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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37784

Chapter 37784 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Koide, Yoshiyuki., 2000:
Aim to cognition psychology applied to museum activity - introduction to educational psychology of natural history

Westergaard, G.C.arles.; Kuhn, H.E.; Babitz, M.A.; Suomi, S.J., 1998:
Aimed throwing as a means of food transfer between tufted capuchins Cebus apella

Westergaard, GC.; Suomi, SJ., 1994:
Aimed throwing of stones by tufted capuchin monkeys Cebus apella

Markens, G., 1990:
Aimer les Muricidae ou qui sy frotte sy pique

Mahnert, V., 1979:
Aimez-vous les serpentes?

Prior, P.; Pulford, L., 1986:
Aiming for 350

Nagamine, Iemitsu., 1998:
Aiming for a new type of museum in Japan The construction and current status of Ibaraki Nature Museum

Kangas, E., 1977:
Aimo K Merisho 70 years

Pekkarinen, A., 1985:
Aimo K Merisuo 1907-1984

Lowther, PE.; Groschupf, KD.; Russell, SM., 1999:
Aimophila carpalis rufous-winged sparrow

Short, LL., 1976:
Aimophila strigiceps new to Paraguay

H R.H. the Prince of the Netherlands.; Aims and achievements of the World Wildlife Fund., 1971:
Aims and achievements of the World Wildlife Fund

Agger, P., 1992:
Aims and goals for the future management of the Danish Wadden Sea

Hunemorder, C., 1984:
Aims and intentions of botanical and zoological classification in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Patterson, C., 1983:
Aims and methods in biogeography

Wilson, E.B., 1901:
Aims and Methods of Study in Natural History

Oelke, H., 1974:
Aims and preliminary results of the Harz Mountains bird census programme

Underwood, AJ., 1976:
Aims and significance of ecological research on intertidal gastropods in New South Wales

Dufrene, Marc., 1998:
Aims and structure of an information system on the nature of the Brussels Capital region Missions et structure dun systeme dinformation sur la nature dans la Region de Bruxelles-Capitale

Zajanckauskas, P., 1993:
Aims and tasks of the Entomological Society in independent Lithuania

Szabo, Sandor., 1989:
Aims of nature conservation in Hungary

Moeller-Meinecke, M., 2003:
Aims of regional planning in land use planning for landscape protection and green belts Ziele der Raumordnung in der Bauleitplanung zu Landschaftsschutz und Gruenzuegen

Drake, R.J. ., 1960:
Aims of this publication

Wernsdorfer, W.H., 1984:
Aims, concepts and recent results of research on malaria parasites

Petipa, TS., 1986:
Aims, materials and results of ecological systems study in dynamic active zones of the Indian Ocean 14th complex expedition on the R/V Professor Vodyanitskiy

Ribeiro, Ade, M., 1924:
Ainda Hemipsilichthys e generos alliados

Huber, J., 1904:
Ainda a proposito dos ninbos do Japu

dos Santos Junior, J R.; Junior., 1975:
Ainda as perdizes na reserva ornitologica de Mindelo

Fonseca, F. da., 1934:
Ainda sobre a fixaYao dos do carrapato Amblyomma longirostre Koch 1844 Aos espinhos da Coendu prehensilis

Bovero, A., 1928:
Ainda sobre as connexoes sympathicas do Ganglio de Scarpa

Paris, G. de., 1914:
Ainda sobre o Agchylostoma braziliense Gomes de Faria 1 HO

Pacheco, J.F.rnando.; Parrini, R., 1996:
Ainda sobre o Rei-dos-tangaras, hibrido entre Chiroxiphia caudata e Antilophia galeata, notas adicionais

Trandaburu, V.; Beratlief, C.; Tranbaburu, T., 1976:
Aine structure of normal and y-irradiated testis of Hyphantria cunea Drury Lepidoptera - Arctidae

Petit, L., 1920:
Aine Notes sur le Gorille

Lelesus, VL., 1974:
Ainia n g - eine tabulate Koralle aus dem Obersilur Mittelasiens

Hagdorn, H., 1988:
Ainigmacrinus calyconodalis ng nsp, eine ungewohnliche Seelilie aus der Obertrias der Dolomiten

