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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37774

Chapter 37774 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Aqualux., 1974:
Affeccion toxica del Balistoides conspicillum

Harris, D.F., 1904:
Affectability and functional inertia as the two pro perties of protoplasm

Pirkova, AV., 2002:
Affection of Black Sea oysters witn the shell oyster disease prophylaxis and selecting resistand oysters

Legros., 1864:
Affection vermineuse Spiroptera nasuta, Rud chet les Gallinaces

Haller, L., 1980:
Affections parasitaires

Fischel, W., 1938:
Affekt, Gedachtnis und Leistung bei Wirbeltieren

Haberland, W., 1961:
Affen auf Tongefassen des prakolum-bischen El Salvador

Hauschild, HF., 1980:
Affen, die das Feuer nutzen

Lucae, J.C.G., 1873:
Affen- und Menschenschadel im Bau und Wachsthum Tergleichen

Lohmann, Ernst., 1907:
Affen-Abstammung Nachschrift eines Vortrages 2 Aufl

Anonymous., 1975:
Affenadler Pithecophaga jefferyi steht vor der Ausrottung

Glaubrecht, M., 1988:
Affenadler vor dem Ende

Koch-Isenburg, L., 1974:
Affenartisten aus der Baumwelt Sudamerikas

Salzert, W., 1989:
Affenfreigehege im Tierpark Rheine

von den Driesch, Angela., 1993:
Affenhaltung und Affenverehrung in der Spatzeit des Alten Agypten

Dathe, R.; Tscherner, W.; Caljan, VG., 1987:
Affenherden im Kaukasus? Zur Kooperation zwischen der Akademie der Medizinischen Wissenschaften der UdSSR und dem Tierpark Berlin

Coquery, J.M., 1968:
Afferences baroceptives et excitabilite reflexe durant le cycle cardiaque chez le chat

Reperant, J., 1976:
Afferences et efferences telencephaliques du cortex dorsal de la vipere Vipera aspis L, donnees preliminaires

Bons, N.; Petter, A., 1986:
Afferences retiniennes dorigine hypothalamique chez un primate prosimien Microcebus murinus Etude a laide de traceurs fluorescents retrogrades

Kosareva, AA., 1974 :
Afferent and efferent connection of the round nucleus in the tortoise Emys orbicularis

Vaudano, E.; Legg, CR.; Glickstein, M., 1991:
Afferent and efferent connections of temporal asociation cortex in the rat a horseradish peroxidase study

Belekhova, MG.; Chkheidze, DD., 1992:
Afferent and efferent connections of the amygdaloid complex with the anterior dorsal ventricular ridge in a turtle HRP study

Siemen, M.; Künzle, H., 1994:
Afferent and efferent connections of the dorsal column nuclear complex and adjacent regions in the turtle

Corrêa, S.A.; Grant, K.; Hoffmann, A., 1998:
Afferent and efferent connections of the dorsocentral telencephalon in an electrosensory teleost, Gymnotus carapo

Hilton, W.A., 1924:
Afferent and efferent pathways in an abdominal segment of an insect

Koyama, H.; Kishida, R.; Goris, RC.; Kusunoki, T., 1989:
Afferent and efferent projections of the 8th cranial nerve in the lamprey Lampetra japonica

Swarup, H., 1959:
Afferent arteries in Ophicephalidae Actinopterygii, Percomorphi

Nixdorf, BE.; Bischof, H-J., 1982:
Afferent connections of the ectostriatum and visual wulst in the zebra finch Taeniopygia guttata castanotis Gould - an HRP study

Rhoton, A.L., 1968:
Afferent connections of the facial nerve

Irle, E.; Markowitsch, H.J., 1986:
Afferent connections of the substantia innominata/basal nucleus of Meynert in carnivores and primates

Wullimann, MF.; Northcutt, RG., 1989:
Afferent connections of the valvula cerebelli in two teleosts, the common goldfish and the common sunfish

Ebner, F.F., 1967:
Afferent connections to neocortex in the opossum (Didelphis virginiana)

Ebner, F.F., 1966:
Afferent connections to neocortex in the opossum Didelphis virginiand

