Alcune note di sistematica generale del Ceutorhynchinae, con descrizione di un nuovo genere e di tre nuove specie Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Colonnelli, E.

Fragmenta Entomologica 17(1): 159-179


ISSN/ISBN: 0429-288X
Accession: 037785564

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Some problems of the Ceutorhynchinae taxonomy are discussed. The following, previously considered subgenera of ceutorhynchus, are raised to the status of genera for morphological and biological reasons: Boraginobius Wagner, Datonychus Wagner, Hadroplontus Thomson, Microplontus Wagner, Austroceutorhynchus Korotyaev and Mogulones Reitter. The new genus ALLOSTROCALUS with 5 North American species is described (type-species; C. tau Leconte). A key to the genera is given. Three new species are also described: B. lucanus, B. oscellanus and B. bartolii.