Matsumoto, T.; Kanie, Y., 1967:
Ainoceras, a new heteromorph ammonoid genus from the Upper Cretaceous of Hokkaido Studies of the Cretaceous ammonites from Hokkaido and Saghelien-16

Minato, H., 1986:
Ainohelix io Minato, 1983 Bradybaenidae from Hokkaido

Minato, H., 1983:
Ainohelix io n sp Bradybaenidae from Mt Daisetsu area, Hokkaido

Rothwell, P., 1985:
Ainsdale sand dunes - National Nature Reserve

Rennis, DS.; Hoese, DF., 1987:
Aioliops, a new genus of ptereoletrine fish Pisces Gobioidei from the tropical Indo-Pacific with descriptions of four new species

Defaut, B., 2005:
Aiolopus puissanti, a new species related to Aiolopus thalassinus Fabricius Acrididae, Oedipodinae Aiolopus puissanti, espece nouvelle proche dAiolopus thalassinus Fabricius Acrididae, Oedipodinae

Werner, P.; Maddalena, T., 1998:
Aiolopus thalassinus Fabricius, 1781 an orthopteran rediscovered in Tessin and indications for the revitalization of its alluvial habitats, by example of Rhone de Finges in Valais Aiolopus thalassinus Fabricius, 1781 orthoptere retrouve au Tessin et indications pour la revitalisation de ses biotopes alluviaux, a lexemple du Rhone de Finges en Valais

Hebbinghaus, Rolf., 2004:
Aiptasia Co The heritage of sea anemones Aiptasia Co Die Erben der Glasrosen

Zirpolo, G., 1938:
Aiptasia lacerata commensale aberrante di Cardium tuberculatum

Birkholz, J., 1988:
Aiptasien Schonheiten im Aquarium

Birkemeyer, Tania., 1996:
Aiptasiidae and Diadumenidae Anthozoa Actiniaria from fouling in Venice Lagoon Aiptasiidae e Diadumenidae Anthozoa Actiniaria del fouling in Laguna di Venezia

Gossow, H.; Thorbjarnsen, SR., 1974:
Air and ground survey of reindeer in Nordenskiold Land and Sabine land, Spitsbergen

Varigny, H.; De., 1896:
Air and life

Larsen, T., 1972 :
Air and ship census of polar bears in Svalbard Spitsbergen

Joshi, RC.; Pant, R.; Tripathi, A., 1983:
Air bladder and Weberian ossicles in the hill-stream fish, Noemacheilus beavani Gunther

Saxena, Amita., 2001:
Air bladder and sexual maturation of Channa punctatus Bl

Marshall, N.B., 1950:
Air bladder structure and vertical distribution in deep sea fishes

Likhitkar, VS.; Tarar, JL., 1997:
Air borne algae of cotton fields around Nagpur

Greenaway, P.; Morris, S.; McMahon, BR.; Farrelly, CA.; Gallagher, KL., 1996:
Air breathing by the purple shore crab, Hemigrapsus nudus Dana 1 Morphology, behaviour, and respiratory gas exchange

Morris, S.; Greenaway, P.; McMahon, BR., 1996:
Air breathing by the purple shore crab, Hemigrapsus nudus Dana 2 Respiratory gas and acid-base status in response to emersion

Morris, S.; Greenaway, P.; McMahon, BR., 1996:
Air breathing by the purple shore crab, Hemigrapsus nudus Dana 3 Haemocyanin function in respiratory gas transport

Morris, S.; Greenaway, P.; McMahon, BR., 1996:
Air breathing by the purple shore crab, Hemigrapsus nudus Dana 4 Aquatic hypoxia as an impetus for emersion? Oxygen uptake, respiratory gas transport, and acid-base state

Innes, AJ.; Taylor, EW., 1986:
Air breathing crabs of Trinidad adaptive radiation into the terrestrial environment - 1 Aerobic metabolism and habitat

Rahn, H.; Rahn, K.B.; Howell, B.J.; Gans, C.; Tenney, S.M., 1971:
Air breathing of the garfish (Lepisosteus osseus)

Rukavina, J.; Varenika, D., 1956:
Air bubble disease of trout at the source of the River Bosna

