Additional taxonomy on the Sesiidae of Cyprus Lepidoptera, Sesiidae Ergaenzungen zur Taxonomie der Sesiidae Zyperns Lepidoptera, Sesiidae

Fischer, H.

Atalanta (Marktleuthen) 37(1-2): 225-228, 287


ISSN/ISBN: 2340-1176
Accession: 037765540

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After investigating the entomological history of Synanthedon myopaeformis luctuosa (LEDERER, 1853) the number of its paralectotypes is rectified. Synanthedon myopaeformis mesoreaca FISCHER & LEWANDOWSKI, 2003 stat. rev. is referred to subspecies as new and the remain of its types is explained. Pyropteron minianiforme aphrodite BARTSCH, 2004 syn. nov. is transferred to synonymy of Pyropteron minianiforme minianiforme (FREYER,1843) and it is pictured in some different features.