insects

Dolgopolskaya, M.A.Akselband, A.M., 1964:
Action of ultrasonic vibrations on marine fouling organisms, and on the process of fouling First communication

Proust, J.; Prudhommeau, C., 1968:
Action of ultraviolet light on the genetic recombination by irradiation of primordial germinal cells of Drosophila females

Rastogi, AK.; Sagar, P.; Kapoor, SC.; Agarwala, SC., 1972:
Action of ultraviolet radiation on excystment and concomitant macromolecular syntheses in Schizopyrenus russelli

Yamamoto, M., 1960:
Action of various anti-carcinogenic agents on the egg division in sea-urchin egg

Chopra, R.N.; Chowhan, J.S., 1932:
Action of venom of the Indian Daboiai Vipera russellii vel Vipera elegans on certain Protozoa

Ivanov, VD., 1989:
Action of wing articulations of the caddis-flies Trichoptera in flight

Wichterman, R., 1959:
Action of x-rays on Paramecium survival and reproduction

Gelashvili, N.A., 1966:
Action of x-rays on the contents of desoxyribonucleic acid dna in the nuclei of the frog embryo

Scott, C.M., 1934:
Action of x-rays on the eggs of Calliphora With an appendix, Method of preparing microscopic sections of the eggs of Calliphora erythrocephala, by D Kilgour

Lundberg, B., 1981:
Action on black terns

Bianchi, C.P., 1963:
Action on calcium movements in frog sartorius muscles by drugs producing rigor

Aleksiev, B.; Tchorbanov, B., 1976:
Action on phosphatidylcholine of the toxic phospholipase A2 from the venom of bulgarian viper (Vipera ammodytes ammodytes)

Clavert, J., 1942:
Action osteogeneique de la folliculine chesr le Pigeon

Gartkiewics, S., 1926:
Action paradoxale de la temperature elevee sur le coeur danodonte

Roudsky, D., 1912:
Action pathogene de Tr duttoni Thiroux et lesions provoquees chez le rat par ce Flagelle

Joyeux, O., 1924:
Action pathogene des helminthes

Guiart, J., 1905:
Action pathogene des parasites de lintestin

Terra, W.R.; Ferreira, C.; D.B.anchi, A.G., 1977:
Action pattern, kinetical properties and electrophoretical studies of an alpha-amylase present in midgut homogenates from Rhynchosciara americana (Diptera) larvae

Genta, F.A.; Terra, W.R.; Ferreira, C., 2003:
Action pattern, specificity, lytic activities, and physiological role of five digestive -glucanases isolated from Periplaneta americana

Castellani, A., 1955:
Action phagocytaire et destructrice de Hartmanella castellanii Amoeba castellanii sur un champignon levuriforme encapsule pathogene Torulopsis neo-formans Cryptococcus neoformans

Bacq, Z.M.; Florkin, M., 1935:
Action pharmacologique dun extrait dhypophyses et de ganglions nerveux dune Ascidie Ciona intestinalis

Tazieflf-Depierre, F.; Czajka, M.; Lowagie, C., 1969:
Action pharmacologique de fractions pures de venin de Naja nigricollis et liberation de calcium dans les muscles stries

Troise, E., 1928:
Action pharmoco-dynamique du venin de Latrodectus mactans

Plavchitch, C., 1934:
Action photo-dynamique de la bile sur Lamblia intestinalis

Viaud, G., 1939:
Action photo-kinetique des radiations monochromatiques degale energie chez Brachionus pala Ehrenberg

van der Merwe, P.; Flight, I., 1985:
Action photographs of the fruit fly

Phisalix, M., 1910:
Action physioogique du mucus des Batraciens sur ces animaux euxmemes et sur les Serpents; cette action est la meme que celle du venin des Viperes

Poehl, A., 1892:
Action physiologique de la spermine Interpretation de ses effets sur lorganisme