Odintsov, V.S., 1960:
Air catch of insects as a method of study upon entomofauna of vast territories

Stonehouse, B., 1969:
Air census of two colonies of Adelie penguins Pygoscelis adeliae in Ross Dependency, Antarctica

Salvesen, S., 1934:
Air circulation in the Beaver hut

Deprez, F., 1967:
Air conditioning system in the penguin exhibit at Antwerp Zoo

Oatley, K.; Dickinson, A., 1970:
Air drinking and the measurement of thirst

Margaria, C.B.; Dulout, F.N., 1997:
Air drying technique for cytogenetic studies in freshwater planarians Platyhelminthes

Darrigran, G.A.; Maronas, ME.; Colautti, DC., 2004:
Air exposure as a control mechanism for the golden mussel, Limnoperna fortunei, Bivalvia Mytilidae

Schmitz, B.; Andreasson, F.P., 2001:
Air humidity and lake 18O during the latest Paleocene-earliest Eocene in France from recent and fossil fresh-water and marine gastropod 18O, 13C, and 87Sr/86Sr

Maw, M.G., 1966:
Air ions and blood pH of the wax moth, Galleria mellonella L

Evans, H.E., 1967:
Air passageways, sacs, and pneumatic bones in the Australian parakeet, Melopsittacus undulatus

Newman, JR.; Schreiber, RK., 1988:
Air pollution and wildlife toxicology an overlooked problem

Heliovaara, K.; Vaisanen, R., 1989:
Air pollution decreases moth size

Schreiber, RK.; Newman, JR., 1987:
Air quality and wilderness a state-of-knowledge review

MacCoy, D., 1988:
Air sac anesthesia technique

Farwell, CJ., 1981:
Air shipment of marine organisms - short-term problems with long-term after effects

Kay, L., 1980:
Air sonars with acoustical display of spatial information

Harper, GJ., 1985:
Air sterilization

Tiwari, RK.; Shukla, RS., 1992:
Air swallowing and body distension in larvae of the lemon-butterfly, Papilio demoleus induced by nerve cord surgery

Kurasige, H., 1942:
Air temperature and vital force in exposure of Venerupix philippinarum

Veromann, H., 1981:
Air temperature during the arrival of the swallow in Estonia in the years 1965-1974

Hancock, Roger., 1994:
Air transport of adult ostriches

Matthews, A., 1978:
Air transportation by helicopter of juvenile Orcinus orca

Bartlett, E., 1978:
Air weapons is the law strong enough?

Lal, MB., 1971:
Air-bladder and the Weberian ossicles of Labeo dero Hamilton

Scudder, G.G.E., 1968:
Air-borne Lygaeidae Hemiptera trapped over the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, with the description of a new species of Appolonius Distant

Anonymous., 1992:
Air-borne eggs

Pearse, A.S., 1932:
Air-breathing and land fishes of Siam

Davenport, J.; Chown, S.L., 1995:
Air-breathing by tightly-closed intertidal molluscs benefits of small size to Laevilitorina caliginosa Gould, 1846 and Lasaea consanguinea Smith, 1879 living at Husvik, South Georgia

Wright, WG.; Raymond, JA., 1978:
Air-breathing in a California sculpin

Ramaswamy, M.; Gopalakrishna Reddy, T., 1977:
Air-breathing in the catfish, Mystus vittalus Bloch

Lent, C.M., 1968:
Air-gaping by the ribbed mussel, Modiolus demissus Dillwyn effects and adaptive significance

Wetherbee, D.K., 1951:
Air-sacs in the English Sparrow

Fedoseev, G.A.; Goltsev, B.N.; Kosygin, G.M., 1970:
Air-visual registration of seals pups rookeries in Okhosk Sea

Jansson, A., 1915:
Airaphilus elongatus Gyll och Airaphilus geminus Kraatz

Kuzyakin, A.P., 1962:
Airborne and other methods of controlling the water rat Arvicola terrestris L Sym-posium Theriologicum

Moiseenko, TI.; Kudryavtseva, LP.; Rodyushkin, IV.; Dauvalter, VA.; Lukin, AA.; Kashulin, NA., 1995:
Airborne contamination by heavy metals and aluminium in the freshwater ecosystems of the Kola subarctic region Russia