Rockel, AJ.; Heath, CJ.; Jones, EG., 1972:
Afferent connections to the diencephalon in the marsupial phalanger and the question of sensory convergence in the posterior group of the thalamus

Bagnoli, P.; Brunelli, M.; Magni, F., 1973:
Afferent connections to the fast conduction pathway in the central nervous system of the leech Hirudo medicinalis

Amemiya, F., 1983:
Afferent connections to the tectum mesencephali in the hagfish, Eptatretus burgeri: an HRP study

Niijima, A., 1969:
Afferent discharges from osmoreceptors in the liver of the guinea pig

Petelina, E.V., 1973:
Afferent endings in the trapezoid body nucleus of the dolphin

Nagai, T.; Obara, S., 1985:
Afferent facilitation induced by iontophoretic application of acidic amino acids in the ampullary electroreceptors of Plotosus

Dykes, R.W., 1975:
Afferent fibers from mystacial vibrissae of cats and seals

Schwerdtfeger, WK.; Sorensen, KE., 1984:
Afferent fibre connections of the striatum in Saimiri and Tupaia

Van Der Akker, L.M., 1968:
Afferent fibres to the nuclei of Hofmann-Kolliker in the pigeon

Ai, N.; Ishikawa, Y., 1978:
Afferent impulses evoked by photic stimulation in decapod crustacean compound eye - relationship between immobility and neural responses

Ai, N.; Minamimura, Y., 1976:
Afferent impulses from mechano-sensory hair on tidial spur of cricket hind-leg, Teleogryllus emma

Irving, L.; Solandt, D.Y.; Solandt, O.M., 1935:
Afferent impulses in the nerves from the branchial vessels of the dogfish

Ai, N.; Fukuda, M., 1978:
Afferent impulses induced by chemical stimulation to sensory hairs on the crustacean walking leg

Al, N.; Sasa, T., 1977:
Afferent impulses induced by the mechanical stimulation to the ovipostor for oviposition in cricket, Teleogryllus emma and T taiwanemma

Ai, N.; Yoshino, M., 1976:
Afferent impulses of the mechanoreceptor in the sensory hair to vibratory stimulus on the tibia of cricket, Teleogryllus emma

Ai, N.; Tojyo, Y., 1975:
Afferent impulses originated in the receptor cell on the femur-tibia joint area of cricket, Teleogryllus emma

Bulekbayeva, L.E., 1967:
Afferent influences from pectoral lymphatic canal on bioelectrical activity of cerebral cortex of dogs

Ohsaki, R.; Ai, N., 1979:
Afferent information for oviposition in crickets

Motakin, P.A.Tikhvainskaya, B.T., 1968:
Afferent innervation of arteries of the medulla oblongata

Vshivtseva, V.V., 1970:
Afferent innervation of intramural ganglia of the esophagus in adult sheep Dokl

Minochkina, T.P., 1968:
Afferent innervation of stomach of the grass-snake Natrix natrix L

Frantsuzova, GP., 1971:
Afferent innervation of the digestive tract in Stenodus leucichthys

Reshetnikov, S.S., 1964:
Afferent innervation of the esophagus of the turtle Testudo horsfieldii

Gavrishina, V.E., 1958:
Afferent innervation of the ileocaecal sphincter

Kiang, NYS.; Liberman, MC.; Gage, JS.; Northrop, CC.; Dodds, LW.; Oliver, ME., 1984:
Afferent innervation of the mammalian cochlea

Kul'kin, S.G., 1968:
Afferent innervation of urinary bladder in some bony fishes

Roth, A., 1986:
Afferent nerve fibers induce electroreceptors in the skin of fish

Tsurugai, T.; Ai, N., 1991:
Afferent neurons and their activities in the swelling located in the basement of forewing on the cricket, Gryllus bimaculatus

Norrsell, U., 1967:
Afferent pathways of a tactile conditioned reflex after cortical somatosensory ablations

Belekhova, MG.; Safarov, K.M., 1976:
Afferent projections in the forebrain of the lizard Ophisaurus apodus

