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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37772

Chapter 37772 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jin, Y.; Jiang, H., 2005:
Advances in toxins from Conus textile

Ritchie, BW.; Niagro, FD.; Latimer, KS.; Lukert, PD.; Steffens, WL.; Pesti, D., 1990:
Advances in understanding the PBFD virus

Ping Jiang.; Cong Guo., 2004:
Advances in vertebrate origin and evolvement

Jackson, OF., 1983:
Advances in veterinary medicine for reptiles

Rosenberg, DP.; Anderson, JH.; Silberg, B.; Henrickson, RV., 1981:
Advances in wound care for non-human Primates

Garrett, C.M.; Chiszar, D., 1996:
Advances in zoo herpetology

Zhang, N.; Wang, F.-shan., 2004:
Advances of DNA extraction methods

Chen Nansheng.; Sun Haibao., 1992:
Advances of chemoreception studies in crustaceans

Xu, C.; Liu, W.; Huan, S.; Han, S.; Li, L., 2001:
Advances of in vitro rearing of Trichogramma

Yuan, Y.; Qu, K., 1995:
Advances of investigation on the action of trace metal in sea water to marine organisms

Sylwanowicz, W., 1958:
Advances of macromorphology in the last ten years

Zeng, H.-Ming.; Huang, J.-Sheng., 2003:
Advances of research on insect neuropeptide allatostatin

Wu, P.; Lou, Y.-Dong.; Qiu, G.-Feng., 1999:
Advances of studies on androgenic gland in crustacean

Ma, L.; Cai, L.-zhe.; Yuan, D.-xing., 2003:
Advances of studies on mangrove benthic fauna pollution ecology

Shi, L.-ping.; Li, Y., 2003:
Advances of studies on myxomycete biology

Chen, B.; Wang, Y.-zhao., 2001:
Advances of systematic research on Teratoscincus Gekkonidae

Vega, Pablo Barranco., 2000:
Advances of the cavernicolous fauna of Almeria province Avances en la entomofauna cavernicola de la Provincia de Almeria

Hiller, S., 1958:
Advances of the electron microscopy

Liu Hsient'ing., 1980:
Advances of the paleoichthyology in China

Zhang, G.-fang.; Wu, X.-zhong.; Li, J.-le., 2005 :
Advances of the studies on diseases of Hyriopsis cumingii and its control

Hou, G., 1989:
Advances on biological active substances of Sarcophaga peregrina larva

Meng, L.; Li, B.-ping., 2005:
Advances on biology and host specificity of the newly introduced beetle, Ophraella communa Lesage Coleoptera Chrysomelidae, attacking Ambrosia artemisiifolia Compositae in continent of China

Zhou, Z.-chun.; Dong, Y.; He, C.-bo.; Song, L., 2005:
Advances on chromosome study of echinoderm

Wang Meilin.; Zheng Jiasheng.; Zhu Liyan.; Dai Jixun., 2000:
Advances on karyotype study of marine fish and shellfish in China

Zhang Hemin. et al., 1997:
Advances on protection and reproduction of panda in Wolong Reserve

Szumik, Claudia, A., 1999:
Advances on the biology of Pararhagadochir trachelia Navas Embioptera Embiidae Avances sobre la biologia de Pararhagadochir trachelia Navas Embioptera Embiidae

Liu, Jing-lan., 2001:
Advances on the content and reasons of mildew and secretion for Psylla chinesis

Sun, Z.-tao.; Yan, Y.-chun., 2001:
Advances on the pesticide resistance and esterase gene amplification of Culex pipiens

Liu, Y.; Zhao, W., 2004:
Advances on the studies of biology and ecology in Dunaliella

Huang, B.; Guo, H.-Rong.; Zhang, S.-Cui., 2003:
Advances on the studies of fish albinism

Wu, X.-yun.; Cheng, X.-fei.; Zhang, H.-rui.; Li, Z.-yue., 2006:
Advances on the western flower thrips Frankliniella occidentals

D.J.sus, A.; Gonzalez, E.; Oliva, J.; Pelayo, A.; Medina, G., 1999:
Advances over some ecological aspects of queen conch Strombus gigas L in southern Quintana Roo, Mexico Avances sobre algunos aspectos ecologicos del caracol rosado, Strombus gigas L en el sur de Quintana Roo Mexico