Sorensen, JA.; Glass, GE.; Schmidt, KW.; Huber, JK.; Rapp, G R.; Jr., 1990:
Airborne mercury deposition and watershed characteristics in relation to mercury concentrations in water, sediments, plankton, and fish of eighty northern Minnesota lakes

Enders, F., 1975:
Airborne pheromone probable in orb web spider Argiope aurantia Araneidae Newsletter Br arachnol

Lewis, WC., 1990:
Airborne rabies in bat maternity caves

Seal, U.S.; Anderson, J.; Farnsworth, R.; Fletcher, J., 1970:
Airborne transport of an uncaged, immobilised, 260 kg 572 lb Lowland gorilla, Gorilla ggorilla

Peterson, R.S.; Bartholomew, G.A., 1969:
Airborne vocal communications in the California sea lion, Zalophus californianus

Kitchener, AC.; Stroud, DA.; Stroud, JM.; Easterbee, N.; Nelson, W., 1992:
Airbourne introductions? First records of the rabbit on Rum and the mole on Islay

Ito, J.; Sadler, L., 1989:

Brown, V.H., 1945:
Aircraft collision with a goldfinch

Billet, A., 1905:
Aire de dispersion de lAnopheles chandoyei Theob en Algerie et en Tunisie

Billet, A., 1905:
Aire de dispersion de lAnopheles chaudoyei Theob en Algerie et en Tunisie

Tussac, H., 1988:
Aire de distribution de six Dryinidae Hymenopt Chrysidoidea

Wintrebert, D.;., 1976:
Aire de gregarisation algache de la locuste migratrice, Locusta migratoria migratorioides R F

Isenmann, P., 1972:
Aire de repartition de la sterne caugek Sterna sand vicensis en Mediterranee et donnees sur la biologie en Camargue

Arbault, S.; Lacroix, N., 1971:
Aires de ponte de la sardine, du sprat et de lanchois dans le golfe de Gascogne et sur le plateau Celtique resultats de 6 annees detude

Amiet, J-L., 1987:
Aires disjointes et taxons vicariants chez les Anoures du Cameroun implications paleoclimatiques

Buen, Fde., 1937:
Aires do Pont du Thon

Chervin, D.; Baudry-Partiaoglou, N., 1984:
Aires neurohemales distales associees a des cellules neurosecretices peripheriques chez la blatt Periplaneta americana

Mitchell, K.D.G., 1955:
Airfields, aircraft and biras

Piiper, J.; Scheid, P., 1985:
Airflow pathway in the avian respiratory tract

Johnson, A.T.; Lin, C.S.; Hochheimer, J.N., 1984:
Airflow perturbation device for measuring airways resistance of humans and animals

Anonymous., 1973:
Airing the prairie dog

Grimwood, I., 1964:
Airlift for Hunters antelope rescue operation in Kenya

Cooke, Mark., 1999:
Airlifting immobilized rhinos

Johnson, WC.; Adkisson, CS., 1986:
Airlifting the oaks

Truffi, G., 1984:
Airone guardabuoi, Bubulcus ibis, presente in inverno 1984 alla periferia di Genova e nel Savonese

Andena, L.; Vigo, E., 1981:
Airone guardabuoi, Bubulcus ibis, presso Pavia

Priolo, A., 1976:
Airone schistaceo - Egretta gularis schistacea Hemprich ed Ehrenberg - osservato in Sicilia alla foce del Simeto

Bogliani, G., 1985:
Aironi facciamo la conta

Howden, A.T., 1966:
Airosimus, a new genus of Neotropical Tanymecini Coleoptera Curculionidae

Auffenberg, W., 1948:
Airplane introduces Cemophora coccinae to Texas

Fedoseev, G.A., 1966:
Airplane survey of marine mammals in the Bering and Chukchi Seas

Angus, S., 1978:
Airport extension

Benham, Philip., 2003:
Airports, art and fossils part II

Lewis, J.C.; Montgomery, C.A.; Hildebrandt, P.K., 1975:
Airsacculitis in the baboon