Martinez-Garcia, F.; Olucha, FE., 1988:
Afferent projections to the Timm-positive cortical areas of the telencephalon of lizards

Devito, J.L.; Smith, O.A., 1982:
Afferent projections to the hypothalamic area controlling emotional responses (HACER)

Rettig, G.; Roth, G., 1982:
Afferent visual projections in three species of lungless salamanders (family Plethodontidae)

Robertson, B.; Saitoh, K.; Ménard, A.; Grillner, S., 2006:
Afferents of the lamprey optic tectum with special reference to the GABA input: combined tracing and immunohistochemical study

Dagnino, N.; Favale, E.; Loeb, C.; Manfridi, M.; Massazza, G.; Seitun, A., 1966:
Afferenze oculari retiniche e propriocettive e variazioni fasiche della transmissione talamica durante il sonno profondo

Swedell, L., 2002:
Affiliation among females in wild hamadryas baboons Papio hamadryas hamadryas

Petit, O.; Thierry, B., 1992:
Affiliative function of the silent-bared-teeth display in moor macaques Macaca maurus further evidence for the particular status of Sulawesi macaques

Thierry, B., 1986:
Affiliative interference in mounts in a group of Tonkean macaques Macaca tonkeana

Kudo-Hirotani, Hiroko., 1998:
Affiliative relationships among female primates in relation to the social structure

Baumann, E., 1958:
Affine Entzerrung mit einfachen optischen Mitteln

Rasskin-Gutman, D.; Buscalioni, A.D., 1996:
Affine transformations as a model of virtual form change for generating morphospaces

Backman, G., 1943:
Affiner Wach-stumsverlauf

Colombera, D.; Lazzaretto-Colombera, I.; Vitturi, R., 1978:
Affinita cariologica tra le specie Ciona intestinalis e Diazona violacea

Torre, D., 1974:
Affinita dentali del cane della grotta di lEscale

Granata, L., 1919:
Affinita e posizione sistematica di Capillus intestinalis mihi, parassita di Pachyiulus communis Savi

Ghigi, A., 1936:
Affinita gametica e affinita sistematica alla luce dell esperienze

Ghigi, A., 1936:
Affinita gametica ed affinita sistematica alia luce dell esperienza

Frizzi, G., 1956:
Affinita genetiche fra Anopheles delle regioni paleoartiche e neartiche rilevate attraverso lo studio dei cromosomi salivari

Naitana, S.; Ledda, S.; Russo, V.; Manca, L.; Masala, B., 1990:
Affinita per lossigeno del sangue di muflone

Casale, A., 1978:
Affinita reali di un Carabide endemico sardo-corso Relazioni faunistiche e biogeografiche nel popolamento delle grandi isole italiane Col Carabidae

Mainardi, D., 1957:
Affinita siero-logiche e filogenesi nei Fringillidi Rapporti sierologici fra il Verdone Chloris chloris, il Fringuello Fringilla coelebs, e il Cardellino Carduelis carduelis

Mainardi, D., 1956:
Affinita sierologica tra il Cardellius Carduelis carduelis carduelis L, il Lucarino Carduelis spinus L, il Fanello Carduelis cannabina cannabina L pres dal sc B Schreiber

Sforza, L.C., 1954:
Affinita sierologiche interspecifiche e intra-specifiche nel genere Cotumba Nota 1-Differenze sierologiche fra C livia, C guinea, C palumbus e C albitorques

Cavalli Sforza, L., 1957:
Affinita sierologiche interspecifiche e intraspecifiche nel genere Columba Nota II Analisi sierologica dellibrido di F, fra Columba livia e Columba albitorques

Ranzi, S., 1969:
Affinita sistematiche degli animali in base a proteine e ad altre sostanze

Stefanelli, A., 1942 :
Affinita, sistematiche dei Chirotteri c parasitismo dei Nycteribiidae Diptera Pupipara Parte I, II

Gerschensohn, S., 1935:
Affinitat homologer Chromosomen und ihre Bedeutung fur das Geschlechts und Befruchtungsproblem