Phisalix, C., 1897:
Action physiologique du venin de Salamandre du Japon Sieboldia maxima Attenuation par la chaleur et vaccination de la Grenouille contre ce venin

Physalix, C.; Langlois., 1889:
Action physiologique du venin de la Salamandre terrestre

Phisalix, M.M.; Dehaut, G., 1909:
Action physiologique du venin muqueux dun Batracien anoure le Pelobates fuscus

Phisalix, M.M.; Dehaut, G., 1909:
Action physiologique du venin muqueux dun Batracien, le Discoglossus pictus

Phisalix, Mme, M., 1909:
Action physiologique du venin muqueux des Batraciens et en particulierdes Discoglossidae

Garnett, S.; Crowley, G., 2000:
Action plan for Australian birds

Munguira, M.L.; Martin, J., 1999:
Action plan for Maculinea butterflies in Europe

Dang Huy Huynh.; Hoang Minh Khein.; Pham Trong Anh., 1995:
Action plan for conservation and sustainable development of diversity of wildlife in some tropical ecosystems in Vietnam

Schreiber, EA., 2000:
Action plan for conservation of West Indian seabirds

Goussen, JP., 1991:
Action plan for conserving piping plovers in prairie Canada

Taylor, Graeme, A., 2000:
Action plan for seabird conservation in New Zealand Part B non-threatened seabirds

UNEP/MAP/Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas., 2007:
Action plan for the conservation of birds of Annex II of the ASP protocol and biological diversity Plan daction pour la conservation des especes doiseaux inscrites en Annexe II du protocole ASP et diversite biologique

Gulic, J., 2004:
Action plan for the conservation of black grouse Tetrao tetrix in the area of Mt Kosenjak NNE Slovenia Akcijski nacrt za varstvo rusevca Tetrao tetrix na obmocju Kosenjaka SSV Slovenija

Delibes, M.; Rodriguez, A.; Ferreras, P., 2000:
Action plan for the conservation of the Iberian lynx in Europe Lynx pardinus

Swenson, J.E.; Gerstl, N.; Dahle, B.; Zedrosser, A., 2000:
Action plan for the conservation of the brown bear in Europe Ursus arctos

Ransome, RD.; Hutson, A.M., 2000:
Action plan for the conservation of the greater horseshoe bat in Europe Rhinolophus ferrumequinum

Palmer, Margaret., 1994 :
Action plan for the conservation of the native freshwater crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in the United Kingdom

Limpens, H.J.A.; Lina, P.H.; Hutson, A.M., 2000:
Action plan for the conservation of the pond bat in Europe Myotis dasycneme

Landa, A.; Linden, M.; Kojola, I., 2000:
Action plan for the conservation of wolverines in Europe Gulo gulo

Boitani, Luigi., 2000:
Action plan for the conservation of wolves in Europe Canis lupus

Anonymous., 1976:
Action plan for the eastern Mediterranean ecosystem A model to evaluate the impact of human activity and technological development on the marine environment

Lacina, D.; Rejman, B., 2002:
Action plan for the white stork Ciconia ciconia guidelines for species management in the Czech Republic Akcni plan pro capa bileho Ciconia ciconia hlavni zasady pece o druh v Ceske republice

Santiapillai, Charles., 2000:
Action plans as a guideline for research programs in Third World countries

Spang, W.D.; Junker, R.; Siepe, A.; Staeber, H.-Michael., 1997:
Action plans during efficiency controls By-investigations on trials of ecological floodings of the Polder, Altenheim 1 and 2 of the Upper Rhine Vorgehensweise bei Effizienzkontrollen Begleituntersuchungen zu den probeweisen okologischen Flutungen der Polder Altenheim 1 und 2 am Oberrhein

Araujo, R.; Ramos, A., 2001:
Action plans for Margaritifera auricularia and Margaritifera margaritifera in Europe

Schaeffer, Norbert., 2000:
Action plans for endangered bird species - recipes for success for nature conservation or substitutes for action? Aktionsplaene fuer gefaehrdete Vogelarten - Erfolgsrezepte fuer den Naturschutz oder Ersatzhandlungen auf dem Papier?

