Section 38
Chapter 37,778

Age distribution and relationship between fork length and otolith length of bluefish Pomatomus saltatrix L, 1766 in the Sea of Marmara Marmara Denizi Lufer Pomatomus saltatrix L, 1766 Baliklarinin Yas Dagilimi ve Catal Boy-Otolit Boyu Arasindaki Iliski

Ceyhan, T.; Akyol, O.

Su Urunleri Dergisi 231: 369-372 3 Suppl)


Accession: 037777547

The bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix, obtained from the Sea of Marmara was investigated for ageing and the relationship between otolith length and fork length. A total of 688 sagittal otoliths were measured through the anterior to posterior by digital callipers. The maximum fork length was measured 342 mm versus 10,1 mm otolith length. Naturally, otolith lengths increase with fork length.

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