Gershenzon, S., 1934:
Affinitat homologer Chromosomen und ihre Bedeutung fur das Geschlechts-und Befruchtungs-Problem Teil i

Grossmann, H.; Lieflander, M., 1979:
Affinitatschromatographische Reinigung und Eigenschaften der Acetylcholinesterase aus Kobragift Naja naja atra

Deschiens, R., 1938:
Affinite alimentaire de lamibe dysenteique pour la bilirubine

Baltz, T.; Baltz, D.; Pautrizel, R., 1976:
Affinite de la concanavalin A pour Trypanosoma equiperdum applications a lisolement de la fraction glycoproteique specifique du type antigenique

Fleutiaux, E., 1943:
Affinite entre les genres Dima et Penia Col Elat et description dune nouvelle espece de Dima

Jourdain., 1892:
Affinites Zoologiques des Pantopodes

Mongin, D., 1962:
Affinites biogeographiques des Lamellibranches limniques du Continental Inter-calaire Cretace inferieur du Sahara

Mathis, C.; Mercier, L., 1917:
Affinites dEntamoeba legeri Mathis et dE coli

Torres, C.M., 1927:
Affinites de I Encephalitozoon chagasi, agent etiologique dune meningo-encephalomyelite congenitale avec myocardite et myosite chez lHomme

Quidor, A., 1913:
Affinites des Caligidae et des Lernaeidae Caligoides lamarcki

Termier, H.; Termier, G., 1949:
Affinites des Conularida

Mignot, J.P., 1967:
Affinites des Euglenomonadines et des Chloromonadines Remarques sur la systematique des Euglenida

Faurot, L., 1909:
Affinites des Tetracoralliaires et des Hexacoralliaires

Petter, F., 1962:
Affinites des genres Spalax et Brachyuromys Rongeurs, Cricetidae

Quidor, A., 1912:
Affinites des genres Sphyrion Cuvier et Hepatophylus g n

Mangin, D., 1966:
Affinites des mollusques du Bathonien du Maroc avec ceux du Jurassique moyen dAmerique du Nord

Petter, F., 1964:
Affinites du genre Cricetomys Une nouvelle sous-famille de Rongeurs Cricetidae, les Cricetomyinae

Jacquotte, R., 1961:
Affinites du peuplement des fonds de maerl de Mediterranee

Bain, O.; Haesevoets, E., 1974:
Affinites entre deux filaires de lappareil circulatoire, rune parasite de bovides, lautre de cervides Cordophilus sagittus Linstow, 1907 et C abramovi Oshmarin et Belous, 1951 nov comb

Skriabine, K.I.; Schulz, R.E., 1926:
Affinites entre le Dithyridium des Souris et le Mesocestoides lineatus Goeze 1782 des Carnivores

Nattan-Larrier, L.; Dofour, J., 1935:
Affinites entre le trypanosome da hamster, les leptomonas des vegetaux et les flagelles des insectes

Quentin, J.C., 1973:
Affinites entre les oxyures parasites de rongeurs hystricides, erethizontides et dinomyides Interet paleobiogeographique

Economidis, PS.; Papaconstantinou, K., 1978:
Affinites et distribution geographique des especes Pholis smyrnensis Valenciennes, 1836 et Blennius basiliscus Valenciennes, 1836 Pisces, Blenniidae

Mazin, J-M., 1982:
Affinites et phylogenie des Ichthyopterygia

Tortonese, E., 1949:
Affinites et position systematique des poissons du genre Capros

Archambault-Guezou, J.; Il'ina, LB.; Keller, J-P.; Montenat, C., 1979:
Affinites euxiniques des mollusques messiniens dElche Alicante, Espagne et implications paleogeographiques

Locquin, MV., 1981:
Affinites fongiques probales des chitinozoaires devenant Chitinomycetes

Berland, L., 1938:
Affinites geo graphiques des Nouvelles-Hebrides, dapres letude des Araignees

Cayrol, J-C.; Dalmasso, A., 1975:
Affinites interspecifiques entre trois nematodes des fevilles A fragariae, A ritzemabosi et A besseyi