McGowan, Philip., 1994:
Action plans for pheasants and PQF

Schaeffer, N.; Nipkow, M., 2003:
Action plans for threatened birds in Europe Aktionsplaene fuer gefaehrdete Vogelarten in Europa

Robbins, John., 1998:
Action plans for threatened species - the UK experience

Goldberg, Claus., 1998:
Action plans for threatened species in Nordic countries

Sneep, Jan-Willem., 1998:
Action plans for threatened species in The Netherlands

Merny, G.; Mauboussin, JC., 1973:
Action possible des nematodes darts le rabourgrissement ou clump de 1arachide au Senegal

Lloyd, D.P., 1961:
Action potential and secretory potential of sweat glands

Gillette, R.; Gillette, MU.; Davis, WJ., 1980:
Action-potential broadening and endogenously sustained bursting are substrates of command ability in a feeding neuron of Pleurobranchaea

Stitt, J.P.; Gaumond, R.P.; Frazier, J.L.; Hanson, F.E., 1998:
Action potential classifiers: a functional comparison of template matching, principal components analysis and an artificial neural network

Beirao, PS.; Sorenson, AL., 1982 :
Action potential in a secretory epithelium of marine clams

de Peyer, JE.; Huggel, H., 1973:
Action potential of Stylonychia mytilus ciliate Protozoa in Ba free solution

Gerasimov, V.D.; Kostyuk, P.G.; Maiskii, V.A., 1965:
Action potential production in giant neurons of mollusks

Walker, R.J.; Lambert, J.D.; Woodruff, G.N.; Kerdut, G.A., 1970:
Action potential shape and frequency as criteria for neuron identification in the snail, Helix aspersa

Mandelstam, I.E.; Tyshchenko, V.P., 1968:
Action potentials and structure of nervi corporis cardiaci larvae of Dendrolimus pini L and Antheraea pornyi Guer

Waterman, T.H., 1954:
Action potentials from an arthropod ocellus the median eye of Limulus

Miller, D.W.; McCann, F.V., 1962:
Action potentials iix single cells of a tunicate heart

Eckert, HEA.; Hamdorf, K., 1981:
Action potentials in non-spiking visual interneurones

Naitoh, Y.; Eckert, R., 1967:
Action potentials in Paramecium

Widdicombe, J.G., 1966:
Action potentials in parasympathetic and sympathetic efferent fibres to the trachea and lungs of dogs and cats

Scheer, B.T.; Monroy, A.; Santangelo, M.; Riccobono, G., 1955:
Action potentials in sea urchin eggs at fertilization

Burkhardt, D., 1960:
Action potentials in the antennae of the blowfly Calliphora erythrocephala during mechanical stimulation

Prosser, C.L., 1934:
Action potentials in the nervous system of the Crayfish I Spontaneous impulses II Responses to illumination of the eye and caudal ganglia

Prosser, C.L., 1937:
Action potentials in the nervous system of the Crayfish III Central responses to proprioceptive and tactile stimulation

Lebedinskaya, II.; Nasledov, GA., 1977:
Action potentials of fast and slow muscle fibers of the swamp tortoise Emys orbicularis

Hepp-Reymond, M.C., 1967:
Action potentials of the auditory nerve in the Tokay gecko Gekko gecko and their relations to cochlear potentials

Singh, I.; Bhatt, J.V., 1958:
Action potentials of unstriated muscle immersed in electrolyte-free medium

Panis, A., 1974:
Action predatrice dEublemma scitula Lepidoptera Noctuidae, Erastriinae dans le sud de la France

Benois, A.; Marro, FP., 1973:
Action predatrice des fourmis sur les oeufs de Bombylides