Stubbs, Alan, E., 1995:
Advances to the British Hoverfly List 1901 to 1990

Frazier, Jack., 2000:
Advances with the Inter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles

Simpson, S.J.; Sword, G.A. de Loof, A., 2005:
Advances, controversies and consensus in locust phase polyphenism research

Waller, D.J.; Williams, E.J.; Johnson, T.W.; Harris, M.J., 2003:
Advancing bird conservation in a way that serves broader wildlife conservation needs a state agencys perspective

Parpart, A.K., 1957:
Advancing frontiers in the study of biology

Ruth, J.M.; Barrow, W.C.; Wojda, R.S.; Dawson, D.K.; Diehl, R.H.; Manville, A.; Green, M.T.; Krueper, D.J.; Johnston, S., 2005:
Advancing migratory bird conservation and management by using radar an interagency collaboration

Cozzolino, G.; Minoia, P.; Lacalandra, G., 1999:
Advancing of reproduction in sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax L with long-acting hormonal treatment Induzione riproduttiva nella spigola Dicentrarchus labrax L con technica ormonale a lento rilascio

Kawai, Norihiko., 2003:
Advantage and disadvantage brought to the water environment by large-scale river improvement works - In case of Shirokita Wando, the Yodo River -

Bolliger, Thomas., 1997:
Advantage and disadvantage of the scientific use of karstic faunas

Saito, A.; Mikami, A.; Kawamura, S.; Ueno, Y.; Hiramatsu, C.; Widayati, K.A.; Suryobroto, B.; Teramoto, M.; Mori, Y.; Nagano, K.; Fujita, K.; Kuroshima, H.; Hasegawa, T., 2005:
Advantage of dichromats over trichromats in discrimination of color-camouflaged stimuli in nonhuman primates

Iyer, T.S.G.; Choudhuri, D.R., 1968:
Advantage of salt treatment in frog-legs processing

Brunhes, J.; Bousses, P., 2002:
Advantages and constraints of the identification assisted by computer Avantages et contraintes de lidentification assistee par ordinateur

Paukstadt, U.; Paukstadt, L.H., 2002:
Advantages and disadvantages in digital macro photography Vor- und Nachteile der digitalen Makrofotografie

Hoogland, JL.; Sherman, PW., 1976:
Advantages and disadvantages of bank swallow Riparia riparia coloniality

Zachariassen, K.E.ik; Pedersen, S.A.dre; Kristiansen, E., 2004:
Advantages and disadvantages of freeze-tolerance and freeze-avoidance overwintering strategies

White, CM.; Sherrod, SK., 1973:
Advantages and disadvantages of the use of rotor-winged aircraft in raptor surveys

Silliman, RP., 1971 :
Advantages and limitations of simple fishery models in light of laboratory experiments

Grelle, C.; Descamps, M., 2000:
Advantages and limits of autometallography Application to the earthworm Eisenia fetida typica Lautometallographie appliquee a un modele oligochete Eisenia fetida typica Avantages et limites de la technique

Sergeeva, GI., 1980:
Advantages of application of a modified Ito-Karnovsky mixture for ultrastructural research of the ciliates

Nicolas, G., 1991:
Advantages of fast-freeze fixation followed by freeze-substitution for the preservation of cell integrity

Edmunds, M., 1983:
Advantages of food specificity in Aeolidia papillosa

Dayrat, B., 2005:
Advantages of naming species under the PhyloCode an example of how a new species of Discodorididae Mollusca, Gastropoda, Euthyneura, Nudibranchia, Doridina may be named

Sawyer, W.A., 1925:
Advantages of nation wide and international organization for disease control, with special reference to hookworm disease and beriberi

Pelbart, J., 2003:
Advantages offered by GPS supported mollusk collection in the field

Storey, A., 1986:
Advantages to female rodents of male-induced pregnancy disruptions

Dominguez, P.; Casanova, D., 1989:
Adveccion superficial del fitoplancton en la Laguna Grande de San Pedro Concepcion, Chile

Skreslet, S.; Rod, NA., 1986:
Advection of Calanus finmarchicus between habitats in Norwegian coastal waters