Gaspard, D., 1981:
Affinites microstructurales complementaires a la morphologie de terebratules biplissees du Jalais de la Sarthe France avec le genre Sellithyris

Philippon, J., 1977:
Affinites microstructurales des coquilles de Thersiteidae Gastropoda, Strombacea, Etude au microscope electronique a balayage

Brice, D.; Milhau, B.; Mistiaen, B., 1994:
Affinites nord-americaines de taxons devoniens Givetien-Frasnien du Boulonnais, Nord de la France Migrations et diachronismes

Gillet, S., 1960:
Affinites orientales des Mollusques messiniens

Gayet, Mireille., 1987:
Affinites paleobiogeographiques des Lepisosteidae cretaces du Bresil et de Bolivie

Patrulios, D., 1966:
Affinites provinciates et voies de migration de queiques faune Jurassiques des Carpates roumaines et de Iavant-pays carpatique

Patrulius, D., 1965:
Affinites provinciates et voies de migration de quelques faunes jurassaques des Carpates roumaines et de lavant-pays carpatique

Sarasin, C., 1898:
Affinites reelles de quelques Ammonites cretaciques

Siboulet, R., 1972:
Affinites serologiques entre diverses especes du genre Bufo

Denys, Christiane., 1994:
Affinites systematiques de Stenodontomys Mammalia, Rodentia rongeur Muroidea du Pliocene de Langebaanweg Afrique du Sud

Lavocat, R., 1971:
Affinites systematiques des Caviomorphes et des Phiomorphes et origine Africaine des Caviomorphes

Avinoff, A., 1932:
Affinites zoogeographiques dans la fauhe des Rhopaloceres de lAmerique du nord et de la region palearctique

Storch, Gerhard., 1995:
Affinities among living dormouse genera

Sahi, DN.; Duda, PL., 1986:
Affinities and distribution of amphibians and reptiles of Jammu and Kashmir State India

Zhu, C.; Dong, X., 2004:
Affinities and functional morphology of the Middle Cambrian ornamented tubules from West Hunan, China

Mirzaie Ataabadi, M.; Abbassi, N., 2007:
Affinities and implications of new Miocene mammal footprints from Iran

van der Land, J.; Norrevang, A., 1985:
Affinities and intraphyletic relationships of the Priapulida

Ross, H.H., 1958:
Affinities and origins of the northern and montane insects of western North America

Snow, DW., 1985:
Affinities and recent history of avifauna of Trinidad and Tobago

Barry, TH., 1975:
Affinities and systematic position of the South African Lower/Middle Permian Dicynodonts Therapsida Dicynodontidae

Autunes, MT., 1987:
Affinities and taxonomical status of Miocene longirostrine crocodilians from western Europe with remarks on phylogeny, paleoecology and distribution

Gislen, T., 1930:
Affinities between the Echinodermata, Enteropneusta, and Chordonia

Erard, C., 1975:
Affinities de Batis minima J et E Verreaux et de B ituriensis Chapin

Desportes, I.; Ginsburger-Vogel, T., 1977:
Affinities du genre Marteilia parasites dhuitres maladie des abers et du crustace Orchestia gammarellus Pallas, avec des myxosporidies, actinomyxidies et paramyxidies

Desportes, I.; Ginsbnrger-Vogel, T., 1977:
Affinities genre Marteilia, parasites dhuitres maladiedesabers et du crustace Orchestia gammarellus Pallas, avec les myxosporidies, actinomyxidies et paramyxidies

Akersten, WA., 1988:
Affinities of Pliosaccomys and Parapliosaccomys from the Great Plains

Sues, H-D.; Hopson, JA.; Shubin, NH., 1992:
Affinities of ?Scalenodontoides plemmyridon Hopson, 1984 Synapsida Cynodontia from the Upper Triassic of Nova Scotia

Andrews, E.A., 1885:
Affinities of Annelids to Vertebrates

Meyer, E., 1904:
Affinities of Bryozoa

Desfayes, M., 1967:
Affinities of Cataponem

Flint, Peter., 2001:
Affinities of Cyprus warbler Sylvia melanothorax

Nielsen, BP., 1975:
Affinities of Eudromias morinellus L to the genus Charadrius L