Manguin, S.; Vala, JC.; Reidenbach, JM., 1988:
Action predatrice des larves de Tetanocera ferruginea Diptera Sciomyzidae dans des systemes a plusieurs especes de mollusques-proies

Sellier, J., 1907 :
Action presurante et proteolytique du suc digestif des cephalopodes

Stubbs, D., 1986:
Action programme for protecting Testudo hermanni in southern France

Sellier, J., 1908:
Action proteolytique da suc digestif des Crustaces

Launoy, L., 1902:
Action proteolytique des glandes salivaires chez les Ophidiens

Sellier, J., 1907:
Action proteolytique du suc digestif des crustaces

Richard, A., 1971:
Action qualitative de la lumiere dans le determinisme du cycle sexual chez le cephalopode Sepia officinalis L

Kondo, Akira., 1996:
Action range of the sex pheromone of the rice stem borer moth, Chilo suppressalis Walker and suitable trap location for population monitoring

David, J.; Van Herewege, J., 1969:
Action repulsive de la levure vivante sur loviposition de Drosophila melanogaster Meig

Bounhiol, J.J., 1955:
Action retardatorie dun frenateur de la glande pituitaire la paraoxy-propiophenone sur la metamorphose des amphibians anoures

Biot, C., 1910:
Action revivifiante du chlorure de sodium sur les Trypanosomes

Dastague, G.; Dupuis, P., 1948:
Action sensibilisante de la morphine et de ses derives vis-a-vis do lacetylcholine on presence du ventricule isole dHelix pomatia

Megemont, C.; Megemont, I.; Bastide, P.; Dastugue, G., 1962:
Action sensibilisante de quelques composes phenanthreniques, isoquinoleiques ou derives, vis-a-vis de acetylcholine en presence du ventricule isole dHelix pomatia

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Action sensibilisante du quelques anes-thesiques locaux vis-a-vis do lacetyl-choline en presence du ventrioiile isole dHelix pomutia

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Action sexuelle de lhypophyse sur les Poissons et les Reptiles

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Action spectra for prevention or termination of diapause in three species of Lepidoptera

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Action spononticide et chemoprophylactique de la pyrimethamine

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Action started for the protection of the little bustard Actions en cours pour la sauvegarde de loutarde canepetiere

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Action sterilisante dun Thysanoptere sur les fleurs de luzerne

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Action stimulante a distance, exercee par certain suspensions bacteriennes, a travers le quartz, sur leclosion du moustique de la fievre jaune

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Action stimulante de deux histamino-liberateurs sur la medullosurrenale du rat

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Action stimulante des androgenes sur les ebauches femelles du tractus genital de la tortue deau Emys leprosa S

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Action stimulante des faibles doses de thyroxine sur le developpement des oeufs dOursin

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Action stimulante directe et indirecte du diazoxide sur ladrenalino-secretion Absence de potentialisation par cette substance des effets propres de ladrenaline sur la glycemie

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Action stimulatrice du spermatophore sur lovogenese chez Acanthoscelides obtectus Say insecte, coleoptere

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Action sur Entamoeba dysenteriae en cultures de diverges substances et du serum dhomme ay ant reYu de lemetine

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Action sur losmoregulation de languille de divers antibiotiques inhibiteurs de la synthese des proteines on du renouvellement cellulaire

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Action sur losraire tju lepidoptere pyralide Galleria mellonella L dun jeune protidique precoce et prolonge, reduction du nombre des ovarioles

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Action sur la metamorphose des amphibiens dun faeteur hormonal parotine secrete par les glandes salivaires

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Action sur le coeur dHelix pomatia perfuse en situ, de diffusats et dextracts de differents nerfs

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Action sur le cycle vaginal ie la ratte de regimes alimentaires semi-synthetiques enrichis en vitamine A

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Action sur le germe daxolotl Amblystoma mexicanurri en cours de segmentation de la 6 sulfanilamido 2-4-dimethylpyrimidine

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Action sur le tractus genital de la rate dune dose unique de benzoate doestradiol administree avant le 5s jour de la vie