Power, JH., 1984:
Advection, diffusion, and drift migrations of larval fish

Parslow, JS.; Gabric, AJ., 1989:
Advection, dispersal and plankton patchiness on the Great Barrier Reef

Pettingill, O S. jun., 1940:
Adven-tures in Puffin-town

Murray, P.D.F., 1963:
Adventitious secondary cartilage in the chick embryo, and the development of certain bones and articulations in the chick skull

Pautard, F.G.E., 1959:
Adventitious formation of bone salts by algal flagella, and the question of apatite formation in protozoa generally

Taylor, A L.; Jr., 1981:
Adventitious molt in red knot possibly caused by Actornithophilus Mallophaga Menoponidae

Speiser, P., 1908:

Hellweg, K., 1989:
Adventivarten aus einem Dortmunder Komposthaufen Hydrophil, Staph, Lathrid

Nagel, P., 1978:
Adventivarten der Susswasserfauna von Saar und Mosel Evertebrata

Ross, Hermann., 1912 :
Adventivblattchen auf Melastomaceenblattern, verursacht durch parasitisch lebende Alchen

Beal, R S.; Jr., 1991:
Adventive Hawaiian Dermestidae Coleoptera an annotated list

Drees, M., 1991:
Adventive Kaferarten im Hagener Raum

Gerber, Jochen., 1994:
Adventive Landschnecken in Sudbaden und benachbarten Gebieten

Thaler, K.; Knoflach, B., 1995:
Adventive Spinnentiere in Osterreich - mit Ausblicken auf die Nachbarlander Arachnida ohne Acari

Neck, RW., 1976:
Adventive land snails in the Brownsville, Texas area

Schmida, Gunther., 2007:
Adventure Cape York Part 2 Abenteuer Kap York 2 Teil

Willmott, KJ., 1978:
Adventure with Spanish queen in Surrey

Jahn, T.L., 1955:
Adventures among the flagellates, and other matters

Cromie, W.J., 1968:
Adventures and misadventures of the green turtle Part 1-Misadventures

Cromie, W.J., 1968:
Adventures and misadventures of the green turtle Part 2 Adventures

Wilson, H., 1977:
Adventures at a winter camp

McMahan, Elizabeth, A., 2005:
Adventures documenting an assassin bug that fishes for termites

Lewis, H.F., 1956:
Adventures for birdwatchers in Nova Scotia

Tomlinson, D., 1983:
Adventures from Addis Birdwatching in Ethiopia - 1

Ewbank, DA., 1999:
Adventures in Indonesia - June to August 1994

Williams, P., 1989:
Adventures in Japan, part 2

MacLeod, A.; Perlman, J., 2001:
Adventures in avian nutrition dietary considerations for the hatchling/nestling passerine

Baldwin, S.P., 1922:
Adventures in bird-banding in 1921

Mitra, S S., 2005:
Adventures in field identification an unusual manx shearwater at Jones Inlet, Nassau County, NY, 17-26 Sep 2005

Gordon, D.C.; Jr.; Keizer, PD.; Daborn, GR.; Schwinghamer, P.; Silvert, WL., 1986:
Adventures in holistic ecosystem modelling the Cumberland Basin ecosystem model

Lippincott, J.W., 1958:
Adventures in snailing Tree-snailing in the Everglades

Bohlke, JE., 1973:
Adventures in the Bahamas

Kalb, Jon, E., 2001:
Adventures in the bone trade the race to discover human ancestors in Ethiopias Afar Depression

Tunmore, Mark., 2005:
Adventures in the field Holland and back

Hyman, O.W., 1922:
Adventures in the life of a Fiddler crab

Leakey, L.S.B., 1963:
Adventures in the search for man

Allen, T., 1949:
Adventures of a Zoos collector

Worth, C.B., 1940:
Adventures of a naturalist in Honduras

Williams, Jon., 1993:
Adventures with Australian mygalomorphs and other creatures