Guinot, D.; Richer de Forges, B., 1997:
Affinities of Hymenosomatidae MacLeay, 1838 and Inachoididae Dana, 1851 Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura Affinites entre les Hymenosomatidae MacLeay, 1838 et les Inachoididae Dana, 1851 Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura

Chhotani, OB., 1987:
Affinities of Indian north-eastern borderland termites with those from other parts of the Oriental region

Vavrdova, M.; Isaacson, PE., 1997:
Affinities of Late Devonian acritarchs from the Madre de Dios Basin, northern Bolivia evidence for plate tectonic interaction between Eastern Laurentia and Western Gondwana?

Barnard, JL., 1976:
Affinities of Paraniphargus lelouparum Monod, a blind anchialine amphipod Crutacea from the Galapagos lslands

Bown, T.M., 1976:
Affinities of Teilhardina (Primates, Omomyidae) with description of a new species from North America

Wendt, J., 1980:
Affinities of calcareous sponges to extinct groups

Gupta, DP.; Gupta, RC., 1988:
Affinities of lipofuscin with different stains in the midgut of male Dysdercus similis

Gomez, R.; Erpenbeck, D.; Richelle-Maurer, E.; Van Dijk, T.; Woldringh, C.L.; Van Soest, R.W.M., 2004:
Affinities of the Aphanocapsa felmanni-like cyanobacteria from the marine sponge Xestospongia muta based on genetic and morphological analysis

Kojima, Jun-ichi., 2000:
Affinities of the Australian paper wasp Ropalidia proletaria Insecta Hymenoptera Vespidae, with descriptions of males, mature larvae, and a nest

Covindan, A.; Narayanan, V., 1980:
Affinities of the Cretaceous Foraminifera of the east coast Indian basins and the drifting of Indian shield

Dumont, ER., 1988:
Affinities of the Early Tertiary Plagiomenidae Mammalia, Dermoptera? enamel ultrastructural evidence

Beverly Halstead, L., 1973:
Affinities of the Heterostraci Agnatha

Baird, D., 1966:
Affinities of the Paleozoic amphibian subclass Lepospondyli

Simpson, G.G., 1928:
Affinities of the Polydolopidae

Puchkov, V.G., 1961:
Affinities of the Procoreoidea Heteroptera, Coreoidea

van Soest, Rob WM., 1993:
Affinities of the marine demosponge fauna of the Cape Verde Islands and Tropical West Africa

Bleiweiss, R.; Hendrickson, S.L.; Berres, M.E.; Willis, Y.O.; Willis, E.O., 2003:
Affinities of the saw-billed hermit Ramphodon naevius determined by cytochrome-b sequence data

McDowell, S.B., 1968:
Affinities of the snakes usually called Elaps lacteus and E dorsalis

Hepburn, HR.; Sinclair, GS., 1978:
Affinities of tortoise beetle oothecal protein to feather keratin

Linder, F., 1945:
Affinities within the timnohtopoda with notes on some dubious fossils

Thomas, PA.; Sree, A.; Bapajui, M., 2003:
Affinity and zoogeography of the gorgonid fauna off Gopalpur Orissa coast Bay of Bengal

Jamieson, G.A.; Vanaman, T.C.; Hayes, A.; Blum, J.J., 1980:
Affinity chromatographic isolation of highly purified Ca-CaM sensitive dynein ATPases from Tetrahymena cilia

Voss, HF., 1975:
Affinity chromatography and characterization of the molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase isolated from the electric organ of Electrophorous electricus

Natividad, FF.; Nakano, E.; Umaly, RC., 1984:
Affinity chromatography and radioactive tracer technique in the determination of two types of proteins in the early embryo of the medaka, Oryzias latipes

Taylor, JL.; Allmond, WK.; Himel, CM., 1983:
Affinity chromatography of acetylcholinesterase from Electrophorus electricus electroplax Investigation on 9-aminoalkylacridine affinity ligands

Hopff, W.H.; Bodmer, D.M.; Waser, P.G., 1984:
Affinity chromatography of cholinergic receptor proteins