Kubat, Karel., 1999:
Airstreams as microclimatic factor within block fields of the Bohemian uplands Luftstromung in den Blockhalden des Bohmischen Mittelgebirges als ein mikroklimatischer Faktor

Baryakin, AA., 1986:
Airvisual method for determining pest, disease and weed distribution on crops in Azerbaijan

Shaw, H.K., 1952:
Airy, Scytodes thoracica Ltr Arachnida Scytodidae in London

Shaw, H.K., 1947:
Airy Miscol-laneous notes and records- Araohnida

Browning, E.; Shaw, H.K., 1944:
Airy On the discovery of numbers of males of a tick, Ixodes hexagonus Leach Acari Ixodidae with a note on their habitat

Sheldrick, D., 1975:

Santiago-Alvarez, C.; Arroyo Vareia, M.; Alfaro Garcia, A., 1974:
Aislamiento de Bacillus thuringiensis Berl en lepidopteros espanoles

Ariza-Astolfi, C.; Guevara-Benitez, DC.; Ubeda-Ontiveros, JM.; Cutillas-Barrios, C., 1988:
Aislamiento de Filamoeba nolandi Page, 1967 en una piscina de Sevilla Espana

Vena, MM.; Blanco Viera, FJ.; Pereira, JJ.; Miquet, J.; Carrillo, BJ., 1983:
Aislamiento de Haemophilus parahaemolyticus en cerdos con pleuroneumonia

Mayer, H.F., 1964:
Aislamiento de Toxoplasma gondii de Cuervos Ooragyps atratus foetens

Thiermann, E., 1962:
Aislamiento de Toxoplasma gondii por inoculaeion experimental de organos de un zorro culpeo Dusi cyon calpaeus

Garcia, V.; Antillon, F.; Gonzalez, L., 1986:
Aislamiento de Vibrio parahaemolyticus en corvina Cynoscion squamipennis en el Golfo de Nicoya, Costa Rica

Varela-Mato, MC.; Arias-Fernandez, MC.; Paniagua-Crespo, E.; Marti-Mallen, M., 1987:
Aislamiento de amebas de vida libre a partir de aguas embotelladas y manantiales

Fluvia, C.; Mascaro, C.; Guevara, DC.; Perez, MI.; Mascaro, ML.; Osuna, A., 1983:
Aislamiento de amebas de vida libre a partir de aguas minerales y mineromedicinales envasadas

Muzquiz Moracho, JL.; Alonso Martinez, JL.; Sanchez Acedo, C.; Sanchez Franco, A., 1981:
Aislamiento de diversos agentes bacterianos en Fasciola hepatica

Martinez, A.; Quintana, M., 1983:
Aislamiento de streptomyces sp de lava dos y tejido pulmonar de terneros

Rey, F., 1942:
Aislamiento de tres cepas de Ieishmania

Guglielmone, A.; Bermudez, A.; Hadani, A.; Mangold, A.; Vanzini, V.; Luciani, C. de Rios, LG.; Galletto, C., 1981:
Aislamiento de una cepa de Babesia bigemina por la parasitacion de un ternero con Boophilus microplus adultos

Garcia Cortes, V.; Antillon, G., F., 1991:
Aislamiento de vibrios enteropatogenos de bivalvos y cieno del Golfo de Nicoya, Costa Rica

Alche, LE.; Coulombie, FC.; Coto, CE., 1985:
Aislamiento de virus junin a partir de sangre y linfomonocitos perifericos de Calomys musculinus infectados

Calisher, CH.; Gutierrez, VE.; Lord, RD.; Maness, KSC., 1975:
Aislamiento de virus mayaro de un ave migratoria capturada en Luisiana en 1967

Pastoriza, L.; Rodriguez, B., 1982:
Aislamiento del 7-cetocolesterol en vieira, Pecten maximus, almeja, Venerupis pullastra, berberecho, Cerastoderma edule, y mejillon, Mytilus galloprovincialis

Parodi, A.E.R.gfero, R.R.; Greenway, D.J.; Mettler, N.E.; Martinez, A.; Boxaca, M.; Barrera, N. de la., 1960:
Aislamiento del virus Junin F H E de los acaros de la zona epidemica Echinolaelaps echidninus Berlese