Kaelberer, D., 1974:
Adventures with Charlie

Kelham, H.R., 1926:
Adventures with Pythons

Fleay, D., 1953:
Adventures with a Taipan

Shaw, KC., 1990:
Adventures with antitypes and antitheses

Beard, E.B., 1945:
Adventures with birds at the St Clair Flats

Hemmes, DE.; Goldsmith, MJ., 1985:
Adventures with micromolluscs

Oasten, J.R. van., 1957:
Adventures with softbills

Gibson, S., 1981:
Adventures with stag beetles

Taverner, P.H., 1922:
Adventures with the Canada Goose

Maslowski, K.H.; Koch, P., 1940:
Adventures with the Roseate Spoon-bill

Sane, Jaume., 1998:
Adventures with the giants of the oceans

Newson, M., 1983:
Adventurous buzzard

Esping, L.E., 1964:
Adverse and beneficial developments affecting wildfowl in Scandinavia

Morzer-Bruijns, M.F., 1963:
Adverse and beneficial developments affecting wildfowl in the Netherlands

Glue, DE., 1971:
Adverse climatic conditions affecting the diet of a barn owl in Lancashire

Stewart, J.E.; Squires, H.J., 1968:
Adverse conditions as inhibitors of ecdysis in the lobster Homarus americanus

Pan, Q.-wei.; Hu, G.-wen.; Tang, J., 1995:
Adverse effects of Shachongshuang aqueous solution on two predaceous spiders Ummelita insecticeps and Pirata subpiraticus

Sylven, M., 1984:
Adverse effects of fertilizers on butterflies evaluated from transect counts

Herman, RL.; Krise, WF., 1989:
Adverse effects of heated Bouins solution on fish preservation

Nanjappa, KA., 1991:
Adverse effects of human interference on wildlife

Hassan, AN.; Gad, AM., 1994:
Adverse effects of tetracycline on fecundity, fertility and development of Wuchereria bancrofti in Cluex pipiens L Diptera Culicidae

Svihla, A., 1975:
Adverse factors affecting the distribution of Tanypteryx hageni Selys

Bakun, A.; Weeks, S.J., 2006:
Adverse feedback sequences in exploited marine systems are deliberate interruptive actions warranted?

Chowdhury, Preetha Roy., 2004:
Adverse impact of coal - mining on aquatic biodiversity of Jharia coalfield

Henle, Klaus., 1997:
Adverse impacts of field herpetology on nature conservation a brief review Naturschutzrelevante Nebenwirkungen feldherpetologischer Methoden

Armstrong, Douglas., 1990:
Adverse reactions to Telazol in tigers

Jonas, R.J., 1968:
Adverse weather affects Merriams turkey reproduction in Montana

Ferrari, L.; Vaira, M., 2001:
Advertisement call and breeding activity of physalaemus cuqui lobo, 1993

Vejarano, S.; Thomas, M.; Glaw, F.; Vences, M., 2006:
Advertisement call and tadpole morphology of the clutch-guarding frog Mantidactylus argenteus from eastern Madagascar

Kadadevaru, G.G.; Kanamadi, R.D.; Schneider, H., 2000:
Advertisement call of the indian bronzed frog, rana temporalis gunther, 1864

Marquez, R.; Bosch, J., 1996:
Advertisement call of the midwife toad from the sierras beticas alytes dickhilleni arntzen garcia-paris, 1995 amphibia, anura, discoglossidae

Kanamadi, RD.; Hiremath, CR.; Schneider, H., 1994:
Advertisement call of two anuran amphibians, Rana tigrina and Tomopterna breviceps

Minter, LR., 1997:
Advertisement call structure and morphology of Breviceps mossambicus Peters and B poweri Parker Anura Microhylidae from northern Mozambique

Sullivan, BK., 1984:
Advertisement call variation and observations on breeding behavior of Bufo debilis and B punctatus

Formas, J.; Ramon.; Brieva, L., 1994:
Advertisement calls and relationships of Chilean frogs Eupsophus contulmoensis and E insularis Amphibia Anura Leptodactylidae

Marquez, R.; D.L.R.va, I.; Bosch, J., 2000:
Advertisement calls of bufo camerunensis, chiromantis rufescens, dimorphognathus africanus and phrynobatrachus auritus, from equatorial guinea central africa

Pombal-Junior, J.P.rez.; Bastos, R.P.reira.; Haddad, C.F.rnando Baptista., 1995:
Advertisement calls of some species of the genus Scinax Anura, Hylidae from southeastern Brazil and taxonomic comments Vocalizacoes de algumas especies do genero Scinax Anura, Hylidae do sudeste do Brasil e comentarios taxonomicos

