Section 38
Chapter 37,776

Age and growth of juvenile bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus L 1758 in the southern Italian seas Eta ed accrescimento di giovanili di tonno rosso Thunnus thynnus L 1758 nei mari meridionali dItalia

Coimbra, Joao Carlos; Pinto, Iraja Damiani; Wurdig, Norma Luiza; Do Carmo, Dermeval Aparecido

Biologia Marina Mediterranea 10(2 Part 2): 900-903


ISSN/ISBN: 1123-4245
Accession: 037775612

Age estimations were made on sagittae of 24 juvenile bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus L. 1758), captured by the Italian clupeoids purse seine fleets in the Southern Italian seas. Increment were observed in sagittae sectioned in a transverse plane, viewed and counted with light microscopy. Estimated ages ranged from 37 to 162 days of fish ranging in size from 11.2 to 49.5 cm fork length (FL).

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