Gomez, L.; Ulasov, V.; Estenoz, J.; Puentes, T.; Luya, MJ.; Reyna, A., 1989:
Aislamiento del virus de la enfermedad de Aujeszky en palomas Columba livia domestica en Cuba

Espuna, E.; Alemany, R.; Riera, P.; Artigas, C.; Rosell, R.; Pujols, J.; Sanmartin, J.; San Gabriel, A., 1993:
Aislamiento del virus de la enfermedad vesicular porcina en Espana

Bobes, R.; Diaz, J.; Diaz, E., 1988:
Aislamiento e identificacion de Aerococcus viridens var homari en la langosta Panulirus argua con sintomas de septicemia

Osorno, E., M.; Gonzalez, A., I.; Vega y M., C.; James, M.; Rodriguez, C., S.; Juarez, F., J., 1981:
Aislamiento e identificacion de Trypanosoma theileri en Mexico

Miranda, E.M.randa.; Vazquez, Z.G.rcia., 1994:
Aislamiento e identificacion in situ de antigenos de Fasciola hepatica

Sacchi, CF., 1991:
Aislamiento geografico y aislamiento ecologico en las comunidades de gasteropodos de duna el ejemplo de Cerdena

Pilares, GLV., 1975:
Aislamiento reproductivo de Drosophila brncici Hunter e Hunter 1964

Rodriguez, E.; Yarleque, A., 1991:
Aislamiento y algunas propiedades de la proteinasa 1 del veneno de la serpiente peruana Lachesis muta

Coello, N.; Urbina, JA., 1982:
Aislamiento y purificacion de amastigotes de Leishmania braziliensis su aplicacion al estudio comparativo de la superficie cecular de amastigotes y promastigotes de la cepa NR

Alemary, M., 1974:
Aislamiento y purificacion de ghelogeno poco alterado de mejilton Mytilus edulis L

Mas, R.; Alcorta, LF.; Diaz, M.; Chavez, MA., 1987:
Aislamiento y purificacion de una toxina de alto peso molecular de la anemona Bunodosoma granulifera

Tejada, M., LO.; Munoz, S., A.; Jauregui, H., C., 1986:
Aislamiento, identificacion y control de Bacillus coagulans Hammer, causante de la muerte de la abeja Apis mellifera L

Erwee, H.; McAdam, S.; Townsley, C., 2001:
Aisleby farm, Bulawayo summary of birds present and roosting at Ibis Dam, January 1998-December 2000

Baird, D., 1964:
Aistopod amphibians

Berkemann, J-P., 1978:

Onody, H.C.; Penteado-Dias, A.M., 2006:
Aiura, a new genus of Campopleginae (Hymenoptera; Ichneumonidae) from Brazil

Papp, Jeno., 1993:
Aivalykus endroedyyoungai sp nov from Ghana Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Doryctinae

Mansfield, A.W., 1967:

Veedla, Peep., 1993:
Aix sponsa at the Puhtu Nature Reserve

Williams, E.H., 1961:
Ajais Island

Dolezal, J., 1974:
Ajimave pfezimovani zmiji obecnych

Leclercq, J., 1991:
Ajouts et corrections au catalogue des hymenopteres sphecides de France et Benelux

Darvas, B.; Polgar, L.A.; Hatalane Zseller, I.; Szabo, P.; Elekesne Kaminsky, M.; Petro, E., 1994:
Ajuga Labiatae species and its casual pests reflections on the term host plant

Pagavino, M.; Gaertner, D., 1995:
Ajuste de una curva de crecimiento a frecuencias de tallas se atun listado Katsuwonus pelamis pescado en el Mar Caribe suroriental

Toro, H.; Carvajal, C., 1989:
Ajuste genital en la copula de Thynninae Hymenoptera, Tiphiidae

Toro, H.; Elortegui, S., 1994:
Ajuste genital en la copula de Thynninae Hymenoptera Tiphiidae parte 2 Elaphroptera nigripennis Smith

Toro, H., 1985 :
Ajuste mecanico para la copula de Callonychium chilense Hymenoptera, Andrenidae