Kaya, U.; Simmons, A.M.gela., 1999:
Advertisement calls of the tree frogs Hyla arborea and Hyla savignyi Anura Hylidae in Turkey

Marquez, R.; De la Riva, I.; Bosch, J., 1996:
Advertisement calls of three glass frogs from the andean forests amphibia anura centrolenidae

De la Riva, I.; Bosch, J.; Marquez, R., 1996:
Advertisement calls of two bolivian toads anura bufonidae bufo

Bjorklund, M., 1988:
Advertisement, conflicts, and mate choice in two passerine bird species

Kwet, A.; Maneyro, R.; Zillikens, A.; Mebs, D., 2005:
Advertisment calls of Melanophryniscus dorsalis Mertens, 1933 and M montevidensis Philippi, 1902, two parapatric species from southern Brazil and Uruguay, with comments on morphological variation in the Melanophryniscus stelzneri group Anura Bufonidae

Yamagiwa, Juichi., 1993:
Advice for breeding gorillas

Greenaway, Frank., 2004:
Advice for the management of flightlines and foraging habitats of the barbastelle bat Barbastella barbastellus

Ducotterd, Jean-Marc., 1999:
Advice on hibernation Conseils sur lhibernation

Brandstetter, Clemens, M., 1998:
Advice on labeling insects Hinweise zur Etikettierung von Insekten

Boistel, R.; Girard, F.; Teynie, A.; Heuclin, D.; Simon, R., 1996:
Advice on rearing of reptiles and amphibians Conseils pour lelevage des reptiles et amphibiens

Verdez, Jean Michel., 1996:
Advice on rearing Conseils delevage

Koch, B., 2005:
Advice on small mammal animals Small mammal preparation by example of bats Chiroptera Keine Angst vor kleinen Saeuge Tieren Kleinsaeugerpraeparation am Beispiel von Fledermaeusen Chiroptera

Moller, Georg., 1998:
Advice on the consideration of conservation aspects of xylobiont insects and fungi by association with young coppices Hinweise zur Berucksichtigung von Aspekten des Schutzes holzbewohnender Insekten und Pilze beim Umgang mit neophytischen Geholzen

Foersch, Walter., 1997:
Advice on the development of Rivulus magdalenae and Rivulus derhami Hinweise zur Eientwicklung bei Rivulus magdalenae und Rivulus derhami

Wursig, Bernd., 1991:
Advice to dolphins avoid the nets and PCBs underwater, and dont breathe the air

Reuille, Marianna., 2006:
Advices to breed Cetoniidae Coleoptera, Cetoniidae, Cetoniinae, Cetoniini

Thomas, H.J., 1969:
Advisory work on shellfish fisheries at the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen

Martin, A., 2006:
Advocacy dressed up as science response to Ramey et al 2005

Usubuchi, I., 1987:
Advocation of new concept on the mechanism of the evolution of life

Rhodes, RJ., 1994:
Adwick-le-Street ringing station

Lucena, D.T. de., 1961:
Aeao de una 8-aminoquinoleina sobre ratos albinos infeetados experimentalmente pelo Trypanosoma cruzi

Gretillat, S.; Capron, A.; Brygoo, E.R., 1959:
Aeariens Bhinonyssidae de Madagascar Agapornyssinae, ns fam; Agapornyssus, ng; Agapornyssus faini nsp; Ptilonyssus madagascariejisis nsp et Neonyssus marcandrei nsp; parasites des fosses nasales et des poumons doiseaux Malgaehes

Stewart, G.A., 1937:
Aechmina crenulata new name for Aechmina serrata Stewart, not Coryell and Cuskley

von Helversen, O., 1976:
Aedanken zur Evolution der Paarungsstellung bei den Spinnen Arachnida Araneae

de Boer, AJ., 1990:
Aedeastria, a new cicada genus from New Guinea, its phylogeny and biogeography Homoptera, Tibicinidae, preceded by a discussion of the taxonomy of New Guinean Tibicinidae

Boas, J.E.V., 1918:
Aedelgranlusene Chermes piceae and Mindarus abietinus attacking the silver-firs in Denmark

