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Amino acid sequence of a phospholipase A2 from the venom of Trimeresurus gramineus green habu snake

Oda, N.; Nakamura, H.; Sakamoto, S.; Liu, S-Y.; Kihara, H.; Chang, C-C.; Ohno, M.

Toxicon 292: 157-166


ISSN/ISBN: 0041-0101
DOI: 10.1016/0041-0101(91)90100-6
Accession: 037798568

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Two phospholipases A2, named phospholipases A2-I and A2-II, were purified to homogeneity from the venom of Trimeresurus gramineus (green habu snake). The complete amino acid sequence of phospholipase A2-I was determined by sequencing the native protein and the peptides produced by enzymatic (Achromobacter protease I, clostripain, and chymotrypsin) and chemical (hydroxylamine) cleavages of the S-pyridylethylated derivative of the protein. The protein consisted of 122 amino acid residues and was similar in sequence to phospholipases A2 from the venoms of crotalid snakes which belong to the category of Group II. A most striking feature of this protein is that tyrosine at the 28th position which is common in phospholipases A2 and is assumed to be a part of the Ca2(+)-binding loop is replaced by phenylalanine. Such replacement is the first finding in Group II phospholipases A2. Secondary structure compositions of phospholipase A2-I are similar to those of Crotalus atrox phospholipase A2. No appreciable Ca2(+)-induced difference spectrum was observed, due probably to the absence of the effective chromophoric groups in the neighborhood of the Ca2+ binding site although Ca2+ is bound with affinity similar to that for T. flavoviridis phospholipase A2.

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