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Action sur les glandes sous-maxillaires de la souris femelle dun traiternent combine par la testosterone et Foestradiol

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Action sur les glandes sous-maxillaires de la souris femelle dune substance progestative de synthese, le sh714

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Action synergique des rayons x et de lethylhydrazide de iacide podophyllinique sur une tumeur isologue solide de la souris c3h

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Action taken by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature in the period 1939-1955 supplementary to certain Opinions rendered in the period up to the end of 1936 Opinions 1-133

Direction 23., 1955:
Action taken in completion of the Rulings given under the plenary powers in Opinion 108 and Opinion 109 validating the generic names Gazella Blainville, 1816, and Hippotragus Sundevall, 1846, respectively

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Action temporelle decdysteroides sur la synthese proteique ovarienne in vitro chez le crustace isopode terrestre Porcellio dilatatus Brandt

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Action tensionnelie de lion potassium chez le rat surrenalec-tomise

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Action teratogene chez le rat dun inhibiteur de la synthese du cholesterol

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Action teratogene de plusiers substances sur la morphogenese cardiaque de iembryon du poulet

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Action teratogene des Greffes doeufs croisees entre Batraciens Anoures et Batraciens Urodeles

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Action teratogene des solutions salines sur les larves des Batraciens

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Action teratogene du phosphate de dexamethasone chez le lapin en fonction des doses utilisees

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Action teratogene du triparanol chez la souris

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Action to conserve ancient trees and their associated wood-decay communities at landscape level

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Action to reduce bird of prey persecution

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Action toxique dun detergent sur le cycle de developpement de la polychete Capitella capitata Fab

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Action toxique des poisons dAdamsia palliata

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Action toxique des poisons dAdamsia palliata sur divers invertebres marins

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Action toxique des poisons dAdamsia palliata sur les Crustaces decapodes

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Action toxique des poisons dAdamsia palliate sur divers invertebres marins

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Action toxique des tween 60 et tween 80 sur les ventricules isoles dHelix aspersa et de Bana temporaria

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Action toxique des tween 60 et tween 80 sur les ventricules isoles dHelix aspersa et de Rana temporaria

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Action toxique du rouge neutre en presence de la lumiere

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Action toxique du sang de Coronella austriaca Laurent et son attenuation par la chaleur

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Action toxique du venin de Crapaud pour lHomme et les animaux

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Action toxique exercee par quelqucs metaux sur les Balanes

Opinion 490., 1957:
Action under the Plenary Powers to preserve for use in its accustomed sense the generic name Elaphe Fitzinger, 1833 Class Reptilia

Opinion 464., 1957:
Action under the Plenary Powers to secure a that the specific name gambianus Ogilby, 1835, as published in the combination Sciurus gambianus shall be the oldest available name for the Sun Squirrel and b that the generic name Heliosciurus Trouessart,

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Action vicariante durable de la greffe intraoculaire de thyroide de Raton nouveau-ne sur le developpement du Rat blanc ethyroide

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Action vitaminique de hi riboflavine extraite des tubes de Malpighi des insectes

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Action, des ions Potassium sur las moscalature des Chromatophores des Cephalopodes

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Action, sur la biologie dune Entamibe, du parasitisme intranucleaire par une Nucleophaga

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Action, sur les paramecios, du serum des rats normaux, sarcomateux et inocules avec des bacteries

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Actions a distance et developpement de loeuf dOursin Nouvelles experiences

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Actions and roles of the FMRFamide peptides in Helix

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Actions centrales des influx dorigine cutanee et musoulaire chez la Grenouille IIPotentiel dorsal de la moelle et potentiel de raoine dorsale

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Actions companees du vague sur le coeur do quelques poissons marins

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Actions de divers facteurs externs sur le rhythmecardiaque de Locusta migratoria L

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Actions de diverses solutions mineraies sur la consommation doxygene du muscle enerve de grenouille

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