Skierska, B., 1970:
Aedes Aedes rossicus D GM und Aedes Ochlerotatus beklemishevi Den-zwei neue fiir Polen Stechmuckenarten Diptera, Culicinae

Danielova, V., 1958:
Aedes Aedes rossicus DGM 1930 Diptera, Culicidae on CSR territory

Cornet, M., 1967:
Aedes Aedimorphus charnboni n sp, une nouvelie espece de Culicidae du Senegal

Hervy, J-P.; Ferrara, L.; Legros, F., 1985:
Aedes Diceromyia furcifer Edwards, 1913 et Aedes Diceromyia taylori Edwards, 1936 diagnose des larves de quatrieme stade

Ferrara, L.; Germain, M.; Hervy, J-P., 1984:
Aedes Diceromyia furcifer Edwards, 1913 et Aedes Diceromyia taylori Edwards, 1936 le point sur la differenciation des adultes

Reuben, R., 1967:
Aedes (Diceromyia) ramachandrai, n. sp. (Diptera: Culicidae) from Southern India

Rageau, J.; Hamon, J., 1957:
Aedes Diptera Culicidae appartenant au sous-genre Mucidus en Nouvelle-Caledonie

Gubler, D.J.; Novak, R.J.; Vergne, E.; Colon, N.A.; Velez, M.; Fowler, J., 1985:
Aedes (Gymnometopa) mediovittatus (Diptera: Culicidae), a potential maintenance vector of dengue viruses in Puerto Rico

Kumm, H.W.; Komp, W.H.W., 1941:
Aedes Howardina aliatecnon, a new species of Aedes from Costa Rica, and a description of the larva, adult, and male terminalia of Aedes quadrivittatus Coq

Doby, J.M.; Rault, B., 1960:
Aedes O flavescens Muller 1764 en Charente-Maritime Etude ecologique comparee de lespece et de quelques autres, halophiles ou semi-halophiles, rencontrees dans la meme region

Rueger, M.E., 1958:
Aedes Ochlerotatus barri, a new species of mosquito from Minnesota Diptera, Culicidae

Danilov, VN., 1980:
Aedes Ochlerotatus campestris Dyar et Knab Diptera, Culicidae new for the USSR

Trpis, M., 1954:
Aedes Ochlerotatus cataphylla und einige weitere, fur die Slowakei neue Gelsenarten

Moussiegt, O., 1993:
Aedes Ochlerotatus communis De Geer Bibliographie

Danilov, VN., 1976:
Aedes Ochlerotatus increpitus Dyar, a species new in the fauna of the USSR Diptera Culicidae

Cambournac, F.J., 1938:
Aedes Ochlerotatus longitubus, a new species from Portugal Diptera, Culicidae

Komp, W.H.W., 1949:
Aedes Ochlerotatus nubilus Theobald,1903a synonym of Aedes Ochlerotatus serratus Theobald, 1901 Diptera, Culicidae

Belkin, JN., 1977:
Aedes Ochlerotatus pix Martini 1935 a synonym of Aedes O taeniorhynchus Wiedemann 1821

Arbaud, J-D.; Rioux, J-A.; Croset, H.; Guilvard, E., 1976:
Aedes Ochlerotatus surcoufi Theobald, 1912 Retablissement du binome; analyse morphologique position au sein du complexe holarctique excrucians

Labuda, M., 1981:
Aedes Ochlerotatus zammitii, member of Aedes mariae complex Diptera Culicidae

Cook, FE.; Barton, WI., 1975:
Aedes Protomacleaya hendersoni Cockerell in Minnesota

Malta Varejao, J.B.nedito dos Santos, C.B.ral; Ricas Rezende, H.; Bevilacqua, L.C.rlos; Falqueto, A., 2005:
Aedes Stegomyia aegypti Linnaeus, 1762 breeding sites in native bromeliads in Vitoria City, ES Criadouros de Aedes Stegomyia aegypti Linnaeus, 1762 em bromelias nativas na Cidade de Vitoria, ES

Lopes, J. da Silva, M.A.; Borsato, A.M. de Oliveira, V.D.B.; Oliveira, F.J. de A., 1993:
Aedes Stegomyia aegypti L e a culicideofauna associada em area urbana da regiao sul, Brasil