Suzuki, M.; Ashida, K., 1989:
Affinity chromatography of endo-1,4--xylanase from mid-gut gland of apple snail on blue sepharose CL-6B

Priolo, A., 1970 :
Affinity della coturnice, Alectoris graeca, e conseguenze dei ripopolamenti effettuati nei distretti da essa abitati ricorrendo alla coturnice orientale, Alectoris chukar

Diffley, JFX., 1988:
Affinity labeling of DNA polymerase complex 1 Pyridoxal 5-phosphate inhibition of DNA polymerase and DNA primase activities of the DNA polymerase complex from Drosophila melanogaster embryos

Damle, VN.; Karlin, A., 1978:
Affinity labeling of one of two -neurotoxin binding sites in acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo californica

North, D.; Pellegrini, M., 1988:
Affinity labeling of the P site of Drosophila ribosomes a comparison of results from bromoacetyl phenylalanyl-tRNA and mercurated fragment affinity reactions

Lyddiatt, A.; Sumikawa, K.; Wolosin, J.M.; Dolly, J.O.; Barnard, E.A., 1979:
Affinity labelling by bromoacetylcholine of a characteristic subunit in the acetylcholine receptor from muscle and Torpedo electric organ

Osborne, CS.; Cattell, KJ.; Donnellan, JE., 1982:
Affinity labelling of a putative acetylcholine receptor from Musca domestica

North, D., 1988:
Affinity labelling of the ribosomal P site in Drosophila melanogaster

Nemoto, K., 1989:
Affinity of Pterostichus Platysma fortis Morawitz of east Asia Coleoptera, Carabidae

Milstein, P. le S., 1968:
Affinity of Turdus litsitsirupa

Ladisch, R.K.; Suter, M.; S.A., 1967:
Affinity of tetri-toxin to animal protein

Scott, F.M., 1958:
Affinity of tissues in reconstituting tunicates

Sun, S-C.; Faye, I., 1992:
Affinity purification and characterization of CIF, an insect immunoresponsive factor with NF-B-like properties

Smith, SA., 1992:
Affinity purification of serum immunoglobulin from fish

Casale, A.; Sturani, M., 1976:
Affinity reali di un carabide endemico sardo-corso relazioni faunistiche e biogeografiche nel popolamento delle maggiori isole italiane Col Carabidae

del Carmen Sanchez Ariza, M., 1992:
Affinity relation among recent species of Discorbacea

van Vark, GN.; Bilsborough, A.; Schaafsma, W., 1990:
Affinity, hominid evolution and creationism New computer methods weaken the creationists position

Manfredini, M.; Motta, S., 1950:
Affioramenti cretacei a Globotruncane nella regione del Monte Soratte

Marini, M., 1968:
Affioramenti paleocenici ed eocenici a Nord del Monte Marzano Appennino meridionale

Azzaroli, A., 1963:
Affioramento di calcore Permiano presso Potenza

Mathon, C.; Sornay, J., 1947:
Affleurements marneaux fossiliferes dans le Barremien do la Montague de Lure BassesAlpes

Stefanelli, A., 1942:
Afflnita sistematiche del Chirotteri o parositismo dei Nyoteribiidae, Diptera pupipara Parte I-Gliospiti, pp 25-42 7 figs Parte II-I parassiti, pp 61-86 9 figs

Guilcher, Y., 1948:
Afflnites struc-turales des bourgeons migrateurs din-fusoires Acinetiens

Parona, C.F., 1912:
Afforamento di Titonico con Diceras luci presso Parenzo in Istria

Farhang-Azad, A.; Mescerjakova, I.; Neronov, V., 1973:
Afghan hedgehog, a new reservoir of tularemia

Anon., 1966:
Afghan white-winged pheasant Phasianus colchicus bianchii a new game bird for America?

Ebert, G., 1968:
Afghanische Bombyces und Sphinges 1 Lymantriidae Ergebnisse der 2 Deutschen Afghanistan-Expedition 1966 der Landessammlungen fur Naturkunde in Karlsruhe

Ebert, G., 1974:
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