Dinet, A.; Vivier, M-H., 1981:
Ajustement de la loi de Motomura aux peuplements nematologiques abyssaux du golfe de Gascogne

Cezilly, F.; Boy, V., 1989:
Ajustment postural et capture des proies chez laigrette garzette, Egretta garzetta

Mahto, Y.; Singh, Y., 1983:
Ak grasshopper, Poekilocerus pictus Fabricius a pest of horticultural crops in Delhi region

Anonymous., 1971:
Akademician K I Skryabin

Otorbaev, K., 1963:
Akademician L S Berg

Genov, T.; Komandarev, S.; Hiepe, T.; Odening, T., 1990:
Akademiemitglied Prof Dr Ivan Vasilev 70 Jahre - Leben und Werk

Jungmann, R.; Buchwalder, R., 1989:
Akademiemitglied Theodor Hiepe 60 Jahre

Wikerhanser, T., 1977:
Akademik No Babic 1900-1977

Stuber, E., 1990:
Akademischer Maler Prof Wolfgang Grassberger + 18061907 - 3111988

Weber, F., 1987:
Akademischer Oberrat Dr Hans Kroker 1934-1986

Fatka, O.; Kordule, V., 1991:
Akadocrinus knizeki sp nov, gogiid eocrinoid from Czechoslovakia Echinodermata, Middle Cambrian

Prokop, R., 1962:
Akadocrinus nov gen, a new crinoid from the Cambrian of the Jince area Eocrinoidea

Saitoh, K.; Fujikawa, H.; Nagata, Y., 1988:
Akahiretabira, Acheilognathus tabira subsp a collected in Ohara River, Ohda, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Vappula, N.A., 1933:
Akamaankeroinen Heterodera radicicola Greeff Maallemme uusi kasvihuonetuholainen

Roberts, Owen., 1999:
Akamas, Cyprus migrants and endemics

Miyajima, M.; Okumura, T., 1916:
Akamushi no hatsu-iku-kwan

Witenberg, G., 1932:
Akanthocephalen-Studien 1 Ueber einige fur die Systematik der Akanthocephalen wichtige anatomische Merkmale

Witenberg, G., 1932:
Akanthocephalen-Studien ii Ueber das System der Akanthocephalen

Coric, B., 1968:
Akantocefali salmonoidnih i nekih drugih riba u Bosni i Hercegovini Izvod iz doktorske disertacije

KonzalovI.M., 1974:
Akantomorfni akritarcha z deskeho svrchni ho proterozoika

Lachmajer, J., 1972:
Akaroentomologia medyczna w Polsce w latach 1966-1971

Grzywriski, L., 1972:
Akaroentomologia weterynaryjna w Polsce w latach 1945-1971

Golebiowska, Z.; Chmielewski, W., 1972:
Akarofauna ziol importowanych, skladowanych w kilku magazynach w kraju

Dosse, G., 1956:
Akarologen-Synposium in Wageningen vom

Van Pletzen, R., 1968:
Akarologiese studies in Suid-Afrika met besonder verwysing na die Oribatei

Nakazawa, Kiichi., 1911:
Akashio ni tsukite

Ojima, T.; Nishita, K.; Watanabe, S., 1988:
Akazara scallop myosins hybridized with DTNB-light chains of skeletal myosin and with regulatory light chains of gizzard myosin

Uspenskaia, N., 1931:
Akchaghylian Cardidae C radiiferum C dahestanicum, C nikitini

Alizade, K.A.; Babaev, A.; Kh., 1965:
Akchagylsk deposits of the Samur-Kusarchaysk interfluve

Busse, P.; Kania, W.; Petryna, A., 1974:
Akcja Ba#tycka 1973 Sekcja polska Sprawozdanie z prac terenowych

Busse, P.; Kania, W., 1973:
Akcja Baltycka 1972 Sekcja polska Sprawozdanie z prac terenowych

Busse, P.; Petryna, A., 1976:
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Aktuell wie eh und jeh, die Gattung Pterophyllum

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Aktuelle Beobachtungen

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Aktuelle stuefuglesygdomme

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Akustische Signale bei Hummeln

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Akustische Verfolgung jagender Fledermause im Freiland

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Akustische Warnung bei Lepidopteren

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