Barbosa, Andreia Aparecida. da Silva, Mario Antonio Navarro., 2002:
Aedes Stegomyia albopictus Skuse Diptera, Culicidae, preference for oviposition site related with homospecific immatures presence, under laboratory conditions Preferencia por local de oviposicao de Aedes albopictus Skuse Diptera, Culicidae, em relacao a presenca de imaturos da propria especie, sob condicoes de laboratorio

Huang, Y-M., 1986:
Aedes Stegomyia bromeliae Diptera Culicidae, the yellow fever virus in east Africa

Cornet, M., 1973:
Aedes Stegomyia cozi n sp, une nouvelle espece de Culicidae au Senegal

Cornet, M.; Valade, M.; Dieng, PL., 1978:
Aedes Stegomyia neoafricanus une nouvelle espece de moustique capturee au Senegal oriental Diptera Culicidae

Cambournac, FJC., 1976:
Aedes Stegomyia vitattus Bigot Diptera Culicidae - sua ocorrencia em Portugal

Huang, Y.M., 1968:
Aedes Verrallind of the Papuan subregion Diptera Culicidae

Huang, Y.M., 1967:
Aedes Verraltind of the Papuan subregion Diptera Culicidae

Almiron, W.R.; Luduena Almeida, F., 1998:
Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae in Cordoba, Argentina Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae en Cordoba, Argentina

Augier, Lucrecia, M., 1998:
Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae recorded in Tucuman, Argentina Presencia de Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae en Tucuman, Argentina

de Freitas Barata, E.A. da Costa, A.I.mael P.; Chiaravalloti Neto, F.; Glasser, C.M.; Barata, J.M.ria S.; Natal, D., 2001:
Aedes aegypti I population in an endemic area of dengue in the Southeast Brazil Populacao de Aedes aegypti I em area endemica de dengue, Sudeste do Brasil

Chan, YC.; Chan, KL.; Ho, BC., 1972:
Aedes aegypti L and Aedes albopictus Skuse in Singapore city 1 Distribution and density

Degallier, N.; Herve, J-P.; Travassos da Rosa, APA.; Sa, GC., 1988:
Aedes aegypti L importance de sa bioecologie dans la transmission de la dengue et des autres arbovirus Deuxieme partie bibliographie

Degallier, N.; Herve, J-P.; Travassos da Rosa, APA.; Sa, GC., 1988:
Aedes aegypti L importance de sa bioecologie dans la transmission de la dengue et des autres arbovirus Premiere partie

Ton Nu, V.A.h.; Mousson, L.; Huber, K.; L.V.et, L.; Failloux, A.-Bella., 2001:
Aedes aegypti L, 1762 and Ae albopictus Skuse, 1894 Diptera Culicidae in dengue transmission in Nha Trang southern Vietnam Preliminary results

Chadee, DD., 1984:
Aedes aegypti aboard boats at Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies 1972-82

Muir, L.E.; Kay, B.H., 1997:
Aedes aegypti as a vector of dengue viruses in northern Queensland what have we learnt?

Fouque, F.; Carinci, R., 1996:
Aedes aegypti in French Guiana some aspects of the history, ecology and vertical transmission of dengue viruses Aedes aegypti en Guyane francaise Quelques aspects de lhistoire, de lecologie generale et de la transmission verticale des virus de la dengue

Huber, K.; Luu Le, L.; Tran Huu, H.; Tran Khan, T.; Rodhain, F.; Failloux, A.-Bella., 2000:
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Aeolothrips fasciata L Eino carnivore Thysanoptere

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Aeolothrips propinquus Bagnall

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Aequidens epae

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Aequidens epae Kullander, 1995

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Aequidens itanyi dolphin cichlid

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Aequidens mariae, ein Maulbruter

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Aequidens maroni, the keyhole cichlid

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Aequidens metae Eigenmann, 1922

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Aequidens metae Dichtung und Wahrheit

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Aequidens paraguayensis - a behavioural study

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Aequidens pulcher

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Aequidens pulcher Gill, 1858 der Blaupunktbarsch

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Aequidens rivulatus

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Aequidens rivulatus Gunther 1859

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Aequidens sapayensis Regan 1903

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Aequidens sapayensis rare and unknown

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Aequidens spec goudzoom

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